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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2009 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



H «' 

^^T^t^^^^TjISSSi JSNJfSNsi "SRJWSSiv "S!!!?^^ WnwV* W.»\\v». 





A. E. SH0LES. 










Of all Kinds, 

Mi fill fmM mmrnM of i?iiy siscept ioi. 
Proprietors of Neurafgme, 

JS@°-Tlie Great Specific for Neuralgia and Headache 

-.A-iicL o±- 

The most Fragrant of Cologues. 
T^o. 14= "Wliitetia,!! Htreef, .... Atlanta. Ga. 







'4ir ..,*^t^ :- x^H r-. ■ ■ .f^'-.> 




No. li l^arietta Street, In th^ Healey Block, 


Executed'*in,ll5e latest and best styles of the art. 
Signs, Graining, Kalsomlming, Etc. 





Ste laril and Grarite Works. 

Orders Solicited for Building 



No, 50 Loyd Street, Atlanta, Ga. 


C£NKVS. 43.463. 

In bringing forth the Fifth Annual Directory of 
Atlanta, we are aware that we have not a perfect work, 
but we do maintain that it is far superior to any former 

There are in this volume 2,681 more names than any 
previous directory of the city ever contained. 

The names herein number 14,568; of these, 10,499 are 
whites and 4,069 are colored. 

With a more circumscribed territory than heretofore, 
the experienced men who take the census in connection 
with the director}'^, make a showing that is beyond dispute. 
The returns foot up 43,463 total, for the whole district com- 
prised in the directory. Of these, 26,882 are white and 
16,581 are colored— 62 per cent, more whites than colored* 
this is a gain of five per cent for the colored in one year. 

We thank the progressive business men for their co- 
operation in our efforts to place Atlanta's Directory in the 
front rank of publications of the kind in the South. 

City," with which the issue of this volume is identical, will 
go to many business and commercial points, where a 
colated, classified index will be appreciated, and will last, 
and undoubtedly be attended with happy results. 

We will seek, in the future, to do what we have in the 
past — improve, and attain the highest standard. 

To Mr. H. H. Dickson thanks are due for the neat 
typographical and stereotype work. 

The public's most obedient, 



mm\i RAILWAY , 

Passenger and Ticket Office, 

iMallHom |R.D.MIMW.Mi!S0[[| P, 0, hi /| 

V Proprietor!*. •' 

Telephone Connection with all business houses in the city, Capitol and 

Court Houae. 

.A.TI_i-A.3SrT-A., C3-.A.. 

Sell first-class and einifjrant tickets to all points 


Firit and Second Cabin and Steeia^e Tickets, Prepaid, 

Straight and Excursion, sold to and from 

England, Ireland, Scotland and 

Continental Europe. 

B@°"Cali at the office, or write for information, we will reply promptly.''®a 









stands acknowledged the King of all Sewing Machines. 

3. I>. Ac T. 1?". S!^]>XITH, 

69 South Broad Street, - - - - Atlanta, Oa 



Abbreviations 133 

Acadeoiies aud Schools 31 

Advertising Department 75 

Appendix 27 

Asylums and Hospitals.. 32 

Atlanta Street Railruad 44 

Banks 32 

Bible Societies 32 

Board of Aldermen 27 

Board of Common Council 27 

Board of Elucaiion 29 

Bonrd of Health 28 

Board of Police Commissioners 29 

Board of Trade 32 

Board of Water Commissioners 29 
Building and Loan Associations 32 

Cemet ries 33 

Christian Associat'on. 33 

Churches 33 

City Court 56 

Ciiy Goi-ernment 27 

Ciy Officers 28 

Clubs and Societies 36 

Commercial Directory 101 

Congress of U. S 61 

Consul- 36 

Corrections. Removals &c 5 

County Courts 57 

County of Fulton 49 

County Officers 49 

County Prison 49 

Courts. 56 

Edu ational 29 

Express Companies 36 

Fire Department 30 

General Directory of Names.... 133 
Georgia State Government 49 


Halls and Public Buildings 26 

Incorporated Companies 36 

Index to Advertisers 6 

Internal Revenue Department.. 49 

I n trod u ctory 3 

Judiciary 56 

Libraries 37 

Literary Associations 38 

Masonic 45 

Medical College.'^ 38 

Military Organizations 38 

Newspapers, etc 39 

Parkland Places of Amu.~ement 40 

Police Department 30 

Post-office 40 

Railroa is 42 

Reiiefife Benevolent Organiza'ns 45 

Schools and Teachers 29 

Scientific Societies 45 

Secret Societies 45 

Sherifl's Office 49 

Slate Judiciary 56 

State Legislature 50 

v^tate of Georgia 49 

Street Guide 9 

Superior Court* 57 

Telegraph Companies 49 

Telephofe Companies 49 

United States Government 60 

U. S. A. Headquarters 38 

L^. S. Commissioners 49 

U. S. Courts 57 

U. S Internal Revenue 49 

U S Offi-ers (local) 49 

Ward B jundaries 25 

West End 31 


CRAIGE & CO., Hardy Safford, managjer; New Domestic 
Sewing Machines. 43 Whitehall (See page 8) 

GREESON & MOON (E. M. Greeson and J. L. Moon), [suc- 
cessors to E. M Greeson], general real estate agents, 
21 Marietta street (Se'e ton lines) 

NEW HOME SEWING 'MACHINE, H. C. Peeples, agent; 
25 Whitehall (8ee pag« 7) 

Norrman Gottfried L., (Weed & Norrman).bds 259 White- 

POST-APPEAL, (removed to 20 Broad, sw cor Walton) 



Ashley W. G., doors, sash and 

bUuds front cover and 81 

Atlanta Baptist Sena inary 79 

Atlanta Briage Works 91 

Atlanta Cash Clothing Store 

front fly B 

Atlanta Desk Co opp. 133 

Atlanta Picture Frame Factory... 97 
Atlanta Public Produce, Cotton 

and Stock Exchange 81 

Austell, Robinson & Mangum, no- 
tions whol front paster 

Aveiy B. F. & Sons, plows, etc 

front cover and 75 
A. & C. A. L. Ry., bottom lines, 

back cover and 80 
B^ck, Gregg & Co., hardware, etc 78 

Bell W. S, coal and wo( d 79 

Bell W. S & Bro, lumber 79 

BoazG. R., stables and undertiker 

front cover and fly A 

Bradstreet Co. The front fly A 

Broomhead B. H.ifc Co.,doors, sash 

and b'inds opp. 244 

Brown Walter R., lawyer covers 

Carroll O.C, iquois, etc 87 

Central Nursery 85 

Chambeis J. H. & Co., publishers.. /8 

Citizens Bank of Georgia 77 

Clarke Thos. M. <&Co., hardware 

andspdalery whol. 82 

Clark University 83 

Cark's MUe hind Spool Cotton 99 

Cohen & Selig, whol clothing 94 

Coles H., undertaker 110 

Coles R. E., contractor 110 

Craige & Co., New Domestic S. M... 8 
Can mings J. F. & Co , Exchange.. 81 

Davenpoit, Johnson & Co 100 

Davis Sewing Machine, top lines 

and 84 

Delbridge A. J., shoemaker 93 

Deun^son Mnl'g Co., tags, back- 
bone and 96 
Dickson H H., printer and bind- 
er, backbon< and opp. 245 

Ergenzineer A., upholsterer 93 

Erwin Howell C, lawyer 122 

Estey Organ Co., organs, pianos, 

'etc front- coverand 89 

Fairbanks C. F., engraver, etc 113 

Fay Calvin, arrUitect 82 

Gate City Planing Mill., .back paster 
Gate City Produce and Cotton Ex- 
change 97 

Gavan J. H., furniture 115 

GreesoQ E. M top lines 

Georgia Iron Works back fly D 

Georgia R. R i ack cover an ( fly C 

Hart F. W., sash, doors and blinds, 

back paster 
Hart F. W. <fc Son, planing mil), 

back paster 

Harwell &?'iDith, machinery 77 

Hinman J. W., upholsterer 124 

Holmes Nick, boot & shoemaker... 90 

Home Sewi> g Machine (New) 7 

Howard Geo. J. & Bro., druas 82 

Hufl" & Brown, Markham House, 

front cover and 76 
Hunnicutt J. M., rheumatic cure.. 94 
Hutchison & Bro,,dru!is..back of tit e 
Johnsou Elam, whol grr cer. ...opp. 75 
Jones W.O ,livery and sale stables 84 

ITenny P. J., saloon.; 92 

Kimball J. C , wood, coal, etc., 

top lines and 100 

Kuhn J. H. & W. T., photographers 90 

Lagomarsino, J. fru'ts, etc.. . 97 

liamar, Raukin & Lamar, drugs, 

bottom lines and 88 

Lambert A., Central Nnrsnry 85 

Langston, Crane & Co., whol gro- 
cers ai d cotton 78 

Lawshe Er, jeweler front cover 

Leo G. E., architect 85 

Lewis T. w., crackfr mnfr., etc... 87 
Louisville Plow Factory, B. F. 

Avery & Sons 75 

Lynch Jerry, mer ta*lor...back cover 
McGritt' & Sheridan painters, 

back cover and back of title 

Mann & Johnson, tickft office 4 

Markham House, Hufl" & Brown, 

front cover and 76 
Maynard R. J.,bkbiuder...backcover 

Mitchell Wagons opp. 132 

Moore's Business University, 

back cover and 86 

Mullan J. J., marble worker 93 

National Hotel 95 

New Domestic Sewing Machine.... 8 
North-western Mutual Life Ins Co 

opp 64 
Parker H. H., undertakers' sup- 
plies 91 

Parkins & Bruce, architects 92 

Peeples H, C, New Home Sewing 

Machine 7 

Phelan S H., G'te City Produce 

and Cotton Exchange 97 

Plumb D, B. & Co., druggist, ■ 

front fly B 

Ristine & May, furniture mnfrs 87 

Robblns & Bro., stone works, 

back of title 
Komare, Perdue & Egleston, ins 

agents 91 

Rowell Robert, electr o typer, 

front pas'er 
Russell Thos & C"., agts Clark's 

Mile-End Spool Cotton 99 

Sawtell H. C, pork packer 93 

Sawteil I Y.,real estate agent 92 

Seals J. H. & W.B. Si nny South.. 7 
Sholes & Co., directory publi' hers, 

111 and 548 

Smith John M , carriage mnfr 85 

Smith J. D. & T. F., White Sewing 

Machine 4 

Solom' nson S, L., jeweler and op- 
tician ; covers and 90 

Sunday Gazette • 95 

Sunny South 7 

The Only Lung Pad Co 98 

Thompson R. G.,restaur't, front fly B 

Tripod & Pint, painters 26 

Walker. Claridy & Co., book bind- 
ers 104 

Walker S, U. & Co., pictures and 

frames .- 97 

Weed & Norrman, architects 8 

White R T., prop National Hotel 95 

Whit.f Sewing Machine 4 

White W.W., ins agent opp, 64 

Whitner & Clarke, ins agents 94 

Wiard W. L. P., agent Mitchell 

Wagons opp. 132 

Wi'kins, & Co., bridge worKs 91 
Williams C. H., propr Sunday 

Gazette 95 

Wilson W, T,, Davis Sewing Ma- 
chine 84 




Seixring Machine, 


A-tlanta, GS-eorg-ia. 

S. C. FEEFLES, Agent. 

Tide La^test Im.p>ro"v^eci/ 



%SS^^ '^W^ ^ 'SSSJSX ^ WSSSv 






\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\S,\\\\\\V\4 

The Great Southern 





a@-TSS.MS, $2.50 J^ YEA.Il.-sai 

J. H. & W. B SEALS, Proprietors, 

24 S. Broad Street, up stairs. 


lOH m emn 

Southern Distributing Depot 



Sewing Machine 


43 •V7"H[ITEH:.A.1L.I-j ST., 




Ojficey cor. Marietta % Forsyth Sts., 



To Stresis anil inm in iMi ui IMi 


Reference to the "Guide" will show the streets, avenues, etc., in 
alphabetical order, with the intersectino; streets added, and, so far as 
practicable, corner numbers are given, so if one wishes to find, say No. 
41 Whitehall, it will be seen that No. 21 is at corner of Alabama, and No, 
6!^ corner of Hunter ; hence, the number sought is between those streets. 
Many corners are destitute of numbers, which defect should be remedied. 

The Union depot is 'he central point of the city. 

The followino; are the central streets from which others are numbererl, 
viz : Decatur and Marietta runnino; east and west, and Peachtree, West 
Peachtree and Whitehall running north and South. 

The system of numbering is a very defective one, and difficult to 
understand. Odd numbers are on the right, and even numbers on the 
left in commencing each street. 

Ward boundaries, and halls and public buildings, may be found im- 
mediately following the " Guide." 


Al or al alley 

Av or av avenue 

bet between 

cor corner 

C RR Central Railroad 

E or e east 

es east side 

Ga R R Georgia Railroad 

June junction 

N or n north 

ne northeast 

nr near 

ns north side 

nw northwest 

opp opposite 

S or s south 

se southeast 

ss south side 

St street 

sw southwest 

W or w west 

ws.". west side 

W & A R R Western & Atlantic 


ADAM, from Jackson, e to limits 
1st n of E. 

ALABAMA, from Whitehall se 
to Washinsrton, and nw to C. R. R., 
1st ne of Hunter, wards 1 and 2. 
35 cor Pryor 
67 " Loyd 
87 " Washington 


15 cor Broad 

29 " Forsyth 

" Central R R 
ALEXANDER, from Marietta e 
to West Peachtree, at Cedar, 5th 

cor Marietta 

30 " Luckie 


Atlanta City Directory. 

42 cor Venable 
" McAfee 
70 " Fowler 
86 " Lovejoy 

" Orme 
144 " Williams 
176 " Spring 
178 " Scctt 
182 " West Peachtree 
ALLAC, from John n to limits, 
5th w of W. & A. R. R., ward 5. 

AMOSS, from C. R R W. E. w, 
2d s of United States Barracks. 

ANDERSON, from Windsor w 
to limits, 1st s of Glenn, ward 5. 

APPLE, from North av n to 
limits, od w of West Peachtree, 
ward 5. 

BADGER, from Ga. R. R. s, nr 
e limits, ward 3. 

BAl IjEY, from StonewoU s to 
Fair, 1st ward of Chape), ward 1. 
BAKER, li"om Peachtree at June 
of West Peachtree, e t > Fort and 
w to Marietta, 1st n of Harris, 
wards 4 and 5. 

34 cor Ivj^ 
56 " Collins 
118 " Calhoun 
" Butler, ss 
" Fort 

23 " Spring 
54 " Williams 

" Orme 
122 " Hayden 
144 " Hull, ns 
" Luckie 
" iVlRriGtta« 
BARRACKS AV, from Chapel 
se to West Peters, 1st sw of Hum- 
phries, ward 1. 

BARTOW, from W. & A. R. R, 
ne to Cain,lst nw of Spring.ward 5. 
BASS, from Windsor e to Hill 2d 
s of Glend, wards 2 and 3. 

BECKWITH, from June Chapel 
and Nelson nw to High, thence w 
to Chestnut, 1st s of Tatnall, 
ward I. 

Chapel • 

BELL, from Ga. R. R. n to Fos- 
ter and s to Hunter, 1st w of Fort, 
wards 3 aLd 4. 


BERRELL, from Humphries e 
to Windsor, 4th s of Glenn, ward 2. 
BIGGERS, from Fort e to Cem- 
etery, 1st s of Ga. R. R , ward 3. 

BLACKMON, from Fort nr For- 
rest av ne to Jackson, ward 4. 

BLUFF, from Kries w to C. R. 
R., nr sw limits, ward 2. 

BOOTH'S AL— [See Haynes] 
BORNE, from Ga R. R. s to 
limits, 1st e of Cemetery, ward 3. 

BOULEVARD— [See Pittman 

BRADBURY, from Haynes sw 
to Fair, 1st nw of Peters, ward 1. 

BRADLEY, irom Irwin s to 
Wheat, 3d e of Pittman av, ward 4. 
BRANCH, AL — [See Brother- 

BREE, from Connallj' e to Borne, 
1st n of Glenn, ward 3. 

BRICK, from Peters nw to 
Green's Ferry av, 1st s of Hill's av, 
ward 1. 

BROAD, from Marietta ne to 
Luckie at Peachtree, and sw to 
Mitchell, 1st se of Forsyth, ward 1. 








cor Marietta 








1 1 





Atlanta City Directory. 


BROTHERTON.Irom Whitehall 
nw to Thompson and se to Pryor, 
Istsw of GaniPtt, ward 1. 

BYRAN, from Gullatt e to lim- 
its, 1st n of Glvnn, ward 3. 
BUSE'S Al^[S^e Howell ] 
BUSH, from W. & A. R. R w to 
Lamhert, 1st n of Jones av, ward 5. 
BUTLER, from Decatur ue to 
Foster, thence n to North av and 
8w to McDonougb, 1st e of Calhoun, 
wards 3 and 4. 













Forrest av 





Nonh av 


Ga. R. R. 

CAIN, from Peachtree e to lim- 
its, and w to Luckie, thence sw to 
W. k A. R.*R, 1st s of Harris, 
wards 4 and 5. 

28 cor Ivy 
62 " Collins 
115 " Clifford, S3 
104 '• Ca.houn 
164 " Butler 
" Fort 
" Hilliard 
" Jackson 
" Pittman av 
" Howell 
" Randolph 
33 cor Spring 
48 " ChnrL-h, ss 
59 " Williams, ns 
" James, ss 

cor Bartow, ss 
81 " Orme, ns 
93 " Luckie 
" Walton 
" W. & A. R. R. 
CALHOUN, from Decatur ne to 
Foster, thence n to limits and sw to 
McDonough at Hunter, 1st e of 
Collins, wards 3 and 4. 


37 cor Gilmer 
63 " Jenkins 
101 " Foster, es 
133 " Wheat 
175 " Houston 

" Ellis 
233 " Cain 
271 " Harris 
397 " Baker 

" Forrest av 
" Curner 
" Pine 
" Merritt's av 
" Cox 
" North av 
CAMERON, troni Fair s, nr e 
limits, ward 3. 

CARTER, from Davis w to Vine, 
1st n of Hunter, ward 1. 

CASSIUS Al, from W. Peters n 

to Nelson. 1st w of C. R. R., ward 1. 

CASTLEBERRY, from Forsyth 

w to C. R R , thence nw to Peters, 

1st n of Fair, ward 1. 

CEDAR, from West Peachtree at 
Alexander neto Peachtree, ward 1. 
CHAMBERLAIN, from Yonge 
e to Jackson, 1st s of Foster, ward 4. 
CHAPEL, from Hayne sw to 
limits, 1st w of Walker, ward 4. 
cor Haynes 
41 " Tatnall 
55 ■' Porter, ns 
66 " Nelson, ss 
69 " Stonewall 
97 " Fair 
123 " Larkins 
129 " Green's Ferry Av, ns 

" Hill's av, ss 
171 " Holland, ns 
201 " Humphries 
Barracks av 
CHATHAM, from Gullatt e to 
limits, Ist s of Fair, ward 3 



Atlanta City Directory, 

Simpson n, to John, 1st w of Graj', 
ward 1. 

CHERRY, from North av n to 
limits, 1st e of Plum, ward 5. 

CHESTNm; from Green's Fer- 
ry av n to limits, ward 1. 

CHURCH, from Peachtree at 
Forsyth nw to Cain, 1st ne from 
James, ward 5. 

CLARA, from W. Peters nr junc. 
Walker, e to C. R. R., ward 1. 

CLARKE, from Windsor e to 
Connally, 3d s of Fair, wards 2 and 3 
cor Cooper 
" Formwalt 
" Pryor 
" Pulliam 
■' Washington 
'• Crew 
" McDonough 
189 " Fraser 
209 " Terry, ns 

" Martin 
233 " Connally 
CLIFFORD, from Cains to Ellis 
w of Calhoun, ward 4. 

COLLEGE, from Foster at Cal- 
houn se to Pratt, 1st ne of Jenkins, 
ward 4. 

COLLINS, from Decatur ne to 
Foster, thence n to North av and s 
to Ga. R. R., 1st e of Ivy, ward 4. 
27 cor Gilmer 
47 " Jenkins 
















Furrest av 





Merritt's av 


North av 


from Marietta ne to 


1st se of Spring, ward 5. 

CONNALLY, from Fair s to Lit- 

tle, ward 3 







27 cor Pettis 
" Clynn, es 
" Richardson 
" Crumley, ws 
" Glenn 
" Anderson 
" Bass 
" Love 
COOPER, from Whitehall at 
Fair s to limits, 1st w of Windsor, 
ward 2. 


29 cor Jones 
51 " Rawson 
70 " Clarke 
" Fulton 
" Richardson 
" Crumlej'' 
" Glenn 
" Anderson 
" Bass 
CORNELL, from Ga, R. R. n 
to Foster, ward 4, 

CORPUT, from W. & A. R. R. e 
to Plum, Lst s of North av, ward 5. 
COX, from Peachtree e to Fort, 
1st s of North av, ward 4 

CRAVEN'S AL., from Butler, se 
to Fair, ward 3. 

CREW, from Mitchell sw to Pe- 
ters, junc of Fair,thence s to Glenn, 
ward 2. 

cor Mitchell, ss 
" Peters 
2o " Fair 
do " Jones 
95 " Rawson 
119 •' Clarke 
151 " Fulton 
199 " Richardson 
2()5 " Crumley 

" Glenn 

CROWELL, from Windsor s to 

Humphries, 3d w of Glenn, ward 2. 

CRUMLEY, from Humphries e 

to Connally, 1st s of Richardson, 

Avards 2 and 3. 










Atlanta City Directory. 



CURRIER, from Peachtree e to 
Forr. l-it n of Forrest av, ward 4. 
CYPRESS, from Third n bey 
limiis, 1st e of West Peachtree, 
ward 4. 

D'ALVIGNY, from W.& A. R.R. 
w bey limits, 8th u of Simpson, 
wsrd ij 

DABNEY, from Fair s to Bree, 
nr e limits, ward 3. 





DAIRY, from West Peachtree e 
to Peachtree and w to Plum, 1st n 
of Pine, wards 4 and 5. 



West Peachtree 




Lovejoy. ss 

Fowler, ss 

McAfee, ss 

Tenable, ss 

Luckie, ss 

DANIEL, from Decatur, n to 
Foster, nr e limits, ward 4. 

DAVIS, from Markham to Rock, 
1st w of Haynes, ward 1. 

34 cor Mitchell 
52 " Hunter 
82 " Carter 
98 " Rhodes 
145 " Magazine 
175 " Foundry 
204 " Spencer 
DECATUR, from Peachtree se 
to Pratt at Shipley, (continuation 
of Marietta), thence to e limits, 
ward 4. 

17 cor Pry or 

51 cor J oyd, ss 
56 " Ivy ns 
85 " Collins 
123 " Calhoun 
157 " Butler 
190 " Pratt, ns 
231 " Moore 
263 " Bell 
298 " Fort 
324 " Hilliard, ns 
364 " Y'onge, ss 
" Daniel, ns 
" Pittman av, ns 
508 " HowpH, ns 
" Randolph, ns 
" Lane, ns 
562 " Ella, ns 

DeGIVE, from Simpson n to 
John nr limits, ward 4. 

DOVER, from Hayne w to Tat- 
nail, ward 1. 

EAST AV. (See Pittman av.) 
EDWARD, from Simpson n to 
John, 1st w of Chattahoochee, 
ward 5. 

EEDS, from Windsor w to C. R. 
R., 2d s of Glenn, ward 2. 

ELLA, from Ga. R. R, n to 
W^heat nr e limits, ward 4. 

ELLIOTT, from Xe'son to Simp- 
son 1st w of C. R. R., ward 1. 


cor Markham 
28 " Mitchell 
110 " Rhodes 
128 " Mechanic 
142 " Magazine 
176 " Foundry 
185 " Xewton, ws 
200 " Fuller, es 
220 " Thurmond 
234 " Mays al 
250 " Rock 
274 " HeniT 
ELLIS, from Church e to Hil- 
liard, 1st n of Houston, ward 4. 


1 cor Peachtree 















Atlanta City Directory. 

ELM. from Hunter s to Fair, 1st 
w of Vine, wa'-d 1. 

ELMORE, from Ga. R. R. s to 
Fair, 3d e of Fort, ward 3 

EMMA, from W. & A. R. R w to 
limits, nr n limits, ward 1. 

EMMA AL. from Emma s to 
Kennedj-, ward 1. 

EZZARD, from Cornell e to 
Elia, nr e limits, ward 4. 

FACTORY, from Ga. R. H. s to 
Fair, nr e limits, ward 3. 

FAIN, from Billiard, w to Bell, 
2d s of Foster, ward 4. 

FAIR, from Whitehall e to limits 
and w to Chestnut, wards 1, 2 and 3. 
cor Formwalt 
53 " Pry or 

" Loyd, us 
95 " PuUiam, ss 
" Washington 
" Crew 
" Peters 
" McDonough 
221 " Eraser 
247 " Terry 
275 " Martin 
301 " King 
317 " Connally 

" Hayues 
355 " Hill 

" Fort, ns 
428 " GraTit 
447 " Gullatt, ss 
" Thomas, ss 
" Wood, ss 
" Dabney, ss 
" Borno, ss 
" Badger, ss 
" Cameron, ss 

C. R. R. 

Bailey, us 
Vine, ns 
Elm, ns 
Roach, ss 
Lawshe. ss 
FAIRLIE, from Marietta n to 
Churcb, 1st nw of Forsyth, ward 5. 

FIFTH, from West Peacbtree e 
to Fort and w to Cherry, 4th n of 
North av, bey limits. 

FILLMORE, from Pratt e to 
Fort, 1st n of Deeatur, ward 4 

Formwalt, from Whitehall s 
to limits, Isi w of Pry or, ward 3. 

FORREST AV, from Peachtree 
e to Fort, 1st n of Baker, ward 4. 
Butler, ss 
FORSYTH, from Marietta ne to 
Church and swto Whitehall, wards 
1 and 5. 

13 cor Walton 
31 " Grubb 
41 " Luckie 
56 " James 
76 " Church 


28 cor C. R. R, 

3^ " Alabama 

65 " Hunter 

yy " Mitchell 

127 " Peters 

149 " Garnett 

181 " Brotherton 

215 " Castleberry, ws 

225 " Fair 

259 " Whitehall 

FORT, from Decatur n to limits 
and s to Fair, wards 3 and 4. 

16 cor Fillmore, ws 
" Scofield, es 
" Taylor 
" Fain 
" 'Janner 
" Foster 

Atlanta City Directory. 


145 cor Wheat 

" Irwin, es 
192 " Houston 
200 " Ellis, es 
224 " Oain 

" Harris 
280 " Baker, ws 

" Forrest Av, ws 
" Blackmon, es 
" Currier, ws 
" Merritt's av, ws 
" North av 
" Second, ws 
FORTUNE, from E. Cain n to 
limits, Iste of Randolph, ward 4. 

FOSTER, from Calhoun e to 
limits, 1st s of Wheat, ward 4. 


38 cor Butler 

" Pratt, ss 
45 " Bell, ss 
" Fort 
" Hilliard 
231 " Yonjre 

" Jackson, us 
" Chamberlain, ss 
" Pittman av, ns 
" Daniel, ss 
" Buses Al, ss 
247 " Cornell, ss 
257 " Randolph 

" Lane 
277 " Ella, ss 
" Gunby, ss 
FOUNDRY, from W. & A. R. R. 
ne to Luckie and w to limits, divid- 
ing wards 1 and 5. 



Man gum 





FOURTH, from W. Peachtree e 
to Fort, thence w to Luckie, 3d n of 
North av, bey limits. 

FOWLER, from Alexander n to 
Merritt's av, 3d e of Luckie, ward 5. 


Mills _ 
Pine.l^ ^ 
Merritt's av 

FRASER, from Hunter at Butler 
s to limits, 1st e of McDonough, 
ward 3. 

33 cor Craven's Al 
45 " Fair 
80 " Jones 
114 " Rawson 
250 " Clarke 
1G4 " Solomon 
190 " Fulton 
220 " Richardson 
230 " Richmond 
255 " Crnmle.y 
287 " Glenn ' 
" Anderson 
;' Bass 
" Love 
" Little 
FULLER, from Elliott e to W. & 
A. R. R., 1st n of Foundry, ward 5. 
FULLER'S ROW, from Fair at 
Peters se to C. R. R., ward 1, 

FULTON, from Martin w to 
Smith, 4th s of Fair, wards 2 and 3. 











GALLATIN, from State west, 
nw of limits. 

GARDEN, from Glenn s to lim- 
its, ward 3. 

GARNETT, from Whitehall w to 
Peters, and e to Loyd, 2d sw of 
Mitchell, wards 2 and 3. 

, Pryor 


GARTRELL, from Yonge e to 
Daniel, 2d s of Foster, ward 4. 

GATE CITY, from Glenn s to 
limits, nr w limits, ward 2. 


Atlanta City Directory. 

GEORGE, from E. Fair n to 
Riggers, 1st e of Grant, ward S 

GILMER, froui Ivy se to Pratt, 
Ist ne of Decatur, ward 4. 
32 cor Collins 
C5 " Calhoun 
93 " Butler 
118 " Pratt 
GLENN, from w limits to e lim- 
its, 7th s ot Fair at MoDonough, 
passing through wards 2 and 3. 

Kreis, limits 

Humphries, ss 

Robbins, ns 

Sims, !-s 


Smith, ns 

Gate City, ss 

Newman, ss 

Ira, ns 

Crowell, ss 



For 01 wait 


PuUiam, ns 




Grady, ns 






(Tardea, ss 






Borne limits 

GLYNN, from Connally e to 
Borne, 3d s of Fair, ward 3. 
Kelly, ns 
Hill • 

GiiUatt. ns 
GORDON. continuation of Glynn 
w of limits, W. E 

GRADY, from Glenn n to Crum- 

ley, 1st e of McDonouah, ward 3. 
GRANT, from Ga R. R. s to 
limits, 3d e of Connally, ward 3. 



E Hunter 




Troup, es 




GRAY, from Simpson n toD'Al- 
vigny, 2d w of W. & A. R. R., 
ward 5. 


Jones av 
Chapel at Larkins, w to limits, 
northern boundary of U. S. Bar- 
racks, ward 1. 

GRUBB, from Peachtree nw to 
Spring, 2d ne of Marietta, ward 5. 
GULL ATT, from Fair s to Glynn 
nr Oakland Cemetery, ward 3. 

GUN BY, from Foster at A.-L. 
Ry s to Ga. R. R , nr e limits, 
ward 3 

HAMMOND, from Peters nw to 
Lee, s of U. S. Barracks, bey 

HARRIS, from Peachtree e to 
limits, and w to Marietta, wards 4 
and 5. 


20 cor Ivv 

67 " Collins 

113 " Calhoun 

167 " Butler 

200 •' Fort 

" HiUiard 

" Jackson 

Atlanta City Directory. 


cor Pittman av 
" Randolph 


cor W. Peachtree 
31 " Spring 
59 " Williams 
79 " Ornie 
115 " Ha\ den 
128 " l.uckie 
" Mariet'a 
HATTY, from Marietta at D'Al- 
Ticrny ne to State, ur limi's, ward 5. I 

HAYDEN, from Simpson s to 
Luckie. w;.rd 5. 

HAYXES, fiom Chapel n to 
Simpson, 2d w of Elliott, wards 1 
and 5 

100 cor Marl<ham 
121 " Mitchell 
147 " Hun-er 
205 " Rood 8 
223 ' M gazine 
246 " Foundry 

" Thurmond 
319 " Mays al 
32',) " Rock 
341 " Heury 
353 " Simpson 
HENRY, from W. &, A. R. R. w 
to Dhv;s, 1st s of Simpson, ward 5. 
HIGti. from Tatnallsw to Par- 
Bons, 1st nw of Chap'-l, wfird 1. 

HIiJHTO WER, from Robbing sw 
1st 8 of Whitehall, ward 2. 

HILL, from Hunter nr Bell 8 to 
limits, ward 3. 
HILL'S AV, from Peters nw to 
Chapfl, 3d s rf r'air, ward 4. 

HILLIARD, fi om Decatnrn bey 
Harris, 1st e of Fort, ward 1, 
Sc( field 
New Wheat 


HOGUE, from Wheat n to Mor- 
ris, 1-t e of Pittman av, ward 4. 

HOLLAND, from Chapel nw to 
Green's Ferry av, 1st ne of Hum- 
phres, ward 1. 

HONEY AL, from Terry w to 
Sugar al, n of E. Fair, ward 3. 

HOOD, from Whitehall se to 
Winf^sor, 1st ne of Smith. 

HO ETON, from Fort e to Pack- 
ards al n of I'ec itur, ward 4. 

HOUSTON, from Peachtr^^e etc 
Calhoun, thence ne to Pi'tman av, 
thence to Randolph, ward 4. 
cor Pryor 
29 " Ivv 
63 " Collins 
105 '■ Calhoun 
145 " Butler 
161 " Va'entine, es 

190 •' Fnvt 
" Hilliard 
" Jnckson 
311 " Pittman av 
" Howell, 88 
387 " Randolph 
HOWELL, from Ga. R. R , n to 
Houston, ward 4 

HUGE— [See Hnlsey.] 
HULL, ffom Simp'^on s to Baker, 
1st p ot Luckie, ward 5. 

HULSEY, from Foundry s to 
Matazine, 1st w of W. & A. R. R. 

HUMPBRIES, from Whitehall 
nw 10 Green's Ferry av, and se to 
limits, wards 1 and 2. 


Green s Ferry av 







HUNNItUTT, from Marietta e 
to West Peachiree, 2d n of Alexan- 
der, ward 5. 


Atlanta City Directory. 

HUNT, from Cox n to limits, 2d 
e of F: rt. ward 4. 

HUNTER from Whitehall se to 
Gull'itt. nr Cemetery, and nw to 
C. R R., thence w to limits, wards 
1, 2 and 3. 


27 cor Pry or 
" L^.yd 
83 " Washington 
95 " McDonougb, ss 
111 " Butier 
121 " Fraser, ss 
151 " Terry 
165 " Martin 
201 '• King 
229 " Moore 
252 " Bell, . s 
257 " Hill, as 
277 " Fort 
327 "• George 
337 " Gullatt, ss 
' W^ST. 
11 cor Broad 
25 " Forsyth 
55 '' Thompson 
" C R R. 
" Elliott 
139 " Manium 
159 -" Haynes 
181 " Davis 
" Maple 
IRA, from Hooa s to limits, 1st 
wof Windsor, ward 2. 

IRWIN, from Porte to liraifs, 1st 
n of Wheat, ward 4. 
25 cor Hilliard 
" Jickson 
111 " Pirtman av 
130 " Ho^e 
149 " Howdl 
" Bradley 
" Randolph 
IVY, from Decatur ne and n to 
Peachtree, 1st, e of Pryor, ward 4. 
20 cor Line, es 
33 " G Imer, es 
07 " Wueat 
104 " Houston 
127 " E lis 
157 " Gain 
183 " Harris 
212 " Baker 
JACKSON, from Foster n to 
limits, 2d e of Fort, ward 4. 

cor New Wheat 
" Wheat 
" Irwin 
" Houston 
52 " Cain_ 
66 " Harris 
" Morris, es 
" Ricp, es 
" B'ackmon, ws 
JACKSON AL, from Eraser to 
Martin, n of Richardson, ward 3, 

JAMES, from Peachtree nw to 
Cain, 1st ne of Luckie, ward 5. 
JEFFERSON, [SeePittmanav.] 
JENKINS, trom Calhoun, se to 
Pratt, Ist ne of Gilmer, ward 4. 

JENNINGS AL, from Rawson n 
to Jones, 1st e of Eraser, ward 3. 

JOHN, from W, & A. R. R. w to 

Lambert, 5th n of Simpson, ward 5. 

JOHNSON, from W. & A. R R. w 

to Gray. 3d n of Simpson, "svard 5. 

JOINER, from C. R.R. to Peters, 

2d w of Fair, ward 3. 

JONES, from Windsor e to Hill, 
1st s of Fair, wards 2 and 3. 

25 cor Cooper 
47 " Formwalt 
88 " Pryor 
104 " PuUiam 
140 '■ Washington 
162 " Crew 
182 " McDonough 
204 '• Fraser 
228 " Jennings al 
240 " Terry 
251 " Martin 
2-^4 " King 
292 " Werner 
" Connally 
" Kelley 
324 " Moore 
329 " Hill 
JONES AL, trom W. & A. R. R. 
w, 1st of Rhodes, ward 5. 

JONES AV, from W. & A. R. R. 
w to EJward, Ist n of Simpson, 
ward 5. 

JUNIPER, from North av n bey 
limits, 1 e of Peachtree, ward 4 

KELLY, from Fair s to Glynn, 
1st e ot Connally, ward 3. 

KENNEDY, from Gray w to 
limits, 6th n of Simpscm, ward 5. 

Atlanta City Directory. 


KIMBALL, from Peachtree w to 
West Peachtree. nr n liraits.ward 4. 

KING, from Ga. R R s to Clarke, 
1st e f.f Martin, ward iJ. 

KREIS, from Glenn s bey limits, 
ward 2 

LA.MBERT, from Simpson n to 
litnit=!, 5th w of W. & A. R. R. 
ward 5. 

LANE, from Ga. R. R. n to Fos- 
ter, nr e lira its, ward 4. 

LARKIN. from Wa'kpr w bey 
Chapel, Isf s of Fair, ward 1. 

LATIMER'S AL, from Luckie 
sw to W. & A. R. R. ward 5. 

LAWSHB, from Fair s to Green's 
Ferry av. nr U S. Barracks, 
ward 1. 

LEE, from Thrasher at U. S. 
Barracks south, 1st w of C. R. R., 
hey limits. 

LIBERTY, from Holland sw to 
Humphiies, 1st ne of Chapel, 
ward 1. W. E. 

LINE, from Peachtree e to Pryor, 
thence se to Ivy, 1st ne of Decatur, 
wards 4 and 5. 

LITTLE, from McDonou^h e to 
Hill, 4th s of Glenn, ward 3. 

LOVE, from McDonoujih e to 
Kmits, od s of Glenn, ward 3 

LOVEJOy, from Simpson n to 
North av, 4th w of Peachtree, 
ward 5. 

LOWE, from Carter n to Spen- 
cer, 1st w of Maple, wards 1 and 5, 
LOWE'S AL, from Larkin se to 
Walker, 1st e of Chaoel, ward 1. 

LOYD, from Ga.' R. R. sw to 
Fair, 1st se ot Pryor, wards 2 and 4. 
LUCKIE, from Peachtree . at 
Broad nw to Simpson, thence n to 
Merritt's av, ward 5. 
cor Forsvtli 
23 " Fairlie 
35 " Cone 
55 " Spring 
85 " Bartow 
106 " Cain 
121 " Hayden, es 

I 130 cor Foundry, ws 

154 " Harris 
lf)2 " Thurmond, ws 
165 •' Hull, es 
178 " Baker 
201 " Simpson 
230 " Alexander 

" Mills 
268 " Hunnicutt 
292 " Merritt's av 
LYNCH AL, from Collins w to 
Ivy, 1st, s of Wheat, ward 4. 

McAFEE, from Simpson n to 
North av. 3d e of Marietta, ward 5. 

McDANIEL, from Whitehall nw 
to Peters, and se to limits, wards 1 
and 2. 

McDONOUGH, from Hunter at 
Calhoun s to limits, dividing wards 
2 and 3. 

cor Mitchell, es 
38 " Butler, es . 
45 " Fair 
75 " Jones 
103 •' Riwson 
141 " Clarke 
161 " Fulton 
201 " Richardson 
235 " Crumley 
255 " Glenn 
Mc LIN'S AL— [See Fair.] 
_ MAGAZINE, from C. R. R. wto 
limits, 1st s of Foundry, ward 1. 

MANGUM, from Nelson n to 
John, ist w of Elliott, wards 1 
and 5. 

91 eor Markham 
109 " Mitchell 



194 " Rhodes 
222 " Magazine 
256 " Foundry 
271 " Newton 
300 " Thurmond 
312 " MajsAl 
330 " Rock 
347 " Henry 
359 " Simpson 

" Jones Av 
391 " Bush 

" Johnson 

" Victoria 

" John 
MAPLE, from Talnall, junction 
Markham, n bey Foundry, 3d w of 
Haynes, v/ards 1 and 5. 


Atlanta City Directory. 

MARIETTA.fvom Peachtree opp 
Decatur, nw bey limits, ward 5. 

19 cor Broad 

44 " Forsyth 

57 ■' Fairiie ns 

67 " Cone, ns 

85 " Sj.riim 
' 139 " Bartow 
161 " Cain 
201 " Walton junc 
208 " Foundry 
236 " Harris 
251 " Thurmond 
265 " Baker, es 
322 " Simpson 

344 " Jo> es Av, ws 

345 " Alexander, es 
" M.lls, es 

395 " Hunnieutt. es 
425 " Pinp, es 
475 " Corput, es 
" North Av 
" Emma, ws 
485 " Ha'ty, es 
" Morrison, es 
" D'Aiviiiny, ss 
" Means, ss 
" Wallace, ns 
MARK HAM, -from C. R. R. w to 
Vine, 1st s of Mitchell, ward 1, 
7 cor Elliott 
42 " Maiigum 
80 " Hfiynes 
113 " Davis 

" Maple, ns 
170 " Tntnali 
" Walnut 
" Vine 
MARTIN, from Ga. R. R. s to 
limit, waid 3. 

1 cor Ga R R 
" Hunter 
15 " Fair 
29 " Jones 
61 " Pettis 
71 " Rawson 

" Solomon, ws 
87 " Glynn 
108 " Clarke 
175 " Richardson 
191 " Richmond 
205 '• Crumley 
237 " Glenn 

" Anderson 
" Bass 
" Love 
" L,ittle 

MAYKR, from West Peachtree 
w to Orme, 1st s of North Av, 
ward 5. 

MAYS AL, from Elliott w to 
Haynes, ward 5. 

MEANS, from Marietta, at lim- 
its, 1st n of W. & A. R. R., w to 
Perry ward 5 

MECHANIC, from C. R. R, w 

to FlHott. 1st s of MR2azinp,ward 1. 


tree e to Fort and w to Plum, 1st n 

of Pinp, ward 4. 

MILLER S BLOCK, bet Mitch- 
ell and Markham, from Hayne w, 
ward 1. 

MILLS, from Marietta e to West 
Peachiree, 1st n of Alexander, 
ward o. 

10 cor Luckie 
14 " Verable 
28 " McAfee 
" Fowler 
54 " Love^joy 
" Orme 
" Williams 
" Sprivig 
" \Vi St Peachtree 
MINNIE, from Marietta ne to 
State, iir n liinits, ward 5. 

MITCHELL, from Whitehall se 
to McDonouiih, and nw to Elliott, 
thence w to limils, 1st s of Hunter^ 
wards 1 and 2. 


24 cor Pryor 

52 " Loyd 

89 " Wa-hington 
111 " Crew, ss 
119 " McDonough 
Ci y Hall 


21 cor Broad, ns 
41 " Forsyth 
61 " Thompson 
95 " C. R. R 
126 " Eliott 
169 " Mangnm 
197 " Havnes 
231 " Davis 
299 " Maple 
323 " Tat nail 
" Walnut, ss 
" Vine 
MONROE, from Rhodes e to 
Hunter, Ist w of C. R. R., ward 1. 

Atlanta City Directory. 


MOORR, from Ga. K. R , n to 
Pratt, at Jenkins, ward 4. 

MORRIS, fr >m Peachtree e, Ist 
n of Biker, ward 4. 

MORHISON, from Marietta nr 
nw liffiits, ne to StUe, wa-d 5. 

M03ELEY, from Grant e to 

Gnllut. 1-ir s of Ga. R. R., ward H. 

MYRTLE, from North av. n 

bey limits, Ist e of Calhoun, ward 4. 

NEAL, fnra Chestnut e bey 

limits Isr s of Kennedy. 

NELSON, from Thompson w to 
C. R. R , at Elliott, thence sw to 
Chappl, ward 1. 

37 cor E liott, ns 
93 " Mangum 
100 " Walker, S3 
123 " Haynps 
155 " Ta'nall 
' Chapel 
NEWTON, from Elliott, w to 
Mangum, 1st n of Fountlry, ward 5. 
NEW WHE\T, from Fort to 
June Whf>at, l>t s of Whf^at, ward 4. 
NORTH AV, from West Peach- 
tree e to lim!t«i, and w to Marietta, 
wards 4 and 5. 









Scott, ss 
Ppar, ns 
Williams, ss 
Applp, ns 
Orme, ss 
Quince, ns 
Cherry, ns 

OAK- [See Peachtree.] 

ORANGE, from Smih ne to 
Windsor, l.sts of VVhitehall, ward 2. 

ORME, from Cain, n to North 
av, 31 w nf Peachtree, ward 5. 

PACKARD3 AL — [.-ee Hil- 

P.aRSON, from Walnut w to 
■Chestnut, 8 of Beckwiih, ward 1. 

PEACHTREE, from W. & A. R. 

R. ne to Ellis, n to Baker, thence ne 
to limits, wards 4 and 5. 
cor Decatur 






Walton, ws 






GrubW, ws 



Broai June, ws 



Luckie, ws 



James, ws 


Houston, es 


Pryor, es 



Fo'syth, June Church 












West Peachtree jauc 





Ivy June, ss 



Forrest av, ea 



Currier, es 



Cedar, ws 






Merritt's av 






North av 


Kimball, wg 



Morris av, ws 

PEACHTREE— [See W. Peach- 



from North av n bey 



; w of W Peachtree 

wan^l 5 

PETERS, fr >m Whitehall se to 

Fair at 


ew and ow to Forsyth, 

thence sw 

to limits, wards, 1 and 2. 
















Garneti, es 


C. R. R 


Mauiium, ws 


Hajnes. ws 


Castlebirry, es 




Walker jmc, ws 


Bi:ck, ws 


McDaniei, es 




Barrack's av, ws 


Atlanta City Directory. 

PETTIS, frnra Martin e to Coc- 
nally; 1st a of Jonf-s, ward 3. 

PHILLIPS ROW, from Mark- 
ham s to Chapel, e of Mangum, 
ward 1 

PINE, from West Peachtree, e 
bey Fort, and w to Marietta, wards 
4 and 5. 


cor Peachtree 
18 " Collins 
" Calhoun 
" Fort 


PITTMAN AV, from Decatur n 
to limits, 3d w of Fort, ward 4. 
PLUM, from Hunnicutt n bey 
limits, 1st e of Marietta, ward 5. 

POKDER, from Marietta n by 

PORTER, from Chapel nw to 
High, Istsw of Tatnall, ward 1. 

PORJER AL, from Line n to 
Pryor at V\ heat, ward 4. 

POWERS, from West Peachtree 
w to McAfee, 1st n of Simpson, 
ward 5. 

PRATT, from Decatur ne to Bell, 
1st se of Butler, ward 4. 

PRYOR, from Decatur ne to 
Peachtree, and sw to Fair, thence 
s to filenn, continu^^d by Water 
Works road, wards 2, 4 and 5. 
15 cor Line 
67 " Wheat 
83 " Houston 


21 cor Railroad 

32 " Alabama 

67 '■ Hunter 

105 " Mitchell 

135 •' Peters 

165 " Garnett 

199 " Brotherton, ws 

201 " Fair 

229 " Jones 

283 " Rawson 

313 " Clarke 

" Fulton 

377 " Richardson 

" Crumley 

" Glenn 
PULLIAM, from Fair nr Loyd s 

to Glenn, 3d w of McDonough, 
ward 2. 


29 cor Jones 
75 '■ Rawson 
82 " Clarke 
93 " Fu'ton 
139 " Richardson 
" Crumley 
" Glenn 
QUINCE, from North Av n bey 
limits. 3d w of W. Peachtree, ward6. 
RACETRACK-[See Chnpel.] 
RANDOLPH, from Foster n, nr 
e limits, ward 4 

RANKIN, from Pittman av e to 
Randolph, 1st n of Rice, ward 4. 

RAWSON, from Martin w to 
Windsor, thence sw to Smith, ward* 
2 and 3, 


cor Martin 
19 " Jennings Al 
45 " Eraser 

" McDonough 
" Crew 
" Washington 
" Pulliam 
" Pryor 
217 " Formwalt 
231 " Cooper 
253 " Windsor 

" Hood 
329 " Smith 
REED, from Richmond a to 
Glenn, 1st e of Fraser, ward 3. 

RHODES, from C. R. R. w to 
Vine, 1st s of Magazine, ward 1. 

Atlanta City Dikectory. 


RICE, from JackFon e nr limits, I 
3d n of Harri«, wnrd 4. 

RICHARDSON, from McDaniel 
e to Martin, 5th s of Fair, wards 2 
and 3. 


cor Smith 
" Ira 
" Windsor 
" Cooper 
" Formwalt 
" Prvor 
" Pulliara 
" Washington 
" Crew 
" McDonough 
" Eraser 
192 " Terry 
234 " Martin 
RICHMOND, from Eraser e to 
Connally, Ist n of Crumley, ward 3. 
RIPLEY, from Williams w to 
Bartow, l£t n of W Harris, 
ward 5. 

ROACH, from Eair s to cor 
Green's Ferrv av and Humphries, 
4th w of Maple, ward 1. 

ROBBINS, from Whitehall s to 

Crumlev, 1st wof McDaniel, ward 2, 

ROCK, from W. & A. R. R. w to 

Chattahoochee, 1st s of Simpson, 

ROCKWELL, from Windsor w 
to Kreis, 5th s of Glenn, hej limits. 

SALTER from nr cor Whitehall 
and C. R. R. bey limits. 

SASE, irom Foster s to Ga. R. 
R., 1st e of Daniel. 

SAVANNAH, from Tennels s to 
Fair, bet Borne and Badger, ward 3. 

SCOEIELD. from Fort e to Hil- 
liard. 1st s of Taylor, ward 4 

SCOTT, from Powers n to May- 
er, bet West Peachtree and Spring, 
ward 5. 

SECOND, from Peachtree e to 
Fort and w to Cherry, 1st n of 
North av, wards 4 and 5. 

SEVEN 1 H, from Peachtree w 
to Cherrr. bev limits. 

SHARPE, -from Windsor w to 
Sims, 1st s of Glenn, ward 2. 

SHIPLEY, fr. m jnnc of Deca- 
tur and Pratt se to Ga. R. R , ward 4. 

SIMPSON, from Marintta e to 
West Pfachtree and w to limits, 1st 
n of Baker, ward 5. 


cor Lnckie 

46 " Venable, ns 

47 " Hnll, S8 

58 " McAfee, ns 

" Hayden, 88 

100 " Lovejoy, ns 

" Oime 

" Williams 

166 " Sprir.g 

'■ West Peaebtree 


10 cor Elliott 
53 " ManguBQ 

", 88 
81 " Gray, ns 
105 " Chattahoochee, ns 
" Lambert, ns 
" DeGive av 
" Vino 
SIMS, from Glenn s to limits, Ist 
e of Humphries, ward 2. 

SIXTH, from Peachtree w to 
Cherry, bey limits. 

SMU H, Irom Whitehall se to 
Glenn, 1st e of McDaniel, ward 2. 



20 cor Orange 
40 " Rawson 
" Fuilon 
" Richardson 
" Crumley 
140 " Glenn 
SOLOMON, from Eraser e to 
Martin, 4ih s of Fair, ward 3. 

SOUTH, from Wallace ne to 4th 
nr Marietta, bey limits. 

SPENCER, from Davis w to 
Lowe, 1st nof F. undry, ward 5. 

SPRIN G, from W. & A. R. R. ne t» 
Cain nr Church, thence n to Hunni- 
cutt, ward 5 

24 cor Marietta 
64 " Gruib 
79 " Luckie 
100 " James 
130 " Cburch 
136 " Cain 
" Hanis 
" Bak. r 
" Simpson 
" Pr wers 
" Alexander 
STATE, fro-Ti Ccrput nw bey 
limits nfflr Marietta, waid 5. 
STEVENS, from Windsor w to 


Atlanta City Directory. 

Hump'iripg, 3d 3 of Glenn, ward 2 

STONEWALL, from Walker w 
to Chapel, thpuee nw to High, 
ward ] . 

STHOXG, from John n to D'Al- 
vigpy, nr w limit'^, ward 5. 

l^UGAR AL, from E. Fair n to 
E. Hunter, Isf. e of Fra-er, ward 3. 

TATMALL, foil Nei>on nw to 
jnnc Hu' ter and Vine, ward 1. 

TANNER, from BpU to Hiiliard, 
1st s of'er, wari~' 4. 

TAYLOR, from Pratt e to Fort, 
1st n of Filmore, ward 4. 

TEN N ELS, from Factory e, 1st 
s of Gh. R R . Ht cemetery, ward 3. 

TERRY, from Ga. R. R. sw to 
Hui t r, thence 8 to Clarke, ward 3. 

THIRD, from West Peachfree e 
bey limits, and w to Cherry, wards 
4 and 5. 

TflO.NIAS, from Fair s to Glenn, 
nr e limirs, ward 3. 

THOMPSON from G R. R. sw 
to Brotherton, thc-nce s to Castle- 
berry, word 1. 


' 1 cor Hurter 
" Mitchell 
81 '• Nelson 
107 " Ptters 
121 " Garnet 
151 " Brotherton 
181 " Ca-tleberry 
THRASHER, from U. S. Bar- 
racks w hev limits. W. E. 

THURMOND, from Luckie sw 
to EliMtt. thence w to Divi.s, ward 1. 
TRENHOLM, from W.i'kpr w to 
ChM(i' I. 1st s of Larkin, ward 1, 

THOUP, from Grant e to Borne, 
1st s of (xlpnn, ward 3, 
_ TUMLIN, from Wallace n bey 

VALENTINE, from Wheat n to 
Hous; on, bet Butler and Fort, 
ward 4. 

VENABLE, from Simpson n to 
Meriitt's av, bet Luckie and Mc- 
Ateo, wa^d 5- 

V1CT0R[A, from W. & A. R. R. 
w to Lambert, 4tii n of Simpson, 
ward 5. 

VINE, from Simpson s to Fair, 
4th w of Chattiihoochee, wards 1 
and 5. 

WALKER, from Nelson June 
Manrjum, s ti Paters, ward 1. 

Wall, from P>^achtree e to 
Forsyth, 1st n of W. & A. R. R., 
ward 4 

WALLACE, from Marietta e to 
Stat?", Ist n of limits. 

WALNUT, from cor Tatnall and 
Mitchell, s to Parsons, ward 1. 

WALTON, fro 11 Peachtree nw 
to Foundry June Marietta, ward 5. 
WARREN PL, fom Collins, to 
Calhoun 1st n of Gilmer, ward 4. 

WASHINGTON, from Alabama 
sw to Fair, thence s to limits, 3d e 
of Whitehall, ward 2. 
1 cor Alabama 
17 ■' Huntpr 
39 " Mi'chell 
G6 " Peters 
99 " Fair 
125 " Jones 
171 " Rawson 
183 " Clirke 
227 " Fulton 
249 " Richardson 
284 " Crumley 
310 " Glenn 
WELLS, from McDaniel sw to 
Glenn, 1st s of Whitehall, ward 2. 
WERNER AV, from Jon^s s to 
Clarke, 1st e of Martin, w^rd 3. 

Baker at June Piaohiree, (for- 
merly Onk), n bey limits, dividing 
wards 4 and 5. 

2>2 cor Simpson, ws 
240 " Powers, ws 
248 " Alexan !er, ws 
265 " C^-dir, es 
26(i " Miles, ws 
288 " Hunnioutt, ws 
315 " Pina 
375 " Cox 

" No-th Av 
" Kimball 
WHEAT, from Peachtree e to 
limits. 1 st n of Fester, wards 4 and 5. 
4 cor Pry or 
36 " Ivy 
81 " Collin.s 
115 " Calhoun 
181 " Butler 
187 " Valentine, ns 
229 " Fort 
238 " Hiiliard 
288 " Jackson, ns 

Atlanta City Directory. 


cor Pitfman av, ns 
" HowpII, ns 
" Hr idley, ns 
" Ella 
" Randolph 
WHITEHALL, from W, & A. 
R. R., se to limits, dividing wards 
1 and 2. 

21 cor Alabtima 
63 " Hunter 
101 •' Miichell 
185 " Peters 
161 " Oarnett 
195 " Brotherton 

" P^ormwalt, ss 
225 " Fair 

" Cooper, S3 
242 " Windsor, ss 
" Forsyth, ns 
326 " Hood, ss 
" S.nith, ss 
389 " McDan.el 
425 " Humphries 
WILLIAMS, from Cain n to 

North av, 2d w of West Peachtree, 
ward 5 

WILLOW, from North av a to 
Cox. ward 4. 

WINDSOR, from Whitehall juuc 
Forsyth s to limits, ward 2. 
25 cor Jones 
49 " Rawaon 

" Clarke 
73 " Hood 
101 " Fulton 
112 " Rithardson 
" Crumley 
" Glenn 
" Anderson, es 
" Sharpe, ws 
" Eeds, ws 
" Ba-s, es 
" Stevens 
" Barrel 1 
WOOD, from Fair, nr Cemetery, 
3 to Glenn, ward 3. 

YONGE, from Wheat s to Deca- 
tur, 2d e of Fort, ward 4. 


FIRST WARD.— romrnencinji 
at the centre of crossing Whitehall 
at W. & A. R. R., and runnin'j; along 
the centre of track of W. & A. R. R. 
to centre of Foutidrv, thence along 
the cenu-e of Foundry w^stwardiy 
to corpcration line, thenc^ along 
said line to centre of Whitehall, 
thence along centre of Whitehall to 
the beginninii point 

SECOND WARD — Commenc- 
ing at centre of crossing at White- 
hall and VV. & A. R R., and running 
east down Georiiia R. R to crossing 
of Butlnr, thence down the Cf-ntre 
of Butler to its intersection with 
Hunter, thence along Hunter to Mc 
Donough, thence along centre of Mc- 
Donough to corp iration line, thence 
aloni sail line to centre of White- 
hall, thence along the centre of 
Whitehall to bey,inning point. 

THIRD WARD.— Commencing 
at junction of Butler and Hunter, 
and running thence along centre of 
Butler to Georgia R R , thence 
east along Georgia R. R. to corpo- 

ration line, thence along said liu* 
to McDonouuh, thenc» along centr® 
of McDonoutih to Hunrer, thenc 
down centre Hunter to beginning 

FOURTH WARD.— Com menc- 
inE wnere Pryor cresses railroad 
track, thence running "^ast along the 
centre of Georgia R. R. to corpora- 
tion line, thence alontr said line to 
West Peachtree, thence b.ack along 
West Peachtree to Peachiree,thence 
along Peachtree o Pryor, thence 
along Pryor to beginning point. 

FIFTH WARD— Commencing 
at point at which Pryor crosse.'i rail- 
road track, thence running along 
centre W. & A. R. R, to Foundry, 
thencf^ along the centre of Foundry 
toc"rporationline,ti eneealoi g said 
line to Wes' Peaehtiee,th^ncH along 
centre West Peachtree to Peachtree, 
thence along the centre of Peach- 
tree south to Pryor, and thence 
along centre of Pryor to beginning 


Atlanta City Directory. 


tur, northeast corner Pryor. 

southeast cor Pryor 

BROWN'S BLOCK— Wall, opp 

Union cUpot. 

etta, southwPFt corner Forsyth. 

Whitehall, southwest corner W. & 
A. R R 

of Whitehall, between Alabama and 

CITY HALL-East side Wash- 
ington, between Hunter and Mitch- 

Peach trr-e. • 


Whileball, southwest cori,er Ala- 

COURT HOUSE— East side 
Wasliugton, between Hunter and 

DEAN'S HALL— 324 Marietta. 

Marietta, northeast corner Forsyth. 

side Marietta, west of Pea&htree. 

Whitehall, southwest corner Hun- 

Broad, near railroad. 

soutVieast corner Broad. 

etta, northwest corner Peachtree. 
side Whitehall, between Alabama 
and railroad. 

HALL— 56 Peachtree. 

side Mitchell, rear Broad. 

southeast corner Decatur. 

LOWE BUILDING— 39.^ White- 

MASONIC HALL — Marietta, 
southeast corner Broad 

Whitehall, southeast corner Ala- 

South side Mitchell opp Broad. 

POST OFFICE— U. S. Court- 
hou.«e and P. building. 

tree, northwest corner Grubb. 

Pryor, between Decatur and Wall. 

STATE HOUS E— Marietta, 
southwpst corner Forsj-th. 

BUILDING — Northwest 
Marietta and Forsyth: 


.A.. :e=. Tiaii'ox). 

E. T. ^zisrE. 




wmmmmwm ^ 


Frescoire Churches, Halls and Dwellings, a specialty. Theatrical 
Scenery and Photographic Backgrounds made to order. Estimates given 
on all kinds of painting. 

21 ]m:-.4^iiiiett^ street. 





City, County, State and United States Record. 


' Por Mayor 
Held Biennially, 
on the 

East Side 
"Washington Street, 


Hunter & Mitchell 

2d "Wednesday 
in December. 


Is compopefl of Boards of Aldermen and Common Council. Of the 
former, one member is elected annually for three years, and of the latter, 
one member is elected from each Ward annually for two years. Election 
held on the second Wednesday in December each year. Resrular meet- 
ings first and third Monday in each year. Aldermanic Board meet first 
and third Wednesdays. 


MAYOR — James W. English. 
Office, 35 S. Broad. Salary, $1,800. 


Charles Beerman ; term 3 years. 
J. B. Goodwin; term 2 years. 
R. J. Lowry ; term 1 year. 


FIRST WARD— J. J. Barnes, 
two ypars; A. J Pinson, one year. 

SECOND WARD — .John Ber- 
kele, two years; R. H. Knapp, one 

THIRD WARD— T. J Buchan- 
an, two years; D. A. Beatie, one 


Atlanta City Directory. 

two ypwrs; J. W . Johnson, one year. 

FiFTH WARD— L. C. Jones, 
two years; W D. Payne, one year. 

(Salaries of Aldermen and Coun- 
cilmen §200 per annum.) 

Standing Committees. 

PRFATION— D. A. Bealie, R. H. 
Knnpp, J.W. Johnston, L. C. Jones, 
T. J Bovd. 

FINANCE-R. J. Lowry, L. C. 
Jones, T. J. Boyd, D. A. Beatie, R. 
H. Kiiapp. 

ORDINANCE— J. W. Johnson, 
D. A. Bentie, A. J. Pinson. 

STREETS-John Berkele, T. J. 
Boyd. L C. Jones. 

POLICE— T. J. Buchanan, J. J. 
Bariip«, D. A. Beatie. 

J. Bo^ d, Jno. B' rkele, W. D. Pavne. 

TERNS-W. D. Payne, A. J. Pin- 
son, T. J. Buchanan. 

TAX— L. C Jones, R. H. Knapp 
D. A. Beatie. 

RELIEF— A. J. Pinion, R. H. 
Knapp, T J. Suchanan, T. J. Boyd, 
W D P-yne. 

W. D. Pavne, John Berke'e 

MARKETS— A J. Pinson. John 
Berkele, J J Barnes 

Knapp, J. W. Johnson, A. J. Pin- 

GROUNDS— T. J. Boyd, J. J. 
Barnes, L C. Jones. 

Beatie, J. W. Johnson, John Ber- 

CEMETERY— T. J. Buchanan, 
J. J. HHrnes, \V D. Payne. 

PRINTING— W. D. Payne, T. J. 
Buchanan, T. J. Boyd. 

WATER WORKS— J. J. Bnrnes, 
J. W .Johnson, T. J. Buihanan. 

LITIGATION— J. W. Johnson, L. 
C. Jones, John Berkele. 

SALARIES— L. C. Jones. J.J. 
Barnes J.W. Johnson, R.H,Knapp, 
A. J. Pinson. 


—John Mil ledge. Office, G9 E. 
Alabama. Bond, $1,000. Salary, 
$1 200. 

CITY CLERK— W. R. Biegers. 
Office, City Hall. Bond, $80,000. 
Salary, $700 and fees. Samuel Ful- 
ton, a-sisfant. 

ASSESSORS— J. C. Rogers, R. 
J Griffin, E. M. Roberts. Salaries, 

— L'harips E. Robinson. Bond, 
$25,000. Salary, $1,2)0. 

MARSHAL— W. H. Holcombe, 
Bond, §25,000. Salary, perquisites. 
W. R. Joyner, Znch Castleberry and 
C. R. Harris, deputies. 

TREASURER- John H. Gold- 
smith. Salary, $1,000. Bond $40,- 

Calvin Fay, E. T. Buiinicu;t,W.H. 
Parkins. Salaries $50 per annum. 

CITY PRINTER— By contract. 

Clayton. Office, 47 S. Pryor. Sal- 
ary. $1,550. 

Newman Office o5 S. Broad. Sal- 
ary Si. 500. 

Stroud, Solomon Belcher, Salaries 

CITY SEXTON— L. G. Holland, 
Salary imO Bond $1,000. 

Bonnell. Salary $600. 


Harris. Salarv $500 Bond $1,000. 


Jacob Emmel and John bmith. 

fc-alarie; $2 25 per day. 


(Elected for one ypar.) 
Aaron Haas, first ward. 
.1. B. Baird, second ward. 
W. S. Arm-trong, third ward. 
W. G Drake fourth ward. 
F. P. Rice, fifth ward. 


E. W. Roach, first ward. Salary 

Atlanta City Directory. 


Robert W.Westmoreland, second 
ward. Salary fo'iO. 

T. E. Collier, third ward. Salary 

G. G. Roy, fourth ward. Salary 

A. R. Alley, fifth ward. Salary 


Elected by Council ; one for 
three y< ars, two for two years and 
two for one year. Salaries of each 
$200 per annum, with $50 extra al- 
lowed the secretary for clerical 

G T. Dodd, president; W. T. 
Goldsmith, secretary ; M. Mahoney, 
E. Y. Clarke, C. J. Hancock. 

Rejiular meeting second night of 
each month. 


E. E Raws' n, term 3 years; G. 
W. Adair, term 2 years; L. P. 
Grant, term 3 years. 

E. E. Rawson, president; J. W. 
Culpepper, secretary ; J. H. Golci- 
smiih, treasurer; W. G. Richards, 
superintend nt; G. W. Terry, 
chief engineer; W. Hafifey and 
John Wairen, assistants. 


OfiBr-e, Hith >chool Building. 

OFFICERS — Hon. Joseph E. 
Browa, president; David Mayer, 
vice president ; E. E. Rawson, 
treasurer; W. F. Slaton, secretary 
and superint'^ndent. 

MEMBERS -David Mayer, J. C. 
Kimbnll, D. A. Beatie, Thomas S. 
Powell, W. A. Moore, Robert J. 
Lowry, E. J. Roach, S. B. Hoyt, 
Joseph E. Brown, R. D. Spalding, 
E. E. Rawson, N. J. Hammond 
and J. W. English, mayor, ex 

Standing Committees. 

FINANCE— Lowry Moore, En- 
glish. Spalding Kimball. 

Mayer, Kimball, Lowry. 

Powell, Beatie Kimhall. 

ball. Powell, Hoyt. 

LIBRARY— Moore, Roach, Beat- 

GRIEVANCE S— Spalding, 
Roach, Rawson, Hammond. 

PRINTING — Rawsou, Lowry, 

RULES— Hoyt, Hammond, En- 
gli<h Moore. 

Bt-atie, Spalding, Hoyt, Roach, 

Powell, Spalding, English. 


Washington. James T. White, 
principal; salary $1,692. W. A. 
Bass, assistint; ll 410. 

Washington. Mi-s L. A. Havgood, 
principal ; salary Si, 200. Miss T. 
H. Ellis, No. 2, $84(1 ; Miss S. Mc- 
Kinley. No. 3, $752 ; Miss A. Calla- 
way, No 4, $752; Mrs. D. B. 
Logan, assi^ta- t $500. 

Crew. John I.sham, principa! ; sal- 
ary §1.410. Miss M. F. Andrews, 
No. 2, $575; Miss E. W. Smillie, 
No 3, $550 : Miss E. A. Heath, No. 
4 ¥525; Miss L C. tiillyer. No. 5, 
$500 : Miss L. J. Lann^au, No. 6, 
$475; Miss Z. F. Bagby, No, 7, 
$450 ; Miss Maggie Harris, No. 3, 

Fair, southwest corner Kellev. E. 
G. Moore, principal ; salary $1,410 ; 
Miss Katie B. Mass^y, No. 2 
$575; Miss Ella Darlirg, No. 3, 
$550; Mrs. A. F. Smith, No. 4, 
$525; Mrs. C. C. Knitjht, No. 5, 
$500 ; Miss Anna J. Muse, No. 6, 
$475 ; Mi is Mary J Johnson, No 7, 
$450 ; Miss Mattie C. B. Jones. No. 
8, .$425. 

Ivy. W. B. Bonnell, principnl ; sal- 
ary, $1,410. Miss F. S. Smillie, 
No. 2, $575 ; Mi^s S. Burks, No. 3, 
$650; Miss B. H. Hanna, No. 4 


Atlanta City Directory. 

$525; Mrs. C. P. Sams, No 5, 
$500 ; Mrs. H. M. Colquitt, No. G, 
$475; Miss N. Hornady, No. 7, 
$450 ; Miss F. Adams No. 8, |5425, 

—271 Marietta. H. C. Mitchell, 
Brincipai; sa'ary, $1,410. Miss L. 
A. Fields. No. 2", 3575; Mrs. S. V. 
Prather, No. 3 $550; Miss N. E. 
S-dlis, No 4, $525; Miss Burinie 
Love, No. 5, $500; Miss B Con- 
staiiUne, No, 6, $475; Miss Bdle 
McConnell, No. 7, $450; Mrs. S. 
R. S Walsh, No, 8, $425. 

— Walker, .soulhwest corner Hayne. 
A.J. M. Bizien, principal; salary 
$1410. Mrs R J. McKeon, No, 2, 
$575; Mrs. V. A. Witcher, No. 3, 
$550; Miss Fannie Hllly^r, No. 4, 
$o25; Miss L. W. Clark, No. 5, 
$500; Miss S. E. Jshnston, No 6, 
$475; Miss Kate Pendleton, No. 7, 
$450 ; Miss Dora Castleberry, No 8, 
$425 ; Miss Amelia Eichberg, No. 8, 


98 Hayne. Mrs. M. A. Mf^rcer, 
principal; salary $500. Miss B P. 
Sharp; No. 2, $400; Mrs. A. C. 
Kiddo, No. 3, $400; Mrs. V. E. 
Tavlor, No. 4, $400 

Martin. .Mrs. H L Harvey, prin- 
cipal ; salary, $500 ; Mrs. E. N. 
Logan, No 2, $400: Mrs. I. M. 
Clark, No. 3, $300; Miss Ella 
Townsley, No. 4 $300. 

Mi.'-s Miigyrie Browning;, principal; 
salary, $500; Mrs H. A. Auten. No. 
2,1400; Mrs. Julia Turner. No. 3, 
$300 ; Mfs.s Mattie Upshaw, No 4, 
^300 ; Mi^s Mary Pope. No. 5 $300 ; 
Miss Lizzie Ea.sley, No 6, $oOO, 


Conducted upon the volunteer 
plan. This department has three 
steam euuines. tv/o hose-reel com- 
panies and one honk and ladder 
truck, employing fourteen horses 
and using about 4,900 f^et of hose. 
The city appropriates annually the 
•sum of $10,000 to pay expenses, 

each company owning its own ap- 
paratus and house. 


George W. Haney, chief engi- 

Julius Stroup, 1st assistant. 

W. C. Reynolds, 2d assistant. 

David Gann, 3d assistant. 

J. E. Mann, secretary. 

B B. Crew, treasurer. 

25 South Broad. Organized April 
4.0a. 1851. 

J. H: Mecaslin, president. Jerry 
Lynr;h, for<^man. 

—4 Washington. Oiganized Dec. 
10, 1856. 

J. J. Tolbert, president. W. B. 
Cumming, f irpman. 

— 14 North Broad. Organized Feb. 
22, 1859. 

W. R Bisgers, president. 

R. E. LEE HOSE CO. No. 4— 
91 Fair. Organized April 2, 1870. 

R. H Knapp, president. M. C. 
Fulton, foreman. 

— 28 Foundry. Organized October, 

W. A. Fuller, president. John T. 
Motes, foreman. 

28 S. Broad. Organized Nov. 28, 

W. R. Joyner, foreman. 


Headquarteis 47 S. Pryor. In- 
cluding the chief, the regular force 
numbers thirty seven men, who are 
under the control of a Board of 
Commissioners (for Commissioners 
see page 29) and are main ained at 
an annual expense to the city ot 
about $J8,000. Election by the 
Board, held biennially, April 1st. 
None of the officers or men receive 
any perquisites, costs or extras 
whatever, except where rewards 
ha^ebeen offered for the arrest of 

CHIEF— G. T. Anderson; sal- 
ary, $1,3.50. 

CAPTAINS— W. A. Starnes. N. 

Atlanta City Directory. 


G. Aldredpe, A. B. Connally and 
D. N. B.trhv. Sa'arios. $900 

Foute ; Siilary, $900 R 0. Haynes, 
assistant; salary. !?G48. 

PATHOL.ME^^r— L. P. Biraes. 
A. A. Brooks. H. T. Clarke, E. F. 
Couch, W. F. Dennard, J. C. Join- 
er, \V. A. KiniT, J. T. Lynch, J J. 
Lyon, J. W. McCrary, W P. Man- 
ley, F. Menken, A J. Moss, J- R. 
Pariish, J. E Rapp, T. J S tuls- 
bary, J. M. Thurraan, T. E. Veal, 
N. West. N. J. Wooding. Wm. 
Crim, J F. HilJebrai.d, W. F. 
McEwen, J. B Martin, P. W. Pitt- 
man, J. G. Rus-ell, G. W. Speer, 
A. J, V:ckers. B. B.^Watkins, J. C. 
Bairl. Slnri^s SI 80 p*^r day. 

Clarke. J. W, Starnes, Z T. Reid, 
J. W. Gloer, J. E. Chastain, G. W. 
Robhins, J. Donohue, W. S. Poss, 
H. P. Owens. 


MAYOR— A. B. Culberson. 

CLERK — Hubert L. Cuiberson. 

COU.VCILMEN'— E. P. Howell, 
R, H. Ca'dwell, Augustus Smythe. 
Charles J. Kicklighter, John W. 

Population, 64L 


• [For Pu^ilic Schools, see Educa- 
tional, and for Private Schools, see 
the Business Directory.] 

TUTE-173 Peachtree Mrs. J. 
AV. Bailard, prin ; Miss Katie Hili- 
yer, Miss E A. Bowen. Miss Julia 
Wilson, assistants; Miss M. Morel, 
French; Mrs. E. Barili, Germau 
and music ; Prof. Alfredo Barili, 

Loyd, south of KuntPT Conducted 
by the Sisters of Mercy. Sister 
Aloysius. superior. 

North Forsyth. T. A Means, 
principal ; H. B. Bloodsworth, 
C. F. Gailmard and Mrs. T. A. 
Means, teachers. 

NESS UNIVER.SITY— 38 and 40 
S. Broad. Pro!. B. F. Moore, 

etta, cor Alexander. 
Conducted by Si-ters of Mercy. 


NARY — Elliott, northwest cor W. 
Hunter. Founded 1879 und*^r the 
auspices of the American Baptist 
Home Missionary Society. Rev. 
Joseph T. Roberr, L L D , presi- 
dent; Rev. David Sriaver, D. D., 
and W. A. R lymond, A. B., pro- 
fessors; W. E Holmes, student 
assistant. Local Board of Trus- 
tees: J. H. Low, charman; Syd- 
ney Roots, secretary; Rev. J, fl. 
DeVotie. D D., Rev. W. J. White, 
Rev. F. Quarles. 

Terminus of We t M'tcheil. Char- 
tered October, 1867. Open to both 
s^xes and attended by colored peo- 
ple. Besides smad tuition fe'es and 
donations, the State of Georgia ap- 
propriates 18 000 annually to this 
institution. Eimund A. Ware, A. 
M., president; Rev. Cyrus W. 
Francis, secretary. 

Trustees— Rev. S. S. Ashley, 
Northboro, Mass; James Atkins, 
Savannah; A E Bu\;k, Atlanta; 
Rev. Cyrus W. Francis, Atlanta; 
J B Fuller, Atlanta; Charles H. 
Morgan, Atlanta; Rev. M. E. 
Strieby, New York; Elmund A. 
Ware, Athnta; Rev. William J. 
White, Augusta; Rev. Joseph 
Wood, Atlanta; T. M Chase, At- 
lanta; R^v. W. H. W^ilc.x, Read- 
ing, Mass., and Rev Jo-eph E. 
Smith, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Edmund A. Ware, Prof, of His- 
tory; Rev. Cyrus W. Francis, Prof, 
of Ethics, etc ; Rev. Horace Bum- 
stead, instructor in Natural Science; 
A. W. Farnham. principal Normal 
department. W. M. Ab-r, Fr^nk 
W. Smith, Miss E. C. Ware. Mrs. 
Lucy E Case, Miss May E. S mds, 
Miss Ella W. Moore. Miss E. W. 
Beaman, Miss Carrie H. Loomia 


Atlanta City Directory. 

and Miss R Mas-spy, teachers. 
Mary L. Santlev, matron. 

end of M'Donouiih. Chartered 
1877. R. E Bisbee, presirlent and 
treasurer; W. H. Crogman, secre- 
tarj'; Mrs C. C. Mitc'nell, matron; 
Miss Florence L Mitchell, pre- 
ceptress; Miss Kiltie Mitchell, 
music teacher; Miss S E. Abbott, 
teacher Eniilish branches 

STORli'8 SCHOOL— 96 Hous- 
ton. Main'ained hj American 
Congreaationjtl Missionary Socii-ty. 
Miss A. Williams, principal; Miss 
A. L. Ferris, Miss Abbie Clark, 
Mi?d F J. Norris, Miss J. C. Good- 
win, Mi.'s Effie Esktidge, teachers; 
Mis'^ M. E. S'.evfinson, mis-ionary. 

119 Spring. Rev. L. C. Jones, 



North Collins, in chartje of Sisters 
of Mercy. Sister .Mary Cecilia, 
superior; D . F. H. O'Brien, h*-ad 
physician ; Dr, C. Upson, throat 
andlutigs; Drs .I.J Knott, J. F. 
Alexander, and R. B. Ridley, at- 
tending physicians. 


— 15 E Al Organized 186.5. 
Capital, $150,000. A. Austell, pres- 
ident; W. B. Cox, vice-president; 
P. Romare, cashier. Directors: A. 
Austell, \V. B. Cox, E. W Holland, 
g. M. Inman, R. H Richards 

GEOKOIA— 1 Marieta, cor Peach- 
tree. Authorized capital, $5,000,- 
000, cash ca ital, I100,0o0. F. M. 
Coker, pres dent; F. M. Coker, Jr., 
cashier. Directors: M. R. Berry, 
F. M. Cokfr, T. G. Healey, E. W. 
Marsh. J C McMillan. 

GIA— 10 E, Wall. Pa d up capital, 
$160,000 Peiino Brown, presiJeut; 
W. H. Patterson, cashier. Direc- 
tors: W. C. Morrill. H. C. Leon- 
ard, John Stephens, L. C. Jones, 

W. II. Patterson, Perino Brown, B. 
B, Crew. 

BANK — Pryor, nrrthwpst comer 
Wall. OrgHiiz^d May 7th, 1879. 
Capital, $155,000. L. J. Hill, pres- 
ident; E. S McCandless, cas ipr. 
Directors: L. M. H.ll, L. J.Hill, 
Anthony Murphy, R H Richards, 
Charles Beei mann, Henry Jackson, 
W, A. Hemphill. 

Authorized cipiial, $75 000. Stock- 
holders individually liahlf. V. R. 
Tommey. president; J. M. Patton, 
cashier, Directors: V. R. Tommey, 
B. J. Wilson. M. A. Candler, W. A. 
Gregg, W. T. Wils-n. 

LANT^-12 and 14 E. Alabama. 
Paid up capital $200,000. Camp- 
bell Wallace, president; Wm. A. 
Moore, vice president; Jam>-s H. 
Porter, cashier; VV. W, Cliyton, 
assistant cashier. Directors: Camp- 
bell Wallace, Clinton I Brown, 
Ben. E. Crane, W. A. Moore, J. H. 
Porter. J. M. Vt-ach, Adairsville; 
John White, Athens; George Win- 
ship, and Ja . es R. Wylie. 


Depository 8 Marietta Governor 
A. H. Colquitt, president; H. C. 
Leonard, treasurer. 


COMMERCE— Meets daily at 11 
A.M, 44 East Alabama. Ben E. 
Crano, president; J. J. Toon, sec- 
retary. Directors: A. C W.>ly, B. 
E ( rane, W. J. Garrett, John Ste- 
phens, J. F. Dunn, H. A, Fuller, 
and G. T. Dodd. 


44 Marietta J. C. Kirkpatrick, 
president; Joel Hurt, secretary 
and treasurer. 

Atlanta City Directoey. 



ern terminus of Hunter street; en- 
trance also on Fair. L. G. Holland, 
sexton ; Solomon Belcher, guard. 
Hired by the day; both appointed 
and paid by Ciij' Council. 


ASSOCIATION — 49 Whitehall. 
Business meeting first Monday in 
each month: devotional services 
every Sunday. 5pm, and Friday 
and Saturday, 7:S0 p.m. W. Woods 
White, president. 



side Mason's rerry lopd, Bellwood. 
Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m. Sun- 
day-school 9 >,M Prayer meeting 
every Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Rev. 
J. A. Munday, pastor; residence 
33 East Foundry. 

Peters and Fair Ser\icis 11am. 
and 7:30 pm. Prayer meeting eve- 
ry Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. Sunday- 
Sunday-s(hooi 9 a.!ii Rev. F. M. 
Daniel, pastor; residence Gordon, 
se cor Ff'pples, W. E 

northeast corner Bell. Services 11 
A.M. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday-school 
3 PM. Rev. V C. NorcroKs, pastor; 
residence ws Lee. s of Chapel. 

northwest corner Forsyth. Servi- 
vices 11 A.M. and 7:30 p M. Prayer 
meeting every Wednesday 7:3C p.m. 
Sunday school 9 a.m. Rev. D. W. 
Gwiii, D D , pastor; residence 104 
Ivy, W. E 

ton, northwest corner Mitchell. Ser- 
vices 11 A.M. and 7:30 p.m. Prayer 
meeting every Wednesday 7:30 p.m. 
Sunday-school 9 A M. Young mens' 
prayer meeting Monday 7:15 p.m. 
Rev. A. T. Spalding, D,D., pastor; 
residence 207 McDonough. 

Bellwood Church.] 

SIXTH CHURCH— North side 
Hunter, betwen Haynes imd Da'is. 
Servicf'S 11 a.m. and 7:30 p m. Sun- 
day-school 3 pm. Prayer n.eeting 

I uesday 7:30 p.m. Young mens* 
prayer meeting Friday 7:30 p.m. 
Rev. W. H. H. Dorsey, pastor; resi- 
dence 165 Eraser. 

THIRD CHURCH — 31 Jones 
Avenue. Services 10:3o am. and 
7:30 P.M. Prayer mesting every 
Wednesday 7:30. Sunday-fchool 9 
A.M. Rev H. C. Hornady, pastor ; 
residence 172 Ivy, 


side Wallace, east of Mf.riftta. 
Services 3 p M. and 7:30 p m Pray- 
er meeting every Tuesday 7:30 p.m. 
Sundavschool 9 a.m. Tet ant M. 
Robinson, pastor; residence 154 

Frafer. Services 3 and 7.30 p m. 
Sunday-school 9 A m. Prayer meet- 
ing Wednesday 7:30 p M. Rev. Es- 
sick Hi'l, rastor. 

Mitchell, northwest corner Haynes. 
Services 11 a.m 3 p.m., and 7.30 
p,M. Sunday school 9 a m. Prayer 
meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. 
Re-v. Frank Quarles, pa.'-tor; resi- 
dence 16 Haynes. 

Mangnm. Services 11 a.m , 3 p.m. 
and 7:30 p m. Sunday-f-chool 9 a.m. 
Rev J. M. Jones, pastor; residence, 
32 Victoria. 

CHURCH— 119 Spring. Services 

II A.M., and 3 and 8 p.m. Sunday- 
school 9 A M. Prayer Meeting every 
Thursday 8 pm. Rev. L C. Jones, 
pastor; residence 30 Simpson. 

— 63 Fort. Services 3 pm. and. 
7:30 p.m Prayer meeting Wednes- 
day 7.30 P M. Sunday-school 9 a.m. 
Rev. W. H. Tilman, pastor; resi- 
dence, 68 Howell 

South side Baker, east of Cfclhonn. 
Services 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7:30 p. 


Atlanta City Directory. 

M. Praver meeting Monday, Wed- 
nesday aiid Friday 7:30 p.m. Sun- 
6^y R^'hool 9am Rev. Augustus 
W. Watson, pastor ; residence, 209 
E. r-ain. 

— East side Reed, south of Crum- 
ley ; near limits. Services 3 p-m. 
«nd 7:30 p.m Prayer meeting 
We'lnesday 7:30 p.m. Sunday- 
school 9 A m. Rev. Charles U. 
Jines, pastor; residence, 118 E. 

Green's Ferry av. S'^rvice.s 2:30 and 
7:30 P.M. Sunday-school 9 a.m. 
Prayer meeting Tuesday 7:30 p.m. 
Rev. George W. Martin, pastor. 

East side Fort, north of Taylor. 
Services 11 a.m., 3pm and 7.30 p. 
M. Prayer meeting vVednesday 
7:30 p.m. Sunday-.^chool 9 a.m. 
Rpv. Ephriam Jackson, pastor; 
residence, rear 110 Pine. 

phries, north-ast cor Glenn. Ser 
vices 3pm and 7:30 p.m. Prayer 
meeting Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Sun- 
day-school 9 A.M Rev. Robert 
Grant, pastor; residence, 43 Rich- 


side Hunter, between Pryor snd 
Loyd. Services 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 
P.M. Prayer meeting Wednesday 
7:30 p M Sunday-school 9 a.m. 
A. G. Thomas, Pastor ; residence, 
80 Pulliam. 



CHUi^CH— Collins, northeast cor 
Houston. Services 3 p.m. and 7:30 
P.M. Sunday-school 9 a m. Prayer 
meeting' Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Rev. 
C. W. Hawley, pastor; residence, 
109 Houston. 


ER — Walker. northwest corner 
Fair. Services 7 p.m. Sundaj'- 
school 3:30 p.m. Evening prayer 

Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Rev. W. C. 
Williams, rector. 

ton. S-rviees 11 a.m. Sunday- 
school 9:45 AM Evening prayer 
Tuesdav and Thursday 4 p m. Rev, 
W. C. Williams, rector; residence, 
northside Hunter, between Wash- 
ington and Cilhonn. 

Washiuiiton, northeast corner Hun- 
ter. Services 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 
P.M. Litany 9 a.m. WpHnesday. 
Evening prayer Friday 5 p.m. Sun- 
day school 3:30 p M. Rev. R. C. 
Foute, rector; residence north side 
Hunt^^r, between Washington and 


C H E S E D -Synagogue, Forsyth, 
southeast corner Garnett. Services 
Friday 7 p.m ; Saturday 9 a.m. 
Samuel Weil, president; M. Well- 
house vice-preside t.t ; M. Title- 
baum, secretary; M. Franklin, 
trea.surer; Rev. E. M B Browne, 
rabbi; residence. 181 S. Forsyth. 

C H U R C H— Junction Whitehall 
and Forsyth. Services 10:30 A.M. 
Sunday-school 9 a.m. Preaching in 
the German language- Rev, A. F. 
F. Kerstan, pastor; residence, 108 



CHURCH— 95 Marietta. Services 
11 A.M. and 7 p.m. Sundaj'-school 
9:45 A.M. Prayer mpeting every 
Wednesday evening 7:30 p m. Rev. 
R. J. Cook, pastor; residence 39 


Rev. Jesse Boring, presiding el- 
der Atlanta District. 

southeast corner Stonewall. Ser- 
vices 11 AM. and 7 p.m. Prayer 
meeting Wednesday 7:15 p.m. 
Younti men's prayer meeting Mon- 
day 7:15 p m. Cla'^s meeting Fri- 
day 7:30 P.M. Sunday-school 9:30 

Atlanta City Directory, 


A.M. Rev. Hayden (\ Christiah, 
pastor; re.>i(lpnce, 78 Chapel. 

FIRST CHURCH - Peachtree, 
junction of Pryor Services 11 a.m. 
and 7:30 p.m. Prayer mf^eiing 
Wednesday' 7:30 p.m. Clai=s meet- 
ing Sunday 9 a m. Sunday-sclioo! 
3 P.M. Rev. Clempnt A. Evans, 
pastor; residence, Peachtree, near 
junction Ivy. 

cutt, northwest corner Luckie. Ser- 
vices 11 A.M and 7 p.m. Prayer 
meeting Wednesday 7:30 p.m Class 
meeting Sunday 3 p.m. Sunday 
school 9 a.m. Rev. F. G. Hujihes, 
pastor; residence, 2*^2 L'lckie. 

PIERCE CHAPEL— South side 
Rawson, between Smith and Hood. 
Sunday-school 3 p m. E. B. Cham- 
berlain, superintendent Sunday- 
school. Rev J. W. Heidt, paster; 
residence, 100 RichardFon. 

SIXTH CHAPEL— North side 
Merritt's avenue, between Peach- 
tree and Collins. Services 11 a.m. 
and 7:30 p m. Prayer meeting Wed- 
nesday 7:30 p.m. Sunday-school 
9:30 A.M. Rev. W. F. Robiscn, 
pa«tor ; residence, 331 Peachtree 

E. Hunter Services li a.m. and 
7pM Prayer meeting Wednesday, 
7:30 P.M. Class meeting Sunday 3 
P..M. yonntr men's pra3-fT meeting 
Friday 7:30 p m. Sunday school 
3:30 p m. Rev. William C Dunlap, 
pastor; residence, 355 East Fair. 

hall, southwest cornf-r Peters Ser- 
vices 10:45 A M. and 7:30 p M. Pray- 
er meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. 
Class meeting Monday 7:30 p.m. 
Sunday-school 9:15 am. Rev John 
W. Heidt, pastor; residence, 100 


IST CHURCH— Norih side Wheat, 
east of N. Calhoun. Services 11 
A.M., 3 p M., and 7:30 p.m. Sunday- 
scho' 1 9:30 A.M. Prayer meet'ng 
Wednesday 7. p.m. Rpv. R. A. Hall, 
pastor ; residence. 147 Wheat. 

Loyd, northwest corner dunter. 
Services 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. 

Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 
P.M. Sunday-school 9 a.m. Rev. 
J. B. L. Williams, pastor; resi- 
dence, 110 Whitehall. 

CHURCH — 46 Humphries. Servi- 
ces 11a m., 3 and 7:30 v .m. Sunday- 
school 9 a.m. Rev. J. T. Beltsaw, 

northeast corner Hayne. Services 
10:30 A.M.. 3 P.M. and 7:30 p.m, 
Sunday-school 9 am. Rev. I. S. 
Hamilton, pastor; residence, 60 
W. & A. R. R 

UNION CHURCH— South side 
Maikham, between Davis and Tat- 
nall S«^rvices 11 a.m., 3 pm, and 
7:30 P.M. Prayer meeting Wed- 
nesday ''■:30 P.M. Class meeting 
Friday 7:30 P..M. Sunday-school 9 
A.M Rev. E. Lacy, pastor: resi-' 
dence, 238 W. Hunter. 

WOOD'S CHAPEL— West side 
Martin, between Richardson and 
Fulton. Services 11 a.m , 3 p.m. 
and 7:30 p M Class meetine 
Thursday, 8pm- Sunday-f chool 9 
A.M. Rev. Elder Words, pastor; 
residence, 206 E Baker. 


northwest corner Garnett. Services 
11 A.M ard 7:30 P.M. Sunday-school 
9 A.M Praver meeting Wednesday 
7:30 P.M. Rev. Wesley D, Mitchell, 
pastor; residence, 300 W. Peters. 


side Washinjiton, between Hunter 
and Mitchell. Services 10:30 A M. 
and 7:30 p m. Prayer meei'rg and 
lecturf Wednesdny 7:30 p.m. Sun- 
day-school 9 A M. Rev. W. F. 
Boggs, pastor; residence, 57 Wash- 

FIRST CHURCH-95M.rietta. 
Services 11 a.m ard 7 30 p.m. 
Prayer meeting Wedce'day 7:30 p. 
m. Sunday school 9 30 a.m. hev, 
J. H. Martin, partor ; residence, 
Cone southwpst corner Luckie. 

THIRD CHURCH— South side 
Baker. • etween Luckie and Mari- 
etta Ser\ices 11 a.m. and 7:30 p. 
M. Prayer xnet ting Thursday 7.30 


Atlanta City Directory. 

P.M. Sunday-school 'J a.m. Rev. 
N. KefF Smith, pastor; residence, 
185 Luckie. 


Markham, northeast corner Maple. 
Services 10 30 am. and 7:30 p m. 
Prayer meeting Wednesday 7;30 p. 
M. Sunday school 2 p.m. Rev. G. 
S. Thompson pastor. 

ZION CHURCH— 21 Vine. Ser- 
rices 3 and 7:30 p.m Sunday-- 
school 2 p M. Prayer meetingr Wed- 
nesday 7:30 P.M. Rev. Allen A. 
Jones, pastor. 


southeast corner Hunter. Services 
Daily mass 6:30 AM. and on San- 
day 7 and 10:30. A.M. Vespers 5 
p.m. Sunday school 8:45 am, Rev. 
J. M. O'Brien, pastor; residence, 
67 E Hunter. Rev. J. Henne.=sy, 

CHURCH— Marietta,.'-outhpa't cor- 
ner Alexander. Service: Dail.y 
mass 6:30 am. and on Sundays 7 
and 10:30 a.m. Vespers 4pm Sun- 
dn.y-sehool 9 a.m. Rev. Patrick H. 
McMahon, pastor; residence, 331 


southenst cor Forsyth, (up-stairs.) 
Services 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sun- 
day-school 9 A m. Prayer and con- 
ference meeting everv Wednesday 
7:30 P.M. Rev. W. C Bowman, pas- 
tor ; residence, 152 Jackson. 



Mefts first Sunday in every month at 
82 Marietta B. Bra^ns^e, president; 
G. Fischer, vice-president. 


L. DeGive, vice Consul for Bel- 
gium, 37 Marietta. 



PANY— 30 and 32 E. Wall. Wm 
H. Clayton, superintendent; Wm. 
W. Hulbert, agent; John Lovette 
route agent. 


CO — ^8 W. Hunter. Incorporated 
February, 1876; capital, $55,000. 
Henry Luhrt, president; Joseph 
Flesh, secretary, and Joseph Fleis- 
chel, treasurer. 

RY CO- Office, 172 Marietta. H. 
I. Kimball, president; Sam'l Stock- 
in>r, secretary; Rufus B. Bullock, 
treasurer; George B. Harris, super- 
intendent At present operating, 
day and night, 10,328 spindles and 
312 looms, which is to be increased 
at an early day to 24,000 spindles 
and 650 looms. 

PANY— Office 21 White!. all. Woi-ks 
Western & Atlantic Railroad, south 
of Thurmond. T. G. Healey, pres- 
ident; J. H. Mecaslin, secretary 
and treasurer. 

COMPANY— (See Board Water 
Commissioner.?, page 29 ) 

1862.) Office, 38 E. Wall; mines in 
Dade county. Julius L. Brown, 
president; W. C Morrill, secretary 
and treasurer. Directors: Jo.'eph 
E. Brown, Joseph M. Crown, Julius 
L B own, W. C. Morrill and Jacob 
W. Seaver 

ING CO MP ANY- (Organized 
June, 1868. Incorporated Febru- 
ruary, 1877.) Office, 34 S. Broad. 
E. P. HowpII, president ; N. P. T. 
Finch, secretary; W. A. Hemphill, 
busine-s manager. 

(Chartered 1873.) Office, 10 E. 
Wall. Mines in Dade county. 
Joseph E. Brown, president ; Julius 
L. Brown, vice president; W. H. 
Patterson, secretary and treasurer; 
B. E, Wells, superintendent ; office 
Dade Mines Cole City, 

Atlanta City Directory. 


COMPANY— Julius L. Rrown, 
president ; W. C. Morrill, secretary 
and trpai=urer. 

(Incorporated Octob^r, 1880 ) Office 
and Wo'ks. 470 Marietta and 
Western & Atlantic Railroad E. W. 
Ho. land, president; Ed. Holland, 
secretary' and treasurer ; Grant Wil- 
kins, manager ard superintendent,. 

ASSOCIATION — Offi<e, 18 S 
Pryor. (Chartered 1878.) Capital 
stock $50,U00. W. B. Cox, presi- 
dent; Ricbard Peters, vice presi- 
dent. B. W. Wrenn, secretary; J. 
W. Culpepper, treasurer. 

(Incorporated 1877.) 27 and 29 
South Broad. Jas. P. Harrison, 
secretary ; G. W. Harrison, treas- 

PANY— Office 26 E. Alabama. 
R. H. Richards, president ; M. G. 
Whitlock, secretary and treasurer. 

STITUTE — Alabama, northwest 
corner Pryor. Dr. C. L. Wilson, 
surgeon in charge; J. C. Aliens- 
worth, assistant; Dr. K. H. Bo- 
land secretary and treasurer ; Mrs. 
Jennie F. Allensworth, matron ; 
William Moore, e^Siinper. 

PANl'-Office 20 Decatur. (In- 
corporated 1879.) Capital, $20,000 ; 
H. J. Lamar, president; C. T. 
Swift, vice-president; H.J. Lamar, 
Jr., treasurer ; J. W. Rankin, sec- 
retary and manager. 

rated October, 1880.) 37 S. Broad. 
Capital. $100,000. J. F. Cummings, 
president; H. E. Cummings, sec- 
retary; J B Cummings, treasuier, 
E. Hunter. E. Q Fuller, president; 
V. Spalding, secreiary; A, B. 
Jones, treasurer; J. E. Bryant, 
business manager. Diiectors: E. 
Q. Fuller, V. Spalding, J. Sher- 
man, C. H. Prince, J. E. Bryant, 

S. A. Darnell, W. W. Browrv, E. C. 
Wades, C. 0. Fisher. 

BOi E. Wall. (Incorporated April 
7, 1880.) W. S. Thomson, president, 
Atlanta; S. P. Hamilton, vice- 
pre.sident. Savannah ; D. E. Butler, 
general agent, Atlanta; VV. F. 
Parkhurst, secretary, Atlanta ; Dr. 
J. M. Boring, chief medical ex- 
aminer, Atlanta ; Directors — J. M. 
Mobley, C. W. Hunnicutt, S. P. 
Hamilton, Calvin Fay, Joseph 
Fleischel, J. W. English, W. S. 


CIATION — Loyd, southeast corner 
Hunter. P. Lynch, president; J. 
S'tephens, vice-president; W. Howl- 
ing, secretary; J. J. Doonan, 
treasurer; J. VV. McGee, librarian. 
Directors : A. Jordan, J J. Lynch, 
M. Bowden, John J. Falvey, J. M. 
Graham. J. J. Duffy, M. Mahoney, 
M. E. Maher. 

SOCIATION— 39 Decatur. Or- 
ganized August 19th, 1867. J. L. 
Brown, president; L Gholstin, 
vice-president; C. T. Watson, sec- 
refEry; A. C. Billups, assistant 
secretary; W. H. Patterson, treas- 
urer; C. E. Harman, librarian. 
Committees : Library— N. P. T. 
Finch, H. K McKay, P. H. Snook. 
Finance — R. J. Lowry, Hoke 
Smith, J. W. English, Lecture — 
R. D. Spalding, Pat. Calhoun, Jos- 
eph Thompson, Jr. Entertain- 
ment— H. C. Glenn, D. M. Bain, 
0. A. Sanders. Buildings— D. M. 
Bain, N. P. T. Finch, R. D. Spald- 


South Pryor. 1,500 volumes of 
books and 2 000 magazines. J. A. 
Wood, president ; J, M. Pinckney, 
vice-president; D. Howard, secre- 
tary; H. Sut'on, treasurer. Brown 
library — Gov. A. H. Colquitt, Dr. 
J. P Logan, Sidney Root, ex-officio 
supervisory committee. 


Atlanta City Directory. 


— Organized 1866 Meets first 
Sundar of each month at Concor- 
dia Hall, 40 Marietta. Object : 
Literary improvement and social 
enjoyment. L. Seldner, president; 
Emit Selig, vice-president; Julius 
Menko, secretary ; David Mayer, 
treasurer ; Joseph Auerbach, stage 
manager; H. Werner, chairman 
finance committee; Max Kutz and 
S. L. Solomonson, executive com- 
mittee. Ha'l open every night. 


LEGE — Jenkins, northwest corner 
Butler. Joseph Thompson, presi- 
dent; J. S. Pemberton, secretary; 
H. V. M Miller. Dean 

CAL COLLEGE— Peachtree, 
junction Broad. 0. A. Lochrane, 
president; W. F. Park, secretary; 
W. P. H Fishburn, Dean. 

GEORGIA— J. C. LeHardy, presi 
dent, Savannah; J. B. Baird, sec- 
retary, Atlanta; K. P. Moore, treas- 
urer, Forsyth. Meets annually. 
Next meeting to be held in Augusta 
third Wednesday in April, 1881. 

LEGE — Porter al, between Line 
and Wheat Thomas S. Powell, 
president; R. C. Word, secretary 
and Dean. 

corner Walton. S. F. Salter, M.D.. 


U. S. Troops. 

Headquarters McPherson Bar- 
racks. The enclosure contains 53 
84-100 acres of ground, situated in 
the southwestern portion of the city, 
and is leased by the governinent 
fnr a term of j^ears. The buildings 
were erected in 1867-8, and can 
comfortably quarter a regiment of 

The present command consists of 
headquarters Fifth Artillery, Band, 
Batteries " G," "I,' " U" and 
Light Battery " F," one assistant 
surgeon, one acting assistant sur- 
geon, one assistant quartermaster, 
one chaplain, one ordnance ser- 
geant, two hospital stewards, and 
commissary sergeant, aggregating 
two hundred and thirty-three (233) 
officers and enlisted men. 

OFFICERS -Colonel Henry J. 
Hunt, Brevet Major General on de- 
tached service, commanding De- 
partment of the South ; Major 
R. H. Jackson, Brevet Brigadier 
General, commanding Post. John 
V. Lauderdale, assistant surgeon 
U. S. A ; Theodore Artand, acting 
assistant surgeon U. S. A. ; Cap- 
tain C. W. Williams, a'lsistant quar- 
termaster U. S. A. ; Rev. D. Wills, 
post chaplain ; 1st l.-ieut. F. Thorp, 
quartermaster of the regiment ; 1st 
Lieut. E R. Hills, adjutant of the 
reg ment and post. 

BATTERY " I"— Captain Geo. 
A. Keusel, Brevet Colonel com- 
manding; 1st Lieut. S. A. Day, 
Brevet Captain; 1st Lieut. W, B. 
McCallum; 2d Lieut. W. R. Hamil- 

tain H. F. Brewerton, command- 
ing ; 1st Lieut. G. N. Whistler; 1st 
Lieut. J. E. Sawyer; 2d Lieut, W, 
W. Galbraith. 

BATTERY "G— Captain Chas- 
C. MacConnell, Brevet Maj ^r, com- 
manding; 1st Lieut. Paul Roemer 
1st. Lieut. James Curry; 2d Lieut- 
J. P. Jefferson. 

BATTERY "M"— Captain G.V. 
Weir, commanding ; 1st Lieut. 0. 
E Wood; 1st Lieut William P. Du- 
vall ; 2d Lieut. R. A. Ives. 



Org.inia^d 1880. Composed of com- 
panies "A" and "B" of the Atlanta 
Grays. Total strength rank and 
file 95 men, carrying the improved 
breech loading needle gun. W. 1. 
Heywood, lieutenant-colonel com- 
manding ; J. E. Mann, afljutant; 
M. C. Martin, surgeon ; J. L. Cren- 

Atlanta City Directory. 


Bhaw, paymaster; J. T. Cooper, 

"A" — Organized l^GO, as Govern- 
or's Guard,-, reortianized 1880. 
Armory, Whitehall, northeast cor- 
ner Peters. Total strength rank 
and file 55 men. Uniform : Graj', 
trimmed in black and gold, black 
epauletts, black cap and black 
plume. Joseph Sn^itb, captain; 

, first lieuterant ; \V. M. Mickel- 

be>ry. secor.d lieutenant; L. S. 
Morris, junior second lieutenant; 
H. M. Clarke, firs-t sergeant; E. L. 
Higdon, secretary. 

COMPANY '"B" — Organized 
1880. Armorv, Whitehall, north- 
east corner Peters. Total .strength 
rank and file 40 men. Uriforir : 
same as company '"A" with excep- 
tion of gray cap and white epau'etts. 
J. M. Hunnicuit, captain; H. 'I'. 
Gatchell, first lieutenant; M. M. 
1 urner, second lieutenant; S. G. 
Loeffltr, first sergeant; A. Baber, 

gate" CITY GUARDS— Ar- 
mory and clnb rooms 74 Peacblree. 
Organized 1855. Uniform : blue, 
trimmed with buff. Total strength 
rank and file 100 men, armed with 
improved brf ech-loadingiifles. Reg 
ular mefting for bu.«iness fir.'^t 
Tuesday in each month; meeting 
for drill, every Tuesday J. S. 
HoUidaj-, Jr., secretary. Officers: 
J. F. Burke, captain ; W. C. Sparks, 
first lieutenant; J. H. Lumpkin, 
junior second lieutenant. 


Marietta. Monthly. Mechanical. 
Terms, $1 per year. 

ly. H. H Dickson, proprietor ; Dr. 
J. G. Westmoreland, editor; 20 S. 
Loyd. Terms, $3 per year. 

32 S Broad. Daily, serai-wepkly, 
Tuesday and Sunday. D. E. Cald- 
well, editor and proprietor. 

35J Marietta. Weekly. W. L. 
Clarke, editor and proprietor. 

GRAPH— 32.] S. Broad. Publisbed 
daily and weekly. Terms, |G daily 
and §1 weekly per annum. _ W. T. 
Christopher & Bro . Proprietors. 

SOUlH—24 South Btoad. i^i^wi- 
monthly. Literary. J. H. & W. 
B. Seals, (dltois and proprietors. 
Terms. $1 pf r unia ui. 

29 South Broad Weekly. Bap- 
tist. $2 60 per year. Jas P. Har- 
rison & 'Co, prrprietors: Rev. H. 
H. Tncker, managing fdiior. 

DIXIE FARMER— 37 S. Broad 
Wefkly. Agricultural and Live 
Stock iutfrests. Dixie Farmer 
Publishing Co proprietor". 

110 Whitehall. Monthly. Rev. E. 
Q. Fuller, editor; Walden & Stowe, 

OLIVE BRANCH- 53 S. Broad. 
Monthly. Terms, 50 cents per an- 
num. S F. Saltfr. publisher 

LIGHT— 56 E. Wall Monthly. 
Illustrf,ted. W. G Whirlby, editor. 

Ea.'-t Hunter J. E. Bryant, editor. 

rietta. (Monthly.) Terms, 75 cents 
per year. Fred. Bell, editor; H. 
H. Dickson, publisher. 

27 South Broad. Monthly. Agri- 
cultural journal. Terms, $1 50 per 
annum. J. S. Newman, editor and 

CORD — 30^ South Broad. A 
monthly journal of practical medi- 
cine. Terms, $2 per year. T S. 
Powell, M.D., W. T. Gold.=mith, 
M.D., editors; R. C. Word, M D., 
managing editor. 

FORM— 53 S. Broad. Bi-monthly. 
S. F, Salter, editor and proprietor. 

Broad. Weekly, literary. Terms, 
$2 per annum. C. H. Williams, 

SUNNY SOUTH— 241 South 
Broad. Illustrated literary. J. H. 


Atlanta City Directory. 

& W. B. Seals, editors and pro- 
prietors; Mrs. M. E. Brvan, associ- 
ate f-ditor. Terms. $2 50 per year. 

Monthly. 75 cents per year. De 
voted to "the true, the bea'itiful and 
the ^ood." Miss Annie M. Barnes, 
edit ir and proiirietnr. 

Whitehall. Weekly. (Episcopal ) 
Ter-^s, $2 per annum. Rev. J. H. 
Ticknor, D D., ediior; F. B. Tick- 
nor, publisher 

and weekly. {Democratic.) Daily, 
$10 per year; weekly, $1.50 per 
yeir. Constitution Publishing Co., 
proprietors; Evan P. Howell and 
N. P. T. Finch, editors; W. A. 
Hemphill, business manager. 34 
South Broad. 

—46 Whitehall. Monthly. Otficial 
orsian of I. 0, G. T. of G^ortiia. 
Ter'Tis, 50 cents per annum. J. 
0. P-^rkins, editor and proprietor. 

WEEKLY POST— 35 S. Broad. 
Terms, $1 per annum. E. Y. 
Clarke, publisher. 


L. DeGive, proprietor; north side 
Marietta, between Broad and For- 

cated on the VVpstern & Atlantic 
railroad, two miles from Union De- 
pot ; contains about 27 acres. Pur- 
chased by the city in 1870, under 
SUDerinfndence of H. I Kimhall; 
u-ed for ao;ricultural expoitions, 
und'^T auspices of the Georgia Stock 
aH'l Far \--soclation. Main en- 
t-ance on M irietta. Horse cirs on 
Marietta liuH run to the irate 

— Situated two and a half miles 
northeast of city, connected by 
Peachtree line of horse cars. 


Thi< Post Office is located in the 
new U. S. Court House and Po^t 
Office Building, Marietta, northwest 

eorner Forsyth. Main entrance 
Marietta. Benj:^min Conley, post- 
master; J S. Nail, assistant, cash- 
ier and superintendent money or- 
der department ; C. D. Tuller, 
money order clerk; Wallace Rhodes, 
mailing clerk; D. A. Shumate, as- 
sistant mailing clerk ; Frask Mills, 
general distribu;ing clerk ; W. F. 
Mills, assistant; Amos Rucker, por- 
ter and canceling clerk. 

Free Delivery. 

S. R. Johnston, carrier first dis- 
trict; S. Swearingen, second dis- 
trict; C. C. Wimbish, third district; 
C. V. Tutwiler, fourth district; J. 
C. Shelton, fifth district; C. H. 
Hannaford, si.xth district; Thorn- 
ton Greenwood, John P. Jackson- 

The Post Office Department pro- 
mises to deliver by carriers ojly 
such matter as is directed to the 
street and number, and the only 
sure way to avoid having letters ad- 
vertised is to follow the instructions 
of the postal depariment, by ad- 
dressing letters as stated. 

Carriers make daily two deliver- 
ies and tour collections, l*^avini the 
offices as soon after the distribution 
of the various mails as possible. 
No delivery is made on Sunday, 
but carriers' windows are open from 
9 to 11 on Sunday morning. 

(xeueral Delivery. 

B. A. Stout, clerk. Window open 
daily from 7:30 A.M. to 6 p M ; Sun- 
day, from 8 to 10 a.m. All letters 
remainina: uncalled for in the office 
are advertise! on Sun lay of each 
weik, and if not claimed in one 
monih, are forwarded to the Dead 
Letter Office at Washington. When 
calliny; for .su^h a l-lter, saj'' "Ad- 
vertised," and give full name and 
date of advertisement. 

Money Order Department. 

J. S. Nail, superintendent and 
C. U. Tuller, clerk. Office open at 
9 A.M., aud closes at 4 p..m. Abso- 
lute safety in sending money by 
mail is secured by obtaining a mon 
ey order on another money order 

Atlanta City Directory. 


Oifice. No fractions of cents to be 
introduced in an order. Ui.ited 
Stales Treasury notes or National 
Bank notes only, received or paid. 
No single order issued for more 
than $50. Parties desiring to remit 
lame sums must obtain additional 
orders. No applicant, however, 
can obtain in one day more than 
three orders payable at the same 
office and to same payee. Money 
orders can also be obtained at this 
office upon post-offices in all parts 
of Canada, German Srates, Great 
Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, 
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Neth- 
erlands, Hungary and Austria- 

Kates of Commission Charged 
for Money Orders. 

By act of Congreps, approved 
March 3, 1875, the fees or commis- 
sions charized for the issue of Do- 
mestic Money Orders are as follows, 
namely : 

On orders not over $15 SO 10 

Over $15 and not over. ..$30 15 
Over $:?0 and not over. ..$40 20 
Over $40 and not over. ..$50 25 


Oq orders not over $10 $0 25 

Over $10 and not over.. .$20 50 
Over $20 and not over...$;!0 75 
Over $30 and not over... $40 1 00 
Over $40 and not over. ..$50 1 25 


•On orders not over $10 $0 20 

Over $10 -^ud not over. ..$20 40 
Over $20 and not over. ..$30 (iO 
Over $30 and not over. ..$40 80 
•Over $40 and not over. ..$50 1 00 


On orders not over $ 5 $0 15 

Over $5 and not over $10 25 

Over $10 and not over. ..$20 50 
Over $20 and not over. ..$30 75 
Over $30 and not over.. .$40 1 00 
Over $40 and not over. ..$50 1 25 

.Regi.stered Letter Department. 

Louis Seldner, register clerk ; W. 
S. Smiih, a-sistant. Office opens 
at 9 A.M. and closes at 4 p.m. Val- 
uable letters or packages should be 
registered, the fee for the same to 
all parts of the world, being ten 
cents, in addition to the regular 

rates of letter postaae, to be paid 
in stamps, i. e., stamps sufficient 
must be att!;ched to letters before 
presentinir for registration. The 
name and pist-office address of 
sender must he endorsed on face of 
envelope. After a registered letter 
has be^n transmitted, it cannot be 
recalled by the send -f. No letter 
can be registered on Sunday. The 
Post-office Department, or its reve- 
nue, is not by law liable for the loss 
of any registered mail matter. Reg- 
istered letters will not be delivered 
to any person but the one to whom 
they are addre.ssed, or to a person 
whom the Postmaster knows to be 
authorized to receive them. For 
information relative to foreign reg- 
istration, see U. S. Official Postal 

Stamp Department. 

Miss L. B. Tuller, stamp clerk. 
Window Open daily from 7:30 am 
to G P.M. Sundaj's from 9 to 11 A.M_ 


As taken from ihe "United States 
Official Pos-al Guide :" Matter. — Matter 
which is in writing, or other matter 
containing a written inscription in 
the nature of personal correspond- 
ence, and matter which is sealed 
against inspection, alone by 
their nature and the intent of the 
law first-class matter, and subject 
to the postage rate of three cents 
for each half ounce or fraction 

Second Class Matter — This 
only applies to publishers, two cents 
per pound. 

Third-Class Matter. — Mail 
matter of the third class' erabracea 
books (pi'inted and blank), tran- 
sient newspapers and periodicals, 
circulars, and other matter wholly 
in print, proof-sheets and corrected 
proof sheets and manuscript copy 
accompanying the same, prices 
current with pri'-es fil ed out in 
writing, printed commerc al papers 
filled out in writing (provided such 
writing is not in the nature of per- 
sonal correspondence, and the pa- 


Atlanta City Directory 

pers are not the expression of a 
monetary value), such as papers of 
legal procedure, unexecuted deeds 
of all kinds, way-bills, invoices, un- 
executed insurance policies and 
the various documents of insurance 
companies, hand-bills, posters, chro- 
mos, lithographs, engravings, en- 
velopes with^rinting theieoi., helio- 
types, lithographs, photographic 
and stereoscoDic views with the 
title written thereon, printed blaiiks, 
printed cards; and postage shall 
be paid thereon at the rate of one 
cent for each two ounces oi frac- 
tional part thereof 

Fourth-Class Matter. — Mail- 
able matier of the fourth class em- 
braces blank cards, caid-board and 
other flexible material, flexible 
patterns, letter envelopes and letter 
paper without printing thereon, 
merchandise, models, ornamented 
paper, sample cards, sample of 
ores, medals, minerals, seeds, cut- 
tings, bulbs, roots, scions, drawings, 
plans, dt signs, original paintings 
in oil or water colors, and other 
matter not included in the first, 
second, or third classes, and which 
is not in its form or nature liable 
to destroy, deface, or otherwise 
damage the contents of the mail 
bag, or harm the person of any one 
engatced in the postal service. Pos- 
tage rate tbereon, o^ie cent for each 
ounce, or fractional part thereof 

To use, or attempt to use in pay- 
ment of postage, a postage stamp 
or stamped envelope, or stamp cut 
from any such envelope which has 
been before used in pa.^ ment of 
postage, is punishable with a fine 
^J fit^y dollars. 

Posial cards may be sent either 
in print, pencil or ink, or partially 
in all. 1 liey are regarded by post- 
masters the same as sealed letters. 
In using postal cards, be careful 
not to write, or have anything 
printed on the side to be used for 
the address, except the address. 

Office U. S, Court Hou-e and P. 0. 
W. B. Thompson, general superin- 
tendent, "Washington, D. C; L. M. 
Terrell, division superintendent; 

W. J. Glascock, John Day, J^ 
Frank, R. F. Cromelin, clerks; W. 
C. Hammond, local mail agent. 

CLERKS— J. F. Blodgett, Samuel 
Bradley, S N. Dykeman, L. P. 
Hills, W. W. Peake, H. G. Rose, 

B. M. Lanneau, H. M. Robinson, 

C. 0. Johnson, J. G. Burckhardt, 
Alexander Mattison, E. P. King, 
Frank Reiinann, J. G. Andrews, 
C M. D. Brown, E. S. Hills, T. S. 
King. J. W. Scott, J. H. Goff. K 
W. Mcrse. W. D. Wood, G. T. 
Lewis, J. W. Gille.'pie, J. T. Miller, 
David Thompson. T. A. Lester, W. 
W, Wood, J. S Harper, S. H. W. 
Smith, Clarence Stephens, A. P. 
Wiggins, E. G Thomas, R. P. 
Jackson. J. W Harris, 1'. B. Ram- 
sey, J. W. WooHruff, B. W. Martin. 

■route agent— J. B. Camp- 
bell, R S. Egeelston, Watson Ful- 
ler, E. Y^ Davis, M. J. Conley, J. 
S. Mil er, J. L. Burt, F. Carragan. 

Agents)- Comprising the States of 
North Carolina, South Carolina, 
Georgia, Alabama and Florida. 
Office, U. S Courthouse and P. O. 
(David B. Parker, chief special 
agent, Washington, D. C); John 
Frey, P. 0. inspector, in charge of 
division; A. Bradford, clerk; Henry 
Booth and Bradbury Williams P. 
0, inspectors ; Martin Moore, jani- 


All tiains enter and depart from 
the Union Deport, Pryor, cor Wall. 

PANY— Office, 56 E. Wall. H. 
W. Sibley, nresident, (17 Court- 
landt street, N. Y.;) C. H. Pierce, 
secretary and treasurer; G. J. 
Foreacre, general manager; H. C. 
Ansley, auditor and local treasurer; 
W. J. Houston, general passenger 
and ticket agent; R. D. Carpenter, 
general freight agent; I. Y. Sage, 
chief engineer. 


Edwardsville Ga. 7 miles. 

Goodwyus " 11 

Doraville " 15 '^ 

Atlanta City Directory. 


Roswell June R. R. R Ga. — miles 

Norcross " 20 " 

Duluth " 26 " 

Suwannee. " 31 " 

Lawrenceville, June, 

L& BR. R " — " 

Buford " .S7 " 

Flowery Branch " 44 " 

Odells " 47 " 

Gainesville " 53 " 

New Holland " 55 " 

White Sulphur Springs" 59 " 
LulaJuncN. E. R. R " G5 " 

Belion " 66 "_ 

Longview " 74 " 

Mount Airy " 80 " 

Ayersville " 86 " 

Toccoa, June E. A-L. 

R. R " 93 " 

Tugalo " 99 " 

Greenville S. C. 160 " 

Sparanburg " 192 " 

Charlotte N. C. 268 " 

RAI LRO AD— Office, 32 Loyd. W. 
B. Bt-rry, president ; W. P. Orme, 
secretary and treasurer; L. P. 
Grant, general manaiier; A. J. 
Orme, general freight and passen- 
ger agent. 


East Point 6 miles 

Red Oak 12 " 

Fairburn 19 " 

Palmetto 25 " 

Powell's 33 " 

Newnan, crossing S. G. & 

N. Ala. R. R 39 " 

Puckett's 46 " 

Grantville 52 " 

Hogansville 58 " 

Whi. field's 65 " 

LaGrange 71 " 

Long Cane 80 " 

West Point 87 " 

GEORGIA— Office 95 W. Mitchell. 
W. M. Wadley. president; W. G. 
Raoul, vice-president; W. Rogers, 
gen'l superintendent; R.Schmidt, 
agent, (Atlanta Division); D. W. 
Appier, Western agent. 


EastPoint 6 miles 

Forest 13 " 

Morrow 16 " 


Jonesboro 21 mi 

Lovejoy 27 

Hampton 32 

Sunny Side 36 

Griffin, June. S. G. & N, 

A. R. R 43 

Orchard Hill 49 

Milner 51 

Barnesville, junc. U. Co. 

R. R 60 

Goggins 65 

Collier's 71 

Forsyth 76 

Smarr's 81 

Bolingbroke 88 

Summerfield 95 

Macon 103 

Griswold 112 

Gordon, jun?. M. & E. 

R. R 123 

Mclntyre 131 

Toombsboro 138 

Oconee Bridge 145 

Oconee 147 

Robison 153 

Tennille, junc. S. & T. 

R. R 158 

SunHiU 163 

Davisboro 171 

Bartow 181 

Wadley 186 

Bostick 193 

Seba'topo' 194 

Midville 197 

Herndon 203 

Cushingville 210 

Millen, junc.A. & G. R. R..214 

Scarboro 222 

RockyFord 228 

Ogeechee 231 

Cameron 236 

Hplcyondale 243 

Oliver 247 

Egypt 253 

Brewer ....258 

Guyton 263 

Marlow 267 

Eden 274 

Pooler 280 

Savannah 293 

Loyd. C H. Phinizy, president; 
S. K. Johnson, superintendent; E. 
A. Werner, agent. 


Atlanta City Directory, 


6 miles 














Stone Mountain 





Social Circle 





Greensboro 88 

Union Point( Athens June) 95 

Crawford viUe 107 

Barnett (Washington jun) 114 

Norwood 121 

Camak (June. M. & A. 

R. R 124 

Mesena 128 

Thompson 134 

Dearin;^ 142 

Saw Dust 145 

Harlena 146 

Berzelia 152 

Forrest ...- 155 

Belair 162 

Augusta 171 



Woodville 5 miles 

Maxey's 13 '" 

Antinch 16 " 

Lexington 22 " 

Winters 32 " 

Athens 40 " 



Ray'own 4 miles 

Ficklin 10 " 

Washinato.T 18 " 

RAILROAD— Office railroad junc- 
tion, opposite F )r.sjth. Hon Jos. 
E. Brown, president; William NIc- 
Rae, general manager; W. C. Mor- 
rill, treasurer; B. W. Wrenn, gen- 
eral jpasseng-r asent; R. A. Ander- 
son, general freight agent. 


Bolton Ga. 8 miles 

Gilmore 10 " 

Vinings 11 " 

Smyrna 'ia. 15 miles. 

Marie: ta June. M. & N. 

G. R R " 20 " 

BigShHnty || 29 |' 

Acworth " 35 '' 

AUatoona " 41 " 

Bortow " 42 " 

S'egall's " 44 " 

Etowah " 47 " 

Cartersville, junction 

Cherokee R.R " 49 " 

Roger's " 52 " 

C(( *^o ti 
ass o6 

Kinaston, June Rome 

R. R " 60 " 

Hall's " 64 " 

Adairsville " 70 " 

McDaniels " 76 " 

Calhoun " 79 " 

Resaca.. " 85 " 

Tilton " 91 " 

Dalton, June. E. T.V. 

& Ga. R R. and S. 

R. & 1). R. R " 100 " 

Tunnel Hill '■ 109 " 

Catoo-a " 114 " 

Ringgoll " 116 " 

G'ay.ville '• 122 " 

Chickamauga Tennl28 " 

Boyce " 132 " 

Chattanooga " 140 " 

Atlanta (Street) Railroad 

Office 49 Line. R. Peters, presi- 
dent ; J. \V. Culpepper, treasurer ; 
E. C Peters, superintendent. Di- 
rectors; E. C. Peters, S. M. Inman, 
W. M. Middlebrook, R. Peters, and 
J. U. Wvlie. 

From Peachtree, on Decatur, east 
to Oakland Cemetery. 

Mcdonough street line 

— From W'ntehall easf. on Alabama 
to Washinston, south on Washing- 
ton to Jones, east on Jones to Mc- 
Donouiih, thence south on McDon- 
ough to Fulton. 

From Peach'ree,on Mwrietta, north- 
west to Atlanta Rolling Mill and 
Oglethorpe Park. 

— From railroad, on Peachtree, 
nor'hwesttoPonceDeLeon Springs. 

WEST END LINE — (Yellow 
cars) — From railroad, onWhitehall, 

Atlanta City Directory. 


souih to Mitchell, west on Mitcfanll 
to Forsytb, south on Forsyth to Pe- 
ters, 1 hence southwest on Peters to 
West End. 

— (Bhie cars) — From railroad on 
Whitehall, southwest to McDaniel. 


ASSOCIATION — 81 East Ala- 
bama. E^tablished as % home for 
the aged and infirm; sustained by 
private contributions. John M 1- 
leg:e, president; Mrs. R. C. Haile, 

SOCIETY— Meets second Sunday 
in each month, in Ca'holic Library 
rooms. William Dowling, presi- 
dent; A. T. Young, vjcepresident; 
J. J. Callaghan. secretary ; P. F. 
Clarke, treasurer. 

SOCIETY— Meets first Wednesday 
in each month, at 7:30 pm. in Good 
Temjtlars' Hall. John H. Flynn, 
president; T. Burke, vice presiden; 
Thomas Nunan, secretary ; P. Car- 
roll, assistant secretary ; James 
Walsh, treasurer. Finance Com- 
mittee: Jomes 0. Harris, J. H. 
Ellsworth and W. P. Lother, Relief 
Committee: James P. Cannon and 

. Investigating Cora- 

mittfe: Arthur Connoliy, J. J. 
Duffy and W. Downing. 

LENT SOCIE I Y— Meets in Syn- 
agogue, Forsytb, southwest cor- 
Garnett, upon call. Mrs. J. T. 
Eichberg, president; M. Titlebaum, 
secretary; Mrs. J. L. Cohen, treas- 

Broad. Meet first Monday of each 
month. Mrs Sydney Root, presi- 
dent ; Miss Kate Pendleton, secre- 
tary; Mrs. E. N. Mead, treasurer. 


SCIENCE— 2^ Mitchell. (Incorpo- 
rated 1878.) Meets first and third 
Thursday of each month, B. W, 
Frobel, president; Ber jamin Con- 
ley, 1st vice-president; H, H, 
Tucker, 2d vice-president; C. W. 
Smith, recording secretary ; M. J. 
Clarke, corresponding secretary; 
Theodore Schumann, treasurer. 
Directors: S, S. Lawton, W, F. 
Slaton. J. W, Beckwith, Charles 
Huhner, W. S. Walker, W. R. 
Hammond, W. A, Haygood, C, W, 
Smith, R, M, Clayton, 



JURISDICTION — Albert Pike, 
M(.st Puis.', Sov,-. Gr.-, Com.'. H.-. 
E,', Wa-hin£;ton, D. C; James C. 
Balchelor, Puis'," Sov.'. Lt.'. Gr,'. 
Com '. Le."., New Orleans, La,; W, 
Letcher Mitchell, Gr.'. Prior.'. H.'. 
E.'. Aih-^ns, Ga ; Henry Buist, G.'. 
Chancellor H,'. E.'., Charleston, S. 
C; Theodore Suttan Parvin, G.". 
R •. Min.-. of State, H '. E.'., Iowa 
City. Iowa; Albert Gallatin 
Mackey, Sec". Gen'. H.'. E."., 
Washington, D. C, ; Frederick 
Webber, Treas.". Gen.'. H'.' E.'., 
Louisville, Ky.; Luke Henry Bar- 
ber, Gr.'. Almoner, Little Rock, 

Next conclave at San Francsco, 
Cal., third Tuesday in August, 1883. 
Sir Benjamin Dean, M. E. G- C-, 
Boston. Mass. ; R. E. Withers, M. 
E. G. D. C, Alexandria, Va. ; J. 
W. Simons, M. E. G. T., New 
York; Theodore S. Parvin, G- R-, 
Iowa City. Iowa- 

OF R. A. M. OF THE U. 3.— 
Twentv-fifth triennial convocation 
at Denver, Col., second Tuesday in 
August, 1883. R. F. Bower, G. Gr. 
a.. P., Keokuk, Iowa; C. G. Fox, 
G. S.,Buffalo, N. Y. 


• Atlanta City Directory. 

M. OF GEORGIA— The next an- 
nual assembly to be held iu Macon, 
the last Wednesday in April, 1881. 
Charles R, Armstront;:. M. I. G M , 
Macon ; William J. Pollard, I. D. G. 
M., Augusta; Joseph E. Wells, G. 
T., Macon ; Andrew M. Wolihin, G. 
R., Albany. 

GIA — The 59 annual convocation 
will be held iu Macon on the last 
Wednesday in April, 1881. J. W. 
Oslin. G. H. P, West Point; J. 
Emmett Blackshear, G. S , Macon. 

GIA — Next biennial communica- 
tion will oe held in Macon, last 
Tuesday in October, 1882. James 
M. Moblev, G. M., Hamilton; J. 
Emmett Blackshear, G. S , Macon. 

D. Luckie, G. C, Atlanta; W. S. 
Rockwell, D G. C, Savannah; W. 
B. Young, G. G, Augusta; R. B. 
Hall, G. C. G., Macon; Joseph E. 
Wells, G. T., Macon; C. R. Arm- 
strong, G. R., Eastman 


Masonic Hall, Marietta, south- 
east corner Broad. 

Meets second and fourth Tuesday 
in each month. George Thompson, 
W. M. ; J. W. Cleaton, secretarj-. 

Meets first and t^iird Tuesday iu 
each month. C. L. Wilson, W. M ; 
DeWitt Bniyn, secretary. 

Meets first and third Thursday in 
each month. C. F. Maloue, W. 
M. ; Otto Spahr, secretary. 


16 — Meets second and fourth Mon- 
day in each month. H. D. Austin, 
H, P. ; Otto Fipahr, secretary. 

13 — Meets third Monday evening 
in March, June, September and 
December each year. B.F.Moore 
T. L M.; John Meed, Rec. 



DERY — Meets at Commandery 
Rooms second Tuesday in each 
month. Samuel Hape, E. C. ; B. 
F. Moore, Rec. 


A. and A. Scottish Rite, 111. 
Thomas W. Chandler, 33° deputy 
I.*. G. Special deputy for Atlanta. 

V.-. Sir Thomas W. Cnandler, 33° 
comminder; E.". Sir Calvin Fay, 
32°, first lieutenant commander; 
E.". Sir George T. Anderson, 32°, 
Second lieutenant commander, 

No. 1, ROSE CROIX 18°— 111. Cal- 
vin BV- 32°, M,-. W.-. Master; 111. 
Thomas W. Chandler, 33°, Sec. 

FECITON, No, 3, G.\ E/. P.', 
AND S.-. MASONS 14°— 111. Thos. 
W. Chandler, 33°, T.". P.". G.". 
Master; S, L. Solomonson, 14° 

Imlependent Order of Odd Fel- 

Odd Fellows' Hall, Whitehall, 
southeast cor Alabama 

GRAND LODGE— T. A. Askew, 
M. G. W., Savannah ; — Holtzclaw, 
R. W. D G. M., Perry; John G. 
Deitz, R. W. G. Sec, Macon; J. S. 
Tison, G. T., Savannah; Adolph 
Brandt, Augusta, J. B. Goodwin, 
Atlanta, R. W. G. Reps, to G L. 
of U. S. 


Meets evpry Tuesday. W. J. Speairs, 
N. G. ; Wn. Kenvon, Sec. 

Meets every Friday. J. K. Throw- 
(r N. G ; J, L. Crenshaw. Sec. ■ 

Mt ets every Thursday. E. J. Roach, 
N. G. ; James Anderson, Sec. 

Meets every Monday. F. Steiglitz, 
N. G.; H. Franklin, Sec. 


12 — Meets secend and fourth Wed- 
nesday in each month. J. E. Mann, 
e. P. ; G. R. McCown, Sec. 

Atlanta City Directory. 



TEE— W. J. Sp-airs, J. K. Throw- 
er, E. J. Roach, F. Steiu;litz. 

I. 0. F. S. of I. 

over 69 East Alabama, first and 
third Sundays of each month, at 
10 am. E Rich, president; A. E. 
Shulhafer, vice president; M. Title- 
baum. corrcspontiing secretary ; J. 
Hirshberg, hnaticial secretary; G. 
Saloshin, treasurer. 

I. 0. B. B. 

Meets in Odd Fellows' Hall, White- 
"hall, southeast corner Alabama, 
second arid fourth Sunday each 
month, H. Wolfe, president; J. 
Dreyfus, vice-president; M. Title- 
baum, secretary ; E. Rich, treasur- 
er; D. Rich, monitor. 

0, K. S. B. 

— Meet over 69 East Alabama, first 
and third Sunday, at o p m. E. Se- 
lig, president; I. Guthman, vice- 
president; M. Titlebaum, recording 
secretary; S, Benjamin, financial 
secretary ; M. Franklin, treasurer. 

A. 0. U, W. 

Meet Alabama, corner Loyd, first 
and third Tuesdav evening of each 
month. W. F. Slaton, P. M. W. ; 
W. B. Bonnell, recorder. 

1, 0, G, T. 

GIA— H. G Everitt, G. W. C. T., 
Savannah; J. N. Ross, G. W. C, 
Jeffer-son; Miss Jennie Gay, G. W. 
V. T., Covington; J. G. Thrower, 
G. W. Sec, Atlanta; Miss L. An- 
■derson, Asst. G W. Sec . Coving- 
ton ; R. A. McMahon, G. W. Treas., 
Cro.wford; R. P. Zimmerman, G. 
S J. T., Ath'.nta; Jesse Walker. G. 
W. Chap , Social Circle; J. J. Keith, 
G. W. Mar., Louisville; Miss Mol- 
lie Pprkins, G. W. D. Mar., Atlan- 
ta; W. A. Hansen, P. G. W. C- T., 
.Atlanta. Next session convenes in 

Louisville, Ga., first Tuesday in Sep- 
tember, 1881. 

Meets in Good Templars' Hall, 
Whitehall, cor. Hunter, every Mon- 
day. J. G. Thrower, W. C. T. ; R. 
P. Zimmerman, permanent secre- 

DEAN LODGE, No. 463— Meets 
every Monday evening at Marietta, 
northeast corner Broad. H. H. 
Penny, W. C. T. ; H. H Rice, per- 
manent secretar3\ \ 

Cold Water Teniplara) 

WENONA LODGE, No. 1— Meets 
in Good Templars' Hall every Sun- 
day at 2 P.M. J, G. Thrower, Sup. 

Knigrhts of Jericho. 

GRAND LODGE— C, J. Lower, 
Grand Chief, Griffin; R. P. Zim- 
merman, Grand Sec. and Treas., 

PHCBNIX L0D<5E— Meet in 
Good Templais' Hall, Whitehall, 
corner Hunter, every Friday, 7:30 
P.M. R. P. Zimmerman, Sir K. C, 

IMP. 0, R, M. 

GIA — Meet second Monday in May 
in Atlanta. M. T. Simmons, Great 
Sachem, Atlanta; G. M. Jones, 
Great Senior Sagamore, Atlanta; 

A. A. Manning, Great Junior Sag- 
amore, Atlanta; Jacob Emell, Great 
Chief of Records. Atlanta ; J. L. 
Harding, Great Keeper of Wam- 
pum, Atlanta; 01 Hart, Great Pro- 
phet, Atlanta 

Meet 21i Marietta. A. J. Joy, sa- 
chem; H. T. Spinks, senior saga- 
more;. S. A. Sage, junior saga- 
more; E. L. LaFontaine, chief of 
records; J. L. Harden, keeper wam- 
pnm; L, S. Mo.t-ris, prophet, 

MODOC TRIBE, No. 3 — Meet 
above 210 .Marietta, every Mtjnday 
evening G. W. Clinton, sachem; 
C- Brennan, senior sagamore; G. 
M. Jones, chief of records; C. L. 
Lovd, assistant chief of records; 
John Mason, keeper wampum; J. 

B. McCall, prophet. 


Atlanta City Directory. 

No. 5— Meet 210 Marietta, every 
Tuesday nijiht. J. A. Lorg,sachem; 

, senior sagamore ; E Ar 

ttur, junior sagamore; J. F Moses, 
chief of records ; James Shocklej", 
keeper wampum; J, C. Lever, 

238 Decatur, every 1 hiirsday night. 
T. Davis, sacbfm ; J Garirell, se- 
nior sagamore ; J. Buckananjunior 
sagamore; W. 0. (^ib.'on, chiet of 
records; T. J. Buchanan, keeper 
wampun ; J. W. Tavlor, prophet. 

Meet Marietta, nw corner Broad, 
every Tuesday night G. Thomp- 
son, sachem ; J A Lyon, .-enior 
sagamore; J. Thompi-cn, junior 
sagamore; W. H. Haper, chief of 
records; J. W. Rushin, keeper wam- 
pum ; H. A. Sii.ith, propnet, 

Catliolic Knights of America. 

BRANCH No 20— Meet at Cath- 
olic Library rooms, second and 
fourth Tuesday in each month. M. 
E. Maher. ptesident; T. J. Malone, 
vice-prtsident ; Joseph W. Hoyftn, 
recording .-ecreiary, Joseph Gatens, 
financial secretary; J J Doonan, 
treasurer . Rev. J. M. O'Brien, spir- 
itual director. Insurance to mem- 
bers $2,000. 

Knights of Honor. 

B Hoke, supreme dictator, Louis- 
ville, Ky ; R. H. Cochran, supreme 
vice dictator. Wheeling, W. Va.; 
S. H. Boynton, supreme assistant 
dictator, Rockland, Maine: J. C. 
Plumer, supreme reporter, Wooster, 
Ohio; R. J. breckinridire, supreme 
treasurer, Lexington, Ky.; Francis 
Lobde.l, supreme chajlain. New 
York; F. P. Ireland, supreme 
guide, Nebraska Ciiy, Neb.; W. G. 
Sykes, supreme guardian, Aber- 
deen, Mii-s ; H P. Upman, supreme 
sentinel, Rochester, Minn.; J. A. 
Cummings, past supreme dictator, 
Boston, Mass. 

Meet Alabama, .orner Lojd, second 
and fourth Friday nights of each 
month. D W. Gwinn, dictator; 
H. C. Mitchell, reporter. 

Meet Alabama, corner Loyd, first 
and third Friday of each month. 
J. S. Doyle, dictator; R. A. Varne- 
doe, leporler. 

Kniglits aud Ladies of Honor. 

R. E. LEE LODGE No 372— 
Meet 69 E. Alabama, second and 
fourth Tuesday nights of each 
month. J. H. Sterchi, R. E. C; 
W. G. Browne, secretary. 

Knights of Pythias. 

UNITED STATES— Meets in De- 
troit, Mich., in August. 1882. G. W. 
Lindfay, S C, Baltimore. Md.; 
Joseph Dowdall, S. K. of R.'^and 

— Meets annually, third Tuesday in 
May. Next meeting to be held at 
Savannah. A. Brant, G, C, Au- 
gusta ; S. C Roberts, G. K. of R. 
S., Savannah. 


Meets every second and fourth 
Tuesday evening, 7:30 v.m., over 69 
East Alabama. C. B. Crenshaw, C. 
C; T. H. Eddins, V. C ; J. L. Cren- 
shaw, K. of R. & S.; H. H. Dickson, 
M ofE.: W. E. McAllister, M. 
at A. 

Knights of the Golden Rule. 

— Meet over 69 East. Alabama eve- 
ry first and third Thursdaj' of each 
month, W. F. Slaton, commander; 
W G. Browne, secretary. Insurance 
^500 to $3,000. fcick benefits $5 
per week. 

Royal Arcannm. 

— Meet over 69 East Alabama, 
second and lourth Tfiursd>iy of each 
month at 7:30 p.m. G. G. Roy, re- 
gent ; E. A. Robertson, vice regent; 
J. T. Cooper, orator; Rev. J. A. 
Smith, past regent; G. S. Prior, 
secretary; Amos Fox, treasurer; 
W. H. Nutting, collector; Rev. A. 
T. Spalding, chaplain ; Ed, G. Rob- 
erts, guide ; G. M. Hanvey, warden; 
D. W. Gwin, representative to 


Atlanta City Directory. 


grand council, J. A. Link, alter- 
nate. Tot:il membership, 25,000. 
$;5,000 insurance at death. Sick 
benefit $2 per week. 

Ameiican Legion of Honor. 

215 — Meet Gl) East Alabama, every 
second and fourth Monday of each 
month. J. T. W'pstmore'and, C ; 
J. G. Thrower, V. C ; A. 0. M. 
Gay, treasurer ; W. H. Kenner, sec- 
retary; A. C. Hook, collector. In- 
surance from ;f500 to $5,000. Sick 
benefit $5 per week. 


E. R Howe, man«ger. 

Alabama. W. G. Turner, manager. 

J. Herrick, raanaj;er. 


COMPANY— Central office, Kim 
ball House. H. H. Jackson, super- 
intendent ; 0. E. Coyen, chief ope- 


Black, 61 E. Alabama; A. E. Buck, 
United States Court house and Post 
office; W. B Smith and Wm. H. 
Smythe, 20 Decatur. 

ond District of Georgia.) Andrew 
Clark, collector. Office, U. S. Court 
House and P. 0. building. Theo- 
dore D, Irish and S. M. Nealon, 
deputies. Joseph C. Vigal, U. S. 
storekeeper. J. R. Haskins and G. 
B. Clark, clerks. 

House. Harry Hall, corporal ob- 


Atlanta, county seat. Offices lo- 
cated in City Hall Building, or 
Court House, east side Washington, 
between Hunter and Mitchell. 


G. H. Strong. W. H. Venable, J. 
M. Goldsmith, A. P. Woodward, 

uated 72 miles on Peachtree road. 
J. W, Mayson, superintendent; sal- 
ary $60 per month. 

Hilburn, office, 17 Whitehall, 

SIONER — Jethro W. Manning, 
City Hall. 

Walkf r. City Hall. 

COLLECTOR-W. W. Clayton, 11 
E. Alabama. 

M. Payne, City Hail, 

SHERIFF— A. M. Perkerson, 
City Hall. Elected January, 1881, for 
two years; salary, fees; bond.?100,- 
000. W. A. Wilson, C. C. Greene, 
L. P. Thomas, Jr., deputies, ap- 
pointed by sheriff. 

RECEIVER-J 0. Harris, City 


COUNTY JAIL-.S4 Fraser. 0. 
C. Greene, jailor; Crandall L. Poole, 


Capitol Building, Marietta, south- 
west corner Forsyth. 

Chief ExecutiTe. 

Governor — Hon. Alfi-ed H. Col- 
quitt. Inaugurated November, 
1880, Term of office, two years ; 
salary $3,000. Isaac W. Avery, 
private secretary ; J. W. Warren, 
secretary; salaries, $1,500; R. A. 
Murphey, warrant clerk ; salary, 
$1,300. J. B. Baird and Thomas 
C. Howard, clerks ; salaries, $1,250. 


Atlanta City Directory. 

Attorxey-Gen'eral — Clifford 
Anderson ; salary, $2,000. 

Comptroli-er-Gexbril— William 
A. Wright. Term expires Januarj', 
1883 ; salary, $2,000 R. U. Har- 
deman, book keeper; salary, $1,800. 
William King, insurance clerk; 
salary, $1,200. William Haralson, 
Wild Land clerk; salary, $1,000. 

Secretary op State — Nathan 
C. Barnett. Term expires Jan- 
uary, 1883; salarr, $2,000: bond, 
$10^000 J. F. Jones, clerk; sal- 
ary, SI, 000. 

Treasurer — Daniel N. Speer. 
Term expires January, 1883; sal- 
-ary, $2,000; bond, $200,000. W. 
•J. Speer, clei'k ; salary, $1,600. 

Department of Agriculture — 
Established September 1st, 1874. 
Annual apnropnations, $10,000; 
printing fund, $1,000; J T. Hender- 
son, commissioner, salary $2,000: 
R. J. Redding, assistant commis- 
sioner, sa'ary $1,700; W. H How- 
ell, department clerk, salary $1,200; 
J. S. Newman, editing clerk, salary 
$1,700. The commissioner has ap- 
pointed six inspectors of fertilizers, 
who are paid salaries, the highest 
not exceeding $1,509. These in- 
spectors are: 0. T. Rogers. S.avan- 
nah; Samuel Hawkins, Augusta; 
Troup Butler, Brunswick; E. L. 
Thomas, Macon; George W. Ro- 
sette, Columbus, J. S. Lawton, At- 

Prof. H. C. White, of the Uni- 
versity ot Georgia, is the chemist 
of the department for the analyis 
of fertilizers ; f^alary $3,000. 

Keeper of Penitentiary — John 
"W. Nelms, principal keeper ; term 
expires January, 18e3; salary $2,- 
000; bond $10',000. William H. 
Turner, assistant and guard ; salary 

Librarian— Frank L. Haralson; 
term expires January, 1883; salary 
$1,000; bond $2,009" 

SCHOOI, <^0MM1S.^I0KER — GuS^avuS 

J. Orr. Term expires January, 
1883; salary $2,000. Mark John- 
ston, clerk; salary $1,200. 

Wild Land Opfick— Comptroller 
General, ex officio corami-sioner. 

The Railroad Commis-^ion o*" 
THa St.ate of Georgia — OtBce 1^ 
East Alabama (up-.'^tairs). Hon- 
James M- Smith, chairman: Camp- 
b-ll Wallace and Samuel Barnett, 
comraission<^rs; Robert A. Bacon, 
secretary The commissio ers are 
appoiatt-d by the Governor, with 
the consent of the senate. Its du- 
ties are to fix the local rates to be 
charged by the various railroads in 
the State, on freight and passengers, 
and to furnish rules and regulations 
to govern the roads. Its first ac- 
tion was to fix a standard tariff for 
all the roads, to take effect May 1st, 
1881, but upon proper showing by 
any road that su^h standard was 
too low, the Commission increased 
the stan(^ard rales by allowing an 
additional per centage. The pas- 
senger ratps were five and six cents 
per mile, on nearly every road in 
the State. By order ot the com- 
raission, the fares on all the long 
or important roads was reduced on 
February 1st, 1881, to three (3) 
cents a mile This board is not an 
advisatorj', but a mandatory one, 
whose powers are to reguiaec rail- 
roads and railroad rates. The pre- 
sent incumbents are appointed for 
six, four and two years, respective- 
ly, from Ocrobpr, 1879, but their 
successors' terms of office will be 
for six years each. The secretary 
is elected by the commissioiiers. 
The salary of each commissioner 
is $2 500 per annum; of the secre- 
tary, $1,200. 


Officers of the Seuale. 

Ja*. S. Boynton, president. Grif- 
fin; W. P. Price, presidentpro tern , 
Dahlonega; William A. Harris, 
secretary, Isabella; Henry H, Ca- 
baniss, assistant secretary, Forsyth; 
C. J. Wellborn, 2d assistant secre- 
tary, Blairsville ; J. T. Taylor, jour- 
nalizing clerk, Atlanta ; W. E. 
Candler, calendar clerk, Blairsville; 
H. C. Peeples, enrolling clerk, At- 
lanta; J. E. Wooten, engrossing 
clerk. Savannah; J. R. Christy, 
message clerk, Athens; A. J. Cam- 

Atlanta City Directory. 


eron, raesseager, Cobbville ; Lemu- 
el J. Aidred, doorkeeper. 


W, Meld rim, 
-R, B. Harris, 

First District— P. 
lawyer; Savannah. 

Second District - 
physician ; Darien. 

Third District — Lemuel Jo'insoa, 
farmer; Graham. 

Fourth District — R. N. King, 
farmer ; St. Marys. 

Fifth District— C. A. Smith, farm- 
er; Homerville. 

Sixth District— J. W. Harrell, 
farmer; VaMosta. 

Seventh District— E. P. S. Den- 
mark, lawyer ; Quitman, 

Eighth District — James Bragg, 
farmer; Camilla. 

Ninth District — A. L. Hawes, 
lawyer; Newton. 

Tenth District— A. C.Westbrook, 
merchant ; Albany. 

Eleventh District — J. G. Parks, 
lawyer ; Dawson. 

Twelfth District— J. E. Carter, 
physician ; Lumpkin. 

Thirteenth District — DuPont 
Guerry, lawyer ; Americas. 

Fourteenth District — J. H.Wood- 
ward, lawyer and farmer ; Vienna. 

Fifteenth District — T. Smith, 
farmer ; Lumber City. 

Sixteenth District— J. H. Hicks, 
farmer ; Wrightsvilie. 

Seventeenth District — J. F. 
Brown, farmer and physician; 

Eighteenth District--J. L. Neal, 
farmer ; Warrenton. 

Nineteenth District — R. L. Mc- 
Whorter, farmer ; Penfield. 

Twentieth District — S. G. Jordan, 
farmer ; Sandersville. 

Twenty first District — R. L, Sto- 
rey, farmer ; Irwinton. 

Twenty-second District — J. H. 
Baker, farmer ; Zebulon. 

Twenty-third District — D. A, 
Smith, physician: Butler. 

Twenty-fourth District — W, B. 
Butt, lawyer; Buena Vista. 

Twenty-fifth District— W. R. Gor- 
man, farmer ; Geneva. 

Twenty-sixth District — J. S. 
Boynton, lawyer; Griffin. 

Twenty-seventh District — H. D. 
McDaniel ; Monroe. 

Twenty-eighth District — J. S, 
Reid, farmer; Eatonton. 

Twenty-ninth District — J. W. 
Barksdale, farmer; Danburgh. 

Thirtieth District— W. H. Mattox, 
farmer; Heardmont. 

Thirty-first District— S. H. Mose- 
ley, farmer and merchant; Toccoa 

Thirty-second District — W. P. 
Price, lawyer : Dahlonega. 

Thirty-tbird District— B. F. Sud- 
duth, farmer; Homer. 

Thirty-fourth District — W. P. 
i Bond; Lithonia. 

Thirty-fifth District— W. J.Winn, 
lawyer; Marietta. 

Thirty-sixth District— J. M. Wil- 
son, farmer; Sand Town. 

Thirty-seventh District — W. H, 
Daniel, lawyer; Franklin. 

Thirty-eighth District— S. M. H, 
Byrd. farmer ; Cedartown. 

Thirty-ninth District — B. F. 
Payne, lawyer; Canton. 

Fortieth District — W. A. Carter, 
school teacher ; Rabun. 

Forty-first District— R. C. Dug- 
ger, farmer; Pierceville. 

Forty-second District -s— R. F. 
Fouche, lawyer ; Rome. 

Forty third District— S. G. Tread- 
well, farmer; Tilton. 

Forty-fourth District — A. T. 
Hackett, lawyer ; Ringgold. 

Committees of the Senate. 

Agriculture — S. M. H. Byrd, 
chairman; W. H. Mattox, J. M. 
Wilson, J. W. Barksdale. T. J. 
Smith, S. H. Moseley, J. L. Neal, 
W, R. Gorman, B. F. Sudduth, S. 
G. Treadwell, J. H. Baker, R. L. 
McWhorter, R. N. King, C. A. 

Auditing Committee — A. C. 
Westbrooks, chairman; A. T, 
Hackett, James Bragg, Lemuel 
Johnson, J. H. Hicks, T. J. Smith. 

Banks— DuPont Guerry, chair- 
man ; A. C. Westbrook, James 
Bragg, W. P. Price, J. L. Neal, S. 
G. Jordan, J. H. Baker, 
' Corporations — W. J. Winn, 
chairman; W. H. Daniel, W. B. 


Atlanta City Directory. 

Butt, J. G. Parka, E. P. S. Den- 
mark, B. F. Paynp, J. H. Wood- 

Deaf and Dumb Asylum — W. P. 
Bond, chairman; J. M. Wilson, S. 
M. H. Byrd, J. F. Brown, T. J. 
Smith, J. L. Neal, Lemuel John- 

Education — W. P. Price, chair- 
man; P. W. Meldrim, W. R. Gor- 
man, S. M. H. Byrd, A. C. West- 
brook, S. G. Jordan, E. P. S. Den- 
mark, B. F. Sudduth, W. A. Curtis. 

Engrossing — W. R. Gorman, 
chairman; James Bragg, R. L. 
Storey, J. W. Barksdale, J. H. 

Enrollments — R. L. McWhorter, 
chairman; VV. R. Gorman, J. G. 
Parks, R. L. Storey, B. F. Payne, 
W. A. Curtis, S. G. Jordan. 

Finance — R. F. Fouche, chair- 
man ; A. C. Westbrook, W. H. Mat- 
tox, H, D. M( Daniel, J. S. Reid, J. 
E. Carter, J, H. Woodward, J. W. 
Barksdale, J. H. Baker, P. W Mel- 
drim, DuPont Guerry, S. M. H. 
Byrd, S. G Treadweil, J. F. Brown, 
J. M. Wilson, S. H. Moseley. 

Geological Bureau — J. L. Neal, 
chairman ; A, T. Hackett, R. F. 
Fouche, R. C. Dugger, W, A. Cur- 
tis, J. W. Harrell. 

Institution for the Blind — J. F. 
Brown, chairman; R. B. Harris, J. 
H. Baker, J. Johnson, S G Tread- 
well, S. H. Moseley, R. N. King. 

Internal Improvements and Rail- 
roads — W. B. Butt, chairman ; W. 
P. Price, A. T. Hackett, W. P. 
BoHd, J. S. Reid. W. H Daniel, J. 
W. Barksdale, T. J. Smith, S. M. 
H. Byrd. 

Journals — E. P. S. Denmark, 
chairman ; W. H. Mattox, 8. G. 
Jordan, C. A. Smith, D. A. Smith. 

Judiciary — H. D. McDaniel, 
chairman ; W. P. Price, R. F, 
Fouche, A. T. Hackett, W. B. 
Butt, DuPont Guerry, W. J. Winn, 
A. L. Hawes, W. H. Daniel, E. P. 
S. Denmark, J. G. Parks, B. F. 
Payne, J. H. Woodward. 

Lunatic Asylum — D. A. Smith, 
chairman ; J. F. Brown, R. B. 
Harris, W. P. Bond, J. E. Carter, 

J. S. Reid, S. G. Jordan, B. C. 
Dugger, R. L, Storey. 

Mi'itary — P. W. Meldrim, chair- 
man ; J. S. Reid, R. G. Harris, J. 
H. Baker, J. H. Hicks. 

Penitentiary — A. T. Hackett, 
chairman; J. M. Wilson, R, L. 
McWhorter, A. L. Hawes, W. P. 
Bond, J. E. Carter, B. C. Dugger, 
W. J. Winn, B. F. Sudduth, S. G. 
Treadweil, J. W. Harris. 

Petitions — J. M. Wilson, chair- 
man; Lemuel Johnson, J. W, 
Barksdale. J. E. Carter, R. N. 
Kinir, C. A. Smith. 

Printing — W. H. Mattox, chair- 
man ; R. L. McWhorter, A. L. 
Hawes, J. H. Hicks, W. A. Curtis. 

Privileges and Elections — B. F. 
Payne, chairman ; W. H. Daniel, 
W. R. Gorman, S. H. Moseley, J. 
S. Reid, R. L McWhorter. 

Public Buildings— A. L. Hawes, 
chairman; DuPont Guerry, James 
Bragg, J. M. Harrell, R. B. Harris, 
A. C. Westbrook, W. J. Winn. 

Rules — J. S. Boynton, chairman 
(by resolution of Senate); H. D. 
McDaniel, R. L. McWhorter, W. P. 
Price, A. T. Hackett. 

State Library — J. G. Parks, 
chairman ; J. H. Woodward, R. L. 
Storey, W. P. Price, W. B. Butt, P. 
W, Meldrim. 

State of Republic— W. H. Daniel, 
chairman; E, P. S. Denmark, S, 
H. Moseley, C. A. Smith, D. A, 
Smith, J. W. Harrell. 


A. 0. Bacon, speaker, Macon ; 
H. D D. Twiggs, speaker ^ro iem; 
Mark A. Hardin, clprk;W . H. Har- 
rington, assistant clerk; C. P. Han- 
sell, jourtal clerk; Benton H. Mil- 
ler, doorkeeper, Linton ; James R, 
Smith, messengc^r, Phillips' Mill. 

List here given by counties, al- 

Appling— Lemuel Sellers, Bax- 

Baker — P. W.Jones, Newton. 

Baldwin— F. G. DuBignon, Mil- 

Banks — W. A. Quillian, Homer. 

Bartow — T. W. Milner, Carters- 
ville; J. C. Brannon, Kingston. 

Atlanta City Directory. 


Berrien— W. S. Walker, Alta- 

Bibb -A. J. Lane, C. A. Thorpe, 

Brooks — T. N. Arrington, Quit- 

Bryan — R F. Smith, Eden. 

Bulloch — J. Wilson, Areola. 

Burke— J. F. Bates, Heath; E. 
A. Perkin.s, Perkins' Junction; S. 
J. Heath, Girard 

Butts— R. W. Mays, Stark's. 

Calhoun — James Keel, Williams- 

Camden — A. Wilson, Owen's 

Campbell— W. S. Zellars, Pal- 

Carroll — G. G, Autrey, Sand 
Hill; T. A. Jackson, County Line, 

Catoosa — A. H. Gray, Darien. 

Charlton — James Thompson, Tra- 
der's Hill. 

Chatham- D. C. Bacon, W. S. 
Basinger, G. N. Nichols, Savan- 

Chattahoochee-LaFayette Harp, 

Chattooga — J. W. Maddox, Sum 

Cherokee — F. G. Bignon, Can- 

Clarke — P. Barrow, Athens. 

Clay — R. A. Turnipseed, Fort 

Clayton — R. E. Murrow, Jones- 

Clinch — J. L. Sweat, Hotner- 

Cobb — A. J. Hansel!, Roswell ; 
D. W. Orr, Acworth. 

Coffee — William Gaskin, Doug- 

Colquitt— M. B.McClelland, Clif- 

Columbia — C. H. Shockley, Har- 

Coweta — W. A. Post, Grantville; 
W. B. Wilkinson, Newnan. 

Crawford — C. H. Walker, Knox- 

Dade— S. C. Hale, Trenton. 

Dawson — John Palmour, Dixon. 

Decatur— J. 0. Farnell, W. W. 
Harrell, Bainbridge. 

DeKalb — H C. Jones, Decatur. 

Dodge — N. Rawlins, Eastman. 

Dooly — Isiah Williams, Ebene- 

Dougherty — J.Y.Hester, Ishmael 
Lanon, Albany. 

Douglas — J. L. James, Douglas- 

Earley — J. W. Hightower, Dun- 

Echols— J. F. Hall, Stat.enville. 

Effingham — Edward Bird, Guy- 

Elbert — J. H. Brewer, Concor- 

Emanuel — J. A. Brinson, Cono- 

Fannin — E. J. Henry, Morgan- 

Fayette — D. A. McLucas, Fay- 

Floj'd— Seaborn Wright, L W. 
Turner, Rome. 

Forsyth — A. J. Julian, Cumming. 

Franklin — W. R. Little, Carnes- 

Fulton— Henry Hillyer, F. P. 
Rice, W. H. Patterson, Atlanta. 

Gilmer — Jonathan Withrow,Ella- 

Glascock — E. G. Scruggs, Gib- 

Glynn — Thomas W. Lamb, Bruns- 

Gordon -W. R. Rankin, Cal- 

Greene — -J. B. Park, Greensbo- 
rough ; W. R. Wilson, Woodrille. 

Gwinnett— R. E. Mitchell, N. L. 
Hutchins, Lawrenceville. 

Haiersham — T. S. Davis, Toc- 

Hall — B. Estes, Gainesville. 

Hancock— J, W. Monroe, Cul- 
verton ; W. J. Northen, Sparta. 

Haralson— J. M. McBride, Tal- 

Harris — H. C. Cameron, L. L. 
Stanford, Hamilton. 

Hart — A. G. McCurry, Hartwell. 

Heard — W. Spearman, Corinth. 

Henry— C. T. Zachry, Peach- 
stone Shoals. 

Houston — Edwin Martin, A. L. 
Miller, Perry; W. C. Wins'ow, Fort 

Irwin — W. M Branch. Tipton. 

Jackson — A. T. Bennett, J, B. 
Silmon, Jeffergon. 


Atlanta City Directory, 

Jasper — F. Walker, Monticello. 

Jefierson — James Stapleton, J. 
H. Polhill, Louisville. 

Johnson — W.L. JohnFon. v\''rights- 

Jones — James Lester, Haddock. 

Laurens — H. M. Burch, Dublin. 

Lee — Frank Johnson, Lepsburgh. 

Liberty — John Mcintosh, Mcin- 

Lincoln— A. E. Strother, Clay 

Lowndes— P. B. Whittle, Val- 

Lumpkin — B. J. Davis, Dah- 

McDuffie— H. C. Eoney, Thom- 

Mcintosh— T. Goodrich, Darien. 

Macon — W. M Dykes, Shallville ; 
J. M. DuPree. Montezuma. 

Madison — G. A. Green, Paoli. 

Marion — S. B. Story, Buena 

Meriwether — W. J. Barnes, R. 
D. Render, Greenville. 

Miller— J. W. Heard, Colquitt. 

Milton — T. L. Lewis, Alpharetta. 

Mitchell- W. N. Spence, Camilla. 

Monroe — C. A. Turner, G. G. 
Flynt, Barnesville. 

Montgomery — C. C. McAlister, 
Mt. Vernon. 

Morgan^F. C. Foster, Madison. 

Murray — W. C. Carter, Springs 

Muscogee — Reese Crawford, L. 
F. Garrard, Columbus. 

Newton— L. B. Anderson, L. L. 
Middlebrooks, Covington. 

Oconee — W. VV. Price, Farming- 

Oglethorpe — J. M. Smith, Win- 
terviile; W. M. Willingham, Craw- 

Paulding — H. N. Hayen, Dallas. 

Pickens— W. T. Daj-, Jasper, 

Pierce — A. M. Moore, Black- 

Pike-E. T. DuPree. Zebulon. 

Polk — C. G. Janes, Cedartown. 

Pulaski — L. M. Lamar, Hawkins- 

Putnam— W. B. Wingfield, Ea 

Quitman — J. J. Crumley, George- 

Rabun — J. M. Ritchie, Rabun 

Randolph — R. D. Crozier, Cuth- 

Richmond — Davenport Jackson, 
S. W. Mays, H. D. D. Twiggs, 

Rockdale — W. L. Peek, Conj'ers. 

Schley— T.F. Rainey, Ellaville. 

Scriven— J. L. Singleton, Sylr 

Spalding — J Hunt, Griffin. 

Stewart — Z. S. Coffin, Florence ; 
T. D. Hightower, Lumpkin. 

Sumter — J. L. Adderton, S. T. 
Feagan, Americus. 

Talbot— J. M. Martin. J. W. 
Robins, Talbotton. 

Taliaferro — B, F. Moore, Craw- 

Tatnall— T. J. Edwards, Fido. 

Taj'lor — J. J. McCants, Butler. 

Telfair — John Wilcox, Temper- 

Terrell — S. R. Christie, Dawson. 

Thomas — W. M. Hammond, H. 
M, Sapp, Thomasville. 

Towns— W. H. McClure, Hia- 


Troup— E. A. Bull, B. C. Bull, 

Twiggs— J. T. Glover. Ballard. 

Union — J. B. Smith, Young Cane. 

Upson — B. G. McKinney, Thom- 

Walker— J. B. Wheeler, La- 

Walton — H. A, Carithers, Mon- 

Ware — William Denton, Wares- 

Warren — W. A. Dyer, Warren- 

Washingon — M. D. C. M. Sum- 
merlin, J. T. Youngblood, San- 

Wayne — A. Clark, Jesup. 

Webster — J. B. Beattie, Preston. 

White — J. J. Kinsey, Cleve- 

Whitfield— C. E. Broyles, Dalton. 

Wilcox— S. D. Fuller, Abbeville. 

Wilkes— M. P. Reese, A. W. 
Hill, Washington. 

Wilkinson— B. F. Fordham, Ste- 

Worth — J. M. Summer, Isabella. 

Atlanta City Directoky. 


Commlltoes of the House, 

Academy of the Blind— Summer- 
lin, chairniai) ; Walker (ot Ja'-per), 
Turner (of Floyd), Mitchell Whit- 
tle, Sapp, Moore (of Pierce), Mays 
(of Butts), Branch, Be.itty, Christie, 
Mathews, Palmour, Price, Storey. 

Atiriculture— Smith, chairman ; 
Peck, Northon, Scruggs, Burch, 
Glower, Walker (of Jasper), Raw- 
lius, Johnson (of Johnson), Cari- 
thers, Lamar, Lester, Daniel Rob- 
bins, Jones (of Banks), Carter, 
Arriogton Teagin, Sapp, Cook, 
Storey, Coffin, Martin (of Houk- 
ton), Crozier, Crumley, Tharpe, 
Barnes, McClelland, Harrell, Harp, 
Price, Bates, Hightower (of Early), 
Strother, Mays (of Buttsj, Walker 
(of Crawford), Edwards. McLucas, 
Flyut, Zachry, Sellers, Orr, Lamb, 
Park, Ju'ian, Bennett, Stapleton, 
Raiaey, YouDgblood, Bird, Fuller, 
Moore, (of Hancock). 

Auditing — Fuller, chairman; 
Lamb, Wilkinson, \Yalker (of 
Crawford). Thompson, Summer, 
Johnson (of Johnson), Gaskiiis, 
Mays (of Butts). 

Banks — Basinger, chairman; 
Hill, Wilkinson, Patterson, Cook, 
Hester, Milner, Turner, Post, 
Branch. Julian, Denton, Dyer, High- 
tower (of Stewart). 

Corporations — Estes, chair msn: 
Polhill, Roney, Rankin, Hutthins, 
Garrand, Cameron, Hilyer, Basin- 
ger, Twiggs, Martm (of Talbot), 
DuPree (ot Macon), Jones (of De- 
Kalb), Winslow, Foster, Render, 

Counties and County Lines — 
James, chairman ; Robins, Scruug-', 
Henry, Carter, James, Crumley, 
Palmour, Williams, Sijfarman, 
Strother, Heard, Lewis, Gaskin. 

Deaf and Dumb — Willingham, 
chairman ; Cook, Dyers, Bird, 
Summerlin, Hall, Reese, James, 
Zellars, Dykes, Bull, Brewer, 
Wright, Rice, Bennett, Arrington, 
Maddox, Hale, Harrell, Moore (of 

Education — Northen, chairman; 
Cameron, Mitchell, Barrow, Autrey, 

Crozier, Broyles, Cook, Adderton, 
Davis (of Lumpkin), Harrell, 
Mays (of Richmond), Wingfield, 
Turner (of Floyd), Maddox, 
Shock If-y, Nichols. Clarke, Mo-, 
Cants, MIddlebrook, Hammond,. 
Hale, Mcintosh, Goodrich. 

Enrollment — Sweat, chairman; 
Northen, Hansell, Peek, Mitchell, 
Zachry, Willingham, Martin (of 
Houston), Mathews, Storey. Du- 
Pree (of Pike), Jackson (of Car- 
roll), Hester, Spence, Batts, Sta- 

Finance — Hntchins, chairman; 
Miller, Northen, Garrard, Foster,. 
Fuller, Whittle, Burch, Martin, 
(of Talbot), Wright, Lamb. Hill, 
Adderton, Patterson, Hester, 
Coffin, Bacon (of Chatham), Flynt, 
Peek, Park, Farneil, Wheeler, 
Glou^'r, Zachry, Davis (of Haber- 
sham), Bennett, Beatly, Young- 
blood, Christie, Crumbley, Davis 
(of Lumpkin). 

Immigration — Barrow, chairman; 
Lamar, Stanford, Patterson, Bacon 
(of Chatham), Bull, Adderton, 
James, McAlister, Clarke, Sellars, 
Edwards, Murrow, Moore (of Han- 

Littrnal Improvements — Lamar, 
chairman; Smith (of Og'ethrope), 
Bird, Johnson (of Johnson), Daniel, 
McCants, Moore (of Habcock,) 
Smith (of Bryan), Rainey, Harp, 
McLucas, Orr, Sellers, Brewer,^ 
Barnes, (Raskin, Dykes, Nichols, 
Jones (of Baker). 

Journals — Harrell, chairman ; 
Harp, Kinsey, McLucas, Moore 
(of Taliaferro), Dyer, McKinney, 
Heath, James, Clarke, Autrey, 
Qaillian, Dyers. 

Judiciary (General Standing) — 
Hammond, chairman ; Milner, 
Basingtou, Jackson (of Richmond), 
Barrow, DuPree (of Macon), 
Roney, Twiggs, Hunt. H-ghtower, 
(of Stewart), Stanford, Post, Du- 
Bignon, Bull. Reese, Winslow, 
Anderson. Hillyer, Maddcx. 

Judiciary (Special) — Polhi'I, 
chairman; Gray, Este?, Crawford, 
Cameron, Turner (of Macon), 
Wirigfield, Singleton, Jones (of 
DeKalb), Kinsey, McBride, Sil- 


Atlanta City Directory. 

man, Mays (of Richmond), Bran" 
son, Turuipseed, Reader, Sweat, 
Lewis, Liittle, DnPree (of Pike), 
Day, Spence, Jamea, Shockiev, 

Local and Special Bills— Gray, 
chnirman; Singleton, HaTimond, 
Hightower of (Stewart), Stanford, 
Turner (of Moiroe) VVingfield, 
Maj's (of Richmond,) Silman. 

Lunatic Asylum — Perkins, chair- 
man; Scruiiis, Summerlin, Cook, 
McCIure, Zellars, Walker (of Ber- 
rien), Jackson (of Carroll). VVrijiht, 
Wiuiifield, Lamar, DuBianon, Smith 
(of Union), Dykes, Price, Day, 
Mathews, Withro^v, Henry. Wil- 
liams, Burch, Hightower (of Early), 
Heard, Davis (of Habersham), Dy- 
er, Thompson, McDonald, Johnson 
(of Lee). 

Manufactures — Hansell, chair- 
man; Wilkinson, Youngblood, Car- 
tel, Davis (of Habersham), Nich- 
ols, Wilson (of Balloch), Hal^, Mo- 
Kinney, Strother, Julian, Park, Mc- 

Military Affairs— Crawforj, chair- 
man ; Basinger, Gray, Smith (of 
Oglethorpe), Twiggs, Summ-riin, 
MeClur ^ Rice, Tharp'', Lester, L^w- 
is, Daniel, Keel, McBride, Wright, 

Penitentiary — Lane, chairman ; 
Milner, Perkins, Zellars, Birrow, 
Hansell, VVillingham, Heard, Smith 
(of Union), Sumner, Post, Sellars, 
Walker (of Berrien), Fuller Farn^U, 
Edwards, Spearman, ForJham, Ha- 
gen, Christie. Arrington. McCanfs, 
Bennett, CofBn, Storey, Jackson (of 
Carroll). Burch, VVils»"n (of Billoch), 
Moore (of liancock), Wilson (of 
Camden), Lenow. 

Privileges and Electio'is — Miller, 
chairman: Garrard, Janes. Roney, 
DaPree, Milner, Barrov, Whittle, 
Spenc-e, Sapp, Stillman, Croz'er, 
Lamb, Ball, Jones (of DeKalb), 

Privileges of the Floor — DuPree 
(of Macon), chairmsin; Foster, 
Wheeler, \Ic.-\.lister, I)avis(of Lump- 
kin), Sp'='arman, Brinson. 

Public Library — Jackson (of 
Richmond), chairman; Cameron, 
DuPree (of Pike), Hightower (of 

Stewart), Rankin, Shocklt?y, Mid- 
dlebrooks, Price, Beatty,Hill, Reese. 

Public Prlntinar— Martin, chair- 
man; Nichols, Moore (of Pierce), 
Julian. Keel. Wilson (of Bulloch), 
Wilson (of Greene), Smith (of Bry- 
an). Ritchie, Broyles. 

Public Property — DuBignon, 
chairman; Rice, Sweat, Wilcox, 
Wilson (of Greene), xMcKinney, 
Branch, Dyer, Walker (of Crawford) 
Turner (of Floyd). Hunt, Mathews, 
Denton, Barnc'^, Antrey. 

Railroads (Standing) — Rinkin, 
chairman; Garrard, Reese, Bacon 
(of Chatham), Rice, Jackson (of 
Richmond), Fea^in, Lane, Lamar, 
Stap'eton, DuBignon, Branson, 
Clarke, Bull, Estes, Hutchins, Mil- 
ler, Hester. 

State of the Republic — Twiggs, 
chairman; Hansell, Stanford, Ca- 
rithers, Singleton. Turnipseed, 
Tharpe, Henry, Hunt, Strother, 
Walker (of Jasp?r) Jackson (of 
Carroll), Murrow. Palmonr. Ford- 
ham, Rawlins, Hal!, Polhill, K mey, 
Robbins, Branson, Sapo, Kinsey, 
Carter, Hog-fn, Day, Williams. 

Rules — A Bacon, speaker and 
ex-nfficio chairman; Hammond, 
Miller. Polhill, Garrard 

Wild Lands — Garrard, chairman; 
Anderson, Wilcox, Wilson (of Bul- 
loch), Flynt. Dv-ers. Dent-m,Hillyer, 
Quillian, Whittle, McBride, MeAl- 
ister. Heath, Brinson, Withrow, 


Snprenif^ Court. 

Court rooms, State House, Mari- 
etta, southwest corner Forsyth, 
Hon. James Jackson, chief justice; 
Martin J. Crawford and Alexander 
M. Speer, associate justices; Z. D. 
Harrison, clerk ; Clifford Ander 
son, a'torney-general; Henry Jack- 
son, reporter; J. H. Lumpkin, as- 
sistant reporter ; J. G. McLin, 
sheriff. First term commences 
second Monday in February; sec- 
ond term begins first Monday in 

CITY COURT— City Hall, Wash- 
ington, between Hunter and Mitch- 
ell. Richard H. Clark, judge; sal- 

Atlanta City Directory. 


arj-, $2,500 ; C. H. Strong, clerk ; 
salary, fees; W. D. Ellis, solicitor; 
salary, fees. Terms of Court first 
MonJay in March, June, Septem- 
ber and Deci^raber. This court has 
no jurisdiction in qaestions of 
equity, felony, divorce or title to 
real e^are. 

Hall. Exclusive jurisdiction of 
probate and county matters until 
the election of Commissioners of 
Roads and Revenues in April next, 
who take charge of county matters. 
Terms, first Monday and ' uesday 
of each month. W. L. Calhoun, 
ordinary. Elected January, 1881, 
for four years. D. A Cook, clerk. 

Jastices' Courts. 

DISTRICT 1026 -W. M. Butt, 
justice, Itj Whitehall. Term, foarth 
Tuesday in each month. G. H. 
Tanner, justice, 16 Whitehall. 
Term, fourth Tuesday in each 

DISTRICT 1234— Daniel Pitsh- 
ford. justiC'i, 51 Peach tree. Term, 
first Monday ot each month. John 
Rdea, jus'ice. 21 Miriettn. Terra, 
first .Monday ot each month. 

sions daily, except Sunday, Ht 10 
A.M. at the station hous^, 47 S. 
Prvor. John Mil!ed2\ reoord-r. 

Circuit, Fulton county. Terms, 
first Monday after fourth Monday 
in March and September. Hon. 
George Hillyer, judg-^, (term ex- 
pires January. 1885); C. 3 Strong, 
clerk ; W, K. Venab.e, J. M. Gold- 
smith, A. P. Woo 1 ward, deputies ; 
B. H. Hill, Jr.. solic'itor-i^enfral. 

ern District of Georgia), U. S. Cour: 
House and P. 0. Buildi ig. Hon. i 
Edward C. Billing^, judge Fifth I 
Judicial Circuit, residence New I 
Orl'-ans, Li.; Hon. John Erskine, 
district jud^ie, re-iJence Atlanta ; 
John S. Bigley, dis rict attorney; 
S. A. Darnell, assistant attorney ; 
Julius L. Brown, st-inding master 
in chancery; A. E. Buck, clerk; 
W. H. Lofton and C. E. Woods, 

deputies; 0. P. Fitzsiraons, mar- 
shal ; J. W. Culpepper and A. R. 
Wright, office deputies, Atlanta; 
A. J. Liird. L. G. Pirkle, R. D. 
Holton, W. G Newman, deputies, 
Atlanta; W.B Fitzsimons. deputy, 
Cartersville; E. L. Cooper, deputy, 
Rome ; J. M Robinson, deputy, 
D.ihlonpga; John Bird, deputy, 
Atlieni ; J, A. Crawiord, deputy, 
Fairburn ; J. B. Gaston, deputy, 
Gainesville; T. J. Hunt, deputy, 
Harmony Grove ; H. R. Keith, 
deputy, Blairsville. 

Superior Courts. 


W. 0. Fleming, judge; Jesse W. 
Walters, solicitor-gen-ral. 

Baker — First Monday in May 
and November. 

Calhoun — Second Monday in 
March and September. 

Decatur — S-cond and third Mon- 
day in May and Novemb-r. 

Dou2lierty — First, second and 
third Monday in April and October. 

Mitchell — Foarth Monday in May 
and November. 

Worth — Fourth Monday in April 
and November. 


George Hillyer, judge; B. H. 
Hill, Jr., solicitor-general. 

DeKalb — Tuird Monday in March 
and September. 

Clayton — First Monday in March 
and September. 

Fulton — Monday after fourth 
Monday in March and September. 


Claiborne Snead, judge; S. Boy. 
kin, solicit ir-general. 

Burke — Third Monday in May 
and November. 

Columbia — Fourh Monday in 
Ma-ch and September. 

McDdffie — Tflird Monday in 
March and September. 

Richmond — Third Monday in 
April and October. 


J R. Brown, judge; George F. 
Gober, salicitorgeneral. 

Cherokee — Fourth Monday in 


Atlanta City Directory. 

February and second Monday in 

Cobb — Second Monday in March 
and November. 

Dawson — Third Monday in April 
and second Monday in September. 

Fannin — Third Monday in May 
and October. 

Forsyth — Third Monday in Feb- 
ruary and fourth Monday in Au- 

Gilmer — Second Monday in May 
and October. 

Lumpkin — Second Monday in 
April and first Monday in Septem- 

Milton — Fourth Monday in March 
and third Moaday in August. 

Pickens — Fourth Monday in 
April and September. 

Towns — First Monday after fourth 
Monday in May and October. 

Union — Fourth Monday in May 
and October. 


M. L. Mershon, judge; G. W. 
Mabry, solicitor-general. 

Appling —Third Monday in March 
and September. 

Camden — Tuesday after second 
Monday in May and November. 

Charlton— Third Monday in May 
and November. 

Clinch — Tuesday after third Mon- 
day in April and October. 

Coffee — Tuesday after fourth 
Monday in April and October. 

Glynn — Fourth Monday in May 
and November. 

Pierce — First Monday in April 
and October. 

Ware — Second Monday in April 
and October, 

Wayne — Fourth Monday in March 
and September. 


T. J.Willis, judge; T. W. Grimes, 

Chattahoochee — Fourth Monday 
in March and September. 

Harris — Second Monday in April 
and October. 

Marion — Third Monday in April 
and October. 

Muscogee — Second Monday in 
May and November. 

Stewart — Fourth Monday in April 
and October. 

Talnot — Second Monday in March 
and September. 

Taylor — First Monday in April 
and October. 


J. C. Fain, judge ; J. W. Harris, 

Bartow — Second Monday in Jan- 
uary" and July. 

Catoosa — Second Monday in Feb: 
ruary and August. 

Dad( — Third Mondaj' in March 
and September. 

Gordon — Fourth Mondaj' in Feb- 
ruary and August. 

Murray — Third Monday in Feb- 
ruary aad August. 

Whitfield— First Monday in April 
and October. 


Sampson W. Harris, judge ; H. 
M. Reid, solicitor-general. 

Camplaell— First Monday in Feb- 
ruary and August. 

Carroll — First Monday in April 
and October. 

Coweta — First Monday in March 
and September. 

Douglas — Fourth Monday in Jan- 
uary and July. 

Fayette — First Monday in May 
and November. 

Heard— Third Monday in March 
and September. 

Meriwether — Third Monday in 
February and August. 

Troup — Tliird Monday in May 
and November. 


W. B. Fleming, jud-e; Walter G 
Charlton, solicitor general. 

Sryan — Thursday after first Mon- 
day in April and October. 

Bulloch — Thursday before first 
Monday in April and October. 

Chatham — Second Monday in 
February, May and October. 

Effingham — First Monday in 
April and October. 

Liberty— Tuesday after second 
Monday in May and October. 

Mcintosh — Tuesday after last 
Monday in April and October. 

Atlanta City Directory. 



John D. Stewart, judge; Emmet 
Wonaack, solicitor-seneial. 

Butts — Second Monday in March 
and September. 

Henry — Third Monday in April 
and October. 

Monroe— Fourth Monday in Feb- 
ruary and Aujxust. 

Newton — Third Monday in March 
and Septcnber. 

Pike — First Monday in April and 

Rockdale — Third Monday in Feb- 
uary and Aujrust. 

Spalding — First Monday in Feb- 
ruary and August. 

Upson — First Monday in May and 


Thomas J. Simmons, judge; J. 
L- Hardeman, solicitor-general. 

Bibb — Fourth Monday in April 
and October. 

Crawford — Fourth Monday in 
March and September, 

Houston — Fourth MondajMn May 
and November. 


R. W. Caswell, judge; R. L. 
Gamble^ solicitor-general. 

Emanuel— Third Monday in April 
and October. 

Jefferson — Second Monday in 
May and November. 

Johnson — Fourth Monday in 
March and September. 

Screven — First Monday in May 
and November. 

Tatnall— Second Monday in April 
and October. 

Washington — First Monday in 
March and September. 


_E. H. Pottle, judge; George F. 
Pierce, solicitor-ceneral. 

Elbert— Second Monday in March 
and September. 

Glascock — Third Monday in Feb- 
ruary and August. 

Hancock — Second Monday in 
April and October. 

Hart — Third Monday in March 
and September. 

Lincoln — Fourth Monday in Apri^ 
and October. 

Madison — FirstMonday in March 
and September — 

Oglethorpe — Third Monday in 
April ond October. 

Taliaferro — Fourth Monday in 
February and August 

Warren — First Monday in April 
and October. 

Wilkes — First Monday in May 
and November. 


Thomas G. Lawson, judjie; Rob- 
ert A. Whitfield, solicitor ueneral. 

Baldwin — Third Monday in Feb- 
ruary and August. 

Greene — Second Monday in March 
and September. 

Jasper — Fourth Monday in April 
and October. 

Jones — Third Monday in April 
and October. 

Morgan — First Monday in March 
and September. 
Putnam — Third Monday in March 
and September. 

Wilkinson — First Monday in 
April and October. 


A. C. Pate, judge; Thomas Ea- 
son. solicitor general. 

Dodge — First Monday in May 
and November. 

Dooly — Second and Third Mon- 
day in March and September. 

Irwin— Monday after fourth Mon- 
day in March and September. 

Laurens — Second Monday in 
April and October. 

Montgomery— Wednesday after 
fourth Monday in April and Octo- 

Pulaski — Second and third Mon- 
day in Ma3' and November. 

Telfair — Tuesday after third 
Monday in April and October. 

Twiggs — First Monday in March 
and September. 

Wilcox — Fourth Monday in 
March and September. 


Arthur Hood, judge ; James H. 
Guerry, solicitor-general. 

('lay — Fourth Monday in March 
and September. 


Atlanta City Directory. 

Early — Firrtand second Monday 
in April and October. 

Miller— Third Monday in April 
and Uc'ober. 

Quitman— Third Monday in May 
and November. 

Randolph — First and second 
Monday in May and November. 

Terrell— Fourth Monday in May 
and November, and holds two 


J. W. H. Underwood, judge; J. 
I. Wright, solicitor-general. 

Chattooga — First Monday in 
March and September. 

Floyd — First Monday in January 
and July, and holds four weeks — 
longer if necessary. 

Paulding— First Monday in Feb- 
ruary and August 

PoIk— Second Monday in Febru- 
ary and August, and holds two 

Haralson — Third Monday in Jan- 
uary and July, and holds two 

Walker — Last Monday in Febru- 
ary and August, 


Augustus H. Hansell, judge; R 
G. Mitchell, solicitor-general. 

Berrien — Third Monday in March 
and September. 

Brooks — First Monday in May 
and November. 

Colquitt — Wednesdaj^ after fourth 
Monday in March and September. 

Echols — Tuesday after first Mon- 
day in April and October. 

Lownd"S — Third Monday in May 
and November. 

Thomas— Third week in April 
and October. 


G. F. Crisp, judne; C. B. Hud- 
son, solicitor-general. 

Lee — Second Monday in March 
and November. 

Macon — First Monday in De- 
cember and third Monday in May. 

Schley — Fourth Monday in April 
and October. 

Sumter — Second Monday in 
April and October. 

Webster — First Monday in April 
and October. 


A. S. Irwin, judge; A. L. Mitch- 
ell, solicitor-general. 

Banks — First Monday in April 
and October. 

Clarke — Second and third Mon- 
day in May and November. 

Oconee — Fourth Monday in Jan- 
uary and July. 

Franklin — S'^cond Monday in 
April and October. 

Gwinnett — First and sec^nid Mon- 
day in March and first Monday in 

Habersham — Third Monday in 
April and October. 

Hall — Third and fourth Monday 
in March and September. 

Jackson— First and second Mon- 
day in February and August. 

Rabun — Fourth Monday in April 
and October. 

Walton —Second and third Mon- 
day in February and August. 

White — First Monday after fourth 
Monday in April and October. 


Chief Execntiye, 

PRESinENT— James A. Garfield, 
of Ohio Term ends March 4th, 
1885. Salary, $50,000. 

Vice-Prkside.vt — Chester A. 
Arthur, of New York. Term ends 
March 4tb, 1885. Salary, $10,000. 
Courts and Judges. 


Chief Justice — Morrison R. 
Waire, Toledo, Ohio. Salary $10,- 


Nathan Clifford, Portland, Maine. 
Salary $10,000. 

Ward Hunt, New York. Salary 

William Stronsi, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Salary $10,000. 

Joseph P. Bradley, Newark, N. 
J. Salary $10,000. 

Stanley Matthews, Cincinnati, 0. 
Salary $10,000. 

Atlanta City Directory. 


John M. Harlan, Louisville, Ky. 
Salary $10,000. 

Samuf 1 F. Miller, Keokuk, Iowa. 
Salary $10,000. 

Stephen J, Field, San Francisco, 
Cal. Salary IPIOOOO. 

Samuel F. Phillips, Solicitor- 
General, Washington, 1). C. Salary 


First Circuit, John Lowell. Bos- 
ton, Mass.; Second, Samuel Blatch- 
ford, of New York; Third, Wm. 
McKennr'n, of Washington, Pa ; 
Fourth, Hugh L. Bond, of Balti- 
more, Md; Fifth, E. C. Billings 
(appointment awaiting confirma- 
tion), of New Orleans, La.; Sixth' 
John Ba.xter, of Knoxville, Tenn.; 
Seventh, Thomas Drummond, of 
Chicago, 111.; Eighth. George W. 
McCrary, of Keokuk, Iowa; Ninth, 
Lorenzo Sawyer, of San Francisco, 
Cal. Salaries, $5,000 each. 

Court of Claims — Charles D. 
Drake, chief justice ; C. C, Nott, 
Wm. A. Richardson, J. C. Ban- 
croft, Davis Williams, H Hunt, 
judges. The court holds its sessions 
in the Capitol, at Washington, D. C. 

Unitkd States Marshal — Fred- 
erick Douglas (c.) 

Forty-sixth Congreps. 

|^° Figures after Senators' 
names show the date when term 
expires ; after Representatives' 
show the number of districts. * in- 
dicates Senators. 


*John T. Korean 83 

*George S Houston 85 

Thomas H. Herndon 1 

Hilary A. Herbert 2 

William C. Gates 3 

Charles M Shellev 4 

Thomas Williams 5 

George W. Hewett, 6 

William H. Forney 7 

William M. Lowe 8 


•Augustus H Garland 83 

»James D. Walker 85 

Poindexter Dunn 1 

James K. Jones 2 

Jordan E. Cravens 3 

Thomas M. Gunter 4 


*James T. Farley 85 

"^John F. Miller 87 

W. S. Rosecrans 1 

Horace F.Page 2 

C. P. Berry 3 

Romualdo Pacheco 4 


*Henry M. Teller 83 

*Nathaniel P. Hill 85 

James B. Bedford I 


*Orville H. Piatt 85 

"*Joseph B. Hawley 87 

John R. Buck I 

James Phelps 2 

John Wait 3 

Frederick Miles 4 


*Eli Saulsbury 83 

*Tboraas F. Bayard 87 

Edward L. Martin 1 


*Wilkinson Call 85 

*Charles W. Jones 87 

Robert H. M. Davidson 1 

Jesse J. Finley 2 


*Benjamin H. Hill 83 

»J. E. Brown... 87 

George R. Black 1 

Henry G, Turner 2 

Philip Cook 3 

Hugh Buchanan 4 

Nathaniel J. Hathmond 5 

James H. Blount 6 

Judson C. Clements 7 

Alexander H. Stephens 8 

Emory Speer 9 


♦David Davis 83 

*John A. Logan 85 

William Aldrich 1 

George R. Davis 2 

Charles B. Farwell 3 

John C. Sherwin 4 

Robert M. A. Hawk 5 

Thomas J. Henderson 6 

William Cullen 7 

Lewis E. Payson 8 

John S. Lee 9 

Benjamin F. Marsh 10 

James W. Singleton 11 

William M. Springer 12 

Dietrich C. Smith 13 


Atlanta City Directory. 

Joseph G. Cannon 14 

Albert P. Forsythe i5 

William A. J. Sparks 16 

William R Morrison 17 

John R. Thomas 18 

Richard W. Townshend 19 


*Daniel W. Voorhees 85 

^Benjamin Harrison 87 

William Heilman 1 

Thomas R. Cobb 2 

S. M. Stockslager 3 

W. S. Holman 4 

C. C. Matson 5 

Thomas M. Browne 6 

Stanton J. Peelle 7 

R. B. F.Pierce 8 

GoodloveS. Ortli 9 

Mark L, DeMotte 10 

George W. Steele 11 

■VValpole G. Colerick 12 

William H. Calkins 13 


*Samuel J. Kirkwood 83 

♦William B. Allison 85 

Moses A. McCoid 1 

Sewall S. Farwell 2 

Thomas Updegraff'. 3 

Nathaniel C. Deerins 4 

William G, Thompson 5 

Madison E. Cutts 6 

John A. Kasson 7 

W. P. Hepburn 8 

Cyrus C. Carpenter 9 


♦Preston B. Plumb 83 

*John J. IngJls 85 

John A. Anderson 1 

Dudley C. Haskell 2 

"Thomas Ryan 3 


*James B. Beck 83 

*John S. Williams 85 

Oscar Turner 1 

James A. Mc-Kenzie 2 

John W. Caldwell 3 

J. Proctor Knott 4 

Alberts. Willis 5 

John G. Carlisle 6 

Joseph C. S. Blackburn 7 

Philip B. Thompson, Jr 8 

John D. White 9 

Elijah C. Bristow 10 


♦William Pitt Kellogg 83 

*Benjamin F. Jones 85 

Randall L. Gibson 1 

E. John Ellis 2 

C. B. Dairell 3 

N. C. Blanchard 4 

J.Floyd King 5 

Edward W. Robertson 6 


♦James G. B'aine 83 

♦Eugene Hale 87 

Thomas B. Reed 1 

William P. Frye 2 

Stephen D. Lindsey 3 

George W. Ladd 4 

Thomas H. Murch 5 


♦James B. Groome 85 

♦A. P. Gorman 87 

G. W. Covington 1 

J. FredC. Talbot 2 

F. S. Hoblitzell o 

Robert M. McLa n . 

A. G. Chapman 5 

Milton G. Urner 6 


♦George F. Hoar 83 

♦Henry L. Dawes 87 

Willij^m W. Crapo 1 

Benjamin W. Harris 2 

A. A. Ranney 3 

Leopold Morse 4 

Selwin Z. Bowman 5 

Eben F. Stone 6 

William A. Russell 7 

John W. Chandler 8 

William W. Rice 9 

Amasa Norcross 10 

George D. Robinson 11 


*Thoma3 W. Ferry 83 

♦Omar D. Cougar 87 

Henry W. Lord 1 

Edwin Willits 2 

Edward S. Lacy 3 

Julius C. Burrows 4 

George W. Weber 5 

0. L. Spaulding 6 


R. G. Horr 8 

Jay A. Hubbell 9 


♦William Windom 83 

*S. J. R. McMillan 87 

MarkH. Dunnell 1 

Horace B. Straight 2 

Atlanta City Directory. 


William D.Washburn ?> 


*Lucius Q. C. Lamar 83 

*J. Z. Georse 87 

Henry L. Muldrovv 1 

Van H. Matinin'Z 2 

Hernando DeS. Money 3 

Otho R. Siniileton 4 

Charles E. Hooker 5 

James R. Chalmers 6 


"George G. Vest 85 

*Francis M. Cockrell 87 

M L. 1 

Thomas Allen 2 

G. Sessinghaus 3 

Lowndes H Davis 4 

Richard P. Bland 5 

I. S. Haseltine 6 

T. N. Rice 7 

R. T. VanHorn 8 

Nicholas Ford 9 

C. H. Mansur 10 

John B Clarke, Jr 11 

William H. Hatch 12 

Aylett H. Buckner 13 


*Alvin Saunders 83 

*Charles H. VanWyck 87 

Edward K. Valentine 1 


*John P. Jones 85 

*James G. Fair 87 

George W. Cassidy 1 


»EH. Rollins 83 

*N. W. Biair 85 

Joshua G. Hall 1 

James F. Brijrgs 2 

EvartsW. Farr 3 



*John R McPherson 83 

*William J. Sewall 87 

George M. Robeson 1 

J. Hart Brewer 2 

Miles Ross 3 

H. S. Ha:ris 4 

John Hill 5 

Phineas Jones .- 6 

A. A. Hardenbergh 7 


*Roscoe Conkling 85 

^Thomas C. Piatt 87 

Perry Belmont 1 

William E Robinson 2 

J. Hyatt Smith 3 

Archibald M. Bliss 4 

Benjamin Wood 5 

Samuel S. Cox 6 

P. Henry Drugo 7 

Anson G. McCook 8 

Fernando Wood 9 

Abram S. Hewitt 10 

Levi P. Morton 11 

Waldo Hutchins 13 

John H. Ketchum 13 

Lewis Beach 14 

Thomas Cornell 15 

Michael N. Nolan 16 

Walter A. Wood 17 

John Hammond 18 

A. X. Parker 19 

George West 20 

D. Wilbur 21 

Ferris Jacobs, Jr 22 

Cyrus D. Prescott 23 

Joseph Mason 24 

Frank Hiscock 25 

John H. Camp 26 

Elbridge G. Lapham 27 

Jeremiah W. Dwight 28 

D. P. Richardson 29 

J. Van Voorh'S 30 

Richard Crowley 31 

J. L. Scoville 32 

H. Van Aernam 33 


*Matt W. Ransom 83 

*Zebuloa B Vance 85 

L. C. Latham 1 

0. Hubbs 2 

J. W. Shackleford 3 

William R. Cox 4 

Alfred M. Scales 5 

Clement Dnw^ 6 

Robert Armfield 7 

Robert B. Vance 8 


*G. H. Pendleton 85 

*"John Sherman , 87 

Benjamin Butterworth 1 

Thomas L. Young 2 

Henry L Morey 3 

Emanuel Schultz 4 

Benjamin LeFevre i 

James M, Ritchie 6 

John P. Leedom 7 

J. Warren Keifer, 8 

James S. Robinson 9 

John B. Rice 10 

Henry S. Neal 11 


Atlanta City Directory. 

George L. Converse 12 

Gibson Atherton 13 

George W Geddis 14 

Rufus R Dawes 15 

J. D. Updesrafif 16 

W, McKinley, Jr 17 

A. S. Mcriure 18 

Ezra B. Taylor 19 

, Amos Tcwnsend 20 


*Lafaye(te Grover 83 

*Janies H. Slater 85 

M.C. George 1 


*James Don Cameron 85 

* .'....ST 

Henry H, Bingham 1 

Charles O'Neal 2 

Samuel J, Randall 3 

William D. Kelly 4 

Alfred C. Harmer 5 

William Ward 6 

William Goodshalk 7 

Daniel Ermentrout 8 

A. Herr Smith 9 

William Mutchler 10 

Robert Klotz. 11 

Joseph A. Scranton 12 

C. N. Brumm 13 

Samuel F. Barr 14 

C. C. Jadwin 15 

R. J. C. Walker 16 

J. M, Campbell 17 

Horatio G. Fisher 18 

F. E. Beltzhoover 19 

Andrew G. Curtin 20 

Morgan R. Wise 21 

Russell Errett 22 

Thomas M. Bayne 23 

William S Shalleaberger 24 

James Musgrove 25 

Samuel H. Miller 26 

Lswis F. Watson 27 


■'Ambrose E. Burnside 87 

*Henry B. Anthony 83 

Nelson W. Aldrich 1 

Jonathan Chace , 2 


*M. C. Butler 83 

*Wade Hampton 85 

John S. Richardson 1 

M. P. O'Connor 2 

D. Wyatt Aiken 3 

John H, Evins 4 

George D. Tilman 5 


*rshara G. Harris 83 

*Hnwell E. Jackson 87 

E. H. Pettibone 1 

L, C. Houk 2 

George G. Dibbrell 3 

Benjamin McMiliin 4 

Richard Warner 5 

John F. House 6 

Washington C, VVhitthorne 7 

John D. C, Atkins 8 

Chnr!es B. Simonton 9 

William R. Moore 10 


*Richrad Coke 83 

*Samuel B. Maxey 87 

John H, Reagan 1 

David B. Culberson 2 

Olin Welborn 3 

Roger Q, Mills 4 

George W. Jones 5 

Columbus Upson 6 


*Justin S. Morrill 85 

*George F. Edmund? 87 

Charles H. Joyce 1 

James M. Tyler 2 

William W. Groat 3 


*John W. Johnston 83 

* William Mahone 87 

John Critcher 1 

John F. Dezpndorf 2 

George D. Wise 3 

Joseph Jorgensen 4 

John D, Stovall 5 

John R. Tucker 6 

John Paul 7 

John S. Barbour 8 

Connally F. Twigg 9 


*Henry G, Davis 83 

*Johnson M. Camden 87 

Benjamin Wilson I 

John Blair Koge 2 

John E. Kenna 3 


*Matthew H. Carpenter 85 

*Philetus Sawyer 87 

Charles G. Williams 1 

Lucien B Caswell 2 

George C, Hazelton 3 

Peter V, Deuster 4 

Edward S. Bragg 5 

Richard Guenther 6 

Herman L. Humphrey 7 

Thaddeus C, Pound 8 

Of Milwaukee, Wis- 

Assetts (January let, 1881) $18,346 212 38 

Reserve (Actuaries' 4pprcent.) :.....". 15 092,299 00 

SURPLUS $3,0 I 1 ,297 01 

mmm mm ii ihe 

fill mmmL 

1. Purely Mutual. 

2. Mauaged by its 35,000 Policy Holders. 

3. High rates of interest on its iuYestments. 

4. Low rate of mortality. 


For the last seven years ( 74, 75, '76, 77, 78, 79, '80) its 

Death Losses and Running Expenses, 

WITH AN EXCESS OF $800,000. 

®E€LA®EB AN A¥1BAGE ©lYIPlMD, m. 1880, 0F 


Takes no risks in localities effi^ct d by epidemics. Does not 

discriminate against Policy Holders of any locality 

Is conservative in its management, and 

careful in the selecti'in of its risks. 

Active and reliable men can secure contracts for 

good territory. 


Greneral Agent for Greorgia. 

-^ 30M^^ 












Hay, Oats, Flour, Meal, etc. 

^(]OMI(Jlii\TS miClTE 



Cigars # Tobace®, 


Florida Oi»aiige®9 


Advertising Department. 



Louisville Plow Works. 

Cast and Steel 


Cast and Steel 

mOI Mi WO0S IMl 

Double Shovels, Sulky Plows, 


Fam and Spring 




B TJ a- G- I E S 



1^ w^ Mwmmw m mmmm^ 


76 Advertising Department. 

Macon, Georgia. B'.ue Kidge Springs, Va. 

^\q f^kflof Sotel of tl\e :Bout]^. 

*--*-* • 

Is now the acknowledged home for the commercial traveler or pleasure tourist- 
THE MARKHAM is unsurpassed at the South in all that contributes to the 
comfort of its patrons. In our 

On the first floor, will be fouud most of the leading journals of the country. 
A beautiful _ 

ci'-f'ov-ue'r- Sa/t>bc4n', 

In the court makes an attraction to be found in but few hotels. Every room 
is connected with the Office by the new 

91t ci-a vtc N c tlin^ia 1 1 \ t c lo'tot:., 

Insuring prompt attention, and each hall has a sufficient supply of two inch 
hose, connected by plug to city water pipes, and will reach any room in 
the hotel, thereby insuring perfect safety in event of fire, while a handsome 

Runs day and night. The spacious Arcade, adjoining parlors and overlook- 
ing Office, makes a delightful place to entertain company. 
The Office and Halls are 

Thus furnishing a charming temperature in the coldest days. Our bedrooms 
have been handsomely painted and newly carpeted. A large 

\Eoi4Mnitt"cc ^tooiii 

Afi'ords ample accommodation for Public Meetings. 

Telegraph, Express'aud General Ticket Otfices are within half a block 
of the Markham. In short, the Markham contains every possible advantage 
known to the business. \ 

$2.50 and $3.00 per day, according to loca^-'on of room, with a Bill of 
Fare unsurpassed by any hotel in the South. Rooms with Bath attached, 
50 cents per day extra. 

The important item of buss and baggage charge.^ are never mentioned 
at the Markham. 










Banking Room, IQ Wall Street, Kimball Hqusq. 

* % * 

Does a General Banking Business, Buys and Sells Exchange, and Makes 
Collections on all accessible points, at lowest rates. 



B. B. CREW, 


En^isES, \w Mills, \4\\A\\i Inplemenis, \\\{\, Etc. 





Wood, Tal)er & Morse Engines, Sweepstakes, Threshers and 

3Ionitor Engines, Queen City Portable and Stationary 

Engines, Victor Cane Mills, Cook Eraporators, 

Steam Jet P«nips, Cotton Gins and Pl'esses. 


- 78 

Advertising Department. 

L. H. BECK. 



Hardware Merchants 


Nos. 2 and 4 South. Prior Street, 



&i CO 



Wl\ole^kle G^f odef ^, f^f ovi^ioii^, 

1^ TOiTOwt m^ 


mW\TOk WCW.\ TO\\T\ ?^ni;n« VTi.Wi .i 


.■„-' "SS^ ^m^S 


Bi^^Office and Storeroom, 46 and 48 Alabama Street. 

8®^Cotton Warehouse, northwest corner Pryor and Hunter Streets. 

.A.<3-Erra:s T77".i^i^i::E:ir>. 

■ .A.<3-SI;TTS ■^TT-.iA.ItTTEI^. 

I a oiAiiiie I 


St. Louis, Mo., Atlanta, Ga., and Chicago, 111. 


Also, the Cheapest and Most Complete 


Men of character and ability Avanted to ir trod nee our Bibles and Books. Pre- 
serve the address, and when you want to MAKE MONEY send for terms and 
circulars of our standard works. 

Address, T. H. CI3:-fik.:L.^EE:i2.S s2c CO., 

Advertising Department. 


^W. S. B 




'W. S. BELL (& BRp., 




No. 147 Decatur Street, 






^jmIIiI %%w^^^ 

:F O R:- 

fHIS Institution founded by the American Baptist Home Mission Society, 
draws its support from "the free will offerings" of benevolent Baptists, 
white and colored, at the North and at the South, 

Rev. J. T. ROBERT, LL. D., President. 

Rev. D. shaver, D.D., Professor. 

W. R. RAYMOND, A.B., Professor. 

W. E. HOLMES, Student Assistant. 

The annual session of eight month.s opens Octoher first of eat-li year and 
closes June first of the year following, with a vacation during the Christmas 

Only such applicants as furnish satisfactory testimonials to their moral 
character are admitted as students, and those are required to pay $1,00 a month 
in advance, for tuition. Board and washing in the city at from $C to $7 a month. 

LOCATION— Corner of Elliott and West Hunter Streets. 


Advertising Department. 




Fast Mail Train 



The Piedmont Air Line leading in the movement to give the people 

Safe and Rapid Transportation 




And with its Cennections the only Direct Line from ATLANTA and the 

Southwest to all Points in Northeast Georgia, Soath Carolina, 

North Carolina, Virginia and all Eastern Cities. 

W^7Z Miles Shortest Line 

JlUania and ull Jr^v-lfMti und &a^kr^ti Biiwi. 

liif It Sii^ Piiitaf if Siwlt 


fi^^'Formiug Direct Connection with ALL TBAINS arriving from all 

Points in the Southwest. 

Schedules specially arranged for Connecting with all Trains from all 
Points in Xexas, New Orleans, Mobile, Montgomery, Macon, Eufaula, 
Albany, Columbus, Americus, and all Points in APiKANSAS, LOUISIANA, 


G. P. & T. A., RICHMOND, VA. G. P. & T. A., ATLANIA GA. 

Advertising Depaktment. 








^S^^^S^^'i^i^^x'i^^'^" ■!«§!$* »\^»\\'^^ ^%-* ^v4j.^>' Wi\^\*S®s^*S';^v,.''ij^ 

Mil Ail Ai:f jL mwrnu 


mil I 

Incorporated under the laws of the State 


m m m $|vv«' 






No. 37 Broad Street, Atlanta, Georgia. 

tbRA-ISTOH: OFFIOE : K,om.e, O-eorgia, 

Speculations in "futures" in 

■^"'^^^'■^ Wmwi oKiTOi ^^'*' iEiTOT«fi^ '•^?^;> r:;r7/.<^. TvStJwl '"W.^i TOT.-.v;^ vnuno ^:v.i^ mmW 


Orders Solicited. Send for Circulars. 


NW \^S?^^ W VWwwVWVW ^^:;Vv#'^ WWWWWWWN ^^JJ\NJ5^ WWWWWWV WM\ 1^!^ 

iiii: lyifP 

;I3escler iaa.: 

White Pine Doors, 

lAsn Mmm mEMmmm^ 


Wiiidow 01^^, i^utty, Sjtd., 


W.W W\^ ^^wTO. «*\w^ 

i^x^ '':':w:^'' 

\"^"TO?TO wrmos^ '':':^;?:w-'' tt*:"^: WWv r*v ^ro^^ 'O^^*;^ • 

No. 33 South. Broad St., A-tlanta, Ga. 


Advertising Department. 

Thos. M. Clarke. | Rob't. C. Clarke. | Jno. C. Kirkpatrick. | Jno. A. Fitten. 


-'^S::?lmporters and Jobbers of^"^^ 

Saddlery, Fire Proof Safes, Etc. 

Peacb.tree, cor. Ziine, iitlaxita, Ga. 


GEO. J. HOWARD, Atlanta. 

CHAS. H HOWARD, Augusta. 


li illf f life 


36 and :» E. WALl ST., (Opp. Passenger Depot,) 


m\v,\\m\ "iS^^vm ■ss^J TO!!i»w!!jj^^ 

\\\.\\\W\\ ^w^ss.'^jKt ^^!^ 


OFFICE— 19 South Broad Street, (near bridge,) 

^^^f m. 

For Public and Private Buildings of every description, and 
superintend their erection when desired. Plans of Suburban 
and Ptural Designs carefully prepared and sent to any part 
of the country. 

t, Advertising Department. | 


fi^"- Admits Stud' nts of all Races and both Sexes. 


a@~Board, $6 and $8 per month. 

Tuition, $1 per^month 


Advertising Department. 

f 11 mim ?iif lOiL Ills 







For Prices and Terms 


No. 14 W. Mitchell St., Atlanta. Ga. 

Uf iij, f iii m Sill itiii 

Em>^^ mi libs isigM mi ^©M m ^^mmimim. 


The best Carriages and Buggies, ttie Finest Horses and most Experienced 

Drivers in the Ciiy. 

Advertising Department. 




Corner J^labaixia and [Prvor Streets. 

B^^Plans, SpecHcalions, Detail Drawings for buildings of every descrip- 
tion, complete satisfaction guaranteed, at short notice and reasonable 

Correspondence solicited for Designs for suburban and country resi- 



(Adjoining Cemetery.) 

, |i.fti|9f sf ^ f iinliiii 

Special attention given to 


Orders can be left at Markham House cigar stand, or Jack & Holland. 

J'013:i<T 1^. SD^ITH, 


'fob VZRY extraordikakyu 


Of all kinds of 





Advertising Department. 


A Standard. Institution. 



Actual Business ! Students on 'Change ! 
» > « < — - — 

The Best Mode of Instruction ever adopted for the PRACTICAL EDUCATION of 
Yonng Men, Boys, and Men of Middle Age. 


The School is a completely organized pommunlty, with its necessaiy ad- 
Jancts, Banking Houses, Insurance, Transportation and other Agencies, in which 
each student acts bis part as clerk, book-keeper, merchant, banker, etc. 

Merchants rent their places ot business, procure license, deposit 'heir money 
in baiik, buy, s<=ll. collect, give and take notes of hand, raise money by having 
notes discounted, make and receive consignments, and keep their own accounts, 
recording each transaction as it takes place. 

Surplus funds are disposed of in the usual way, by investment in stocks. 

The community is governed by strict laws, in close conformity with those of 
the business world outside. 

The Merchant, as intimated, cannot engage in business until he has obtained 
license from the government; must use Ills stamps, state his terms cf sale, col- 
lect and pay in accordance with law or usage, protect his maturing paper ; or 
submit to the usual penalties, perhaps to the loss of credit and standing in the 
community. Funds of defaulters, absent or deceased members, in the hands of 
others, cannot be reached except by legal process. 

Absent members may award powers of attorney for tlie settlement of their 
affairs, while the estates of deceased members are placed in the hands of 
aaminLstrators. - - 


Single and Double Eutr ' Book-Keeping, Plain and Ornamental Penman- 
ship, Commercial Arithu^etic, Merchandising, Political Economy, Actual Bus- 
iness, Business Coi-respondence, Mercantile Law, Insurance, Banking, etf. 

PRACTICAL BOOK-KEEPING, the students as an organized business 
community, transacting business, and recording cMch transaction as it occurs. 
Here are in operation Wholesale and Retail Houses, Transportation, Insurance 
and Banking Houses The Student, as a merchai t or clerk, makes out his bills, 
issues his notes and checks, procures his poiici s of insurance, and deposits his 
money precisely as the same things are done in the outside world; all the vari- 
ous printed forms of bills, notes, dray tickets, bills of lading, checks, stamps, 
etc., being supplied in his outfit. 

The following classes of business are represented; Buying and Selling on 
Commission, Flour Business, Produce, Provi.sions, Dry Goods, Grocery Houses, 
Etc. Merchants conduct business singly, in partnership and as joint stock 

companies. ,. . . ^^ -, \ 

TIME OF ENTERING.— There are no terms of divisions. Students can 
enter any week day during the year with equal advantages. There are no ex- 
aminations at time of commencing. 

PREPARATORY QUALIFICATIONS —A knowledge of the ordinary English 
branches constitutes a sufficient preparation lor entering the College, and any 
special deficiencies in these, if not too deep rooted, can be remedied in our course. 

TIME REQUIRED.— The time nece.sshiy to complete the course is from 
twelve to sixteen weeks, varying according to the ability and application of the 
student. $110.00 to $115.00 will cover Tuition, Stationery, Board, etc., for three 

For circulars, etc., address 

B. F. MOORE, President, Atlanta, Ga. 

Advertising Department. 



E. F. MAY 




29 West Alabama Street, 


^J U 



^sj^^JK^ ^v5;sa\^ ^:?S^vf# ' 




Of an;; Varieties of — 

.A-aad. X)es,ler lis. 

jSvnfeciiomtij and Bmimd §Qt^di^ 

Nos. 54, 56, 58, 60 and 62 ALABAMA STREET, 

^TZiiilTTA, - - GSOB.GZA. 



Will AID tijif 01 

^tlanta^ - Greoi'gia. 

Agent for the Celebrated "Apple GroTe" and "Cabinet 
IVliiskies. Importer of Foreign Wines, 
Brandies, Etc., Etc. 



Advertising Department. 



^tle^miii* @®o 

) ■ ~,a 


Si'ocfv o^ 

I#€teto©^^ d^#^l®afele 

Paints, Oils. Dye-S 


^6 ve- lottii-b in- i>fve Soi^fv ; oiv -H4^o>t lo/uot^o-Me -te-t-vno-. 


cli-f o;>bct>A -fiffc^ ptontptCu a»vb tult^ gc-eat cci-t-e, awb 
euCi^i^ at-ticfc -luar-rct^^.teb to &e vufio-t •vuc- ^ci-u it i^. 

in flitfa.'M-tci', cuvb ■piiz-c- Q||g cnvi> VirfllsllBSi 


a<??zaij ^^^an-mn ^ I^a^nai 

We Import direct from ^he best Manufacturers in Europe, 


String, and all kinds of Musical Merchandise. 

Ncbody can Underbuy Us. Nobody Undersell Us. 


We Make a Specialty of 


.£k.ll— Eest .A.u.ti3.ors— Xjo-c^est IFrices. 

Send a three cent stamp for our catalogue containing over 3,000 differei,t subjects ; tl e 
best catalogue in the country to select from. 

New York leads the world in Pianos. We /are Southern Agents for all the ceh brated Kew 

York Makes, viz : 



New and Second-hand Pianos from $50 to $120. Send for our prices before you buy. 

All the wholesale Estev Organ business in eight Southern States is transacted by 

the ESTEY ORGAN CO. at ATLANTA. At our warerooms 

may always be found a complete assortment of these 


Including all the newest styles and latest improvements. 

THOMPSON BROS are our agents tor Newnan and vicinity. 

Corner Broad and Alabama Streets, 



Advertising Department. 

ESir.A.BXjisia:E3D ixr iSTo.: 

'SX^^'v ^I^SW^ "S^^.TOTS '^\'^C.\T^^ 



A Specialty. 

>^=-Our motto -Fire Work and Reasonable Prices. Call ard see us. 

J. H. and W. T. KUHNS, 33.^ Whitehall !S^, Athxnta, ^a. 




I mmww mim. 


Practical Watchmaker Sl Optician 


Repairing fi^D I F F I C U L T AV R K-^ a Specialty. 

Hair tJo-welry M.iiJclo to orcler- 

My Old Number- 35 Whitehall street. Atlanta,' Ga. 



83 Broad Street, 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Advertising DErAiiXMENT. 


No. 20 East Alabama Street, 


(3:;5r\Vliolesale Dealer i 



Of All Descriptions. 
Prices as LOW as the LOV/EST. 

Atlanta Bridg'e Works 



ATLANTA, OA., and 102 BROADWAY, N. Y., 

Engineers @ Bridge Builders, 






A. J. POST. 


+1 Broad Street, corner Alabama, 

Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. 

Imperial and Northern 

Fire Association (Plailadelplila) 

Star, of New York 

London Assurance Corporation 

Underwriters' Agency 

Insurance Company of North A.nerica. 



Mutual Life (New York) 

Travelers' Life and Accident ^Hartford). 

.Assets oV 

er 540,000,000 



lo,(X)'),' 00 









Advertising Department. 

W.H.PmiNS, ^iOllflOfSj A' 5' S^UCE, 

Healey Biailding, 


And IDetail IDra.'wings 



In any part of the Country. 
After sixteen years experience will guarantee taste and accuracy in all work. 




^' ^EFZl; T 


AMm-wmmw ^t ^m'w<^ 

^^ ^- ^^ 


Office, 50 Marietta St., Atlanta, Ca- 

s a« KHM W 



No. 7 East Alabama Street, 

IE?Zim"ba,ll Hoiase, 





Advertising Department. 


108 Whitehall and 53 S. Broad Streets, 



VSAZi, BBSF, Stc. 

Also dealer In Live Stock and Proprietor of the Central Stock Yards. A.11 or- 
ders filled promptly, and satisfaction guaranteed. Am prepared f> 
slaughter and pack Hogs in any quantity at short notice. 
I want your patronage if jou are prompt in settling your Bills, otherwise I do not 



Upholstery, Bedding, Furniture, 


(Near Whitehall.) 

Atlanta, Greorgia. 

S^ No. 14 SOUTH BROAD STREET, (iiear Bridge), -m 


Marble and Granite Monuments, 


B@*A full line of finished work always on hand. 

fi^°"Before purchasino; elsewhere call aad examine my stock. Designs 
sent ou application free of charge. 


ieot Ij Shot Makiij 

Under James' Bank, 
«@-Puts up Work with a Ouaraiitee of Fitting and 

Giving Satisfaction. 

Work forwarded to any place by Express or as may be desired. 

94 Advertising Department. 


tt^Is a Sure Cure for Eheumatism'^^^a 


Chronic, Inflamiuatory, Muscular, Articular, Sciatic, Etc. 


A Safe, Sure and Femanent Cure for all Sisoriers of Blood and Muscles! 

S^^For sale by Druggists generally. 



No. 43h Whitehall St., - - - Atlanta, Georgia. 

Royal, of England Total Assets, $21,492,769 

Lancashire, of England. 

German American, of New York 

Manhattan, of New York 

Connecticut, of Harttord 

Western, of Toronto 

British America, of Toronto 

Merchants and Mechanics, of Virginia 

Scottish Union and National, of Scotland. 




Men's, Youth's and Children's 


Advertising Department. 



1 ill 


■ n n ft.r.B iX^i iSi'l; r-fl 

k 9 ib4 11 PEiCITEEE ST. EATES |2 J PEE DA!. 

Is now open for the reception of guests. This house is furuislied in the very style througliout, and will he first-class in all its appointments, and as go- d 
as any in the South. The accommodations are unsurpassed, and satisfaction 
guaranteed in every case. The patronage of the traveling public is respectfully 



EstaWished iu IS? 7. Terms, B'^.OO per Aiiiiuiii. 



Is read by nearly every one in Atlanta, and has a circulation 

in ever)' county in Georgia, and a fair circulation in 

Alabama, South Carolina. Florida and Tennessee."v^ertisirLg R.a.tes XjiToera.!. 


C- H. ^^IT^LIAMS, Proprietor, 

Ko. 31 Sontb Broad St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Advertisi]^g Department. 



IM 1 nxifactrixrei's ot" 

Stationers Specialties, 


Stratton's Gummed Labels and Gummed Papers of all colors ; Legal and Nota- 
rial Seals; Folding and Fancy Tickets; Mentzel's Patent Suspension 
Rings; The Star Copying Pad ; Dennison's Game Counters; Wedding 
Cake Boxes ; Visiting and Playing Card Cases, etc., etc. 

]Vt a, n XI t'a- c til r e r s of 


Phillips aiad Kimball's Self Fastening Tickets; Postal Envelopes; McGill's 
Paper Fasteners at Manufacturer's discounts ; Dickinson's Rubber Bands, etc. 

^\ "I^K 

^' n Proprietors "Globe" and Centennial Prize "Excelsior," 

I ISSIIR I 3nftr and Importers of English Grass Bleached and Colored 
■ iwvuv I u|jwi Tissue Papers from the celebrated 39 Mill. 

Proprietor of "Silver White," best article for polishing Silver, and Miller's 
"Jewelry Cleaning Casket," and "Silver White Casket." 





Jeweler's Cards, Pink and White Cotton, Fine Twines, Etc. 


hMi MM Cotton for Ssital I Surgical Purjosss. 

All our goods are for sale by dealers everywhere, and by 

Dennison Manufacturing Co., 

19 Milk Street, Boston ; 198 Broadway, New York ; 
630 Chestnut St., Philadelphia; 143 Walnut St., Cincinnati; 
101 Madison Street, Chicago; 409 Washington 
Avenue, St. Louis. 

Advertising Department. 

f 11 Mf 1 Olf f 





40 S. Broad Street^ Corner -A^labama, 


::'xza.^::^s.^cxzo3iTS I2<r= 


WW' Fut-iip® 

. ^^» 



6 <5r^.s>'^-?,-^ 


Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in 



a>To. -5.0 ■'^TTTnLitsia.all Street, 

(Up Stairs.) 

.A.tla.xs.ta,, G-eox^ia,. 




And Dealer in 

rordgusiiOosiestic Fruit:. 

K0§, 4, e ^^8 WHITEHALL ST,, 

Atlanta, Georgia, 


Advertisijstg Department. 

Omi»©<fl Ww 


(Nature's way) 

Lung Diseases, 
Throat Diseases, 
Breathing- Trouble. 

It drives into the system 


It draws from the diseased parts 


Thousands Testify to its Tirtues. 

You dkii be Relieved kr^d Cufed 

Don't despair until you have tried this Sensible, E-isily Applied 
and Radical Effectual Remedy. 

Sold by Druggists, or sent by mail on receipt of PRICE, $2. OO, by 

The "Only " Lung Pad Co,, 


Detroit, tVlicli. 

Send for testimonials and our book, "Three Million a Year." Sent free. 

Cure Your § -^^^ ?"5 







And all diseases of the Kidneys,' 
Bladder and Urinary Organs 
by wearing the 

Improve:! him l\k] U. 






It is a Marvelof HeaHng and Relief. -«— ■ W 


It- cures where all else fails. 
A Revelation and Revolution in Medicine. Absorption or. direct applica- 
tion, as opposed to unfeatisfactory internal medicines Send for our treatise 
on Kidney troubles, sent free. Sold by Druggists, or sent by mail, on re- 
ceipt of price, $2. Address, 


Williams Block, Detroit, Mich. 
This is the Original Genuine Kidney Pad. Ask for it and talve no other. 

Advertising Department. 






For Machine or H^nd Use. 

> ♦ ■< 


.\\\VA\V\.' tvVA^W 

>ss.'SS5^ Wi\^^sm«i WS55SES ^^# 


liondon, Paris, ITew Tork, Vienna, 

Ph.iladelph.ia, Cincinnati and 

Charleston, S. C. 


Dry Goods and Motions 




Advertising Department. 



ia?@i|i@it| l@lii©i & 0©.} 

-a-XjOl iciiiTaDs o:f' 

Cotton and Wool Mill jSupplies. 


Sole Agents "Trenton Rubber Co." 


No. 33 Park Place, 


Nos. 68 & 70 E. Alabama St., 




Wholesale and Retail Dealer in •" 



iLLO, m ml fiiSTLE 

Anthracite and Aetna Coals. 


Office, 56 East Alabama. Yards, rear 72 Marietta. 


Having Received the Agercy for the 


Manufictured by 


I will take orders at Manufacturers' Prices. Send for illus- 
trated Catalogue and Prices. 

J. C. KIMBALL, 56 E. Alabama St. 


'ntJ-^-4.A. V AS^ *E.^33 W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell BL 




Kmbraclng a Classifletl JLi»>t of all Profession^*, JMannfactnres, 

TrafU'S and l*nr.>«uits in tlie <Li(y of .4 tianta. i^afta cia!i«sl- 

ficalion alphabeiieatly arranged, lbn»4 exhibiting 

the tall a<Iilre:>4N aud ^tpecial bns^lneMS 

of her Citizens. 







Agricultural Imple- 


Fergnson & Blount, 11 Bartow 
E. Haiman, 374 Marietta 
Johnson J. H. & Co., Marietta, nw 
cor Mills 


Anclprsnn J. H , 69 S. Broa^l 


Alabama, sw cor Forsyth. (See 

front cover and page 75) 
Cox J W.. 104 Peachtrep 


65 S. Broad (See paee 77) 


27 Marietta 

White & Barclay, Broad, sw cor 


19i S' Br-^ad. (See page 82) 

LEO G. E., 

B6^> E. Alabama (See page 85) 


63 Wh.tehall 


U Whitehall. (See page 92) 


Grant Bldg, Marietta, sw cor 
Forsyth (See page 8) 


Bradley H. J., 27 Whitehall 



via Piedmont Air-Line. 

Telephone J; 

C. EIMBALL, 56 E. Alabama St.. for COAL of 
anyklud. Blacksmith's Coal a SDecialtv. SaeDasalM 




Gregory J. R. Mrs.. 40 S. Broad 
Harding J. E., 9^ Mar'ntta 
Moser J H., 27.i Whitehall 
Van Stavoren, J. H.,49 Whitehall 

Attorneys at Law. 

[see LA.Wt;R3.] 

Auction and Commission 

Ellis D, P.. 21 Marietta 
Guthman L L., 52 Peachtree 
Olcott E. H., 16 W. Mitchell 

Awnings and Tents. 

12 E., Hunter. (See page 93) 


318 and 320 Decatur. (See adv 

Bag Manufacturers. 

Elsas, May & Co., 99 to 105 S 

Bakers & Confectioners. 

Aericola H. A., 53 Decatur 
Goettings C. & Co , 50 Peachtree 
Jack F. M. & Co., 43 Peachtree 
Karwisch H . 88 Decatur 
Stieglitz F., 168 Whitehall 

Banks and Bankers. 

BANK, 15 E. Alabama 
Bank of the State of Ga., Marietta, 
nw cor Ppai^htree 


10 E. Alabama (See page 77) 
Gate City National Bank, Pryor, 

nw cor Wall 
Georgia Banking and Trust Co., 12 

E. Wall 
James J. H., 20 Whitehall 

LOWRY, W. M. & R. J., 

69 E. Alabama 
Maddo.x, Rucker & Co., 36 W. 


ATLANTA, 12 and 14 E. 


Barbed Wire. 

27 Marietta 


15 Peacbtree 
Brown E. (c), 220 Decatur 
Brown H (c), 8^ E. Wall 


7 W. Alabama 
Fields A. (c), 189 Marietta 
HallR. (c), 11 W.Mitchell 
Hays G. W. (c), 12 E. Wall 
Head R. (c), 12 W. Mitchell 
Hill A. (c). National Hotel 
Hoffman J J., 51 Whitehall 
Hutching D, (c), 11 Marietta 
Johnson C. J. (c), Pryor, se cor 

Kimball House Barber Shop 
Lewis 0. (c), 80 W. Peters 
Markham House Barber Shop 
Minor J. (c), 5 Ivy and 70] Peach- 
Nash A. (c), 94 W. Peters 
Powell W., 196 Marietta 
Schelpert L., 5 Peachtree 
Steele R. (c), 6 Marietta 
Thurman J. C, 200 MarietU 
Watts K. (c), 18 Whitehall 
White H. (c), 14 Peachtree 
Whitfield F. (c), 24 Decatur 


Buchholz H., 7 W. Alabama 
Hoffman J. J.. 51 Whitehall 


Wilson J. Stainback, 14 Loyd 




29 W. Alabama. (See page 87) 

Beer Bottlers. 

Watkins k Co., 52 Whitehall 

Bell Hangers. 

(See Gun and Locksmiths ) 





W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell HL 





2 and 4 S. Prjor. (See pane 78) 


CO., 08 and 70 E. Alabama. 
(See page 100) 

Bill Posters. 

JohnBton G. J. Mrs., 7 W. Wall 
Kreis A. W., 127 Whitehall 

Billiard Halls. 

LIARD ROOM, P. J. Kenny, 
propr; (See pnge 92) 

Mercer K., 20 and 22 Mnrietta 

LIARD ROOM, K T. White, 
agt, propr; (See page 95) 
Steveson R. (c), 27 Decatur 
White W. J., Markbam House 


Barnes L. (c), 377 W. Peters 
Bennett L., 113 Decatur 
Bowden 0. (c) 128 Walton 
Davis J. A., 30 N. Broad 
Davis 0. (c), 26 W. Hunter 
Deneen John, 211 W. Peters 
Eskridge Peter, 147 Decatur 
Forsyth W., 23 Walton 
Golden F. S , 595 Marietta 
Johnson L (c), ws Peachtree, 1st s 

of E. Sixth 
Karr J. N., vfs, Peachtree, 3d n of 

E. Fifth 
Latimer & Rogers, 142 Walton 
Lee M., 117 W. Peters 
Mann J., 55 S. Broad and 62 S. 

Miller W. (c), Marietta, bey limits 
Neal B. F., 508 Decatar 
Nally & Lee (c), ns Gordon, 4th e 

of Lee, W. E 
Paris C. (c), 9 S.Bell 
Rivers J. S., 183 Marietta 
Robinson J. (c), 79 W. Peters 
Roche W. H., r'^ar 50 S. Pryor 


48 S. Broad. (See pa^e 85) 

Smith W. H. (c), 277 W. Peters 
Thompson A (c), 50 S. Pryor 
Thurman J, T., Decatur, nr limits 
Williams I. (c), 3r, E. Mitchell 

Blank Books. 

(See also Bookbinders.) 


24i S Hrnad. (See bac'^ cover) 


Co., 19^ S. Broad. (See adv in- 

[dealers ] 


Hroad. se cor Alabama 


8 and 10 Marietta 

Blinds, Boors and Sash. 

(See Fi]?o Doors, Sash and Blinds.) 


38 S. Broad. (See front cover 
and page 81) 

H4RT F, W„ 

30 S. Broad. (See back paster) 

HART F. W. & SON, 

Fuller, adjoining W. & A. R. R. 

(Sfe hack paster) 


36 D«;catur. (See opp page 241) 

iBoarding Houses. 

Archer N. N. iMrs , 8 J W. Mitchell 
Baldwin E A. Mrs., 71 S. Forsyth 
Bell E. Mrs., 67 N. Pryor 
Benson E, Miss, 150 Whitehall 
Billingslea S. Mrs., 95 Walton 
Brown E B., 12^} Lo.d 
Calhoun M (c), 34 Decatur 
Cheshire M B. Mr.-i„ 132 S. Forsyth 
Collier House, 85J Whitehall 
Cowfirf R J. Mrs , 9 Houston 
Curtis E. A. Mrs., 75 Washington 
Darby M. M. Mr.s , 345 Marietta 
Digby S Mrs., 79 Spring 
Ellis S. Mrs., 214 E Hunter 
Ezza'd E. Mrs., 115=} Decatur 
Fulks E. J. Mrs., 16 Mechanic 

"QmcK^^rME" viaPiedmont AirLine 

E M CtREESCIN ^s^eralRealEstate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

<Um Mit UiwMiJWVllf Promptness »Iy IVIotto* 




Fuller S. E. Mrs., 26 aad 28 N 

Gaar Wiilnm S., 48 S. Butler 
Gilbert M. J. Mrs . Ill Marietta 
Gilbert M. K. Mra., 70.} Whiteball 
Glynn M. Mrs , 74 K Hunter 
Heath 0. B. Mrs . fiO N. Broad 
Herley J. Mrs , 42 E. Mitchell 
Hiiihtowfr D N , 46 Ivy 
Houston S A., 99 Terry 
Hutchins J. Mrs , 65 Cone 
Jones F. W., 20 Henry 
Kempner M. Mrs., 96 1 Whitehall 
Kendrick J. D. Mrs , 84 Ivy 
Kennesaw House, 15-1- S. Broad 
Kenny E Wins, 165 S. Pryor 
Mcrolgan M. Mrs , 116 S- Forsyth 
McColIum R L , 25 Yonge 
McPown E. P., ;« W. Foundry 
McFarland T.. 54 W. Foundry 
McGeever & Brennan, 40 Decatur 
Mflson C Mrs., 83 Decamr 
Millian S. Mrs., 39 N. Forsyth 
Morgan M A. Mrs., 20.} VV Mitchell 
Morris M. Mrs , 161 Maiietta 
Munday C, Mrs , 39 N. Pryor 
Miirrny E. D Mrs , 108 Marietta 
Nichols A. Miss, 87 S. Broad 
O'Connor B. P. Mr.«., 61 Marietta 
O'Neill Mary A., 98 Decatur 
O'Shields L. C. Mrs., 218 Elliott 
Parmley N. Mr.s., 25 W. Hunter 
PearoeC. Mrs , 184 Elliott 
Peeples E. J. Mrs , 11 E. Cain 
Pinson C. A. Mrs., 15 E. Mitchell 
Puckeft R. A. Mrs , 50 S For.svth 
Purtell House, 39} Whitehall. (In- 
formation refused ) 
Reed 0. M. Mrs., 72 Marietta 
Robson L R. Mr-"., 21 Ornae 
Sigman M. J. Mrs., 70 Ivy 
Simms J. E. Mrs., 32 N. Forsyth 
Smith V. D Mrs , 15 E. Peters 
Stokes M. M. Mrs , 100 Walton 
Tillman E. A. Mra., 49} S. Pryor 
Watkins C. W. Mrs.. 12} W. Mit- 
Watts M. A. Mrs., 33 N. Forsyth 
Wellborn A. R., 55 Walton 

Boiler Manufacturers. 

Giffard J. A., 222 Marietta 


136 E. Hunter 

Bolts and Spikes, 

W. & A. R. R., 470 Marietta. 
(See back fly D) 

Bonnet Manufacturers 

Selig Bros. & Co., 15 N. Pryor 
Wiseberg M., 31 Peachtree 

Book Binders. 

32 S. Broad. (See opp. page, 245) 
Harrison Jas. P. & Co., 27 and 29 
S. Broad 


24} S. Broad. (See back cover) 



Blank Book Man'jfacturers, 



Fine, substantial work a specialty. 
Satisfaction euaranteed. 


Campbell & Cook, 29 Whitehall 
Lovpjoy (t Pitc'^f-^rd, 13 Peachtree 


9 Whitehall 


8 and 10 Marietia 

RICHARDS J. J. & S. P., 

37 Whitehall 
Walden & Stowe, 110 Whitehall 

Dalston W. B., 17} E. Alabama 

Boots and Shoes- 


Atkins, McKeldin & Co., 35 Peack- 

Ciane, Boylston & Co., 6 and 8 S. 


Brewer's Lung Restorer a„^a^|f?«®Jgi^#His 




FEEIJ Iff rp ^fif lusos, 14 W. MltcSiell St. ■ 




Eddleman & Bowie, 30 and 32 E. 

Gramling, Spaldiiisj & Co., 14 De- 

Moore, Marsh & Co., Pryor, cor 
Dec'itur an'i fyine 


58, 02 and (14 VViiiteliall 
Kiser M. C. & J. F. & Co., 14 and 

16 S. Pryor 

Berry 0. M., 33 Peachtree 

DANIEL J. C. & I., 

32 Whitehall 
Force (i. H. & A. W., 33 Whitehall 
Gramling W. S.,ol Peachtree 
Houk & Smith, GaandGT Peachtree 
Keeiy John, 58, 62 & 64 Whitehall 
McCalla Bros., 3 Whitehall 
Nolan & Doty, G7 Whitehall 
Price Cr. W , 24 M^vrietia 


KREISLE, 30 Whitehall 
Wadlow R. H., 206 Marietta 

[made AXD KEPAIREI).] 

Adams Patrick, 328 Mnrietla 
Alexander I H. (c), 117 Hunter 
Baker J. (c), 82 N. Forsyth 
Bell W. E. (c), 32 W. Peters 
Blakeley C. (c), 11 Decatur 
Boise G. (c), 130 W. Mitchell 
Bowea J. fc), 75 W. Peters 
Brown J. (c), rear 92 McDonough 
Brown M. (c), 7 S Broad 
Casey W. (e), 180 Dncattir 
Clopton W. (c). 50 S. Butler 
Craddock D., .'^84 Marietta 


22 Whitehall. (See page 93) 
Demmon F. S , 102 W. Mitchell 
Dozier G. (c), 2o0 Decatur 
Ellington G. (c), 4 Walton 
'Freeman A. (c), 5 E. Whitehall 
Gaines M., 60 Peachtree 
Gammons J. (c), ns Gordon, 2d e 

of Lee, W. E 
Gaines M. J., 89 Peachtree 
Gathrisht W. E., 13^ Peachtree 
Gleeson W,, 35 S. Pryor 
Golden J (c), 102 Whitehall 

Hill Frftpmaa (c), 90 Houston 
Hilton W. A., 185 Marietta 
HoIIpv '' W., 102 Mitcheil 


83 Bi-oad. (See pa-;e 90) 
Isaacs H. (c), 6 E. Mitchell 
Jett J. L , 193 Ma'ii'lta 
.Jones R. H (c). 10 E. Wall 
Keltner W., 3 W, Hunter 
Kenne<ly J., 5 E. P'oundry 
Kennedy W. A,, 256 D -catur 
Latham A., 32 E. Alabama 
Lumpkin B., 80 N. Forayth 
Malone W. J.. 1 Peachtree 
Mangum J. (c), 65 Decatur 
Mills T (c), 133 Marietta 
Murphy James W., 58 W. Peters 
Noble H. (c). 119 W Peters 
Pate A. J.. 62 S. Pryor 
Smith G., 121 Luckie 
Snider & Huff (c), 12 W. Hunter 
Sommers B. (#), 1 E. Foundry 
Sutton H. (c), 52 S. Pryor 
Thompson A., 139 W, Peters 
Tines W. H., 5 N. Broad 
Trotter B. (c), 243 Marietta 
Washington </. (c), 194 McDonough 
Walkins H. (c), 132 Whitehall 
Wesley John (c), 172 N Calhoun 
Westmoreland L (c), 160 Whitehall 
Wilson B. T. (c), 2li3 Decatur 
Wood W , 228 Decatur 
Wright J. J. (c), 48 N. Broad 

Box Manufacturers 

[paper ] 


FACTORY, 14.'> Whitehall 


Steam Power Paper Box Mnfry, 
Broad, se cor Alabama 

Brass Founders. 

Meneely G R. & Co., W. & A. R.R. 
bet Foundry and Cain 


ING CO , 8 W. Hunter 

. Yet^Rolte, Piedmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL. 




Brick Manufacturers. 

Cook, Fain & Stewarts, Williams, 

cor Hunnicutt 
Lynch P , terminus of Rock 
McAfee W. W., ss Magazine, w of 

McLendon J. S , «or Bell and 


Bridge Builders. 

Atlanta. (Seepa2e91) 

Bridg^e Iron. 

W. & A. R. R,., 470 Marietta. 
(See back fly D) 


[bond, stock axd moxey.] 


10 E. Alabama 
Leyden A, 12 E. Wall 
Powers & Egleston, 20 Peachtree 


Castlpman A., 10 E. Alabama 
Dewald G A., 10 E. Alabama 
Hammond & Meador, 55 E. Ala- 

Grain and Produce 

Lpfi J M , 6 Loyd 

WYNN J. 0. & BRO., 

Pryor. sw cor Alabama 
Cranston 0., 55 Peachtree 
DeBellf^ k Trammell, 28 E. Wall 


66 E. Alabama 
Fears J. W., 66 E. Alabama 
Haas A. & Bro., 34 E. Alabama 
Jones R. M & Co , 56 E. Alabama 
KlingelsmithJ. M.. 28 E. Wall 


26 E Alabama 
Rucker R. Z , 86^ E. Alabama 
Smith Bryce, 27 Whit'^hall 
Williams W. M . 51^- Peachtree 
Youngblood & Hall, 31 E. Alabama 

Saloshin G. & S., 12 Peachtree 


EXCHANGE, 37 S. Broad. (See 
page 81.) 

Broom Manufacturers- 

Lenfestey A. S., 48 Decatur 

Busrgies and Phaetons. 

Al ibarna, sw cor Forsyth. (See 
pa'ie 75.) 


48 and 85 S. Broad. (See page 

Builders Hardware- 
ASHLEY W. 0., 

33 S. Bro'^d. (See front cover 
and paye 81) 


36 Decatur. (See opp page 244) 


30 S, Broad. (See back paster) 

Builders Material- 

33 S. Broad, (See front cover 
and pao;e 81) 

HART F. W., 

30 S. Broad. (See back paster) 


36 Decatur. (See opp page 244) 

Business Colleges. 

UNIVERSITY. 40 S. Broad. 
(See back cover and page 86) 


Allen & Beach. 100 McDonough 
Bender C. H., 127 Whitehall 
Bettis J. S.. 117 Whitehall _ 
Bettis & Crofi, 259 junction, 

Peters and Walker 
Betts W. E., 17 E. Peachtree 




And Never Fails to Cure. 




W. T. WILSON. 14 W. MltcheU St. 




Burdelt J. C, 241 W. Peters 
Carmichael & Foster, 3S Marietta, 

2d e of Simpson 
Clemmons J. A. & Co., 108 White- 
Clinton G. W., 252 Marietta 
Echols T. G., 142 Echols 
Folsom L., 62 Decatur 
Francis T . 154 Marietta 
Fritts J., 444 Marietta 
Johnson H., 3S5 Decatur 
Johnson & Orr, 36 W. Mitchell 
Kicklighter C. J.. 104 Whitehall 
Koch & Bro., 34 Marietta 
KreisJ., 113 Whitehall 
LaHatte J„ 73^ Peachtree 
LaHatte J, H , 126 Whitehall 
Linch H., 28 Marietta 
McFarland T., 201 Marietta 
McGahey J. L., 133 Whitehall 
Mclntire P. C, 106 Decatur 
O'Neal J., 84 N. Forsyth 
Pannell W. A., 95 W, Peters 
Parker J., 127 W. Mitchell 
Pillsbury & Day, 10 W. Hunter 
Raasdale E. R., S. Pryor, sw cor 

E Mitchell 
Rudolph N., 100 W. Mitchell 


108 Whitehall. (See page 93j 
Shields A. A- & Co.. 110 Peachtree 
Shields H., 50 Decatur 
Smith J. C , 58 McDonough 
Sparks & Tolbert, 2 Decatur 
Spyers G. P. A., 170 Whitehall 
Stewart John, W. Peters, nr junc- 
tion Walker 
Stewart & McNabb, 86 Peachtree 
Tolbert M L., 75 Peachtree 
Tye D., 130 Whitehall 
Waters & Lackey, 191 Marietta 
Waits A. M., 97 Chapel 
Wilmouth A^, 258 Marietta 
Wil mouth & Crow, 222 Decatur 
Winant W., 190 Marietta 

Cabinet Makers 

(See Furniture repaired.) 

Cameo Cutters 

Avel L.. 93 S. Broad 

Candy Manufacturers- 

Block F. E., 35, 37 and 39 E. Ala- 
Jack & Holland, 36 Whitehall 


4 Whitehall. (See page 97) 
Loyd & Bro., 83 Whitehall 

Cp-nned Goods. 

Wilson A. McD. & Co., 30 Peach- 

Carpenters and Builders 
HART F. W. & SON, 

Fuller, adjoining W. & A. R. R. 

(See back paster) 
LeSueur J., 59 Marietta 
Murphy & Croom, 25 E. Hunter 
Stroup A., 59 Marietta 

Carpets and Oil Cloths- 

ECKFORD, 50 Whitehall 
Lathrop & Fain, -IG Marietta 


[manufacturers and dealers.] 


Alabama, sw cor Forsyth. (See 

page 75) 
Booth W. K., 74 W. Peters 
Curtis & Weitzell, 85 and 87 Peach- 


Finney A. T., 13 S. Broad 
Jarvis W. L., 44 Line 


56 E. Alabama. (See page 100 
and telephone) 
Powers W. & Son, 34 Peachtree 


48 & 85 S. Broad. (See page 85) 
Sppnce N. C. 45 and 47 Decatur 

WIARD W. L. P.. 

Broad, sw cor Hunter. (See page 


W. & A. R R., 470 Marietta. 

(Spp harl- flv D) 



via Piedznont Air-Iiine 

E. M GREESOM General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Strwt. 

— *»*. M*VAJAdWWl^, Promptness My Motto. 




Chair Manufacturers' 

29 W. Alabama. (See page 87) 


Land W. J., 25iPeachtree 
[manufacturinc! ] 


14 Wiiitehall. (Sep back of litle) 


MAll, 20 and 22 Decatur. (See 
page 88) 

China, Glass & Queens- 

Brown G. H.. 59 Windsor 
Few J. M., 72 Peachtree 
McBride & Co , 13 and 15 N. Pryor 
Ripley T. R , 89 Whitehnll 
Schubert M Miss, 108 Peachtree 
Seltzer H,,1G N. Broad 

Cisiar Manufacturers. 

46 Wall 

Cigars and Tobacco- 


Benjamin Bros. & Co , 25 E Ala- 
Brock Bros., 11 Decatur 
Haralson Bros. &Co., 7 Decatur 

HILL J. M. & CO., 

16 DecHtur 
Howard, Wood & Co. 33 E. Ala- 
Menko J. & Co., 20 Peachtree 
Russell W. A., 2 Peachtree 
Shropshire W. R , 49 E Alabama J. & Co , 52 Whitehall 
Winter & Brown, 59 E Alabama 
Young F. S & Co , 20 E. Alabama 


Beerman C, MnrkhamHonse 


1 Whitehall, Decatur, se cor of 
Peachtn^e, and Kimball House 
Dann B. L., 2 Peachtree 


22 Broad. (See opp. 75) 

[retail ] 
Ppgram F. H., 23-J Marietta 
Hecht '•v. 50 Marietta 


7K Alabama, (Spp page 92) 

GAR STAND. (S^-epage95) 
Sheltoa W. L , 28 E. Wall 
Tolbsrt J. J. & Co., 19 Washington 
AVeiumeister C. J., 10 N. Forsyth 

Civil Engineers. 

9i VV. Mitchell 


Pates & Co., 2 Hud 4 ■*. Pryor 


23 Whitehall. (See page 94) 
Hirsch M. &J., 8 S. Pryor 

[retail ] 


16 VVi.itphall 

ING STORE, 41 Whitehall. 

(See front fly B) 
Eiseman Bros., 55 Whitfhal! 
Gay A. 0. U. & Co., 37 Peachtree 
Hirsch Bros , 42 and 44 Whitehall 
Hvmes 1., 7 Whitphall 


58, 62 and 64 Whitehall 
Menko M. & Bro., 21 Whitehall 
Morris W. C. & Co., 21 Marietta 
Muse, Swift & Dallas, 38 Whitehall 


24 Whitpball 


agt Wanamaker & Brown 


KREISLE, 30 Whitehall 

Coal Dealers. 
BELL W. S., 

19 N. Pryor. (See page 79) 






THlJ-^"^^ V A.KJ ^'EEID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 




Bradley J M , 2 Fiuser 
Brid2«r.T. C, 22 S. Broad 


45 N. Pryor 
Harrison & Bro., 31 & 165 Decatur 
Hoyle W. E, Garnett, ne cor 



50 K. Aliibama. (riee pag;e 100 

and telpphonp ) 
Morris J. S. Si Son. 196 Marietta 
Perdue J (c), 41 Henry 
Rawlin« T, G., i)S S Butler 


8 Loyd 
Wilson' W. S, & Bro., 25 N. Broad 

Cofi&n Manufacturers- 
Hall L. H. & Co., Elliott, nw cor 

[dealers — WHOLESALE.] 


26 E Alabama. (See page 91.) 


SExMINARY (c), Elliott, nw cor 
W. Hunter. (See page 79) 
Atlanta University^ terminus of W. 


south end of McDonough. (See 
page 83) 



and 40 S. Broad. (See page 86) 


Atlanta Medical College, Jenkins, 

nw cor Butler 
Georgia Eclectic Medical College, 

Peachtree, jnnc Broad 
Southern Medical College, Porter 

al, bet Line and Wheat 
The Reform Medical College of 

Georgia, Broad, cor Walton 



Hutchison & Bro , 14 Whitehall, 
(See back of title.) 

Commercial Agencies. 

(See Mercantile Agencies ) 

Commissiom Merchants 

Adair & Pro , 27 W, Alabama 
Babb J. P., 91 S. Broad 
Barnes J. J.. 47 and 49 E. Alabama 
Barrow H. V., 81 Peachtree 
Broone K. L. & Co , 57 and 59 

Bro( ks & Co., 6 Loyd 
Brunner C. W. & Cd., 28 Peachtree 
Hamiltnn & Hudson, 17 S. Broad 


22 N. Broad. (See opp page 75) 
Kenner & Tibbs, 31 W. Miichtll 
Johnson Mark W. & Co., 27 

Mountcastle, Coleman & Co., 15 S. 

Broad and 18 Forsyth 
Olivf r J. S. & Co., 30 W. Alabama 
Saul W. S., 21 S Broad 
Simmons J. R., 15 S. Forsyth 
Simons & Diummond, 19 S. Broad 
Watkin?. Jones & Co , 93 S. Broad 
West A J. & Co , 55 Peachtree 
Williams J. J. & Co., 17 and 19 S. 



32 N. Broad 


[of deeds.] 
Freemp.n B R, 4 Kimball House 


19 Whitehall 

[united states] 
Black Lawson, 61 E. Alabama 
Buck A. E , U S. Court House 
Smith W. B , 2U Marietta 
Smythe W. H., U. S. Court House 

Concrete Works. 


GRATB, 36 and 38 Peachfee 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 



, i. mSAlL, 


SB Hast Alabama Street. See page lOO. 






Block F. E., 24 E Alabama 
Jack & Holland, 36 Whitehall 

LKVVIS T. 8., 

54 to 02 E.Alabama. (See page 87) 

Arbola J , 92 Ppachtree 
'DesLnndes C. B. Mrs., 128 White- 
hall H. C, 56 Whitehall 
Frank M. A. Mrs . 192 Marietta 
.Hartman B. Mrs., 26 W. Mitchell 
Hiidsnn S. A. Mrs , 114 Marietta 
Jack P. M & Oi., i^^ Ppachtree 


4 Whiiehall. (See page 97) 
Manin J., 4 Marietta 
Massa E. A , 19 Peachtree 
Pniilips F , 124 White'iall 
Schwartz W. M , 99 Whitehall 
Sexit J, 122 Whitehall 

Contractors & Builders. 

(See alao Carpenters.) 


36 Decatur 



Contractor and Builder, 

Nos. 173 and 175 Marietta Street, 


Contractor ani Ho'iiss Fainte?, 

173 and 175 Marietta St., 


fi®=Give me a call. 

Cook k Stewart. W. &. A. R. R , w 
of Foun-'ry 

H'RT F. W. & SON, 

Fuller, adjoininii W. & A. R. R. 
C^f e bac'< ra'<ter) 

LeSueur J. A., 59 Marietta 
Lipes M., 51 Peachtree 
Lynch & Lea, 12 Loyd 
McAfee W. W., 27 Whitehall 
Matthews J. H., Hunter, se «or 

Stroup A. W., 59 Marietta 


Brown F., 124 W. Mitchell 


Trautwf in W., 50 S. Broad 

Cotton Brokers and 

An^tell & Rice, 63 S. Broad 

INMAN S. M. & CO., 

39 S. Broad 
Keanedy H. P., 54 S. Broad 
Mitchell A. W., 16 E. Hunter 
Moriran, Smith & Co., 99 S, Broad 

SMITH H. H. & CO., 

36 W. Alabama 
Snowden W. H, 23 E. Alabama 
Woodward B. & Co., 63 S. Broad 

Cotton Compresses. 

Atlanta Compress & Warehousing 
Co., W. Peters, ne cor C. R. R 

Winship & Bro., Foundry, w of W. 
& A. R. R . 

Cotton Factories. 

TORY COMPANY, office 43 
Marietta, cor Cain 

Cotton Factors- 

Adair & Rrr),.27 W. Alabama 


46 and 48 E. Alabama; ware- 
house, Pryor, nw cor Hunter 
(See paee 78) 


36 W. Alabama 

Cotton Gins. 

[m.^nufacturers and dealers.] 


34 W. Mitchell 



THE J^XJL V JLk? S-EEU -w. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 




Winship &, Bro , Foundry, w of W. 
& A. R. R 

Cotton Seed Cleaners. 

Dent, Meador & Co., 57 E, Alaba- 

Cotton and Woolen Mills 


CO.. G8 and 70 E. Alabama. 
(See page 100) 

Cracker Manufacturers 

Block F. E., 35, 37 and 39 E. Ala- 

Jack G. W., C. R. R.. rear 283 

Jark K- Holland, 36 Whitehall 


54 to 62 E. Alabama. (Sse page 


Bogaj-ki William, Humphries, nr 

Burks C. H., 129 Whitphall 
ChildersJ., cor Peachtree and E. 

Saylor vS., 83 Hoge 
Webster J. M., es Randolpb, 2d n 

of Houston 

Dancing Academies. 

Agostini F. M., 3^ Whitehall 

Dental Depots. 

Holliday R. A , 31 Wnitehall 
Smith D., 6G Whitehall 

Badger R. D. (c), 37 Peachtree 
Brockett & Harris, Prjor, 3? cor 

Browne W G., 33^ Whitehall 
Cameron W. Hart, 48 Marietta 
Carpenter L. D , 47 Whitehall 
Crenshaw W., 24 Wbiteha'l 
Holland & Sod, 24 Whitehall 
Holliday R A., 31 Whitehall 
Link J. A., C3 Whitehall 
Smith D., 66 Whitehall 
rhnrman F. D., 64 Whitphall 


13 Whitehall. (See opp p. 133) 


47 ^^ hti^hMll. ("^ee fr'tn^ cover). 


34 Whitehall 

Directory Publishers 





Atlanta Directory 

— AKD — 


GAZETTEER; office 32 S. Broad 

Tlie Araprican Exclinnge in 
Europe, 449 Strand. W. C , Lon- 
don, acts as our agent, and every 
city in the United States has our 
Directories on file. 


77 Peachtree 
Marvin G. W., 360 Whitehall 
Salter S. F., 53 S. Broad 


29 Peachtree 
Rich & TiTebanm, 31 S, Broad 

Doors, Sash and Blinds. 

33 S. Broad. (S^e front cover- 

a,n(] pacrp 81) 


36 D-caiur. ("^ee opp. p tr*" 244) 

ROUTE *-o« Piedmont Air- Line 


E M SREESOM General Real Estate Agent. 21 Marietta Streot. 




HART F. W., 

HO ^ Hroarl (Se»^ har-k paster 

HART F. W. & SON, 

Full'^r, Hdjoining \V. & A. R. R. 
(See inside back cov^r) 
Trj,yuham & Ray, 68 Decatur 

Dress and Cloak Makers. 

Ashworlh A. E Mrs., 118 Gilmer 
Averett M. R. Mrs., ?.5 Church 
Baldwin M. Mis?, 37 Whifphall 
Bell M. E Mrs , 72 E. Telrs 
Bosworth E. Mrs , 422 E Fair 
Biowii I). Miss, 23 Luckie 
Carbon N P. Mrs , ?.0 Rhodes 
Cathey A. Miss, 206 Whitehall 
Chisiain J B. Mrs., 251 E. Hunter 
Cowan, F. D. Mrs., 141 S Forsyth 
Duffy J. Mrs., 78J Whitehall 
Ford S E. Mrs., 20 E. Mitchell 
Foute E H. Mrs.. 208 Whitehall 
Garner L Mi«s, 83 E Peachtree 
Gre'^ne S. F. Miss, 5.> Whitehall 
Haney J. A. Mrs , 64 Whitehall 
He t, J. C. Mrs, 100 Ellis 
H.-lcomb E. G. Mrs , 65 S. Forsyth 
Holdnysworth M. Mrs.. 71 N. Pryor 
Jackaon E H Mrs.. 48 Church 
Lnrs^son M. Mile , 39^ Peachtree 
Nace A. R. Mrs., 65 Whitehall 
Patch M. C. Mrs . 66 Whitehall 
Randall H. C. Mrs , 106 Peachtree 
Rawls M. Miss..78i Whitehall 
Rich M. & Bro.. 65 Whitehall 
Richardson M. Mrs., 2i)7 Jones 
SimsE Mr-!., 24 Ki.ic 
Speer A. B. Mis^, 29 Stonewall 
Tmsl y S. E. Mrs . 57 Elliott 
Wells J R. Mrs., 87 S Broad 
White C Mrs., 5 W. Simpsoa 
Williamson E Miss. 1 E. Fair 

Drugs and Medicines. 


Danini & Marsh, 13 Decatur 
H'^lIm^Ti & Candler 47 Peachtree 


36 and H8E. Wall. (Seepage 82) 


MaR, 20 and 22 Decatur. (See 
■p iHt' 88) 

Pemberton, Pullum & Co., 40 & 42 
E. W;=ll 


Asher W. C, 212 Marietta 
Avary A., 73 Peachtree 
Berry E M , 25 P^^achtree 
Collier & Cofer. 232 Decatur 
Gillam L. M , 38 McDonouih 
Graham W. A , 168 W. Peters 
Huss J. C, ws Peachtree, 2d n of 
E. Firth 


14 Whiieha 1 (See back of title) 
Kini Fred, 60 Decatur 
Markel A. W., 424 Marietta 
Mozley H., 98 Whiteha'l 
Pinson & D zier, 102 Whitehall 

PLUMB D. B. & CO., 

26 Whitehall. (Si-e front fly B) 
Sc^um^nn Theo.,63 Whitehall 
Taylor & Mobley, Marietta, sw cor 

Westmoreland & Giiffin, 20 Loyd 
Whitley T. A., 160Dpt:atar 
Williams & Peacock, 6 W. Mitchell 

and 158 W. Peters 
Wilson & Tyner, 30 Marietta 

Dry Goods* 


Ciane, Boylstou & Co., 6 and 8 S. 

KISER M. C. & J. F. & CO., 

14 and 16 S. Pr>or 

Moore, Marsh & Co., Pryor, cor De- 
catur atid Line 

Silvey John & Co., 4 and 6 Decatur 

[wholesale ani> retail ] 


59 and 62 Whitehall 
[retail ] 
Brotherton W. H., 2 W. Mitchell 
Chamberlin, Boynton & Co., 66 and 

68 Whitehall 
Dougherty D. H , 39 & 41 Peachtree 
Georgia Suit Co , 39 Whitehall 
'^ramling W. S., 31 Peach'ree 
Hamrick & McElreath, 8 W. Mit- 
High J. M.. 48 Whitehall 

S. S. Specific 

Cures Rbeiiixiatisin 



IHtJ^-4.A. V J.KJ E^EED W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 




Hirsrh & Bro., 40 Decatur 
Holliday G. H. & Co., 101 White- 
Hook & Smith, 65 and 67 Peach- 
Kiser M. P. & Son, 77 Whisehall 
p. pe F. M., 171 W. Peters 
Rich M. & Bro.. 05 Whitehall 
Richardson S. W., Gordon, ne cor 

Lee, W^ E 
Rosenffld S Mrs , 48 Decatur 
Ryan John, 61 vVhitehall 
Ryan M , 93 Whitehall 
Wat-on J. A.. 20 W. Mitchell 
Wilson R. J., 179 Marietta 

Dyers and Cleaners. 

Kreis J., 7 W Peter? 
Lochri^v J., 45 E. Hunter 
Nelson E. A. Mrs., 11 W. Peter? 
Watson J. S. & Co., 86 S. Pryor 

Electrotype Founderies. 

Louisville, Ky.. (See front pas- 


Atlanta. (See page 91; 

Engines and Boilers. 

6.T S. RroaH. (S^e page 77) 


34 W. M'tchell 


47 Whitehall. (See front cover) 
Northen W. P., 47 Whitehall 


EXCHANGE. 37 S. Broad. (See 
pase 81) 

CHANGE, 40 S. Broad. (See 

page 97) 


[metal ] 

Haynes W. A.. 10 Marietta 

Express Companies. 

CO., 30 and 32 E. Wall 

Fancy Goods, Notions, 

Harper T. J., 7 Pepchtree 
Kerr & Fisher. 56 Whitehall 
Ki^er M C. & J. F. & Co , 14 and 
16 S Prvor 


32 and 34 E. Wull 
Rich M. & Bro., 65 Whitehall 
Ryan F. Mrs., 138 Davis 
Silvey J & Co., 4 and 6 Decatur 
Turner & Co., 31 Whitehall 
Wurzburg L., 54 Whitehall 

Fast Freight Lines. 

Green Line 8 S. Broad 
Savannah F. F. Line, 1 S. Pryor 


Fuller J. C, 67 S Broad 


Piedmont Belt 


J. C. Kimball, 

66 E.Alabama Bt., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Wbol*- 
Bale & Retail. Bpeoial rates to dealers. Bee page lOCk 





Adair & Bro., 27 W. Alabama 
Angier N. L. & C, 7 W. Alabama 
Austell & Rice. 63 S. Broad 
Goldsmith Bros., 57 E. Alabama 
Tnman FT. T & Co.. 41 S. Broad 


27 M iriptta 
Knox J. S , H E. Alabama 


46 and 48 E. Alabama. (See 

page 78) 
Lorentz & Riftler. 40 S. Broad 
Maddox, Rucker & Co., 36 W. Ala- 



36 W. AUibama 
Pendleton Guano Co., 63 S. Broad 
Ramsp ck & Green, 16 S. Broad 
Scott G. W. & Co., 18 and 20 S. 

Swift Thomas L. & Co., 57 E. Ala- 
Walton, Whann & Co., 31 W. Ala- 

Ferti-izing Chemicals 

MAR, 20 and 22 Decatur. (See 
page 88) 

Fish, Oysters and Game. 

Brown C , 17 Peachtree 

Day S. W.,1 E. Wall 

Donehoo E F. & Co., 3 and 13 E. 

Emery H. F., 15 Peachtree 
LaHatte J., 73^ Peachtree 

Fish Plates and Bolts. 

W. & A. R. R., 470 Marietta. 
(See back fly D) 


E. Fnir, nr Cemetery. (See 
page 85) 

Flour, Grain and Hay. 

Akers & Bros., 22 S. Forsyth 
Kennesaw Mills Co., 26 E. Ala- 
Taylor M. J. & Co., Pryor, se cor 

Founders & Machinists. 

D^vis J , 221 Maripffa 


W. & A. R. R., 470 Marietta. 
(See back fly D) 
Meneely G. R & Co., W. & A. R. 
R., f" of Foundry 


93 Ga R R 


214 Marietta 
Winship & Bro., Foundry, w of W. 

&A R R 
Withers W. S., 24 S. Calhoun 

Fresco Painters 

Ig Mar'etta. (See back cover) 


21 Marietta. (See page 26) 


ArbnlaJ., Ill Whitehall 
BabbJ. P., 91 S Broad 
Baker G. (c), 47 S. Broad 
Baldwin C. A.. 4 Decatur 
Bardi J., 37 Marietta 
Benson J., 71 i Peachtree 
Bolochi 'l\, Wall, ne cor Peachtree 
Canovarri J , 36 Marietta 
Floprsh A., 80 Ppachtree 
Priffin R. J., 68 Peachtree 
Johnson & Lane, 35 W. Mitchell 
Kimball C. H , 22 W. Mitchell 
Kirbe O.. 21 Mariptta 


4 Whitehall. (See pasie 97) 
Makemson A J., 49 S. Broad 
Martin J., 4 Mariptta 
Ma«sa E. A., 19 Peachtree 
Schropter M. Mrs., 131 Whitehall 
Shp-k k Co.. 16 S. Forsyth 
Smith H. J., 95 S. Broad 




THEJ-'-iX W AkJ ^EEID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell at. 




WestH., 119 Whitehall 
Wilson A. McD. & Co., 30 Peach- 


[manufacturers ] 


5 Fort 
Hinman G.. 331 Decatur 


29 W. Ah^barua (See page 87) 


Cook L., Lee, se cor Grdon, W. E 

J. H. GAVA,N ^ 

78 Peachtree St. 

Repaired, Rented, Bought, or 


fi^°Mattresses made and renovated 


7 and 9 Marietta 

Stocker & Castleberrv, 85 White- 
hall and 9-i S. Broad 

Thomas H. W., 90 Whitehall 

[made and repaired] 
Arnold W., 127 S. Forsyth 

Galvanized Iron Corni- 


GRATH, 36 and 38 Peachtree 

Game Depots- 

(See Fish and Game.) 

Gas Companies. 

2.} Whitehall 

Gas and Steam Fitters 

(See also Plumbers.) 

General Agents 

Jones John Jr , 20 E Alabama 
Morton A. C. & Co.. 25 Marietta 
Tift & Buck, 38 E. Wall 

General Stores. 

Falvey J. J , 415 Marietta 
Mitchell W. D , 298 and 300 W. 

Morris J. F., 88 and 90 W. Peters 

Gents' Furnishing Goods 

16 VVhi:ehall 
Eiseman Bros., 55 Whit^hall 
Gay A. 0. M. & Co., 37 P. achtree 
Ooldsmitb & Hughes, 9 Peachtree 
McCallaBros.. 3 Whitehall 


24 Whiteball 


12 Whitehall 
Steii.heimer & Kreisle, 30 White- 

Grain Dealers. 

Logan & Co., 36^ E. Alabama 
Williams J. J. & Co., 17 and 19 S. 

Grainers and Marblers. 

Li Mfirietta. (Spe back of title) 


21 Marietta. (See page 26) 

Granite Works- 

50 Loyd. (See back of title) 

Grates and Mantles. 

GRATH, 36 and 38 Peachtree 



Abbott & Bro., 64 and 66 E. Ala- 

Boyiiton Bros., 28 E. Alabama 

Dodd P. & G. T. & Co , 32 E, Ala- 

Dunn, Alexander & Co., 40 and 42 
E. Alabama 


20 t]. Alabama 
Garrett & Bro., 50 E Alabama 

m MiUH, ^^^^^^T^^l^i HEDMOJII ilWINt 

21 Marietta Street. 

EM frP T^r'^HN ^s'^sf*^ ^s*^ Estate Agent, 




Goldsmith J. W. & Co., 55 and 57 

E. Alabama 
Hall & Landrum, 32 Peachtree 
Hightower & Hallman, 40 Peach 



46 and 48 E. Alabama. (See 
page 7>^) 
Lowe T. J. & Bro., 35 W. Mitchell 
Mercba- t «fe Mosley, 37 E. Alabama 
Morris & Bro., 4G Peach' ree 
Mountcastle, Coleman & Co., 15 S. 

Broad and 18 Forsyth 
Simmons J. R., 15 S. Forsyth 
Smith H. D. & Son, 65 E. Alabama 
Stephens J. & Co., 41 E. Alabama 
Stepheijs J. & Co., 41 E. Alabama 
West A. J. & Co., 55 Peachtree 
Wilson A. McD. & Co . 30 Peach- 
Winter k Brown. 50 E. Alabama 


32 N. Broad 
Wyly A. C & B. F. & Co., 51 and 
53 E Alabama 

[wholesale A.ND RETAIL,] 

Hubbard W. L. & Son, 24 Peach- 


22 iS'. Broad. (See opp. page 75) 
Lowe G W., 33 W. Mitchell 
Stanton W. L. & Co., 87 S. Broad 

Ackerman & Hunt, 298 Peachtree 
Adair J. T., 70 Decatur 
Adams L. D , 90 Peachtree 
Adams n & Son. 262 Decatur 
Allen E C, 84 Peachtree 
Allen E. T., 102 McDonough 
Anderson & Bro., 147 W. Peters 
Ansley F. J. & Co., 88 Whitehall 
Baldwin A. P., Marietta, bey limits 
Bancroft G., Marietta, bey limits 
Bangert C, 66 E. Harris 
Barford F. R., 375 W. Peters 
Barrow H. V., 81 Peachtree 
Bechtoldr E . 8 Werner av 
Bell W H., 270 Marietta 
Bell & Dean, 356 Marif-tta 
Bender C. H., 127 Whitehall 

Bender M. (c), 298 Mangum 
Bennett & Delleshaw, 222 E. Fair 
Betiis & Eskridg^. 213 W. Peters 
Be\er M. M.. 90' Dccatnr 
Bird I. 38 Marietta 
Bobo G. W., 118 Marietta 
Bomar & Pe.-k, 25 W, Mitchell 
Boone K. L. & Co., 57 &59 Peach- 
Bostwick T. R., 41 W. Foundry 
Boyd & Johnson, 98 Peachtree 
Br: dy J. D. & Bro., PuUiam, se cor 

E. Fair 
Bridges J. H , ws Marietta, bey 

BridwellC. 100 W. Mitchell 
Brinson D. W. & Co., 125 White- 
B:own J., Ill W. Peters 
Brown W. A., 144 Marietta 
Buchanan T. J , 248 Dr^catur 
Burke S (c), 39 Howell 
Burney M. (c), 113 E. Hunter 
Burns S., Humphries, nwccr Wells 
Butler L. C, 169 Fort; 
Buzbee C, 367 Peachtree 
Buzbee W\ T, 21 E. Peachtree 
Bvrum M. B., 182 McDonough 
Ckmp H A., 119 Wb.tehall 


149 Luckie 
Carey P. (c), 77 Humphries 
Cary J. A., (c), 130 MrDaniel 
Chamberlaine S., Walton, se cor 

Chapman E. M., 118 Whitehall 
Clarke J. A. & Co., 204 Marietta 
Cleaton & Johnson, 102 Peachtree 
Coakiey A. J., 28 Hill.ard 
Cohen B. B., 129 W. Peters 
Collins M. E. Mrs., 140 Marietta 
Colton J S , 128 S. Forsyth 
Cox H. T. & Co., 11 S. Forsyth 
Cox J. W., 104 Peachtree 
Cox W., 322 W. Mitchell 
Coyen J., 54 Decatur 
Creed J.. 402 Marietta 
Crumley C. Mrs., 264 Marietta 
Culberson M. L., Decatur, nr Bou- 
Culberson, 0. I,, Lee sw cor Gor- 
don, W. E 

S\ (TV O'O'' 


IHJT) A VTS "L^RTicAL" sewino- mahtttne 

• Ht J-^ AA. V ^KJ ^ E.^I3 Tff^ X. WILSON. 14 W. MltxiheU St. 




Curry H. (c), 162 Fraser 
Darling J , 24 Marif^tta 
Davis C. C, 43 Chapel 
Davis J. S., H8 Hiliiard 
DeFnor J. A.. 137 W Peters 
Dittler A., Houston, ne cor Fort 
Donohoo J O., 235 Fraser 
Drjike W. T., 141 Mariptta 
Dumphry M. Mr.«., 168J Decatur 
Dunning V, 84 McDonoutih 
Eayan M. A. Mrs , 125 Decatur 
Edviards M. E & Co., 364 Decatur 
Ellis J, 198 H..uston 
Emmel M. J , 144 Decatur 
Eiibanks G. T., 67 S. Broad 
Evans D. Mrs . Wheat, nr linaits 
Faith J F., 298 Decatur 
Fechter E . 427 \V. Peters 
Few J M , 73 Peachtree 
Ficken J., Stonewall, nr limits 
Fincher & Bro , 88 Peachtree 
Finch-r J, L & W. T., 251 W. Mit- 
Fischer J A., 264 Decatur 
Floersh A., 80 Peachtree 
Frances T. L , 454 Mariptfa 
Franklin & Wilkins. 18 W. Mitchell 
Fraser & Smith, 9 VV. Mitchell 
Frazier A. (c), 180 Markham 
Frazier J D , 79 Whitehall 
Fuller J H., 60 Bood 
Fuller J. W., 27 Windsor 
Fuller W. A., 148 Marietta 
GallrtgherT, ss Mayson Ferry rd, 

Gantt & Milton. 61 McDonald 
Gatins J., 62 N. Calhoun 
Gilbert J. B., 155 W. Mitchell 
Gille=p'e J W., 141 Calhoun 
Glozier F. H , 231 Decatur 
Goodman M. T., 78 S. Broad 
Green S. Mr.«., 304 Decatur 
Gregory D. S.. 82 Peacht'.ee 
Griffi'i R. J., 68 Peachtree 
Gufss & Shaw, 330 Decatur 
Gunn H B (p), 50 Humphries 
Guthman S., 133 W. Peters 
Eagan John T., 100 WMiiteball 
Hanlon J , 20 W. Foun'iry 
Han.aford C. H., 26 Brick 
Hard wick & Grove.*, 112 Whitehall 

Harrison & Weathers, 110 W. Pe- 
Harwell & Bro , 324 Marietta 
Haslet tS. D, 173 W. Peters 
Haygood A. J.. 64 Dec itur 
Hentschel G., 249 Wheat 
Holbrook A. L. & T. A., 79 Peach- 
Ho'comb & Hill (c), 278 Decatur 
HollidayG. H. & Co , 101 Whitehall 
H(41stia G, 226 Foster 
Honecker C., 137 Mari-tta 
Hooks J. C, 296 Peachtree 
Huff J. C, 91 Whitphall 
Huff J. L., 214 W Pt'iers 
Huff J. W.. ns Gordon, 5th e of 

Lee, W. E 
Humphries L., 176 Decatur 
Hu s J. C, ws Peachtree, 2d n of 

E. Fifth 
Irwin Y. M., 461 Marietta 
Jackson Jos (c), 182 W.hest^ 
J hnson D. & Bro., 2.'>3 E. r'air 


22 N Broad. (See opp page 75) 
Jackson &Son, 140 Marir-fa 
Johnston, Camp & Co.. 179 W. Pe- 
Jolly M. W., 182Decntur 
Jones J. M., 288 Mari-fa 
Jones N. J. (c), 75 W Fe'ers 
Karr J. A., 256 Marietta 
Karwisch H., 88 Decatur 
Kelly W. S , 199 W. Mifhell 
Kicklighter C. J.. 104 Whitehall 
Kindley F., 208Ivy 
Klasset A„ 98 Nelson 
Kuegeler P. Mrs., 142 Elliott 
Laird W., 197 Whitehall 
Lan^ar J. L. (e), 234 Fraser 
LRmbert C , Mrs., 336 Decatur 
Landrum S. H., 54 Peachtree 
Landrum W.(c), Tatnall, cor Mark- 
Lane H., Marietta, bey limits 
Liy D. (c), 285 Fort 
Lenfestey A. S., 48 Dpcatur 
Lively W. E , 222 Fraser 
Long T. T. Mrs., 169 Luckie 
Lumpkin & Sahli, 40 N Butler 
Lynch J. J., 44 Decatur 




via Piedmont Air-Line* 

nrpjpnhnnp '• °' EIMBALL, 56 E. Alabama St 
J. VllyJJIiUII^V anytiQci, Blacksmith's Coal a SDCcI 

for COAL of 

SDecialtv. See oaea 10& 




Lynch P., 95 Whitehall and 7 W. 

Lynn Eliza (c), Jennings al, se cor 

McCarty, H. Mrs., 40 W, Foundry 
McClain W. H., 133 N. Calhoun 
McCravy & Bra, 116 Whitehall 
McDavitt E. 186 Elliott 
McGuirk J. M., 196 Dpcatur 
McHan C. H., 276 E Fair 
McHeniy C. (c), 254 Marietta 
McKoy J. J., 48 Peachtree 
McManaman E. L, 150 Marietta 
McMillan & Snow, 25 Marietta 
Mahoney Michael, 124 Decatur 
Maier M. A. Mrs , 1T6 Davis 
Mar^'Ut J. J., 66 Decatur 
Marion S., 282 Marietta 
Martin C. V., 186 Marietta 
Martin E. M. & Co. (c). 157 Wheat 
Mayhburn A. J., 300 Peachtree 
Mayson T. C, 3 Marietta 
Medcalf & Garren, 75 N. Collins 
Meehan P. H., 257 Peachtree 
Merritt &Sutiimers, 564 Decatur 
Middlebrooks W. M., 405 W. Peters 
Mitchell I. S., 142 Whitehall 
Mitchell S. S (c), 140 E. Cain 
Mitchell W. (c). 92 Houston 
Morgan C. H. (c), 159 Wheat 
Morgan & Lang, 315 W. Mitchell 
Morris C. M., 115 Decatur 
Morris J. S. & Son. 196 Marietta 
Moyer I. (c), 149 W. Peters 
Murray L. P., 131 E. Hunter 
Brien J E., 71 Peachtree 
Pavne & Baker, 395 Marietta 
Phillips J. (c),52 Howell 
Phillips W. R. & Co., 83 Peachtree 
Powell J. J. & Bro., 26 Peachtree 
Prim L J., 110 McDonough 
Prior G. S., 51 Peachtree 
Prothro G. A., 90 McDonough 
Rafter C, 158 E. Harris 
Ragland F. A., 114 Whitehall 
Ra.'srla'e E. K., S. Pryor, sw cor 

E. Mitchell 
Ragsdale M. J., 195 W. Peters 
Ramee & Anspach, 70 Whitehall 
Ramspeck G. A. & Co., 25^ Peach- 
Ransford H.. 167 Whitehall 

Reese & Jones, 115 Wheat 
Rice W. H., 113 E. Harris 
Richards J. J., 198 McDonough 
Roberts W. J. & Co., 49 Peachtree 
Robertson E. A. & Co., 100 Peach- 
Robinson J. L , 114 Eraser 
RobiuRon M. Y., 145 Houston 
Rockwell W. C., 5 Marietta 
Sears E. W. Mrs., 150 W. Hunter 
Shannon W. A. & Co., 94 Whitehall 
Sharp S., 225 W Peters 
Shropshire & Johnson, 10 W. Mitch- 
Simmons F. S. & Co , 106 Whitehall 
Singleton & Ray, 324 Decatur 
Slaughter J. 'I'.. 143 W. Petera 
Smith F. P., 128 W. Mitchell 
Smith G B . 41 Chapel 


70 McDonough 
Smith J. B , 224 Decatur 
Smith W. D., 236 Decatur 
Smith W. H. (c), 277 W. Petera 
Smythe & Perkerson, 13 W.Mitchell 
Solomon A. (c), 20 Biggers 
Stanford M. E, Mrs , 114 E. Cain 
Stark J. A., 208 Marietta 
Stephens J. & Co., 41 and 43 E. 

Stewart & Bro., 204 W. Petera 
Tate J. (c), 220 Decatur 
Thompson G., 60 Humphries 
Thump.=on J. P., 300 Decatur 
Thompson W. R. D., 285 E. Fair 
Thompson W. W , 190 Decatur 
Tidwell R. W., 27 W. Mitchell 
Todd A F., 224 W. Peters 
Tolbert J. J. & Co., 19 Washington 
Trimble W, J. & Co., 58 Peachtree 
Upshaw J. W. (c), 265 W. Petera 
VealB. F., 508 Decatur 
Werner F., 221 E. Fair 
Watson I. M., 21 W. Mitchell 
Watts A. (c), 107 Eraser 
Wethingtou T. K , Mariett, se cor 

Williams & Parks, 289 Marietta 
Wibon R. J., 179 Marietta 
Wood M. M. Mrs., Williams, sw cor 

Woodard S M., 257 Foster 




llHLJL/XX V A.KJ lE'^EXa -w. x. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell bt. 




Wrenn Joshua (c), 174 N. Calhoun 
Wright J. T., Calhoun, ne cor 

Yates J. G.229 Chapel 
YoHng M. J., 32H Jones 

Gun and Locksmith. 

Burckert J. M., 10 Peachtree 
Heinz & B rkele, 15 Whitehall 

Hair Goods. 

Fuhrer J., 66 Whitehall 
Hetzel L. Miss, 39i Peachtree 



CLARKE TH08. M. & CO, 

27 Peachtree. (See page 82) 


Alexaniier J. M. & Co., 40 White- 


2 and 4 S Prynr. (Sf^e pHge78) 


36 Dec itur. (See opp. page 244j 
Clarke, Thompson & Co., 45 Peach- 

HART F. W., 

30 S. Broad. (See back paPter) 


IN. 86 Whitehall 


10 and 12 S Pryor 


(See Saddles and Harness.) 

Hats. Caps. Etc 


Horsey T. M. & Co., 15 N. Pryor 


Atkins, McKeldin & Co.. 35 Peach- 


6 Whitehall 
Gay A, 0. M , 37 Peachtree 
Hook & Smith, 65 and 67 Peach- 
Moiris W. C. & Co , 21 Marietta 
Nolan & Doty, 67 Whitehall 

Pope H. C, 2 Whitehall 
Steinheimer & Kreisle, 30 White- 


Bussey H. & Co., 2^ Whitehall 

Hides, Furs, Wool, Etc. 

Sheek & Co., 16 S. Forsyth 


(See also Res aurants ) 
Adams House, 24 E. Wall 
Hotel Weinmeister, 10 N. Forsyth 
Kennesaw House, 15/ S Broad 


Scoville & Terry, proprs ; Pryor, 
nw cnr Wa'l 


Huff & Brown, proprs ; Loyd, 
opp Wall. (See tront cover and 
pRtre 76) 


E. T. White, pr pr; 6, 8 and 10 
Peachtree. (See page 95) 
Southern Hotel, 40^ Decatur 
Wilson House, J, L. Keith, propr; 
Alabama, sw cor Pryor 

House Furnishing Goods 

GRATH, 36 and 3S Peachtree 
Stewart & Fain, 69 Whitehall 


Georgia Ice Co , 44 W. Alabama 

[dealers ] 

Brown C, 17 Peachtree 
Emery H, F., 15 Peachtree 

Insurance Adjuster. 

Hancock W. H., 41 S. Broad 
Knowles C. K , 41 S. Broad 

Insurance Agents. 


Blan^hard M C, 2 W. Wall 
Boyd I. S.,2^ Marietta 
Cooke W. C, 9^ W. Mitchell 
Gay E. S., 15 N Pryor 

9uick"tiUJ'e ^Piedmont Air- Line 

EWr (tT? T'Ti'^n'Nr ®s^®^*^ ^®*^ Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Street. 
■ ML» W£v£iiiiWVil} Promptness Miy »Iotto. 





29 Wl-jitehall 
Hurt Joel, 4-1: Marietta 
Johnston J. E & Co , 1 aad 3 Ma- 
King J. G, 61 S Broad 
MoPiran J H.. o7 Marietta 
Patiillo VV. P. & W. F.. 1 S. Pryor 
Raine J. S . 1.1 Marietta 


EliLE-TON, 41 S. Broad. (See 
psm^ 91) 
Whlln.' \V J., 1 S Pryor 


4?..V Wiii ehail 


43;^ \Vhiiei:all. (See p&ge 94) 
[life exclusively.] 


24 Peachtree. (See opp page 64) 

Insurance Companies. 


SURANCE CO. of Toronto, J. 
C. Whitn>r & Son, manng;er^; 
Whitner & Clarke, agts.; 43^ 


of Har'foid, Whitner & Clarke. 
RL't^ : 43.;^ Whitehall 


CO. of N. Y., (Sou. Dept.); S. W. 
Williams, tnanasier ; (j. S. Wol- 
ford, supt. ; 10 W. Alabama, M. 
C. BknMv.ird, looa'; 2 W. Wall 


of Philadelptiia, Romare, Perdue 
& EL'le^^ton, agtp; 41 S. Broad 


of N. Y , Whitner & Clarke, agts; 
43 i Wlitf-haU 


of Cjnu., Romare, Perdue <fe Eg- 
leston. jisrt-.; 41 S. Broad 


ERN, of London, Romare, Per- 
due & Eglepton, agt-s; 41 S. Broad 


NOK,TK AMERICA of Phila., 
E. S. Gay, roanagpr, 15 N. Pr^or; 
Romare, Perdue & Eglesloa, agts; 
41 S. Broad 


of Euiiland, Whitner & Clarke, 
a<r\!^; 43. V WhaehnU 


CORPORATION, of Eng., Ro- 
mare, Perdue & Egleston, agta; 
41 S Broad 


of N. Y , Wbitaer & C arke, agts; 
431 WbitehTll 

ICS, of Va., Whitner & Ciarke, 
a^ts- 4'U Whitehall 


of N. Y,, W. W. Haskell, agt.; 
29 Whitehall 


of London, Ro nart^. Perdue & 
Egleston, a'/ts; 41 S. Broad 


of England, Whit er & Clarke, 
a>its; 43.iy WhitphaH 

TIONAL, of Scotland, Wtiitner 
& Clarkp, airts 43^ Whitehall 


of N. Y., Romare Perdue A Eg- 
leston. atrtss; 41 S. Bro-id 

CY, of N. Y., Romare, Perdue & 
E!:rle,=t'-n. agts: 41 S. Broad 


of N. Y., W. W. Haskell, agt; 29 


CO., of Toronto, Whitner & 
Clarke, at>t.«; 43-1 Whitehall 


INS. CO . of N. Y., W. W. Has- 
kell, agt; 29 Whitehall 
[ltfe ] 


of N. Y., R)mare, Perdue k 
Egleston, agts; 41 S. Broad 

Brewer's Lung Restorer 

ana cor^»=>xj>xJP'TiorT 



W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 




TUAL LIFE JNS. CO., of Mil- 
waukee, Wis., W. Woods White, 
State agt; 24 Peachtree. (See 
opp page 64) 

[life and accidevt.] 


ACCIDENT INS. CO . of Hart- 
ford, Rom ire, Perdue & Egles- 
toa, aj^t?; 41 S. Broad 

IiitelU8:ence Offices. 

Jackson J. W., o^ Marietta 

Iron, Steel and Nails. 

2 aad 4 S. Pryor. ((Seepage 78) 

Iron "Works. 

W. & A. R R , 470 Marietta. 
(See back flv D) 


Fouadrj, w of W. & A. R, R 

Japanese Goods. 

Ramee &, Anspach. 70 Whitehall 


[m\xcfactcring ] 

STEVENS J. p. & CO. 

34 Whitehall 

Jeweler's Supplies- 
Everett & Gouldsmith, 54.V White- 

Jewelers and Watch- 

Bollmann W . 10 Whitehall 


21 Whitenall 
Cunningham W. E , 9 W, Alabama 
Farrinirton P. A.. 2 Whitehall 


47 Whitehall. (See front cover) 
Northen W. P., 47 Whitehall 
Plummer E. T.. 17 Whitehall 


35 Whitehall (See page 90) 

Junk Dealers. 

Adler M.. 81 S. Broad 
Barwald M & Co., 12 E. Mitchell 
Elsas L, G2 S. Broad 
Hirshberg J., 64S Broad 
Spinks & Owens, 90 S. Broad 

Justices of the Peace. 

Butts W. M., 71\ Whitehall 
Hortoti W. C, Bellwood 


16^ Whitehall 


MAR, 20 and 22 Decatur. (See 
page 88) 

Ladies' Underwear 

58, 62 and 64 Whitehall 

Lamps, Chandeliers, Etc 

GRATH, 36 and 38 Peachtree 


Albert W. J., 2^ Marietta 
Anderson Clifford, State Hoase 
Anderson J. A , 27 Whitehall 
Angier E. A., 16 Whitehall 
Arnold & Arnold, 69 E. Alabama 
Arrowood J. M., room 2, 6h White- 
Barton C. J., 16^ Whitehall 
Bi£:by & Parrott, U, S. Court House 
BlRck W, \y , fii Whi'ehall 


21v Marietta 


room 4 Brown Bln<k, 3.S E. Wall 


9 Whitehall- (S^e front cover) 


8 S Bro'^d 


roam 3, 32 E. Wall 
Calhoun J. T , 50 Peachtree 
Calhoun Wm. L., City Hall 

Peerless, y^It Route, Piedmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL 




CL^iRKE M. J., 

23 E. Alabama 
Clirke W. I., 40 Marietta 
Collier G. W., 89 S. Pryor 
Collier & Collier, 25^ Peachtree 


room 1. 6 Whitehall 


8J Marietta 
Connally S. N., 24 Whitehall 
Cooledge A. F., 10 W. Alabama 
Culberson A. B. & H. L., 61 E. 

Culberson G. H., City Hall 


3^ Whitehall 
Daniel J. F., 54 Whitehall 
Darnall S A.. U. S. Court House 
deGraflfenried M., 2^ Marietta 
Eckford J. J., 23 E. Alabama 
Ellis W. D., room 5, Brown Block 
Ely R. N., room 4, 3^ Whitehall 


OflSce 48 Marietta St. (Up-stairs.) 
Special attention 


References. — Gen. A. Austell, 
Pres. Atlanta Nat. Bank ; John T. 
& W. D. Grant, Atlanta; J C.Ayer 
A Co., Lowell, Mass.; Aulabaugh, 
Crume & Co., Dayton, Ohio. 

Farrow H. P., 40 Marietta 
Finley T., 2U Marietta 
Fry 6. T.. 50^ Decatur 
GartrpU. .T. E., ^ Peachtree 


3^ Whitehall 
Gaskill C. B., 254 Peachtree 


.. 19 Whitehall 
Goodwin J. B., 27 Whitehall 
Gray J. R , 3h Whitehall 
Hammond D. F. & W. R., 23 White- 

H Marietta 

Hammond N. J., 54 Whitehall 
Harrison & Peeples, S'ate House 
Heyward W. I , 7^ Whitehall 
Hill B. H. & Son, 40 Marietta 
Hill D P. & Son, 2.1 Marietta 
Hillyer Henry, 21 ^ E. Alabama 
Hoge E. F., 23 Whitehall 
Hol!e nan J. T., room 5, Brown 

Block, 38 E. Wall 
Hooks T. J., 6^ Whitehall 
Hopkins & Glenn, 
Hoyt S. B., 68 E Mi'tch^ll 
Hulspy & McAfee, 2U Marietta 


40 Marietta 
Jetferies R. S., 25 Whitehall 


8 S. Broad 
Jones J C, 18 Whitehall 
King A. C, 25 Whitehall 
Lawton J. L , 50^ Decatur 
McCay & Abbott, 7^ A'hitehall 
Mallard W. J., 5U Peachtree 
Manning A. A., 8^ Marietta 
Murtiu E. W., 7^ Whitehall 
Martin & Hardison, 21 2 Marietta 
Milledge & Haygood, 69 E. Ala- 
Moore C. E., 6J Whitehall 
Moses R J., 40 Marietta 
Moyers W. T., 36^ E. Alabama 
Mynatt & Howell, 12 E Alabama 
Newman W. T., 35 S. Broad 
Orr Edgar H., 7^ Whitehall 
Osborn G. T., 7^ Whitehall 
Pendleton J. T., 27^ Whitehall 
Pratt N P., 48 Marietta 


rooms 2 and 3, 14 Whitehall 
Reinhardt, A. M.. 7^ Wnitehall 
Robert, F. W.,3^ Marietta 
Rogers Robert L., 35 S. Broad 
Smith C. W , 27-^ Whitehall 


room 10, 6J Whitehall 
Smith J. H., 77^ Whitehall 
Spann G. C, 3J Whitehall 
Sppncer S. B., 25 Whitehall 


16^ Whitehall 
Thomas G S , 2 J Marietta 


And Nev«r FaHs to Cura. 



^•EE33 ^ff^ X. WILSON. 14 W. MitcheU St 





room », 6i Whitehall 
Tripre R. B., 8 S. Broad 


(con.mercial) 20 E. Alabama 
Van Epps & Calhoun, 40 Marietta 
Warner H., 81 Washington 
Weil Samuel, rocm 7, 6i Whitehall 
Westmoreland T. P., 27i Whitehall 
Weymouth L. E . 25 Whitehall 
Wimpey J. A., 2^ Marietta 
Winn L. J., room 3, 61- Whitehall 
Wright & Dorsey, :U Whitehall 
Zaehry Greer, 54 Whitehall 

Leather and Findings- 

Berrv C. M., 33 Peachtree 

DAMEL J. C. & I., 

32 Whitehall 
Eddleman & Brown, 30 and 32 E. 

Price G. W., 24 Marietta 

Lightning Rods. 

Ladd, A. C, 9 S. Broad 

Lime, Plaster & Cement. 

Gordon H H.,45 N. Pryor 


56 E. Alabama. (See page 100 
and telephoned 


9 S. Broad 
Sciple &, Sons, 8 Loyd 
Wilson W. S. & Bro., 25 N. Broad 


Erskiue Wm. & Co., 42 Decatur 




73 Whitehall 
Cohen L. & Co., 29 and 31 E. Ala- 


29 Peachtree 


16 Decatur 
Jones Paul, 22 E. Alabama 
MaherM. E., 11 W. Mitchell 

Mayer Son & Co., 52 Whitehall 
Menko J. & Co., 20 Peachtree 
Potts F. M., 19 E. Alabama 

[wholesale and retail.] 


52 Decatur. (See page 87) 

Lovcjoy E. B., 56 Peachtree 
Lynch P., 96 Whitehall and 7 W. 

McKinnon T. M., Decatur, nr Bou- 
Mihalovitch L., 26 Decatur 
Rich & Titlebaum, 31 S. Broae 


26 W. Alabama 

Live Stock Dealers. 

Osborn W. A.. 7i Whitehnll 


Central Stock Yard?, 96 W. Mit- 
chell. (See page 93) 

Liver Pads, 

Bonner R., 21 Marietta 

Livery Stables. 

(See also Stables.) 

BOAZ G. R., 

16 and 18 Loyd. (See front fly 

JONES W. 0., Agt., 

51 Loyd. (See page 84) 
Redd J. F., 22 and 24 W. Alabama 
Taylor Z. E., 54 S. Pryor 


[manufacturers and dealers.] 

Appling Co. Lumber Co., 44 Mari- 

BELL W. S. & BRO., 

147 Decatur. (See page 79) 
Mathews J. H., Hunter, se cor 

Murphy Anthony, 75 S. Forsyth 
Rice & Mitchell, 39 Grubb 
Sciple & Sons, 8 Loyd 
Wilson W. S. & Bro., 25 N. Broad 




Fiedxnont Air-Line 

E M GREESflN General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

M. «M. WAWMMWV41} Promptness My Motto* 




Lung Pads- 

CO., Det oit, Mich. (See page 

Machine Shops. 

(See Founders and Machinists.) 
Davis J, 221 Marietta 


Works, W & A. R. R, 470 Mari- 
etta. (Seebacii fly D) 

Machine Repairers- 

Watson C. C, 9 W. Alabama 

Machinery Dealers- 

2 and 4 S. Pryor. (See page Y8) 
Goldsmith & lire,, 57 E. Alabama 


65 S Bioaii. (SeepHge77) 


CO.. 27 Marietta 


34 VV. Mitchell 


Trust A. v., 49 Whitehall 

Marble Works- 
Gray W., 77 E. Alabama 

Jnclson D. N., Loj'd, cor Alabama 


14 t>. Broad (See page 93) 

Mattress Manufacturers 

15 E. Huuier. (See page 93) 

I.X L. Mattress Factory. 






Nob. 318 and 320 Decatur Streets. 

Meats and Vegetables- 

(See Batchers.) 


MAR, 20 and 22 Decatur, (See 
page 88) 

Mercantile Agencies. 

Dun R G. & Co , ?>e,h E Alabama 


J. A. Goin, manager; Piyor, ae 
cor Alabama. (See front fly A) 

Merchant Tailors- 

6 VVliitHliall 
Grossp C. G.,30 Whitehall 


8 Wlii'ehali (See back cover) 


BROWN, Wm. Scott, 12 White- 

Mill Furnishers. 

Brenner W., 320 and 322 Marietta 

Mill Machinery, 

SON & CO., 68 and 70 E. Ala- 
bama. (See page 100) 


65 S. Broad. (See page 77) 

Milliners and Millinery 

Boylan Joseph, 138 Decatur 


58, 62 and 64 Whitehall 
Kennedy M. Miss., 49 Whitehall 
Lyon B. Mrs., 66 Whitehall 
Morris M. Mrs , 39^ Peachtree 
OConror K. Mrs., 57 Whitehall 
Pickert A. F. Mrs., 45 Whitehall 
Regenstein & Kutz, 74 Whitehall 
Turner & Co., 31 Whitehall 

Millinery Goods- 


Franklin Max, 8 and 10 Decatur 





FEE33 y^ J, WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 





32 aud o4 E. Wall 


Factory Co , 172 Marietta 


Akers & Bros., 22 S. Forsyth 
Butler & Carroll, 20 [iartow 
Dickey Bros., 9 S. Forsyth 
Moore Sim.s & Co , 185 Marietta 
Morris & Bro.. 4G Peachtree 
Stewart & Bro., 320 Marietta 

MoMing, Newels. Etc 

33 !^. })r n<\ (Se'^ front cover) 


CO , 30 Decatur. (See opp page 

HART F. W . 

30 S Broafl. (See back paster) 


Vul er, adjoining W. & A. R. R. 
(See back paster) 

Monuments and Tomb- 


14 S Broad. ( Seepage 93) 

Mosquito N-ts- 

12 K. Hn- ler (S(epage93) 


3i8 and 320 Decatur 

Music Teachers. 

Golden J. Mis.s. 193 S. Prjor 
McGuire K- Miss. SI R .<k 
Madden Mrs. M, IGl Whitehall 
Majwr M. Miss. 159 Haye 
Mariin M. A. Miss, 74 IST. Pryor 
Murray S. Miss, 144 Ivy 
Owens \ M., Mrs., 1.t2 S. Pryor 
Spahr Otto, 20 W. Garnett 

Music and Musicrl Mer- 

CO.. 35 Uhi-el a 1 


39 S. Kro^ul (S.^ ).Hir,. ,s()) 


H and 10 Marietta 

GAN Co., 27 V\hitchall 


The great Specific for neuralgia 
and headache; 14 Whitehall. See 
back of title) 

News Dealers 

8 and 10 Marietta 

Newspapers Rnd Period- 

TOR, 50 Marietta 

Atlanta Medical ar;d SurgicalJour- 
n -1, 32 S Broad 

PEAL, 20 N Broad 
Atlanta RepnMican. ."IH Marietta 


THE S(JUm, 24^ 8. i>road 
Christian Index. 29 8. Bread 
Con-iitut'on, 34 S. Broad 


66 E. Wall 

Meihoc'i>t Advocate 110 Whitehall 

Olive Brunch, S F. Salter, propr; 
53 S. Broad 

Ptionograph, 322 S. Broad 

Southern Advance and Georgia Re- 
publican, 27 E. Hunter 

Southern B ade, 32 S. Broad 

Southern Medical Retord, 30 J S. 

Sonthern Medical Reform, 53 S. 


30 S Broad. (Seepai;e95) 
The Church Times, 229 S. Pryor 
The Somhern Templar, 4fi White- 
Lai J 
Weekly Post. 35 S B-oad 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 




56 Hast Alabama Street. See page lOO. 




Notaries Public. 

Abbott B F., 7^ Whitphall 


rnoin 4. Brown Block; 38 E. Wall 
DeBelle R. F.. 28 E. Wall 
Rhea J., 51i Peachtree 
Tanner G. H., 16* Whitehall 




& MAXGUM, 20 and 22 Decatur, 
(upstairs.) (See front paster) 
Franklin M., 8 and 10 Decatur 


E Fair, nr Cemetery. (Seepage 
Cole M. & Co., Jonesboro rd 


Che.'s. Carlev & Co , 39 S. Pryor 
Duck & Co., 35 S. Broad 
Fox Amos 11 E. Alabama 

Opium Cure 

Woolley B M , 33^ Whitehall 


47 (See front cover) 


35 U'hitei>all (Spe page 90) 

STEVENS J. P. & 00. 

34 Whitehall 

BRll MILLER 0. L. & 

<'n .35 Whitehall 


39 <. Rroad. (See pase 89) 

GAN CO., A. H. Tyler, C. A. 
Capwell, managers ; 27 White. 

Oysters, Fish and Game 

(.S°p Fish De'-t'ers.) 


CO., Detroit. Mich, (Seepage98) 


[house and sign.] 
Bosche R. C , 6 E. Wall 
Bradbury W S . 9^ S. Broad 

COLES R. E. (c,) 

173 and 175 Marietta. (See adv 

Geary P. W., U Marietta 
Holloway D. F.' 23 E Hunter 
McKpuz e A. B., 75 E. Alabama 
Paris J. A., 100 Whitehall 
Richardson R. P., 279 Decatur 


21 Marietta. (See page 26) 


H Vlari^tta. (See back of title) 


21 Marietta. (See page 26) 

Paints, Oils, Etc- 

33 S Broad. (See page 81) 


36 Decatur. (See opp. page 244) 
Calder Wm., 49 S Pryor 
Duck & Co , 35 S. Broad 

HART F. W., 

30 S. Rroad (See back paster) 

MAR, 20 and 22 Decatur. (See 
page 88) 

Peck J C, 13 S Broad 


Elsas, May & Co., 99 to 105 S. 

Spinks & Owens, 90 S Proad 
Wellhouse & Son, 38 E. Alabama 


Broad, se cor Alabama 


86 Whitehall 




THEJ-'-^^ V XKJ E'EEX) w, T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell 8U 




Paper Mills 

Ormond Jas , 4;^ S. Broad 

Sugar Creek Paper Mills, Wm Mc- 
Naught & Co , office 86 White- 

Paper Bag Manufactu- 

Elsas I., fi2 S. Broad 

Elsas, May & Co., 105 S. Pryor 

Spinks & Owens, 90 S. Broad 

Patent Agencies, 

AGENCY, F. E. Zerbe, manager; 
50 Marietta 

Patent Medicines. 

Bradfipld J . 39 S Prvnr 

TIC CURE, J. M. Hunnicutt, 
propr; 3 Deca'ur. (See page 94) 

Mofifeit C. J., 5U Peachtree 

Patent Rights 

Pursley & Brice, 21 Marietta 

Patent Solicitors. 

50 Marietta 

Pattern Makers. 

Landis S., 31^ S Broad 


Smith 0. A., 15 N. Forsyth 


Corwin H., 173 S. Forsy'h 
Gardr-er M. M., 30i Marietta 
Ivie T. H , 40^ Whitehall 

KUHNS J. H. & W. T., 

33^ VVhitphaM (Seepage 90) 


32 Whitehall 
Perkins J. W., 179 Marietta, (up 

Photographic Stock 

Robinson W. G., 4fi Whitehall 
Schumann Then , 63 Whitehall 

Physicians and Sur- 

Alexander J. F., 62 Peachtree 
Alley A. R., 2J Marietta 
Armhtrong W. S., 64 Whitehall 
Auten R. M , 97 Marietta 
Baird James B. , 63 Whitehall 
Bak H , 188 S. Forsyth 
Bellamy A. D , 27* Whitehall 
Biggers J., 120 S. For-yth 
Biggers J M., 122 S. Forsyth 
Boring J. M., 61 S Forf^yth 
Caldwell J. J.. 72 Mariefa 
Calhoun A. W., 38* S. Broad 
(;hallenger H. P , 75 Marietta 
Connally E. L., 24 Whitehall 
Crawford G. G., 14* Whitehall 
Dean Thomas W^., 202 Marietta 
Drake W G., 25* Peachtr' e 


10^ Decatur 
Gardner G W., 330 Marietta 
Goldsmith W. T., 61 N. Pryor 
Gordon T. W., 62 Peachtree 
Grav J A.. 30* Marietta 


67 Whit hall 
Hammond J. F , 30 Eraser 

HEERY D. 0. C, 

20 and 131 Mar etia 
Hodgson V. M.. 202 Marietta 
Houston T. F., 16 Pulham 
Hutchison H. G , 14 U hitehall 
Jervey Henry. 7* Whitehall 
Johnson A. ,179 Marietta. (up stairs) 
Johnson J. M, 48 Marietta 
Johnson J. T., 30^ Marietta 
Jones Chan, 201 S PrVor 
Jndson W. N., 6* W Mitchell 
Kerstan A. F F . 108 Ruwson 
King Fred, 60 Decatur 
Ktiott J. J., 8 W Wall 
Lid del I J B , 202 Marietta 

LOGAN, J. P., 

49 Washineion 
Love W. A., 38 and 40 N. Forsyth 
Lumpkin W S, Littl •, se cor Eraser 
xMcFaul J. W., 202 Marietta 
Martin Melville C , 212 Decatur 
Marvin G. W.. 360 Whitehall 
Nicolson W. P., 14 Whitehall 

«ouTE^o« Piedmont Air-Line 


E M GHEESQN ^^^^r^^^eal Estate Agent. 21 Marietta street 

M. Mh, M^VU4dMWl^l I»roiiiT>tiiess Mly blotto. 




O'Brien F. H., 77 S Pryor 
Olmsted J. C, 7J Whitehall 
Owen W. G., 14 Whitehall 
Park A. T., U Whitehall 
Park W. T , 12 Dpcatur 
Parks-W. B , 212 Marietta 
Perkins J. ()., 46 Whitehall 
Piiicknev C, 25 Pt^aohtree 
Powell t. S., 89 S. Prvor 
PowellJ. (c) 177 Davis 
Quillian C. C, 212 Marietta 
Raines T . 57 Mnri^tta 
Ray field L. S , 26 E. AUbaraa 
Ridley R B., 25i Peachtree 
Roach E.J, 149 Whitehall 
Roach E. W., 149 Whitehall 
Roy G. G , 1 Peachtree 
Russell J. B,. 212 Marietta 
Sect H. F., 45^ Peachtree 
Simpson G. A., 6S Whiiehall 
Smith J. P., 75 Whitehall 
Sterliny; W. L. 181 Marietta 
Stovall , 102 Whitphall 
Taliaferro V H . 170 Whitehall 
Todd J, S.,80i Ma-ietta 
Upson C. R., 66 Whitehall 
Westmore'aiid J G., 20 Loyd 
Westmoreland & Gritfia, 20 Loyd 
Westmoreland & Howell, 57 Ma 

White C. A., 102 Whitehall 
Wilson C. A., 32 E. Alabama 
Wilson C. L, 32 E Alabama 
Wilson J. Stainhack. 14 Loyd 
Wurm F. F.. 4 Foster 


77 Peach trpe 
Durham W W , 58^ Peachtree 
Powell F. F , 54^ Peachtree 

[homeopathic ] 
Gatchell H. P., 29 Whitehall 
LichtenstadtM. L, 1 Whitehall 
Orme F H, 18 N. Brosd 
Schley P. T., 63 Whitehall 
Taber F. F , 82 Decatur 
Tucker W. J., 60 Ddcatur 

Pianos and Organs 

35 Whit, hall 


39 S. Broad. (Sef pajie 89) 
Freyer F. L., 28 Whitehall 
Guilford G. P., 10 Ma-ietta 
Phillins & Crpw 8 ani 10 Marietta 


G^N CO., A. H. T.vler. C. A. 
Capwe.l, managers; 27 Whitehall 

Picture Frames 


WALKER S. G. & CO., 

40 Whitehall. (See pajje 97) 

Pictures and Frames- 

Gnndma-i ('. M., 28 WbitfhaU 

WAl KER S. G. & CO., 

40 Whitehall. (See page 97) 

Planrng Mills 

(Sep also Mills.) 
Crankshaw B. & Co., 175 S. For- 

HART F. W. & SON, 

Fuller, adjoining W. & A. R. R. 

(See back pasier) 
Lynch & L a, terminus of Rock 
Nace John M.. 283 Dpca'ur 
Stevens & Gibbs 185 S. Forsyth 

and 8 and 10 W. B otherton 
Warlick & Mabin, 97 Rhodes 


Thrower J. G., 12 Loyd 




Alabima, sw cor Forsyth. (See 

front c iver and p i^p 7.5) 
Fertruson &. Blou'it 11 Bartow E., 376 Marietta 


27 Peachtree. (See page 82) 

Plumbers & Gas Fitters. 

(iiR.\TH, 36 and 3-< Peichtree 
Warlfok J. & Sons, 61 Peachtree 

S. S. Specific 

Cures Rbenmatisin 



THE J-'-tJL V a.K-> X-ESD ^y T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell 8U 




Pork Packers 
SAW » ELL H. C, 

52 S Bro-^H (See pa^f 9:^) 


17 and ID S. Forsyth 


[book and job.] 

Bennett B. F., 12 W. Alabama 
Beri'Sfpom A. M , Hunter, sw cor 

P ryor 
Christopher W. T. & Bro., 32J S. 



H2 S. Broad. (S-e opp pasre 245) 
Do'lson & Scott, 38 S. Bnad 
Fuller & Holcomb, 110 and 112 

Harrison J. P. & Co.. 27 S. Broad 
Perkins k Danlop 46 Whitehall 
ReyroHs T. S., 24 S. Br .ad 
Sisson V. P.. 26S B oad 
Winham E. L , 8| Marietta 

Produce Exchanges- 

EXCH.\NOE,37 S. Broad. (See 
pasre 81) 


CHANGE, 40 S. Broad. (See 
page 97) 

Produce & Commission 

Cox H. T. & Co., 11 S. Forsyth 
Cox J. W , 104 Peachtree 
Dickey Bro.-!., 9 S. Forsyth 
Evans & Bro., 51 Pea^-htree 
Griffin R J., 68Pea,'htree 
Holhrook A. L & T. A., 79 Peach- 
Mickelberry W. M., 23 E. Alabatna 
Peers J. L., 5 E Alabama 
Robertson E A. & Co , 100 Peacti- 


Williams J. J. & Co., 17 and 19 S. 


room8 7and8, 3 J Whitehall. (See 
pagp 7.*^) 


32 S. Broad. (Se» opp page 245) 
Norwood & Brown, 24 S Bmad 

SEAI S J. H. & W. B., 

24i S. Broad 

Publishers and Agents. 

CO., rooms 7 and 8, 3^ White- 
hall (See paiie 78) 

Appleton D. & Co., J. Van Nash, 
aiient; Ci. F. BoUes, a^ent; 4 

Hubbard Bros , A. Prescott, mana- 
ger; Pryor, se cor Alabama (up- 

National Pub'ishitig Co , 24^ S. 

Sf>rihn<^r's C Sins, 69 E Alabama 


HO.SR, B M Gardnf-r, agf nt ; 
room 22, 20 E. Alabima 

Pump Manufacturers. 

Bird & Haunson, 50 Miirietia 

Pumps and Pipes. 

GRATH, 36 and 38 Peachiree 


33 S. Broad. (See page 81) 

Railroad Agents. 



1 S Pryo; 
McPherson W., 54 E. Alabama 
Rjbson R C , 8 .S Broad 
St. George W. S.. 10 E. Alabama 


10 E. Alabama 


Adair J. A., Un'on Depot H. M., 8 E. Wall 

m im ^mf^J"^ $S? piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball 

66 IE. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, WhoI»>^ 
Bale A Retail. Special ratea to dealers. Bee page lOQb- 




McCandless T. F., Unioa Depot 
Murphy T. C, 13 S. Pryor 
Nunan Tom. 13 S. Pryor 
Sergeant C E., 13 S. Pryor 
Vernoy A. A., 8 Wall 
Wrenn A. B., 13 S. Pryor 

Railroad Companies. 

AIR-LINE RY., offices Wall, 
cor L'lvd. (See page 80) 


POINT R. R, 32Loyd 
Central Railroad, Mitchell, ne cor 


AND BANKING CO., offices 

32 Loyd, cor R R. (See fly C 
and hack cover) 


R. R , offices and depot railroad, 
cor Forsyth 

RaUroad Iron 

W. &. A. R. R., 470 Marietta 
(See back fly D) 

Railroad Ticket Offices. 

4 Kimball House (See page 4) 

Railway and Machinists' 


CO , 68 and 70 E. Alabama (See 
page 100) 

Real Estate. 

[agents, brokers and dealers,] G. W.. 6 E. Wall 
Ansley J. A., 8 E. Wall 
Fowler N. R.. 41 S. Broad 


33 M rif't'a 


21 Marietta (See top lines) 
Hurt Joel, 44 Mariptia 
Robin.<;on .las . 11 E Alabama 


50 Marietta (S°e paee 92) 


Allen D. W., 13 E. Alabama 
Ballard J. W., Union Depot 
Bi hop E., Mrs., 218 W. Peters 
Bowen A. (c), 43 S. Broad 
Brown & Simon (c), 78 Decatur 
Calhoun M. (c), 28 Decatur 
England C H , 16 Peachtree 
Heals A., 97 Wh.tehall 
Holjes L. Mis., 32 W. Mitchell 
Hutchins Clara Mrs., 109 Decatur 
Jake's Re-taurant, 8 E. Alabama 
Jones B. F. (c), 22^ Decatur 
Jones J. B. , 152 Decatur 
McCoUough A. (c), 109 W. Peters 
McKoy & Crawford (c), 178 Decatur 
Moope Giles, Marietta, bey limits 
Peel D. G., 10 S. Broad 
Roberts 0. (c), 241 Marietta 
Rollins A. Mrs., 150 Decatur 
Taber M. A. Mrs., Marietta, se cor 


James' Bank Block, R. R. front. 

(See front fly B) 

Rolling Mills. 

W. & A. R. R,, 470 Marietta. (See. 
back fly D) 


[felt, cement and gravel,] 
Smith 0. A , 15 N. Forsyth 

[T.N ] 


GRATH, 36 and 38 Peachtree 

Rubber Stamps. 

Fairbanks C. F. & Co., 7^ White- 

Saddles and Harness. 
CLARKE T. M. & CO., 

27 Peachtrei^. ( See page 82) 
Davis S, H., 53 Peachtree 
Johnson J L. , 22 W. Alabama 
Maxwell J R., 51 S. Broad 
Morgan D.. 80 Whiteball 



TheDAVIS "MS^^" sewing- MACHIlSrE 

IMtA-TAA W J-Ki* ^EEI3 W. T. WILSON. H W. Mitchell St, 




MOTES C. W. k CO., 

96 Whitehall 

CLAKKE T. M. & CO., 

27 Peachtree. (See page 82) 


Arcade Saloon, 5 E.Wall, Whitehall 

Autry r. J, 111 W. Peters 
Autry & Davis, 227 W Peters 
Ballard W. J., Union Depot 
Baswell J. C, National Hotel 
Bender W., 46 W. Hunter 
Breitenbucher P., 14 Whitehall 
Burke Timothy, 123 Decatur 
Campbell & Johnson, 44 S. Pryor 
Carroll P., ?>2 Marietta 
Chaffin J. L., Loyd, se cor Decatur 
Crymes & Scarborough, 234 Deca- 
Culner M., 93 W. Peters 
Cummings Fied, 76 S. Broad 
Dennis J , W. & A. R. R., nw cor 

Mnyson Ferry rd, Bel I wood 
Dohme R., 14 and 16 Marietta 
Domini A., 119 Whitphall 
Domini John, 19 Whitehall 
Fletcher & Bedford, ws Peachtree, 

2d s of E. Sixth 
Gaines W. M. (c), 91 Decatur 
Grady S. T., 63 E. Alabama 
Griffin J. L., 97 Whitehall 
Hentschel G , 61 E Alabama 
Jarrell W,, 15 Marietta 
Jentzen J. H., 135 Whitehall 
Jett A. W., 3 Peachtree 
Johnson Jake, 11 W Alabama 
Johnson R., 45 S. Broa'j 
JoUey R. & Son, Decatur, nr limits 
Kelly J., W^all, ne cor Pryor 


Kimball House and 7 E. Ala- 
bama (See pai^e 92) 

Kile W. C , 45 S Broad 

Kneeland T., 5 Decatur 

Laird W., 213 Chapel 

lioftis J. A., W8 Marietta, nr Ferry 

McGeener& Brennan, 40 Decatur 

Mabra J., 91 Railroad 

Maher M. E , 52 Peachtree 

Maiigum E. C, 23 W Mitchell 
Martin T. R., 602 Marietta 
Mason & Weaver, 206 Marietta 
Mercer E., 20 and 22 Marietta 
Moore S. T., 21H Deratur 
Mullins B. A., 12 S. Broad 
Nally & Mahtr, 4 E Wall 
Connor D. A.. Markhara House 
Pease 0. L., 107 Decatur 
Pettis W., 9 Decatur 
Richter A. Mrs., 8 and 10 E. Hun- 
RoUo J. W., 37 S. Pryor and 9 E. 

Rumsey J A., 3 E. Foundry 
Sanders & Co., 56 Decatur 
SewellJ. W., 215 W. Peters 
Simpson F. M , Broad, sw cor Hun- 
South F., 456 Marietta 
Stafford Thomas (c), 15 Ivy 
Starnes R A., 23 Marietta 
Stewart G. B , 98 S. Broad and 165 

and 167 W. Peters 
Taylor T. H., 9 N. Broad 
Thompson J. B , 300 Decatur 
Thurman W. W., 210 Marietta 
Tiller James, 94 W. Peters 
Weaver J. M., 142 Marietta 
Weinmeister C. J , 10 N. Forsyth 
Werner H.. 359 W Peters 
Wolf J., n of Ga. R R, Edgewood 

Sash, Doors and Blinds. 

33 S Broad. (S^e front cover) 


36 D^-catur. (See opp page 244) 

HART F. W., 

30 S. Broad. (Seebnck paster) 

HART F. W. & SON, 

Fuller, adjoining W. & A. R. R. 
(See back paster) 

Saw Mills. 

34 W. Mitchell 


2 and 4 S. Pryor. (See page 78) 


^'^^/i^^'f /kI* PIEDMONI AIR-IINE. 

EM G'P.EE^QN ^®'^®''*^ ^®*^ Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Street. 
■ i^ii WAw£<MMWii| Promptness IVIy Mlotto* 





27 Peachtree ( See pat;e 82) 
Taylor T. M , 71 E, Alabama 

Schools and Academies. 

STITUI E, 173 Pe'^.hrrpe 

INARY (ci, Elliott, nw cor VV. 
Hunt-r {S^^' page 79) 

Bpattio E Miss 18 Wh«at 


s eii'l MciJonough (Sr-e page 83) 
Means' High Sihnol, 76 N. Forsjth 
Sterchi E. Miss, 271 Rnwson 
Washin;.ton H. H. Miss, 185 Ivy 




27 M ri'tta 


MaR. 20 and 22 Decatur (See 
page 88) 

Sewing Machines and 

Ameriran Shewing MRcViine Co., W. 

A. Camp manag-'r ; 5 S Prj'or 
Bell Fr.rl & Co.. 31 Marietta 

CHINES, w.T. Wilson, mana- 
ger; 14 \V. Mitchell (See page 


Craig & Co , 43 Whitehall (See 
•page ^) 


2.3 Wliiteha'l (Se^- pag" 7) 


G W. Leonard, agt; 42 Marietta 
Whppler & Wilson Mnfg. Co., 71 


CHINES J. D. & T. F. Smith, 
59 S Broad (See page 4) 

Shirt Manufacturers. 

Howard C. A.. 14 Whitehall 

Shooting Galleries 

Snider T. J., 7J S. Broad 

Show Cases. 

McBride & Co., 43 Foster 

Silver and Plated Ware- 

47 Whitehall. (.See front cover) 
Pi'kert A F., 5 Whitehall 


34 Whitehall 

Silver Plates. 

Zinszer P., 50 S. Broad 

Skatins: Rinks- 

Jack W. A., 15 E. Hunter 

Sketching and Drawing 

Bradley H . 27^ Whitehall 

Soap Manufacturers- 
Atlanta Soap Work-;, 8 E. Wall 
Neff W. C & Co , 169 Ellis 


47 Whiiehal'. (Spb front cover) 
Mak-pm^on A J , 49 S Broad 

S0L03I0NS0N S. L., 

35 V\ hitehall (S-e page 90) 

Spice Mills. 

Burke J. F. & Co., 74 Peachtree 
Wolfe D , 84 Whitehall 


[livery, board and sale.] 
Anderson R. M. & Co., 47 S. For- 

BOAZ G. R., 

16 :nd 18 Lovd. (See f-ont fly A) 

JONES W. 0., AGT., 

51 Loyd (Sep page 84) 
Smith R H., 15 N. Broad 


51 S Pry or 
Wells C. W., 79 S. Broad 



ThEJ-'.^^ V XO —jz:z:-r> y/^ t. Wilson, u w. Mitcheii su 




Stair Builders- 


11 Sp'-iiitr 
HART F. W. & SON, 

Fuller, adjoitiing VV. & A. R. R. 
(See back paster) 




7i Whitehall 




Broad, se cor Alabama 


Campbell & Cook, 29 vVhitehall 
Lovf-iov & Pitohford. 13 Pe^chtree 


9 Wh'tehall 


8 find 10 Marielta 

RICHARDS J. J. & S. P., 

H7 Whitehall 
Walden & Stowe, 110 Whitehall 

Stencil Cutters. 

7i Whitehall. (See Engravers) 


Cooledge A. F., 10 W. Alabama 
Graham J. M., 10 W Alabama 
Osborn Cr. T„ Th Whitehall 


6 E. Alabama 


Fuller & Holcomb, 110 and 112 

RpvnnM« T. S.. 24 S. Broad 


Louisville, Ky. (See front past- 

Stock Dealers. 

Stephens J. W., 54 S. Piyor 

Stock Yards- 

Beatie D A.. Ga. B. B , e of Bell 
McGauyhey J, L , 96 W. Mitchell 

Stone Cutters- 

50 Loyd. (See back of title) 
Walsh James, Ga. R R. yard 

Stoves and Tinware. 

GRATH, 36 and 38 Peachtree 
Stewart & Fain, 69 Whitehall 
Wood & Son, 87 Whitehall 
Wynn A. M. Mrs., 12 Marietta 

Sun Bonnets. 


Selig Bros. & Co., 17 N. Pryor 

Snrgical Institutes. 

INSI'irUTK, 32 E Alabama 


INSTITUTE, 67 Whitehall 


Sold by printers and stationers; 
Boston, Mass. (Seepage 96) 




8 Whitehall. (See back cover) 

Tailors and Repairers. 

Carroll M. C, 6i Whitehall 
Cooper R (c), 18 Whitehall 
Finch W. (c), 11 Whitehall 
Grubbs E. W Mrs., 22 Kelley 
Jackson A. M., 275 Crumley 
Jones J. G., 1 E. Alabama 
Kilby W. J., 54^ Whitehall 
Kreis P.. 119 Whitehall 
McLean J. J., 56 McDonough 
Marcus M., 17 Peachtree 
O'Donnelly J , 2U E. Alabama 
Pinckney J. M. (c), 49 Peachtree 
Roe A. E., 25 Whitehall 
Strauss F.. 52 S. Broad 


via Piedmont Air-Line^ 

VpJpnhnnP '• ^- ^IMBALL, Se E. Alabama St.. for CO A L of 
J. 9:'t,V^ltiUitf^ anyklnd. Blacksmith's Ctoal a BtJedaltv. SeeDasaloa 




Tischman A.. 81 Whitehall 
Weaver N., 32 W. Peters 

Tea«H and Coffees. 

Burk^ J F. & Oo , 74 PfiHchtrpe 

CIFIC TEA CO., 75 Whitehall 

Telegraph Companies- 
American U'iion, 8 E. Wall 
Atlantic & Pacitic, HE Alabama 
Western Union, 56 E Wall 

Telephone Companies. 

Atlanta Telephone Exchange, Kim- 
ball House 

Ten Pin Alleys 

19 Whitehall 

Terra Cottp. Works 

Pelligrini & Castleberry,178 Chapel 


SP )0i^ COT TON. Thos. Rus<ell 
& Co., New York. (See page 99) 

Ticket Oflaces 

[railroad and steamship.] 


4 Kimball House. (See page 4) 
Shelton W. L , 28 E. Wall 

Tin, Copper and Sheet 
Iron Workers 


GRATH, 36 and 38 Peachtree 
Warlick J. & Sou, 61 and 63 Peach- 


Franklin H., 74 S, Broad 
Hall J. W., 288 W. Peters 
Hart R. W., 67 W. Peters 


Hall G. W. & Co., 11 S. Broad 

Russell W. A., 2 Peachtree 
Saul & Lawson, 21 S. Broad 

Tobacco and Cigars- 

Brock Bros., 11 Decatur 

Toilet Articles 

14 Whitehall. (See back of title) 
MAR 20 Decatur. (SeepageSS) 

PLUMB D. B & CO., 

26 Whitehall. (See front fly B) 

Trunks, Valises, Etc. 

Kimbro & Huzza, 11 N. Pryor 
Lieberman & Kaufmann, 92 White- 

Turkish Baths. 

Wilson J. Stainback, 14 Loyd 


Spinks & Owens, 90 S. Broad 

BOAZ G. R., 

16 and 18 Loyd. (See front fly A) 
Carffi'eM (c). 9 Ivy 
COLES H., (C), 

173 Marietta. (See adv index) 


26 E. Alabama. (See page 91) 
Penick C. R , 47 Loyd 
Swift C. H., 47 Loyd 

Bibb J D & Co., 35 W. Peters 

12 B Hunter. (See page 93) 

GAY AN J. H., 

78 Peachtree, (See adv index) 


3L8 and 320 Decatur. (See adv 



!ll!TD AVTS "MS^" sewing- machine 

[IHLJ-^X^ V ^KJ E-JSEIS ^r_ J. -WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell HU 





Adair B., 12 W. Mitchell 
Ball L. A. & Po , 19 Marietta 
Harkins M Mr-i., 169 Marietta 
Neale T. R., 139 Marietta 
O'Shauorhnessy E , Marietta, ne cor 

Schubert M. Miss, 108 Peachtree 
Shuttles Bros , 8^ Marietta 
Smith J. L. Mrs., 138 Marietta 

Veterinary Sursreons. 

Harrigan T, 79 S. Broad 


[manufacturers and dealers.] 


Alabama, sw cor Forsyth. (See 
front cover and page 75) 
Finnev A T.. 199 Marietta 


65 S, Broad (See page 77) 
Powers W. & Son, 34 Peachtree 


48 S. Broad. (See page 85) 
Websur Wagons, W. H. Sage, agt; 

33 .Marietta 

WIARD W. lu P., 

8w cor Huiiier. (See opp page 

Wagon Yards. 

Brown J., Ill W. Peters 
Johnston, Camp & Co., 170 W. Pe- 
Morris J. F.. 92 W. Peters 
Stewart & Bro., 204 W. Peters 

Wall Paper. 

Dock & Co., 35 S. Broad 

Washing Machines. 

Shelton & Gregory, 28 E. Wall 



STEYENS J. p. & CO., 

34 Whitehall 

Watches, Clocks and 

(See «1so Jewelers.) 


21 Whitehall 
Boulte A., 28 Whitehall 
Fry Abe, 4 Peachtree 
Gerbie J. C, 25 Peachtree 
Haynes W. A., 10 Marietta 
Keilv J., 22 Peachtree 


47 W hitenall. (See front cover) 
Lindenbertr W., 185 W. Peters 
Lo' w L.. 60 Whitehall 


.35 Wl'itehall. (See pa^^e 90) 

STEYENS J. p. & CO., 

34 Whitehall 
Stiison F. J., 53 Whitehall 
Thompson IP., 330 Marietta 

Water Compinies. 

Atlanta Water Works Co., 6 E.Wall 

White Goods. 



MANUUM, AnPtfil Bldg, Pryor, 
cor Decatur. (See front paster) 

Wild Land Ag'^nts- 

Logan J. L., 362 E. Alabama 

Window Glass. 


ASHLEY W. 0., 

33 S. Brnad. (Seepai'e 81) 


3(i Df Ci^itnr. (See opp page 244) 

HART F. W., 

3U S. Bro^d. (See back paster) 


Ford A., 60 S Broad 

"0 ic "rfwE mPiedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESDTSr General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

Adm OiU. VrfAW4rfiirfWWiN| Promptness MIy MiottOi. 




Wood Dealers. 
BETL W. S., 

19 N. Prvor. (S(>epa2e.79) 
Bri.lwell M. L, 219 D catur 
Gordon H. H., 45 N, Pryor 

Harrison & Bro., 31 and 165 Deca- 
Latham J. J., es Whitehall, 2d n of 

Pfrdue J. (c), 41 Benry 
Thompson J R , 136 E HunteJ 
Wallis & Son, 41 Larkin 

Brewer's Lung Restorer J.«EisjRg™«S5!. 



Wliei*ever tlie 




Has been introduced it has taken the front rank among wa;ons. A 
large stock of them have been sent to 


To Supply the Southern Trade. 

We do not propose sending an inferior wagon to supply this tade, 
" as is being done by many wagon manufacturers, but shall se-nd our 

Which for light draft, durability and fine finish stands to- 
day unequaled. 
We shall sell them as low as we can afiford to sell a 

MZTCIZSZ.Zi, ZiJSlV71S <& CO<,Ilaciiie, "Wis. 


W. L. P. WIARD, General Agent, 

Atlanta. Ga., for Prices, etc 






13 Whitehall Street, 


Manufacturers of ai d Dealers in 

OUK No. 2 ( YLINDER DESK— Pric^ $65.00. 

DeskLS frorn. $10 to $150. 


^esks detailed at J^ew York Wholesale Prices 



Our Prices Below the New York Market 

ora OTniiiE won wi c-lmi f o ii tii m%% 

Cheaper than Eastern Wholesale Prices! 



•^ ^-^^ W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

Atlanta City Directory. 

VOL. V.-18 81. 

ab above 

acct acoonntant 

adv advertisement 

agt agent 

al : alley 

asst assistant 

av avenue 

bds boards 

bet between 

bey bfyond 

bkkpr ; boolikepper 

bldg building 

elk clerk 

c colored 

com mer 

commission merchant 

cor corner 

ct court 

dep rteputy 

dept departaient 



dist district 

E, or e east 

es east side 

gen) general 

ins insurance 

June junction 

lab laborer 

mkr maker 

mnfr manufacturer 

nr nor 

N. or n north 

ne northeast 

ns northside 

nw nortliwest 

opp (>pposite 

pi place 

P. O postofflce 

pres president 

prin principal j 

propr proprietor i 

1 r , 


' rd 




S. ors... 










tel opr.. 


jgrapn operator 







W^. or w 







West End 



AARANT .JAMES M., bds 50 S. Forsyth 
Abbott Benjamin F. (McCay & Abbott), r 225 White- 
Abbott Henry L , driver F. M. Jack & Co., bds 7 Chapell 
Abbott John N., driver F. M. Jack & Co., r 27 Chapel 
Abbott Lewis L. (Abbott <t Bro.) r 147 S. Pryor 
Abbott Marion, trav agt, r 68 E. Alabama 
Abbott William L (Abbott & Bro.), r 227 Washington. 
Abbott & Bro, (L. L. and W. L Abbott), whol grocers, 64 

and 66 E. Alabama 
Abel Henry, carriage mkr, r 52 Ga. R. R 
Abercrombie Joseph, elk J. Brown, r 118 W. Peters 


via Piedmont Air-Line. 

TelCVhone ^* °' ^^^^•'^^^' ^^ ^- Alabama St.. for COAL of 

Jl any kind. Blacksmith's Coal a snecialtv. SeeDaeelOO 

'ABE 134 ADA 

Abercrombie J. A. B., travagt J. W. Goldsmith & Co., bds 

Markham House 
Abernathy Samuel D , bailiff Superior Court, r country 
Abraham August, hatter, bds 24 W. Garaett 
Abrarz Nellie Mrs., cook Air Line House, r 49^ S. Pryor 
Abre}^ Aaron, (c), wks Kimball House, r 54 Mills 
Abyssinian Library, (c), 43 S. Pryor 
Acker Lucy C, wid Amos, r 93 Chapel 
Ackerman Andrew J., (Ackerman & Hunt), bds 233 Ivy 
Ackerman Charles E , carpenter, A. Murphy 
Ackerman Joseph V. B., bkkpr W. Calder, r 27 Cooper 
Ackerman & Hunt, (Andrew J. Ackerman and William F. 

Hunt), grocers, 298 Peachtree 
A"kley Jeremiah B , agt, 15 Marietta, r 127 W. Peters 
ACTOiS^ THOMAS M. COL., gen trav agt Atlanta Con- 
stitution, and dealer in real estate, r 136 W. Biker 
Adair Augustus D., (Adair & Bro.) r 68 Washington 
Adair Bozeman, varieties, 12 W. Mitchell, r Green's Ferry 

av nr Ashley, W. E. 
Adair B. Forrest, with G. W. Adair, bds 461 W Peters 
Adair Charles J., elk J T. Adair, bds 62 Decatur 
Adair Elizabeth R , wid William, r 242 Decatur 
ADAIR GEORGE W., real estate 6 E. Wall, r 461 W. 

Adair Green B , (Adair & Bro ), r 71 Washington 
Adair Isaac (c), fireman A-L Ry., r 14 Scofield 
Adair Jack, elk M. Rich & Bro., bds 461 W. Peters 
Adair James A., ticket agt W. & A. R. R , Union Depot, r 

56 Cliurch. 
Adair John T., grocer, 70 Decatur, r 72 Decatur 
Adair Mary C, wid William, r 264 Decatur 
Adair Robin, elk Atlanta Cash Clothing Store, bds 461 W. 

A'^air W., wks E. Haiman 
ADAIR <fc BRO., (A. D. and Green B. Adair), com mers, 

cotton factors and fertilizer dealers, 27 W. .Alabama. 
Adams Ab.^alom Q , engineer W. & A. R. R., r 22 Alexander 
Adams Charles, (c), lab, r 49 Bush 
Adams Charles E., cashier and genl frt elk A.-L. Ry, bds 

42 W. Peters 
Adams Eugene E., wks Davis, bds 291 Marietta 
Adams Florence Miss, teacher Ivy Street School, bds 291 


^* &< 

y^^£k-^'i£' 1^' PIMPLES AND BLOTCHES. 


IHtJ-'XA. V O-Ki^ ar^EIS W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

ADA 135 AEN 

Adams George W., (c) porter Pullman Car Co., r 17 W. 

Adams House, Mrs. S. E. Adams propr, 24 E. Wall 
Adams Hugh, elk Ga. R. R., r 76 N. Calhoun 
Adams J. E., train hand A-L. Ry 
Adams Leonora E. Mrs., r 291 Marietta 
Adams Lorenzo D., grocer 90 Peachtree, r 20 Pine 
Adams Mary K., wid -John, bds 76 N. Calhoun 
Adams Moses C, carpenter M. Lipes, r country 
Adams Patrick, shoemkr, 328 Marietta 
Adams Pendleton C, fireman W. & A. R., r 303 Mangum 
Adams Robert E., record elk W. & A. R. R., r 42 W. Peters 
Adams Robert H., machinist E. Haiman, bds 72 Tatnall 
Adams Sarah E. AJrs., propr Adams House, r 24 E. Wall 
Adams William (c), porter, r 49 Bush 
Adams William (c), train hand A-L. Ry. 
Adams William A., wks Ferguson & Blount 
Adams William T., wks F. W. Hart & Son, r 87 S. Broad 
Adams William T. Jr., wks Ferguson & Blount, b ds 87 Sa 

Adamson Charles Q., (Adamson & Son), r ws Hill, nr Glenn 
Adamson Elizabeth Mrs., cook J. A. Link, r 176 Crew 
Adamson Lula Miss, seamstress, r Humphries nr Barracks 

Adamson William E., elk Adamson & son, bds ws Hill, nr 

Adamson William R., watchman capitol, r 64 Simpson 
Adamson Zachry W., (Adamson & Son), bds ws Hill, nr 

Adamson & Son, (C. Q. & Z. W. Adamson), grocers, 262 

Addie Thomas, (c), wks 0. A. Smith 
Addie Warner, (c), lab, r rear 56 Gilmer 
Adkins Llewellyn, (c), bricklayer, r 123 Ellia 
Adkins William, (c), driver W. S. Wilson & Bro, r 45 

Adkins , lawyer, b-is 61 Marietta 

Adkinson Robert H., bkkpr W. & A. R. R., r 69 Forrest ay 
Adler Morris (Elsas, May & Co.) 
Adler Moses, rags, 81 S Broad, bds 96^ Whitehall 
Adolpus Chatfield .J., wks Ferguson & Blount, r 273 E. 

Aenchbacher Gottlieb N., carpenter Winship & Bro., r 90 
Jones av 

•qJ1?k tim^e" mPiedmont Air-Line 

EM frT? T'T^'^n W General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Street. 
■ iUi U£VM£lWWn| Prompt mess IMLy >Xotto. 

AEN 136 ALE 

Aenchbacher John L., wks Winship & Bro., bds 90 Jones av 
Aenchbacher Samuel N., wks Winship & Bro., bds 90 

Jones av 
Agostini Francis M., dancing academy, 3^ Whitehall, bds 

72 Marietta 
Agricola Herman A., baker, 57 Decatur, r 78 N. Calhoun 
Aguero Eliza J. Mrs. dresmkr, r 138 Luckie 
Aiken Frank M.. foreman Lvnch & Lea, r 36 Stonewall 
AIR-LINE HOUSE, Mrs. E. A. Tillman, propr 49 S. Pryor 
Akers A., (c), wks E. Haiman 
Akers Benjamin, (c), wks S. W. Inman & Co., r rear 22 

Akers Frank M., with A. McD. Wilson & Co., r Smyrna, Ga 
Akers George N., (Akers & Bros.), r 51 Wheat 
Akers Giles, (c), punch hand Ga. Iron Wks 
Akers James K. P., (Akers & Bros), r country 
Akers James S., bkkpr S. M. Inman & Co., bds Kimball 

Akers John, (c), wks W. & A. Pv. R , r31 Gullatt 
Akers Melissa Miss, domestic Mrs. E. P. O'Connor 
Akers Robert, (c), lab, r 12 Bradbury 
Akers Sarah Mrs., r 13 Trenholm 
Akers William T., (Akers k Bros.), r Mclvor Station, W. 

& A. R. R 
Akers & Bros , (W. T., G. W. and J. K. P. Akers), flour, 

meal and grain, 22 S. Forsyth 
Akin Charles, feeder J P. Harrison & Co 
Akins Ella Miss, wks Evins & Robinson, bds 171 Luckie 
Akins Harrison (c) lab, r 153 Luckie 
Akins Hattie Miss, wks F. G Hancock, bds 171 Luckie 
Akins Lucy Mrs. wks Selig Bros. & Co., r 171 Luckie 
Akridge George W., grocer, r 51 Tatnall 
Albert Charlps (c) lab r ws al n of Emma w of Lambert, 

Bell wood 
Albert John (c), lab, r Anderson nr limits 
Albert William J., lawyer, 2^ Marietta, 
Albright Mina, wid Albert, r 55 W. Hunter 
Albright Samuel, gas fitter H. Franklin, bds 55 W. Hunter 
Aldredge John, with Campbell & Cook, bds 125 Thompson 
Aldredge Nancy, wid James, r 125 Thompson 
Aldredge Nathan G., capt police, r ns Pine, 3d e of Calhoun 
Alexander Alexander A., pedler, r 25 Markham 
Alexander Dennis (c), lab, r es Windsor, 1st n of Glenn 

1^ JlilJ rivF JL IV^ i3sr 5 TO lO ILdlNXJTHiS 


•HtJ^XA ¥ AK^ E^EEXa W. T. WILSON, H W. MltcHell St, 

ALE 137 ALE ' 

Alexander Frank, elk E. Van Winkle & Co., bds 111 

Alexander Freeman (c), wks Union Depot, r 124 North av 
Alexander Harrison (c), carpenter, r 302 E. Fair 
Alexander Hattie, wid William, bds 81 N. Butler 
Alexander Henry, blacksmith A-L. Ry., bds Cornelia se 

cor Ezzard 
Alexander Henry (c), shoemkr, r 45 Hilliard 
Alexander Henry S., contractor, r Greens Ferry av, W. E 
Alexander Hugh, lawyer, r 90 Ellis 
Alexander Isaiah (c), shoemkr, r 31 Eeed 
Alexander Jacob C, 40 Whitehall, r 28 E. Cain 
Alexander James (c), driver L. E. Bleckley, r rear 187 

Alexander James F., physician 62 Peachtree 
Alexander John (c), hostler, r ws Martin, Irst s of Little 
Alexander John (c), r ws Martin, 1st n of Little 
Alexander John (c), wood sawyer, r 16 Werner av 
Alexander John W., blacksmith A-L. Ry., r Cornelia, nr 

Alexander John W.. contractor, r Cooper, sw cor Glenn 
Alexander Joseph A., mer, r 381 Peachtree 
Alexander Joseph M., (Dunn, Alexander & Co.), r ns 

Thrasher, e of Ashley, W. E. 
Alexander Julius M., (J. M. Alexander & Co.), r 163 Peach- 
Alexander J. M. & Co., (J. M. Alexander & A. J. Brady), 

hardware 40 Whitehall 
Alexander Lewis (c), plas'erer, r 188 Markbam 
Alexander Lewis (c), porter, r es Orme, 4th n of Cox 
Alexander Lewis (c), wks A-L. Ry.. r 40 Howell 
Alexander Mark (c), bricklayer, r 248 W. Peachtree *- 
Alexander Marshall L., canvasser Singer Mnfg. Co., bds 

Grubb, se cor Fairlie 
Alexander Martin (c), shoemkr A. J. Delbridge, r al bet 

Frazer and Martin, ."ii of Fulton 
Alexander Mollie Miss, bds 34 Cone 
Alexander Samuel, (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Alexander Sarah A., wid Aaron, r 163 Peachtree 
Alexander Sophronia Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Alexander Thomas, machinist Cotton Factory, r 158 W. 

Alexander William, (c), barber C. J. Johnson, r 25 S. 


Peerless, Yetr^Rjfute, Piedmont Air-Line 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E.Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale* Retail. Special rales to dealers. See page 100. 

ALE 138 ALL 

Alexander William, (c), barber L. Schelpert, r al s of 

Jones, e of Crew 
Alexander William, (c), driver Hunniciit & Bellingrath, 

r 31 Howell 
Alexander William, wks Cotton Factory, bds 158 W. Baker 
Alexander William, (c), wks C. R. R., r 186 Markham 
Alexander Woodall, (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 81 Plum 
Alford Jane Mrs. r 92 N. Elliott 
Alford Joseph S., bkkpr Hamrick & McElreath, bds 31 W. 

Alford Kinch, collector, bds 150 Whitehall . • 

Allan William R., elk F. E. Block, bds 28 Walker 
Allen Ada Miss, seamstress M. Marcus, r 92 N. Elliott 
Allen Alexander M., bkkpr G. W. Jack, bds 71 S. Butler 
Allen Alfred, (c), driver Smythe & Perkerson, r es Lee, 

W. E 
Allen Allan, (c), wks F. E. Block, r 5 Magazine 
Allen Amos, (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 174 Ellis 
Allen Anna P., wid Thomas, bds 52 Mays al 
Allen Augustus, wks Cotton Factory, bds 188 Marietta 
Allen Bartow E., (Allen & Beach), r 428 McDonough 
Allen Beverly R., bkkpr F. G. Hancock, bds 176 Davis 
Allen Columbus M., boilermkr J. A. Gifibrd, bds 55 Hayden 
ALLEN DEXTER W., Palace Dining Room, 13 E. Alabama 
Allen Early, wks Cotton Factory, r 133 Marietta 
Allen Elias C. grocer, 84 Peachtree, r 166 E. Simpson 
Allen Elisha T., grocer, 102 McDonough, r 98 McDonough 
Allen Eliza, wid Peter, r rear 186 Marietta 
Allen Elizabeth, (c), cook, r Larkin nr Barracks av 
Allen Emma, (c) seamstress, r 258 Crew 
Allen Eugenia A. Mrs., dress inkr, r29 Pulliam 
Allen Frances, wid Joseph, bds 92 N. Elliott 
Allen Franklin D., wks Winship & Bro., bds 55 Hayden 
Allen Fred J , (E. F. Donehoo & Co ), r 13 E. Alabama 
Allen George W., engineer A.-L. Ry, r 6 N. Bell 
Allen George W. D., engineer W. & A. R. R., r 28 Victoria 
Allen Henry (c) porter Atlanta City Brewing Co., r 52 

Allen James M., wks Ga. Iron Works, bds 485 Marietta 
Allen James N., wks Ga. Iron Works, r South nr limits 
Allen John S. A , machinist, r 55 Hayden 
Allen John W., wks Cotton Factory, bds 133 Marietta 
Allen Joseph, wks Cotton Factory, bd , 133 Marietta 
Allen Julia Miss, tailoress, bds 92 N. Elliott 


And Never Fails to Cura. 


■HtJ-'^A. V J.KJ ^ -.^=> W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MitcheU St. 

ALL 139 ALS 

Allen Levi, (c), drayman, r 18 C R. R 

Allen Mack, (c), butcher H. Boylston, r rear 328 Peachtree 

Allen Maria Mrs., with Sunny South, b^Ks 5 Clarke 

Allen Martha, wks Cotton Factory, bds 1:^3 Marietta 

Allen Mary Miss, tailoress, bds 92 N Elliott 

Allen Mary, wid Frederick, bds 19 W. Fair 

Allen Rachel, (c). laundress, r 4 Mangum 

Allen Robert E., acct, bds 48 E. Hunter 

Allen Samuel, (c), lab, r r^-ar 118 Fillmore 

Allen Samuel, wks J. H. Johnson, r 272 Calhoun 

Allen Sarah Miss, wks Cot'on Factory, bds IHS Marietta 

Allen Singleton W., machinist Winship &. Bro., r 173 W. 

Allen Solomon, (c), waiter R. G. Thompson 
Allen Sophronia, (c), cook, r 97 E Fair 
Allen Thomas R., elk W. H. Brotherton, bds 12^ W. 

Allen Washington, (c), drayman, r 52 Wells 
Allen William, (c), porter Conley it Shumate, r Ivy 
Allen William, porter J. A Stark 

Allen William, wks L. H. Hall & Co., bds 133 Marietta 
Allen William B , engineer Ga. Iron W^orks, r 485 Marietta 
Allen Willie Miss, opr Telephone Exchange 
Allen W^'att, -cj. well sinker, r 14 Terry 
Allen d' Beach, ( B. F. Allen and J. A. Ct. Beach), butchers 

Allensworth Jumes H., elk A. S. Lenfesty. bds 20 Foster 
Allensworth John B., inst mkr Nat. Surg. Inst., r20 Foster 
Alley Alvin R . physician 2^ Mariett, bds 58 Luckie 
Alley James, musician, bds 39 Church 
Alley John S., medical student, bds 29 N. Bell 
Allison George (c), wks A. k W. P. R R., r 107 Marietta 
Allison James (c), porter C. G. Grosse, r 250 E. Fair 
Almand Augustus, wks Winship <fc Bro., r 21 Martin 
Almand Fanny Miss, wks M. Wiseberg, bds 14 Venable 
Almand Marion W., elk J. Ryan, bds 33 Richardson 
Almond Minerva (c) laundress, r 179 Markham 
Aloysius Sister, superior Convent of the Immaculate Con- 
ception, Loyd, sof Hunter 
Alston David, student, bds 61 Marietta 
Alston Lizzie Miss, binder J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 27 

Alston Robert H., opr W. U. Tel. Co , r 226 S. Pry or 

LUXURIOUS „;, ^4 Aii^rvM-^T^f A^Tk.T^^T^A 

COACHES ^i^ J. leamoxiT jc^ir-iijiiie 

E M G'P'R'ESQN ^^^^'^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^ent, 21 Marietta street. 
M> JiUi WAWUMWWlli Promptness HHLy IMLotto. 


Alston Susana i F., wid Peter B., bds 27 Cone 

Alston Thomas H , printer The Church Times, r 147 N. 

Ambros ' Henry J., elk AL. Ry , bds 190 N. Calhoun 
Anient George W., molder, r 237 W. Hunter 
AMERICAN PATENT AGENCY, F. E. Zerbe, manager; 

50 Marietta 
ager; 5 S. Pryor. Kimball House 
Amsrican Union Telegraph Co., E. R. Howe, manager; 8 

E. Wall 
Ameson Rebecca, wid Bernard, r 30 Emma al 
Amorous Martin F., bklcpr A. Murphy 
Amos Alexander (c), porter Taylor & Moblny. r 134 Crowell 
Amos Jacob (c), driver Hightower & Hallman, r rear 113 

Amos Robert, (c), porter J. B Thompson, r 260 Jones 
ANCHOR PUBLISHING CO., J. G Grant, manager; rooms 

7 & 8, 3i Whitehall (See p. 78) 
Anderson Allan (c), driver, r 13l E. Cain 
Ander.-on Amanda wid Archiba'd, Ms lo6 Rhodes 
Anderson Andrew J., engineer W. & A R. R 
Anrlerson Bennett, wks A-L Ry, bds 30 Howell 
Anderson Charles C , porter W. L. Shelton, r 34 Windsor 
Andei-son Clifford, attorney general, office State House, bds 

Markham House 
Anderson Clifford Jr., law student, State House, bds 89 E. 

Mitchell ■ 
Anierson David (c), lab, r ns North av, w of F^rt 
Ander.son Elijah (c), gardener, r rear 105 Walker 
Anderson P]., train hand A. L Ry 

Anderson Floya (c), helper A & W. P. R. R., r 73 Fort 
An lerson Frank (o), hostler St. Ry 
Anderson George (c), lai\ r rear 84 Forrest av 
Ander.son George T., chief of police, 47 S. Proyor. 
Anders )n G. Whit, r McDono:igh 
Anderson Henry (cj, porter Markham House, r rear Fort 

UAV cor Foster 
Ander.son James (c), waiter Kimball House 
Ander.son James A, 'Anderson & Bro.), and lawyer. 27 

Whitheall, r 123 W. Fair 
ANDERSON JAMES A., (Atlanta Cash Clothing Store), 

bds Markham House 

Brewer's Lung Restorer 

and c:0JN»iJJVXi*TI01V 

?H?D AVTS "t^Sl^A^" SEWiNO MACHiisrE 

I HLJ-^X^ H ^KJ FEE X3 y^ rr_ WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

AND 141 AND " 

ANDERSON JA¥ES A. Jr., with Atlanta Cash Clothing 

Store, bds Mark hum House 
Anderson Jane E.. wid John, r 57 MoDonough 
Anderson Jesse J., engineer A. L Ry 
Anderson John, blacksmith, bds 114 Decatur 
Anderson John, carpenter Longley it Robinson, bds 125 E. 

Anderson John fc), drayman, r 105 Tatnall 
Anderson Jordon (c), wks Ferguson <^ Blount, r 131 E. 

Anderron Joseph, (c), hackman. r 105 Tatnall 
Anderson Joseph, molder W. S. VVithers, bds 15 S. Calhoun 
Anderson Joseph, (c), student, r 2M5 X. Collins 
Anderson Julius, (c), barkpr Fred. Cummings 
ANDERSON, J. A., agrl implements, machinery, engines, 

boilers and separators, 69 S. Broad, r 174 Whitehall 
Anderson Maria, (c), laundress, r 15 Rawson 
Anderson Mary I., wid J. M. P., r :^0 Luckie 
Anderson Patrick, molder W. S. Withers, r 15 S. Calhoun 
Anderson Rsuben B., wks A. L. R. R., bd^ 30 Howell 
Anderson Robert, (c), fireman A L Ry 
Anderson R >bert, genl frt agt, W. Oc A. R. R., bds 69 

Anderson Robert M., (R. M. Anderson & Co.), r 18 Church 
Anderson R. M. & Co., (R. M. Anderson and ), sale and 

liverv stable, 47 S. Forsvth 
Anderson S irah, wid J imes, bds 25 Cone 
Anderson Thomas, (c), lab, r Martin, se cor Little 
Anderson William, (c), waiter Kimball House 
Anderson William, (c), wks Morgan, Smith & Co 
Anderson William A., ticket auditor W. & A. R. R, r 269 

E. Fair 
Anderson William W.. (Anderson Ot Bro.), r 21 Bailey 
Anderson & Bro., (J. A. and W. \V. Anderson), grocers, 147 

W. Peters 
Andre William E., pressman E. L. Winham, bds 76 Terry 
Andrews Anslfy B., (xindrews, Hi'ch & Co.), r 8 Walker 
Andrews Calnb, (c), wks W. Power-i & Son 
Andrews David, (c), lab, r rear 157 Decatur 
Andrews Ezra saddler, r 81o S Pryor 
Andrews Harvey, wks E Haiman, bds 2 State 
Andrews James E., wks E. Haiman, r 2 State 
Andrews James (}., elk Ry M. S., r 61 S. Broad 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


• I «l UttlltJUUU\ 50 East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

AND 142^ APP 

Andrews John (c), lab, r 10 Ga. R. R 

Andrews Mattie F. Miss, teacher Crew Street School, bds 

313 S. Pryor 
Andrews Simon (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 39 Victoria 
Andrews Squire (c), driver W. S. Bell & Bro , r 39 Victoria 
Andrews Squire Jr. (c), wks Ga Iron Wks, r 39 Victoria 
Andrews Tiiomas W., carpenter Cook & Stewart, r G8 

Andrews William (c), waiter, r rear 157 Decatur 
Andrews W. H., wks E. Haiman 
ANDllEWS, HITCH & CO., (A. B Andrews, R. T. Hitch 

and J. M. Green), clothing and gents' furnishing, 16 

Angier Clarence (N. L. & C. Angier), bds 89 E. Mitchell 
Angler Edgar A., lawyer, 16 W^hitehall. r 30 McDonough 
Angier Nedom L. (N. L. & C. Angier), r'89 E. Mitchell 
Angier N. L. & C. (N. L. and Clarence Angier), fertilizers^ 

7 W. Alabama 
Anglin John S., elk, r 213 Hayne 
Ansley B. N., fireman A. & W. P. R. R 
Ansley Clifford W., ticket auditor A. & C. A-L. Ry 
Ansley Frank J. (F. J. Ansle}'^ & Co.), r Decatur, Ga 
Ansley F. J. & Co. (E. J. Ansley and J. J. Duffy), grocers, 

8S Whitehall 
ANSLEY HARRY C, auditor A. & C. A-L. Ry, bds 26 N. 

Ansley Henry L , bkkpr, r 32 Larkin 
Ansley Jackson (c), lab, r 257 Richardson 
Ansley Jesse A., real estate agt 8 E. Wall, r Decatur, Ga 
Ansley John U., with Winter & Brown, bds 89 E. Mitchell 
Ansley William S., elk E. Haiman, r Decatur, Ga 
Anspach Frederick, (Ramee & Anspach), r 29 Cooper 
Anthony Adolphus (c), drayman, r 209 Martin 
Anthony Anselm L , gardner, r 449 Whitehall 
Anthony Cunningham (c), waiter Kimball House, r 8 

Anthony David (c), wks H. W. Thomas, r 159 Markham 
An^'hony Jacob (c), whitewasher, r 56 Richmond 
Anthony James N., engineer A-L. Ry., r 144 Luckie 
Anthony Mary (c), laundress, r 296 McDonough 
Antioch Bjptist Church (c), ns Wallace, 2d e of Marietta 
Applebv Jane (c), laundress, r rear 51 Ivy 
APPIER DAYE W., genl western agt C. R. R. of Ga. & 

Savannah F. F. Line, 1 S. Pryor, r 35 W. Baker 


^ mm \\mi\mmi igine in the world. 


THEX-fX^ V iXiK./ E'EEIS W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell SU 

APP 1-13 ARN 

Api)leton D. & Co , of N. Y., J. Van H. Nash, edn. agt.; G. 

F. BoUes, sub. act; 44 Marietta 
Appleton George, cabinetmkr, r 127 E. Harris 
Appling E<lward, broker, bds 20 E. Peters 
Appling Moses (c), lab, r rear 29 Coopei 
Arberry James, carpenter, r Cox, nr"limits 
Arberry William B., student, bds 69 N. Collins 
Arbola Joseph R., confectionery, 92 Peachtree and 111 

ARCADE SALOON, Cooper & Bellows proprs.; 5 E. Wall, 

Whitehall R. R. crossing 
Archer Calvin C, machinist A. -L Ry , r 198 Decatur. 
Archer Narcissa N. Mrs., boarding, 8^ W. Mitchell 
Archer William T., furniture dealer, r 78 Tatnall 
Ard Thomas, wks J. M. Smith, bds 165 S. Forsyth 
Ardell Bruce, machinist, bds 19 Bush 
Arie Daniel, (c), lab, r 159 Markham 
•Armistead Edgar J., elk, bds Hilliard, nr limits 
Armistead Joel C , transfer elk Ga. R. R. , r Hilliard, nr limits 
Armistead Mary, wid James, r 6 Newton . 
Armistead Thomas M., cotton merchant, bds 99 Terry 
Armistead William, farmer, r 93 Spring 
Armistead William V., watchman, r 10 Bailey 

Armstine , canvasser, bds 15| S. Broad 

Armstrong Benjiman, (c), driver Cotton Factory, r 18 

Armstrong Harr}^, elk J. Keely, bds 55 Walton 
Armstrong Jane, wid J. D., r 53 E Mitchell 
Armstrong Mary Mrs., cook W. P. Lother, r 37 Calhoun 
Armstrong Samuel, w^ks Cotton Factory, bds 180 Marietta 
Armstrong Sarah, wid John, bds 10 W. Garnett 
Armstrong William M., printer J. 0. Perkins, bds Kenne- 

saw House 
Armstrong William S., physician, 64 Whitehall, r Grant, 

nr Glenn 
Arnold Booker (c), wks Ga. Iron Works 
Arnold Elmira (c), cook, r 61 Fairlie 
Arnold Frank A., (Arnold & Arnold), r 428 E. Fair 
Arnold George (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ws Fraser, 3d 

6 of Anderson. 
Arnold Henry (c), lab, r 10 State. 
Arnold James (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 10 State. 
Arnold Jane (c), laundress, r rear 85 Elliott. 

lusmEssMm Piedmont Air-Line 

E M S5.EESQTJ General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

ARN 144 - ASK 

Arco'd Jane Misp, wks Cotton Factory. 

Arnold Joseph (c), wks Ga. Iron AVks, r 53 Means, nr 

Arnold Loretlo, wid Thomas D., r 328 E Fair. 
Arnold Reuben, (Arnold & Arnold), r 268 N. Collins. 
Arnold Samuel (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks. 
Arnold Thomas (c), wks Phillips & Crews, r 55 C. R. R. 
Arnold Thomas D , elk W. M. & R. J. Lowry, bda 428 E. 

Arnold Thomas L., student, bds 69 N. Collins 
Arnold Van, conductor A.-L. Ry 
Arnold William M., furniture, r 127 S. Forsyth 
Arnold William T., trav agt, r 140 W. Peters 
Arnold & Arnold, (Reuben and F. A. Arnold), lawyers, 69 

E. Alabama 
ARROWOOD JEHU M., lawyer, room 2, 6^ Whitehall, bdB 

39 N. Pryor 
Artand Theodore, acting asst surgeon U. S. A., r McPher- 

son Barracks 
Arthur Edward, wks L. H. Hall & Co., bds 11 Orme 
Asbury Dennis (c), sawyer, r 347 Mangum 
Asbury John, artist, bds 106 W. Mitchell 
Ash Charles (c), porter H. V. M. Miller, r 313 W, 

Ash Robert (c), blacksmith Ga. Iron Wks,r 313 W. Mitchell 
Ashby Samuel E., feeder J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 18S^ 

Asher Maria L., wid Thomas, bds 19 Mechanic 
Asher William C, druggist and physician, 212 Marietta, 

r 394 Marietta 
Ashford William T., (Moore, Marsh & Co.), r 70 N. Pryor 
Ashley Dredman, gardener J. Lambert, r 56 Rock 
Ashley John A., driver, r 189 Chapel 
ASHLEY W. Gf., doors, sash, blinds, and all kinds of 

builders' hardware, 33 S. Br -ad. (See front cover) 
Ashworth Alonzo B., elk I. S. Boyd, bds 340 Mangum 
Ashworth A. E. Mrs., dressmkr, 118 Gilmer 
Ashworth Ralph T., plumber Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, 

bds 112 Gilmer 
Ashworth Thomas, elk, bds 87 S. Broad 
Ashworth Thomas F., bkkpr Morris & Bro., bds 39 N. 

Askew Thomas E., (c), printer C. W. Motes, r 53 Rawson 

S. S. Specific 

Cures Rhenmatism 



"HtJ-^AAi W AN-y I^EEID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

ASK ' 145 ATL 

Askew William, (c), porter Mrs. M. Doyle, r rear 15;^ S. 

Askins Samuel, (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 144 Gray 
Atkins. Cheever, (c), wks Ga. Iron Wkd 
Atkins Clnyton, (c\ wks Butler & Carroll 
Atkins E. Chi}', (Atkins, McKeldin & Co.), r ns Thrasher, 

e of Ashley, W. E 
Atkins Joseph W., f Atkins, McKt4din & Co.), r 90 Ivy 
ATKINS, McKELDIN & CO., (J. W. Atkins, H. M. Mc- 
Keldin and E. C Atkins), whol and ret boots, shoes 

and hats, 35 Peachtree 
Atkins Robert F., with Atkins, McKeldin & Co., bds 67 

N. Pryor 
Atkinson Benjamin, student, bds 61 Marietta 
Atkinson Eliza Mis?!, laundress, 45 Humphries 
Atkinson Henry, (c), whitewasher, r Crowell, nr limits 
Atkinson Eliza A., wid R. A. L., bds 69 Forrest av 
Atkinson Emma N. Miss, dressmkr, bds 62 Hayne 
Atkinson George (c), Inb, r 116 Gray 
Atkinson Lucy Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Atkinson IMary H., wid John, r 62 Hayne 
Atkinson William (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 116 Gray 
Atkison John L., peddler, r 79 E. Alabama 
ATLANTA BAPTIST SEMINARY (c), Elliott, nw cor 

W. Hunter. (See page 79) 

supt; 41 Whitehall. (See front fly B.) 

Jos. Fleischel, treasurer; A. Flesh, sec; office 8 W. 

Hunter, brewerv Collins, near Harris 
ATLANTA CITY DIRECTORY, Sholes & Co., publishers; 

office 32 S. Broad 
Atlanta Compress and Warehousing Co., Geo. N. Parrott, 

pres ; J. D. Turner, supt ; W. Peters, ne cor C. R. R 
ATLANTA COTTON FACTORY, H. I. Kimball, pres ; R. 

B. Bulloch, treas ; Samuel Stocking, sec ; office 48 Ma- 
rietta, factory 170 and 172 Marietta 
ATLANTA DESK CO., 13 Whitehall. (See opp p. 133) 

prin ; 173 Peachtree 
ATLANTA GAS LIGHT CO., T. J. Healey, pree; J. H. 

Mecaslin, sec and treas; 21 Whitehall 
Atlanta Health Institute, 178 W. Peters 

m EDEN %E\^##r f Si Piedmont Belt 

Jr V^Yn\\9}} ^^ E.Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMEMT, Whole- 
■ ^' ■■■*•* Um»** ; sale & Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

ATL 146 . AUS 

Atlanta High School, Foray th, svv cor Church 

Atlanta Iio?pital, 216 N. Collins 

Atlanta Medical College, Jenkins, nw cor Butler 

Atlanta Medical and Surgical Journal, 32 S. Broad 

ATLANTA NATIONAL BANK, A. Austell, pres; Paul 
Romare, cashier; 15 E. Alabama 

proprs; 14^ Whitehall 

ATLANTA POST-APPEAL, D. E. Caldwell, editor and 
propr; 32 S. Broad 

EXCHANGE, J. F. Cummings, pres ; H. E. Cum- 
mings, sec; J. B. Cummings, treas; 37 S. Broad. (See 
page 81) 

Atlanta Republican, W. L. Clark, propr; 35^ Marietta 

Atlanta Soap Works, Wm. Clifford, Neff & Co., proprs; 
office 8 E. Wall 

A^^lanta Steamer, No. 1, 25 S Broad 

Atlanta Street R. R. Co., R. Peters, pres; office 49 Line 

Atlanta Telephone Exchange, H. H. Jackson, supt ; Kim- 
ball House 

Atlanta Turn Verein, 3^ Marietta 

Atlanta University, fo), west end of Mitchell 

ATLANTA WATER WORKS, W. G. Richards, supt; J. W. 
Culp<:;pper, sec ; 6 E Wall 

Atlanta Weekl}' Post, E. Y Clarke, publisher, 35 S Broad 

W. Sibley, pres; G. -). Foreacre. genl manager; W. 
J. Houston, G. P. and T. agt; R. D. Carpenter, genl 
frt agt; H. C Ansley, auditor; I. Y. Sage, chief en- 
gineer ; office Wall, cor Loyd (see page 80) 

Atlanta & Pacific Telegraph Co , W. G. Turner, manager; 
11 E. Wall 

supt ; W. P. Orme, sec and treas; 32 Loyd 

Atwater'Henry, trav agt, bds 51 McDonough 

Atwater Samuel, (c) driver J. D. Frazier 

Auerbach, Joseph, elk Regenstein & Kutz, r 25 W. Broth- 

Aughtraon Willis C, elk, r Lee, sw cor Amos, W. E 

AUSTELL ALFRED, (Aust-U & Rice), and pres Atlanta 
National Bank, r 80 Marietta 

IS jh U J\/\J A. JlKj i]v 5 rro lo j^xuvxjgrjEijS. 


' m-J^J.^ V ^KJ ^ :eeI3 ^ T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

AUS 147 .^>.- AVE 

AlSTELL,R0mNS0N&M4NGtUM, (W.W.Austell, A. 
M. Robinson and C. L Mangum), whol notion.s and 
white proods, 20 and 22 Decatur (up stairs) 
Austell William W., (Austell, Robinson & Mangum), r 384 

Peach tree 
AUSTELL A: RICE, (A. Austell and Z. A. Rice), genl cot- 
ton and com mers and dealers in fertilizers, 63 S. Broad 
Austin Bloomer H., accr, r 407 Whitehall 
Austin Charles H., acct, bds 407 Whitehall 
Austin Crawford, (c), driver A. -L Ry 
Austin Harrison D., with E. L, Winham, bds 115 W. 

Austin Henry, (c), carpenter, r 10 Holland 
Austin John, elk A. A. Shields & Co., 
Austin Joseph M., carpenter, r 79 Stonewall 
Austin Mary R.. wid T. H., r 129 N. Collins 
Austin Mattie (c), laundress, r 8 Chapel 
Austin William C, wks A L. Ry., r 291 Rankin 
Austin William E., trav agt E. Haiman, bds 348 Marietta 
Austin Willis (c). driver R. 0. Clarke, r rear 475 Peachtree 
Auten Hester A. Mrs., teacher Wheat Street School, bds 

97 Marietta 
Auten J. William S., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 97 Marietta 
Auten Richard M., physician, 97 Marietta 
Autry Augustus (c), driver, r Windsor, s e cor Anderson 
Autrey Rayford, (Autrey & Davis), r 112 W. Peters 
Autrey Thomas J., saloon 111 W. Peters, bds 112 W. Peters 
Autrey & Davis, (R. Autrey and W. Davis), saloon, 227 W. 

Avary Archer, druggist 73 Peachtree, bds 31 N. Pryor 
A vary James C. elk A. Avary, bds HE. Cain 
Averett Aarou (c), waiter Kimball House 
Averett James M.. elk Hardvvick & Groves, bds 35 Church 
Averett Mary R Mrs., dressmkr 35 Church 
Averett W. Henry, salesman Kenner & Tibbs 
Averell Pamelia F., wid Charles, bds 31 Grubb 
ATERY B. F. k SONS, (of Louisville, Ky.), Geo. L. Mil- 
ler, manager Atlanta Branch ; plows, wagons, buggies, 
Alabama, sw cor Forsyth. (See front cover and p 75) 
AYERY ISA.\C W., sec Executive Dept., r 10 Warren pi 
Avery M. B., baggage master A-L. Ry. 
Avery Walter E., elk, bds 150 Whitehall 
Avery William A., jeweler F. J. Stilson 


E M GREESON ^®°"^^^®^^^^^*^®^Sent, 21 Marietta street. 
AVE 148 ~~BAI ~ 

Avet Louis, cameo cutter, 93 S. Broad 

Awtrey John L., carpenter, r Hunnicutt, ne cor Venable 

Ayers Frank, cik Paul Jones, bds Kimball House 

BABB JAMES P., com mer, 91 S. Broad, bds 71 King 
Baber Akbar, wks W. W. Haskell, bds 56 Stonewall 
Baber Henry (c), wks C R. R., r C. R. R. nr Alabama 
Baber James M., physician, r 56 Stonewall 
Bacham Adeline Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 49 Powers 
Bacham Nancy Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 49 Powers 
Bachus Eliza Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Bachus Sarah Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Bachus Albert (c), bricklayer, r 222 Mangum 
Bachus Green F., machinist; r 33 Mangum 
Bachus Henry (c), lab, r 222 Mangum 
Bachus James M., bricklayer, r 24 Mangum 
Bachus Joseph (c), bricklayer, r 222 Mangum 
Bachus Thomas (c), cootractor, r 222 Mangum 
BACON ROBERT A., sec R. R. Com. of Ga., 12 E. Ala- 
bama, bds Kimball House 
Bacon Sumner W., elk A.-L. Ry 
Badger Charles (c), bellman Kimball House, r ws Calhoun, 

3d n of Ellis 
Badger Henry (c), porter H. V. Barrow 
Badger John (c), lab, 277 N. Calhoun 
Bddger Ralph B. (c), elk R. D. Badger, r 46 E. Harris 
Badger Robert H., (c), dentist, r 18 Cliflford 
Badger Roderick D. (c), dentist, 37 Peach tree, r 46 E. Harris 
Baer Max J., elk Cohen & Selig, r 358 Whitehall 
Bagby Daniel N., capt police, bds 170 Decatur 
Bagby William J., machinist Winship & Bro., bds 170 

Bagby William K., cotton mer, r 170 Decatur 
Bagby Zipporah F. Miss, teacher Crew St. School, r 170 

Baggarly Olin R., printer T. S. Reynolds, bds 85^ Whitehall 
Bailey Albert P., grocer, r 106 W. Harris 
Bailey, Alexander, (c), bricklayer, r ws Reed, 4th n of 

Bailey Armstead, (c), plasterer J. G. Thrower, r 188 

Bailey Brown, (c), lab, r ws al N. of Emma, w of Lambert, 

Bell wood 



IHr.-*-'"*-'^ V a.»s^ :E-j-.^r> W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

BAI 149 BAK 

Bailey Charles, (c), waiter Markham House 

Bailey Dorsey, (c,) lab, r 71 E. Harris 

Bailey Edward, (c), farmer, r 295 McDonough 

Bailey Gt-orge, (c), vvks City Brewing Co., r 157 W. Peters 

Bailey George W., lab, r ws Cain, 1st s of Marietta 

Bailey Henrietta Mrs., wks Cotton Factory 

Bailey Henry, (c), carpenter, r 31 Reed 

Bailey Horace, (c), wks Lynch & Lea, r 277 N. Calhoun 

Bailey James, (c), gardener J. Lambert, r iis Simpson, w 

of Hayne 
Baile}^ Jeremiah, (c), blacksmith E. Haiman, r 20 Hull 
Baile}'' Jesse B., carpenter, bds 98 N. Elliott 
Bailey Jesse B., carpenter Stevens «fc Gibbs, bds 179 

Bailey Julian T., with T. J. Lewis, bds Adams House 
Bailey Lucinda, (c), laundress, r rear 273 Whitehall 
Bailey Mary E. A. Mrs., domestic E. H. Kruger 
Bailey Robert (c), gardener J. Lambert, r Beilwood 
Bailey Robert (c), wks Atlanta Gas Co., r ws Peeples, s of 

Gordon, W. E 
Bailey Ruth A., wid Robert C, r 223 Luckie 
Bailey Samuel (c), gardener, r es Calhoun, se cor Currier 
Bailey Samford (c), lab, r ws al n of Emma, w of Lambert, 

Baily Sarah E. Mr^., r 55 W. Foundry 
Bailey William B. (c), trunkmkr Lieberman & Kaufman, 

r 18 E. Mitchell 
Bailey William H., printer, r 55 W. Foundry 
Bailey Willis (c_), driver, r es Valentine, 3d n of Ellis 
Bain Donald, tailor, r 16 Connally 
Bain Donald M. (Morrison, Bain & Co.), r 83 Wheat 
Baird Jam^s B., physician, 63 Whitehall, r 119 E. Mitchell 
Baird James C, physician, r 59 Jones av 
Baird John B., keeper of Pub. Bldgs. Executive Dept., r 

72 McDonoush 
Baird Mary L., wid J. B., bds 119 E. Mitchell 
BAIRD, see also BEARD 
Bak, Henry, physician, 188 S. Forsyth 
Baker Augustus (c), wiper W. & A. R. R.. r 188 E. Harris 
Baker Bartow F., elk G. W. Lowe, bds 39 N. Pryor 
Baker Benjamin (c), lab, r 323 W. Mitchell 
Baker Charles D., bricklayer, r 457 Whitehall 
Baker Dennis (c), wks A. Thompson, r 75 Humphries 

lvE°TRACK via Piedmont Air-Line. 

TplPnhonP ^- °- ^IMBALL, 56 E. Alabama St.. for COAL of 
X. t^llyjJItiUttt:' any kind. BlacksmUh's Coal a spec ialty. Sae page 100 

BAK 150 BAL 

Baker Duncan W., confectioner, r 63 Humphries 

Baker George (c), barber K. Watts 

Baker Georgia (c), fruits, 47 S. Broad 

Baker Harrison (c), driver, r Vine, nr limits 

Baker Henry, elk W. U. Tel. Co., r Whitehall 

Baker James, blacksmith N. C. Spence, r 165 S. Forsyth 

Baker James, engineer A.-L. Ry, r 81 N. Butler 

Baker James (c), shoemkr, 82 N. Forsyth, r country 

Baker Jane (c^, laundress, r 67 E. Mitchell 

Baker Jesse (c), lab, r rear 106 North av 

Baker John C. (c), blacksmith W. K. Booth 

Baker John C. T., carpenter Traynham, Geiss & Ray, r 17 

N. Calhoun 
Baker John J., (Payne & Baker), r 250 Luckie 
Baker John W.,condutor A. & W. P. R. R., r 12 Jennings al 
Baker Josie Miss, wks Cotton Factory 

Baker Joseph (c), porter E. F. Doneho & Co., r 82 N. For- 
Baker Levi P., stock dealer, r 79 S. Pryor 
Baker Romulus (c), painter Lynch & Lea, r 62 Hilliard 
Baker Samuel, elk, bds 63 Humphries 
Baker Samuel P., carpenter Lynch & Lea, bds 77 Decatur 
Baker Volumna J. Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds over 268 

Baker William, grocer, r 12 Kelly 
Baker William F., with Lamar, Rankin & Lamar 
Baldwin Alfred P., grocer, Marietta bey limits 
Baldwin Charles, with Longley & Robinson, bds 35 Fraser 
Baldwin Charles A., fruits, &c., 4 Decatur, r 34 Gilmer 
Baldwin Edward A., engineer, bds Hotel Weinmeister 
Baldwin Elizabeth A. Mrs., boarding, 51 Forsyth 
Baldwin Hartwell A., farmer, r ns Eenry, 2d w of Mangum 
Baldwin Joseph, clothier, 134 Decatur 
Baldwin Joseph A., tel opr AL. Ry., bds 2 Warren pi 
Baldwin Margaret J., wid Joseph, r 19 Walnut 
Baldwin Mary Miss, dressmkr 27 Whitehall, r 2 Jenkins 
Baldwin Rebecca, wid Isaac, r 2 Warren pi 
Baldwin Robert J., wks Longley & Robinson, bds 78 Chapel 
Ball Frank, brick layer, r 191 Davis 
Ball Frank (c), driver Ackerman & Hunt 
Ball George H. A., (L. A. Ball & Co.), r 19 Marietta 
J3all Heniy (c), lab, r rear 111 Willow 
Ball James M., office 1 S. Pryor, bds Kimball House 



T:SI,A.Ij size., 25 CEOiT'X'S- 


JntJ-rXA. W O-N.^ X-EEID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

BAL 151 BAN~ 

Ball John H., painter, r ns Pine, 2d e of Collins 

Ball Lucy, wid James, bds 310 Whitehall 

Ball Laraette A. Mrs., (L. A. Ball & Co.), r 19 Marietta 

Ball L. A. & Co., (Mrs. L. A. and G. H. A. Ball), notions, 

19 Marietta 
Ballard Adolphus G., elk W. J. Ballard, bds 47 Ellis 
Ballard Evan P., boarding, 58 N. Fors3'th 
Bjillard Frank (c), waiter Hotel Weinmeister 
Ballard James ().. elk M. L. Tolbert, r 42 King 
BALLIRD JOSEPHINE W. MRS., prin Atlanta Female 

Institute, r 173 Peachtree 
Ballard Walter B., elk W. J. Ballard, r Union Depot 
Ballard William (c), lab, r Decatur, nr limits 
Ballard William (c), lab, r Walker, nr Barracks av 
Ballard William VV.. check agt Union Depot, bds 47 Ellis 
BALL VRD WILSON J., baggage master Union Depot, and 

Restaurant, r 47 Ellis 
Ballanger Mary (c), laundress, r 108 Elliott 
Bancroft George, machinist Winship & Bro., and grocer, 

Mirietta bey limits 
Bancroft George C, elk P. 0., bds National Hotel 
Bandy Thomas M., wks J. H. Johnson, r 19 Johnson 
Banger Charles, grocer, 68 E. Harris 

F. M Coker, Jr., cashier, Marietta nw cor Peachtree 
Banks Charles (c), drayman J. C. Kimball, r 54 Walker 
Banks Edward (c). wks A. T, Finney 
Banks Green (c), wks P. Jones, r rear 67 Washington 
Banks Henry (c), lab, r 137 E. Baker 
Banks Henry, mer, r 113 Peachtree 
Banks James, lawyer, bds 113 Peachtree 
Banks James W., yard master C. R. R , r 13 Roach 
Banks Joseph (c), wks A. T. Finneys, r 141 Houston 
Banks Lewis (c), lab, r 98 Forrest av . 
Banks Lindsey (c), drayman W. S. Saul, r 137 E. Baker 
Banks Patrick (c), wks Booker's Guano Works, r 66 

Banks Robert L., porter Cleaton & Johnson, r 80 W. Baker 
Banks Sarah (c). laundress, r 173 Ellis 
Banks Sarah F., seamstress, bds 23 N. Spring 
Banks Selina, wid E., r 23 Spring 
Banks William L., jeweler Er Lawshe, r 23 Spring 
Banks Wyatt (c), truckman W. & A. R. R., r 66 Hilliard 

•oUicK ^.*««'y via Piedmont Air-Line 

E M fT■R■R'Rf^^'N^ General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

Ad, Ml, UA^AirfLigViN, IPromptness ]M:y MIotto; 

BAN 152 BAR 

Bankston Creed T., pedler, r 97 Connally 
Bankston Joseph C, lab, r es Glenn, 1st e of Martin 
Bankston Samuel, lab, bds 97 Connally 

Bankstone , lecturer medical college, bds 7^y W Mitchell 

Bannan William J., painter A. & W.-P. R. R., bds 11 W. 

Barber Marv, wid William, bds 19 W. Baker 
Barbour Thomas S-, with P PI. Snook, r 60 Luckie 
Barclay John F. (White & Barclay), bds 66 N. Forsyth 
Barcroft William T. (c), barber Kimball House, r rear 214 

Bardi Joseph, fruits, 37 Marietta 
Bardy Amos (c), wks M. Pipes 

Barford Frank R., grocer, 375 W. Peters, bds 440 Whitehall 
Barford John, grocer, r 440 Whitehall 
Barili Alfredo, prof music Atlanta Female Inst., bds 173 

Peach tree 
Barili E. Mrs., German and music, Atlanta Female Inst., 

bds 173 Peachtree 
Barker Brader, with J. M. Clarke & Co., bds 426 Whitehall 
Barker Charles P. N., elk, bds 75 Washington 
Barker George, bricklayer, r 286 Decatur 
Barker James, butcher, r 88 Walker 
Barker Samuel N., wks Atlanta Paper Box Factory, bds 

104 Elliott 
Barker S. T., packer T. N. Hall, r 104 N. Elliott 
Barker William, wks Evins & Robinson, bds 104 N. Elliott 
Barkey Joseph, tailor, bds 12 Mechanic 
Barksdale Sarah C, wid Richard, r 33 Grubb 
Barlow Malinda (c), laundress, r 6 IMangum 
Barlow Thomas (c), driver, r 250 W. Hunter 
Barnaby Mar}' E. Mrs., seamstress, bds loO North av 
Barnard Agnes (c), laundress, r 401 W. Peters 
Barnard Francis, jeweler, r 144 S. Loj^d 
Barnard Nathaniel L., elk Harrison & Bro 
Barnard Thomas M., student, bds 242 Whitehall 
Barnes Alston L., fireman Atlanta Com. Co., r 10 Bush 
Barnes Adelia C, wid J. E., bds 80 Pulliam 
Barnes Amanda L., wid William, bds 50 N. Calhoun 
Barnes Benjamin F., painter, r 266 E. Fair 
Barnes Bowman (c), blacksmith L. Barnes, r 85 Humph- 
Barnes Carrie (c), laundress, r ne Wells, 1st n of McDaniel 

Brewer's Lung Restorer 


and C01>J«=>UM.JE»TI0]V 


THEJLyx^ V A.KJ :feex) -^^ x. Wilson, i4 w. Mitchell st. 
BAR 153 BAR 

Barnes Daniel B., printer J. P. Harrison & Ce., bds 135J 

Barnes Edward (3), blacksmith, r ns Adams, 3d e of Jack- 

Barnes Emanuel (c), driver Merchant & Mosley, r 302 E. 

Barnes Frank P., elk, r es Lee, 1st n of Gordon, W. E 

Barnes James J., whol com mer, 47 and 49 Alabama, r 245 
S. Forsvth 

Barnes Jennie, wks Cotton Factory 

Barnes John (c), wks F. M. Jack & Co 

Barnes John B., jeweler F. J. Stilson, bds 51 S. Forsyth 

Barnes Lewis (c), blacksmith, 377 W. Peters, r 85 Humph- 

Barnes Lovick P., policeman, r 222 W. Fair 

Barnes Mary A., wid William R., r 229 Marietta 

Barnes Peter (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r rear 87 N. Calhoun 

Barnes William (c), cabinetmkr J. H. Gavan, r 11 S. Cal- 

Barrett Alonzo (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Barnett Marion, bkkpr J. A. Watson, bds 20^ W. Mitchell 

Barnett Nathan C, sec of State, office State House, r 10 

Barnett Samuel Hon., R. R. Comr, r Washington. Ga 

Barnett Stewart M., mess W. U. Tel. Co.. bds 10 Hcmston 

Barnett William H., with Kennesaw Mills Co., r 19 W. 

Barney E. F., wks W. H. Busse3^ bds National Hotel 

Barney Nathan (c), waiter Kimball House 

Barnum George S., elk A-L. Ry. 

Barnwell Catherine, wid Thomas, r Mills, sw cor Williams 

Barnwell Charles F., asst bkkpr M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., 
r 52 Gilmer 

Barnwell Charles M., (Classer, Morgan, Smith & Co.), bds 
25 W. Hunter 

Barnwell Nancy A., Miss, wks Elsas & Adler, bds Mills, 
sw cor Williams 

Barnwell Newton T., tinner Stewart & Fain, bds Mills, sw 
cor Williams 

Barnwell Valentine T., piano dealer, r 52 Gilmer 

Barnwell William, elk M. Rich & Bro. 

Barr Henry C, cashier Sou. Exp. Co , r 218 S. Pryor 

Barr James G., student, bds 116 S. Forsyth 

Peerless, Yetr^Route. Piedmont Air-Line 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E.Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale & Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

BAR 154 BAR 

Barr Lewis (c), lab, r 250 W. Hunter 

Ban William R., student, bds 116 S. Forsyth 

Barrett, Addie Mrs,, seamstress J. R3'an, r 253 Marietta 

Barrett Alexander P., mess Sou. Ex. Co. 

Barrett Charles, printer, bds 165 S. Prjor 

Barrett Charles A., engineer A-L. Ry., r 140 Mangum 

Barrett Emily C, wid Joseph L.. r 253 Marietta 

Barrett George G., elk Sou. Ex. Co., r 24 Martham 

Barrett Isaac F., wts H. M. Beutell, bds 186 Elliott 

Barrett, James, engineer Ga. R. R., r 51 Ga. R. R. 

Barrett James E., artist, r 31 N. Pryor 

Barrett John R., watchman C. R. R., r 52 Mays al 

Barrett Joseph, wks Ga. Iron Wks. bds 441 Marietta 

Barrett Kennon C, elk Sou. Ex Co., bds 136 S. Forsyth 

Barrett M., student, bds 150 Whitehall ^kai^^u 

Barrett Robert T., conductor A-L Ry., r 17 W. Fair 

Barrett T. A., train hand A-L. Ry 

Barrett Vason M., elk Moore, Sims & Co., r 288 Marietta 

Barrett William, trav agt, r 136 S. Forsyth 

Barrett William I., machine agt, r 23 Rock 

Barron Jesse, (c), wks C. R. R., r C R. R., nr Alabama 

Barron John M., printer Christian Index, bds 48 Elliott 

Barron Matthew M., printer Christian Index, r 48 Elliott 

Barron Nancy, (c), laundress, r McDaniel, nr Barracks av 

Barrow Alabama Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r 125 Marietta 

Barrow Hugh V., grocer and com mer, 81 Peach tree, r 158 

Barrow"^ Thomas J., driver St. Ry 
Barry Charles M., cotton buyer, r 172 Decatur 
Barry John A., (Moore, Marsh & Co.), r 93 Washington 
Barry Robert E., with Moore, Marsh & Co., bds 39 W. 

Barry Robert L., (Moore, Marsh & Co.), r 89 W. Harris 
Bartlett Nathaniel M., elk F. G. Hancock, bds 45 Powers 
BARTON CHARLES J., lawyer, 16^ Whitehall, r 5 Mills 
Barton John T., carpenter, 293 Willow 
Barton S. E., miller, bds National Hotel 
Bartow Robert H , watchman A L. Ry 
Barwald David, trav agt, r 145 ]\Iangum 
Barwald Jacob, griuger Int. Rev., bds 145 Mangum 
Barwald Morris (M. Barwald & Co.), bds 89 E. Mitchell 
Barwald M. & Co. (M. Barwald), rags, 12 E. Mitchell 
Barzell John (c), wks E. Haiman 


« '^o 0!)Jr Ja^yVyJlJf' Jl.l^ And Never Fails to Cure. 


THEJLi^Julu V JLk? I^EXJX) ^f^^ T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitxjhell St. 

BAS " 155 BE A 

Basket te Peter (c), porter, r 103 Loyd 

Baskins AValter, machinist E. Van Winkle & Co., r 30 

Jones av 
Baskins Zachariah, painter Winship & Bro., bds 12 Newton 
Bass Frank, printer J. P. Harrison, bds 35 Tatnall 
Bass George A., fireman W. & A. R. Pi., bds 30 W. Simpson 
Bass Henry C, printer Dodt^on & Scott, bds 37 Tatnall 
BaSiS Henry J., poster J. Johnson, bds 36 W. Simpson 
Bass Howard L.. printer Constitution, bds 35 Tatnall 
Bass James H , fireman W. & A. R. R., bds 36 W. Simpson 
Bass James M., engineer W. k A. R. R., r 36 W. Simpson 
Bass John C, elk M. Harralson Bros. & Co., bds 49 W, 

Bass Mary A. E., wid W. F , r 335 Tatnall 
Bass xMattie C, wid C. H., r 89 S. Pryor 
Bass Richard, engineer, I9i Whitehall 
Bass William A , teacher Bo\s High School, r country 
Bass Wyatt, T., printer, bds 35 Tatnall 
Baswell Bernard, elk, bds 145 Walton 
baswell John C. saloon National Hotel, r 12 Jenkins 
Bates Elizabeth L , wid J. M., bds 149 Calhoun 
Bates E. & Co. (Edwin Bates, C. K. Bates, T R McGahaa 

and C. S Kingsbery), clothing, 2 and 4 S. Pryor 
Bates Henry (c), shoemkr, r Howell, nr limits 
Bates Jasper, pedler, bds 508 Decatur 
Batten R. G., elk Green Line office, r 8 S. Broad 
Battle John C, elk J. G. Giites, r 220 W. Fair 
Battle Johnson (c), lab, r 160 Ellis 
Battle Lindsay (c), porter, 66 Whitehall 
Battle Linton (c), wks Cotton Press, r rear 228 Fras(!r 
Battle London Rev. (c), r ws Form wait, 2d n Crumley 
Battle Vincent (c). waiter Kimball House 
Baty Willis, fireman C. R. R., bds 28 Elliott. 
Baugh Henry (c), wks C. A. Pitts 
Baugh Lewis (c), farmer, r 36 Humphries 
Baugh William (c), blacksmith J. H. Johnson, r 165 

Baugh William, wlss E. Haiman 
Baughan Benjamin F., painter, r 226 E. Eair 
Baxton Robert (c), drayman, r 263 VV. Mitchell 
Baynard Martha S., wid Archibald C, r 45 W. Harris 
Bazzell William (c), lab, r 12 Thurmond 
Beach John A. G., (Allen & Beach), r 144 McDonough 

■■^Ss' via Piedmont Air-Liae 

E M GPE'ESfiKT General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

BE A 156 BE A 

Beach P;iuline, wid S. S., r 144 McDonuugh 

Beach Solomon W., bkkpr A.-L. Ry, bds 34 N. Calhoun 

Beadles Henry (c), lab, r i:J Chapel 

Bealer Alexander W., elk Stocker & Castleberry, bds 5 

Bealer Emily J. W., wid G. B., r 5 Clarke 
Beall Egbert, trav agt, r 98 W. Fair 
Beall Eugene W., conductor W. & A. R. R., bds 153 W. 

Beall Lillie Miss, bds 153 W. Mitchell 
Beall Mary E , wid W. M., r 39 PuUiara 
Beall Noble P., elk Muse, Swift & Dallas, bds 153 W. 

Beall Sarnh C , wid John S. r 153 W. Mitchell 
Beaman Cesar (c), wks Pellegrini & Castleberry, r 175 Fort 
Beaman VV. Miss, teacher Atlanta Universit}'- 
Bean Mary, wid John, bds 133 W. Foundry 
Bean Robert L, printer Dods >n & Scott, r 293 E. Hunter 
Beard William W., grocer, 169 Fort 
Bearden Aaron E., trav agt, r 52 Spring 
Bearden Damon (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ws Reed, 1st s of 

Bearden Morris (c), wks 0. A. Smith 
Beardsley Chirles, traui dispatcher W. & A. R. R., r 255 

Beasley George W. (c), boot artist J. R Steele, r Decatur 

cor Ivy 
Beasley James (c), lab, r 6 Grady 
Beasley Mary, wid George, r ]8 W. Cain 
Beasley Thomas Ce), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 120 Gray 
Beath John M , pres Ga. Ice Co., bds Kimball House 
Beatio David A., stock yard, Ga. R. R. cor Bell, r 152 Mc- 
Beatie John L., elk D. A, Beatie, bds 152 McDonough 
Beatie William D., elk, bds 152 McDonough 
Beattie Eliza Miss, private school, r 18 Wheat 
Beauchanp George B, elk C J. Kicklighter, bds 91 E. 

Beaver Catharine, wid M., r 439^ Marietta 
Beaver Woodson (c), cook Mark ham House, r rear 82 N. 

Beavers George (c), lab, r Glenn, e cor Crew 
Beaver.-^ Jordan ic), wks Ga. Iron Wi.s, r ns Mason Ferry 

rd. Bell wood 

1^ JCi <U riU' iL 11^ I3ST 5 TO lO l^IISJXJTES 


I HlJ^-* ^ V ■*'NJ FSBP -^_ rp. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

BE A 157 ' BEL " 

Beavers Joseph, polisher E. Van Winkle & Co., r 18 Thur- 

Beavers William C, wks W. & A. R. R., r 300 Mangura 

Bebro Louis, elk H. Wolfe, bds 205 S. Forsyth 

Bechtoldt lildward, grocer, 8 Werner av 

Beck Adam (c), driver, r 19 May's al 

Beck Alexander, salesman Carhart & Bro , N. Y , 66 E. 
Alabama, r 80 Crew 

Beck riovd (c), dver J. S. Watson & Co., r 22 Glenn 

BECK, ORE(;0 & CO. (L. H. Beck, W. A. Gregg and W. 
M. Crumley), hardware, iron, steel, etc., 2 S. Pryor. 
(See page 78) 

Beck Lewis H. (Beck, Gregg k Co ), r 42 Cooper 

Becker Paul, capitalist, bds Hotel Weinmeister 

Becker Victor PI , supt Boyle Ice Machine Co , Chicago, r 
368 W. Peach tree 

Beckwith Brock, law student H. Hillyer, r 160 S. Pryor 

Beckwith John W. Rev , Episcopal bishoj3 diocese of Ga,, 
r 160 S Pryor 

Becuni William (c), shoemkr, r 201 McDaniel 

Bedell William A , cotton buyer, bds 107 Peachtree 

Bedford Harbin T., shoemkr, r 806 Mangum 

Bedford John (Fletcher & Bedford), r ws Peachtree, 2d s of 
E. Sixth 

Bedford John (c), lab, r 32 Williams 

Bedford Patsy (c), nurse, r 32 Williams 

Bedford Rufus (c), driver J. R. Wylie, rrear 190 Peachtree 

Bedford Wallace (c), bellman Kimball House, r 32 Wil- 

Bedingtield Charles P.. printer J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 
108 Marietta 

Beeland George T., jeweler J. P. Stevens & Co., bds 72 Ma- 

Beermann Charles. (Beermann & Kuhrt), and cigar and 
news stand, Markham House, r 16.5 Whitehall 

Beermann George C, elk C. Beermann & Kuhrt, r 50 

Beermann Henry C, elk Beermann & Kuhrt, r 50 Peach- 

BEERMANN & KUHRT, (Charles Beermann and H. G. 
Kuhrt), cigars and tobacco, 1 Whitehall, Kimball 
House and Decatur, se cor Peachtree 

Belcher Collins H., receiving elk C. R. R., r 60 Davis 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


Vi Vi UliflJHMMj Be East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

BEL 158 BEL 

Belcher Soloman, watchman, r 229 E. Hunter 
Belcher Thomas J., meterman Gas Lt. Co., r 82 Chapel 
Belding Jackson C, fireman A.-L. Ry, bds 211 E. Hunter 
Belding William J., carpenter A.-L. R}', r 211 E. Hunter 
Bell Albert (c), driver H. Crankshaw, r 175 S. Forsyth. 
Bell Albert fc), porter Smythe & Pbrkerson, r rear 324 

Bell Allan J., (Bell and Dean), r Alexander, se cor Luckie 
Bell Amanda E., wid G. G., bds 97 E. Mitchell 
Bell Charles (c), lab, r 25 Green's Ferry av 
Bell Charles N., conductor A.-L. Ry, bds 236 E. Hunter 
Bell Emma Mrs., boarding, r 67 N. Pryor 
Bell Fannie, wks Cotton Factory 
Bell Fred (Fred Bell & Co.), r 22 W. Baker 
Bell Fred & Co., (Fred and John S. S. Bell), sewing ma- 
chines, 31 Marietta 
Bell George (c), lab, r 43 Be- 11 
Bell George K., elk Boynton Bros., r 67 Pulliam 
Bell Henry, elk 66 Whitehall, bds 150 Whitehall 
Bell James L., conductor A. & W. P. R. R., r 47 Windsor 
Bell James N., asst bkkpr Langston, Crane & Co., r 237 S. 

Bell James P., mer, bds 78 N. Elliott 
Bell John (c), lab, r 110 Crew 

Bell John S, S., (Fred Bell & Co.), bds 22 W. Baker 
Bell J. L., trainband A-L. Ry. 
Bell Madison, law3'er, r 30 Alexander 
Bell Marcus A., lawyer, r 69 Houston 
Bell Maria E. Mrs., dressmkr, 72 E. Peters 
Bell Oscar F., student, bds 115 Decatur 
Bell Parmelia A., wid J. M., r 67 Pulliam 
Bell Pironus H., student, bds 69 Houston 
Bell Richard (c), wood saw3^e]', r ss Lowe's al, 4th w of 

Bell Sallie Mrs., cook E. Beall, r 98 W. Fair 
Bell Sanford L., conductor W. & A. R. R., r Ringgold, Ga 
Bell Silas (c), lab, r rear 90 Butler 
Bell Silas (c), porter J. J. Richards, r 326 Eraser 
Bell Thomas (c), poj-ter Wilson House, r 2 Grady 
Bell Thomas D., oil elk A-L. Ry., r 30 Kelley 
Bell Thomas D. Jr , watchm A-L. Ry., r 30 Kelly 
Bell T, A., elk Daniel & Marsh 
Bell T. Howard, elk S. M. Inman & Co., r 50 Walker 



THE J^*^ V ^KJ X'EEX) y^^ J, WILSON, 14 W. MltcheU St. 

BEL 159 BEN 

BELL WALTER S., coal a.:d wood, 19 N. Pryor, and (W. 

S. Bell & Bro.), r 69 Pulliam.. (See page 79.) 
Bell Wiley, (c), lab, r 162 Fillmore ^ 
Bell William, (c), janitor Moor's Business University, r 26 

Bell William, (c), porter Hallman & Candler 
Bell William D., (W. S. Bell & Bro.), bds 67 Pullum 
Bell William E., (c), shoemkr, 32 W. Peters, r W. E 
Bell William H., grocer, 270 Marietta, r 78 n Elliott 
Bell William M., (Pirkle & Bell), r Luckie cor Baker 
Bell William T., trav agt, bds 67 N. Pryor 
BELL W. 8. & BRO., (W. S. and W. D. Bell), lumber, 

147 Dtcatur (See p 79) 
Bell & Dean, (A. J. Bell and J. P. Dean), grocers, 356 

Bellah Jefferson D., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 367 Rawson 

Bellah John, (c), wks W. Gray, r 83 Magazine 

Bellah Sarah J., wid J. W., r ns Richardson, 2d e of Cooper 

Bellamy Alfred D., physician, 29 Whitehall 

Bellamy Lorenzo, train hand, A. & W. P. R. R., bds 145 

Ga. R. R 
Bellamy Robert, (c), lab, r 86 Green's Ferry av 
Bellamy William C. Dr., with Daniel & Marsh, r 78 Wheat 
Bellinger William A , elk D. H. Dougherty 
Beller Albert, (c), wks Ferguson and Blount 
Bellineau Dennis, pedler, r 88 Jones av 
Bellinger James P., cattle trader, r 299 N. Collins 
Bellingrath Albert, (Hunnicutt & Bellingrath), r 199 

Bellingrath Mary, wid Leonard, bds 199 Crew 
Bellows Mayo 0., (Cooper & Bellows), r 5 E. W^all 
Bellshaw Alfred (c), drayman, r 9 Holland 
Bellwood Baptist Church, ss Maj'^son Ferry rd, Bell wood 
Belvin J. H. Mrs., dressmkr, r 52 S. Broad 
Bend Miles (c), drayman, r 30 Thurmond 
Bender Charles H., grocer, 127 Whitehall, r 46 W. Hunter 
Bender Frederick, barkpr W. Bender, bds 46 W. Hunter 
Bender Lewis, engineer W. ct A. R. R.,bds46W. Hunter 
Bender Mary (c), grocer, r 298 Mangum 
Bender Oliver W., wood worker L. H, Hall & Co , r 20 Me- 
Bender William, saloon, 46 to 50 W. Hunter 
BENJAMIN BROS. & CO., i.S. and M. Benjamin and J. S. 
Pinkussohn), whol cigars and tobacco, 25 E. Alabama 

busihessmen! Piedniont Air-Line 

1! M frP 1511?^nT>T General Seal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 
Jrf. AYA, \i£\i£i£ni\J^if Fromotness agy blotto. 

BEN 160 BER 

Benjamin Lucy A., wid J. S., r 199 S. Forsyth 

Benjamin Morris, (Benjamin Bros. & Co.), r Jacksonville, 

Benjamin Nathan (c), janitor Atlanta Baptist Seminary 
Benjamin Simon, (Benjamin Bros. & Co.), r 26 Cooper 
Bennett Americas (c), lab, r 116 E. Cain 
Bennett Benjamin F., job printer 12 W. Alabama, r 67 

Bennett Elias L., vvks Cotton Factory, r 123 Marietta 
Bennett Francis F., wid S. V., r 465 Whitehall 
Bennett Henry, driver St. Ry., r 66 Ga. R, R. 
Bennett Isham (c), lab, r ws Martin, 1st n of Richardson 
Bennett John W., engineer A.-L. Ry, r 145 Ga. R. R 
Bennett Joseph W., engineer Ga. R. R., r 52 Ga. R. R 
Bennett Lewis, blacksmith, 113 Decatur, r 116 Decatur 
Bennett Lucy Mrs., wks Cotton Factory 
Bennett Mattie Miss, bds 150 W. Hunter 
Bennett Musgrove, (Bennett & Delleshaw), bds 35 Fraser 
Bennett & Delleshaw, (M. Bennett and T. D. Delleshaw), 

grocers, 222 E. Fair 
Bensel William, contractor, r 52 Spring 
Benson Charles F. Jr., student, bds 150 Whitehall 
Benson Elizabeth Mrs , boarding, 150 Whitehall 
Benson James, fruits, 7li Peachtree 
Benson Susan (c), laundress, r 165 Marietta 
Benson William R , wks C. R. R , r 54 Nelson 
Bent James, ticket agt N., C. & St, L. Ry, r Hunnicutt, nw 

cor Plum 
Bentley John (c), cook U. S. Garrison, r 195 Chapel 
Bentley Joseph (c), carpenter, r 11 Jennings al 
Bentley Joseph Jr Tc), la-'\ 11 Jeiiuings al 
BENTLEY M08ES H. (c), barber, 15 Peachtree, r 28 Thur- 
Bentley Oliver N., carpenku-, l)ds 20 Mechanic 
Benton Isabella A., wid Charles, r 39 Church 
Benton Levi (c), wks Porter & Meakin, rHilliard, ne limits 
Berden William (c), wks N, C. S pence 
Bergstrom Andrew M., book and job printer. Hunter, sw 

cor Pryor, r 231 W. Mitchell 
Berkele John, (Heinz & Berkele), r 328 Whit-hall 
Bernard Alcine H., with J. Keely, bds 391 Whitehall 
Bernard Emile, wks Cotton Factory, 
Berron Henry (c), brick layer, r Vine, ne cor W. Fair 

SC! ^v^Sif^A'P^f^ Cures Rhenmatism 

?ffi"n A VTS "t^SJ'Ji'-" SEWING- MACHINE 

•HtJ-'^A W AN-» :e-:e::e:jd W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St 
nmi IGL BEU 

Berron Peter, beer garden, McDonough,nr limits 

Berry Bayliss, gardener W. W. Boyd 

Berry Charles I\I., boots, shoes, leather and findings, 33 

Peachtree, r 148 Kawson 
Berrv Edward B., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 50 E. Hunter 
BERRY EIXiENE M., druggist. 25 Peachtree, r 79 E. 

Berry George M., engineer C. R. R., r 79 N. Calhoun 
Berry James (c), brick layer, r 162 C. R. R 
Berry James M., painter, r 87 Stonewall 
Berr}' Jane, wid William G., Green's Ferry, nr Barracks av 
Berry Joseph M., painter, r Roach, nr Green's Ferry av 
Berry Julius C. (c), wks I. Westmoreland, r C. R. R., 2d n 

of W. Fair 
Berry Lucy (c), cook, r rear 303 Fort 
Berry Mark, elk, bds 47 Walton 
Berry Maxwell R , capitalist, r 47 Walton 
Berry Rufus, L., Jr., elk, bds 89 E Mitchell 
Berry Stephen (c), draj'man, r Parsons, nr limits 
Berry William, molder, r 67 Foundry 
Berry William B , pres A. & W. P. R. R , r Newnan, Ga 
Berry Woodson H., engineer, r 14 N. Calhoun 
Berunski George, cabinetmkr, r 76 Magazine 
Bethel A. M. E. Church, ns Wheat, e of Calhoun 
Bethel George (c), lab, r 203 Clarke 
Bethlehem Church, (c), 158 Eraser 
Bettie William H., carpenter Longley & Robinson, r 205 

E. Fair 
Bettis Eli J., student, bds 69 Chapel 
Bettis John S., butcher, 117 Whitehall, r Broad, cor 

Bettis Joseph E., (Bettis & Croft, and Bettis & Eskridge), 

r 6 Clara 
Bettis & Croft, (J. E. Bettis and T.O. Croft), butchers, 259 

W. Peters 
Bettis & Eskridge, (J. E. Bettis and A. P. Eskridge), 

grocers, 213 W. Peters 
Betts William (c), barber A. Hill, r 60 Thurmond 
Betts William E., butcher, 17 E. Peachtree 
Beulah Joseph, (c), lab, r rear 141 C. R. R 
Beuler Augustus, wks E. Haiman, r 59 Johnson 
BEUTEL HUSS M., stair, and stair rail manfr, and 

hardwood finisher, 11 spring, r 133 Spring 

THE EDI %e"Itc™ ™i Piedmont Belt 

T ft TriwT^flll ^ E.Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
^» ^' mkiiUhJOikk} sale&RetaU. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

BEY 162 ' BIN " 

Beyer, Martin M., grocer 90 Decatur 

Bibb Jonn, elk, r 35 W. Peters 

Bibb John D., (J. D. Bibb & Co.), bds Collier House 

Bibb John D. & Co, (J. D. Bibb and W. B. Mooklar), 
upholsterers, 35 W. Peters 

Bickley Angle Miss, mattressmkr, r 9 Green's Ferry av 

Rickley Edward D.,clk A. 0. M. Gay, r 159 N. Collins 

Bidford Rufus (c), driver J. R. Wyley, r rear 190 Peachtree 

Bidgood Tulley W., butcher, r 46 W. Peters 

Biesenthal Isaac C, with Regenstein & Kutz, bds 188 S 

Bigbee Arthur (c), lab, r 81 W. Foundry 

Biebee Cochran (c), cook, r 81 W. Foundry 

BIGBY JOHN S., U. S. atty, U. S. Court House, r 250 

Bigby William (c), waiter Jake's Restaurant 

Bigby & Parrott (J. S. Bigby and C. C. Parrott), lawyers, 
U. S. Court House 

Biggers Gustavus B., elk Dr. S. T. Biggers, bds 65 Luckie 

Biggers John M.. phvsician, r 120 S. Fors3'th 

BIGGEB8 STEPHEN T., physician and dispensary 77 
Peachtree, r 65 Luckie 

Biggers Willis R., elk City Council, office City Hall, r 78 

Bighatn James A., gardner, r 112 Gilmer 

Bigham Lee, carpenter, bds 54 W. Foundry 

Bilbro Charles R., with Morrison, Bain & Co., bds Kimball 

Billings Edward C, judge U. S. Circuit Court, r New Or- 
leans, La 

Billings Joshua, cigar mkr R. Cassidy 

Billingslea L. Clinton, elk W. S. Gramling, bds National 

Billingslea Sallie Mrs. boarding 195 Walton 

Billups AUie C, asst lib Y. M. L. A., bds 18 Wheat 

Billups Edward 8 , elk D. H. Dou>jhe\ty 

Billups Robert Pi, gen pass agt A. & G. A.-L. Ry, r Deca- 
tur, Ga 

Billups William (c), lab, r 144 E. Fair 

Bingham C. C, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Binyon Charles (c), sawyer, r 12 Bradbury 

Binyon Thomas B., bkkpr .lack & Hol'and, r 240 W. Peach- 


IN 5 TO lO MillVUTES. 




■*-'-*•*' » -M-KJ X'EEr) -^ J, WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

BIR 163 BLA 

Bird Carrie (c), laundress, r 41 W. Harris 

Bird Gary (c), lab, r 111 Chapel 

Bird David (c), gardener, r 31 Crumley 

Bird David lab, r 26 Ira 

Bird George (c), lab, r Cooper, nr limits 

Bird George (c), lab, r 15 Gate City 

Bird Harriet (c), cook, r Mitchell, nr limits 

Bird Irwin, grocer, 38 Marietta, r 33 Gordon, 2d w of Gar- 

nett, W. E 
Bird Isham, (c), lab, r 12 Green's Ferry av 
Bird Lula (c), laundress, r W. Fair, nr limits 
Bird Mark Rev. (c), r 149 Crowell 
Bird Nelson (c). lab, r 14 Ga. R. R 
Bird Oliver (c), porter L. Cohen & Co 
Bird Patrick (c), carpenter Murphy & Croom 
Bird Perrj'- (c), lab, r 64 Magazine 
Bird Philip (e), carpenter H. Coles, r rear 15 Hull 
Bird Robert (B rd & Haunson), bds 13 E. Alabama 
Bird Samuel (c), porter Nally & Maher 
Bird William (c), wks Cotton Compress, r 35 Crumley 
Bird William D. (c), barber J. R. Steele, r Decatur, cor Ivy 
Bird Wylie (c), porter, r 149 Crowell 
Bird & Haunsen (R. Bird and J. T. Haunson), pump mnfrs, 

50 Marietta 
BIRD see also BYRD 

Birki=ey Joseph G., fireman A. & W. P. R. R. 
BISBEE R. E., pres Clark University 
Bishop Charles, shoemkr, r 18 Pine 
Bishop Elizabeth Mrs., lunch room 218 W. Peters 
Bishop George (c), lab, r rear 23 Oak 
Bishop John, carpenter, r 125 Fulton 
Bishop John L., wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 18 Pine 
Bishop John V., boilermkr A-L. Ry. 
Bishop William H., tailor, r 103 Loyd 
Bivins Isabella, wid T. K., r 174 Daniel 
Bixby Frank S., chief engineer Cotton Factory, r 17 Bartow 
Bizell Emma, wid S. B., r 77 Crew 
Bizien Augustus J. M., prin Walker Street School, bds 128 

S. Pry or 
Black Carrie Miss, wks J. F. Burke & Co 
Black Elias, carpenter W. & A. R. R , r 35 Rock 
Black Eugene P., carpenter W. & A. R R., r 116 Ivy 
B'ack Frank M., wks Cotton Factor}', r 17 Bartow 

Mb ifii VrfAWirfi^MWilf Promtitness Mly ]MottOi 

BLA 164 BLA 

Black George, wks Ga Iron Wks bds 35 Rock 

Black John T., niolder E. Van \¥inkle it Co., r 47 Rock 

Black Lawson, U. S. Commissioner, 61 E. Alabama, r 64 

Black William W., lawyer, room 4 6| Whitehall, r 64 

Blackburn Anderson (c), carpenter, r rear 81 N. Butler 
Blackburn Eli B., blacksmith E. Haiman, r 21 Orme 
Blackman Benjamin, printer, r 111 Crew 
Blackmon Augustus Y., bricklayer Lynce & Lea, r Pearl, 

nr limits 
Blackmon Bartow (c), M'ks Lynch & Lea, r rear 1 W Garnett 
Blackmon B. B., engineer A. M. Bergstrom 
Blackmon Eugene (c), carpenter, 25 Holland 
Blackmon James, trader, r Pearl, nr limits 
Blackmon James M., machinist Porter & Meakin, r 16 S. 

Blackman John P., plasterer, r ns Pine, 2d w of Calhoun 
Blackman Lillie Miss, wks Cotton Factor}'-, bds 111 Crew 
Blackmon Robert (c), hostler F. M. Scott, r rear 102 

Blackmon Samuel (c), wks Lynch & Lea 
Blackmon Susie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 111 Crew 
Blackmon Thomas (,c), blacksmith, r 203 Mangum 
Blackmon Thomas J., engineer Ga. R. R.. r 26 Hiiliard 
Blacknall Edward G., agt, bds 132 S. Pryor 
Blackshear James E., bkkpr Singer Mnfg Co., r Decatur, 

Blackstock John, porter B. F. Avery & Sons, r 17 Henry 
Black well Holden J., wks Cotton Factory, bds 20 Henry 
Black well Jesse, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 20 Henry 
Blackwell William A., wks Cotton Factor}^, bds 20 Henry 
Blair Israel M., cattle dealer, r rear 377 Whitehall 
Blair Joseph (c), lab, r 66 Rawson 
Blair Richard (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Blair William F., cattle dealer, r rear 377 Whitehall 
Blake Henry i^c), wks Gas Wks, r ws Eraser, 4th s of Crum- 
Blake John J., printer, bds 188^ Decatur 
Blake Joseph (c), train hand A.-L. Ry 
Blake Mary, wid Moses, bds ws Tumlin, nr limits 
Blake Mary (c), wksU. S. Barracks, r Brick, nr Barracks av 
Blakeley Charles (c), shoemkr, 12 Decatur 

^ ^k\ evS^^Tl^ir^U^CimESSKIN DISEASES, 


THEX-rXi V Xki? -=^s:^r3 w. T. WILSON. 14 \V. MitcheU St. 

BLA 165 BLO " 

Blalock Austin (c). dravman. r McDaniel 

Blalock El a, wid Albert, bds 10 S. Butler 

Blalock Sarah, wid W. W., r ss Glenn, 2d e of Martin 

Blanch ;ird Edward R.. carpenter, r57 Decatur 

BLAXCHARl) MOSES C, fire ins agt, 2 W. Wall, r 145 

W. Mitchell 
Blanchard Peter (c), lab. r Foster, nr limits 
Blanchard Waid H., r 169 Jones 
Bland Clementine (c), laundress, r rear 48 Johnson 
Bland Jesse (c), plasterer, r rear 51 Ivy 
Blankenship C. E., w^ks Bird c<«: Hauhson, bds Whitehall 
Blanks John, lab, r 289 Rankin 
Blanton Benjamin (c;, lab, r 29 Biggers 
Bleak Joseph (c), wks AL. Ry. r 66 Richmond 
Bleckley l.ogan E , lawyer, r 1S7 Peachtree 
Blecklev Paul, student, bds 187 Peachtree 
Bliley Frank X.. carpenter W. <.^- A. R. R., r 83 N. Calhoun 
BLOCK FRAXK E., candy and cracker mnfr and whol 

dealer in fancv groceries, 35, 37 and 39 E. Alabama, r 

109 McDonough 
Blocker Daniel W.. carpenter, r 52 Yonge 
Blocker Jacob (c), lab, r 286 X. Calhoun 
Blodgett Emma, wid Foster, r 54 Ellis 
Blodgett John F , elk Ry P. . bds 33 X. Forsyth 
Bloodworth Bartow, teacher, r 48 E. Hunter 
Bloodworth Emily L , wid T. J., r 18 Gilmer 
Bloodworth Herbert, elk J. G. Grant, bds 48 E. Hunter 
Bloodworth Jason G., bkkpr W. Mickeiberrj'^, r 160 Xelson 
Bloodworth Litt J., with S. M. Inman & Co., bds Kimbal 

Bloodworth Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 172 Luckie 
Bloodworth 0. H. B., professor Means High School, r 48 

E. Hunter 
Bloomfield Elizabeth Miss., cook P. J. Kenny, r 15 PuUiam 
Bloomfield Elizabeth, wid M., r 79 E. Hunter 
Bloomingdale Charles R., lab, r GuUatt, nr limits 
Blount Adolphus (c), porter J. J. Lynch, r 12 Whitehall 
Blount Albert (c), hostler G. W. Gardner, r rear 380 Ma- 
Blount Bartow M., (Ferguson & Blount), r Richardson, sw 

cor Prvor 
Blount Cary (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Blount H. Pierce, trav agt Ferguson & Blount, r country 

IvE^yTRACK via Piedmont Air-Line. 


T'flpnhonP ^- °- ^^MBALL, 56 E. Alabaaia St.. for COAL of • 
J. f^^l^JJItiUltV anyktpd. Blacksmith's Co al a specialty. Se e paga 103 

BLO 166 ~ EQE 

Blount John, blacksmith W. & A. R. R., bds 111 Marietta 

Blount John, carpenter, bds 6 PuUiam 

Blount John T , (Ferguson & Blount), r Harris, sw cor 

Blount Louisa M., wid J. T., bds Richardson, sw cor S. 

Pry or 
Blount^ Michael N , elk C. R. R , r 139 E. Harris 
Blount Patrick J , bkkpr J. L. Chaffin, bds 47 Collins 
Blount Sarah (c), laundress, r rear 110 Pine 
Bloun* Sarah C, wid J. E , bds 57 N. Calhoun 
Blue Boston (c), porter Ristine & May, r 9 Holland 
Board of Education, High Sbool Building, Washington 

cor Mitchell 
Board of Health, office 136 W. Peters 
Board of Police Commissioners, 47 S. Pryor 
Boartfield Adam F., wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st 

s of Marietta 
Boartfield Samuel, carpenter Pirkle & Bell, r ws Cain, 1st 

s of Marietta 
Boartfield Susan iM. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds sw Cain, 

1st s of Marietta 
Boartfield William W., wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 

1st s of Marietta 
Boatenreiter John B., cabinetmkr L. H. Hall k Co., r 52 

N. Butler 
Boatwrii(ht L. T., student, bds 191 Calhoun 
BOAZ (t. R., livery stable and furnishing undertaker, 16 

arid 18 Loyd, r 61 W. Harris. (See front cover) 
Bobinger L. A. Miss, nur.^e M. deGraffenreid, r 43 Houston 
Bobo Oeorge W., grocer 118 Marietta, bds 205 Luckie 
B )bo Willis G., oil mer, r 205 Luckie 
Bochan Anna D., wid Cassin, r 89 Chapel 
Boddie Elizabeth, wid Bennet, bds 83 N. Pryor 
Bodie Carrie L. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 119 Luckie 
Bodie Frank (c), wl^s Ferguson & Blount, r 29 Henry 
Bodie Guy (c), blacksmita Fergu.son & Blount, r 16 jNIc- 

Bodie Jennie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 119 Luckie 
Bodie Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 119 Luckie 
Bodie Tinsy A. Mrs., dressmkr, r IIU Luckie 
Bodie Valentine (c), wks J. Perdue 
Boells Carrie W Mad., r 23 W. Mitchell 
Boettcher Richard oarkpr H. Werner, bds 57 W. Peters 



ilHtX-^X^ V ^KJ E'^Eia ^r J, WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

' BOG 167 BOM 

Bogajski William, dairyman, r Humphries, nr limits 

Boggs Henry (c), lab, r Bell, ne cor Ga. R. R 

Boggs John D., r 54 Plum 

Boggs Mary (c), cook, r 314 Decatur 

Boggs William E. Rev,, pastor Central Presbyterian 

Church, r 57 Washington 
Boggus Arthur, wks Ferguson ct Blount 
Boggus Ernest, wks Fergusjii & Blount 
Boggus Thomas B., iSreman W. & A. R. R., r 48 Bartow 
Boggus Viola B. Miss, wks F. G. Hancock, bds 48 Bartow 
Bogus Laura Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s 

Bogus William A., lab, r ws Cain, 1st s of Marietta 
Bohannon Gains (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 25 Sugar al 
BOHNEFELD CHARLES, undertaker G. R. Boaz, r ll^ 

S. Broad 
Bohnefeld Henr3\ painter, bds 11^ S. Broad 
Bohnefeld Oscar, with Phillips & Crew, r 586 Cain 
Bohnefeld Richard, cabinetmkr, r 275 Decatur 
Bohr Maurice, elk J. Lagomarsino, bds 20 Warren pi 
Boifeuillet Adrain S., printer Constitution, r 79 Loyd 
Boise General (c). shoemkr, 130 Mitchell, r 25 Peters 
BOLAND KELLS H. DR., sec and treas Nat. Surg. Inst., 

r 32 E. Alabama 
Bold Ephraim (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r es Ponder, 1st s of 

Bolding Green (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 47 Victoria 
Bolding James (c), driver Dickey Bros., r ws Butler, 1st n 

of Houston 
Bolding Samuel, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Bolin Carrie Miss, boarding, r 12 Luckie 
Bolin Salina L., wid, r 289 E. Fair 
BoUes George, sub agt D. Appleton & Co., 44 Marietta, r 7 

E. Peachtree 
BoUman Bernhard, with W. BoUman, r 27 Merritt av 
Bollman William, jeweler, 10 Whitehall, r 76 Marietta 
Bolocchi Theodore C, fruits, Wall, sw cor Pryor, r 100 

Bolsins Adolph, watchman Ga. R. R., bds 95 Walton 
Bolton Robert D., U. S. dep. marshal, r Hunt nr limits 
Bolton William, teamster, bds Hunt, nr limits 
Bomar Alabama Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Bomar Flavins J., (Bomar & Peek), r 129 Nelson 

o^JISk ^iIS^e" m Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESON Cfenerallleal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

M. AT*. M*WMMWW4N| I>romptness My Motto* 

" BOM 168 BOO 

Bomar George (c), elk M. Bnrney, r 290 Crew 

Bomar Henry (c), lab, r 200 Crew 

Bomar Olivier (c), porter Crane, Boylston & Co., r 27 Glenn 

Bomar Peter (c), lab, r 290 Crew 

Bomar William A., elk A-L. Ry., r 94 Jones 

Bomar & Peek (F. J. Bomar and S. W. Peek), 26 W. 

Bonanza Robert (c), carpenter, r ns Anderson, 2d e of Reed 

Bond Travis H., car sweeper W. & A. R. R.,r38 Alexander 

Bondurant John T., collector, bds 62 Crew 

Bondurant Robert E., contractor, r 62 Crew 

Bone James C, train hand C. R. R., r 141 Elliott 

Bone Sanders, carpenter, r 8 Ga. R. R. 

Bone William H , elk C. J. Buchanan, bds 8 Ga. R. R, 

Bonnell Adra A., wid Abraham, r 33 E Hunter 

Bonnell A. J., canvasser Singer Mnfg. Co. 

Bonnell Richard T., 16 Marietta, bds 233 E. Hunter 

Bonnell Warrior, asst kpr City Hall, bds 63 Eraser 

Bonnell William A., kpr City Hall, r 63 Eraser 

Bonnell William B., prin Ivy Street School, r Edgewood 

Bonner Augustus (c), driver J. W. English, r rear 34 Cone 

Bonner Hamilton H , elk, bds 25 E. Peters 

Bonner Harvey (c), lab, r 40 Fort 

Bonner Nathan (c), butler, r 102 Collins 

Bonner Nelson (c), lab, r Cro^vell, nr limits 

Bonner Robert H., liver pad agt, 21 Marietta, bds 15 E. 

Bonnet William (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 118 Gray 

Bonwell Green (c), wks P. Lynch 

Booker Antoinette, wid William, r 112 W. Peters 

Booker Frank, elk, bds 112 W. Peters 

Booker Frank (c), wks E. Haiman 

Booker Green (c), wks W. E. Hoyle, r 2 Hoyles al 

Bookont John J , jeweler J. M. Bookout, bds 47 Tatnall 

BOOKOFT JOHN M., jeweler and watchmkr, 21 White- 
hall, r 47 Tatnall 

Boon Amos, elk W. A. Shannon & Co 

Boon Thomas W., carpenter, r 622 Marietta 

Boone Kedar L. (K. L. Boone & Co.), r 29 Powers 

Boone K. L. & Co. (K. L. Boone and J. R. Wylie), whol 
grocers and com mers, 57 and 59 Peach tree 

Boos Andrew, foreman F. E. Block, bds 39^ Whitehall 

Booth Eliza (c), laundress, r rear 85 Thurmond 

Brewer's Lung Restorer 



?H^'n A VT8 "t^5J'^:5!-" SEWING machine 

THEJ-'XJL V XKJ :F'X3x:i> W. T. WILSON. U W. MltcUell St. 

' BOO 169 BOW 

Booth Eugene (c), barber, r 139 Liickie 

Booth George, r 236 Elliott. (Information refnsed.) 

Booth William K., carriage and wagou ninfr, 74 W. Peters, 

r 48 Larkin 
Booth William M., blacksmith J. M. Smith, bds 50 N. 

Booth William T., machinist, r 38 Larkin 

Borchun , elk, bds 8^ W. Mitchell 

Borders Benjamin (c), student, r 128 Elliott 
Boring Catharine, wid William, r 276 Marietta 
Boring James W., elk W. D. Smitn, r 234 Decatur 
Boring Jesse Rev., presiding elder M. E. C. S., bds National 

Boring Dr. John M., physician, 61 S. Forsyth 
Boring Thomas W., tinner, bds 276 Marietta 
Boring William, elk, bds 61 S. Forsyth 
Boring William Jr., elk E. Van Winkle k Co., bds 276 

Bosche Richard C, sign and ornamental painter, 6 E.Wall, 

r 58 Foundry 
Boss Andrew J., elk M. J. Ragsdale, bds 214 W. Peters 
Bostian John A., wks Longley & Robioson, r 149 Gullatt 
Bostick Arthur B., sec genl manager W. & A. R. R., and 

supt G. R Meneely & Co., r 120 S. Loyd 
Bostick Arthur C, car agt W. & A. R. R., bds 120 S. Loyd 
Bostrom Sophia, wid J., r 100 Whitehall 
Bostus F., fireman W. & A. R. R 
Bostwick Abram (c), carpenter, r rear 65 Windsor 
Bostwick Henry (c), lab, bds 76 S. Forsyth 
Bostwick Thomas E., grocer 41 W. Foundry, r 162 Elliott 
Boswell Aaron (c), drayman, r 160 Fillmore 
Bos well John (c), drayman, r 148 Ga. R. R 
Bosworth Elizabeth Mrs , dressmkr, 422 F. Fair 
Boulte Adolph, watchmkr 28 Whitehall, r 51 Broad 
Bourn Charles, driver, bds 60 Mark nam 
Bourn Henry, lab, bds 60 Markham 
Bourn James N., tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 155 

W. Hunter 
Bourn William H., machinist E. Van Winkle & Co 
Boutell George H., carpenter Murphy & Croom, r 124 Davis 
Boutell John, carpenter, r 138 N. Collins 
Bowden Ann H., wid Robert W., r 161 Ivy 
Bowden James T., lab, r 26 Mangum 

Peerless, Yeti^Route. Piedmont Air-Line 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E.Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale & Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

BOW 170 BOY 

Bowden Michael, with G. R. Bdaz, r 16 Loj'^d 

Bowden Oliver (c), blacksmith 128 Walton, r 23 Hull 

Bowden Addie (c), lunch room 43 S. Broad 

Bowen Bartow, plumber Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 

Bowen Beverly (c), lab, r 74 Markham 

Bowen Caroline, wid Hiram, r 2 Chapel 

Bowen Charles A. Rev., r 60 Markham 

Bowen Edward (c), carpenter, r 74 Markham 

Bowen Eliza A. Miss, asst Atlanta Female Institute, bds 

76 McDonough 
Bowen George W., r 6 W. Brotherton 
Bowen Harriet (c), laundress, r 189 Chapel 
Bowen Henry W., lab, r 2 Holland 
Bowen James (c), porter S. W. Day, r rear 132 GuUatt 
Bowen James B., plumber Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 

6 W. Brotherton 
Bowen James C , (H. Crankshaw & Co.), r 27 W. Garnett 
Bowen Jonas (c), shoemkr 75 W. Peters, r 67 Hayne 
Bowen John T., carpenter, r ws Hilliard, 1st n of Harris 
Bowen Joseph, lab, bds 2 Chapel 
Bowen Joseph A., elk Ferguson & Blount, bds Walton, sw 

cor Bartow 
Bowen Lewis, wks C. R. R., bds 60 Markham 
Bowen Mamie Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 150 Marietta 
Bowen Mar}' Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 17 Bartow 
Bowen Matilda Mrs., domestic B. S. King, r 7 Chapel 
Bowen William (c), lab, r 74 Markham 
Bowen William H., plumber Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 

60 Markham 
Bowers Fannie E., Miss, photographer, bds 149 W. Baker 
Bowers Josephine Mrs., dressmkr, r 59 Humphries 
Bowers M. R. Mrs., dressmkr, r 149 W. Baker 
Bowers R. H., student, bds 91 N. Calhoun 
Bowers Thomas J., photographer, r 149 W. Baker 
Bowers William S., elk J. Ryan, bds 15 E. Mitchell 
Bowie John A., (Eddleman & Bowie), r 150 S. Pryor 
Bowles General (c), shoemkr, r 25 Pettis 
Bowman Mary (c), laundress, r- 56 C. R. R. 
Bowman Oliver (c), porter, r 27 Glenn 
Bowman William C. Rev., pastor 1st Universalist Church, 

r 151 Jackson 
Boyan C. J., engineer A-L. Ry 
Boycan Charles (c), hostler St. Ey 


'* '^ir JS^/V^'ii J' JlIU And Never Fails to Cure. 

^li^rD AVTS "t^SJ-i^-^'-" SEWIN& MACHINE 

\HtJ-^J.A. y ^KJ X^EEX) W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

EOY " 171 BOY 

Boycan Frank (c), hostler St. Ry 

Boyd Anthony (cj, lab. r 1G2 N. Calhoun 

Boyd Charles, bkkpr W. G. Ashley, r 58 E. Cain 

Boyd C. A., driver St. Ry 

Boyd George (c), train hand A-L. Ry 

Boyd Green (cO, wks C R. R. 

BOYD ISAAC S., gen agt Watertown Fire Ins. C >. of N. 

Y. and Columbus Insurance and Banking Co. of Miss., 

2h Marietta, bds 55 Wa'ton 
Boyd James S. (Boyd & Johnson), r 39 Powers 
Boyd Jordan (c), drayman, r 16 VVerner av 
Boyd Joseph, elk, r 20 Pratt 
Boyd IMartha A., vvid PI. M., bds 76 N. Calhoun 
Boyd Martha E., wid William, r 4 Gilmer 
Boyd Perry (c) wks Atlanta Com Co., r rear 5 W. Garnett 
Boyd Thomas C , lab, bds ws Collins, 2d n Merritts av. 
Boyd Thomas J., yardmaster Ga. R. R., r G5 N. Collins 
Boyd Virgil H , conductor Ga. R. R , bds 4 Gilmer 
Boyd Walter C, elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 20 Pratt 
Boyd William, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Bo3^d William H., driver St. R. R., r ws Collins, 2d n of 

Merritts av 
Boyd William H., trav agt, bds 172 McDonough 
Boyd Wylie (c), wksH. Linch, r Walkers Row, nr Mineral 

Boyd W. Wallace (E. Van Winkle & Co), r 54 N. Forsyth 
Boyd i*v: Johnson (J. S Boyd and A. C. Johnson), grocers, 

98 Peachtree 
Boykin Thomas C. Rev., State S. S. Evangelist, bds Na- 
tional Hotel 
Boylan Joseph, millinery, 134 Decatur 
Boyle John, mer, r 324 AVhitehall 

Boyle John M., carriage trimmer J. M. Smith, r 31 Chapel 
Boyles Susan F., wid E. R., r 52 Ga. R. R 
Boy'ston Henry (Crane, Boylston & Co.), r 328 Peachtree 
Boylston Hester D., wid J. R., r 314 Peachtree 
Boynton Bros (H. A. and G. H. Boynton), whol grocers, 

28 E. Alabama 
Boynton CharPs E. (Chamberlin, Boynton & Co.), r 216 

Boynton Clara M., wid HoUis, Ids 216 Raws m 
Boynton Elnathan, contractor, r 178 Alexander 
Boynton George H.. (Boynton Bros.), r 115 R wson 

"■cSf via Piedmont Air-Liae 

!E M GP.E'ESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

BOY 172 BRA 

Boynton Hollia A., (Boynton Bros.), r 41 Windson 
BOYNTON JOHN C, bkkpr Davis Sewing Machine, bds 

175 Crew 
Boys' and Girls' High School, 24 S. Broad 
Boys' High School, 47 Washington 
Boze Ephriam (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Boze Hilliard (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Bozeman Evaline A., wid J F., r 119 E. Mitchell 
Bracken John, engineer W. & A. R. R 
Bradbury Charles , painter W. S. Bradbury, bds 152 

Bradbury James R., wks A. & W. P. R. R., r 78 Yonge 
Bradbury William, painter L H. Hall & Co., r351 Decatur 
Bradbury William A., painter W. S. Bradbury, r 152 Hayne 
Bradbury William S.. painter, 9i S. Broad, r 152 Hayne 
Bradfield Josiah, pat medicine, 39 S. Pryor, r 245 Rawson 
Bradfie'd Lewis (c), butler J. T. Grant 
Bradfield Louis H., with Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, r 245 

Bradford Alden B., elk P. 0. Inspector, r 41 Crew 
Bradford James (c), butlei' S M. Inman 
Bradford Robert, bkkpr, bds 70 Ivy 
Bradley Emma J., wid J. H., r 143 McDonough 
Bradley Frank, carpenter, r 290 W . Peters 
BRADLEY HORACE, ske'ching, drawing and designing, 

27^ Whitehall, bds 389 Whitehall 
Bradley Horatio G., conductor W. &. A. R. R , r Dalton, 

Bradley John F , carpenter, bds 54 W. Foundry 
Bradley John M., coal and wood, 2 Eraser, r 514 Decatur 
Bradley Mattie G., wid William, r 38 Alexander 
Brad ey Philip B., elk J. Silvey & Bo., r Rando ph, cor De- 
Bradley Samuel, with Estev Organ Co., r 210 E. Harris 
Bradley T. G., carj^enter Winship & Bro 
Bradshaw Annie, wid Peter, bds 150 S. Pryor 
BRAHSTREET CO. THE, Improved Mercantile Agency; 

J A Goin, manager ; E. M Thurston, a^st ; Pryor, se 

cor Alabama. (See front fly A) 
Bradwell Charles L. Rev. (c), r 11 Foster 
Brady Adolph J. (J. M. Alexander & Co.), r New York 
Bradv' Isaac A., elk J. M. Alexander & Co , r 225 S. Forsyth 
Brady John D (J. D. Brady & Bro.), r Pulliam, ne cor E. 


ill Mid U IX \> ^ 1 V/ I2SJ" 5 TO lO li^IlTXJTEiS 


IHtJ^X^ V ^KJ X^EEZJ W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

BRA 173 BRA 

Brady J. D. & Bro. (.J. D. and P. Brady), grocers Pulliam, 
se cor E. Fair 

Brady Peter (J. D. Brady ct^ Bro ), r Pulliam, se cor E. Fair 

Brady P. M., machinist A. & W. P. R. R 

Brady Simon 1)., lab, r es Fowler, 2d s of Parker 

Brady Thomas E., machinist, r 195 Jones 

Bragg Amanda (c), cook, r Elm, nr limits 

Bragg Thomas W., carpenter Cook & Stewart, bds 351 

Bramlett David R, elk Jack & Holland, bds 63 Elliott 

Bramlett Margaret Miss, r 63 Elliott 

Bramlett Nathan A., farmer, bds 63 Elliott 

Bramlett Ralph, elk Jack & Holland, bds 63 Elliott 

Branan Charles I., elk, bds 52 S. Bell 

Branan John C. A., conductor A-L. Ry, bds 52 S. Bell 

Branan Maggie E Miss, dressmkr, bds 87 S. Broad 

Branan Mary A., wid D. H., r 52 S. Bell 

Branan Louisa, wid Calvin, r 87 S Brr>ad 

Branan Rebecca, wid Edwin, bds 12 Gilmer 

Branch Thomas (c), bib, r 194 Fraser 

Brandon Sarah E., wid A. J., r 106^ Whitehall 

Brannen Sarah A., ^Mrs., teacher, r 100 S. Broad 

Branner Sterling, elk, bds Peachtree, nw cor Third 

Brannon Charles, painter P. W. Gear}', r Baker, sw cor 

Brannon Christiana, wid William, bds 112 Gilmer 

Braunon Columbus P , watchman A -L. Ry, r 101 Wheat 

Brannon Joseph F., bkkpr Walton, Whann & Co., bds 
Kimball House 

Brannon Patrick, peddler, r 263 Fraser 

Brannon Walter, wks Ga Iron Wks 

Brant Wellborn, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Brantley Benjamin H., with G. J. Howard & Bro., r Col- 
lier House 

Brantley Henry, wks W. A. Culver, bds ws Ashley, 2d n of 
Thrasher, W. E. 

Brantley James (c), waiter, 158 Houston 

Brantley Thomas, barkpr, bds 93 W. Peters 

Brasell Frank P., with L. Cohen & Co 

Braselton Robert, barkpr J. C. Baswell, bds 35 N. Pryor 

Braselton V^ara L., wid John B , r 35 N. Pryor 

Braswell Emma Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 268 Marietta 

Brasweil William H., elk J. Ryan, bds 108 S. Forsyth 

THE PoPULARpiedmont Air-Line 


Wi Hi ilini^.aMMi gg East Alabama street. See page lOO. 

ERA 174 ERI 

BraumuUer Otto L. (0. L. Braumuller & Co.), bds 297 

BRArMULLER 0. L. & CO., (0. L. Braumuller and 
Ludden & Bates), pianos, organs and music, 3f^ White- 
Brause Bernhardt, elk Elsas, Maj' & Co., bds 46 W. Hunter 
Bray Wellborn M. (Bray & Gra}'), r 21^ Marietta 
BRAY & GRAY (W. M. Bray and J. A. Gray), lawyers, 

2li Marietta 
Bread well John, .'^tone mason, r 124 W. Hunter 
BREITEXBICHER PHILIP, beer dealer and exchange 

saloon, 12 and 14 Whitehall, r 158 S. Forsyth 
Brennan Daniel (McGeever k Brenuan), r 40 Decatur 
Brenner William, mill furnisher and mill stone mnfr, 320 

and 322 Marietta, r 305 Marietta 
Brenner William H., wks W. Brenner, bds 305 Marietta 
Breaninty Casper, brewer City Brewery, r 95 E. Baker 
Brewer Edward, fireman W. & A. R. R., bds W. & A. R. R , 

2d w of Spring 
Brewer George, fireman W. & A. R. R , bds AV. cfc A. E. R.. 

2d w of Spring 
Brewer Samuel B., with McCalla Bros., r 118 Crew 
Brewerton H. F., captain 5th Art, r McPherson Barracks 
Brewster Eliza (c), laundress, r 30 Bradbury 
Brewster Henry (c), barber G. W. Hays, r 2 N. Fort 
Brice Nancy Mrs., boarding, 19 Orme 
Bruce Robert "\V- (Pur.sley & Bricej, bds 153 Whitehall 
Brice Smith (c), mess W. U. Tel Co., r 298 W. iMitchell _ 
Brick Samuel, wks Porter & Meakin, r Savannah, nr limits 
Bricker Leonard, cabinetmkr, bds 161 Marietta 
Bridge James, Jr , cotton broker, r 177 Peach tree 
Bridger Henry W., student, bds 115 Decatur 
Eridger John C, coal 22 S. Broad, r 64 Cone 
Bridger Robert R., civil engineer, r 31 Gilmer 
Bridges Cherry (c), laundress, r 13 Glynn 
Bridges John, w^ks G. R. Meneely 
Bridges Jonathan, grocer, ws Marietta, bey limits 
Bridges Robert H., flagman W. & A. R. R., r es al s May- 
son's Ferry rd, w of W. & A. R. R , Bell wood 
Bridle Robert (c) driver T. C. Mayson, r 43 Walker 
Bridwell Cicero, grocer, 100 W. Mitchell, r 136 W. Mitchell 
Bridwell Ellen, wid G., r 28 High 
Bridwell James, carpenter M. Lipes 

BREWER'S \m RESTORER ''^^M^S^^^S!'- 

^H^T) A VTS "t^S'-!?^'-" SEWING- machine 

THtJ-^Xi. W Al^ E'EEID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MltcheU St. 

BRI 175 BRO 

Bridwell James M., butcher, r Factory, nr limits 

Bridwell John A., carpenter M. Lipes 

Bridwell Luther, wks Ga. Iron Vvks, bds 463 Marietta 

Bridwell Maston L., wood yard, 219 Decatur, r 166 Decatur 

Bridwell Penn, carpenter M. Lipes 

Bridwell Sarah A., wid Henry, r 134 Fraser 

Bridwell Zion, printer, r Pine, nw cor Luckie 

Briggs Joseph A. (c), slater, r Powers, se cor Hayden 

Brinkerhoff Frank, elk A. C. & B F. Wyly & Co' 

Brinkley George (c) drayman G. W. Jack 

Brinkley John (c), cook R. G. Thompson, r 92 Walker 

Brinkley Reina (c), laundress, r 32 William 

Brinson David W., (W. D. Brinson <fc Co.), r Country 

Brinson D. W. & Co., (D. W. Brinson and D. P. Patterson) 

•grocers, 125 Whitehall 
Briscoe Alexander C, stenographer W. &. A R. R., bds 171 

Briscoe Doc ■ c), wks A-L. Ry 

Brisendine Pleasant, E. L., carpenter, r 123 Fraser 
Briskey William (c), train hand A-L. Ry 
Bristol Mary C, wid J. S., bds 25 W. Hunter 
Britt Augustus H., wks Porter & Meakin, r Savannah, nr 

Britt Holden, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 7 Werner 
Britt James, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Britt Joel agt, r Savannah, nr limits 
Britt Samuel, wks Porter & Meakin, bds Savannah, n of 

Britt Thomas L., engineer W. & A. R. R., bds 14 Simpson 
Brill Walter, wks Porter & Meakin. r Savannah, n limits 
Broach Thomas (c),wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ws State, nr limits 
Broad John, mer, r 78 S. Broad 
Broaden Albert (c), drayman, rHilliard, nr limits 
Broadhurst Mary Miss, domestic W. B. Lowe 
Broadnex .lohn W., wks Cotton Factory, r 17 Hulsey 
BROCK BROS. (J. T. and W. L. Brock), whol tobacco and 

cigars, 11 Decatur 
Brock Edward (c), wks C. J. Kicklighter, r 287 Fraser 
Brock James T., (krock Bros ), bds Kimball House 
Brock J. Russell, student, bds 143 Walton 
Brock Thomas, mer, r 15 N. Pryor 
Brock William L., (Brock Bros.), r S. Pryor 
Brockett Clinton T., (Brockett & Harris), bds Kimball 


ISsiNEssME^ Piedmont Air- Line 

E M GREESOTJ General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

BRQ 176 BRO 

Brockett & Harris, (C T. Brockett and G. W. Harris) 

dentist, Pryor, se cor A.labaraa 
Brogan Ellen, wid D., r 273 Decatur 
Brogden Elijah (c), helper Ga. Iron Wks 
Brogden Hester Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Brogdon John B., elk D H. Dougherty 
Broglan Dock, lab, r rear 22 Alexander 
Bronk Al , 5 Decatur, bd;^ Kimball House 
Brooks Abner W., elk E. M. Chapman, bds 389 Whitehall 
Brooks Adeline Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, Ist 

s of Marietta 
Brooks Albert (c), blacksmith, r 124 Houston 
Brooks Albert W., elk, bds 389 Whitehall 
Brooks Alonzo A., policeman, r 269 Marietta 
Brooks Augustus (c), portor B. F. Avery & Sons, r 207 

Brooks Berien L., elk, bds 100 Ellis 
Brooks Carrie, wid J. B., r 128 Marietta 
Brooks Daniel (c), pedlar r 110 Elliott 
Brooks EdwarJ (g), wks Elsas, May & Co., r Crowell, nr 

Brooks Edward W., (Brooks & Co.), r Kirk wood, Ga 
Brooks Ella (c), laundress r 26 C. R R. 
Brooks Fanny Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 28 W. Harris 
Brooks Harriet E., wid E. F., bds 5 PuUiam 
Broo'cs Hiram (o), driver Hightower & Hallman, r rear 

Fort, 2d n of Foster 
Brooks James M., elk H. T. Cox & Co., bds 269 Marietta 
Brooks Jeremiah (c), lab, r rear 83 Terry 
Brooks John, machinist E Van Winkle & Co 
Brooks Joseph (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 116 Gray 
Brooks Josiah, elk, bds Moore, ne cor Ga. R. R. 
Brooks Maria, wid William, bds 5^ Ga. R. R 
Brooks Matilda C, wid J. W., r Uoore, ne cor Ga. R. R 
Brooks Sarah (c), laundress, r 280 Rawson 
Brooks Solomon (c), wks Atlanta Com. Co., r 69 Chapol 
Bro)ks Tabitha, wid M., r ws C lin, 1st s of Marietta 
Brooks J., wkg E. Haiman 
Brooks William, fireman A.-L. Ry 
Brooks William S., tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 

123 Marietta 
Brooks Woodford, elk Brooks & Co., r Edgewood, Ga 
Brooks &; Co. (E. W. Brooks), com mers, 6 Loyd 

SCS C!«AA^<i'P<i ^ Cures Rhenmatisin 


•HtJ^XA. If AK^ I^E—X) W. T. WILSON. 14 W. MitXihell St. 

BRO 177 BRO 

Broom Frank, engineer A -L. iiy, bds 214 E. Hunter 

Broom Melinda, wid Joseph, r 16 Valentine 

Broomfield James (c), lab, r 45 Valentine 

Broomhead Benjamin H. (B H. Broomhead & Co.), r ns 

Thrasher, e of Ashley, W. E 
BROOMHEAD B. H. & €0. (B. H. Broomhead and Frank 
Tryon, builders' supply house and dealers in doors, 
sash, blinds, &c.), 36 Decatur. (See opp page 244) 
Broomhead John S., bkkpr B. H. Broomhead & Co., r 

Thrasher, W. E 
Broomhead Milledge (c), wks I. Elsas, r 175 Rawson 
Broomhead William (c), lab A-L. Ry 
Brotherton Chap B., elk W. H. Brotherton, bds 15 E. 

Brotherton John F., elk W. H. Brotherton, bds 15 E 

Brotherton Marcus A., elk W. H. Brotherton, brlsi:^ F. F.nir 
Brotherton William H., dry goods, uotion.s, etc., 2 W. Mit- 
chell and 10b Whitehall, r 195 Whitehall 
Broughton Samuel (c), lab, r 232 E. Fair 
Broughton William H. (c), porter W. Jarrell, r Decatur, 

cor Ivy 
Brown Aaron P., elk W. & A. R. R., r 198 E. Harris 
Brown Alexander (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Brown Alford P. (c), driver Mountcastle, Coleman & Co 
Brown Allaa (c), wks A. & W. P. R. R., r 52 Ripley al 
Brown Amanda (c), seamstress, r 184 Mangum 
Brown A. B. (c), draj^man, r 54 Walker 
Brown B. H., engineer W. & A. R. R., r country 
Brown Cephas M., elk C. R. R., r 375 S. Pryor 
Brown Charles (c), butcher H. C. Jackson, r rear 264 Peach- 
Brown Charles (c), butcher W. M. Kirkpatrick, r rear 54 

W. Baker 
Brown Charles, ice, fish and oysters, 17 Peachtree, r 88 

Brown Charles M., printer J. 0. Perkins, bds 76 N. Forsyth 
Brown Charles M. D.. elk Ry P. 0., r 41 Crew 
Brown Clinton I. (Winter & Brown), r 112 E. Peters 
Brown Collins (c), carpenter, r 145 Wheat 
Brown C. R., elk Chamberlin, Boynton & Co 
Brown Daniel (c), wks Stewart & Fain, r rear 93 Windsor 
Brown Darthula Miss, dressmkr, bds 23 Luckie 

THE EDEN "HI^J" #gl Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E.Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale <& Betail. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

BRO 178 BRO 

Brown David C, r 144 Alexander 

Brown Dorcas (c), laundress, r rear 213 W. Mitchell 

Brown Ebenezer B , boarding 12^ Loyd 

Brown Edward (c), barber 220 Decatur 

Brown Edward (c), fireman A-L. Ry. 

Brown Edward B., elk W. H. Brotherton, bds 8^ W. Mitchell 

Brown Elizabeth (c), laundress, r 330 W. Peters 

Brown Elizabeth, wid William, r 282 Fort 

Brown Ella, wid C. R., r 90 S. Broad 

Brown Emanuel (c), wks C. R. R., r 240 E. Fair 

Brown E. P. (Norwood & Brown), r Cincinnati, 

Brown Fabian, cooper 124 W. Mitchell, r 120 W. Mitchell 

Brown Felix (c), butler W. Taylor 

Brown Felix (c) CBrown & Simons) and cook Markham 
House, r 103 Forrest av 

Brown Fort (c), lab, r 12 Ga. R. R 

Brown Frank D., wks Ga. Iron "Works, bds 48 Emma 

Brown Freeman (c), trader, r ss Currier, 5th e of N. Cal- 

Brown George (c), lab, r 137 Chapel 

Brown George (c), student, r 60 Ripley 

Brown George (c), waiter, r 85 Houston 

Brown George H., queensware 82 Whitehall, r 59 Windsor 

Brown George L., with Davenport, Johnson & Co 

Brown Green (c), waiter W. D. Allen, Peachtree, cor Cain 

Brov.-n Guy (c), carpenter, r Cox, nw cor Orme 

Brown Ilarry C, with Crane, Bo3dston »fc Co., bds Adams 

Brown Henry (c), barber 8^ E. Wall, r 267 W. Mitchell 

Brown Henry (c), fireman A-L. Ry 

Brown Henry (c), lab, r 404 Marietta 

Brown Henry (c), lab, r 64 Chapel 

Brown Henry (c), mason, r 229 Jones 

Brown Henry (c), shoemkr, r 245 W. Fair 

Brown Herbert H., bkkpr Citizens Bank of Ga., r Edge- 

Brown James (c), blacksmith J. Mann, r 200 Fraser 

Brown James (c), carpenter, r 21 Walnut 

Brown James, grocer and wagon yard 111 W. Peters, r 120 

Brown James (c), shoemkr, r rear 92 McDonough 

Brown James, wks Cotton Factory 

Brown James (c), wks Elsas, May & Co., r 124 Hayne 

IN Jll U XLV^ X l.\J IN 5 TO lO aUNUTES. 


IHtJ-'XA, V AKJ ^EE33 W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

BRO 179 BRO 

Brown James N., machinist W. & A. R. R , r 51 E. Mitchell 
I^>rown James R , ;>hoet iron worker J. Warlick c't Son, r 8G 

Brown James S., butcher J. Stewart, r 8 Trenholra 
BroAvn Jane, (c). cook, r GO Ripley al 
Brown Jeese A., r 143 Alexander 
Brown John C , barber, r 79 E. Fair 
Brown John (c), carpenter, r 21 Vine 
Brown John (c), lab, r Holland, nw cor Wells 
Brown John (c). student, r 130 W. Foundry 
Brown John (c), waiter Markham House 
Brown John (c), wks A. Smith, r rear ol C. R. R 
Brown John E. (c), wks A. M. Bergstrom, r 213 AV. Mitchell 
Brown John S., carpenter, r 21 N. Calhoun 
Brown John W., foreman F. G. Hancock, bds 182 Hayne 
BroAvn Joseph (c), lab, r rear 148 Fillmore 
Brown Joseph (c), well sinker, r 11 Horton 
Brown Joseph (c), wl;s Ga. Iron Wks, r rear 45 Alexander 
Btown Joseph (c). wks Johnson & Orr 

BROWN JOSEPH E. HOX., U S. Senator and pres West- 
ern & Atlantic R. R., r 133 Washington 
Brown Joseph M., car accountant W. & A. R. R., r 133 

BROWN JULIUS L., lawyer, room 4 Brown Block, 38 E. 

Wall, r 140 Washington 
Brown J. Bachman. elk G. H. Brown, bds 59 Windsor 
Brown J. E , fireman A.-L. Ry 
Brown J. R , carptmter, r 55 S. Broad 
Brown Lee (c), driver J. C. Bridger, r 245 W. Fair 
Brown Leonard W , elk E. Bates & Co., bds 112 E. Peters 
Brown Lewis (c). lab, r 173^ Marietta 
Brown Lewis (c), porter D. S. Gregory, r 52 Ripley al 
Brown Lizzie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 22 Simpson. 
Brown Lucy Mrs., boarding, Grubb, se cor Fairlie 
brown Lucy A., wid Simeon A., r 38 X. Forsyth 
Brown L J. Mrs., with J. Keely, bds 72 Marietta 
Brown Malcolm (c), boot artist J. R. Steele, r 6 Marietta 
Brown Mary, wid Allen, r 82 Boulevard 
Brown Mary, wid Lee, r ss Ponder, e of Third 
Brown ^lary (c), laundress, r 79 E. Fair 
Brown M.iry F., wid ph. bds 23 Luckie 
Brown Milliard, .'student, bds 58 N. Forsyth 
Brown Miranda Mrs , wks Selig Bros. & Co 

m HEALTH, ^sf^^T^^? Aig? rmm aie-linl 

E M SR.EE20N General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street.. 

BRO 180 B RO ~ 

Brown Moses (c), shoemkr, 7 S. Broad 

Brown Nancy, wid Jackson, r 12 Roach 

Brown Nancy C, wid Joseph, r 40 S. Butler 

Brown Nathan (c), carpenter, r rear 157 Fort 

Brown Noel (c), lab, r ns Wells, 1st w of Hilliard 

BROWN PERINO, pres Citizens Bank of Ga., r Edgewood 

Brown Peter (c), lab, r rear 303 Fort 

Brown Peter B., lab, r 101 Fulton 

BROWN PHIL r., (Huff & Brown), r Markham House 

Brown Philip (c), blacksmith W. L. Jarvis, r 122 Houston 

Brown Radford (c), wks Elsas, May & Co., r 124 Hayne 

Brown Robert (c), porter L. Baker, r rear 79 S. Pryor 

Brown Robert (c), waiter Markham House 

Brown Robert M., carpenter M. Lipes, r ss Ponder, 3d w of 

Brown Robert T., with Fuller & Oglesby, bds Markham 

Brown tSloan (g), carpenter, r 70 Yonge 
Brown Stephen (c), painter, r rear es Bell, 3d n of Pratt 
Brown Theron H., bkkpr J. F. Cummings & Co., bds 64 

Brown Thomas {c), wks Ferguson & Blount, r Cox, ne cor 

Brown Thomas J. (c), shoemkr A.J. Delbridge 
BROWN WALTER R., lawyer, (reference, American Ex- 
chunge Nat. Bank, New York), 9 Whitehall, bds Kim- 
ball House 
Brown William, lab, r 18 Roach 
Brown W^illiam (c), porter G. J. Howard & Bro., r Martin^ 

nr limits 
Brown William, upholsterer J. H. Gavan 
Brown William, wks Ga. Iron W^ks 
Brown William, wks J. N. Karr, r Blooming Hill 
BROWN W^ILLIAM A., grocer, 144 Marietta 
Brown W^illiam J., fireman W. & A. R. R 
Brown William M (c), shoemkr G. Ellington, r 4 Walton 
Brown William S., bkkpr J. Silvey & Co., bds 13 E. Ala- 
Browne Wilson C, engineer Ga. R. R., r 40 8. Butler 
Brown & Simon (c) (Felix Brown and Alex Simons), res- 
taurant, 78 Decatur 
Brown Edward B. M. Rev., rabbi K'hilo Kodesh Gemilias 
Chesed, r 18 W. Garnett 

S^l^W^ir^\T(W^T(f^ fi^-cuRES skin diseases, 


1 Ht J-'-^-^ V A.KJ - u^.^TD W. T. WILSON. 14 \V. Mitchell St. 

BRO 181 BRY 

Browne Walker G , dentist 33^ Whitehall, r 33 Fulton 

Browning Alice Mist;, with Am. S. M. Co., r 92 Butler 

Browning Daniel, boilermkr Porter Si Meakin, r 46 Yonge 

Bro•^ning Ellen, seamstress, r 145 Crowtll 

Browning Lucy, wid Henry, r rear 192 Marietta 

Broxton Charles W., elk G. W. Ashley, bds 86 Alexander 

Broxton Hc/ekiah W., carpenter, r 80 Alexander 

Broxton Mar}' Miss, dre ssmkr, bds 8G Alexander 

Broxton William T., carpenter M. TJpi s, r 86 Alexander 

Broyes Arnold, elk E. N. Brovles, r 149 Gullatt 

BROYLES EDWIN N., lawyer 8 S. Broad, r 149 Gullatt 

Broyles Savannah Mrs., bds 77 W. Foundry 

Bruce Alexander C, (Parkins & Bruce), r 56 Houston 

Bruce Alice Miss, dressmks, bds 59 W. Foundry 

Bruce Emma Miss, clic, bds 59 W. Foundry 

Bruce Frank J , foreman L. H. Hall &Co , bds 111 Marietta 

Bruce George, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 9 Means 

Bruce James, carpenter Murphy & Croorn, r92McDonough 

Bruce James, wks Cotton Factory, r 131^ Marietta 

Bruce Jeremiah (c), harnessmkr D. Morgan 

Bruce Rufus, wks F. G. Hancock 

Bruce Sarah C. Mrs , tailoress A. Tischman, bds 59 W. 

Bruce Walker, wks F. G. Hancock 

Bruckner Eugene, with Phillips & Crew-, bds 308 Peachtree 
Bruckner Herbert, elk L H. Clarke, bds 308 Peachtree 
Buckner Mary, wid Charles, r 72 Spring 
Bruffrey Edward C, reporter Constitution, bds Kimball 

Brufil y Jason N., elk B. N. Broomhead &;Co., r 10 S. Bartow 
Brumby Arnoldu-, r 124 S. Pryor 

Brumby Lee R., conductor Pullman Car Co., r 124 S. Pryor 
Brunner Charles W., (C W. Brunner & Co.), r Augusta,Ga 
BRUNNER C. W. & CO. (C. W. and J. W. Brunner), 

whol com mers 28 Peachtree 
Brunner John W., (C. W. Brunner & Co.), r 84 Ivy 
Brunner William F., elk C. W. Brunner & Co., bds 84 Ivy 
Bryan Harrison, watchman, r 84 Facory 
Brj'an James M., r 142 Decatur 
Bryan James P , machine agt, r 146 Mangum 
Bryan Mary E Mrs , associate editor Sunny South, r Clarks- 

ton, Ga 
Bryan Samuel, carpenter, r 135^ Marietta 

EVE J? TRACK vla Piedmoiit Air- Line. 


Telenhone ^' ^- E^^^-'^^^' ^^ ^- Alabama St.. for CO AL cf 
I ^^'*'^ any kind. Blacksmith's Coal a SDCcialtv. SaenacalM 

ERY 182 ~ BUG 

Bryan William L., watchmkr W. A Haynes, r 191 N. Col- 
Bryant Henrv P., weigher Morgan, Smith & Co, bds 25 

W. Hunter 
Bryant Amy, wid S. H., r 597 Marietta 
Bryant Charity (c), laundress, r 141 Luckie 
Bryant Chester ,0, wks P. Lynch 
Bryant Emily (c), wks Cotton Factory, r 51 Ivy 
Bryat.t H. (c) porter W. & A, Pv. R. 
Bryant Jesse (c), driver Lynch &, Lea 
pjryant John E., editor Southern Advauce and Georgia 

Republican 27 E LIunter, r Alabama, cor Pryor 
Bryant Marcus, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 597 Marietta 
Bryant Millie (c), laundress, r 143 Markham 
Bryant Thomas J., butcher, r Walker, nr Barracks av 
Bryant William (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 108 Gray 
Bryant William J , painter, bds W. Fair, nr limits 
Bryant William M., carpenter, r W. Fair, nr limits 
Brzezins^'i Stanislaw, tailor J. Lynch, r 89^ Whitehall 
Buchanan Andrew J., boilermkr'A. k W. P". R. R., r 223 E. 

Buchanan Hester M., wid R. C, bds 130 Davis 
Buchanan James A., elk Steinheimer & Kreisle, r 66 W. 

Buchanan James F,, machinist A. ct W. P. R. R., r 41 

Buchanan John W., elk J. Keely, r 39 W. Simpson 
Buchanan Major (c), lab, r 131) Markham 
Buchanan Sylvanus L., wks But'er & Carrol, bds 39 W. 

Buchanan Theresa, vyid James, bds 66 Simpson 
Buchanan Thomas J., grocer 248 Decatur, r 246 Decatur 
Buchholz August, barber H Buckh(Jz, bds 77 Garnett 
BUCHHOLZ HERMAN, barber 7 W. Alabama, bds 77 Gar- 
Buchliolz Louis, with J Ryan, r 77 E Grarnett 
BUCK ALFRED E., elk U. S. Courts, r 430 Peachtree 
Buck Elwin A., agt, bd^ 89 S Pryor 
Buck Jamps W., lal>, r 10 Gray 
BUCK RICHARD B., manager Patapsco Guano Co., bds 

Buckalew Charles H, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds ws Tumlin, 

nr limits 



Tl^X-'i.Ij SX3E, 3 3 CrETZiCXS. 


.IHtJ^XA. V AK^ IT^Eia W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell at. 

BUG ~ 183 BUR 

Buckalew James, puddler Ga. Iron Wks, r 608 Marietta 
Buckalew James M., carpenter, r ws Tumlin, nr limits 
Buckalew Robert, student, bds 155 Elliott 
Buckalew Sarah, wid James, r 155 Elliott 
Buckner Berry, waichman State House, bds 52 Hayne 
Buckner Debearaj S.. wks W. & A. R. R., r 52 Havne 
Budden Charles E. (E. R. Budden & Son), bds 92 Elliott 
Budden Edward R. (E. R. Budden & Sod), r 92 Elliott 
BUDDEN E. R. & SON (E. R. and C. E. Budden), steam 

lithographers, 26 W. Alabama 
Butlington Carrie, wid Thomas, r 50 Powers 
Bufiington George W., fireman Cotton Factory, r ws Cain, 

1st s of Marietta 
Bufiington Katie Mrs,, wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 

1st s of Marietta 
Buftbrd Wiley (c), lab, r 92 Houston 
Bugg Daniel (c), hostler Z. E. Taylor, r 20 Eraser 
Bugg John (c), porter, r 76 S. Forsyth 
Buice Alonzo F , tinner, Stewart & Fain, i- 23 Martin 
Buice Calvin W., machinist Ga. Iron Works, r391 Mangum 
Buice David engineer A. & W. P. R. R., r 36 S. Butler 
Buice Madison, depot agt Belton, Ga., r 59 N. Peters 
Buis Louis A., supt E, Haiman, r 7 Mills 
Buis William B., foreman E. Haiman, bds 42 Alexander 
Bull George, farmer, r ns Gordon, 2d w of Lawton 
Bullard Ambrose T., salesman T. J. Lowe & Bro., bds 35 

W. Mitchell 
Billiard Washington (c), lab, r 166 Fillmore 
Bullen Edward, trimmer J. M. Smith 
Bullock Green (c), wks L^nion Depot, r 40 Richmond 
Bullock Henry (c), carpenter, r 32 Solomon 
Bullock ^Matilda (c) laundress, r 36 Markham 
BULLOCK RUFUS B., treas Atlanta Cotton Factory, 48 

Marietta, r 322 Peachtree 
Bumstead Horace Rev., prof Atlanta University, r Vine, 

2d n Magazine 
Bunkley Nettie (c), laundress, r 262 Calhoun 
Bunnell Andrew J., Singer Mnfg Co., bds 15| S Broad 
Burch Benjamin (c), wks W. H. Smith, r Humphries, nr 

Burch Charles (c), hostler, r 71 Martin 
Burch Henry (c), drayman, r McDaniel, nr Barracks 
Burch Hood (c), fireman ice factory, r rear 18 Thompson 

o^JlSlf Tiwy rii Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESON ''eneralEeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

BUR 184 BUR 

Burch Joseph (c), carpenter, r 255 Boulevard 

Burch Mack (c), wks J. Kries, r rear ss Baugh, 1st w of 

■ Peeples, \V. E 
Burch Sarah Mrs., seamstress, r 47 Billiard 
Burchan Josepli D , oik Ramee & Anspach, bds 8^ 

W. Mitchell 
Burckhardt Gustavus A., r 13 Washington 
Burckhardt John G., route agt Ry P.O.. bds 13 Washington 
Burdell Charles (c), lab, r rear 38 William's 
Burdell Stephen (c), driver A-L. Ry. r 33 Houston 
Burden Horace (c), driver, r 50 Reed ' 

Burdett John C, butcher, 241 W. Peters 
Burdett Smith (c), porter Pemberton, Pullum & Co., r 277 

N. Calhoun 
Burdine George (c), driver H. L. Smith & Son, r 44 W 

Burge George W., brickmason, r 64 Stonewall 
Burge Josei)h (c), wks Rice & Mitchell 
Burge Tillman (c), striker E. Van Winkle & Co 
Burge William F., brick mason, r 64 Stonewall 
Burgess William, carpenter, bds 43 W. Foundry 
Burgund Maximillian C, clkTheo. Schumann, r 63 White- 
Burie Philip W., wks Allanta Com. Co., r ns W. Peters, nr 

C. R. R 

Burke Beauregard G. (c'l, barber H. Brown, r 141 W. Fair 
Burke David (c), wks A. T. Finney 
Burke Elgin, carpenter, r 82 Walker 
Burke George (c), lab, r 141 W. Fair 

Burke Henry, coppersmith A-L. Ry, r Decatur, nr Boul- 
Burke Jefferson (c), wks W. A. Shannon, r 141 W. Fail* 
Burke Jesse (c), wks F. W. Hart 
Burke John (c), lab, r 141 W. Fair 

Burke Joseph F. (J. F. Burke & Co.), bds Kimball House 
Burke J. E., with M & J. Hirsch, bds Adams House 
BURKE J. F. & CO. (J. F. Burke, W. E. Monroeand L. 

D. Campbell), proprs Ga. Spice Mills 74 Peachtree and 
59 N. Forsyth 

Burke Kate Miss, domestic, Markham House 
Burke Margaret (c). laundress, r rear 85 Elliott 
Burke Maryland, wks Gas Co., bds 82 Walker 
Burke Sarah, wid Elijah, r 82 Walker 

Brewer's Lung Restorer .^^.''IffJf^SS!!.. 


• HtJ-'A^ ¥ Ak^ X'EEX) W. T. WILSON. 14 W. MJtchell 8U 

BUR 185 ^ BUR 

Burke Sarah Mrs., wks C. G. Grosse, bds 133 E. Hunter 
Burke Seaborn (c). grocer 39 Howell 
Burke Timothy, saloon, 123 Decatur, r 9 S. Calhoun 
Burke William B,, trav agt, bds 132 S. Forsyth 

Burke , wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 

Burkett Ira E., bkkpr J. Steinheimer «.t Co., bds 108 Ma- 
Burkert John M., locksmith and bell hanger, 10 Peachtree, 

r 160 Thompson 
Burks Charles H., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 154 
Burks Charles S., milk and butter, 129 Whitehall, r 154 

Burks .John, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Burks Susie C. Miss, teacher, bds 72 Marietta 
Burley Dred (c), blacksmith, r 16 Chapel 
Burley Hiliiard (c), wks C. R. R., r Pine, nr Blackmon 
Burley Rose (c), cook, r 115 Stonewall 
Burlingame George G., trav agt, bds Adams House 
Burnett Alonzo fc), lab. r 73 Terry 
Burnett Dorcas E., wid R P., r 14 Hayne 
Burnett Edward W., elk Ga. Ice Co., bds 14 Hayne 
Burnett John C, fireman W. & A. R. R., r 379 Thompson 
Burnett Mary S. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 223 Luckie 
Burnett Nancy M. A., wid Mark A., r 223 Luckie 
Burnett Reuben (c), porter J. Bradfield, r rear 85 Mangum 
Burnett Robert L.. foreman Atlanta Paper Box Factory, 

bds 14 Hayne 
JBurnett Sarah M.,, wks Cotton Factory, bds 223 Luckie 
Burney Amanda A Miss, r 14 Hulsey 
Burney Lilly Miss, dressmkr, bds 14 Hulsey 
Burney Mitchell (c;, grocer, 113 E. Hunter, r 306 Decatur 
Burney Thomas J., Sou. pass, agt C. S. R. R.. bds Kimball 

Burns Andrew, lab, r 227 Martin 
Burns Cherry (c), laundress, r 100 E. Fair 
Burns Edward (c), helper W. & A. R. R 
Burns Isaac (c), lab, r Gullatt nr Glenn 
Burns James A., through ft. agt. W. & A. R. R., r Glenn, 

se cor Grant 
Burns Jane (c), wks Cotton Factory, r rear 147 Marietta 
Burns Robert, lab, r 428 Marietta 
Burns Robert' (c), lab, r 96 E. Fair 
Burns Solomon (c), grocer, Humphries, nw cor Wells 

Peerless, Yetr^Routs. Piedmont Air-Line 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E.Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale & Retail. Special rales to dealers. See page 100. 

BUR 186 BUT 

Burns Virginia, wid Benjamin, bds 290 Decatur 

Burns Arthar J., wood worker Curtis & Weitzell, bds 39 

N. Pryor 
Burr Jane Miss, musician, bds 72 Marietta 
Burrell Louisa J., wid Jesse, bds 151 Elliott 
Burrell Richard (c), lab, r 14 N. Fort 
Burr is Mary Mrs., wks Cotton Factory 
Burris William D., special policeman W. & A. R. R., r 340 

Burry David, carpenter, bds 12 Younge 
Burt Houston S. (c), shoemkr A. Freeman, r 322 Washing- 
Burt John (c), lab, r 43 Powers 
Burt John L., route agt Ry M. S., bds 79 Loyd 
Burt Nathaniel (c), lab, r 43 Powers 
Burton Delmar (c), wks J. C. Kimball, r rear 165 Fort 
Burton Edward (c), waiter Kimball House 
Burton Henry, painter J. M. Smith 
Burton John (c), white washer, r 242 Wheat 
Burton John W., tel opr, bds 34 Windsor 
Burton Nancy (c), cook, r 62 Markham 
Burton William (c), blacksmith, r 242 Wheat 
Burton William H., painter, r 16 Hulsey 
Busby Anne, wid W. H., r W. & A. R. R., 1st w of Cain 
Busby, Matilda, wid Marion T., r 3 Green's Ferry av 
Busby Willis, train hand C. R. R., bds 155 Elliott 
Buse John F., elk G. A. Ramspeck & Co., r Decatur, Ga 
Bush Brooks, painter, r S. Terry, ne cor Glenn 
Bush Martha (c), laundress, r Wheat, nr limits 
Bush Robert P., conductor W. & A. R.R., r 16 Terry 
Buskirk Lucille, wid F. 0., bds 384 Marietta 
Bussey Edward, engineer Butler & Carroll, bds W. & A. 

R. R., 1st w of Spring 
Bussey Hulbert H., hatter, 2^ Marietta, bds National Hotel 
Bussey Thomas L., engineer W. &, A. R. R., r Venable, 

se cor Mills 
Bussey William D., engineer W. & A. R. R., r Luckie, nw 

cor Mills 
Butler Benjamin (c), drayman, r 9 Maple 
Butler D., wks CoHon Factory 

Butler Edward (c), porter Nat. Copying Co., r 93 Larkin 
Butler Elizabeth C. Mrs., Butler & Carroll, r 75 Marietta 
Butler Elizabeth F., wid Thomas J., bds 58 N. Pryor 


Wtlft >^ei QD Jr JEirf/W il a' XVs^ And Never Fails to Cure. 

?li^rD A VTS "t^SKfi^" SEWIN& MACHINE 

iHtJ-^XA. V J.SJ E^EEX) W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

BUT 187 BYR 

Butler Fannie Miss, vvks Cotton Factory, r 148 Luckie 

Butler Frank, tinner Stewart & Fain, r 74 N. Collins 

Butler George (c) porter Boyd & Johnson, r 74 Houston 

Butler Idella, Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 84 W. Cain 

Butler James (c), porter E Mashburn, r rear 34 Church 

Butler John (c), carpenter, r rear 120 S. Pryor 

Butler John, niason, r 74 N. Collins 

Butler John W., witii P. & G. T. Dodd & Co.. r 58 N. Pryor 

Butler Joseph (c), barber H. Brown, r 8^ E. Wall 

Butler Lemuel C, elk Elsas, May & Co., and groctr 1G9 

Fort, 171 Fort 
Butler Martin H., carpenter W. & A. K. R., bds 49 Luckie 
Butler Michael, elk, r 74 N. Collins 
Butler Patrick, tinner J. Warlick & Son, r 74 N. Collins 
Butler Pierce (c), sampler Langston & Crane, r 233 Clarke 
Butler Pink, wid J. E., r 81 Marietta 
Butler Richurd (c), watchman A-L Ry 
Butler William, carpenter, bds 46 Ivy - 
Butler & Carroll (Mrs. E. C. Butler and E. C Carroll), mil- 
lers 21 Bar tow- 
Butt Claude 0., elk Eraser & Smith, bds 266 Whitehall 
Batt Jesse M., with Langston, Crane & Co., r 430 Whitehall 
Butt Oliver A., driver, bds Collier House 
Butt Richard (c), train har d Ga. R. R., r 35 E. Foundry 
Bu't Timothy M., lawyer, bds 266 Whitehall 
Butt W^hit B., elk, bds 430 Whitehall 
Butt William M., fireman Ga. R. R., bds 430 Whitehall 
Butt William M.. justice of the peace, r 266 Whitehall 
Buzbee Carter K., grocer 21 E. I'eachtree, r 266 W. Peach- 

Buzell Mary Miss, wks Selig Bros. & Co., bds 32 Kelly 
Byardy P. A., machinist A. & W. P. R. R 
Byers James W., student, bds 160 Crew 
Byers Jennie L. Mrs , teacher, r 153 Whitehall 
Byers Turner (r), porter M. R. Berry, r rear 47 Walton 
Byers Wellington, trav agt, r 160 Crew 
Byram Fred H., cigars, 23i Marietta, bds 20^ W. Mitchell 
Byrd Theodore H., printer'Constitution, r 263 Washington 
Byron Charles (c), earpent- r, r 61 Humphries 
Byron John (c), porter A. Fmd 

Byrum Mark B., grocer, 182 McDonough, r rear 182 Mc- 

■■cSf 'ii Piedmont Air-Liae 

E M GRTHESON ^e^eralEeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

■«■ rfiU. MAWUiirfMVl^l Promptness IHy Miotto. 

CAB 188 CAL 

pABANISS DANIEL M., elk W. & A. R. R., bds 11 E. 
^ Cain 

Cabaniss Geora;e (c), trimmer J. M. Smith, r 42 Ivy 
CADY CHAUNC-EY M., manager Estey Organ Co., 39 S, 

Broad, r 124 S. Pryor 
Cahn Edward, manager, dry good?, 39 Whitehall 
Cain Columbus (c), brick layer, r 92 Humphries 
Cain Jefft^rson, engineer W. & A. R R., r 120 Rhodes 
Calder William, paints, oils, putty, etc., 49 S. Pryor, r 69 

N. Spring 
Caldwell Amelia, wid R. H., r 21 N Collins 
Caldwell David IC, editor and propr Post-xlppe il, 32 S. 

Broad, r 79 Loyd 
Caldwell Fannie Miss, elk, bds 170 Hayne 
Caldwell James, carpenter, r 65 W. Mitchell 
Caldwell Jam^s M., barkpr F. M. Simpson, r Gordon, ne 

eor Lee, W. E 
Caldwell Jefferson (c), barber Markham House 
Caldwell John G., lawyer, r 267 W.Peters 
Caldwell John H., elk T. M Horsey & Co , bds ss Gordon, 

Ist w of Lee 
Caldwell John J , physician, 72 Marietta 
Caldwell Joseph B., elk M. Men <o k Bro., r 15 Markham 
Caldwell Joseph T., elk Brock Bro.s., l)ds 21 N. Collins 
Caldwell Mattie Miss, bds 170H-iyne 
Caldwell Robert E , elk W A Russell, bds 21 N. Collins 
Caldwe'l Robert H., elk O. I. Culberson, r ss Gordon, 1st w 

of Lee, W. E 
Caldwell Thomas, wks Cotton Factory, bds ISO Marietta 
Caldwell Thomas (c), wks W. & A. R, R., r 212 W. Mitchell 
Caldwell William G., wks Porter & Meakin, bds 214 E. 

CALHOUN ABNER W., physician. 38^ S Broad, r Mit- 
chell, se cor Washington 
Calhoun Frank (c), butler J Jackson, r r^ar 45 Forrest av 
Calhoun Georgia, wid James, r 205 W. Peters 
Calhoun James T.. lawyer, r 53 PeachtrtTC 
Calhoun John, wks Cotton Factory, r 13l| Marietta 
C.ilhoun John (e), wks A. Smith 
Calhoun Lucy B , wid E. N., bds 78 Washington 
Calhoun Moses (e), boarding, 34 Decatur 
Calhoun Patrick (Van Epps & Calhoun), r Houston, A. & 
C. A-L. Ry 

ill JCJ U IX\> 1. 1 V> IN" 5 TO lO IsZtlNXJTEIS 


IHtX-rX^ V J^KJ X'EEia W. T. "WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St 

CAL 189 CAM " 

Calhoun Tennnt L , student,<)9 N. Collins 
CALHOUN WM. LOWNDES HON., ordinary Fulton 

County, office City Mall, r 11 Waijhin^ton 
Call Gussit; Mrs., wks" Cotton Factory, r 158 W. Baker 
Call Jam' s H , machinist Cotton Factory, bds 158 W. Baker 
Callaghan John J., machinist W. & A. R.R, r 82 Magazine 
Callahan Catharine, wid Dennis, bds 32 Magazine 
Callahan F. T , galvanizer Hunnicuttcfe Bellingrath 
Callalian Henry, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 23 Corput 
Callahan James, tinner, r 142 Thompson 
Callahan Joshua C, puddler Ga. Iron Wks, r 8 State 
Callahan Lucy Mrs , bds 65 Co e 
Callaway Abb^e Miss, teacher Girls High School, bds 57 

Callaway David, wks Longley & Robinson, r 65 Grant 
Callaway Douglas (c), bellman KimDall House, r 246 W. 

CALLA WAY ^ EDWARD, elk Kimball House 
Callaway Ephraim (c), wks A L. Ry, r51 Joiner 
Calla^vtiy Evans (c), lub, r 222 Glenn 

Callaway Freeman J , wks Longley & Robins -n, r 15 Wer- 
ner av 
Callaway James (c), lab, r 33 Fort 
Callaway Jefferson (c), wks A-L. Ry, r 12 Chapel 
Callaway Martha, wid H. W., r 15 Werners av 
Callaway Mary (c), cook, r 216 W. Hunter 
Callaway Steward, driver M. A. Hardin, r rear 29 E. 

Cameron Delia (c), laundress, r Vine, se cor W. Foundry 
Cameron John D., real estate agt, r 24 Church 
Cameron W. Hart, deiuist, 48 Marietta, bds 10 Oak 
Camp Augustus J , elk AL. Ry., bds 26 N. Forsyth 
Camp Benjamin A., grocer, 116 Whitehall, r 33 Baily 
Camp George W., foreman Winship & Bro , r 142 W. Baker 
Camp Henry (c), painter, r 87 Connally 
Camp Jo:-eph J , drayman, r Grant, nr limits 
Camp Milton P., (Johnston, Camp & Co.), r 54 Castleberry 
Camp M. P., fireman A. Murphy 

Camp Richard 0., operator W. U. Tel. Co., r 66 N. Pryor 
Camp William A., manager Am. Sewing Machine Co., 5 S. 

Pryor, bds 26 N. Forsyth 
Camp William M., wks Winship k Bro., bds 142 W. Baker 
Camp Arthur A., real estate agt, r 31 Victoria 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


II VI Hlin^.aMM| 50 East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

CAM 190 CAN 

Campbell Charles, elk, bds 118 Whitehall " 

Campbell Cornelia A., wid W. H., bds 410 N. Collins 
Campbell Cornelius, elk, bds 31 Victoria 
CAMPBELL DRUSILLA MRS., grocer, 149 Luckie 
Campbell D., Crowell, elk J. E. Johnston & Co., r 50 N. 

Campbell Early (c), blacksmith P. Lynch 
Campbell Fos'er (c), lab, r 66 Magazine 
Campbell James (Campbell & Johnson), r 29 Frazier 
Campbell John, elk State. Agricultural Dept, bds 111 Ma- 
Campbell John, wks E. Haiman, bds 345 Marietta 
Campbell Joseph, painter, bds 150 Davis 
Campbell Julia, wid Charter, bds 53 E. Fair 
Campbell J. Bulo, route agt Ry. M. S., bds 50 N. Broad 
Campbell Lazarus P., elk L. Cook, r es Lee, 1st n of Gordon, 

Campbell Leslie E., elk, bds 31 Victoria 
Campbell Lewis D. (J. F. Burke k Co.), bds 67 N. Pryor 
Campbell M. M., watchman W. & A. R. R 
Campbell Richard 0., bkkpr B. F. Avery & Sons, bds 50 

N. Broa 1 
Campbell William H.. shipping elk J. F. Burke & Co., bds 

67 N. Pryor 
Campbell William J. (Campbell & Cook), r 410 N. Collins 
Campbell William P., elk Atlanta Com. Co., bds 13 E. 

Campbell York (c), lab, r 27 Solomon 
Campbell & Cook (W. J. Campbell and E. R. Cook), books 

and stationery 29 Whitehall 
Campbell & Johnson (J. Campbell and C. P. Johnson), 

saloon, 44 S. Pryor 
Candler Asa G. (Hallman & Candler), r 99 Wa'ton 
Candler Charles M., lawyer 32 E. Wall, r Decatur, Ga 
Candler Martha, wid J. S. C, bds 99 Walton 
Candler Milton A (Candler & Thomson), r Decatur, Ga 
CANDLER & THOMSON. (Milton A. Candler and Wm. S. 

Thomfon), lawyers, room 8, 32 E. Wall 
Canipe Duleina, wid John, r 6 McAfee 
Cann Alexander, fireman A-L. Ry 
Cannon Bridget A. Miss, milliner, bds 92 Loyd 
Cannon Jason, train hand A-L. Ry 
Cannon James P., coppersmith, r 96 Loyd 

BREWER'S LUl liESKIREPi 'M!ii§l^'^^^^^S!^ 

?H^T> A VTR "t^SJ'^^'-" SEWING- machhste 

IHtJ.^*^ w ^KJ :F'EEX> W. T. WILSON, 14 "W. Mitchell SU 

CAN 191 CAR 

Cannon Lewis M , carpenter M. Lipes, r 59 Calhoun 
Cannon Mary, wid Patrick, r 92 Loyd 
Cannon Neham, machinist E. Haiman, r 57 N. Calhoun 
Cannon Nicholas C, coppersmith W. & A. R. E , bds 92 

Cannon Samuel, fireman W. «fe A. R. R 
Cannon Thomas J., with G. A. Rauuspeck k Co., r 19| S. 

Cannon Watt, driver D. R. B. Ridley, bds 19^ S. Broad 
Canovarri John, fruits, etc., 36 Marietta 
Cantrom James, lab, r 13 Ella 
Cantwell Frederick S. train hand W. & A. R. R 
Canty Prince (c), truckman W. & A. R. R 
CAPWELL CHARLES A., manager Smith Am. Organ 

Co., r 186 S. Forsyth 
Caraway Claude M., trav agt, bds 113 Peachtree 
Carbin Philip, molder, bds 57 W. Foundry 
Carbin Thomas N. Mrs., r 57 W. Foundry 
Carey Jefferson (c), driver, r 77 Humphries 
Carey Peter (c), grocer, r 77 Humphries 
Cargill Annie Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Cargile Charles (c), porter, r 189 Clarke 
Bargile Julius (c), carpenter, r 279 Eraser 
Cargile Mitchell (c), undertaker, 9 Ivy, r 189 Clarke 
Cargile Zebedee (c), cabinetmkr. r rear 140 E. Cain 
Carldie Joseph, elk, bds 65 S. Forsyth 
Carlisle James C, bkkpr Stevens & Gibbs, r 180 Forsyth 
Carlisle William (c), butler J. W. Rankin, r rear 161 Mc- 

Carlton Allie E., wid George A., r 47 W. Cain 
Carlton David (c), brakeman, r 133 McDaniel 
Carlton James E., with C. M. Berry, bds 67 N. Pryor 
Canton James K. P., (Carlton & Bro), r 265 W. Peachtree 
Carlton John M. B., (Carlton k Bro), bds 14 Bartow 
Carlton Napoleon, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 105 W. Simpson 
Carlton Pole, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 95 Pine 
Carlton Seymore (c), drayman, r ws Holland, 2d n of Wells 
Carlton S M , train hand W. &. A R. R. 
CARLTON & BRO. (J. M. B and J. K. P. Carlton), gro- 
cers, 134 and 136 Marietta 
Carmichael John, carpenter M. Lipes, bds Collier House 
Carmichael John, elk Ristine & Mav, bds 13 William 
Carmichael Osborne (c), painter Ristine & May, r rear 213 

BUSINESSMEN? Piedmont Air~Line 

E M GPETlSn'Nr General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

*mm iw*, Vi<AwAJA^MVX>|, Promptness 3M[y Miotto. 

CAR 192 CAR 

Carmichael William F , (Carmichael & Foster), r 129 Jones 

Carmichael & Foster (W F. Carmichael and H. P. Foster), 

butchers, ss Marietta, 2d e of Simpson 
Carpenter John (c), driver Chess, Carley & Co., r Windsor, 

nw cor Jones 
CARPENTER LEANDER D., dentist, 47 Whitehall, r 158 

Raw son. 
Carpenter Rufus D., genl frt agt A-L. Ry., bds 100 N. Col- 
Carr Alice (c), laundress, r 13 Rawson 
Carr Amos (c), wks C. R. R., r 102 Martin 
Carr Brown (c), wks Markham House 
Carr Clarence H., student, bds 17 Wheat 
Carr David B . r 446 Marietta 

Carr Edward P., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 17 Wheat 
Carr Edwin, tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 269 

Carr Fannie, jMrs , seamstress, r 27 Corput 
Carr George, r 363 W. Peters 
Carr George, elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 17 Wheat 
Carr Kate (c), laundress, r 46 Grubb 
Carr James (c), porter Davenport, Johnson & Co., r Jones, 

ne cor Rawson 
Carr Jane (c), laundress, r 19 Markham 
Carr John (c), porter Fuller & Oglesby, r 80 Houston 
Carr Nathan C, elk, r 17 Wheat 
Carr Nathaniel, tel mess, bds 17 Wheat 
Carr Robert (c), whitewasher, r 71 Martin 
Carr Scott (c), bellman Kimball House 
Care Seaborn (c), wks Ballard's R"=!taurant 
Carragan Frederick, r(Hite agt Ry. M. S., r 85 E, Garnett 
Carrender Theresa C. Miss, domestic Dr. W. A. Love 
Carrigan Maude, Miss, printer, bds 178 W. Feachtree 
Carroll Amanda (c), laundress, r 5 Grady 
Carroll George, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Carroll Levi (c), bricklayer, r 232 W. Hunter 
Carroll Matthew C, tailor 6^ Whitehall, r 185 E. Hunter 
CarroU Mary L., wid E., r 294 E Fair 
CARROLL OWEN C, whol and ret dealer in wines, liquors, 

etc , 52 Dt-catur (See page 87) 
Carroll Patrick, saloon, 32 Marietta, r ss Jenkins, 1st w of 

N. Calhoun 

SG! Ow^Ar^^'Pi^ Cnres Rlienmatism 
■ l^a 1^ W WikJiJliW 80-AND BUILDS oP THE SYSTEM 


THE-i^XX V A.KJ IFEEP ^. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St . 

CAR 193 CAR ~" 

Carroll Washington (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 212 Elliott 
Carroll William S., (Butler & Carroll) bds Hotel Wein- 

Carson Conrad, blacksnaith, bds 114 Decatur 
Carson James B., elk D. II. Dougherty, bds National Hotel 
Carson Nina P. Mrs., dressmkr, r 39 Rhodes 
Carswell Nat, mess A. & P. Tel. Co 
Carter Andrew V., elk Mountcastle, Coleman & Co., bds 

150 Whitehall 
Carter Beverly (c), wks A. &. W. P. R. R., r 133 Martin 
Carter Coleman (c), drayman, r 48 Wells 
Carter Columbus M., cabinetmkr, r 123 Ga. R. R 
Carter Dangerfield (c), carpenter, r 249 Jones 
Carter Edgar V., law student Mvnatt & Howell, bds 150 

Carter Edward (c), barber G. W. Hays 
Carter Edward D , student, bds Hotel Weinmei.-tetr 
Carter Edward R. (c), student, r 1 Parsons 
Carter Eli (c), engineer Markham House 
Carter Frank N., printer H. H. Dickson, bds Hilliard, nr 

Carter George (c), wks Gholstin & Zachry, r 45 Jackson 
Carter Hand}'- C. (c), driver J. J. Barnes, r 277 Rawson 
Carter Henry (c) carpenter, r 275 Rawson 
Carter Humphrey (c), draymau, r McDaaiel, se cor C. R. R 
Carter Isaiah (c), porter Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, r 26 

Carter James D., with J. Lynch, r 20 Wheat 
Carter James T., collector Constitution, r Hilliard, nr limits 
Carter Jane (c), boarding, 20^ W. Alabama 
Carter Jethro (c), porter Union Depot, r 119 E. Harris 
Carter John (c), driver W. Jones, r 72 E. Baker . 
Carter John (c), wks Winship & Bro. 

Carter Joseph W. (Kendrick, Carter & Eckford), r 1G9 Ivy 
Carter Josiah A., physician, r Hilliard, nr limits 
Carter Josiah A., local Constitution, r Hilliard, nr limits 
Carter Judge (c), porter Boynton Bros., r 227 Rawson 
Carter Matthew (e). lab, r Howell, nr limits 
Carter M., elk D. H. Dougherty 
Carter Oliver (c), carpenter, r 35 Reed 
Carter Robert (c), porter R. G. Thompson, r 449 E. Fair 
Carter Shadrach (c), lab, r IGl Markham 
Carter Stephen (c), carpenter, r 299 Rankin 

mmiZfiM^ f 11 Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Vfholo- 
Bale & Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

CAR 194 CAS 

Carter William (c), brick mason, r 61 Hilliard 

Carter William (c), janitor B. F. Moore, r rear 31 Gilmer 

Carter William (c), porter, r 110 Ellis 

Carter William H., printer E. L. Winham, bds Hilliard, nr 

Carter William M., printer E. L Winham, r 123 Railroad 
Carter Willis (c), driver G. R. Boaz 
Carter Young (c), brick mkr, r 47 Bush 
Cartham Elizabeth, wid John, r 363 W. Peters 
Carver Oliver (c), porter Markham Mouse 
Carvin William (c), porter P. Breitenbucher, r 121 Peach- 
dry Jefferson A. (c), grocer 130 McDaniel, r 81 Humphries 
Cary Samuel (c), lab, r rear 37 W. C.iin 
Gary Simon (c), elk .J. A.. Cary, r 81 Humphries 
Gary Wilson (c), lab, r rear 115 Ivy 
Case Lucy E. Mrs., matron Atlanta University 
Casey Arthur (c), teacher, r 112 Rawson 
Casey Fannie L., wid James, r 247 Foster 
Casey William, engineer Constitution, r 23 Rawson 
Casey William (c), shoemkr 180 Decatur, r 8 George 
Cash George (c), lab, r 49 Fulton 
Cash George (c), wks Atlanta Com Co., r 29 Reed 
Cash Harrison (c), wks A-L. R. Ry., r 171 Eraser 
Cash John (c), lab, r rear 9 W. Garnett 
Cash W irren (c), wks 0- A. Smith, r west end Means 
Cashin James J., barkpr S. T. Grady, bds Southern Hotel 
Cashin John L., barkpr 0. G. Carroll, bds Southern Hotel 
Cason Charles L., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 68 Rock 
Cason Edwin M., butcher, bds 132 Magazine 
Cason Jesse, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Cason John W., carpenter, r 132 Magazine 
Cason Matilda C, wid J. W., bds Moore, ne cor Ga. R. R 
Cason Richard M., wks A. & W. P. R. R., r 77 Ga. R. R 
Cason William, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Cassels Luther M., trav agt G. W. Scott & Co., r 146 Cal- 
Cassidv Paul T., baker Jack & Holland, r ASh Peachtree 
CASSIDY RICHARD, cigar mnfr, 4 E. Wall, r 580 Ma- 
Casteen William M., wks A-L. Ry, r 10 Ezzard 
Castle Rock Coal Co., office 38 E. Wall 
Castleberry Annie, wks Cotton Factory 
— ■ • ■ 

JN Sh U JAfVy JL JL\J in 5 TO lO MilPSrUTES. 



■■-''*■'*■ '' '^'^ -^ EED ^^ T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St 

CAS 195 CHA 

Castleberry Merrill T. (Stocker k Castleberry), r 164 W. 

Castleberry Richard (c), lab, r Baugh, necor Peeples, W. E 
Castleberry Zach (Pellegrini & Castleberry) and dep City 
• ^Farshal, bds 117 W Fair 
CASTLEMAN HUMPHREYS, broker, ]0 E. Alabama, r 

33 Richardson 
CasTvell Jane (c), laundress, r 16 McDaniel 
Caswell Robert (c), wks Gas Wks r es Elliott, 2d s of Thur- 
Catchings Eliza, wid S. S , bds 140 Whitehall 
Catchings Walter, bkkpr Kendrick, Carter & Eckford, bds 

National Hotel 
Carter Charles C. (c). (E. M. Martin & Co.), r 101 Cain 
Carter William E , r 107 W. Harris 
Cates Charles, elk, bds 9 W. GarneLt 
Cates Julia A., wid James, r 463 Marietta 
Cates Lydia (c), 'aundress, r 47 Bush 
Cates William T., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 463 Marietta 
Cathey Anna Miss, dressmkr, 206 White^'oll 
Cathey John B., elk A. Murphy, r 206 Whitehall 
Catholic Library Association, Loyd, se cor E. Hunter 
Catlett Forrest M., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 159 Hayne 
Catley Mary A , wid. Henry, r 278 Jones 
Cauble John T., galvanizer Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Caudle Thomas A , agt, r 17 Stonewall 
Caval Archibald (c), porter P. & G. T. Dodd & Co., r 22 

Cave Henry S , bkkpr, bds 108 Marietta 
Caverlv Charles E., (A. C. & B. F. Wyly & Co.), bds Mark- 
ham House 
Caverley Eugene S,, baggage master A L. Ry,, bds 75 E. 

Cawley William, carpenter Lynch & Lea 
Cawthorn John, lab, r 11 Bush 
Cawthorn William H., carpenter Winship &Bro 
Center Charles (c), drayman, r 118 Crumley 
Central Baptist Church. June Whitehall and W. Peters 
CENTRAL NURSERY, A. Lambert, propr; E. Fair, nr 

cemetery (See page 85) 
Central Presbyterian Church, 27 Washington 
Chadwick Mattie, wid Enoch, bds 76 Spring 
Chafin Edward^ B., foreman Sunday Gazette, bds 19 Wil- 

\\l HEALTH, ^4i:iW^^tl^ WMW AIR-IIHE. 

EM R-P FT^'^QN ^^'^^'^^^ ^^2*^ Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Street. 

"cHaT 196 CHA 

CHAFFIN JAMES L., saloon Decatur, se cor Loyd, r 25 

N. Calhoun 
Chaffin Thomas, elk H. Shields, r 25 Calhoun 
Challenger Harry P., physician 76 Marietta, bds Kimball 

Chamber of Commerce, B. Crraie, pres ; 44^- E. Alabama 
Chamberlain George B., special agt P. 0., bds 67 Marietta 
Chamberlain Samuel, grocer, Walton, se cor Foundry 
Chamoerlin, Boynton & Co., (E. P. Cliamberlin, C. E. Boyn- 

ton and PL S. Johnson), dry goods, 66 Whitehall 
Chamberlin Edward P., (Chamberlin, Boj-nton & Co.), r 

146 Whitehall 
Chamberlin William W., carpenter Stewart & Bro., bds 

19 D'Alvigny 
Chambers Edward H., tailor, r 203 W. Peters 
Chambers James C, priuter Elsas, May & Co., bds 65 

VV hi tell all 
CHAMBERS J. H. & CO., publishers, J. G. Grant, mana- 
ger; rooms 7 and 8, 3| Whitehall (See page 78) 
Chambers J. Oscar, with E Bates & Co , r 66 Crew 
Chambliss Solomon (c), wks U. S Garrison, r 193 Chapel 
Champe Thompson C., tailor, r 33 Stonewall 
Chancellor David (c), lab, r 26 Bradbury 
Chandler Benjamin {c), lab, r 173 Davis 
Chandler David P., conductor A-L. Ry., r 253 Decatur 
Chandler Early (c), blacksmith Lynch & Lea 
Chandler Isabella (c), laundress, r 82 May's al 
Chandler Meredith (c), wks Austell, Robinson & Mangum, r 

154 Martin 
Chandler Solomon (c), scavenger McPherson Barracks 
Cnandler Thomas (c), wks J. C. Bridger, r 26 Green's 

Ferry av 
Chandler Thomas W., r 35 Luckie 
Chandler Walter, carpenter, r 35 E. Alabama 
Chancy Carr, blacksmith W. & A. R. R., bds 131 Magazine 
Chancy John C, painter, r 15 Magazine 
Chancy Robert D., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 181 Thompson 
Chapman Cupid (c), painter, r 1 Holland 
Chapman Edward M., grocer 118 Whitehall 
Chapman Elizabeth Mr.^., teacher, bds 77 Crew 
Chapman Foster S., elk Taylor & Mobley, r 67 Marietta 
Chapman James A., wks Ferguson & Blount 
Chapman Martha, wid Berry, bds 246 Hayne 

S~'\ (^\~ l^\Ta'^^TrE^\TrrV fi@"CURES SKIN DISEASES, 

?H^"n A VTS "t^5I'-^i!-" SEWING}- maotttne. 

THr.J-'-*.*. V J.kJ x-B.^r) w. T. AVILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

"~~ CHA "l97 CHI 

Chapman Thomas il. (o), painter, r 1 Holland 
Chappt-ll John V., lah, r 116 W. Hunter 
Chas-tain Avery, machinist W. k A. R. R., bds 121 Rhodes 
Chastain Dora C Mit^s, seamstress, bds 251 E. Hunter 
Chi?stain George L., stui'ent, bds 91 N. Calhoun 
Chastain James E., policeman, r over 324 Marietta 
Chastain Jane B. Mrs., dressmkr, r 251 E. Hunter 
Chastain Laura J. Miss, tailoress, bds 251 E. Hunter 
Chas ain Mary, wid Benjamin, r 3952 Marietta 
Chastain Matilda Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 395| Ma- 
Chastain Nelson A., machinist W. & A. R. R 
Chastain Thomas A., furniture, r 49 Wheat 
Chaste Harriet (c), laundress, r 233 Richardson 
Chatham J. R., engineer A L. Ry 
Chatham Thomas R , fireman A-L. Ry 
Chatham William (c), lab, r 247 Crew 
Cherry Clarence, wiis Bird & Haunson 
Cherry Glasgow, elk, bds 57 Ivy 
Cheshire Elijah D., elk, r 132 S. Forsyth 
Cheshire LaFayette C, trav agt, r 20 E. Peters 
Cheshire Mary B Mrs., hoarding, 132 S. Forsyth 
Cheshire William M., elk, bds V2h W. Mitchell 
CHESS CARLEY & CO., H. P. Downing, manager; oils,, 

etc., 39 S. Pryor 
Chester John H., engineer W. & A. R. R., bds 49 Luckie 
Chester William E., wks W. & A. R. R 
Chichester Alfred, elk, bds Tanner, nr limits 
Chichester Anna, vvid T. W" , r Tanner, nr limits 
Chick Catherine A., wid John W., r 86 Mangum 
Childers Joseph, dairy, Peachtree, sw cor E. Sixth 
Childs Leila A. Miss, bds 16 E. Peters 
Chisolm A. Gaines, bds 168 S. Pryor 
Chisolm A. F. Mrs , r 106^ Whifehall 
Chisolm Caroline H. Mr^., bds National Hotel 
Chisolm Ernest E., bds National Hotel 
Chisolm Jackson (c), whitewasher, r f-s Crumley, 1st e of 

Chisolm J. Perry (F. M. Jack & Co.), r 168 S. Pryor 
Chisolm Rebecca E., wid W. A , r 168 S. Pryor 
Chisolm Solomon (c), lab, r W. Fair, nr limits 
Chisolm Willis P., r 155 Marietta 
Chivers Sallie H., wid M A., bds 245 Rawson 

EVEN TRACK vJa Piedmont Air-Line. 


irplpnhonP ^' °' ^^^^•'^^I'' ^^ ^- Alabama St.. for COAL cf 
J. C'lL.JJttUltfy anykind. Blacksmith's Coal a soecialtv. SeepaealOa 

CHO 198 CHU 

Choice Julia (c), laundress, r 54 Hiliiaid 

Choice Richard (c), driver, r rear 209 E. Cain 

Choice Richmond (c), driver S. M. Inman. r 7 Castleberry 

Chovin Alexander, G., tax collector, r 135^ Marietta 

Christian Alfred (c), wks T. S. Lewis, r nr Ponce DeLeon 

Christian Edward, lab, r 98 Luckie 

Christian Ella (c), laundress, r 9 Church 

CHRISTIAN HAYDEN C. RET., pastor Evans Chapel, 

r 78 Chapel 
Christian Index, 29 S. Broad 

Christian John, wks F. M. Potts, r rear 98 Luckie 
Christian John A., with E Bates & Co., bds S3 Marietta 
Christian John W., elk Gantt & Milton, r 61 McDaniel 
Christian Lizzie (c), laundress Mark ham House, r 98 Luckie 
Christian Millard (c), driver J. H. James, r 39 Church 
Christian William (c), whitewash er, r 128 Elliott 
Christian William C. D., switchman W. & A. R. R., r 28 

Christler Mack (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Christopher Samuel H. (W. T. Christopher ct Bro.), bds 

13 E. Alabama 
Christopher Solomon, wks Cotton Factory, bds 131 Cain 
Christopher William T., (W. T. Christopher & Bro.), bds 

National Hotel 
CHRISTOPHER W. T. & BRO. (W. T. and S. H. Christo- 
pher), proprs Phonograph and job printers, 32^ S 

Christophine Frank, painter A-L. Ry 
Chum Samuel (c), carpenter, r rear 215 N. Collins 
Chum William (c), porter Cotton Exchange Saloon, r 21 

Chuplin Frank (c), hostler, r 35 Crumley 
Church Alonzo, fireman W. & A. R. R , r 66 Thurmond 
Church Charles H. B., wks Stewart & Fain, bds 82 Rock 
Church Edward, wks E. Haiman, r 12 Newton 
Church John B., engineer Elsas, May & Co., r 9 Taylor 
Church Joseph, engineer Winship & Bro., r 82 Rock 
Church of Christ, 44 E. Hunter 

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Loyd, se cor Hunter 
Church Susan, wks Cotton Factory 
Churchill Augus'us R., wks E. Haiman, bds 4-^ Plum 
Churchill James R., painter Cook k Stewart 
Churchill James W., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 45 Plum 



ItitJ^J-X. V ^KJ X^^EX) W, T. WILSON, 14 \V. Mitchell St. 

CITIZENS' BANK OF GEORGIA, Perino Brown, pres ; 

W. H. Patterson, cashier; 10 E. Wall. (See page 77) 

Clairborne Alexander (c), wks J. Norcross, r ws Lee, s of 

Chapel, W. E 
Claridy James, bookbinder, r 75 Chapel 
Claridy Olin J. (Walker, Claridy & Co.), r 75 Chapel 
Clark Abbie Miss, teacher Storr's school, bds Edgewood 
Clark Addison, engineer C. R. R., r ss Fuller, 1st e of El- 
Clark Albert B.. grocer 17 E. Alabama, bds 72 Marietta 
Clark Allan (c), butler Kimball House, r 124 Ellis 
Clark Andrew, collector Int. Rev., office U. S. Court House, 

bds Markam House 
Clark Andrew (c), porter D. W. Allen, r 95 W. Peters 
Clark Anna A., wks Cotton Factory, bds Hi Luckie 
Clark Autrey (c), porter Mrs. M. S. Oliver 
Clark Edward E., elk Int. Rev. r 21 Pittraan av 
Clark George B., elk Collector Int. Rev., bds Markham 

Clark George V. Rev. (c), teacher, r 293 W. Mitchell 
Clark Henry (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 110 Magazine 
Clark Henry M , acct, r 26 E. Alabama 
Clark Henry T., wks Atlanta City Brewery, r 75 N. Cal- 
Clark Hiram T., engineer W. & A. R. R 
Clark Jacob (c), wks W. &. A. R. R 

Clark James (c), driver W. S Wilson & Bro., r 136 Houston 
Clark James C.'clk W. & W. Mnfg. Co 
Clark James H , lab, r 51 W. Hunter 
Clark John (c), lab, r 317 N. Collins 
Clark John P., piano tuner, r 273 Luckie 
Clark Josephine Mrs., bds 77 W. Foundry 
Clark Lawrence R., wks W. & A. R. R., r 341 Hayne 
Clark Lilly W. Miss, teacher Walker St. School, bds 155 

Clark Lydia, wid Jesse, bds 56 Church 
Clark Margaret, wid James, bds 75 N. Calhoun 
Clark Mary H., wid Albert J., r 114 Luckie 
Clark Michael, wks Porter & Meakin, bds 214 E. Hunter 
Clark Nancy H , wid L. H, r 245 Rawson 
Clark Richard IL, judge City Court, room 5 Brown Block, 

r 30 McDonough 
Clark Richard H., policeman, r 7| W. Mitchell 

''o'Ui?K''^ilS,''/* m Piedmont Air-Line 

£ M GREESON General Ueal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

Ma «U. WAWMArfWW^l| Promptness ]M:y M:ottOi. 

CLA ' 200 CLA 

Clark Robert (c), bricklayer, r 84 Forrest av 

Clark Robert (c), coupler A-L. Ry 

Clark Samuel (c), wks A-L. Ry, r 73 Hilliard 

Clark Thomas (c), driver W. A. Moore, r rear 20 Cone 

Clark Thomas A. Rev. (c), r 124 N. Butler 

Clark Tobias (c), carpenter, r 300 Boulevard 

Clark T. L.. carpenter, bds Collier House 

CLARK UNIVERSITY, K. E. Bisbee, pres; s end Mc- 

Dopough. (See p'ge83) 
Clark William (c), brickmason G. W. Adair, r 59 Hnrton 
Clark William L., propr Atlanta Republican, 35| Marietta, 

r country 
Clarke Anne B. (J. A. Clarke & Co.), r lo Merritts av 
Clarke Annie T. B. Miss, milliner, bds 150 Whitehall 
CLARKE EDWARD Y., publisher Weekly Post, 35 S. 

Broad, r 65 Hood 
Clarke Eliza Mrs , bds 70 Loyd 

Clarke Ernest K., with Garrett & Bro., r nr Fair Grounds 
Clarke James (c), driver W. S. Wilson &Bro., r35 Houston 
Clarke John M., lawver, bds 65 Hood 

Clarke John S., elk T. M. Clarke ct Co., bds 41 W. Mitchell 
Clarke Joseph A. (J. A. Clarke & Co.), bds 111 Marietta 
Clarke Joseph H., elk National Hotel 
Clarke J. A. & Co. (J. A. and A. B. Clarke), grocers, 204 

CLARKE LEWIS H., hats, caps, and mer tailoring, 6 

Whitehall, r 116 W. Peters 
CLARKE MARSHALL J., lawyer, 23 E. Alabama, r 284 

Clarke Mary M., wid J., bds 150 Whitehall 
Clarke Parmelia T., wid James, bds 281 Washington 
Clarke Peter F. (J. Stephens & Co.), r 56 Gilmer 
Clarke Robert C. (T. M. Clarke & Co.\ r 475 Peacbtree 
Clarke Robert M. (Whitner & Clarke), r Edgewood 
Clarke Samuel E , bkkpr M. Barwald it Co , r 125 Walker 
Clarke Thomas M. (T. xM. Clarke & Co ), r 41 W. Mitchell 
CLARKE THOS. M. & CO. (Thos. M. and R. C. Clarke, J. 

C. Kirkpatrick and J. A. Fitten), whol hardware and 

saddlerv. 27 Peacbtree fSee page 82) 
CLARKE, THOMPSON & CO. (Thos. M. Clarke & Co., 

and A. P. Thompson), hardware, 45 Peacbtree 
Clarke William H., elk J. A. Clarke & Co., r 15 Merritt's av 
Clarke W. Irving, lawyer, 40 Marietta, bds 67 Marietta 

Brewer's Lung Restorer 




THEX-rXX V XK^ ^'EEX) w. T. WILSON. U W. MltcHell St. 

CLA 201 CLE" 

Cluy George (c), wks Ferguson & Blount 

Clay James (c). wks Ferguson k Blount 

Clay John (c), wks Johnston, Camp k Co., r Tatnall, nr 

W. Mitchell 
Clay John M.. canvasser Singer Mfng Co., r 33 Chapel 
Clay Sarah, wid Nathan, r 9 Mangum 
Clayton Alexander (c). lab, rnsCurrier, 2d e of Calhoun 
Clayton Asbury B. (c), barber M H. Bentley, r 76 S. Forsyth 
Clayton A. Smith, journalist, bds 91 Marietta 
Clayton Granville (c), driver W, H. Smythe, r rear 307 

Clayton John, porter W. W. Thompson, r 190 Decatur 
Clayton John W. (Clayton & Webb), r 320 Whitehall 
Clayton Julia (c). laundress, r 165 Marietta 
Clayton Julius (c), lab, r 74 Markham 
Clayton June (c), wks W. A. Fuller, r 17 Markham 
Clayton Mary Mrs., weaver, r Factory, nr limits 
Clayton Moses (c), driver Eddleman & Bowie, r 66 Howell 
Clayton Richard (c), lab, r 4 Horton 
Clayton Richard (c), lab, r 74 Gilmer 
Clayton Robert L., student, bd.-^ 39 N. Pryor 
Clayton Robert M.. city engineer, 47 S. Pryor, bds 203 Mc- 

Clayton Samuel P., student, bds 39 N. Pryor 
Clayton Thomas A., mess Sou. Exp. Co., r 41 E. Mitchell 
CLAYTOX WILLIAM H., supt Sou. Exp. Co., 30 and 32 

Wall, r 91 Marietta 
CLAYTON WILLIAM ^\., State and County tax collector, 

HE. Alabama, r 91 Marietta 
CLAYTON & WEBB (J. W. Clayton and B. F. Webb), 

who! liquors, 73 Whitehall 
Cleaton James D. (Cleaton & Johnson), r256 W. Peachtree 
Cleaton & Johnson (J. D. Cleaton and C. S. Johnson), gro- 
cers, 102 Peachtree 
Cleaves Mary A., wid T. A., r 30 Kelley 
Cleghorn Charles (c), driver W. S. Everett, r rear 112 

Cleland James D. fireman Stevens ct Gibbs, r 185 W. Peters 
Clemmons James A. (J. A. Clemmons & Co ), bds 12| W\ 

CLEMMONS J. A. & CO. (J. A. Clemmons and D. Tye), 

butchers, 108 Whitehall 
Clemison Solomon (c), drayman, r Bradley, nr limits 

Peerless, vetr^Route Piedmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Ageut for KIMBALL BROS. CEL- 

CLE 202 COD 

Cleveland Lewis C, butcher, r ns Gordon, 1st e of Peters, 

^V. E 
Cleveland Texas (c), laundress, r 40 Scott 
Cleves William B., genl agt Wheeler & Wilson Mnfg Co., 

71 Whitehall, r 69^ Whitehall 
Clinch Margaret Mrs., r 7 Hulsey 

Clinton Aur(;lia Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 250 Elliott 
Clinton George W., butcher, -252 Marietta 
Clinton Sarah, wks Cotton Factory, r 250 Elliott 
Clogg Stephen (c), lab, r rear 208 E. Harris 
Clopton Willis (c), shoemkr, 50 S. Butler, r 50 Terry 
Cloud Alexander (c), wks Ga. R. R., r 145 E. Baker 
Cloud Henry (c), lab, r es Butler, 2d s of Baker 
Cloud Howell C, trav agt, bds Wilson House 
Cloud John (c), bricklayer, r Vine, ne cor W. Fair 
Cloud Robert (c), bricklayer, r al rear 84 Forrest av 
Cloud Robert (c), lab, r es Butler, 2d s of Baker 
Clouts Thomas A., elk Smvthe & Perkerson,bds 36 Walker 
Clowe Willard H , molder Porter & Meakin, r201 E. Hunter 
Glower Charles L., tinner Stewart & Fain, bds 93 E. Harris 
Clower John E., bds 93 E. Harris 

Glower Joseph R., feeder H. H. Dickson, r 116 Whitehall 
Clower Thomas, tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Clower Thomas L , carpenter M. Lipes, r 93 E. Harris 
Clower William W., bricklayer Lynch & Lea 
Coachman Henry (c), wks H. C. Voglesberger 38 Rawson 
Coakley Alexander J., grocer 28 Hilliard 
Cobb Albert (c), wks Ferguson & Blount 
Cobb Charles (c), wks Ferguson ct Blount, r 4 Spencer 
Cochran Claude F., printer Constitution, r 21 Orme 
Cochran Clifton X., bkkpr Bank State of Ga., r 125 Hous- 
Cochran C. Sterling, cotton buyer, bds 87 S. Broad 
Cochran Demetrius, gauger U. S Rev, Dept., r 125 Houston 
Cochran Edward (c), lab, r rear 264 Decatur 
Cochran Newton J., wks E. Haiman, bds 432 Marietta 
Cochran Seaborn (c), farmer, r 57 Hoge 
Cochran William A., c-irpenter, r 169 Jackson 
Cody Augustus (c), porter Ed. Mercer 
Cody Frances (c). laundress, r 297 Eraser 
Cody Henrv R , 15 Marietta, r 150 S. Loyd 
Cody James A., bkkpr Kenner l^' Tibbs, r 40 Houston 
Cody Louisa, wid C. C, r 40 Houston 


And Never Fails to Cure. 


IHtJ-^XA. V AkJ I^EEIS W. T, WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell at. 

COD 203 gPL ~ 

Cody Richard (c), lab, r 307 Fraser 

Cody William 11, driver Steamer No. 2, bds 83 E. Alabama 

Cod}' William H.. with Lang.ston, Crane & Co.. r 40 Houston 

Coe Andrew, uith LDrciitz ct Rittler, bds Adams House 

Gofer Elizabeth C , wid L., bds 283 Decatur • 

Cofer Irwin A. (Collier & Cofer), 233 r Decatur 

Cofiey John E , elk M. Kyan, bds 165 S. Pryor 

Coffin Ellen W. Miss, asst editor Methodist Advocate, bds 

39 Jones 
Coggins Henry W., wks Telephone Exchange, r 148 Nelson 
Coggins William T., wks W'inship &. Bro., bds 148 Nelson 
Cohen A. Seixas, cotton shipper, bds 97 E. Mitchell 
Cohen Edward B., grocer 129 \Y. Peters 
Cohen Eugene (c), porter S. M. Inman & Co., r 76 Markham 
Cohen Henry, bkkpr Kegenstein & Kurtz, bds 273 White- 
Cohen Jonas L. (Cohen & Selig), r 111 E. Garnett 
Cohen Levy (L. Cohen & Co.), r 52 Thompson 
COHP]N L. &: CO. (L. Cohen and E. Stemheimer), whol 

liquors and beer. 29 and 31 E. Alabama 
Cohen Moses S , ins agt. r 97 E. Mitchell 
Cohe" Oscar (c), wks J. A. Jack, r 22 Mosley 
COHEN & SELIG (J. L. Cohen and E. Selig), whol cloth- 
ing, 23 Wl^itehall 
Cohroii Joseph, printer J. P. Harrison & Co., r 138 Forsyth 
Coke Jacob (c), farmer, r ws Tumlin, 2d n of Wallace 
Coke Morgan (c), lab, r ws Tumlin, 2d n of Wallace 
Cokeland Lewis (c), wl,s B. A. Jones, r 22^ Decatur 
Cokely George (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Coker Elisha T., wks Ferguson it Blount 
Coker Francis M., pres Bank of tbe State of Ga , r66 Wash- 
Coker Franci>^ M. Jr., cashier Bank of State of Ga., bds 66 

Colbert John (c), lab, r 14 Pettis 
Colbert William H., printer, r o9 King 
Colby William H., trav agt, bds Kimball House 
Coldwell John G. (Tidwell & Coldwell), r 267 W. Peters 
Cole Charles (c), lab, r 34 Terry 
Cole David, sexton First Presbyterian Church, r 159 N. 

Cole Edward I., frt car inspector W. & A R. R 
Cole Frederick G., wks \V. «k A. R. R , r 25 Trenholm 

'"S^fvia^iecLaxont Air-Lin© 

£ M GREESON General aeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

iMa Mift WAVMArfWVll) Promptness lHy IVTotto. 

COL 204 COL 

Cole Frederick G , carpenter, bds 18 Stonewall 

Cole Isaac E , car inspector W. & A. R. R., r 18 Stonewall 

•Cole James H., conductor A. & W. P. R R., bds 47 N. Cal- 

•Cole Jordan (c), lab, r 34 Terry 

Cole Josephine (c), laundress, Anderson, ne cor Reed 

Cole Lafayette, trav asjl, r 150 N. Collins 

Cole Munson C, elk, bds 18 Stonewall 

Cole Thomas A., conductor A. & W. P. R. R., bds Bal- 
lard's Restaurant 

Cole William N., with L. Cohen & Co., r 41 Magazine 

Coleman Abner (c). helper W. & A R. R 

Coleman Albert (c), wks W. &, A. R. R., r 92 Gray 

Coleman Allen, carpenter, r 23 Corput 

Coleman Alonzo D., engineer Atlanta Com Co., bds 180 

Coleman Charles F.. overseer Cotton Factory, r 17 Bartow 

Coleman Edmund (c), lab, r 257 Eraser 

Coleman Frank (c), lab, r 165 Fort 

Coleman George C, feeder J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 39 N. 

Coleman George W., printer, bds 39 S. Forsyth 

Coleman H. Watson, trav agt Fer<.'Uson & Blount 

<:!oleman Jackson (c), wks A. & W. P. R. R.,^r 17 W. Hunter 

Coleman Joseph M., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 4'State 

Coleman Julius (c), waiter Kimball House 

Coleman Mary E., wid James M.. r 29 E. Harris 

Coleman Melton, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

■Coleman Robert (c), lab, r 220 C. R. R 

■Coleman Robert (c). lab, r es Carter, w of Davis 

■C'lleraan Robert (.c), lab, r 165 Fort 

Coleman William E. (Mountcastle, Coleman & Co), bds 
Kimball House 

Ooleman William R., student, bds 116 S Forsyth 

COLES HARRISON (c), undertaker, contractor and builder, 
173 and 175 Marietta, r 17 Hull (See index ti adv) 

■Coles Robert E. (c), painter H. Coles, r 179 Marietta 

Coles Sanford (c), wks H. Coles, r 17 Hull 

Colles Clifford A., tel opr Ga. R. R 

Collier Charles A. (Collier ^Collier), r 240 Rawson 

Collier Elizabeth L. wid W. V., bds Richardson, nw cor 
Form wait. 

Collier George W , lawyer, 89 S. Pryor, r 203 E. Harris 

IVriT^TTOO'^'^f #^ R,E3IjIH1"VE3S KrEXJR,.A.I_.a I A. 
ill Jli VJ IW> J^ 1 ^y iKT 5 TO lO lylll^XJTEJS 


I Ht J-^X^ V ^KJ :E'EEI5 -^ J, WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

COL 205 COM 

Collier Henry L., bds 45 Nelson 
Collier House, D. A. Cook propr; 85^ Whitehall 
Collier James (c), porter G T. Fry 
Collier John (Collier k Collier), r 4o Nelson 
Collier John, machinist K. Van Winkle & Co 
Collier John (c), wks P. L3'nch 

Collier John T. S , elk Collier & Cofer, bds 256 E. Hunter 
Collier John W., elk Inman, Parrott & Co., r 21 Eilis 
Collier John W. Jr , elk Atlanta Com. Co. 
Collier Mirabeau L , foreman W. & A R R., r 44 Alexander 
Collier Patience, wid John, r 138 W. Baker 
Collier Robert (c), lab, r ws Lowe, 1st n of Spencer 
Collier f-homas (c), wks J. Xohle, Jr., r 18 Green's Ferry av 
■Collier Thomas E. (Collier «& Cofer), r 256 Hunter 
Collier Thomas J., elk W. W. Thurman, r 138 W. Baker 
Collier William (c), driver J. W. Rankin, r 58 Rawson 
Collier Willis (c). porter, r wsLowe. 1st n of Spencer 
Collier & Cofer, CT. E. Collier and I. A. Cofer), druggists, 

232 Decatur 
Collier & Collier, (John and Charles A. Collier), lawyers 

25^ Peachtree 
Collins Charles E,, student, bds 55 Walton 
Collins Henry (c), sav\yer, r 13 Plenry 
Collins John S., carpenter Cook & Stewart, bds 78 Walker 
Collins Kate (c), cook, r IG Horton 
Collins Mary 'c^, laundress, r 25 Tatnall 
Collins Mary E. Mrs., grocer, 146 Marietta, r 146 Marietta 
Collins Matilda H., wid J. I., r 62 E. Baker 
Collins Simeon (c), student, r 5 Newton 
COLQUITT ALFRED H. HON., Governor of Georgia, 

office, State House, r 134 Peachtree 
Colquitt George (c), wks Ristine & May, r 22 C. R. R 
Colquitt Harriet M. Mrs., teacher, bds 142 Peachtree 
COLQUITT HUGH H., lawyer, room 1, 6 Whitehall, bds 

Kimball House 
Colquitt Mack D (c), porter E. S. Gay, r Walton 
Colvert Sarah, wks Cotton Factory 
•Colzey Emanuel Cc), lab, r Vine, se cor W. Foundry 
■Combes Laura (c), laundress, r 10 S- Calhoun 
Combs Henry (c), barber R. Head 
•Combs William A. (c), boH artist H. White, r Ivy, cor 

Comer Davis C. elk Hallman & Candler bds 39 N. Pryor 

THE^^i^i^!^ Piedmont Air-Line 


• I Vi nint^.allll) 30 East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

COM 206~ CON 

Compton William W., bkkpr I: Bird, r 57 E. Cain 
Condor William H., truv agt J. W. Goldsmith & Co., bds 

Markham House 
Cone Jacob, wks Cook & Stewart 
Cone John F., with P. H. Snook, bds 51 Ivy 
Cone William B., elk W. H. Brotherton, bds 8^ W. Mitchell 
Coneys Thomas J. with Atlanta Soap Wks 
Cong Henry, hair worker, r 12 Decatur 
Conley Benjam n, postmaster, office Marietta, nw cor 

Forsyth, r Peeples, nr limits, W. E 
Conley George H., wks F. E. Block, bds 28 Hayden 
Conley James C , carpenter, W. & A. R. R., r 107 W.Baker 
Conley John L. (Conley & Shumate), r East Point, Ga. 
Conley Joseph (c), plasterer, r al w of Hayne, s of W^ 

Conley Morris J., route agt Ry. M. S., bds Peeples, nr 

limits, W. E 
CONLEY Sl SHUMATE (J, L. Conley and W. L. Shumate), 

lawyers, 8h Marietta 
Conn Alexander C, fireman Ga. Iron Works 
Connally Elijah L., physician, 24 Whitehall, r 87 E.. 

Connally Madison (c), lab, r 26 Bradbury 
Connally Silas N., lawyer,24 Whitehall, bds 86 E. Alabama 
Connell Cassandrn, wid James E., r 204 Hayne 
Council Fannie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 17 Hulsey 
Conner Mary, wid Edward, r 69 Thurmond 
Conner Mattie, wks Cotton Factory 
Connett Pinckney, shoemkr, r 385 N. Calhoun 
Connolly Arthur B , capt police, bds 241 E. Hunter 
Connolly Eliza, wid John, r 241 E. Hunter 
Connolly Henry T., elk P. Lynch, r 241 E. Hunter 
Connolly John F., bkkpr D. A. O'Connor, bds 241 E. Hunter 
Connolly Moses (c), drayman, r G5 Rawson 
Connor Mary, wks Cotton Factory 

Connor Oscar (c), drayman, r rear Richardson, ne cor Cooper 
Conodle William, lab, r 87 S. Broad 
Constantine Belle Miss, teacher Marietta St. School, bds 

62 Walton 
Constantine Francis, physician, r 149 Calhoun 
Constitution, H4 S. Broad 
CONTINENTAL FIRE INS. CO. of N. Y. (Sou, Dept.), 

S. W. Williams, manager; G. S. Wolford, supt; 10 W. 


BREWER'S LUNG RESTORER '^ ™'''^'" '""''^ "'^°- 


?H^T> A VTS "t^2JHL" SEWING- MAcnnsTE 

THLA-rX^ V AKiJ Z^EEX) W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

CON 207 coo 

Convent of the Immaculate Conception, es Loyd, bet 

Hunter and Mitchell 
Conway James, porter Abbot & Bro., bds 40^ Decatur 
Conway John J., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds Southern Hotel 
Conway Mary Miss, elk, bds 92 Loyd 
Cook Afton B , bkkpr Cook & Stewart, r Calhoun 
Cook Allen (c), carpenter, r 41 Solomon 
Cook Anna E., wid J. P., 142 Thompson 
Cook Anthony (c), whitewasher, r 229 Clarke 
Cook Arthur (c), lab, r Randolph, nr limits 
Cook Benjamin (c), porter 5 Decatur, r 42 Ivy 
Cook Charles F., wks Atlanta City Brewery, bds 193 Ivy 
Cook David, wks Cotton Factory 

Cook David A., elk Court Ordinary and propr Collier House 
Cook David R., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ns Hunnicutt, 2d e of 

Cook Elijah H. (c), wlis H. Seltzer 
Cook Ellison R. (Campbell & Cook) r 411 Peachtree 
COOK, FAIN & STEWARTS (G. W. D. Cook, J. N. Fain, 

A. P. and F. S. Stewart, Sr.), brick mnfs, Hunnicutt, 

cor Williams 
Cook Frank H., elk Atkins, McKeldin & Co, bds Ballard's 

Cook George W. D., (Cook, Fain & Stewarts), r 47 Calhoun 
Cook Hamlin C, with J. Ryan, r 123 Nelson 
Cook Henry L., elk I. M. Watson, bds 20i W. Mitchell 
Cook Ira, trav agt, bds 66 N. Forsyth 
COOK JAMES W., bkkpr Smythe & Perkerson, bds 85^ 

Cook John, tailor J. Lynch, r Crumley, se cor Windsor 
Cook John E., trav agt, r 92 W. Fair 
Cook John J., wks Cotton Factory, bds 11 Orme 
Cook Joseph R., elk Gh. Suit Co., bds 85* Whitehall 
Cook Joseph S. machinist, bds 124 N. Calhoun 
Cook Julius H., with J, Ryan, r 123 Nelson 
Cook Lewis, furniture, r Lee, se cor Gordon, W. E 
Cook Nancy, wks Cotton Factory 
Cook R. Mrs., with Turner & Co., r 319 Whitehall 
Cook Thomas (c), lab, r W. Mitchell, nr limits 
Cook Thomas (c). wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Cook Van Buren M., wks A-L. Ry., r 29 Ezzard 
Cook Vireil, dentist, r Anderson, nr limits 
Cook William F. Rev. D.D., r 411 Peachtree 

fSifEfPiedmont Air-Line 

E If GREESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 ManettaStroet. 

COO 208^ COP 

Cook & Stewart (G W. D. C -ok »nd F. S. Stewart), con- 
tractors and builders. W. tfe A. R R., w of Foundry 

Cooke John H , dentist, r 1?>3 E Hunter 

Cooke Richard J. Rev., pastor Marietta St. M. E. Church, 
bds 39 Jones 

Cooke William C, ins. agt., 9 W. Mitchell 

Cooledge Aurelian F., lawyer and stenographer, 10 W. Ala- 
bama, bds 35 Hayden 

Cooledge Frederick J., bkkpr Duck & Co., r 33 Hayden 

Cooley Mark, dairyman, r Factory, nr limits 

Cooper Andrew (c), lab, r 181. C. R. R 

Cooper Asbury (c), driver C. A. Collier, r rear 240 Rawson 

Cooper Augusta R. Miss, elk S. F. Salter, r 43 Bush 

Cooper A. Judson, with Boynton Bros., r 182 Hayne 

Cooper Charles A., puddler Ga. Iron Wks, r 10 State 

Cooper Charles T., bds Southern Hotel 

Cooper Edward (c), porter Selig Bros. & Co., r 229 Wheat 

Cooper George A , bailiff, r ws al s of Mayson Ferry rd, w 
of W. & A. R.R, Bellwood 

Cooper Henr}'^ (c), porter Beermann & Kuhrt, r 49 High 

Cooper Henry L., carpenter, r 145 Walton 

Cooper Isaac (c), hackman, r 49 High 

Cooper James T., watchman W. & A. R. R., bds 50 W. <fe A. 
R. R 

Cooper John, bds ws al s of Mayson Ferry rd, w of W. E., 
W. & A. R. R., Bellwood 

Cooper John H. (Cooper & Bellows), r Marietta, Ga 

Cooper J. Tyler, elk, r 108 McDonough 

Cooper Mary (c), laundress, r rear 72 Magazine 

Cooper Mattie, wid Columbus, bds 62^ S. Fryor 

Cooper Monroe (c), lab, r 18 i C. R R 

Cooper Rufus (c), tailor, 18 Whitehall, r 162 E. Harris 

Cooper Tilman (c), wks AL. Ry, r rear 16 Riggers 

Cooper Thomas J., elk, bds lOs McDonough 

Cooper William (c), janitor James' Bank Block 

Cooper William (c), shoenikr, r 133 E. Cain 

Cooper & Bellows (J. H Cooper and M. 0. Bellows), Arcade 
Saloon, 5 E. Wall, Whitehall crossing 

Cope Noah (c), wks Ristine & May. r Marietta, bey limits 

Copeland Willis (c), wks Lynch & Lea, r 46 Davis 

Coppage James L., elk Smythe & Perkerson, r 13 Werner av 

Coppage Francis A., r 290 Decatur 

Coppage Henry, brick layer, r es Ponder, 2d s of Marietta 

SGS CtvsAf^H^i^ Cures Rheumatism 


IHtJ^XA V ^KJ E-EED W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St 

COR 209 CPU 

Corbally John A , carpenter, r 71 W. Harris 

Corley George, elk, bds Iluyden, ne cor Baker 

Corley John, feeder J. P. Harrison & Co 

Corley John K., machinist Winship & Bro 

Corley William, carpenter, r Hayden, ne cor Baker 

Cornett Pin<kney, shoemkr M. J. Garner, r 34 E. Baker 

Corrigan Frederick, route agt Ry. M. S., r 85 E. Garnett 

Corrigan John, mess Sou Exp Co., r 50 E. Hunter 

Corrigan Joseph M., elk jNI Ryan, bds 97 Loyd 

Corrigan Michael, bricklayer, r 97 Loyd 

Corrigan Thomas F., with Regenstein & Kulz bds 97 Loyd 

Corrigan William H., elk F. J. Ansley & Co., bds 97 Loyd 

Corriker William, student, bds 61 Marietta 

Corwin Henry, photographer, bds Luckie, sw cor Broad 

Cosby Edward (c), drayman, r Mitchell, nr limits 

Cosbey Elizabeth E., wid J. W., r 29 Windsor 

Cosbey Henry (c), porter Kennesaw House, r ws Fort, 2d s 

of Foster 
Cosby Jefferson (c), wks M Calhoun 
Cosby Robert (c), driver Sciple & Sons 
Co.5ey George \c), wks Ferguson k Blount 
Costan Charles L., tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Cothrun Green (c), lab, r rear 141 C. R. R 
Cotter G. Hal, with M. Franklin, bds National Hotel 
Cottingham Harry M , genl Sou. agt Cincinnati Southern 

Ry, 8-E. Wall, bds Kimball House 
Cottingham James, r 78| Whitehall. (Information Re- 
Cotton John W , grocer, 128 S. Forsyth, r 8 Hood 
Cotton Katie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s 

of Marietta 
Cotton Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s 

of Marietta 
Cotton Sarah J., wid Bryant, r ws Cain, 1st s of Marietta 
Couch Edward (c), lab, r 6 C. R. R 
Couch Elijah F., policeman, r 26 Bailey 
Coulter Emily A., wid F. F., r 43 Crew 
Coulter James F., elk Sou. Exp. Co , bds 43 Crew 
Couniy Jail, C. C. Green, jailor; 34 Eraser 
Coursey Nancy A. R., wks F. G. Hancock, bds 193 Mangum 
Court House, 28 Washington 

Court of Ordinary, W. L. Calhoun, ordinary ; Court House 
Courtney John C, genl bkkpr W. & A. R. K, r 225 Hill 

THE ED¥%||#J«lgi Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E.Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale <& Betall. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

CPU 210 CRA 

Courtney John R., elk W. & A. R. R., r 225 Hill 

Covington James J., with Campbell & Cook, has 120 Clark 

Covington James W,, ins adjuster, r 120 Clarke 

Covington John, lab, r 79 Yonge 

Cowan N., coppersmith W. & A. R. R 

Cowan Robert (c), cook D. W. Allen, r 84 Houston 

Cowan , photographer, bds 50 N. Broad 

Cowart Fannie D., dressmkr, r 141 S. Forsyth 
Cowart Georgia, wid C, bds 249 Washington 
Cowart Rebecca J. Miss, boarding, 9 Houston 
Cox Alcana (c), porter F. E. Block, r 5 Parsons 
Cox Andrew W., wks L. H. Hall k Co., r 39 Thurmond 
Cox Annie Miss, teacher, bds 40 Rhorles 
Cox Cornelia J., wid Henry, bds 40 
Cox George (c), lab, r 10 Jones 

Cox Henry T. (H. T. Cox & Co.), r Louisville. Tenn 
COX, HILL & THOMPSON (W. B. Cox, W. R. Hill and 
J. Thomp.son, Jr.), whol liquor dealers and distillers, 
29 Peachtree 
CoxH. T. & Co. (H. T. Cox and H. D. Smith), whol grocers 

and produce com, 11 S. Forsyth 
Cox James B., painter, r Mills, ne cor Scott 
Cox James E., delivery elk W. & A. R. R., r 10 Spring 
Cox John (c), wks Atlanta Com. Co.,r 102 Eraser 
Cox John ^V., elk C. R. R , r 53 Ellis 
Cox John \V., grocer, 104 Peachtree, r 110 Peachtree 
Cox Lucius M., with M. Franklin, r 32 Grubb 
Cox Nathan, elk Brooks & Co 
Cox Nathan F., driver, bds 123 Walker 
Cox Sarah, wid Edwin, r 123 Walker 
Cox Theodore, elk, bds 89 E. Mitchell 
Cox Thomas H , wks L. H. Hall & Co., r 41 Thurmond 
Cox Wesley, grocer, 322 W. Mitchell 
Cox William B (Cox. Hill & Thompson), r 201 Ivy 
Cox William H., hackman, bds 322 W. Mitchell 
Coy Kendall Edward, pass agt A-L. Ry, bds 42 W. Peters 
Coyen Charles E., chf opr Telephone Exchange, bds 139 

E. Harris 
Coyen James, grocer, 54 Decatur, r 139 E Harris 
Craddock Douglas (e), shoemkr, 584 Marietta, r 144 Gray 
Craddock Robert (c), wks D. Craddock, r 144 Gray 
Craddock William A. (e), shoemkr, r es State, 3d n of Wal- 

?HyT) AVTS "t^SHCAL" SEWING- machine 

THEJ--^-*-^ V Ak? E'EEX) W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

CRA 211 CRA 

•Craft Henry T., elk J. Ryan, r 1G6 C. R. R 

Craft William (c), farmer, r Randolph nr limits 

Craig Adeline Mrs., bonnet cutter, bds 47 E. Simpson 

Craig Andrew C, stock trader, r 47 E Simpson 

Craig Arthur 0., elk A-L. Ry., bds 135 S. Pryor 

Craig Berry (c), lab, r 115 E. Cain 

Craig Bonaparte, harnessmkr D. Morgan, r 47 Simpson 

Craig George W., harnessmkr, bds 47 E. Simpson 

Craig Harvey, printer, bds 12^ W. Mitchell 

Craig James, patternmkr, W. & A. R. R.. r 140 S. Pryor 

Craig James G., elk, r 140 S. Pryor 

€raig Joseph H (c), lab. r 293 W. Mitchell 

Craig Margaret, wid Andrew, r 47 E. Simpson 

Craig Mattie A., wid. H. L. W., r 140 Luekie 

Craig William H., printer The Church Times, bds 14i^ W. 

Craig W., carpenter W. & A. R. R 
-Craige & Co., Hardy Safford, manager; Domestic Sewing 

Machine, 43 Whitehall 
Craigmiles Robert E., elk, bds 141 Mangum 
Cramer Frederick, cook Markham House, r cs Lowe al, 3d 

s of Larkin 
Crampton James (e), porter I. S. Boyd, r 2^ Marietta 
Crane Benjamin E. (Langston, Crane & Co.), r 59 Wash- 

CRANE, BOYLSTOX & CO. (Henry Boylston, A. Z. Dem- 
arest,) whol dry goods, notions, boots, shoes and hats, 
6 and 8 S. Pryor 

Crane Charles A., ship elk Langston, Crane & Co., r 46 E. 

Crane W., wks Ga. Iron Wka, r 431 Marietta 

Crankshaw Charles W., with J. P. Stevens & Co., r Wal- 
ker, nw cor Haynes 

Crankshaw Hamilton (H. Crankshaw & Co.), r Walker, cor 

Crankshaw Hamilton, Jr., elk J. P. Stevens &: Co., bds 
Walker, nw cor Hayne 

Crankshaw H. & Co. (H. Crankshaw, J. C. Bowen and L. 
Richardson), planing mill, 175 S. Forsyth 

Cranor Walter E.. wks Longley & Robinson, bds 46 Rawson 

Cranston Henry (A. J. West & Co.). bds Kimball House 

Cranston Oliver, mdse broker, 55 Peachtree, bds 100 N. 

m BEAIIH, ^^<^#i^»f i^l' PIEDM08I AIR-IINL 

EM frP^E^^QN ^^^^^^^ ^®*^ Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Street. 

CRA 212 ~ CRI 

Crawford Abel W., r 303 Whitehall 

Crawford Abram, 14 Marietta 

Crawford Amelia Miss, bds 59 May's al 

Crawford Bird (c), (McKoy & Crawford), r 178 Decatur 

Craw'ord C. J., elk Walton, Whann & Co., bds Ballards 

Crawford Franklin A., wks W. & A. E. R„ r.37 Nelson 
Crawford George (c).lab, r 292 Wheat 
Crawford George, painter, bds 24 Mangum 
Crawford George (c), wks J. M. Nace 
Crawford George B., student, bds 39 N. Pryor 
Crawford George G., physician, 14^ Whitehall, bds Kimball 

Crawford Green (c), porter P. J. Kenny 
Crawford James T. (c), wks A. M. B^rgstrom, r 12 Chapel 
Crawford John, c!k J. Keely, r 25 Forniwalt 
Crawford John (c), lab, r 144 Ga. R. R 
Crawford John M., train hand W. & A. R. R., r rear 273 

Crawford Mary Mrs , bds 133 W. Foundry 
Crawford Mary A. Mrs , seamstress, bds 57 Decatur 
Crawford Rachel (c), laundress, r 147 Fillmore 
Crawford Robert A , R. R agt, r ws Ashley, nr Thrasher, 

W. E 
Crawley Horace (c), wiper A-L. Ry 
Crawley John H., train hand W. & A, R. R 
Credille Ciillen S , elk, bds 36 Walker 
Creech Ashley, carpenter E. Haiman, bds 18 Emma 
Creed James, foreman Norwood & Brown, r 412 Marietta 
Creel James F., elk I. M. W^atson, r 99 Chapel 
Crenshaw Charles B., bkkpr Singer Mnfg Co., r 18 Hayn© 
Crenshaw James L., subscription agt Post-Appeal, r 24 

Crew Benjamin B. (Phillips & Crew), r 33 W. Harris 
Crew John, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Crew St. Schod. 119 Crew 

Crew William (c), waiter D. W. Allen, r W. & A. R. R 
Crichton John P., physician, bds Markham House 
Crigler Zachariah, carpenter, bds 65 Cone 
Crim James A , watchman, r 69 N. Butler 
Crim William M , policeman, r 150 Fillmore 
Crimes Augustus, wks Traynham, Geise & Ray, bds Air- 
Line House 



1HI.J-»'A^ V AK-» - -^•--i-> W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

^"CRI ~^13 ^C RO ' 

Crimmons John C, elk J. T. Hagan, bds 101 Whitehall 
Crist A. H., opr W. U. Tel. Co., bds National Hotel 
Crit'enden Sallie (c), cooic J. W. lleidt, r rear lUO Rich- 
Crockett Amanda (c), cook, r Decatur, nr limits 
Crockett Berry (c), driver, r 93 Ellis 

Crockett Corne ia Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 17 Bartow 
Crockett Courtney (c), wl;s Porter & Meakin, r Decatur, nr 

Crockett David A., machinist, bds 28 Elliott 
Crockett Frank (c), wks Markham House 
Crockett Mary K., wid D. M., bds 28 Elliott 
Crocke:t Phebe (c), laundress, r 1:9 Robbins 
Croft Thomas 0. (Bettis &Crof), bds 251 W. Peters 
Cromelin Rowland F, elk Ry. M. S, r 85 E. Garnett 
Cronic Joseph (c), porter 127 Marietta, r Decatur, nr limits 
Cronic Robert (c), lab, r 2 Ella 
Cronic Samuel (c), lab, r 2 Eila 
Crook Thomas (c), wks Cotton Factory, r 78 Mays al 
Croom Daniel J. ( & Croom), bds W. & A. R. R., Ist 

w of Sp)ring 
Cropp Eliza J., wid J. T., bds 323 Rawsou 
Crosby Sophia, wid Isaac, r 55 Railroad 
Crosby Warren B., elk Chess, Carley & Co , r 17Pulliam 
Cross Edwin A., carpenter M. Lipes, r 62 Gilmer 
Cross George B., carpenter, bds 30 Mechanic 
Cross George B. F., carpenter, r 125 Jones av 
Cross Horase C, painter, W. & A. R. R., r 131 Fort 
Cross Julian R., carpenter, bd> 62 Gilmer 
Cross Leonedas L., jeweler, r 62 Walker 
Crossley Charles, trav agt, bds 17 Wheat 
Crossley John T., elk J. C. Bridger, r 19^ S. Broad 
Crouch James M., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 5 Chapel 
Crouch William T., foreman L. H. Hall & Co., r Walton 
Crow C. Kendrick, with Z E. Taylor, bds 46 E. Hunter 
Crow Newsom, wks Paper Mills, bds 20 Richardson 
Crow Sarah, wid J. F.. r 75 Connally 
Crow Young S., butcher, 223 Decatur, r 225 Decatur 
Crowder Eli (c), wks C. R. R., r C. R. R., nr Alexander 
Crowder James (c), lab, r 7 Ella 

Crowell Willis Miss, wks Selig Bros. & Co., r 259 Marietta 
Crowley Adeline (c), cook, r 119 Eraser 

IvENTRACK '11 Pieclmont Air-Line. 



J. C. KIMBALL, 56 E. Alabama St.. for COAL of 
any kind. Blacksmith's Coal a specialty. SeenaL'sltW 

CR O 214 CUL 

Crowley George (c), driver H. H. Gordon 

Crowley Martha Miss, wks Cotton Factory 

Crozier George (c), waiter Jake's Restaurant, r 95 E. Cain 

Crozier James, engineer W. & A. E. R 

Crumley Catharine Mrs., grocer, 264 Marietta 

Crumley Daniel, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Crumley William M. (Beck, Gregg & Co ), r 105 Walton 

Crumley William M. Rev., r 50 McDonough 

Cruse Alonzo, bds ns Mayson's Ferry rd, Bellwood 

Cruse John, wks Ga. Iron Wks., bds ns Mayson's Ferry rd, 

Cruse William, welldigger, r ns Mayson's Ferry rd, Bell- 
CrusseUe James A., bricklayer, r Irwin, nr limits 
Crusselle Thomas A., bricklayer, r 143 North av 
Crusselle Thomas G. W., contractor, r 36(j W. Peachtree 
Crute Charles, tinner Stewart & Fain, bds ns Mills, 2d e of 

Crute Rosanna !klrs , seamstress, r ns Mills, 2d e of McAfee 
Crutchfield Floyd (c), driver J. T. Grant, r rear 319 Peach- 
Crutchfield King (c), carpenter, r 271 N. Calhoun 
Crutchfield Martha J , wid R. F., bds 147 S. Pryor 
Crymes Thomas M. (Crjnnesct Scarborough), r 234 Decatur 

Crymes , driver St. R. R., bds 115| Decatur 

Crymes & Scarborough (T. M Crymes "'and H. H. Scarbor- 
ough), saloon, 13 N. Moore 
Crystal Alfred (c), wLs Henry Lewis, r 14 N. Fort 
Cudmore Daniel, elk J. Ryan, bds 39| Whitehall 
Culberson Augustus B. (,A. B. & H. L. Culberson"*, r Gor- 
don, nw cor Lawton, W. E 
CULBERSON A. B. & H. L. (Augu^;tus B. and Hubert 

L. Culberson), lawyers, 61 E. Alabama 
Culberson Clifford, elk, bds ns Irwin, w of Lee, W E 
Culberson Gerald H., lawyer, r Gordon, sw cor Lawton, 

W. E 
Culberson Hubert L. (4. B. & H. L. Culberson), bds Gor- 
don, nw cor Lawton, W. E 
Culberson James H., carpenter, r ns Irwin, 1st w of Lee, 

W. E 
Culbertson Marcus L., grocer, Decatur, nr Boulevard 
Culb^'rson Ovid I , grocer, Lee, sw cor Gordon, W. E , r 
,.<iGordon, cor Garnett 


tKfDAVIS T^^^-^^"-" sewing- machine 

IML-fc^AJ. W AK^ JF^^Ti W. T. WILSON, U W. Mi tchell tiU 

CUL 215 CUN 

Culberson S. B.,<3om mer, bds Adams House 
Culberson Thomas (c), lab, r 40 Richmond 

Culberson , wks T. S. Lewis 

Culbitson John R., student, bds 91 N. Calhoun 

CuUen Cecelia, wid James, bds GO N. Calhoun 

Cullen John A., trav agt, r 36 Forrest av 

CuUum Michael, lab, r221 Martin 

CuUuni William, blacksmith W. H. Roche, r 221 Martin 

Culpepper Alexander H., elk F. E. Block, bds 65 Cone 

Culpepper Daniel (c), wks Lynch & Lea, r 245 Crew 

Culpepper Isaiah (c), lab, r 234 McDonough 

Culpepper Jesse W., sec Atlanta Water Wks, and treas 

Street Ry., r 431 Peachtree 
Culver Milton, saloon, 93 W. Peters 

Culver Walter A., farmer, r ws Ashley, 2d n of Thrasher 
Cumming Robert A. R., with Beck, Gregg & Co., r 312 

COIMIXGS FRED., saloon, 7G S. Broad, r 77 Mangum 
Cummings Horace E., (J. F. Cummings & Co.), bds 64 

Cummings James B., (J. F. Cummings & Co,), bds 64 

Cummings James E., painter, r 20 E. Pine 
CUMMINGS JAMES F. (J. F. Cummings & Co.) and 
pres Atlanta Pub. Produce, Cotton and Stock Ex- 
change, r 64 Cooper 
Cummings John (c), lab, r 13 Terry 

CUMMINGS J. F. & CO. (J. F., H. E. and J. B. Cum- 
mings), managers Atlanta Public Produce, Cotton 
and Stock Exchange, 37 S Broad. (See page 81). 
Cummings William (c), elk T. Stafford r 13 S. Calhoun 
Cummings William B., binder J. P. Harrison & Co., r 71 

N. Pryor 
Cunningham Alexander T., cotton buyer, bds 26 N, Forsyth 
Cunningham Alice Miss, with Peeples Bros 
Cuuningham Anderson (c), wks A-L. Ry., r Cornelia, nr 

Cunningham Anna Mis.-=!, bds 118 Peachtree 
Cunningham Anthony (c), bellman Kimball House 
Cunningham Augustus H , printer, r 23 Orme 
Cunningham Frank (c), driver Crane, Boylston & Co., r 

260 Jones 
Cunningham George (c), wks E. Haiman, r IS Martin 

o'JlcK^TrMl' Til Piedmont Air-Line 

E M CrRFESnN General Keal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

M. Mhn VrfAWJJUWVJil) Promptness M:y M:ottOi 

CUN 216 CUR 

Cunningham Henry, pasS agt C. S. R. R., bds Kimball 

Cunningham James (c), l^b, r 282 Decatur 
Cunningham James W., with M. & J. Hirsch, r 3^ White- 
CUNNINGHAM JOHN D., lawver 31 Whitehall, r ws 

Ashley, 1st n of Thrasher, W. E 
Cunningham Lilly E. Miss, bds 118 Peachtree 
Cunningham William E., watchmkr 9 W. Alabama, r 26 

E. Alabama 
Cunningham William H., printer Constitution, r 30^ S. 

Cunningham Wilson (c), lab, r ws Hilliard, 2d n of Harris 
Cunningham W. L.. trav agt Cliyton & Webb 
Curbow Dempsey N., wi^s Winship & Bro., r 25 Magazine 
Currington Alonzo (c), lab, r Williams, se cor Cox 
Currington Charles (c), wks Hunnicutt & Bellingratb, r 

Pine, ne cor Lovejoy 
Currington Frank (c), lab, r ss Cox, 2d e of Orme 
Currington Isaac (c), wks Hunnicutt & Bellingratb, r Wil- 
liams, se cor Cox 
Currington Jane (c), seamstress, r Williams, se cor Cox 
Currington William (c), stove polisher Hunnicutt & Bel- 
lingratb, r ss Mills, 2d w of Williams 
Curiae Martha L., wid T. J . r 106^ W^hitehall 
Curran Charles, elk John Keely 
Curran John M., carriage trimmer, r 37 Stonewall 
Currier Catherinp> A., wid Hilliard L.. r 174 Ivy 
Currier Charles E., bkkpr P. & G. T. Dodd & Co., r 174 

Curry Albert (c), lab, r rear 48 Windsor 
Curry Alexander (c), lab, r 24 Biggers 
Curry Angus T., student, bds 146 N. Calhoun 
Curry Columbus, wood worker N. C. Spence, r 104 E. Pe- 
Curry Hardy (c), grocer, 164 Eraser, r 162 Eraser 
Carry James, 1st Lieut. 5th Art., r McPherson Barracks 
Curry Jane Mrs., laundress, r 10 Roach 
Curry Jefferson D. (c), driver J. J. Williams & Co 
Curry Jefft^rson D. (c), wks Gholstin & Zacbry, r 74 Hous- 
Curry John (c), wks F. E. Block, r 37 Richmond 
Curry Moses (c), well digger, r 37 Richmond 



Brewer's Lung Restorer 


THE J-'^^ V A.KJ FEE33 yf^ T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

CUR 217 DAN 

Curry Patrick (c), porter Kennesaw ]\Iills Co., r Foster 

Curtis Alfred, carriagemkr, r G8 N. Pryor 

Curtis Benjamin F., vvks Ferguson & Blount, r 123 Walker 

Curtis Caroline, wid J., r 205 W. Peters 

Curtis Charles E , train hiind A. & W. P. R. R., r 6 Spring 

Curtis Eliza A. Mrs , boarding, 75 Washington 

Curtis James A. (Curtis & Weitzell), r 68 N. Pryor 

Curtis Mary E., wid William, r 6 Spring 

Curtis William (c), porter Atlanta Cash Clothing Store, r 
46 N, Broad 

Curtis & Weitzell (J. A. Curtis and J. W^, Weitzell), car- 
riage mnfs, 85 and 87 Peach tree 

Curtis William M., druggist, r 158 W. Peters 

Curtright John T., elk Nolan & Doty, bds 23 EHis 

Cushenberry Andrew (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 43 Victoria 

Cyrus Warren (c), sampler Austell & Rice 

DACEY John W. elk J. Ryan, r 15 W. Peters 
Dade Coal Co., office 10 E. Wall 
Dade Adeline M., wid Abel A., bds 161 W. Foundry- 
Dale Isabella Miss, cigarmkr R. Cassidy 
Dallas George J. (Muse, Swift & Dallas), r 44 Jones 
Dalston William B., medical books, 17i E. Alabama, r 84 

Dalton George, opr Am. Union Tel. Co , bds 55 S. Forsyth 
Daly Albert (c). wks J. Perdue, r 38 Henry 
Daly Catherine, wid Martin, r 35 Castleberry 
Daly George, carpenter, r 42 Bradbury 
Daly James (c), porter J. C. Baswell 

Daly John H., with M. C & J. F. Riser & Co., r 35 Castleberry 
Daly PatricA, engineer W. & A. R. R., r 40 Castleberry 
Daly Thomas, elk J. Ryan, bds 40^ Decatur 
Dameron Edward C, elk H. Franklin, bds 214 Hayne 
Dameron John D., with Hirsch Bros., r 214 Hayne 
Danforth Alexander T., elk, r Hi S. Broad 
Daniels Abraham (c), wks J. C Kimball, r 174 Fort 
Daniel Anderson (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r ns Adams, 2d 

e of Jackson 
Daniel Benjamin A., elk J. Keely, bds 79 Luckie 
Daniel Catharine W., wid Jackson, r 16 Roach 
Daniels Cornelias (c), domestic, r rear 77 Crew 
Daniel David (c), wks Atlanta Com. Co., bds 153 Thurmond 
Daniels Erastus (c), wks J. Domini 

Peerless, vet^Route. Piedmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL- 

DAN 218 PAR 

Daniel Fillmorb H., brickla^'er, r 16 Roach 

Daniel Francis M. Rev., pastor Central Bap. Ch., r Gordon, 

se cor Peeples, W. E 
Daniel George (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 3 Tiimlin 
Daniel Grant B. (c), truckman W. & A. R. R 
Daniel Isham (J. C. <t I. Daniel), r 37 Marietta 
Daniel James C. (J. C. & I. Daniel), r 47 Houston 
Daniel John B. (Daniel & Marsh), bds 42 Forrest av 
Daniel John F., lawyer, 54 Whitehall, r ws Lee, 1st n of 

Gordon, W. E 
Daniel John P., wks C. R. R., r 79 Luckie 
DANIEL J. C. & I. (John C. and Isham Daniel), boots 

and shoes, H2 Whitehall 
Daniel Larkin (c), carpenter Lynch & Lee, r Jones, ne cor 

Rawsons al 
Daniel Li Hie Mrs , wks Cotton Factory, r 187| Marietta 
Daniel Lover, wks J. C. Burdett, r 19 Stonewall 
Daniel Lucinda (c), laundress, r 50 Gate City 
Daniel Robert (c). lab, r ws Lee, 2d s of Irwin 
Daniel Royal G., butcher, r 19 Stonewall 
Daniel Wi'lliam H., wks Geo. Hinman, r 294 E. Fair 
Daniel Wylie (c), butler C. W. Hunnicutt, r rear 306 W. 

DANIEL & MARSH (J. B. Daniel and E. W. Marsh Jr.), 

wliol and ret druggists, 13 Decatur and 3 Pryor 
Dann Benedick L., tobacco and cigars, 1 Peachtree, r 55 

W. Garnett 
Dansby Robert (c), wks A-L. Ry, r Howell, nr limits 
Dansby Turner R. (c), driver A-L. Ry, r 58 Ellis 
Darby George (c), wks J. J. Richards, r 170 S. Pryor 
Darby Lizzie, wid Jefferson, r 51 W. Cain 
Darby Mary M. Mrs., boarding, 345 Marietta 
Darby Thaddeus (c), carpenter Lieberman & Kaufmann, r 

170 S Prvor 
Darby William L.. r 345 Marietta 
Darden James N. (c), porter E. Mercer, r 19 Foster 
Darden Wesley (c), drayman, r 108 E. Fair 
Darden Wylie (c), porter Morris & Bro , r 110 Foster 
Darling Ella Mis?, teacher Fair Street School 
Darling Joseph, grocer, 124 Marietta 
Darnall Henrv, lab, r 9 Werner av 
Darnell Sion A., asst U. S. Atty, U. S. Cour'. House, bds 84 



* V^^ JC^WilA.' AK/' And Never Fails to Cure. 

THE JL/ jCX V JLK^ e^oeed ^ x. Wilson, i4 w. Mitchell st. 

das" 219 DaT 

Dasilva Eliza M.. wid David, r 54 Elliott 

Davenport Daniel (c), lab, r rear 85 Elliott 

Davenport .Tef^se (o\ l.-ih. r 153 N. Butler 

DAVENPORT, JOHNSON & CO. (James S and James B. 
Davenport, Wni. !S. Johnson and E. L. Voorhis), cot- 
ton and woolen mill supplies, G8 and 70 E. Alabama^ 
33 Park Place, N. Y. City. (See pa^e 100) 

Davenport Joseph P., with F. G. Hancock 

Davenport Riify (c), cook G. L e, r Walker's Row, nr Min- 
eral Springs 

Davis Abraham (c), fanner, r 337 E. Hunter 

Davis Albert (c), lab, r 224 C. R. R 

Davis Albert (c), wks J. C. Kimball, r 226 VV. Hunter 

Davis Alfred, student, hds 93 Chapel 

Davis Alexander (c), lab, r 230 W. Hunter 

Davis Amanda Mrs , wis Cotton Factory, bds 25 Cone 

Davis Andeison (c), helper W. Sz. A R. R., r 126 Houston 

Davis Anderson (c), waiter Markham House, r 85 Houston 

Davis Andre-v (c),baroer D. Hutchins, r 174 Wheat 

Davis Andrew W., com mer, r 35 Larkin 

Davis Ann E., wid J. W., r 146 S. Forsyth 

Davis Anna (c), laundress, r 43 GuUatt 

Davis A Webster, bkkpr Atlanta Nat. Bank, r 7^ White- 

Davis Cato (c), helper Ga. Iron Wks 

Davis Charles (c), wks Winship & Brc, r 179 Martin 

Davis Christopher C, grocer, 43 Chapel, r 27 Tatnall 

Davis Daniel (c), helper W. & &. R. R 

Davis Daniel (c), wks M. Lipes 

Davis Daniel (c), shoemkr A. Latham, r McDaniel, nr Bar- 
racl'S av 

Davis David (c), wks City Hall, r McDaniel, nr Barracks av 

Davis Edward (c), wks A. Dittler, r Ellis, nr limits 

Davis Elbert (c), lab, r 317 W. Mitchell 

Davis Elizabeth, wid A., r rear 52 Martin 

Davis Ernest Y., route agt. Ey. M. S 

Davis F ovd (c), dravman, r ss Baugh, 1st w of Lee, W. E 

Davis George (c), lab, r 20 Wells 

Davis George (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 18 Merritt av 

Davis Georgia B., wid D., bds 170 W. Hunter 

Davis Harrison (c), wks Atlanta Com. Co., r Spring, 1st n 
of Alexander 

Davison H<-nderson (c), wksF. S. S'ewart, r 219 N. Calhoun 

■IS' 'ia Piedmont Air-Line 

E M G-PEFSOTST General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

iUa Alh, UAWAdJ^WVil) Promptness MIy IVtotto. 

DAV 220 DAV 

Davis Henderson, (c), lab, r rear lol E. Baker 

Davis Henry (c), dravman, r Garnett, nw cor Irwin 

Davis Henry (c), cook Jake's Restaurant, r 104 S. Pryor 

Davis H«nry (c), lab, res 337 E. Hunter 

Davis Henry (c), lab, r 64 Mark ham 

Davis Henry (c), porter Langston k Crane, r 214 W. 

Davis Henry L. (c), shoemkr G. Washington, r rear 58 

Davis Jacob (c), bricklayer, ws Reed, 3d n of Glenn 
Davis James (c), blacksmith 0. Davis, r 103 Rhodes 
Davis James (c), cook, r 22 Valentine 
DaviS James (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ss Means, nr limits 
Davis James (c), wks Ga. R. R., r 179 E. Baker 
Davis James A., blacksmith, 30 N. Broad, r rear 30 N. Broad 
Davis James H., plumber Hunnicutt & BeUingrath, r 170 

W. Hunter 
Davis James S., grocer, 88 Hilliard 
Davis Jane (c), laundress, r 66 C R. R 
Davis Jeremiah (c), porter Sou Exp Co., r 287 Eraser 
DAYIS JOHN, brass foundry and machine shop, 221 Ma- 
rietta, r 219 Marieita 
Davis John (c), bricklayer, r ws Calhoun, 2d n of Ellis 
Davis John (c), lab, r Austin's al, bet Holland and Hump- 
Davis John, train hand W. & A. 1\. R., bds 16 Mechanic 
Davis John (c), train hand A-L. Ry , r 14 N. Fort 
Davis John (c), wks Elsas, May & «'o , r 175 Rawson 
Davis John (c), waiter Mrs. C. W. Watkins, r 12| W. 

Davis John H., wks W. & A. R. R , r 59 Thurmond 
Davis John J., tailor Hirsch Bros., r ss Ponder av, 1st e of 

Davis John P., with The Bradstreet Co., r 15 E. Mitchell 
Davis John S , watchman A L. Ry 
Davis John T., printer, bds 27 Tatnall 
Davis Joseph R., manager Jake's Restaurant, r 1G6 Luckie 
Davis Joseph H., revenue agt, r 14 S. Bartow 
Davis J. M., watchman A L Ry 
Davis Larkin H., bricklayer, r 82 S. Forsyth 
Davis Lewis (c), lab, r 222 Jones 
Davis Louisa (ci, laundress, r rear 59 Thurmond 
Davis Lucius (c), lab, r 127 Ellis • 

lVri5?TTRO'^"^ir^ K,H3L.TE!VE3S 3S3rElXJK,A.Ijai-A. 
1^ J]J U JL%,\> j^ 1 ^ I2SJ- 5 TO lO 3^II^XJTES 

?11^DAVIS "t^ffii^" SEWING- MACHINE 

IHt-A^Xi^ ¥ J-KJ FEED ^ ^ T_ WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

DAV 221 ~ DAW ^ 

Davis Mahala, wid Jesse, r 93 Chap4 

Davis Malinda (c), cook, r 317 W. Mitchell 

Davis Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory 

Davis Mattie Miss, wks F E. Block 

Davis Mattie Miss, wks Cotton Factory 

Davis INIorris, mer, r 33 N. Pryor 

Davis Orrin (c), blacksmith, 26 W. Hunter, r 103 Rhodes 

Davis Rebecca (c), laundress, r rear 88 Crew 

Davis Ricluird (c), driver, r rear 2U9 E. Cfiin 

Davis Robert P., elk J. Keeley, r 15 E. Mitchell 

Davis Samson (c), lab, r 81 Gullatt 

Davis Samuel (c), driver W. L. Stanton «& Co , r 63 Walker 

Davis Samuel, painter, bds 131 Cain 

Davis Sarah E , wid Joseph, r 70 Davis 

DAVIS SEWING MACHINES, W. T. Wilson, manager; 

14 W. Mitchell. (See top lines and page 84) 
Davis Sidney (c), porter Cleaton & Johnson, r Collins, cor 

Davis Simon (c), lab, r 285 N. Calhoun 
Davis Stphen (c), fireman Kimball House 
Davis S ephen H., harness and saddles, 53 Peachtree, r 

148 Decatur 
Davis Stonewall, wks W. S Wilson & Bro., r W. E 
Davis Thomas (c), driver Winter & Brown, r rear Wheat, 

cor Ivy 
Davis Thomas, tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r rear 52 

Davis Vincent, bricklayer, r 20 Bush 
Davis Warren (c), lab, r 102 Hoge 
Davis Wiley (c), waiter Mar^ham House 
Davis William (c), drayman, r Bradbury nr limits 
Davis W^illiam (c), lab, r 72 S. Forsyth 
Davis William (c), lab, r 377 Whitehall 
Davis William Cc), wks W. E. Ho^le, r 222 E. Jones 
Davis William H , elk F. S Simmons & Co., bds 79 S. Pryor 
Davis William H.. mess W. U. Tel. Co 
Davis William L. (Autry & Davis), r 224 W. Fair 
Davis Thomas A., collector, bds 150 Whitehall 

Davis , physician, bds Collier House 

Daw Edward (c), fireman A-L. Ry 

Dawson Alexander, collector Hunnicutt & Bellengrath, r 

Peter, 2d n of Gordon, W. E 
Dawson Alexander, Jr., elk, bds Peters, 2d n of Gordon, W. E 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 

f fl ™gi!T COAL, W005>,?-»!VBE and CEWIENT, 

■ I •■ lll(Yl0Haa| f5fi Kast Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

DAW 222 PEA 

Dawson Edward J. (c), carpenter, r Martin, sw cor Love 

Dawson G-orge T., tinner, r 361 N. Collins 

Dawson Homer, fireman W. & A. R. R., bds Peters, 2d n of 

Gordon, W E. 
Dawson James H. T., with Moore, Marsh & Co., r 170 Ivy 
Dawson John (c), wks H. Crankshaw, r 30 Victoria 
Dawson Lucy (c), cook, r 72 W. Harris 
Dawson McCuUum, elk W. & A. R R , r W. Peters, 2d n of 

Gordon W. E 
Dawson William C , with M. & J. Hirsch, bds 170 Ivy 
Day David H. (Pillsbury & Day), r 105 Gullatt 
Day Edwin F., butcher Pillsbury & Day, r 96 Gullatt 
Day John, elk Ry. M. S.. bds Ballard's restaurant 
Dav J. M , engineer A. & W. P. R. R 

DAY S UIUEL W., oysters, fish and ice, 1 E. Wall, White- 
hall crossing, r 132 Gullatt 
Day S. A., 1st lieut. 5th Art., r McPherson Barracks 
Day Thomas J., bkkpr S. W. Day, bds hV2 Gullatt 
Day Thomas, engineer A.. & W. P. R. R 
Day William E. (c), shoemkr A. J. Delbridge, r es Martin, 

nr limits 
Dean Charles N., wks E. Haiman, bds 383 Marietta 
Dean Elberr. G , fireman Cotton Factory, r 200 Luckie 
Dean Fillmore (c), driver Abbott & Bro., r rear 29 Pul- 

Dean Jacob (c), wks J. Perdue 
Dean Jesse P. (Bell & Dean), r 21 Jones av 
Dean John (c), painter, r 74 Decatur 
Dean John A., bds 200 Luckie 
Dean John P.. wks Pirkle & Bell, r 383 Marietta 
Dean John T,, fireman W. & A. R R., r 196 Luckie 
Dean J. W. H., painter N. C. Spence 
Dean Millard, fireman W. & A. R. E., r 348 Marietta 
Dean Robert (c;, wks B Conley, r ws Peeples, nr limits^ 

W. E. 
Dean Sarah J., wid Simeon, bds 63 Peachtree 
Dean Thomas W., physician, 202 Marietta, r 291 Marietta 
Dean Walter, molder, bds 383 Marietta 
Dean William T., fireman W. & A. R. R., bds 145 Ga. R. R 
Deane William D., special agt Ins. Co. of North America, 

and Star Fire Ins. Co. N. Y., r 27 Gilmer 
Deas William A, pattermkr A-L. Ry., r 85 Hill 
Deaton Mary L., wid Robert B., bds 74 N. Pryor 

?DHi 1 iivn niTCTnnr'P is the best cough med- 

I iS LllMi iii]i51 UliyU icine in the world. 

?ffi"n A VTR "t^SJ'^iL" SEWING- machhste 

THtJ-'X^ V Ak^ ^'EEX) W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

DEB 223 DEL 

DeBelle Robert F., (DeBelle & Trammell), and notary 

public, 28 E. Wall, r 159 Crew 
DeBelle it Trammell (R. F. DeBelle and Wallace Tram- 
mell), mdse brokers, 28 E. Wall 
Decatur Isaac (c), hackman, r 238 W. Mitchell 
Deckert William E., engineer W. & A. R. R., bds 45 Alex- 
Deckner James, cabinetrnkr McBride & Co., r 43 Smith 
DeCottes John M. bkkpr Winter & Brown, bds 72 Marietta 
Defnell Calvin R., molder W. S. Withers, bds 45 Rock 
Defnell Jane, wid Sanders B., r 45 Rock 
DeFt or James A., grocer, 137 W. Peters, r 71 Walker 
DeFoor Linda M., wid James, r 22 Hayden 
Dege John H., shoemkr M. Gaines, r 291 E. Harris 
DeGive Laurent, propr DeGive's Gpera House, 37 Marietta 

r 35 Irwin 
DeGive's Opera House, 37 Marietta 
deGrafienreid A. R. Mrs , bds 72 Marietta, 
deGRAFFENREID MARSHALL, lawyer 2i Marietta, r 

43 Houston 
deGrafienreid William, bkkpr, r 43 Houston 
DeGroat William S., contractor, 118 Marietta, r 249 

Man gum 
Deihl Albert H., with M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., r 18 Spring 
Deihl George A., machinist W. & A. R. R., bds 18 Spring 
Deihl John, wks W. & A. R. R., bds 18 Spring 
Deihl Joseph D., printer W. T. Christopher & Bro., r 18 

Delamotta Adolphus Rev. (c), r 107 Chapel 
DeLane Philip W., baggagemaster A-L. Ry., bds National 

Delashaw Cicero W., harnessmkr S. H. Davis, bds 212 E. 

DeLay Frank T., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 105 W. Simpson 
DeLay John, bds 105 W. Simpson 

DeLav Stephen (c), wks W. C Rockwell, r rear 125 S. Loyd 
DELBRIDGE ALLEN J. (c), boot and shoemkr, 22 White- 
hall, r 33 Valentine (See page 93) 
Delbridge Charles L., elk, bds 9 Houston 
Delbridge George W., physician, bds 9 Houston 
Delbridge Thomas J., cl^', bds 9 Houston 
Delbridge William, bds 85 N. Collins 
Delkin Antony L., engraver J. P. Stevens & Co., r 161 W. 

^neImen! PiedmoruAir-Lme 

E M GREESOT^ General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

fMrn Mh, MAWAJJ^MVA^, Pro m ptness Jkty M jotto^ 

DEL 224 DEN 

Delkin Bertha Miss, bds 161 W Mitchell 
Delltshaw Caroline E., wid Edward, r 212 E. Fair 
Delleshaw Joseph, wks Longley & Robinson, bds212 E. Fair 
Dellesbaw Lavonia Miss, wks Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, 

bds 212 E. Fair 
Delleshaw Thomas D. (Bennett & Delleshaw), bds 212 E. 

Dellingham John, elk T. H. Ivie, bds 169 W. Foundry 
DeLoach Alonzo A., pat agt, 35 W. Mitchell, bds 20^ W. 

DeLoach Jesse, elk, r 277 E. Hunter 
Delpey Augustus, wks H. H. Dickson, r 11 Terry 
Delpey Henry, printer Constitution 

Demarest Albert Z. (Crane, Boylston & Co.), r New York 
Demarest Catherine E., wid David, r es Marietta, nr limits 
Demarest Glasgow (c), lab, r 194 Richardson 
Demarest Lewis (c), carpenter, r 194 Richardson 
DeMas James (c), lab, r 145 Markham 
Demmon Frank S., shoemkr, 102 W. Mitchell, r 105^ 

Demmon Mary Mrs., wks Cotton Factory 
Demmon Patrick, bricklayer Lynch & Lea 
Demonbreun Fannie Miss, wks Cottou Factory 
Dempsey Thomas J., elk, r 122 W. Fair 
Dempster William, miller Gholstin & Zachry, r 55 S. 

Deneen John, blacksmith, 211 W. Peters, r 265 W. Peters 
Denham Israel (c), lab, r 140 Crumley 
Denk August, bkkpr Elsas, May <fc Co., r 201 Whitehall 
Dennard Wiley F., policeman, r 10 E Hayne 
Dennis Amanda (c), laundress, r rear 8 Jennings al 
Dennis Chapel E., wks Cotton Fiictory, bds 352 Mangum 
Dennis Emma F. Miss,wks Cotton Factory, bds 352 Mangum 
Dennis Green (c), carpenter, r 243 Wheat 
Dennis James, saloon W. & A. R. R., nw cor Mayson Ferry 

Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Dennis James M., brickmason, r 137 W. Peters 
Dennis Jefferson, elk S. Chamberlain, bds rear Cotton 

Dennis Jonathan, bricklayer r 57 Hayne 
Dennis Margaret A. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 352 

Dennis Owena H. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 352 Man- 


S <St Sr)Ar^i'r'ir^ Cures Rhenmatism 
■ *^" H^jyCJWJUAAw aa-AND builds <iP the system 


IHtJ-^AAi If ^KJ ^-EEIS W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

DEN 225 DEW " 

Dennis Richard (c), wks Loyd & Bro 

Dennis Tempie Mrs., wkr^ Cotton Factory 

Dennis Vanna Miss, wks Cotton Factory 

Dennis William L., painter, r 352 Mangura 

Dennison Charles, carpenter M. Lipes, bds 40 Decatur 

Dennison Napoleon (c). helper W. & A. R. R., r 339 Jones 

Denson E T., student, bds 115 Decatur 

Dent Burrell (c), fireman Kimball House 

Bent Emma Miss, wks Cotton Factory 

Dent, Meador & Co. (W. B. W. Dent, C. D. Meador and J. 

M. Goldsmith), seed cotton cleaners, 57 E. Alabama 
Dent William B. W. (Dent, Meador & Co.), r Newnan, Ga 
Dent Wylie T. (c). barber G. W. Hays 
Denton Charles, wks Cotton Factory, bds Hayden nw cor 

Dent n Emma Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds Hayden, nw 

cor Harris 
Denton John, r Hayden, nw cor Harris 
Denton Lizzie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds Hayden, nw 

cor Harris 
Derby Richard (c), carpenter, r 203 W. Hunter 
Derden Andrew J., machinist, r rear 96 Terry 
Derden George, carpenter, r 55 S. Broad 
DeSaussure Douglas B., elk Atlanta Nat. Bank, bds 221 S. 

DeSaussure George R., with Cox, Hill <fc Thompson, r 221 

S. Prvor 
DeSaussure Mary R,, wid H. W., bds 221 S. Pryor 
DeSauPsure Richard C, elk Atlanta Nat. Bank, bds 221 

S. Pryor 
DesLondes Clara E. Mrs., confectioner, 128 Whitehall, r 

Humphries, nr limits 
DesLondes Edward, trav agt, r 119^ Whitehall 
De.^sau Abram, bds 69 Forrest av 

DeTreville Robert G., elk A-L. Ry, bds 87 N. Calhoun 
Devarnes Slemmon (c), wks J. Perdue, r 29 Henry 
Devault Alice, seamstress, r Humphries, nr Barracks av 
Devereaux Jamfs (c), barber M, H. Bentley 
Deverell Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Devine Jackson (c), wks Gas Wks, r 42 Terry 
Devine Thomas (c), wks Gas wks, r 220 Eraser 
Devine William M. (c), wks Atlanta Com Co 
Dewald George A., broker, 10 E. Alabama, bds 273 White- 


THE BEN %iiii^^ f Si Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale <& Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

DEW 226 PIC 

Dewald Nathan J. D., student, bds 273 Whitehall 
Dewald Solomon, with Lorentz & Rittler, r 273 Whitehall 
Dewberry Benjamin F., fireman A. & W. P. R. R., bds 242 

Dewberry Carrie Miss, wks Evins & Robinson, bds 62|^ S. 

Dewberry Doc, elk, r 62^ S. Pryor 
Dewberry Katie Miss, wks Evins & Robinson, bds 62^ S. 

Dewberry Oscar, molder E. Van Winkle & Co. 
Dewberry William, machinist E. Van Winkle & Co., bds 

218 Elliott 
Dick Samuel K. (S. M. Inman & Co.), r Marietta, Ga 
Dickerson Amelia, wid Allan, r 69 Thurmond 
Dickerson Benjamin S., weaver Cotton Factory, r 95 W. 

Dickey Ann E., wid James M., r 40 Stonewall 
Dickey Bros (J. L. and J. R. Dickey), millers and whol pro- 
duce com mers, 9 S. Forsyth 
Dickey Hester E. S., wid N. L, r 59 W. Mitchell 
Dickey James E., elk T. C. Mayson, bds 40 Stonewall 
Dickey James L. (Dickey Bros.), and forwarding agt W. & 

A. R. R., r59 Forrest av 
Dickey -John, wks L. H. H ill & Co., bds 135| Marietta 
Dickey John R. (Dickey Bros.), bds 59 Forrest av 
Dickey J. Edward, elk t. C. Mayson, bds 40 Stonewall 
Dickey Melissa C. Miss, boarding, 13oi Marietta 
Dickey Rob^-rt E., printer Atlanta Republican, r 1 Chapel 
Dickey William F., elk W. S. Saul, bds 40 Stonewall 
Dickinson Benjamin (c), carpenter, r 47 Richmond 
Dickinson Benjamin, wks Cotton Factory 
Dickinson Charles D., elk, bds 47 Whitehall 
Dickinson David W., bricklayer, r 58 Hood 
Dickinson Henry (c), dravman, r 139 E. Hunter 
Dickinson Lewis J., with J. C. HufiF, r 47 Whitehall 
Dickson Thomas H., with C. Scribner's Sons, bds 47 White- 
Dickinson William B., elk J. A. demons & Co., bds 139 

Dickinson William H.. elk. bds 47 Whitehall 
Dickson Harriet, wid Georc^e. r 19 S. Broad 
Dickson Henrv (c), driver W. S- Wilson & Bro., r Ga. R. R 
DICKSOJf HENRY H., steam book and job printer, 32 S. 
BroaH, r 100 Crew. (See backbone and opp p 245) 



W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

PIC 227 DOA 

Dickson James M , printer, r 100 Thompson 
Dickson Joseph, (c) porter S. M. Inman & Co 
Dickson Lydia (c), laundress, r es Elliott, 1st s of Thur- 
Dickson Mary Mrs., seamstress, r 251 N. Cftlhonn 
Dickson Tazewell T., with A. C. & B. F. Wyly & Co., bds 

222 S. Prvor 
Dickson Wickliffe P., painter, r 250 E. Fair 
Dickson William C, foreman H. H. Dickson, r 180 S. For- 
Dickson William E , wks P. H Sn^ok, r 21 Hood 
Dickson William M., with S. M. Inman & Co., bds Kimball 

Digby Emma ]\Iiss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Dighy Sarah Mrs., boarding, 79 Spring 
Digby Susan Miss, weaver Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Digby i homas J., weaver Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Dill Thomas, fireman VV. & A. R. R 
Dillard John (c), waiter G. Nicolson, r 100 N. Collins 
Dillard Nancy (c), laundress, r Ira, ne cor Crumley 
Dillard Thomas (c), drayman, r 56 C. R. R 
Dillman John, wks Ristine & May, bds 39 N. Forsyth 
Dimick Loderick M., mer, r 67 Marietta 
Dimmock William R., machinist Winship & Bro., bds 31 

N. Pry or 
Dine Andrew H., wks Atlanta Brewery, r 132 E. Harris 
Dinkins Charles (c), janitor Walker Street School, r 136 

Dison Alva C , engineer, r 23 Castleberry 
Dison Eliza, wid John r 23 Castleberry 
Dison John T., printer Christian Index, bds 23 Castleberry 
Dison Lewis (c), r 15 E. Foundry 
Dison Richard (c). lab, r 276 Pine 

DITTLER ALEXANDER, grocer, Houston, ne cor Fort 
Dixon Annie (c), laundress, r 38 Thurmond 
Dixon Anthony (c), lab, r 102 Decatur 
Dixon Asbury (c), lab, r 25 Mangum 
Dixon James, elk Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Dixon John fc), train hand A-L. By 
Dixon John Y., bkkpr Singer Mnfg Co., r 22 Bartow 
Dixon Nathaniel (c), carpenter, r 10 Valentii^e 
Dixon Riley (c), lab, r es Larkin, 2d s of Walker 
Doane John A., bkkpr, r 17 E. Hunter 

m HEALia, ^^o¥5^f /kI* PIEDMOSI AlH-Lll 

E M SREE2QN General Heal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

DOB 228 D OM ^ 

Dobbs Aaron (c), bricklayer, r rear 25 Jones 

Dobbs Asa (c), whitewasher, r 23 Pettus 

Dobbs Emily J. Mrs., dressmkr, 19 Greens Ferry av 

Dobbs George (c), porter A. McD., Wilson & Co., r 119 Mc- 

Dobb,s Jefferson (c), lab, r rear 56 Gilmer 
Dobbs John (c), bricklayer, r Elm,nr limits 
Dobbs John (c), wks Frank Redd, r rear 210 Decatur 
Dobbs Joseph (c), drayman, r 89^ Whitehall 
Dobbs Joseph (c), musician, r 14 Valentine 
Dobbs Mihired (c), laundress, r 85 Elliott 
Dobbs William (c), bricklayer, r Elm, nr limits 
Dobey William, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Docket Sanford (c), mason, r rear 130 Eraser 
Dodd Green T. (P. & G. T. Dodd & Co.), r 19 E. Mitchell 
Dodd John, elk P. & G. T. Dodd & Co., bds 19 E. Mitchell 
Dodd J. D , elk M. Ryan, bds 20^ W. Mitchell 
Dodd Laura Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Dodd Mary Miss, seamstress, r W. & A. R. R., nr Cain 
Dodd Mary A Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds W. & A. R. R., 

nr Cain 
Dodd Philip (P. & G. T. Dodd & Co.), r 242 Whitehall 
Dodd P. & G. T. & Co. (Phillip and G. T. Dodd and W. J. 

Tanner), whol groceries, 32 E. Alabama 
Dodd Wiley (c), lab, r 110 Foster 
Dodson Henry (c),lab, r 248 Crew 
Dodson James (c), lab, r 66 Magazine 
Dodson J'dm (c), butcher, r 66 Magazine 
Dodson Mary R., wid John, r 128 Crew 
Dodson William C. (Dodson & Scott), r 128 Crew 
Dodson W. C. Mrs., teacher Marietta Street School 
Dodson & Scott (W. C. Dodson and W. H. Scott), job 

printers 38 S. Broad 

Dodson , trav agt. bds 113 Peachtree 

Doggett Thomas J., elk, r 202 Jones 

Doherty Parthenia (c), laundress, r 15 Henry 

DOHMiR ROBERT, saloon, 14 and 16 Marietta, r 29 New 

Doke An'lrew (c), truckman W. & A. R. R., r 178 Martin 
Dolly George (c), porter V. P. Sisson, r 99 Spring 
Domini August, snloon, 119 Whitehall 
DOMINI JOHN, saloon and tenpin alley, 19 Whitehall, r 

14 Mechiinic 



IHtJL-^^*. V A»s^ ^ E-^HD W. T. WILSON. 14 W. MltcheU St. 

' DOM 229 DOR "' 

Dominick John R., butcher, bds Air-Line House 

Dominick Sarah (c), laundress, r 129 Luckie 

Dominan John, train hand Ga. R. R., r 246 Hayne 

Donald James, Avatchman Lynch & Lea 

DONA VAN JOHN A., manager R. G. Dun & Co., 36i E. 

Alabama, bds Kimball House 
Donehoo E:ijah F. (E. F. Donehoo & Co.), bds 13 E. Ala- 
Donehoo E. F. & Co. (E. F. Donehoo and F. J. Allen), oys- 
ters, fish and game, 3 and 13 E. Alabama 
Donehoo F. G., student, bds 91 N. Calhoun 
Donelson Catherine A., wid Charles, r 64 Fairlie 
Donnell James, watchman L3'nch & Lea 
Donnohoe James 0., policeman and grocer, 255 Eraser 
Donohoe James, pipe mnfr Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 25 

Donohoe Patrick, elk J. Ryan, bds 40 Decatur 
Doolittle Cynthia, wid H. S., r 31 Nelson 
Doolittle Nelson J., conductor W. & A. R. R., r 31 Nelson 
Dooly Henry, barblipr J. Vi . Rollo, r 24 Hilliard 
Dooly Martin H., roadmaster W. & A. R. R., r 133 Man- 
Dooly William H., barkpr J. W. Rollo, r 24 Hilliard 
Doonan Ellen, wid Terrence, r 161 Whitehall 
Doonan Frank, watchman E. Van Winkle & Co., r 143 

Doonan John, elk Ga. R. R., r 161 Whitehall 
Dorkins Ed. S. (c), plasterer J. G. Thrower, r 13 Mays al 
Dorsfctt Fannie Miss, wks F. G. Hancock, bds 61 Rock 
Dorsett Madison, lab, r 61 Rock 
Dorsett Moab E., with L. Cohen & Co., r Macon, Ga 
Dorsett Nettie Miss, with F, G. Hancock, bds 61 Rock 
Dorsett Richard, dairyman, r ss Pryor, nr limits 
Dorsey Albert T., engineer A. & W P. R. R., r 29 N. Bell 
Dorsey Anthony (c), lab, r rear 84 Forrest av 
Dorsey Augustine L., with Crane, Boylston & Co., r 33 W. 

Dorsey Bee, wks W. L. Fenley, bds 29 Bell 
Dorsey James, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 29 Victoria 
Dorsey Jasper W., wks A-L. Ry., r 300 E. Hunter 
Dorsey John M , hostler A-L. Ry., r 31 Factory 
Dorsey Joseph (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 70 C. R. R 
Dorsey J. Manson, wks G. W. Jack, b ds 287 Whitehall 

IvENTRACK Vl^ Piedmotit Air-Line. 


l^flfnhonP ^' °" ^IMSALL, 56 E. Alabama St.. for COAL of 
■M. t^lVJJIt)Ullt> any kind. Blacksmith's C oal a specialty. See naeo IM 

DOR 230 DOU 

Dorsey Lewis (c), carpenter, r rear 303 Fort 

Dorsey Mack (c), carpenter, r 41 Howell 

Dorsey Mack Jr. (c), waiter Mrs. E. D. Murray, r 41 Howell 

Dorsey Martha, wid William C, bds ns Henry, 4th w of 

Dorsey Peyton S., car greaser A-L. Ry., r Foster, nr limits 
Dorsey Robert S., wks A-L. Ry., bds 300 E. Hunter 
Dorsey Rufus, wks E. Van Winkle & Co., bds ns Henry, 

4th w of Mangum 
Dorsey Rufus T. (Wright & Dorsey), r 287 Whitehall 
Dorsej'' Stell (c), porter Simons & Drummond, r 99 Fraser 
Dorsey Wesley, watchman A-L. Ry 
Dorsey William H. H. Rev., pastor Sixth Baptist Church, 

r 165 Fraser 
Dorsey William H. S , elk, bds 165 Fraser 
Dorsey W. H., wks A-L. Ry., bds Air-Line House 
Doss Columbus T., r 258 Whitehall 
Doss Margaret, wid J. L., bds 258 Whitehall 
D.'tts Mary (c). laundress, r 21 GuUatt 
Doty William (Nolan & Doty^, r 262 Whitehall 
Dougherty Alvin (c), barber, r 161 Houston 
Dougherty Daniel 0., (J. Silvey & Co.), r 65 Forrest av 
Dougherty David H., dry goods and shoes, 39 and 41 White- 
hall, r 211 Peachtree 
Dougherty Mary A., wid Daniel, bds 3G Gilmer 
Doughertv Moses E , asst car inspector A. & W. P. R. R., r 

27 Moore 
Dougherty Rhoda A., wid James, bds W. & A. R. K., 2d w 

of Spring 
Dougherty Richard, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 418 Marietta 
Dougherty Warren, yardmaster A-L. Ry., r 129 Ga. R. R 
Doughty William, student, bds 115^ Decatur 
Douglass Cynthia, wid Samuel, r 59 N. Collins 
Douglass Elizi Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 61 W. Foundry- 
Douglass Edward B., elk A. J. Haygood, bds 59 Collins 
Douglass Fannie Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Douglass Frederick N., wks Cotton Factory, bds 61 W. 

Douglass James (c), driver A-L. Ry., r 159 N. Butler 
Douglass Jesse D., elk Beerman & Kuhrt, bds 32 N. Forsyth 
Douglass Job M., turner Traynham, Geise & Ray, r 34 

Pratt, cor Gilmer 
Douglass John, elk, bds 61 W. Foundry 



[IHtJ^XA. W J.K^ E'EEID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitch«U St. 

" DOU 231 DOZ 

Douglass John W., wks Cotton Factory, bds 35 W. Foundry- 
Douglass Joseph, turner Traynhara, Geise & Kay, r 34 Pratt 
Douglass Martha, wid Thomas, bds 40 \V. Foundry 
Douglass Raiford W., machinist Ferguson & Blount, r 59N. 

Douglass Robert 0., elk Chamberlin, Boyton & Co., bds 

Kimball House 
Douglass Rosa Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Douglass Scott, wks Cotton Factory, bds 61 W. Foundry 
Douglass Silas, wks Cotton Factory, bds 61 W. Foundry 
Douglass William, plumber Stewart & Fain, bds 186 Davis 
Douglass William, wks L. H. Hall & Co., r 111 Marietta 
Dovy Mary, wid J. B., r 130 Gray 
Dow Robert T., trav agt, bds Kimball House 
Dowdy Columbus A., helper W. & A. R. R 
Dowling John, boilermkr J. A. Gifford, bds HI Marietta 
Dowling Joseph, bds Southern Hotel 
Dowling William, elk J. Ryan, bdsSli Decatur 
Downing Ann, wid J. M., r 207 E. Hunter 
DOWNING HARVEY P., manager Chess, Carley & Co., 

39 S. Prior, bds ITPulliam 
Downing Walter T., elk S. Hecht, bds 207 E. Hunter 
Downs Ella A. Miss, elk 66 Whitehall, bds 153 Whitehall 
Downs George M., bkkpr J. Ryan, bds 69 N Collins 
Downs John R., machinist Ga. Iron Wks, bds 21 Johnson 
Downs William A., conductor A-L. Ry., r 69 N. Collins 
Doyle Albert T., gas fitter Stewart & Fain, bds 1 Emma 
Doyle Eliza, wid John, r 221 Decatur 
Doyle George (c), lab, r rear 85 Elliott 
Doyle George, wks J. W. Hinman, bds 365 Decatur 
Doyle George W., wks E. Haiman, r 1 Emma 
Doyle Hank, supt stables Sou. Exp. Co 
Dayle James, elk Regenstein & Kutz, bds 221 Decatur 
Doyle James J., agt, bds 15^ S. Broad 
Doyle James S., supt watch factory J. P. Stephens & Co., r 

174 Hayne 
Doyle Lelia C. Miss, with Peeples Bros., bds Clarke, sw cor 

Form wait 
Doyle M irgaret Mrs , propr Kennesaw House, 15J S. Broad 
Doyle Thomas, elk, bds 1 Strong 
Dozier Albert (c), plasterer, r 172 Ellis 
Dozier Cornelia A., wid H. C , r 145 Jones 
Dozier Dora J. Miss, r 15 E. Mitchell 

■quIck Vm E 'ia Piedmont Air-Line 

E M frPinr^nTCr fieneralEeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

*dm iHl, UtVAAldWiN, Promptness My Motto^ 

^~ DOZ 232 DRI 

Dozier Green (c), shoemkr, 280. Decatnr, r 67 Fort 
Dozier Henry (c), wks Porter & Meakin, r 67 Humphries 
Dozier James (c), waiter, r rear 31 Gilmer 
Dozier James S. (Pinson & Dozier), bds 15 E. Mitchell 
Dozier Screven T. E., elk A-L. Ry, bds 145 Jones 
Dozier Thomas H., physician, 261 Luckie 
Dozier William (c), porter F. M. Jack & Co 
Dozier William H., witli Pinson & Dozier, bds 15 E, Mit- 
Drafter Katie Miss, wks T. S. Lewis, bds 459 Marietta 
Drake Archelaus A., elk J. Ryan, bds 83 N. Forsyth 
Drake Clemmie Miss., wks C. F. M. Offett, bds 64 Rock 
Drake Jacob R., plasterer, r 75 W. Harris 
Drake John, feeder J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 188| Decatur 
Drake John T., elk W. T. Drake, r 141 Marietta 
Drake Joseph (c), fireman A-L. Ry 
Drake Mary (c), laundress, r 294 McDonough 
Drake Nancy S., wid J. T., r 64 Rock 
Drake William (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Drake William G., physician, 25| Peachtree, r 291 Peach- 

Drake William T., grocer, 141 Marietta 
Drakeford Frank (c), blacksmith, r 12 Glynn 
Drakeford James (c), carpenter, r 30 Bradbury 
Drakeford William (c), blacksmith W. L. Jarvis, r 136 

Draper William W. (Moore, Marsh & Co.), r 59 W. Harris 
Dreckman Adolph, wks E. P. Howell, r Gordon, ne cor 

Peeples. W, E 
Drennon Charles, wks J. C Kimball, bds 75 W. Foundry r 
Drennon Elijah T., wks Police Station, bds 75 W. Foundry 
Drennon Thomas, lab, bds 75 W. Foundry 
Drennon William H., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 134 

Drew James, carpenter, r 18 Emma 
Dreyfus Julius (Elsas, May & Co.), bds 57 E. Peters 
Dreyfus Solomon, trav agt, bds 96| Whitehall 
Driggers Jane Miss, domestic Mrs. J. Herley 
DriscoU Ann, wid James, r 52 S Broad 
DriscoU Frederick F., mess Sou. Ex. Co,, bds 87 Loyd 
Driscoll John W., carpenter, r 125 McDaniel 
DriscoU Joseph P., wks Selig Bros. & Co., bds 164 E. Hunter 
Driscoll Timothy, plaster, r 164 E. Hunter 

Brewer's Lung Restorer ..?l!M?5IEPilJ!« 

fV.^n A VTR "t^SJ'^i'-" SEWING- MACHINE 

THtJ^.^^ V Xk^ IFEEID W. T. WILSON, UW.MltctiellSU 

DRI 233 DUM" 

Driver George, elk Int. Rev., bds 218 W. Peters 
Drumheller Samuel P., carpenter, bds 79 Loyd 
Drummond George C. (Simons & Drummond), bds 83 Ma- 

Dubarry B. F., fireman A. & W. P. R. R 

DuBose Edwin R., elk 6Q Whitehall, bds 58 Cone 

DuBose James R„ bkkpr G. S. Prior, r 58 Cone 

Duck Henry R. S. (Duck & Co.), r Kirkvvood, Ga 

DUCK & CO. (H. R. S. Duck), paints, oils, glass and wall 

paper, 35 S. Broad 
Duckett, J. E., fireman W. & A. R. R 
Dudley George J., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 77 Rock 
Dudley Gilbert J., coupler C. R. K., bds 57 Lambert 
Dudley James B., carrier, bds 77 Rock 
Dudley John W., train hand W. & A. R. R., r ns Mayaon 

Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Dudley Nancy Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 77 Rock 
Dudley Sarah Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 77 Rock 
Duer James H., physician, r 20 Walker 
Duffy James J., (F. J. Ansley & Co.), r 66 Loyd 
Dutly Johanna Mrs., dressmkr, 78^ Whitehall 
Duffy Mary Miss, cook A. H. Locke, r PuUiam, ne cor 

Duffy Wiley, boarding, r 51 Ivy 

Dugger James M., bkkpr A. & C A-L. Ry.. r 284 Whitehall 
Duhme Charles H., baker G. W. Jack, r 43 W. Hunter 
Duke Alonzo, ba.kpr J. A. Tiller, bds 71 W. Peters 
Duke Alphonzo (c), lab, r west end Wells, nr limits 
Duke Edgar, wks Lynch & Lea, bds 366 Mangum 
Duke George A., carpenter, r 366 Mangum 
Duke Hardy Z., elk, bds 120 Larkin 
Duke Hiram A., elk, J. Tiller, bds 71 W. Peters 
Duke John tram hand A. & W. P. R. R., bds 145 Ga. R. R 
Duke Thomas G., elk F H. Glazier, bds 262 E. Hunter 
Duke William C, with J. Ryan, r 39 Smith 
Dukes Emma (c), seamstress, r 84 Tatnall 
Dukes Green (c), drayman, r 101 Eraser 
Dukes Jackson (c), drayman, r 9 Jenning's al 
Dukes Mary, wid J. L., bds 39 Smith 
Dukes William (c), porter J. Ryan, r 84 Tatnall 
Dumphry Jane Mrs., elk, bds 168^ Decatur 
Dumphry John, wks Ristine & May 
Dumphry Mary Mrs , grocer, 168^ Decatur 

Peerless, Yetr^Route. Piedmont Air-Line 

Jf TTTMT^ ATT ^^ ^' ^^^^^^^^ ^*-' ^gent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL- 
» \^t AilllLD ALiiJf EBRATED BOSTON CARRIAGES, See page 100. 

DUN 234 DUN' 

DUN R. G. & CO., J. A. Donavan, manager ; 36^ E. Ala- 
Dunaway Frances Miss, wks Elsas & May, bds 18 Henry 
Dunaway James, painter L. H. Hall & Co., r 16 Scofield 
Dunaway William H., machinist Winship & Bro., r 59 

Mays al 
Dunaway William J., carpenter, r 253 Luckie 
Dunbar Mary Miss, domestic J, B. Travis, bds 49 Luckie 
Duncan Alfred (c), porter Smythe & Perkerson 
Duncan Alexander, wksCook & Stewart 
Duncan D. Harry, with M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., bds Ad- 
ams House 
Duncan Elizabeth, wid John, r 174 Peachtree 
Duncan Emeline, wid H., r 19 Johnson 
Duncan George (c), lab, r 404 Marietta 
Duncan James R., machinist J. A. Johnson, bds 5 Mills 
Duncan John (c), wks Ga. Iron W^ks., r ns College, 1st e 

of Foster 
Duncan Jordan (c), waiter A. D. Adair, r rear 68 Wash- 
Duncan Robert L., elk, r 137 Crew 
Dunham Joseph L., mer, r 200 Jackson 
Dunlap Henry C, engineer A-L. Ry, bds 85 S. Pryor 
Dunlap James, elk, bds 78 Richardson 
Dunlap James C, cotton buyer, r 260 E. Cain 
Dunlap James T., bkkpr A-L. Ry, r 252 E. Hunter 
Dunlap Joel B , elk Hook & Smith, bds 43 Parker 
Dunlap John G., with Moore, Marsh & Co., r 264 E. Cain 
Dunlap Paul, wks W. & A. R. R 
Dunlap Philip S., elk C. M. Berry, bds 43 Parker 
Dunlap Samuel, trav agt, r 43 Parker 
Dunlap Thomas G., watchman, bds 160 Hayne 
Dunlap William C. Rev., pastor St. Paul's M. E. Church, r 

355 E. Fair 
Dunlap William W., conductor A. & W. P. R. R., r 42 N. 

Dunlop Hugh C, (Perkins & Dunlop) 40 Whitehall, r 78 

DUNN, ALEXANDER & CO. (J. N. Dunn, J. M. Alexan- 
der, Z. T. Johnson, F. M. Kenney and H. A. McDon- 
ald), whol grocers and com mers, 40 and 42 E. Alabama 
Dunn James (c), drayman, r 18 Chapel 
Dunn Jesse, carpenter, bds 406 Marietta 


^* ^e ^&M^\/'AW M\^ And ^4ever Falls to Cura. 


I Ht J-'X^ V AI»J FEE33 yf^ T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

DUJr""~ ' 235 DYE 

Dunn John F., harnessmkr C. W. Motes & Co., r 93^ 

Dunn John N. (Dunn, Alexander & Co.), r Ashley, sw cor 

Amos, W. E 
Dunn WilliaiD, fireman W. & A. R. R 
Dunne Hugh, bookbinder, r W. Peachtree, se cor Dairy 
Dunnigan Joseph C., puddler Ga. Iron Wks, r 588 Marietta 
Dunning Betsy, wid J. L., r 87 Kawson 
Dunning James, 15 Marietta, r 15^ S. Broad 
Dunning Volney, grocer, 84 McDonough, r 87 Eawson 
Dunwoody E. W., wid James, r 184 McDonough 
Dunwody Henry M., elk, bds 50 S. Pryor 
Dunwody Jefferson D., asst bkkpr F. E. Block, r 156 S. 

Dunwody John E , elk W. E. Hoyle, bds 156 S. Pryor 
DuPont Frank, wks J. D. Bibb & Co 
Dupre Daniel C, elk W. S. Turner, 425 Whitehall 
Dupree Amanda 'ci, cook, r 311 Decatur 
Dupree Doctor (c), wksC. R. R., r 401 W. Peters 
Dupree Joseph (c), driver Simons & Drummond 
Dupree Robert (c), wks J. C. Harris, r ss Gordon, 1st w of 

Peeples, W. E 
Dnrand Henry R., manager Ballard's Restaurant, r Surgi- 
cal Institute 
Durand Mary F., wid S. A., r 48 W. Peters 
Durand Peter (c), lab, r rear 85 Elliott 
Durand Samuel A., furniture mnfr, bds 42 W. Peters 
Durham Emma Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Durham James W., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 160 Gray 
Durham Matthew, elk, bOs 160 Gray 

Durham Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r rear 192 Marietta 
Durham Rachel J., wid John, r 1 Means 
Durham Vester (c) driver R L. Barry, r rear 39 W. Harris 
Durham William, engineer Ga. Iron Wks, bds 360 Marietta 
Durham William W., physician, (eclectic), 58^ Peachtree, 

r Decatur, Ga 
Duvall William P., 1st Lieut. 5th Art., r McPherson Bar- 
Dyar Alexander S , student, bds 266 W. Peachtree 
Dyar William P.. engineer, bds 266 W. Peachtree 
Dyches Minnie Miss dressmkr, bds 162 Elliott 
Dye James B., puddler Ga. Iron Wks, r 616 Marietta 
Dye Joseph E., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 6U3 Marietta 

"■^Sf 'ia Piedmont Air-Line 

E If GREESON ^^^^ralReal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

Ma Mh, VrfAiWUMWWXl) Promptness IMCy Miotto. 

DYE 236 ECK 

Dye Thomas, carpenter, r (j03 Marietta 

Dyer Albert S., wks W. &. A. R. R 

Dyer George W., carpenter, r 152 Fillmore 

D^'er Lulu, wid William, bds 14 Hulsey 

Dyer Mcintosh, barkpr, bds 198 Decatur 

Dyer Reuben M , elk R. A Starnes, r 198 Decatur 

Dver Thomas H., mer, r 16 N. Moore 

Dvkeman S. Niles, c!k Ry. P. 

Dykes R. A., elk, bds 150 Whitehall 

Dykes Thomas (c), lab, r 121 Markham 

EADES GEORGE, wks Cotton Factory 
Eaeran Mary A. Mrs., grocer 126 Decatur 

Eagan Marv R., wid J. J., bds 128 S. Pryor 

Eagan M. W.. trimmer J. M. Smith, bds 20^ W. Mitchell 

Eaker Linch, printer, bds 15^ S. Broad 

Earl Mary, wid Samuel, 363 W. Peters 

Early Fannie (c), laundress, r 72 Magazine 

Early John T. (c), student, r 76 S. Forsyth 

Easley Isaac (c), blacksmith, r 17 Chapel 

Eason Burton A., wks C. R. R , r 19 Elliott 

Eason Eliza Mrs., chamber maid F. M. Coker, r QG Wash- 

Eason George (c), student, r 96 E. Fair 

Easton Jordan (c), wks 0. A. Smith, r rear 208 Mangum 

Easton Mildred (c), laundress, r rear 208 Mangum 

Eaton Rebecca Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 340 Hayne 

Eaton William G., wks Porter & Meakin, bds 214 E. Hunter 

Echols Abraham (c), lab, r 210 Mangum 

Echols Augustus (c), shoemkr J. Baker, r 82 N. Forsyth 

Echols Benjamin (c), porter O. C. Carroll, r 8 Collins 

Echols Charles (c), porter T. M. Clarke & Co., r 152 N. 

Echols Ebon butcher, bds rear 272 Mangum 

Echols Elbert (c), hostler St. Ry 

Echols Elijah V., farmer, rrear 272 Mangum 

Echols Ellen (c), laundress, r 87 Rhodes 

Echols George (c), wks G. W. Adair, r rear 461 W. Peters 

Echols Harrison (c), wks W. & A. R. R 

Echols John (c), wiper W. & A. R. R 

Echols Reuben (c), helper W. & A R. R., r 42 Merritt's av 

Echols Teague G., butcher, 142 Elliott, r 24 Mechanic 

Eck William, painter W. L Jarvis 

IK JCj tU SXKJ' j^ M.\J iisr 5 TO lO l^INXJTBS 


' Ht J-^i^Ai w ^KJ FEED ^ ^ rp WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St, 

ECK 237 EDW 

Eckford Belle G., wid W. G., r 63 Washington 

Eckford Charles G. (Kendrick, Carter & Eckford), bds 63 

Eckford Joseph J., lawyer, 23 E. Alabama, bds 63 Wash- 

Eckford Marshall T., elk T. M. Clarke & Co., bds 63 Wash- 

Eckford W'illiam H., with Moore, Marsh & Co., bds 63 

Ector Frank M., elk A-L. Ry., r Decatur, Ga 

Eckton Lettie A., (c), laundress, r 135 Ira 

EddinsJohnH, canvasser vSinger Mnfg Co., bds 51 E. 

Eddleraan Francis M., (Eddleman & Bowie) r 19 Houston 

Eddlem n Frank, jeweler S. L. Soloraonson, bds 13 W. 

Eddleman George H., printer, r Richardson, se cor Mc- 

Eddleman James B., elk Eddleman & Brown, bds 19 Hous- 

Eddleman John, farmer, r 319 S. Pryor 

Eddleman Joseph, baker G. W. Jack, bds 13 W. Simpson 

Eddleman Peter, wks Lynch & Lea 

Eddleman Wilhelmina, wid Frank, r 13 W. Simpson 

EDDLEMAN & BOWIE, (F. M. Eddleman and J. A.Bowie), 
whol boots, shoes and leather, 30 & 32 E. Wall 

Eddy Frank L , elk W. & A. R. R 

Edgewood M. E. Church (South), Ga. R. R., bey limits 

Edison James M., brickmnson, r 60 Castleberry 

Edison John, train hand A-L. Ry 

Edmonds Nancy, wid A., r 284 E. Fair 

Edmonson John E., elk J". B. Smith, bds 188h Decatur 

Edmund Cliarles cooper, bds 184 Elliott 

Edmund>;on William (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r Hilliard, nr 

"Edspeth Comfort (c), cook, r 100 Rhodes 

Edwards Alfred (c), barber, r 81 W. Foundry 

Edwards Augustus, fireman W. & A. R. R., r 324 Marietta 

Edwards Benjamin C. printer J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 106 
E. Mitchell 

Edwards David (c\ waiter Kimball 

Edwards Denms (c), driver J. J. Powell & Bro., r rear 292 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


Vl Vl niHitfilHtf; qq ■is:ast Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

EDW 238 ETC 

Edwards Edward (c.) driver F. F. Taber, r 85 Richardson 

Edwards Eliza (c), laundress, r 40 Henry 

Edwards Ellen, wid J., r 324 Marietta 

Edwards Gideon N., lab, lab, r 145 North av 

Edwards Grant F., engineer, r 127 Thompson 

Edwards Hiram, farmer, r 42 E. Baker 

Edwards James (c), lab, r es Peeples, 3d s of Baugh 

Edwards James (c), wks J. Perdue, r 40 Henry 

Edwards John (c), lab, r Irwin, 1st w of Garnett, W. E 

Edwards Joseph R., engineer U. S. Court House, r 65 S. 

Edwards Joseph W. B., contractor, r ss Gordon, w of Pee- 
ples, W. E 
Edwards Lucy E. (M. E. Edwards & Co,), r 364 Decatur 
Edwards Mickleberry E. (M. E. Edwards & Co.), r 364 De- 
Edwards M. E. & Co. (M. B. and L. E. Edwards), grocers,. 

364 Decatur 
Edwards Nathaniel (c), lab, r es Peeples, 3d s of Baugh, 

W. E 
Edwards Prince (c), wks Winship & Bro., r 228 Clarke 
Edwards Samuel (c), porter, r 37 Church 
Edwards Stephen (c), wks G. W.Jack, r rear 51 Ivy 
Edwards Sterling, elk Maddox, Rucker & Co., bds 12 Wheat 
Edwards Thomas (c), lab, r al rear 118 E. Baker 
Edwards William, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds ss Ripley, 2d e 

of Hay den 
Edward William (c), wks J. Gammon 
Edwards William M., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 463 Marietta 
Edwards William W., painter, r 93 W. Peters 
Edwards Wilson S., wks Porter & Meakin, bds 162 E. Hun- 
Eggelston Rouse S., route agt, Ry. M. S., r ns Gordon, 3d w 

of Lawton 
Egleston Theodore D., with Romare, Purdue & Egleston, 

bds 79 McDonough 
Egleston Thomas (Romare, Perdue & Egleston), bds 79 

Egleston Thomas R. (Powers & Egleston), r 79 McDonough 
Ehlers Augustus, machinist Cotton Factory 
Ehney Edward S., cotton buyer, bds Kimball House 
Ehrich Herman, cook, Hotel Weinmeister 
Eichberg, Alfred S. architect G. E. Leo, bds 214 S. Forsyth 



THE J-' XX V Xk;? E'EEX) w, rj,_ WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

ETC 239 ELL 

Eichberg Amelia H., teacher, bds 214 S. Forsyth 

Eichberg Joseph T., mer, r 214 S. Forsyth 

Eiland W. A., student, bds 91 N. Calhoun 

Eiseman Bros , (Jacob, RI. B., Gus and J. B. Eiseman), 

clothing, 55 Whitehall 
Eiseman Gus, (Eiseman Bros.)> r Washington, D. C 
Eiseman Jacob, (Eiseman Bros.), r 26 Merritts av 
Eiseman Jacob B., (Eiseman Bros.), r Washington, D. C 
Eiseman Moses B., (Eiseman Bros.), r Washington, D. C 

Eiswald Adolph H., with S. M. Inman & Co., bds Kim- 
ball House 
Eiswald Arthur S., elk, bds 58 Wheat 
Eiswald Sarah A., wid T. G., r 58 Wheat 
Elam John (c), wks C. R. R., r 25 Parson 
Elder John (c), porter National Hotel 
Elder John H., bds 135 Walker 
Elder William J., trav agt, r 151 Walton 
Elfe Anna Mis8, bds 146 Ivy 
Elfe Glover C, bkkpr E. Bates & Co., r 146 Ivy 
Elias John (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 12 State 
Ellen Dock (c), wks E. Haiman, r 136 Elliott 
Ellen Eldon (c), wks Atlanta Com. Co., r 64 Magazine 
Ellen W^illiam (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ss Johnson, 2d e 

of Mangum 
Elligan Len (c), driver M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., r Ivy, 

cor Decatur 
Ellington Commodore (c), wks Atlanta Com. Co., r 23 Tren- 

Ellington George (c), shoemkr, r 4 Walton 
Ellington Jacob (c), lab, r 205 W. Hunter 
Ellington Selina, wid David, r 106 W. Harris 
Ellington Th(;mas (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 15 Corput 
Elliott America (c), wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Luckie 
Elliott Caroline (c), laundress, r Wheat, nr limits 
Elliott Heriry (c), lab, r 200 Rankin 
Elliott Joseph H., gardener, r 150 Davis 
Elliott J. R., wks Cotton Factory 
Elliott Marshall (c), hostler A-L. Ry 
Elliott Monroe (c), driver J. J. Latham 
Elliott Thomas, stone cutter, bds 51 Ivy 
Elliott William (c), lab, r es Valentine, 3d s of Cain 
Elliott William R., conductor W. & A. R. R., r 141 Calhoun 
Ellis Abbie F. Mrs., r 90 Ellis 

BulmEssMB^ Piedmont Air-Line 

E W SREESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 
ELL 240 ELY 

Ellis Crawford (c), wks Ferguson & Blount 

Ellis Davenport P., auction com mer, 21 Marietta, r 13 

Ellis Eugene R., elk Morrison, Bain & Co 
E lis Eugene W., with D. P. Ellis, bds 13 Houston 
Ellis F. Howard , bkkpr T. S. Lewis, bds Adams House 
Ellis George (c), fireman A-L. Ry 
Ellis Henry (c), lab, r 262 W. Hunter 
Ellis Herbert F., elk, bds 90 Ellis 
Ellis James R , trav agt F. E. Block, r 70 Cone 
Ellis Jeremiah (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 144 Gray 
Ellis Jesse M., trav agt, r 33 Ivy 
Ellis John (c), lab, r 222 Jones 
Ellis John M., salesman, r Ivy, se cor Gilmer 
Ellis Jonathan M., grocer, 198 Houston 
Ellis Leroy J., elk Ga. Iron Wks, r Forsyth, cor Church 
Ellis Lula" H. Miss, teacher Girls' High School, bds 144 

Ellis Reese (c), wks J. M. Morrow, r rear 381 S. Pryor 
Ellis Susanna C. Mrs., boarding, 214 E. Hunter 
ELLIS WILLIAM J)., solicitor City Court and lawyer, 

room 5 Brown Block, 38 E. Wall, r 144 Bawson 
Ellis William E., r 183 N. Collins 
Ellisou Henry E., lab, bds 33 Hilliard 
Ellison John, lab, r 2 Ga. R. R 

Ellison Mary Miss, wks F. E. Block, bds 69 W. Foundry 
Ellison Matilda, wid George, r 69 W. Foundry 
Ellison William, stock agt Ga. R. R 
Ellisou William, tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Ellison William M., wks Jones & Heatie, r 33 Plilliard 
Ellison William S., Inb, bds 33 Hilliard 
EUmuth Charles, candymkr, bds 262 Marietta 
Ellsbury Franklin, elk, bds 17") Crumley 
Ellsworth John H. (L. H. Hall & Co.), r 160 Mangum 
Elrod William E, with Ken-irick, Carter & Eckford, bds 

10 W. Mitchell 
Elsas Isaac, rags, 62 S. Broad, r 177 S. Pryor 
Elsas Jacob (Elsas, May & Co.), r 56 W. Garnett 
ELSAS, MAY & €0. (J. Elsas, I May, M. Adler and J. 
Dreyfus) paper, paper bags, etc, 99 to 105 S. Pryor 

Elton , elk Hook & Smith, bds 9 Houston 

ELY ROBERT N., lawyer, room 4, 3* Whitehall, bds Kim- 
ball House 

SS Sv^Ar^4■f1<^ Cures Rbeninatisni 
■ *^m l0^WWib*ibW fite-AND BUILDS LP THE SYSTEM 


• HtJ-^XA V a.N-> E^EEXJ W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St 

ELY 241 p]PP ' 

Elyea Theodore M., bkkpr, r 315 E. Fair 
Emanuel David L., carpenter W. & A. R. R., bds 143 Wal- 
Emanuel Howard (c),cook Leyden House, r rear 255 Peach- 

EMANUEL NATHAN, radse broker, 66 E. Alabama, r 97 

E. Miichell 
Embry Landis (c), cook, r rear 195 Peachtree 
Emery C. C, elk A. & C. A-L. Ry 
Emery Henry F., oysters, fish and ice, 15 Peachtree, r 179 

Emery John (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 144 Gray 
Emery William (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Emmev Michael, wks G. W. Jack 
Emmel Jacob, street overseer, r 25 S. Broad 
Emmel Michael J., grocer, 144 Decatur 
Emile Bernard, wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Marietta 
Emile Diotzier, wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Marietta 
England Charles H., with Austell, Robinson & Mangum 
England Theodore E., trav agt, r 35 Boulevard 
Engles F. John, foreman Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 189 

Englett Clarissa J., wid D. B., r 201 Jackson 
Englett John W., carpenter, bds 307 Boulevard 
Englett Josephine, wid D. B., r 201 Jackson 
Englett Winfred, wid Benjamin, r 307 Boulevard 
ENGLISH JAMES W., mayor of Atlanta, office 35 S. 

Broad, r 34 Cone 
English Milton (c), lab, r 77 Tatnall 
English Redic (c), wagonmkr W. L. Jarvis, r rear 135 E. 

Ennis John (c), waiter Kimball House 
Ennis Mary F., wid Pinckney, bds 66 Davis 
Ennis William M., conductor C. R. R , r 66 Davis 
Enright Catherine M , wid Patrick, r 130 Gullatt 
Ephraim Cornelius (c), janitor Girls' High School, r 17 

Epps Jacob (c), carpenter, r 186 Martin 
Epps James (c), lab, r rear 81 W. Cain 
Epps Joseph (c), shoemkr A. Thompson, r 73 Green's Fer- 
ry av 
Epps Madison (c), shoemkr G. H. Merrifield, r 43 Cain 
Epps Robert (c), lab, r 62 Richmond 

THE EDEN ^llf S"* f al Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball 

66 E. Alabama St.. COAL, LIME and CEMENT, 'Whote- 
Bale & Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page IQO. 

EPP 242 EUB 

Epps Washington (c), wks E. Haiman 
ERGENZIXOER ALEXANDER, mattress mnfr, uphol- 
sterer and awnings, 12 E. Hunter, r Formwalt, ne cor 
Crumley. (See page 93.) 
Erminger Henry C, confectioner, 56 Whitehall, r 73 For- 
rest av 
Errick Charles C, tinner J. Warli ok & Son, r 61 Thurmond 
Erskine John Hon., judge U. S. Dist. Court, bds Kimball 

Erskine J P , (William Erskine & Co.), r New York 
Erskine William, (William Erskine & Co.), r 126 McDoa- 

Erskine Wm. & Co., (Wm. & J. P. Erskine), linen goods, 

42 Decatur 
Erwin Howell C, lawyer 48 Marietta, r 199 Jackson 
Erwin James O., with J. Silvey & Co., bds 31 N. Pryor 
Erwin Julia C, wid W. R., bds Gordon, ne cor Peeples, 

W. E 
ERWIN see also IRWIN 

Eschbaugh L. J., wid Henry, bds 25 W. Simpson 
Eskridge Albert P., (Bettis & Eskridge), r 213 W. Peters 
Eskridge Effie J. (c), teacher Storrs School, r 181 Wheat 
Eskridge Israel (c), lab, r es Wmdsor, 1st s of Fulton 
Eskridge Miles (c), lab, r es Windsor, s of Fulton 
Eskridge Peter, blacksmith, 147 Decatur, r 181 Wheat 
Estes James W., wks W. & A. R. R., r 7 Connally 
Estes John F., wks W. & A. R. R., r 29 M)ore 
Estes Keziah, wid William, bds 29 N. Moore 
Estes John H., foreman C. R. R., r C. R. R., opp Alabama 
Estes William E., clkC. R. R , bds C. R. R., opp Alabama 
ESTEY ORGAN CO., C. M. Cady, manager ; organs, pia- 
nos, imported musical mdse and cheap music, 39 S. 
Broad, cor Alabama. (See front cover and p 89) 
Etson Edmund (c), wood sawyer, r 179 Martin 
Eubank James B., foreman, bds ss Mayson Ferry rd, Bell- 
Eubanks Gilbert T., grocer, 67 S. Broad, bds 24 Larkin 
Eubanks John W., elk J. A. Watson, bds 20^ W. Mitchell 
Eubanks Joseph E., lineman W. U. Tel. Co., r ns Marietta, 

bey limits 
Eubanks Judge J., bkkpr T. J. Lowe & Bro., bds 35 W. 

Eubanks Peter (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 96 Gray 

XM X!i U JX vJ X Xw IN 5 rco xo isLnsxj'rjEi&, 


•ntJ-^XA, ir ^K^ ^EEID W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

EUB 243 EVE 

Eubanks Richard (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Eubanks Robert S., elk G. T. Eubanks, r 24 Larkin 
Eubanks Thomas F., driver Stmr No. 1, r 80| S. Broad 
Evans Albert (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r Gate City, nr limits 
Evans Alfred (c), barber H. White, r 81 Foundry- 
Evans Anderson P., cashier D. H. Dougherty, bda 39 N. 

Pry or 
Evans Augustus S., bricklayer M. Lipes, r Chestnut, cor 

Evans Chapel, Chapel, se cor Stonewall 

bds 150 Whitehall 
Evans Clement A., pastor First M. E. Church, r 30 E. 

Peach tree 
Evans Daniel R. (Evans & Bro), bds 15 Garnett 
Evans Dorcas Mrs., grocer. Wheat, nr limits 
Evans Edward (c), driver J. C. Bridger, r 210 E. Cain 
Evans Edward (c), bricklayer r 22 Vine 
Evans Elizabeth (c), seamstress, r Ponder av, nw cor 

Evans Henry T., bricklayer, bds 151 Elliott 
Evans Howard (c), porter Kimball House, r rear 169 Rawson 
Evans Howard A., student, bds 115 Decatur 
Evans Jacob (c), cook I. P. Harris r 13 Ira 
Evans James H., machinist A-L. Ry., r 295 E. Fair 
Evans James J. engineer W. & A. R. R., r 130 Davis 
Evans Julius (c), lab, r 289 N. Calhoun 
Evans Julius (c), waiter Mrs. J. E Sims, r rear 32 N. 

Evans J. W. B., bds 22 Luckie 
Evans Milo (c), wks M. Lipes 
Evans Osborne (c), cook G. W. Jack 
Evans Riley (c), driver F. W. Hart, r rear 152 Jackson 
Evans Robert R., with Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, bds 76 

Evans Thomas L., elk J. A. Watson, bds 20^ W. Mitchell 
Evans William (c), lab, r rear 90 Butler 
Evans William T. (Evans & Bro.), bds 15 W. Garnett 
Evans Wilson (e), train hand, r 311 W. Peachtree 
Evans & Bro. (W. T. Evans and D. R. Evans), produce 

commission, 51 Peachtree 
Everett Alexander R. (Everett & Gouldsmith), r 20 Powers 
Everett James A., engineer W. & A. R. R., r 124 Rhodes 

EM R-T? PF^ON ^S"!®^*^ ^®*^ Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Sireet.. 

EVE 244 FAI 

Everett Jefferson Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 12 Crme 
Everett J. Henry, elk J. Keely, r 99 Washington 
Everett Octavia Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 12 Orme 
Everett Susan A., wid Jefferson, r 12 Crme 
Everett William S. (M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co.), r 112 Wind- 
Everett & Gouldsmi' h,(A.R. Everett and T. F.Gouldsmith), 

whol jewelers, 54^ Whitehall 
Everidge Henry, elk, bds 79 Loyd 
Evins Emeline, wid Thomas M., r 13 Williams 
Evins John C, (Evins & Robinson) r 36 Houston 
EVINS & ROBINSON (John C. Evins and W. G. Robin- 
son Jr.), Atlanta Paper Box Factorv, 14^ Whitehall 
Ewell Fannie C, wid J. W., bds 8^ W. Mitchell 
Ewell Frank (c), whitewasher. r 54 S. Butler 
Ewing Mary F., wid J. H., r 234 W. Mitchell 
Ewing Oliver J., engineer Ga. K. R., r 89 Terry 
Ezzard Elvira Mrs., boarding, r 152 Decatur 
Ezzard Green (c), driver, r 18 E. Mitchell 
Ezzard William, lawyer, r 35 W, Baker 
Ezzard William L., farmer, bds 66 N. Forsyth 
Ezzard William P., farmer, bds 66 N. Forsyth 

FAGAN CHRISTOPHER A., mess Sou Exp Co., r 34 Mc- 

Fagan James D., candymkr H. C. Erminger, r 108 W, 

Fahey Edward, elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 111 Marietta 

Fain Henry C. (c), tailor J. Lynch, 189 N. Butler 

Fain John E., with Eddleman & Bowie 

Fain John N., (Stewart & Fain, and Cook, Fain & Stew- 
arts), r 199 S. Pryor 

Fain Joshua E., elk F. G. Hancock, bds 31 N. Pryor 

Fain William L., (Lathrop & Fain), r 67 Forrest av 

Fain Wiley (c), servant A. L. Harris, r rear 75 Plum 

Fain William M., elk Stewart & Fain, bds 199 S. Pryor 

Fair Jordan (c), drayman, r 271 E. Hunter 

Fair Street School, Fair, sw cor Kelly 

Fairbanks Charles, bds 6^ Newton 

FAIRBANKS CHARLES F. (C. F.. Fairbanks & Co.), and 
wood and metal engraver and stencil mnfr, 7^ White- 
hall, r Clarke, sw cor Formwalt. (See Engravers). 

FAIRBANKS C. F. & CO., (C. F. Fairbanks and W. F. 
Pluntoon), rubber stamp mnfs, 7h Whitehal l 

S\T3)T5^^irvTn?'Tr/r^ b^^cures skin diseases, 
)^EJu1M} 1\^ pimples and blotches. 




%)) a 


* m 

« diJ/ 







Atlanta, Georgia. 

lOQES, sise 

-ZDesLlsxs in; 

9 9 



Brackets, Stair Rails, 

jiiililerH' ISarilmare^ W^il^t 





'^OB p^i^'W^^- 


-JO B- 

32 Broad 





1 hr.J-''i*" V AKJ - ^ rD Yk'. T. WILSON. 14 \V. Mitchell Bt. 

FAI 245 ~ FAR 

Fairbanks Edward S., wks W. & A. R R., r 6^ Newton 

Fairbanks Horatio W., wks Cotton Factory 

Faitli John F., procer 298 Decatur, r Edgt.»ood 

Fall Mark A , with Lamar, Rankin \' Lamar, r S Wheat 

F^alvpv John J , (J J. Kalvev it C .), r 89 Ellis 

FALYEY J. J. \- CO., (J/J. Falvev and ), general 

store, 475 Marietta 
Fambeaux Rob rt (c), lab, r es Chapel, w of Barracks av 
Fambro L. Worthy, with Winter it Brown 
Fambrouirh Martha F"., wid W. P., bds 118 Washington 
Famous New York Clothine: House. 7 Whiteliall 
FANMX PETER G. N. REA\ (c;, r 76 S. Forsyth 
Fanning Andrew (c), waiter Kimball House 
Fanning General (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Fanning L . wks E. Haiman 
Fanning Morris (c), wks Stewart ct Fain 
Farber Henry (c), lab, r 105 Walker 
Farley Ellen Miss, dressmker J. Ryan, bds 109 Rhodes 
Farley John, lab, bds 109 Rhodes 
Farley Marv Miss, dressrakr J. Ryan, bds 109 Rhodes 
Farley Phil'ip, wks W. k A. R. R., r 109 Rhodes 
Farley Thomas, student, bds 109 Rhodes 
Farley William, wks W. & A. R. R , bds 109 Rhodes 
Farlin Mack (c), carpenter, r 165 Luckie 
Farlin Mack, Jr. (c), waiter, r 165 Luckie 
Farmer Crawford (c), Avks W. E. Hoyle. r es Rawson al, 1st 

n Jones 
Farmer Henry, tinner A-L. Ry, bds 29 Y'onge 
Farmer James, lab, bds ss Ripley al, 2d e of Hayden 
Farmer James A , with Winter tt Brown 
Farmer Jennie Miss, domestic R. F. Maddox 
Farmer JohnT., asst bkkpr T. J. Lowe & Bro.. bds 35 W. 

Farmer Mark, carpenter, bds 463 Marietta 
Farmer Robert (c). carpenter, r 87 Markham 
Farnham Amos W. Rev., prin Normal Dept Atlanta Uni- 
Farnsworth William T., wks Cook ct Stewart, r 53 For- 
rest av 
Farr Benjamin Y ., silversmith, r 72 Rock 
Farr Charles M., barkpr P. J. Kenney, bds Kimball House 
Farr James B., wks J. A. Gifford, r 307 Mays al 
Farrar Nancy P., wid J. C, r 191 N. Collins 

IvENTRACK VJl Piedmoiit Air-Luxe. 

Telenhone ^' °' ^^^^•'^^^' ^^ ^- ^'^^^ama si.. for coal of 

Y auykiud. Blacksmith's Coal aspecialtv. See naea 100 

FAR 246 ^FEC 

Farrar Robert M., freight agt A. & W. P. R. R., r 177 N. 

Farrar Robert W., elk A. Si W. P. R. R., bds 377 N.Collins 
Farrell Augustus (c), wks Gn. Iron Wks, r 5 Xewton 
Farrell John E., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 98 Decatur 
Farrell Paul, student, bds 65 N. Collins 
Farrell Peter, tailor J. Lynch, bds 98 Decatur 
Farrell S nnuel, engineer H. Crankshaw & Co., r 64 Mangum 
Farrington Peter A., jeweler 2 Whitehall, r 44 Gray 
Farris Albert, cabinetmkr H. W. Thomas, 
Farris John A , elk F. J Ansley & Co 
Farris John R., wks J. F. Redd, bds 24 W. Alabama 
Farris Miles, wks A-L. Ry , r 8S N. Elliott 
Farris William A., carpenter, r Ripley al, ne cor Orme 
Farrow Henry P., lawyer, 40 Marietta, r 290 Washington 
Fason Charles, fireman A-L. Ry., r 14 Scofield 
Faver Samuel L., trav agt W. A. Russell, r Xewnan, Ga 
Favors Henry (c), carpenter, r 134 W. Butler 
Favors Thomas (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 5 State 
Faw T. A , mer, bds 118 Peach tree 
FAY CALVIN, architect and superintendent, 19i S. Broad, 

r 179 E. Hunter. (See page 82) 
Fayseaux Edward S , elk- A L Ry., bds 188^ Decatur 
Faxton Emily, wid Martin, bds 18 Henr}^ 
Feagin James W., trav agt Shuttles Bros, r 58 Simpson 
Fears Benjamin J., elk Crane, Boylston & Co, bds 111 

Fears Isaac (c), lab, r58 Rawson 
Fears James T., with J. W. Fears, r 111 Simpson 
Fears Jesse (c), waiter H. P. Redding:, r re;ir 107 Peachtree 
Fear^ Jesse W., mdse broker, G6 E. Alabama, r 155 S. 

Fears John H., elk J. Keely, bds 111 E. Simpson 
Fear? J. Thomas, elk Evans it Robinson, bds lllE. Simpson 
Fears Maggie Miss, seamstress Mrs. A. R. Nace, bds 111 E. 

Fears Rebecca (c), laundres', r 266 Crew 
Fears \Yilliam, elk, bds 58 N. Forsyth 

Fechner Charles, trimmer N. C. Spence, bds Adams House 
Fechter Egidius, grocer 427 W. Peters, r 425 W. Peters 
Fechter Frank wk^. W. et A. R. R , bds 425 W. Peters 
Fechter Theodora, foreman City Brewery, r 278 N. Cal- 




;*ntJ-^XA W AN^ 3r^E:x> W. T. WILSON, U W. Mitchell St. 

FED 247 FER~ 

Federle Louis, baker H. A. Agricola 

Felker William F., train hand W. & A. R. R., r 34 Rhodes 

Felton Charles (c), lab, r 27 Hayne 

Felton John K., wks Porter & Meakin, bds 214 E. Hunter 

Felton Sherman (c), lab, r G2 Rawson 

Felts Solomon (c), waiter, r 76 S. Forsyth 

FENLEY WILSON L., furniture, 5 Fort 

Fenlon Catherine, wid J\L, bds 45 Magazine 

Fenn Floyd, machinist Porter & Meakin, r 58 Martin 

Fenn Jefferson, elk Eddleraan & Bowie), bds 58 Martin 

Fenn Laura F., wid G., r 58 Martin I 

Fenn Lawrence J., wks G Hinman, bds 58 Martin 

Fenn Lewis H., wks H. Lewis, bds 58 Martin 

Fenton Ellsworth C, machinist Porter & Meakin, r Hunter, 

nr limits 
Fenton Johanna Miss, domestic Markham House 
Fenton Mathias R., carpenter Traynjiam, Geise & Ray, bds 

51 Ivy 
Fersuson Daniel P. (Ferguson & Blount), bds 14 Bartow 
FERGUSON DAVID, supt B. F. Avery & Sons, bds Mark- 
ham House 
Ferguson Dred (c), draj^man, r 75 Martin 
Ferguson Eli (c), lab, r Cain, nw cor Calhoun 
Ferguson George (c), conductor W. & A. R. R 
Ferguson Joseph (c), porter A. Floersh, r 117 Spring 
Ferguson Lumpkin (c), lab, r 78 Eraser 
Ferguson Mary (c), laundress, r 316 Decatur 
Ferguson Mary, wid James, r 132 E. Harris 
Ferguson William N., bkkpr Ferguson & Blount, bds 14 

Ferguson & Blount (D. P. Ferguson, J. T. and B. M. 

Blount), agricultural wks, 11 Bartow 
Fernald Tallulah F., wid William, r 59 Humphries 
Fernando James (c). carpenter, r rear 84 Richmond 
Fernando Moses, lab, r 122 Ellis 
Ferrell Frederick, engineer, bds 27 Rock 
Ferrell James C , carpenter, r 414 E. Fair 
Ferrell John, fireman W. & A. R. R., bds 27 Rock 
Ferrell Milton M., painter, r 34 Fraser 
Ferrell Richard, lab, bds 17 Newton 
Ferrell Robert (c), porter F. H. Orme, r 28 Luckie 
Ferrell Samuel, engineer H Crankshaw & Co, bds 64 

Q''u°cK'"TfME via Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

*^. «*■ V^AWAdAdMVii^, Promptness Miy Motto; 

FER 248 FIE 

Terrell Susan Miss, bHs 27 Rock 

Ferrell Tilmaii (c), lab, r Hil'iard, nr limits 

Ferrell William, train hand W & A. R., bds 27 Rock 

Ferrill Charles (c), carpenter, r 147 C. R. R 

Ferrill Edward (c), carpenter, r 80 W. Peters 
' Ferrill Edward (c), lab, r rear 58 W. Pet-rs 

Ferrill John, fireman W. & A R. R 

Ferris Amelia L. Miss, teacher Storrs School, r 104 Houston 

Ferris Frederick W., elk D. H. Dougherty 

Ferris John R., driver J. F. Redd, bds 27 W. Alabama 

Ferris Josephine Mrs., r 125 Jones av 

Ferris J. E., fireman W. & A. R. R 

Ferrison Henry (c), fireman A-L. Ry 

Ferry Abram (c), lab, r es Peeples, 2d s of Baugh, W. E 

Fesler Maggie L., wid Charles, r 28 Stonewall 

Fetter Anna R., wid William, r 308 E. Hunter 

Fetter Lula, wid Jefferson, r 308 E. Hunter 

Few Henry M ,clk J. W. Gddsmith & Co 

Few James M., grocer 72 Peachtree, r 65^ Peachtree 

Fcehter Theodore foreman Atlanta Brewery, r 278 N, Cal- 

Ficken John, grocer, Stonewall, nr limits 

Fickett Albert W., trav agt Shuttles Bros., r Luckie, sw 
cor Dairy 

Fickett Richard N., raer, r ns State, 1st w of North av 

Fickett Susan Mrs., bds Peeples, n of Amos, W. E 

Ficklen F., wks W. & A. R. R 

Field John (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 48 Johnson 

Field Lida A. Miss, teacher Marietta Street School, bds 83 

Field Sarah (c), cook, r 117 Spring 

Field Sarah E., wid John, r 43 Bush 

Field William B., machinist, r 103 Washington 

Fielder p]llen (c), laundress, r 8 Gate City 

FIELDS ALFRED, (c), barber, 189 Marietta, r rear 169 

Fields Angeline, wks Cotton Factory 

Fields Emma (c), laundress, r es Rawson'sal, 2dn of Jones 

Fields Handsel (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Fields James P., bkkpr J. R. Simmons, bds 31 N. Pryor 

Fields John (c), carpenter, r 110 Pine 

Fields Peter (c), wks Lynch & Lea 

Fields Sarah A., wid John, r 71 King 

Brewer's Lung Restorer „^a''l5g.™Si?Jr. 


THLA^AA V AKJ FEEX) ^^ T. WILSON. 14 W. M iicaell St. 

FIE " 249 FIR 

Fields William, machinist, bds 71 King 

Fields William (c), wks P. Lynch, i- 33 Bigofcrs 

Fifer William H., machinist^A & W. P. R R., r 171 Jones 

Fifer William H. Jr., messenger A. U. Tel. Co., bds 171 

Fifth Baptist Church, Fillmore, ne cor Bell 
Fight R. F.. student, bds 91 N. Calhoun 
FikfS Ella Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 251 Marietta 
Fikes Missouri Mrs., wks Cotton Fac ory, r 251 Marietta 
Finch Abel W. (c), tailor W. Finch, r 241 Foster 
Finch Cicero (c), lab, r 55 Horton 

Finch Edward B., elk W. C Morris & Co., r 388 Pcachtree 
Finch Mary J., wid T. B., r 100 S. Broad 
Finch Nathaniel P. T., editor Constitution, r 388 Peach- 
Finch William (c), tailor, 11 Whitehall, r 241 Foster 
Fincher Berry H., (Fincher e>c Bro.), r Pine, se cor Calhoun 
Fincher Jesse C , (Fincher & Bro.). r 88 Peachtree 
Fincher John L., (J. L. and W. T. Fincher), r 257 W. 

Fincher J. L. & W. T., (.John L. and William T. Fincher), 

grocers, 251 W. Mite* ell 
Fincher William H., elk Fincher & Bro.. bds 88 Peachtree 
Fincher William T. (J. L. & W. T. Fincher), r 251 W. 

Fincher & Bro (J. C. and B. H. Fincher), grocers, 88 Peach- 
Findley Xaomi M . wid John, r 375 N. Calhoun 
Finger William, upholsterer, r 10 Liberty 
Finley James, supt Copying Co., r 58 Wnitehall 
Finley Thomas, lawyer, 21^ Marietta, bds 51 McDonough 
Finley Troup, printer, bds 12^ W. Mitchell 
Finnell James, elk, r 255 Fraser 
Finney Andrew T., carriages, buggies, etc., 13 S. Broad, 33 

Finney Thomas, wks A. T. Finney, bds 33 Foundry 
First Baptist Church, Walton, nw cor Forsyth 
First Congregational Church, Collins, ne cor Houston 
First Methodist Protestant Church, s Forsyth, nw cor 

First Presbyterian Church, 98 Marietta 
First Universalist Church, Walton, se cor Forsyth 
Firth Joseph, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 16 Emma 

Peerless, Yeti^iSfuie, Piedmont Air-Line 

Jr TTTTlirT^ATT 56E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALLBR0S.CEL. 
• ^' liilVJiDAJjl • EBRATED BOSTON CARRIAGES See page 100. 

FIS 250 . FIT 

Fischer Frederick A., painter R. C. Bosche, r 58 W. Foundry 
Fischer George, cabinetmkr, r 58 W. Foundry 
Fischer Julius A., grocer, 264 Decatur, r 5 N. Bell 
Fischer Mary Miss, bds 58 W. FouLdry 
Fish Robertine, wid Vines, r 107 Nelson 
Fishback Edward L., elk T. Francis, r 422 Marietta 
Fishback George M., elk J Smith, bds 68 McDonough 
FISHBURN W. P. HALLER, (late of Canada), surgeon 

and physician, 10^ Decatur [up stairs] 
Fisher Augustus M. (Kerr & Fisher), bds 9 Houston 
Fisher Benjamin D. (c), lab. r 32 C. R. R 
Fisher Charles 0. Rev. (c), r 32 C. R. R 
Fisher Charles W., elk W. A. Bell, bds 163 Walton 
Fisher Cincinnatus S., elk J. S. Morris & Son, r 163 Walton 
Eisher LaFayette, printer, bds 25 W. Hunter 
Fisher Louisa (c), cook, r rear 87 McDonough 
Fisher Margaret, wid William, r 163 Walton 
Fisher Martin C, elk W. S. Saul, bds 62 Nelson 
Fisher Sarah J Mrs., bds 25 W. Hunter 
Fislier Walter E., with C/ane, Boylston &Co., r 19 PuUiam 
Fisher William H., elk Atlanta National Bank, r 426 

Fisher W. H., machinist A. & W. P. R. R 
Fitch Fannie, wid William, r 32 Johnson 
Fitten DuBose, trav agt, r 20 E. Alabama 
Fitts Falworth W., carpenter, r 150 N. Calhoun 
Fitten Frank C., elk E. Haiman, bds 11 E. Alabama 
Fitten John A. (T. M. Clarke & Co.), r 75 McDonough 
Fitz Kittie Miss, seamstress, bds 261 Luckie 
Fitzgerald Bridget, wid Thomas, bds 45 Magazice 
Fitzgerald Lucretia C, wid C. M , r ns Salter, 1st e of Ash- 
ley, W. E 
Fitzgerald Patrick elk M. E. Maher, bds 45 Magazine 
Fitzgerald Thomas P., elk J. Keely, r 45 Magazine 
Fitzgibbons John, blacksmith J. M. Smith, r 15 Venable 
Fitzgibbons Patrick, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Fitzgibbons Patrick, wks G. W. Jack 
Fitzgibb >ns Richard, cooper, r 12 PuUiam 
Fitzgibbons Richard, foreman J. F. Burke & Co 
Fitzgibbons Richard J., stenographer 43 Alabama, bds 12 

Fitzgibbons ^omas, elk W. & A. R. R., r 201 E. Fair 
Fitzpatrick , wks E. Haiman 

!>• >■!)« W; Jl Jfai/y V' il M.' JlW And Never Fails to Cure. 


IHtJ-'Aa. V J-ts-P E^EEIS W. T. WILSON. 14 W.MltcUellbw 

FIT~ 251 FLE ~ 

Fitzsimons Christopher H., with S. N. Inman & Co., bds 08 

Fitzsiraons Ellen N , witl Paul, bd? 58 Washington 
Fitzsimons Owen P., U. S. Marshal, U. S. Court House, r 08 

Flanigan H-nry (c), porter J. E. O'Brien 
Fleck H-nry P', elk Gholstiii it Zachry, bds 64 Orme 
Fleischel Benj.tmin, r 221 S. Forsyth 
FLEISCHKL JOSEPH, treas Atlanta Citv Brewing Co., 

r 221 S. Forsyth 
Fleming Absalom F., trav agt, r 42 Fori est av 
Fleming Beauregard (c), wl-s W. Powers & Son 
Fleming Dudley D , machinist, bds 135 Nelson 
Fleming Elizabeth J., wid William, r 9 Tavlor 
Fleming P^Ua Mis«, domestic J. H. James 
Fleming George, fireman A-L Ry., bds 9 Taylor 
Fleming Gilbert, brickmason, bds 218 W. Peters 
Fleming Green (c), wks W. Powers & Son 
Fleming Henry (c). porter Mrs. V. L. Braselton, r rear 35 

N. Pryor 
Fleming James, elk-, bds 74 E. Hunter 
Fleming James P., cigarmkr R Cassidy 
Fleming Jasper, wks T. S. Lewis 
Fleming Mahala, wid Alexander, r 121 McDaniel 
Fleming Martha, wid C, bds 135 Nelson 
Fleming Mary, wid H. D., r ws Smith, 2d n of Crumley 
Fleming Robert, hostler A. L. Ry 
Fleming Sarah (c.i, laundress, r 58 King , 
Fleming Sarah A. Miss, wks Spinas & Owens, bds 283 E. 

Fleming Thomas (c), driver L. Cohen & Co 
Fleming Thomas, fireman W & A. R. R , r 359 Decatur 
Fleming Thomas, fireman W. k A. R. R., bds 32 W. Foundry 
Fleming Thomas (c), poiter J. Menko & Co 
Fleming Thomas P., mer, bds 405 Whitehall 
Flemisler Solomon (c), driver F. E. Block 
FLESH AUGUSTUS, bkkpr Atlanta City Brewing Co , r 

91 Mangum 
Fletcher Charles (c), lab, r Rankin nr limits 
Fletcher Charles L. (Fletcher & Bedford), r ws Peachtree, 

2d sof E. Sixth 
Fletcher Edward B., elk Steinheimer & Kreisle, r 60 Stone- 

■■^Sf via Piedmoat Air-Lixi© 

E M CrR'E'K^IQ'Kr General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

*<■ AT*. MAWA^A^MVA^t Promptness My M:ottOi 

FLE 252 ~ "fly 

Fletcher Marv C, wid Echvurd, r 60 Stonewall 

Fletcher M., trair> h.iud A-L Ry 

Fletcher Robe t M , ;isst {jressman 11. H. Dickson, bds 60 

Fletcher Miotnas (c), 'ah, r Howell, nr limits 
Fletcher Wnfield J., with J. M^n^o & Co., r Mcifee, nw 

cor Mann'K al 
Fletcher tt Bedford (C. L Fletcher and J. Bedford), saloon, 

ws Peachtree, 2d s of E. Sixth 
Flewellen Lucinda (c), laundress, r 107 Clarke 
Flewellen R-chard (c), wks W. Jones, r 240 E. Fair 
Flint George (c), wks W. S Garrison, r G Liberty 
Floer.-h Andrew, grocer, 80 Peachtree, r 'M Ellis 
Flood Samuel (c). carpenter, r 59 Fort 
Flood William (c), waiter Markhum House 
Flournoy John VV , paintpr W & X R R., r 187 Elliott 
Flournoy Lazarus i^c), barber J. R. Steele, r W. Peachtree, 

ne cor Pine 
r'o\vers Mary Miss domct-tic KimbaU House 
Flovd Albert (c^ wis Porter & Meakin, r 18 Gullatt 
Floyd Alfred ^c), wks W. & A. R. R , r 2') (iate City 
Flovd Andrew .] , r 144 Nelson 
Floyd Andrew J. Jr , wks C. R. R., bds 144 Nelson 
Floyd Charles J. (c), farmer r 1") Gullatt 
Floyd Eliza (c), laundreps, r 3 iS E. Hunter 
Floyd George (y), wks Atlanta Brewery, r 70 E. Harris 
Floyd James (c), cook 1) G. Peel, r 26 Rawson 
Floyd John (c). lab, r 15 Gullatt 
Floyd Walter C, wks C. R. R., hds 144 Nelson 
Fluker Giles (c), wksGa Iron Wks 
Flvnn Catherin*^, wid Patrick, hds 146 Manguni 
Fl>nn Daniel, train hand A. & W. P. R. R., r 95 Terry 
Flynn Eliza, wid F. W., r 200 N. Fort 
Flynn George VV , elk M. Rich & Bn., bds 81 Chapel 
Flynn J imes, engineer W. & A. R. R , r 151 W. Hunter 
Flynn John, carpenter, r 262 Mari^fa 

Flynn John H , master mechanic W. & A. R. R., r 36 Gil- 
Flynn Mary Miss, dressmkr J Ryan, r 81 Chapel 
Flynn N. J. Mr^.. wks Cotton Factory 
Flvnn Sirah, wid Joseph, r Fort, nr limits 
Flynn Thomas F.. elk 1). H. Dougherty, bds 36 Gilmer 
FlyuM William, wis Cook tS: Stf^wart 

11 XLi U IX\> JL 1 Vv IN s TO lO l^IJSrXJTBS 

^K^DAVTS "SM4^" SEWiNO machine 

IHLJ-^^a. V a.KJ :e^:e:ei3 W. T. WILSON. H W. Mitcliell 8t. 

FLY 253 FOS 

Flynn William, sup* chain gan.s, r 81 Chapel 
Folsora Leonard B.. butcher, 62 Decatur, bds 3:^ N. Forsyh 
Fombee Sang (,cj, lab, r es Peeplep. 3d s of Bautrh, W. E 
Force Albert W. (G. H & A. W. Force), r o7 W. Mitchell 
Force George H. (G. H. & A. W Force), boots and shoes, 

23 Whitehiill 
Force Julia A., wid B W., r 57 Whitehall 
Ford Albert (c), painter \V. <t A R. R., r 275 Pine 
Ford Alford, wines, 60 Broad, r 51 Walton 
Ford Annie, wid'John, r 264 Marietta 
Ford A. Emmet, with C M. Berry, bds 13 E. Alabama 
Ford Arthur P . bkkpr Maddox, Rnc'.^er & Co., bds 150 

Ford Charles D., bkkpr A, Ford, bds 54 Walton 
Ford Francis C, physician, r I5(i N Calhoun 
Ford Milliard (c), plasterer, r ws Martin, 2d n of Rich- 
Ford Isaiah (c), lab. r Bou'evnrd, nr limits 
Ford Mary, wid Daniel, r 26 Brick 
Ford Nathan (c), painter r Decatur, nr limits 
For I R -bpcca J. Mrs., dressm'-r, r Williams, ne cor Parker 
Ford StPDh<=>n (c), barber PI. Brown 
Ford S. E Mrs. dres^mkr 20 E. Mitchell 
Ford William, elk H Wolfe, r country 
Forn Dini'-l B . student, bds 116 S. Forsyth 
FOREACRE (I. J., genl manager A. & C. A L. Ry., r 135 

Foreacre Waver W., elk A-L. R}'.. bds 135 Peachtree 
Forrest Annie, wks Cotton Factory 
Forr ster Charles, plumber Stewart & Fain, bds 210 Mc- 

Forshaw Edward M., engineer Ga. R. R , r 96 Terry 
Forsvth Eliza, wid A. B , r 7 McAfee 
Forsyth Eugene W., wks W. & A. R. R.,bds 7 McAfee 
Forsyth J. Archibald, boltmkr W. & A. R. R, bds 87 W. 

For-syth Milla'd F., lather, bds 61 Form-valt 
For-syth William, blacksmith 23 Walton, r 87 W. Cain 
Forsyth William G . elk V C. La<td cS: Co , r 61 Formwalt 
Fort Albert (cj, driver Sciple <fc Sons , 

Fort Ira E., conductor W. & A. R. R., bds Wilson House 
Fort Ja^ob, elk. bds 158 S. Forsyth 
Foster Edward (c), bricklayer, r 102 Magazine 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


• I Nl lllinailHH) 50 Kast Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

FOS 254 FRA 

Foster Ella (c), laundress, r 32 Ga. R. R 
Foster Felix (c), wks B. H. Broomhead & Co., r 76 S Forsyth 
Foster Henry (c), wks J. S. Morris & Son, r 104 Magazine- 
Foster Humphrey P. (Carmichael & Foster), r al s of May- 
sons Ferry rd, w of W. & A. R. R 
Foster James (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 55 Chattahoochee 
Foster Jane, wid James, bds 165 S. Forsyth 
Foster John, elk, r 87 S. Broad 
Foster John (c), lab, r ns Adams, 1st e of Jackson 
Foster Joseph Z., student, bds Collier House 
Foster Joshua (c), driver, r 13 Ivy 
Foster Josiah (c), furniture repairer, r 39 Horton 
Foster J. W., student, bds 65 N. Collins 
Foster Madison, student, bds llSPeachtree 
Foster Nancy R., wid J. M., bds 87 S. Broad 
Foster Ransom (c), wks H Crankshaw, r 1 Strong 
Foster Samui^l (c), carpenter, r 29 Horton 
Foster Samuel, engineer A-L. Ry. bds National Hotel 
Fos er Silas (c), wks W. & A. R R 
Foster William (c), wks Ferguson & Blount 
Foute Eliza H. Mrs., dressmkr, 208 W^hitehall 
Foute Robert C. Rev., rector St. Philips Church, r ns Hun- 
ter, e of Washington 
Foute William E., Station House kpr, r 208 W^hiteball 
Fowle George B., cabinetmkr L. H. Hall «k Co 
Fowler Caroline, wid Thomas, r 120 Luckie 
Fowl George, lab, r Fort, nr limits 
Fowler Henrietta L., wid Alfred L., r 151 Walton 
Fowler Hilliard J., physician, r 253 Decatur 
Fowler Noah H , real estate agt, 41 S. Broad, r 201 Peach- 
Fowler Rebecca (c), laundress, r 175 Thompson 
Fowler Wesley (c), wks Ferguson & Blount 
Fowler W^illiam R., bkkpr Lathrop & Fain, bds 201 Peach- 
Fox Amos, oils, 11 E. Alabama, r 63 N. Collins 
Fox John (c), lab, r 295 Fraser 

Foy Henrietta Mrs , wks Cotton Factory, r 123 Marietta 
Foy Mary, wid Peter, r 34 McDonough 
Foy Micl^ael T., r 123 Marietta 

Francis Albert K., machinist A-L. Ry, r 243Deca'ur 
Francis Cyrus W. Rev., prof. Atlanta University 
Francis Thomas, butcher, 154 Marietta, r country 



THLJ-rXX V ^KJ r'EEZD ^^ T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

FR A 255 FRE 

Francis Thomas, procer, r 454 Marietta 
Francis William M., train hand A-L R)', r 140 Fillmore 
Frank Fannie, wid Joseph, r 109 Garnett 
Frank Joseph, elk Ry M. S., r 120 Nelson 
Frank Martha A., confectioner, 192 Marietta 
Frank Meyer, with Regenstine c'c Kutz 
Fran'^•lin Callaway (c), porter J. S. Oliver & Co., r ns Har- 
ris, 4th w of Butler 
Franklin Charles, driver St. Ry, bds 130 North av 
Franklin Daniel (c), driver P. & G. T. Dodd & Co., r rear 

19 E. Mitchell 
Franklin Edward (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 59 Thurmond 
Franklin Herman, tinner, 74 S. Broad, r 51 Cooper 
Franklin Jacob A., dairy, r 172 W. Fair 
Franklin James H. (Franklin & Williams), r 55 Windsor 
Franklin James L., r 18 Valentine 
FRANKLIN MAX, whol notions, 8 and 10 Decatur, r 215 

S. Forsyth 
Franklin Missouri, wid E., r Factory, nr limits 
Franklin Thomas (c), lab, r rear 157 Fort 
Franklin William T , with Hirscb Bros., bds 49 W. Peters 
Franklin & Williams (J H. Franklin and S. Wilkins), 

grocers, 18 W. Mitchell 
Eraser Colin M., (Fraser & Smith) and bkkprMer Bank, r 

49 W. Peters 
Fraser & Smith (C. M. Fraser and H. J. Smith), grocers, 9 

W. Mitchell 
Frazier Allen (c), grocer, 180 Markham 
Frazier Arnold (c), lab, r 26 Humphries 
Frazier James (c), lab, r rear 11 Washington 
Frazier Jeremiah D., grocer, 79 Whitehall, r 79^ Whitehall 
Frazier John M., engineer Ga. Iron Wks, r 395| Marietta 
Frazier Nancy, wid William, r 140 W. Baker 
Frazier Oliver G., wks Cntton Factory, bds ISOLuckie 
Frazier Scipio (c), wks Lynch & Lea, r 253 W. Mitchell 
Fred Henry H.. elk M. Rieh & Bro., bds 18 Ellis 
Freeland Henry, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Freeman Abraham (c), coachman 0. A. Lochrane, r rear 

342 Peachtree 
Freeman Anderson (c),*shoemkr5 E. Mitchell, r 8 Solomon 
Freeman Benjamin (c), cook, r 18 McDonough 
Freeman Benjamin R., commr of deeds, 4 Kimbajl House, 

r 44 Peachtree 

Bu"siNEfsME£ Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

' *' *' «*«*^WVi^j Promp tness JM Cy Motto. 

FRE \ 256 FRI 

Freeman B. Allen, machinist, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 85 

Freeman Calvin fc), carpenter Lynch & Lea, r 326 E. 

Freeman Crawford (c), wks Cit.y Ry, r 89i Whiteliall 
Freeman Cicero M , painter, r 371 N. Collins 
Freeman Fannie V., wid W. B , bds 150 N. Collins 
Freeman Fra-ik (c), driver R.J Griffin, r rear 163 Peachtree 
Freeman General (c), wks W. &. A R. R , r 56 Ripley al 
Freeman Greene (c). blacksmith L. Bennett, r 68 E lis 
Freeman Henry (c), porter Cotton Exchange Saloon, r 

Wheat, cor Butler 
Freeman James C, jevveler, r 252 W. Peters 
Freeman James C. Jr., with J. P. Stevens & Co., r 252 W. 

Freeman James M. (c), janitor City Hall, r 92 Fort 
Freeman Jeremiah, drayman, r 241 Glenn 
Freeman Jones (c), driver A. B. Clark 
Freeman Joseph (c), elk C. H. Morgan, bds ss Wheat, 3d w 

of Butler 
Freeman Jospph (c), driver City, r 128 E Harris 
Freeman INIartha Miss, domestic Kimball Housd 
Freeman Martha Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 250 Elliott 
Freeman Milton (c), driver G. R Boaz 

Freeman Minnie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 250 Elliott 
Freeman Morris M , elk R. D. Mann, bds 13 E. Alabama 
Freeman Nathan (c) hackman r 24 Ira 
Freeman Porter (c). driver W.^lhouse & Son, r 151 Wheat 
Freeman Sidney (c), hostler S'. Ry 
Freeman Samuel (f), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Freeman Samuel R., printer, r r,7 X. Calhoun 
Freeman Washington (c), wks Pelligrini & Castleberry, r 

rear 51 C. R R 
Freeman William G , machinist, r 28 Cedar 
Freeman William H., contractor, r 7 Markham 
French Mary C, wid J. C, r 169 Ivy 
Fresh Leopold, elk J. Elsas, r 18 Garnett 
FREY JOHN, P. Inspector, U. S. Court House & P. 0. 

Bldg., bis Kimball House 
FREY see also FRY 

Freyer Frincis L.. pianos & organs, 28 Whitehall, r Mari- 
etta,. Ga 
Fricks Jasper N., carpenter M. Lipes, r 170 E. Harris 

SS Sr^Ar^^^^ir^ Cures Rbeumatism 


THLJ-/Jt^ V AKJ ar2E:i::i3 w. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 
■ FRI 257 FUL 

Friddell Hetry, elk T. R. Bostick, bds 60 Mays al 
FriddfU Joseph, painter J. A. Paris, r GO Mays al 
Fridde'l Ransom molder E. Van Winkle & Co., r 60 Maysal 
Friddell Samuel, butcher, bds 60 Mays al 
Fridie Margnret Miss, wks Cotton Factoiy 
Friedbereer Louis, c'k J Ryan, bds 54 N. Pryor 
Friendship Baptist Church (c), W. Mitchell, nwcor Hayne 
Frierson Carroll K., elk J. Warlick & Son 
Frierson Cliarles F., elk Telephone Exchange, bds 161 Crew, 

(IiiforniatioH refused) 
Frierson Thomas A. (Frierson & Leak), r 161 Crew 
Frierson Thomas D. r 161 Crew 
FRIERSON & LEAK, (T. A. Frierson and H. F. Leak), 

real estate agts, 33 Marietta 
Frisbee Nancy Miss, wks Cotton F^ctorv 
Frish Leopo'd, elk I. Elsas, bds 18 W. Garnett 
Fristler Mack (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ws North av, 1st n 

of Marietta 
Fritts John, butcher, 444 Marietta, r country 
Frizzell Charles S., carpenter Longley & Robinson, bds 242 

E. Hunter 
Frizzell J. Edward, trav agt Stewart & Fain, bds 242 E. 

Frizzell William H., foreman Traynham, Geisse & Eay, r 

242 E- Hunter 
FROBEL BUSROD W.,U. S. Assistant Engineer, office 94 

W. Mitchell, r 103 McDonough 
Frost Ella (c), chambermaid, r Chapel, nr Barracks av 
Frost Amoret, porter Brock Bros 
Frost Henry (c), packer Jack & Holland 
Fry Abe, watchmaker and jeweler, 4 Peachtree, bds Wil- 
son House 
Fry Carrie Miss, cook C. Beermann, r 165 Whitehall 
Fry George T., lawyer, 50^ Decatur, r 151 Crew 
Fry James (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 21 Chattahoochee 
Fry Mundy (c), mason, r rear 65 Luckie 
Fry Robert (c), asst engineer Kimball House 
Fry Thomas (c), waiter Kimball House 
Fry William F , (c) porter Markham House, r 47 Clifford 
FRY see also FREY 
Fuhrer John, human hair, 66 Whitehall 
Fulks Emily J. Mrs., boarding, v 16 Mechanic 
Fulks W^illiam, tram hand W. & A, R. R., bds 16 Mechanic 

THE m ZilmF THE Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Eimball, 

56 £. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
saled Retail. Special rates to dealers. Seepi^elOO. 

FUL 258 GAB 

Fuller Alfred D., elk A. F. Todd, r 236 W. Peters 
Fuller Benjamin F., elk, bds G6 Forrest av 
Fuller Braxston C, bkkpr W. A. Fuller, bds 19 Mechanic 
Fuller Erasmus Q. Rev. D.D., editor Methodist Advocate, r 

39 Jones 
Fuller George H (Fuller & Holcomb), r 39 Jones 
Fuller Grace (c), lunch room, r 48 N. Broad 
Fuller Henry A., (Fuller & Oglesby), r 230 Whitehall 
Fuller Jesse F., teacher Atlanta University, r terminus W. 

Fuller Jacob B. (c), carpenter, r 78 Wheat 
Fuller James, driver H. Karwisch 
Fuller James H., grocer, r 60 Hood 
FULLER JONES C, dealer in feathers, 67 S. Broad 
Fuller Judge \V., grocer, 27 Windsor, r25 Windsor 
Fuller Philip L., puddler, r 592 Marietta 
Fuller Clin C, bkkpr Walden & Stowe, bds 39 Jones 
Fuller Oliver C , elk Fuller & Ogiesby, bds 230 Whitehall 
Fuller Phebe Miss, teacher Edgewood, bds 26 N. Forsyth 
Fuller S. E. Miss, boarding 26 & 28 N. Forsyth 
Fuller Thomas K., elk W. L. Stanton & Co., bds 235 S. For- 
Fuller Watson, route agt Ry. M. S.. bds 39 Jones 
FULLER WILLIAM A., grocer 148 Marietta, r 19 Me- 
FULLER & HOLCOMB, (G. H. Fuller and A. L. Holcomb) 

printers and stereotypers, 110 & 112 Whitehall 
FULLER & OGLESBY, (H. A. Fuller and J.G. Ogiesby), 

whol grocers, 20 E. Alabama 
Fulton Frank R., lah, r 15 Larkin 
Fulton James, driver H. Karwisch, r 212 C. R. R 
Full wood John (c), wks Lynch & Lea, r 298 Mangum 
Fulton County Jail, 36 Eraser 

Fulton S imuel, dep elk City Council, r 91 Rawson 
Fulton Susan R., wid W. S.', bds 91 Rawson 
Fulton William, wks T. S. Lewis, r 201 Chapel 
Furse M , farmer, bds 70 Ivy 
Futch William S , wks E. Haiman, r rear 143 W. Peters 

GAAR WILLIAM S., boarding, 48 S. Butler 
Gaber J. T., wks E. Haiman 
Gable Charles A , wks W. A. Hilton, bds 19 Orme 
Gable William G., tel opr.. W. & A. R. R.. r 33 Havden 




•HtJ-'XA, V ^KJ lE'EEX) W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St, 

GaF 259 GAM ~" 

Gaffney Katie S. Mrs., dressmkr, r 122 W. Baker 
■Gailmard Charles F., printer A. M. Bergstrom, r 185 White- 
Gailinard Charles M., elk J. J. Barnes, bds 185 Whitehall 
Gailmard Emile G , elk H. Hansford, bds 185 Whitehall 
■Gailmar.l Paul R., wks J. H. and W. T. Kuhns, bds 185 

Gaines Clement (c), waiter Markham House, r rear 51 E. 

Gaines ('linton II., elk J. J. McKoy, r 63 Spring 
'Gaines Elizabeth, wid A. W., bds ns Mayson Ferry rd, 

Bell wood 
Graines John H , wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds ns Maysoa Ferry 

rd, Bed wood 
'Gaines John W., elk C. W. Motes & Co., r 313 Rawson 
Gaines Marion, shoemkr 60 Peachtree, r Cox, ne cor W. 

Gaines Mary J. Miss, seamstress, r 106 Milliard 
Gaines Ransom C , bpkkr J. J McKoy, r 63 N. Spring 
<Gaines Reuben, wks Ga. Iron Wks , r 306 Luckie 
Gaines Stephen (c), asst janitor U. S. Court House, r 6 N 

Gaines Wesley J. Rev., (c), pastor Bethel A. M. E. Ch., r 

147 Wheat 
■Gaines William B., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds ns Mayson 

Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Gaines Widiam M., saloon 91 Decatur 
Gaither Frank T., with Eddleman & Bowie, r 30 E W^all 
Galbraith W. W., 2d lieut. 5th artillery, r McPherson Bar- 
Galbreath J. A., train hand W. & A. R. R 
Galceran Martin P., elk R. G. Thompson, r 13 Kelly 
Gale William J , blacksmith, bds 85 Plum 
Gallagher Nancy A., wid John, r 295 Peachtree 
Gallagher Thomas, grocer, ss Mayson Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Gallagher William, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds ss Mayson Fer- 
ry rd, BeUwood 
Gallaher Bridget, wid John, r 89 Terry 
Gallaher Charles M., elk, r 122 Mangum 
Gallaher Sarali. wid Patrick, r Savanniih, nr limits 
Galvin Cornelius, tailor Hirsch Bros., r 74 E. Hunter 
' Gamble Robert T., elk Moore, Marsh & Co., bds 9 Marietta 
Gammell Josiah H., r 75 W. Peters 


EM frP TP^iON ^sneral Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Street. 
• iiVii U£w^£<MWX^f Promptness 3Iy Miotto. 

GAM 260 GAR 

Gammon Edward M., printer, bds W. Fair, nr limits 
Gammon Jucob (c). shoemkr, ns Gordon, 2d e of Lee, W. E. 
Gammon John T., carpenter, bds W. Fair, nr limits 
Gammon Lewis S., carpenter E. Van Winkle & Co., bds 

215 W Fair 
Gammon Tabitha, wid L. B., r W. Fair, nr Barracks av 
Gann Berry, carpenter, r Humphries, nr Barracks av 
Gann Divid, engineer State House, r 170 Nelson 
Gann James, lab, bds Humphries, nr Barracks av 
Gann James M., butcher, r Pryor, nr limits 
Gann Nathan T., wks E. Hainian, r ns Mayson's Ferrj' rd^ 

Bell wood 
Gann Sarah, wid S., r 51 Chapel 

Gann William, butcher C. J. Kicklighter, r 32 Stonewall 
Gann Williaoi, painter, r 19 Chapel 
Ganneen Eugene, wks Cotton Factory, bds 19 Orme 
Gannon Annie Miss, propr Southern Hotel, 54^ Decatur 
Gannon Michael F., train hand W. &. A. R.R, r 12 S. 

Gantt Frank (c), drayman, r Trenholra, nr Barracks av 
Gantt James A. (Gantt & Milton), r 61 McDaniel 
Gantt John A , elk W. D. Mitchell, bds 300 W. Peters 
Gantt Lewis (c), barber L. Schelpert, r 2 Ga, R. R 
Gantt & Milton (J. A. Gantt and J. L. Milton), grocers, 61 

Garcia Felix, elk, bds 14 Martin 
Garcia Josephine H. Mrs., seamstress, r 14 Martin 
Gardner Amanda (c), laundress, r 28 Scofield 
GARDNER BENJAMIN M., agent Union Publishing 

House, 20 E. Alabama, bds 39i Whitehall 
Gardner Burton E., machinist Ga. Iron W^ks, r 158 Davis 
Gardner Clark (c), hostler, r 1 Bobbins 
Gardner Grafton W., physician, 330 Marietta 
Gardner Isham (c), wks Langston & Crane, r 156 Fillmore 
Gardner John, elk, bds 65 E. Fair 
Gardner Lazarus Rev. (c), r 426 McDonough 
Gardner Mack (c), wks E. Haiman, r rear 126 Jackson 
Gardner Moses M., photographer, 30| Marietta, r 135 Nel- 
Gardner Owen (c), lab, r 61 Hightower 
Gardner Reuben E , blacksmith E. Haiman, r 162 Davis 
Gardner Samuel (c), lab, r 52 Walker 
Gardner Shadrach (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 18 Wells 

e^^ ^\'rkW^ir*^\T(W^\J(f\ fi^-CURES SKIN DISEASES, 
« «)• ^^Mk\^M.M} 1\^ PIMPLES AND BLOTCHES. 


THtJ^AX V A^-I jiE.^3D W. T, WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

GAR 261 GAR 

Gardner Stephen (ci, sawyer, r 20 Victoria 

Gardner Turner (c), blacksmith, r 86 Green's Ferry av 

Gardner William H., artist M. M. Gardner, bds 135 Nelson 

Garland Nelson (c.) lab, r 99 Martin 

Garmany Charles P., guard county chain gang, bds 206 

Garmany John S., boilermkr, r 206 Decatur 
Garmond Pinckney (c), lab, r 132 Ga. R. R 
Garner Aaron (c), porter E. A. Robertson & Co., r Calhoun, 

cor Baker 
Garner John (c), driver Dr. J. B Baird, r rear 119 E, 

Garner Lina Miss, dressmkr, 33 Oak 
GARNER MOSES J. (c), shoemkr, 83 Peachtree, r 8 

Garner Scott (c), lab, r 18 Wf lis 
Garner Walker (c), gardener J. Lambert 
Garner William, carpenter, r 33 E. Peachtree 
Garner Willis (c), hostler, r 114 Magazine 
Garr William, drayman, r 101 Humphries 
Garren John L. (Medcalf & Garren), bds 77 Ga. R. R 
Garrett Amanda E. Mrs., seamstress, r 37 Chapel 
Garrett Henry, elk, r 222 E. Fair 
Garrett Jabez, student, bds 46 Ivy 

Garrett James, engineer, r s end Whitehall, nr limits 
Garrett James B., student, bds 54 W. Foundry 
Garrett Joseph, train hand A-L. Ry 
Garrett Martha A., wid William B , r 345 Marietta 
Garrett Susan A., wid Wesley, r 9 Mangum 
Garrett Thomas W., supt transportation A-L. Ry., r 48 N. 

Garrett William J , elk, bds 223 E. Hunter 
Garrett William J. (Garrett & Bro.), r 166 Washington 
Garrett William M., dentist D. Smith, r 223 E. Hunter 
Garrett Young (Garrett & Bro.), r 249 Washington 
Garrett & Bro. (W. J. and Young Garrett), groceries, 50 E. 

Garrison George, engineer A-L. Ry 
Garrison Isabella, wid J. B., r 49 E. Hill 
Garrison Jeddiah, street tax collector, r 61 Martin 
Garrison John B., wks W. & A. R. R., r 135 Magazine 
Garrison Samuel (c), wks Gas Lt. Co., r 133 E. Cain 
Garrison William W., painter, r 176 Davis 

IvENTRACK vll PiedmoHt Air-Line. 


TclCDhonS ^' ^' ^^^^^^^' ^^ ^- -^laljaoia Sl.. for COAL of 
J aaykiud. Blacksiuilh'sCoalasoecialtv. SeeuacaiOi) 

GAR 262 (;AT 

Garrow Ernest, wks I^. H. Hall & Co., bds 143 Walton 

Garst James M. teacher, r 49 Chapel 

Gartrell Francis B., mer, r 29 Kelley 

Gartrell Joseph E., lawyer, 3^ Whitehall, r 27 Youge 

GARTRELL LUCIUS J., lawyer, 3^ Whitehall, r 442 

Garvey John J., machinist W. & A. R. R., r 30 Mechanic 
Garvey Mary, wid James, r 25 Cone 
Garvin Benjamin F., elk, r 47 Thurmond 
Garvin Henry A , painter, bds 138 N. Collins 
Garvin William M , tailor, r 24 Kelley 
Garwood George, dk, bds 15 N. Butler 
Gary Patrick W., painter, r 127 Decatur 
OASKILL CHARLES B.,lawyer, 25 1 Peach tree, r 138 S. 

Gaskili John (c), wks W. Jack, r ws Martin, 3d n of Rich- 
Gaskill Simon (c), lab, r rear 138 S. Pryor 
Gaston Jane H., wid James, r Luckie, se cor Dairy 
Gaston Lyman (c), drayman Butler & Carroll, r 325 E. 

Gatchell Horace P., physician, 29 Whitehall, r 186 S. Pryor 
Gate City Guards, J. F. Burke, captain; 74 Peachtree 
Gate Cifcv Hose Co No. 5, 28 Foundry . 

McCandless, cashier; Pryor, nw cor Wall 
Gates Aaron (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 58 Chattahoochee 
Gates Alvin A., elk Sou. Exp. Co., r 95 Calhoun 
Gates Berry (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 61 Luckie 
Gates George (c), wks Ca. Iron Wks, r 68 Chattahoochee 
Gates Green (c), lab, r ws al n of Emma, w of Lambert, 

Gates Henry (c) driver E. Johnson, r ws al n of Emma, w 

of Lambert, Bellwood 
Gates John (c), driver Sciple & S^ns, r 294 Wheat 
Gates John (c) wks W. & A. R. R., r rear 52 Ga. R. R 
Gates M. Leonard, carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 65 James 
Gates Robert (c), lab, r ws al n of Emma, w of Lambert, 

Gates Thomas (c), wks G. W. Jack, r rear 52 Ga. R. R 
Gatf^s Taomas B , manager Great Atlantic and Paciiio Tea 

Co., bds 168 Loyd 
Gates Winfield S., salesman, bds Wilson House 



[iHtJ^J.^ II ^KJ ^--=.=33 W. T. "WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

GAT 263 GEO 

Gathr p:h^ William E., boot and shoemkr, 13^ Peachtree, r 

180 McDonough 
Gating James A., elk C. R. R , r 109 E. Hunter 
Gatins John, grocer, 62 N. Calhoun, r 60 N. Calhoun 
Gatins Joseph, elk C. R. R., r 109 E. Hunter 
Gatins Joseph F., elk C. R. R., bds 124 S. Pryor 
Gaulding S.illie G., wid A. A., r 7 Hunnicutt 
Gault Charles, wks Ga. Iron Whs, bds ws Marietta, bey- 
Gault Jefferson, well borer, r ws Marietta, bey limits 
Gault William, wks Ga, Iron Wks, r ws Marietta, bey 

Gause Charles W., with Langston, Crane & Co., r 174 

Gause Joseph, elk W. H. Brotherton, bds 174 S. Loyd 
Gavan John, mason, r 51 PuUiam 
GATAN JOHN H., furniture, 78 Peachtree, bds Kenne- 

saw House 
Gay Augustus 0. M. (A 0. M. Gay & Co.), r 302 Peachtree 
Gay A. 0. M. & Co. (A. M. and E. H. Gay\ clothing, 37 

Gay Eason (c), mattressmkr, r 145 W. Peters 
Gay Edward S., manager Ins. Co. of N. America, and Star 

Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y., 15 N. Pryor 
Gay Elbert H. (A. 0. M Gay & Co.), r Newborn, Ga 
Gay H. C, med student, bds 18 Warren pi 
Gay Jordan Rev. (c) r 260 Jones 

Gay Sauford W., elk A 0. M. Gay & Co., bds 302 Peachtree 
Gay William M., student, bds 91 N. Calhoun 
Gaylord James (c), waiter Kimball House 
Gazelle Mary (c), seamstress, r 62 W. Foundry 
Geary Peter W., painter, 1^ Marietta, r 128 Decatur 
Geddins Augustus A. (c), waiter R. Arnold, r rear N. Col- 
lins, sw cor Forrest av 
Geddi:^ Frank (c), lab, r 162 Fillmore 
Gehn Fritz, stone cutter W. Brenner 

Geiger Benjamin F., elk John.^ou & Son, bds 135^ Marietta 
Gei?e Owen N. contractor, r 167 Jones 
George Eustace, wks Cotton Factory 
George Israel (c), fireman A-L Ry 
George Jackson L., elk B. Adciir, r 90 Thompson 
George James R.. plasttrer, r 24 Williams 
George Jefferson (c), lab, r 117 E. Baker 

Q'UJ^lfTrME via Piedmont Air-Line 

E TIT frPT'R'Qn'Nr eeneral Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Streeti 

*d. J.V&. VJJ^iJ£^gWlN, Promptness IMCy Motto. 

GEO 264 GIB 

George John H., contractor, r 24 Williams 

George Oscar, overseer Cotton Factory, bds 345 Marietta 

Georgia Academy of Science, C. W. Smith, sec; r 9J W. 


pres ; J. M. Patlon, cashier; 12 E. Wall 
Georgia Eclectic Medical College, W. P. H. Fishburn, dean; 

Peach tree, June Broad 
Georgia Ice Co., J. M. Beath, pres; J. L. Wood, supt ; 44 

W. Alahjitna 
GEORGI V IRON WORKS, E. W. Holland, pres ; Grant 

Wiikins, manager and supt; Ed. Holland, sec and treas; 

W. & A. R. R.,''470 Marietta (See back fly D) 

Loyd, cor R. R (See fly C and back cover) 
Georgia Spice Mills, J. F. Burke & Co., proprs; 74 Peachtree 
Georgia State Agricultural Society, Thomas Holland, Jr., 

pres ; 38 Capitol Block 
Georgia State Library, F. L. Haralson, librarian ; State 

Georgia Stock and Fair Association, B. W. Wrenn, sec; 13 

S. Pryor 
Georgia Suit Co., dry goods, 39 Whitehall 
Gerbie John C, watchmkr, 25 Peachtree, r 73 E. Harris 
German Luthern Church, Whitehall, June Forsyth 
Germany Mary A., wid W. J., r 201 Jones 
Gershon Aaron, elk, r 18 W. Peters 

Getman Th..mas W. (G. R Meneely & Co.), r Troy, N. Y 
Getteys James C, ins agt, bds 150 Whitehall 
Gholstin Lewis (Gholstin & Zachry), bds Collins, sw cor 

GHOLSTIN & ZACHRY (L. Gholstin and W. I. Zachry), 

millers, W. & A. R. R., nr Cain 
Gibbs William W. (Stevens k Gibbs), r 77 Terry 
Gibson Albert (c), lab, r ws Fort, 3d s of Foster 
Gibson Benjamin (c), porter S. M. Inman & Co., r ws Fort, 

3d s of Foster 
Gibson Elbert (c), porter S. M. Inman & Co., r ws Fort, 3d 

s of Foster 
Gibson Elijah (c), fireman Lynch & Lea 
Gibson Frank (c), wks Ferguson a- d Blount 
Gibson Henry engineer, bds 61 Ga. R. R 
Gibson Isaac *(c), lab, r ws S. Terry, 3d s of Cromley 

Brewer's Lung Restorer 


and C:OJN»c)Mj:»TIOBr 


THE J^*J^ w JLKJ ^'SEX) -vy. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell SU 

GIB 265 GIL" 

Gibson James T., student, bds 103 Windsor 

Gibson John C. (c), elk J. Tate, r 220 Decatur 

Gibson William, wks E. liaiman, bds 97 Marietta 

Gibson AVilliam G., molder, Winship JtBro., r 181 Fillmore 

Giddings Alexander (c), lab, r rear 46 Ivy 

Gideon Carrie, wid J. W., r 265 Jones 

Gideon Henry (c), lab, r 39 GuUatt 

Gifford James A., boiler and sheet iron wks, 222 Marietta, 
r 132 Davis 

Gilbert Ansel L , elk H. Franklin, bds 141 S. Forsyth 

Gilbert Archibald (c), wks M. Cargile 

Gilbert Campbell R., elk A. C. Morton & Co., r 83 S. Broad 

Gilbert Eli (c), carpenter, r rear 339 N. Calhoun 

Gilbert Elizabeth (c), laundress, r 45 Brick 

Gilbert Jordan (c), lab, r 4 Dunn's al 

Gilbert J. B., grocer, 162 W. Mitchell 

Gilbert Kate C. Mrs., teacher, r Alexander cor Mills 

Gilbert Margaret Mrs , boarding. 111 Marietta 

Gilbert Matthew, lab, r 102 Decatur 

Gilbert Matthew S., elk R J. Wilson, r 107 Larkin 

Gilbert M R. Mrs., boarding, 70^ Whitehall 

Gilbert Robert R., wood carver L. H. Hall & Co., bds 19 W. 

Gilbert Rudolphus, elk, bds 701 Whitehall 

Gilbert Sella (c), domestic Mrs. 0. M. Reid 

Gilbert Theodore, watchmkr Er Lawshe, r 70i Whitehall 

Gilbert, Wiley (c), carpenter, r rear 11 E. Cain 

Gilbert William A , trav agt, r 143 Walton 

Gilbert W., wks E. Haiman 

Gildea Thomas, elk, bds National Hotel 

Gilder Farris (c), lab, r 154 Ga. R. R. 

Gilder William (c), lab, r 33 Foi mwalt 

Giles Alfred, (c), lab, r rear 110 Magazine 

Giles Henry (c), lab, r rear 110 Magazine 

Giles Julia (c), laundress, r 9 Green's Ferry av 

Gdham Elizabeth Mrs., seamstress, r 10 Jenkins 

Gill George M., watchmkr J. P. Stevens & Co., bds Kimball 

Gill Henry S., with M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., r 48 W. Pe- 

Gill Mary H., wid Samuel, r 209 Chapel 

Gillam Lewis M., with Sheek & Co., and druggist 88 Mc- 
Donough, r 90 Rawson 

Peerless, Yetr^Houte, Piedmont Air-Line 

T r TTTMP ATT ^^^' ^^^^^™* ^*-' ^gent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL- 


GIL 266 GLA 

Gillespie Adaline M., wid R. H. C, bds 254 Whitehall 

Gillespie George (c), hostler G. R. Boaz, r 16 Loyd 

Gillespie James W., elk Ry. P. 

Gillespie John W., grocer 151 Calhonn 

Gillespie S. Frederick B., bkkpr John Keely, bds Grubb, 

se cor Fairlie 
Gillespie S. W., with Lamar, Rantin & Lamar, bds Na- 
tional Hotel 
Gillett Charles, wks \V. L. Finley, bds 359 Decatur 
Gilmer Parmelia C Miss, boarding, 55 N. Butler 
Gilmer Thomas, wks Winship & Bro., bds 67 W. Foundry 
Gilmer Walter, wks Winship & Bro., bds 67 W. Foundry 
Gilmore Herman K., carpenter, r 89 Stenewall 
Gilmore William (c), porter Jack & Holland, r 76 S. For- 
Gilmore William, elk, bds 76 N. Collins 
Gilpin Arnold L., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r rear 15 Hull 
Gilpin Jane H. Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r l23 Marietta 

Gintzburg , trav agt, bds 96^ Whitehall 

Girls' High School, 47 Washington 
Givens Charles, farmer, r 371 Mangum 
Givens Eliza J., wks Cotton Factory, bds 371 Mangum 
Givens Mary C. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 371 Man- 
Givens Phebe C. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 371 Man- 
Givens Rachel 0. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 371 Man- 
Givens William R., wks Cotton Factory, bds 371 Mangum 
Glanton George (c), lab, r 81 E. Fair 
Glascock William J., elk Ry M. S., r 273 Crumley 
Glasgow Charles (c), driver K. L. Boone & Co 
Glass Benjamin (c), driver G. H. HoUiday & Co., r rear 5Q 

Forrest av 
Glass Eliza A. Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Luckie 
Glass George A., wks F. G, Hancock, bds 28 Powers 
Glass Julius (c), porter Mountcastle, Coleman & Co., r 210 

G'ass Letitia C, wid James M., r 28 Powers 
Glass Manson P., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 211 Peachtree 
Glass IMason (c), laundress, r 153 Luckie 
Glass Mat^ie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Luckie 
Glass Nathaniel M., elk Atlanta Cash Clothing Store, r 28 

!>« ^MEkK^AM: M\^ And Never Fails to Cure. 

?H^pDAVTS ^'WSH-" sewing- machine 

'HtJ-^XA. V J.N-? I^EIEID W. T, W1L80N. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

GLA m GU) 

Glass Robert C, elk D. H. Dougherty, i ds 67 N. Pryor 
Glass Rogers (c), wks A-L. Hy, r 19 Jenkins 
Gla&s h^teven, <lk, bds 106 W. Harris 
Glazier Frank H., grocer, 231 Decatur, r 262 E. Hunter 
Gleason Clara Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 25 Cone 
Gleason Rosina Mrs. wks Cotton Factory, bds 25 Cone 
Gleeson Emmet, contractor, r 'ill S. F(.-rrv 
Gleeson James, shoemkr W. Glee.^^on, bds 226 Ftaser 
Gleeson J(jhn M., barkpr McGeever & Brennan, r 40 De- 
Gleeson Thomas, elk Traynham & Bay, r 226 Fraser 
Gleeson William, shoemixr, 35 S Piy r, r 226 Fraser 
Gleeson William, Jr., shoemkr W. Gh-esun, bds 226 Fraser 
Glenn Bartow, elk J. P. Harrison & C(.> , r Edge wood, Ga 
G^enn Frank (c), porter T. S<diumann, r 63 Hayne 
Glenn Henry H., with J. C. Whitner & Son, r 108 S. For- 
Glenn Howell C. (L. J. Glenn & Son), andcomnir of deeds, 

19 Whitehall, bds Kimball House 
Glenn John C, elk Ga R. R 
Glenn John C , elk Ga. R. R 

Glenn John T. (Hopkins & Glenn), r 151 Peachtree 
Glenn Julia (c), laundress, r es Rawson's al, 2d n of Jones 
Glenn Luther J. (I-. J. Glenn & Son), r 56 Cooper 
GLENN L. J. & SON (L. J. & H. C. Glenn), lawyers, 19 

Glenn Madison (c), lab, r 33 Terry 
Glenn .Mary Mrs., seamstress, r 56 Green's Ferry av 
Glenn Robert (c), lab, r 75 N. Moore 
Glenn Timothy J., wks Cotton Factory, bds 17 Bartow 
Glenn William (c), blacksmith St Ry., r 33 Terry 
Glenn William G'. (c), wks J. P. Harrison & Co., i 229 Crew 
Glenter Herman, brewer, r Atlanta City Brewery, r 56 E. 

Gloer James W., policeman, r 242 W. Fair 
Gloer Joseph I , elk Stocker & CasLleberry, r 168 C. R. R 
Gosson James, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 35 Victoria 
Glossup James A., train hand W. & A. R. R., bds ws Lee, 

nr limits 
Glossup William H., farm r, r ws Le*-, nr limits, W. E 
Glover Alonzv) S., agt C. S. Ry., bds Adams House 
Glover Cicero, driver J C. Huff 
Glover Clarence (c), porter W. M. Mickleberry, r 12 Cedar 

"■S^f via Piedmont Air-Lin© 

£i M GREESOM ^^neralReal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

**• AUi W4WUMMW11) Promptness ]My M:otto. 

GLO ~ 268 GOL 

Glover David (c), dravman F. S. Stewart 
Glover Eugene, elk. r 289 W. Peachtree 
Glover Georgia (c). laundress, r Williams, se cor Pine 
Glover Henry (c), lab, r 258 W. Sunter 
Glover James (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 119 Marietta 
Glover John H., elk A. &C. A-L. Ry, r 135 S Pryor 
Glovbr John H. Jr , elk A. & G. A-L. Ry, r 135 S. Pryor 
Glover Lewis (c), co'jk, r 92 Jones 
Clover Lula (c), cook, r Williams, se cor Pine 
Glover Sarah D., wid N. 0., r 289 W. Peachtree 
Glozier Matilda Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 75 W. Foun- 
Gludon IjOU Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Glynn Eliza, wid Peter, bds 80 McDonough 
Glynn Margaret Miss, boardin.', 14 E. Hunter 
Gobay Edward, carpenter, r 211 Boulevard 
Gobay Edward Jr., carpenter, bds 211 Boulevard 
Gober Frank M., fireman W. & A. R. R 
Gober James M., wks W. & A. R. R., r 133 W. Foundry 
Gober M rbin C, wks J. S. Morris & Son, r 100 E. Simpson 
Gober Mary Miss, bds 246 Hayne 
Gober Thomas, wks E. Haiman, r 44 Victoria 
Gober William A., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 218 Elliott 
Goddard George C, elk Clarke, Thompson & Co., r Stone 

ixountain, Ga 
Goettings Charles (C. Goettings & Co), r 50 Peachtree 
Goettings C. & Co. (C. Goettings and ), bakers and con- 
fectioners, 50 Peachtree 
Goettings Harry, elk C Goettings & Co., bds 50 Peachtree 
Goettings Mary Miss, elk C. Goettings & Co , bds 50 Peach- 
Goptz Katie Miss, nurse C. J. Weinmeister 
Gofie James H., elk Ry P. 0„ bds 100 N. Collins 
Goin Edward (c), carpenter, r 6i Humphries 
GOIX JOHN A. manager Th^ Bradstreet Co., Pryor, se 

cor Alabama, r 128 S. Pryor 
Golden Edward (c), wks Anderson & Bo., r 155 W. Peters 
Golden Feudal S., blacksmith, 595 Marietta, r es Third, 

1st n of Ponder 
Golden Frank, checker W. & A. R. R., r 79 McDaniel 
Golden Frank (e), cook A. Leyden, r rear 118 Peachtree 
Golden Jennie Miss, music teache-, 193 S. Pryor 
Golden Jesse (c), shoemkr, 102 Whitehall, r 157 W. Peters 


I HL J-^XA. V .^KJ ^ ^— X) -^ T. WILSON. 14 \V. Mitchell St. 

GOL 269 GOO 

Golden William (c), porter D. W. Brinson k Co., r 55 W. 

Golden Willis R., blacksmith Ga. Iron Wks, r es Third, 

1st s of Ponder 
Goldsmith Benjamin M., wks G. J. Howard <fc Bro., bds 61 

N. Pry or 
Goldsmith Bros. (J. H. and W. L. Goldsmith), fertilizers 

and machinery, 57 E. Alabama 
Goldsmith Henry, bds 205 Peach tree 
Ooldsmith James M (Dent, Meadow & Co.), and dep elk 

Superior Court, r 241»Ivv 
Goldsmith Jeremiah W., (J. W. Goldsmith & Co and T. L. 

Swift k Co.;. r 36 W. Harris 
Goldsmith John H. TGoldsmith Bros.), r 205 Peachtree 
Goldsmith J. W. & Co., (J.W. Goldsmith and T. P. Meador), 

whol grocers, 55 and 57 E. Alabama 
Goldsmith Mark E. ^Goldsmith & Hughes), bds 39 N. 

Goldsmith Morgan J., prof penmanship, Moore'.'^ Business 

University, r 26 Hood 
Goldsmith Turner, real estate agt, r 34 Powers 
Goldsmith Washington L. (Goldsmith Bros.), r Decatur, Ga 
Goldsmith William M, elk D. H. Dougherty, bds Gl N. 

Goldsmith William T., physician, 61 X. Prvor 
Goldsmith & Hughes (.M E. Goldsmith and'j. W. Hughes), 

gents' furnishing, 9 Peachtree 
GoUer Henry, tailor, r 12 M'=>chanic 

Golphin William (c), cook D. W. Allen, r 223 Richardson 
Gomez Gomasinda P., plasterer, r 43i Whitehall 
Goode Anne, wid Hamilton, bds ws North av, 2d n of Ma- 
Goode Nicholas J., driver St Ry.. r 18 Brick 
Goodhardt Mary A., wid Charles, r 203 W. Peters 
Goodhue Young (c), lab, r 319 W. Mitchell 
Goodin McDaniel, carpenter, bds 38 Larkin 
Goodlett James M. (cj, barber Kimball House, r 57 Fulton 
Goodlett S., with Great Atlantic & Pacfic Tea Co., bds 15 

E. Mitchell 
Goodman Anni, wid E., bds 150 Whitehall 
GOODMAN ("H »RLES >!., pictures, frames and moldings, 

2S Whitehall, r 201 Peachtree 
Goodman Emma Miss, bds 150 Whitehall 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


• I Vl niiYtflnHaj g^ East Alabama Street. See page 100. 

GOO 270 GOR 

Goodman John T., conductor C. R. K., r 164 Nelson 
Goodman Joseph, elk J Ryan, bds National Hotel 
Goodman Laura (c), laundress, r '6 Mechanic 
Goodman Louisa A., wid. Solomon P , r 19 Terry 
Goodman Maurice T., grocer 78 S. Broad, r 152- Nelson 
Goodman Max, raer, bds Kimball House 
Goodman Peter (c), lab, r 106 Gray 
Goodman Samuel (c),. sawyer, r 106 Gray 
Goodman Sophia, wid John, b'-ls 118 Decatur 
Goodman Thomas (c), lab, r 28 G. R. R 
Goodman Thomas H., engineer^ bds 146 Luckie 
Goodman Virteous (e), driver Mountcastle, Coleman & Co 
Goodman William H., candymkr J. Lagomarsino, r 19' 

Goodman William, elk, bds 54 N. Pryor 
Goodnow Williana,r 10 E. Peachtree 
Goodrich Aaron M., contractor, r 85 Elliott 
Goodson Edward J., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r es Tamlin, nr 

Goodson Robert H., R. R. contractor, r 25 N. Calhoun 
Goodwich Dora 'ci, laundress, r rear 160 Elliott 
Goodwin Charles E., with Lamar, Rankin & Lamar 
Goodwin Elma, saloon, bds 197 Mangum 
Goodwin Henry C, mess Sou. Exp. Co., r 163 Fillmore 
Goodwin John B.. lawyer, 27 Whitehall, bds 152 S Pryor 
Goodwia Julia C. Miss, teacher Storrs School, bds 104 

Goodwin Millard F., elk J. H. James, bds 163 Fillmore 
Goolsbv J R , trav agt W. Calder 
Goolsby William T., with J. M. High, r GO Cone 
Goosby Thomas (c), carpenter H. Coles, r 129 Wheat 
Goodson Addison (c), wks S Johnson, r Tight Squeeze- 
Gordon Amanda Miss, cook Kimball House 
Gordon Anderson (c), lab, r rear 1:55 E. Cain 
Gordon Catherine, wid M., bds 428 Marietta 
Gordon David (c), driver T. S. Lewis, r 12 Chapel 
Cxordon Emilv Miss, cook Kimball House 
GORDON HUGH H., coal, wood and lime, 45 N. Prior, r 

Kirkwood, Ga 
Gordon John B , engineer J. H. Johnson, r 15 Means 
Gordon Lewis B. (c), blacksmith W. K. Booth, r 16 E Hunter 
Gordon Martha (c), laundress, r 94 Houston 
Gordon Martin wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 428 Marietta 

BREWER'S im mmm 'M?^i§iiT-;^oi^E!^ 


IHtJ-^Xa. If a.K-> IFEEID W. T.WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

GOR 271 GRA 

Gordon Mary (c), laundress, r 200 Clarke 

Gordon ]\Iattie (c), seamstress, r 166 S. Forsyth 

Gordon Thomas W., physician, 62 Peachtree, r50N. Broad 

Gordon Wesley (c), wks J. Perdue, r 25 Thurmond 

Gordon Willis (c), engineer Porter «fe Meakin, r 190 E. 

Goree Clinton, train hand A-L Ry., r 56 Spring 
Goree Nanniij W , wid Eli, r 56 Spring 
Gorman William, printer Constitution, rSlJ, S. Broad 
Gosman Virginia, wid F., r 140 Nelson 
Gossett James H., butcher, r W. Fair, nr Barracks av 
Gossett William E., machinist, bds 33 Mangum 
Gottlieb Jacob, elk Cohen & Selig, r 20 E. Alabama 
Gouedy David H., Avks Ga. R R , r 122 Mangum 
Gouge Charles N., tinner Stewart i^- Fain, bds 135i Marietta 
Gouge John W., tinner J. Warlick & Son, r 288 "Wheat 
Gould Harriet G., wid James G., r 282 Peachtree 
Goulding Thomas B., pumpmkr, r 25 Scott, cor Mills 
Goulding Sallie G., wid A. A., r 3 Hunnicutt 
Gouldsmith Theodore F. (Everett & Gouldsmith), r 54^ 

Gowdy Eliza A., wid James, bds 128 Mangam 
Gowdy Frank J , fireman W. & A R. R., bds 128 Mangum 
Goza DeWitt C, stone cutter, r 85 Crew 
Grace George M., student, bds 115^ Decatur 
Grace Judson (c), wks Ga. Iron Wrks 
Gracy Jesse (c), driver Lynch & Lee 
Gracy Sallie (c), laundress, r 402 Marietta 
Grady Henry W., editor Constitution, r 353 Peachtree 
Grady Stephen P., saloon, 63 E. Alabama, bds Wilson 

Grady William, 14 Marietta 

Graefer John C, wks Elsas, May & Co., r 135 Whitehall 
Graemer Frederick, baker, r 123 Houston 
Graham Anna A. Miss, housekpr Mrs. M. A. Watts, bds 33 

N. Forsyth 
Graham Benjamin N., bds 124 Luckie 
Graham D. W., student, bds 69 N Collins 
Grab am Eva, wid Robert, r 124 Luckie 
Graham George W. (c), carpenter W. & A. R. R , r 308 

Graham Henry (c), wks W. 0. Jones, r rear 45 Mr^Donough 
Graham Isaiah J. (c), drayman, r 308 Eraser 

BtTsmEssMB^ Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESON Several Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

GRA 272 GRA 

Graham Jackson, elk W. L. P. VViard, r 124 Luckie 

Graham John M., stenographer, 10 W. Alabama 

Graham Richard Rev. (c), r 21 Riahmond 

Graham Stephen (c), porter M. Dooly, r 133 Mangum 

Graham Thomas fc), hostler St. Ry 

GRAHAM WILLIAM A., druggist, 168 W. Peters, bds 

127 W. Fair 
Gramett William W., engineer E. Van Winkle & Co 
Grambling Charles, plumber Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Grambling Frank J., carpenter, r 152 McDonough 
Gramling Franklin B., fireman Ga. R. R., r 151 Elliott 
Gramling Henry M., conductor A-L. Ry., bds National 

Gramling James A., engineer W. & A. R. R., r l8l Hayne 
Gramling John R. (Gramling, Spalding & Co.), r 204 

Gramling Martha, wid Daniel A., r 49 Magazine 
Gramling Miles A., fireman W. & A. R. R 
Gramling: Samuel W., elk W. S. Gramling, r 49 Magazine 
GRAMLING, SPALDING & €0. (J. R. Gramling, R. D. 

Spalding and T. A. Gramling), whol boots and shoes, 

14 Decatur 
Gramling Thomas A., fireman W. & A. R. R 
Gramling Thomas A., (Gramling, Spalding & Co.), r 33 

GRAMLING WILLIAM G., master car builder W. & A. 

R. R., r 175 Hayne 
Gramling William S., dry goods, boots & shoes, &c. 31 

Peachtree, r 63 Peachtree 
Grandison Thomas (c), lab), r Val-ntine, ne cor Ellis 
Grant Cohen (c), drayman, r II Solomon 
Grant Dock (c), fireman Kimball House 
Grant Edward, wks W. & A. R. R 
Grant Francis (c). porter J. M. Alexander & Co., r 143 

E. Baker 
Grant Frederick T., agt A. & W. P. R. R., bds 42 E. Mitchell 
Grant Irby, wks W. & A. R. R 

Grant Jacob (c), carpenter Lynch & Lea, r 247 Richardson 
Grant James, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r Pine, se cor Plum 
GRANT JOHN G., manager J. H. Chambers & Co., and 

Anchor Pub. Co., rooms 7 & 8, 3^ Whitehall, r 48 E. 

Hunter. (See page 78) 
GRANT JOHN T., capitalist, 8 S. Broad, r 319 Peachtree 

SG! CtvsA/>%^' A' r^ Cures Rheumatism 


•HtJ.-'A^ W ^K./ :f-x::ei3 W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St 

GRA 273 ' GRA 

Grant Lemuel P., genl manager A. & W. P. R. R., r Grant, 

nr Glenn 
Grant Lemuel P. Jr., asst bkkpr A. &. W. P. R. R , bds 181 

Grant Martha (c), laundress, r rear 46 W. & A. R. R 
Grant Philip, carpenter A-L. Ry 

Grant Robert Rev. (c), pastor Zion Hill Church, r 43 Rich- 
Grant Thomas (c), wks Sunny South, r High, nr Barracks 

Grant Walter W., bkkpr A. & W. P. R. R.,r 212 E. Hunter 
Grant William, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 345 Mnrietta 
Grant William D., capitalist 44 Marietta, r 320Peachtree 
Grantham William R., train hand C. R. R., r ss Little, 1st 

w of Martin 
Graf^ty William C, trav agt, bds 35 N. Pryor 
Grasty William C. Jr., trav agt, bds Kimball House 
Graves Abraham (c), lab, r 14 W. & A. R. R 
Graves Anthony (c), trackman, r 21 Clifford 
Graves Charles, elk Longley & Robinson, bds 72 Tatnall 
Graves Pliram C., machinist, r 72 Tatnall 
Graves Hiram W., machinist, bds 72 Tatnall 
Graves John T., with D. Appleton & Co., agency, r Deca- 
tur, Ga 
Gravitt Alonzo, elk, bds 142 Elliott 

Gravitt Gussie Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co , bds 142 Elliott 
Gravitt John, wks A. & W. P. R. R., r 43 Foundry 
Gravitt Thomas, wks G. J. Johnston, bds 142 Elliott 
Gravitt William W., wks E. Van Winkle & Co., bds 258 

E. Fair 
Gravitt Winnie W., wid Charles, bds 142 Elliott 
Gray Alice L., Miss, milliner, bds 150 Whitehall 
Gray Daniel (c), driver Fuller & Oglesby, r rear 312 Rawson 
Gray Fardy, rock mason, r 233 Jones 
Gray George (c), sawyer, r 75 Hayne 
Gray James, molder W. & A. R. R , bds 9 W. Garnett 
Gray James A. (Bray & Gray), r 45 Powers 
Gray James A , physician, 30^ Marietta, bds 12 N. Spring 
Gray James F., driver St. Ry, r 127 Marietta 
Gray James P., barkpr G. B. Stewart, bds Mitchell; ne cor 

GRAY JAMES R., lawyer, room 4, 3^ Whitehall, bds 72 

THE EDEN %Euty^ the Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E.Alabama Bt., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale & Betall. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

GRA 274 GRE 

Gray JHines T., bkkpr Austell & Rice, r 108 Marietta 

Gray Jeremiah (c), drayman, r rear 303 Fort 

Gray John R., lawyer, bds 72 Marietta 

Gray Joseph (c), gardener, r rear 50 E Cain 

Gray Luke, moJder W. & A. R. R , bds 39 W. Foundry 

Gray Mack (c), drayman J. Stephens & Co., r 126 Jackson 

Gray Martha W., wid James D., r 272 E. Fair 

Gray Thomas (c), porter, r rear 30 5 Fort 

Gray William, marble works, 77 E. Alabama, r 434 E. 

Gray William, trav agt, r 93 Windsor 

Gray William H., plumber Stewart cfe Fain, bds 77 Terry 
Grayson Duncan G. (c), porter J. D. Carter, r rear 20 

Grayson Jesse (c), sawyer, r 21 Thurmond 

manager; 75 Whitehall 
Green Allison L., asst bk¥pr A. C & B. F. Wyly & Co 
Green Arthur (c), lab, r 36 E. Hunter 
Green Augustus B., bds 39 N. Pryor 

Green Benjamin (c), wks J. C Kimball, r 79 Humphries 
Green Benjamin W., tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 

249 Mangum 
Green Cornelia (c), laundress, r rear 79 Spring 
Green Daniel A , bkkpr, r 404 Whitehall 
Green David (c), bricklayer, r 3 Dunn's al 
Green Delia (c), nurse, r 155 Luckie 
Green Eli (c), sawyer, r 10 Chapel 
Green Eli B , wks A-L. Ry» r Decatur, nr limits 
Green Elijah W., fireman W, & A. R. R., bds 16 Mechanic 
Green Elizabeth, wid J. C, r 43 W. Harris 
Green Emma (c). laundress, r 14 Sugar al 
Green Esther J., wid J. F., r 104 Wheat 
Green Frank L . trav agt, r Lee, nw cor Irwin, W. E 
Green George, car inspector A. it W. P. R. R., bds 249 

Green G , fireman A. & W. P. R. R , bds 249 Mangum 
Green Georgia S., seamscress, r 280 Wheat 
Green Gilbert (c), lab, r rear 111 Willow 
Green Harrett (c), laundress, r 35 Hightower 
tireen James (c), driver Shropshire & Johnson 
Green James (c), truckmm W. & A. R. R., r 230 W. Hunter 
Green James W , elk W. H. McLain, r 133 N. Calhoun 




IhtJ^^^ V a.Ki/ ^^^ZD W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell SU 

GRE 275 GRE 

Green Jane Miss, wks J. Lvnch, r 56 E. Baker 

Green Jesse M. wks L H. Hall & Co., bds 43 W. Harris 

Green Jessie Miss, wks J. Lynch, r 56 E Baker 

Green John D . trav agt, bis 31 X. Pryor 

Green John M. (Andrew-, Hitch & Co., and Ramspeck & 

Green), bds 25 \V. Hunter 
Green John X., wks A. & \V. P. R. R., r Decatur, nr limits 
Green Joseph, machinist, r 210 E. Fair 
Green Marcus (c), student, r 79 Humphries 
Green Martha H., wid T. F., r 89 S. Pryor 
Green Martlia M., wid James r Decatur, nr limits 
Green Mary A., wid W., r 206 Luckie 
Green M'jrrison G , photographer, bds 39 X. Pryor 
Green Moses (c), driver W. T. Buzbee, r lU Honey al 
Green Xancy (c), laundress, r 155 Luc'^ie 
Green Philip (c), engineer T. S. Lt;wis, r IS Horton 
•Green Rebecca (c), cook, r 155 Luckie 
Green Richmond ^c), hostler, r rear 127 Wheat 
Green Sarah Mrs , grocer, 304 Decatur 
•Green Sarah J. Mis5, elk J. S Watson & Co., bds 43 W. 

Green Tabitha Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 43 W. 

Green Thomas (c), porter, r 245 Crew 
Green Walter C, wks A-L. Ry., r Decatur, nr limits 
Green Warren Tc), bricklaver, r 3 Dunn's al 
Green Wilford, wks W &'A. R. R 
'Green William (c), porter C K Buzbee 
Green William (c;, rockraason, r 146 Jackson 
Green William H., elk Mrs. S. Greea, bds 304 Decatur 
Creen Wvatt fo), lab, r Formwalt, nw cor Clarke 
GREEXE ALISOX, undertaker G. R. Boaz, bds 56 Crew 
Greene Alston K , elk 66 Whitehall, bds 56 Crew 
Greene Charles H., with G. J. Howard & Bro, r 145 Ivy 
Greene Clem C, dep sheriff, r 56 Crew 
Greene Clem C. Jr., student, bds 5G Crew 
Greene Sarah F. Miss, dre.ssmkr, 35 Whitehall, bds 249 

Greene William D., elk D. H Dougherty, bds 5G Crew 
Greenidge George W. (c), student, r 197 W. Hunter 
Greenwood Jacob (c), fireman A-L Ry 
Greenwood Thornton T. (c), carrier P. 0., r 89 Fraser 
■Greenwood Warner (c), lab, r 120 Xorth av 

E M GS.EE2QN ®®°®'*^^®*^^^**^®^2®^*'^^^*"®^^*^^"®^ 

<Um AUi WAW^MMVil) PromT>tness MIy MiottOi 

GRE 276 GRI 

Greer Aaron G., genl trader, r 60 N. Calhoun 
Greer Isaac (c), carpenter Lynch & Lea, r 35 Reed 
Greer Jane (e), laundress, r es Orme, 3d n of Cox 
Greer Johanna Mrs , wt^'s Cotton Factor}--, r 125 Marietta 
Greer John (c), wks J. H. Johnson, r rear 72 Marietta 
Gr'er Susan (c), laundress, r 100 Walker 
Greer William (c), porter, r 143 Magazine 
Greer William W., elk Singer Mnfg Co., bds 61 Marietta 
GREESON EMMETTE M., genl real estate agt, 21 Marietta, 

r 11 S. Terry. (See top lines) 
Gregg Ebenezer L., farmer, r ns Gordon, 2d w of Lawton, 

Gregg Henry (c), peddler, r 132 Elliott 
Gregg Joseph, with Beck, Gregg & Co., r 146 S. Pryor 
Gregg Matilda T., wid Urban, bds 85 Pulliam 
Gregg Richard C, mer, r 40 Smith 
Gregg William A. (Beck, Gregg & Co.), r 85 Pulliam 
Gregory D. Stokes, grocer, 82 Peach tree, r 149 Ivy 
Gregory Elizabeth, wid William, bds 12 Barracks av 
Gregory John R. (Shelton & Gregory), r 40 S. Broad 
Gregory Joseph (c), drayman E. Van Winkle & Co 
Gregory J. R. Mrs , artist, 40 S. Broad 
Gregory Lulu, wid Alfred, bds 25 Cone 
Gresham Allen (c), lab, r rear 149 S. Forsyth 
Gresham Amos (c), waiter, r 76 S. Forsyth 
Gresham Thomas G., agt W. & A. R. R , bds 29 Mechanic 
Gressett George, driver, r 95 Markham 
Grier Henry (c), wks Peeples & Bros.,r rear 428 Peach tree 
Grier Robert S., trav agt W. A. Russell, r Columbus, Ga 
Griflin Andrew (c), wks C. Brown 
Griffin Charles (c), wks W. S. Wilson & Bro 
Griffin Early A., wks A-L. Ry, r 312 E. Hunter 
Griffin Eli (Westmoreland & Griffin), r country 
Griffin Francis M., foreman W. & A. R. R , r 70 W. Foundry 
Griffin Henry (c), driver T. B. Binyon, r rear 240 W. Peach- 
Griffin Jane (c), cook Ballard's Restaurant 
Griffin John D., carpenter, r 22 Rock 
Griffin John J., elk A-L Ry., r 169 Rawson 
Griffin John L., saloon, 97 Whitehall, r 63 W. Peters 
Griffin Louisa L. Miss, laundress, r 93 Tatnall 
Griffin Robert J., whol dealer foreign fruits, and grocer, 68 
Peachtree, r Church, (-w cor Spring 


8\ o <^^^^^)^?^^vT^'E^Tr^^ B^r-cuRBs skin diseasks, 


IHt-S-^^i V U.K^ 2rE.i::o W. T. WILSON. 14 W. MitcheU at. 

' GRI 277 ~~"gRO 

Griffin Robert L., machinist Winship & Bro., bds 22 Rock 

Griffin Roland W., student, bds 39 N. Pryor 

Griffin Widiam L., train Land A-L. Ry 

Griffith Jane (c), hiundress, r ws Holland, 3d s of Iligh- 

Griffith Louisa, wid Charles, r Mills, ne cor Fowler 
Griffith Marth M , wid Daniel, r 141 North av 
Griffith Rooert, conductor A L. Ry., bds 35 S. Pryor 
Griggs Ambrose (c), blacksmith N. C Spence 
Griggs Charles E., carpenter, bds 42 W. Peters 
Griggs Henry (c), blacksmith, r es Hulsey, 2d s of Rhodes 
Griggs Henry (c), lab, r TErwin 
Griggs Henry (c), porter T. Schumann, r 132 Elliott 
Griggs Lewis, painter, r ns McDaniel, 2d \v of Crumley 
Grimes Anderson (c), lab, r 137 Crowell 
Grimes David (c), porter I. Bird r 23 Hull 
Grimes Eldridge (c), driver Sciple & Sons 
Grimes Ida (c),cook, r rear 15 E. Simpson 
Grimes Nancy M. Miss, wks 66 Whitehall, bds 61 S. 

Grimes William (c), driver Sciple & Sons 
Griramage Joseph (c), wks H. C. Sawtell, r 305 W. Mit- 
Grimmage Joshua (c), wks J. L. McGaughey, r 36 W. 

Grimmick Henry (c), farmer, r s end Cooper, nr limited 
Grinnell E. S., roll coverer Cotton Factory 
Griscum Samuel, bolt cutter W. & A. R. R., r 16 Spring 
Grisham Andrew (c), driver W. S. Wilson & Bro., r 65 

Grisham Annie (c), laundress, r 65 Hightower 
Grisham Charles (c), driver W. S. Wilson & Bro., r 65 

Grisham Charles, wks Cotton Factory, bds 158 Luckie 
Grisham Edwin (c), cook W. L Smith, r rear 156 S. Pryor 
Grisham James (c), lab, r 314 Boulevard 
Grisham Oscar (c), wks Sciple & Sons 
Grisham Sterling (c), wks P. Lynch, r 89 Larkin 
Grist Amanda J., wid Warren, bds 33 Mechanic 
Grist Scott, conductor W. & A. R. R., r 33 Mechanic 
Grizzard Thomas J., elk 66 Whitehall, r 108 Windsor 
Groce John S., with M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., r 7| White- 

IvENTRACK Vll Piechuont Air-Line. 

Telephone ^ ° ,^^f ^,^^ 

JL anykmd. Blacl 

, 56 E. Alabama St.. for COAL of 

Blacksmith's Coal a SDecialtv. See oasa lOd 

GRO 278 GUI 

Grogan Frank M, elk J. J. Powell & Bros., rns Alexander, 

2d w of Williams 
Grogan John W., agt, r 29 Yonge 
Groogs Israel (c), wiper A-L. Ry 

Groser Algernon S., cashier A. & C. A L Ry., r 142 Crew 
Grosse Carl G., merchant tailor, 50 Whitehall, r 78 Crew 
Groves Alexander (c), wks Traynham & Ray, r rear 214 

Groves John H. (Hard wick & Groves), r 1 Markham 
Grubh Columbus, carpenter Winship & Bro 
Grubb Elizabeth H. Miss, teacher, bds 171 McDonough 
Grubb Henry C, with J. J. & S. P. Richards, r 171 Mc- 
Grubb Washington, wks Cook & Stewart 
Grubbs Edward, yard master A. & W. P. R. R 
Grubbs Elizabeth W. Mrs., tailoress, r 22 Kelly 
Grubbs Jackson carpenter A. W. Stroup 
Grubbs Joseph E , wks A. & W. P. R., bdds 22 Kelly _ 
Grubbs Thomas J., carpenter E. Haiman, r 406 Marietta 
Grubbs William W., carpenter, r 39 Jones av 
Grubbs Wilson L., wks Winship & Bro., r 15 Jones av 
Grubbs Winston C , carpenter, bds 406 Marietta 
Guard David, wks Cook & Stewart 
Guehn Max, tinner Stewart & Fain 
Guerin Adolphus (Guerin & Lamar), r 30 Fraser 
Guerin John, elk H. Linch, r 56 Hayden 
Guerin & Lamar (Adolphus Guerin and Eugene Damar), 

butchers, 188 Decatur 
Guess Francis L (Guess & Shaw), r 34 Gartrell 
Guess Henry P., marble cutter D. N. Judson, r Stone Moun- 
Guess & Shaw (F. L. Guess and J. T. Shaw), grocers, 830 

Guest William T., lab, r Jackson, nr limits 
Guilford George P., pianos and organs, 10 Marietta, bds 

Kimball House 
Guilford Nancy P., wid W. M., bds 370 Whitehall 
Guilfoyle John A., carpenter Lynch & Lea, r 153 Mangum 
Guimarin Augustus, wks E Van Winkle & Co 
Guimarin Blanton W., plumber Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, 

bds 32 N. Forsyth 
Guimarin Henry A., machinist, r 32 Hood 
Guimarin Thomas J., elk M. Adler, r 32 Hood 

JflFW«fyT5QITITC! ^^^^^ ^^^^^ "^^ RELIEVE PAIN. 

-riai.A.L SIZE.. 25 CEliT'Z'S- 


; • Ht J^^-^ W ,M.K^ E-SEia ^r ,p^ -VVILSON, 14 W. Mitchell BU 

GUL 279 HAG ' 

Gullatt Edward J., elk, bds 72 Crew 

GuUatt Henry, molder Ga. Iron Wks, r 50 N. Calhoun 

Gullatt Henry C, plumber Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 

72 Crew 
Gullatt James E., foreman G. R. Meneely & Co., r 72 Crew 
Gullatt William, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Gulledge Edward W., student, bds 150 Whitehall 
Gunn Henry B. (c), grocer, 50 Humphries 
Gunsbourgh Albert P., with Jack & Holland 
Gunst Mary J., wid Jacob, r 168 Jones 
Guntson Harriet Mrs., tailoress, r 137 W. Peters 
GURLEY JAMES W., propr Southern Surgical Institute, 

67 Whitehall 
Gusse Dominick, tailor C. G, Grosse. r 9 W. Alabama 
Guthman Belle Miss, elk M. Rich & Son, r 183 S. Pryor 
Guthman Emanuel C, elk Elsas, May & Co., r 183 S. Pryor 
Guthman Isaac, with A. Haas & Bro., r 210 S. Forsyth 
Guthman Lewis L., auctioneer, 22 Peachtree, r 183 S. Prior 
Guthman Solomon, grocer, 133 W. Peters 
Guthrie Edgar, printer, r 132 S. Forsyth 
Guthrie Edward A., r 125 Marietta 
Guthrie Narcissa M , wid Lawson, r 55 W, Harris 
Guthrie W^illiam, wks Cotton Factory, bds 125 Marietta 
Gwin DeWitt W. Rev., pastor First Baptist Church, r 104 

Gwin Howell, trav agt, bds 104 Ivy 
Gwin Lewis E., elk W. D. Mitchell, bds 300 W. Peters 
Gwynn Robert, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 409 Marietta 

TTAAS AARON, (A. Haas & Bra), r 206 S. Forsyth 

"■-^ HAAS A. & BRO. (Aaron and Isaac G. Haas), mdse 

brokers, 32 E. Alabama 
Haas Herman, elk, bds 206 S. Forsyth 
Haas Isaac G (A. Haas & Bro.), r Savannah, Ga 
Haas Isaac H., with Haas & Co., r 184 S. Forsyth 
Haas Jacob (Haas & Co.), r 184 S. Forsyth 
Haas & Co. (Jacob Haas, agts Kerbs & Spiess), New York 

32 E. Alabama ' 

Habil George, stone cutter, bds 106 W. Mitchell 
Hubner Charles W., asst ed Christian Index, r 15 Foster 
Hackett Dallas, carpenter, r 100 S. Broad 
Hackett James S., cotton buyer, r 135^ Marietta 
Hackett James S , Jr., barkpr, r ns Mills, near Luckie 

pmSlc^rrME via Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREHSON General Keal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

HAC 280 HAL 

Hackett John T., with M. Franklin, r 38 Powers 
Hackmann John, elk H. Karwish, bds 88 Decatur 
Hacknev William P., engineer W. & A. R.R.; r 28 Mechanic 
Hadley Thomas C, painter wks Porter & Meakin, r 57 

Hafer James M., painter, bds 70|^ Whitehall 
Hafer William H., painter N. C. Spence, r 59 N. Collins 
Haffy William, asst engineer Atlanta Water Wks 
Hagan John T., grocer, 100 Whitehall, r 130 Whitehall 
Hagey James L., engineer W. & A. R.. R, bds 49 Luckie 
Haggerty Catherine Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Hahn Edward F., foreman L. H. Hall & Co., bds 42 E. 

Hahn Ferdinand, salesman, bds 10 N. Forsyth 
Haight, Madison (c), cook R. G. Thompson 
Haile Alexander J., physician, r 81 E. Alabama 
Haile R. C. Mrs., matron Ladies' Benevolent Home, r 81 

E. Alabama 
Haiman Elias, plows, 376 Marietta, r Walton, se cor Fairlie 
Haiman Rosalie, wid Lewis, r Walton, se cor Fairlie 
Hainsworth F. G., oil elk A-L. Ry 
Haire Thomas, machinist E Van Winkle & Co., bds 161 

Hairston Charles A., baggage master W. & A. R. R. 
Hairston JefFersoj M., grocer, r 69 Hill 
Hairston William R., carpenter, r 18 Warren pi 
Hale James H, wks E. Haiman, bds 7 Rock 
Hale Tallulah, wid Taylor, bds 178 Ivy 
Hall Berryman, wks Cotton Factory, r 35 Bartow 
Hall Cordelia Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Hall Cynthia Mrs., wid Martin A., bds 130 Luckie 
Hall Daniel, elk, bds 162 Luckie 
Hall Darius (c), barber, r 76 S. Forsyth 
Hall David G., painter L. H. Hall & Co., r 258 Washington 
Hall Eliza A., wid W. M., r 315 Rawson 
Hall Frank (c) lab, r rear 231 Ivy 
Hall George (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Hall George W. (G. W. Hall & Sons), r 162 Luckie 
Hall G. W. & Sons, (G. W., J. J., and J. S. Hall), whol to- 
bacco, 11 S. Broad 
Hall Hampton (c), carpenter, r 44 Wells 
Hall Harry, observer U. S. Signal Corps, bds Kimball 

Brewer's Lung Restc.-er ..^"Iff^^f^lSfSgr, 

?1!^D AVTS "SSli!-" sewing- machine 

1 Ht X^X^ V ^KJ X'ESX) yff J, WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

HAL 281 HAl7 

Hall Harry, with W. S. Saul 

Hall Henry, elk, bds 74 N. Pryor 

Hall James J. (G. W. Hall & Son), r Luckie, se cor Milla 

Hall Jeflferson D., wks Pellegrini & Castleberry, bds 38 

Lark in 
Hall John (c), student, r rear 181 Whitehall 
Hall John, wks Cotton Factory 
Hall John C, tinner J. W. Hall, bds 282 W. Peters 
Hall John T., sale elk G. W. Adair, r 52 Houston 
Hall John W., tinner, 288 W. Peters, r 286 W. Peters 
Hall Joseph A., bkkpr Fuller & Oglesby, brls 29 Houston 
Hall Joseph E., tinner W. & A. R. R., r 110 Rhodes 
Hall Joseph S. (G. W. Hall & Sons), r 162 Luckie 
Hall Kate (e), laundress, r ws Crowell, 3d n of Glenn 
Hall Levi H. (L. H- Hall & Co.), r 258 Washington 
Hall Lillie, wid Isaac, r 106 Luckie 

Hall L. H. & Co. (L. H. Hall, E. E. Rawson and J. H. Ells- 
worth), coffin mnfrs, Elliott, nw cor Newton 
Hall Maria (c), laundress, r 95 E. Fair 
Hall Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Hall Micajah (Hall & Landrum), r JEIall Station, Ga 
Hall Millie (c), laundress, r 113 Spring 
Hall Nanc}^ wid Farrar, r 268 W. Peters 
Hall Rius (c), barber, 11 W. Mitchell 
Hall Sallie Miss, milliner, bds 42 E. Mitchell 
Hall Samuel H., bkkpr L. H. Hall & Co., r 258 Washing- 
Hall Susan M., wid H. T., r 299 Marietta 
Hall Thomas (c), carpenter, r 138 Gray 
Hall Thomas t^c), porter Fincher & Bro 
Hall Thomas N. (Youngblnod & Hall), r 29 Houston 
Hall William F., r 55 E. Harris 
Hall & Landrum (M. Hall and J. N. Landrum), grocers, 32 

Peach tree 
Hallahan David, baggage master Ga. R. R., bds 123 Decatur 
Hallman John C (Hightower & Hallman), r 22 Powers 
Hallman Marcsllus B. (Hallman & Candler), r 47| Peach- 
HALLMAN & CANDLER (M. B. Hallman and A. G. Can- 
dler), whol and ret druggists, 47 Peachtree 
Hallock Edward J., prof of chemistry Southern Medical 

Hallo-vay David F., painter, 23 E. Hunter, r 226 Eraser 

Peerless, Yeti^ikfnte, Piedmont Air-Line 

J ft TTTIUTBATT 56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALLBROS. CEL- 


HAL 282 HAM 

Hallum John W., student, bds 18 Warren pi 

Halpin Thomas P., wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Haltiwanger Albert J., bkkpr Crane & Boylston, r 33 

Ham Thomas (c), lah, r 65 Rawson 
Hambrick Caroline E., wid J. A., r 31 N. Bell 
Hambrick Isaac E., wks E. Haiman, bds 31 N. Bell 
Hamby Aaron F, wks W. &. A. R. R., r 161 Luckie 
Hamby Frank, wks W. & A. R. R 

Hanby George W., train hand W.& A. E. R., bds 161 Luckie 
Hamby Nathan (c), train hand A-L. Ry, r 145 Davis 
Hamby William, carpenter, r 323 Jones 
Hamil Eliza Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r 140 W. Baker 
Hamil Toodie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 140 W. Baker 
Hamilton Alexander (c), carpenter Traynham & Ray, r 

165 N. Butler 
Hamilton Amanda Miss, seamstress, bds 304 Luckie 
Hamilton Augustus (c), lab, r 10 Mangum 
Hamilton Cfesar (c), engineer E. R. Budden & Son, r 62 

Hamilton Charles A., opr A. & P. Tel. Co 
Hamilton Estelle Miss, wks F. G. Hancock, r 304 Luckie 
Hamilton Frances Miss, seamstress, bds 304 Luckie 
Hamilton George (c), cook, r 26 Dairy 
Hamilton Isaac C. Rev. (c), pastor Shiloh A. M. E. Church, 

r 69 W. & A R. R 
Hamilton Jane Mrs., seamstress, r 304 Luckie 
Hamilton John (c), lab, r rear 29 Pulliam 
Hamilton John (e), waiter, r rear 96^ Whitehall 
Hamilton Liday E. (Hamilton & Hudson), r 86 Gilmer 
Hamilton Mack (c), waiter D W. Allen, r 97 Loyd 
Hamilton Richard (c), lab, r 234 McDonough 
Hamilton Thomas (c), porter Markham House 
Hamilton Virgil (c), porter E. Mercer 
Hamilton William, bkkpr, bds 15 E. Cain 
Hamilton William (J. S. Oliver & Co), r 165 Ivy 
Hamilton W. R., 2d Lieut. 5th Art., r McPherson Barracks 
Hamilton & Hudson (L. E. Hamilton and W. J. Hudson), 

whol com mers, 17 S. Broad 
Hammett E. P., elk A-L. Ry 

Hammock Cicero C. (Hammock & Meador), r 171 Wash- 
Hammock & Meador (C. C. Hammock and C. D. Meador), 

genl brokers, 55 E. Alabama 


)Jr£^/l^ljr' M\^ And Never Fails to Cura. 


'ntJ^AA If ^KJ FEED W. T. WILSON. 1 4 W. Mitchell St. 

HAM 283 HAN ~ 

Hammond Claiborne (c), plasterer, r 25 Eobbins 
Hammond Dennis F. (D. F. & W. R. Hammond), bds 68 

HAMMOND D. F. & W. R. (Dennis F., William R. and 

Edward M. Hammond), lawyers, 23 Whitehall 
Hammond Edward M. (D. F. <tW. R. Hammond ■, rW. E 
Hammond Eva Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r l'2r, Gray 
Hammond George H., elk A. & C. A.-L. Ry, bds 322 Peach- 
Hammond G. W., sawmkr Winsbip & Bro 
Hammond James, bds 51 Ellis 
Hammond James (c), lab, r Cox, ne cor Williams 
Hammond Jesse (c), butcher M. L. Tolbert, r Cox, ne cor 

Hammond Joel F., physician, 30 Eraser 
Hammond John W. (c), wks E. Haiman, r Cox, ne cor 

Hammond Mary Miss, bds 14 Clifford 
Hammond Mary A., wid A. W., r 226 Washington 
Hammond Nancy C, wid Samuel, bds 248 Elliott 
Hammond Nathaniel J., lawyer, 54 Whitehall, r 158 Peach- 
Hammond Oscar C, painter Tripod & Pine, bds 61 Marietta 
Hammond Robert (c), bricklayer Lynch & Lea, r ws S. 

Terry, 1st s of Crumley 
Hammond Theodore A , elk Kimball House 
Hammond Theodore A. Jr., elk Atlanta Cotton Factory 

Co., bds 158 Peachtree 
Hammond Thomas (c), wks J. H. Jentzer, r 135 Whitehall 
Hammond William (c), drayman, r 38 Williams 
Hammond William C , local agt Ry. M. S., r 36| E. Ala- 
Hammond William R. (D. F. & W. R. Hammond), bds 283 

S. Pry or 
Hampton Daniel (c), lab, r 3 Newton 
Hampton George (c), wks U. S- Court House, r 3 Newton 
Hampton Presley, blacksmith, r 221 Fort 
Hampton Wade (c), porter, bds Collier House 
Hamrick N. R. (Hamrick & McElreath , dry goods, 12^ W. 

Hamrick & McElre ith, (N. R. Hamrick and S. A. McEl- 

reath), dry goods, 8 W. Mitchell 
Hancock Charner J., foreman Winship & Bro., r 148 Hayne 

™»f 'ia Piedmont Air-Lia© 

Mm Mhm UJbVJiJAWVil) Promptness IHy MIotto. 

HAN 284 HAN 

HANCOCK FRANK 0., whor stationery, paper, blank 
books and steam power paper box mnfr, Broad, se cor 
Alabama, r 66 N. Pryor 
Hancock James A., engineer C R, R , r 36 Davis 
Hancock Lucy, wid John, r Fort nr limits 
Hancock Margaret, wid James, r Fort, nr limits 
Hancock Mary (c), laundress, r 2 Honey al 
Hancock Robert (c), lab, r rear 187 Peachtree 
Hancock Robert A., with W. P. & W. F. Pattillo, r 80 Nelson 
Hancock Thomas (c), wks National Hotel 
Hancock William A., elk W. S Kelly, r 36 Davis 
Hancock William A. Jr , elk, bds 36 Davis 
Hancock William H.. ins .-xljuster, 41 S. Broad, r 80 Nelson 
Handry Jane, wid, r 50 Walker 

Hanes C4eorge S , elk N. R., Hamrick, r 93 Thompson 
Haney George W., blacksmith W. & A. R. R., r 27 Me- 
Haney Henry P., blacksmith W. & A R R., r 19 Magazine 
Haney Jacob J., bricklaver, r 87 S. Broad 
Hanvey Joe. A. Mrs., d'ressmkr, 66 Whitehall, r 80^ S. 

Haney Thomas, blacksmith, 229 E. Hunter 
Haney Thomas W., raolder W. & A R. R , bds 229 E. Hunter 
Haney William, elk A. & W. P. R. R., bds 93 Washington 
Hanker'-on Isaiah (c), woodworker L. H. Hall & Co., r 214 

Hankerson Josei)h (c), turner, r 214 Fort 
Hanks William M , elk J. E. O'Brien, bds 55 Butler 
Hanlein Harry, bkkpr Eiseman Bros., r 55 Whitehall 
Hanlpiter Cornelius R , print r, r 156 Mangum 
Hanleiter George S., sec Y. M. C A., bds Thompson's 

Hanlon Joseph, grocer, 20 W. Foundry 
Hanlon Julia S., wid C, r 123 Decatur 
Hanna Bessie H. Miss, teacher Ivy Street School, bds 240 

W. Peathtree 
Hanna Mattie B Miss, elk. bds 48 Bartow 
Hannaford Charles H., carrier P. O.. and grocer, 26 Brick 
Hannah Lerov, wks W. S. Bell, r 66 G^. R. R 
Hannah Moses K , elk Lenfe^tey <fc Co., bds 20 Foster 
Hannon Louisa L., wid Warren, bds 41 W. Simpson 
Hnnsell Andrew J., bkkpr, bds 406 Whitehall 
Hansel! William A , bkkpr H. T. Inman & Co., r 406 

11 Hi U M\\J JL JL\J IN" 5 TO lO ^i^IiTXJTES 

?HyD A VTS '%SSi^" SEWING- machine 

IHtJ^AA If ^KJ FEED y f^ T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

HAN 285 HAR 

Hanshaw Michael (c), lab, r ss Chapel, 1st w of Barracks av 

Hanson Elihu B., machinist, r 56 Horton 

Hanson Green (c), helper, A L. Ry 

Hanson John C, machinist, bds 56 Horton 

Hanvey George M., mer, bds 15i S. Broad 

Hanvey George M. Jr., elk, bds 15^ S. Broad 

Hanvey Louis P., with The Bradstreet Co., bds 31 Grubb 

Hanvey William W., wksGa. Iron Wks, bds 622 Marietta 

Hape Samuel, dental depot, 34 Whitehall, r Hapeville, C. 

R. R 
Haralson Frank L., State Librarian, office State House, bds 

Haralson H. H , elk Quartermaster U. S. A., r Kirkwood, 

Haralson William, elk Comptroller General, r 121 Ivy 
Harbin Charles, wks Ga. Iron W^ks, r 62i S. Pryor 
Harbin Jefferson, blacksmith A. T. Finney, bds 24 Me- 
Harbin Thomas A. C, wood worker A. T. Finney, bds 24 

Harbour Joseph, student, bds 29 N. Bell 
Harbuck Edward, wks T. S. Davis, r 28 Trenholm 
Hardamore Squire (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 51 Chattahoo- 
Hardaway William (c), driver B. W. Wrenn, r 238 Rich- 
ard >:on 
Hardaway York (c), whitewasher, r 238 Richardson 
Hardaway AVilliam (c), lab, r 238 Richardson 
Hardeman Columbus (c), wks W. C. Neff & Co., r 280 

Hardeman George, tinner Stewart & Fain, bds 12^ W, 

Hardeman Robert U., bkkpr Comptroller-General, bds 86 

X. Pryor 
Harden Arthur M., baggagemaster A-L. Ry, bds National 

Harden Clementine, wid George, r 52 S Broad 
Harden Martha D., wid J., bds 211 E. Fair 
Harden Robert R., student, bds 69 X. Collins 
Harden Sidney (c), driver, r rear 155 Xelson 
Harden Sophronia Mrs , wks J. P. Harrison & Co., r 52 S. 

Hardie Adam (c), driver Stevens & Gibhs 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


• I Wi nkmmnUUf ge East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

HAR 286 HAR 

Hardie Mary, wid George, bds 41 E. Mitchell 
Hardin Edinborough (c), peddler, r 72 S. Forsyth 
Hardin James L., carpenter A-L Ry 

Hardin Merk A., clerk House Representatives, r 29 Oak 
Hardin Moses (c), porter, r 70 Formwalt 
Hardin William (c), candymkr F. E. Block, r 104 S. Pr3^or 
Harding Joseph J^v., artist 9| Marietta 
Hardison Thomas S. (Martin & Hardison), bds 87^ White- 
Hardnutt Squire (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Hardvvick John W., trav agt., G. W. Scott & Co., r 129 

Hardwick Robert W. (Hardwick & Grovers), bds 172 Mc- 

Hardwick Thomas W., with Hardwick & Groves, bds 172 

HARDWICK & GROOVES (R. W. Hardwick and J. H. 

Grooves), grocers, 112 Whitehall 
Hardy Adam (c), wks Stevens & Gibbs, r 192 Fraser 
Hardy Hampton (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 156 Gray 
Hardy Isaac (c), wKs Ga. Iron Wks 
Hardy James, wks Ferguson & Blount, r ss Love, 1st e of 

Hardy Robert A., conductor W. & A. R. R , r 16 Spencer 
Hardy Samuel M., carpenter, r 121 Chapel 
Harg'.ove Hance S., elk, bds Air Line House 
Hargrove Thomas B , engineer W. & A. R. R., r 27 E. 

Hargrove Horace (c), batcher, r rear 127 Wheat 
Hargrove Richard (c), lab, r 17 Reed 
Harkins John, elk Moore, Marsh & Co., r 12 N. Spring 
Harkins Joho, tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 169 

Harkins Maria Mrs., variety store, 169 Marietta 
Harkins Thomas M., with Moore, Marsh & Co., bds 12 

Harkness Henry (c), lab, r ws S. Terry, 4th s of Crumley 
Harle James W. (H. T. Inman & Co.), bds 67 Marietta 
Harle Joseph, elk H. T. Inman & Co., bds 26 Luckie 
Harman Apsilla A., wid Z. E., lab, 18 Wheat 
Harman Charles E., librarian Y. M. L. A., bds 18 Wheat 
Harman Jeremiah (c), drayman Akers & Bros., r rear 133 

W. Baker 



• HL^^Ai^ W AKJ E^^EIJ W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MltcheU 8U 

HAR 287 HAR 

Harman Josephus B., carpenter, r 78 Walker 

Harman Richard (c), lab, r 54 Mills 

Harman Seaburn, carpenter M. Lipes 

Harmsen Carl, with J. Ormand, r 99 Mangum 

Harmsen Carl 0., plumber Hunnicutt <fe Bellingrath 

Harold Chi^rlotte (c), laundress, r 60 Terry 

Harp Jnmes (c), lunch room, 98 W. Peters, r 1 Dunn's al 

Harper Bedford (c), driver \V. P. Inman 

Harper Benjamin, elk, r 11 Thurman 

Harper Bennett, carpenter, r 11 Terry 

Harper Charles (c), porter Akers & Bros., r Hilliard, nr 

Harper Charles (c), wks C^a. Iron "Wks, r 10 Marietta al 

Harper Elizabeth, wid James, r 3 Green's Ferry av 

Harper Glenn (c), lab, r 73 Humphries 

Harper Henry P., lab, bds 3 Green's Ferry av 

Harper Hiram (c).lab, r 10 Marietta al 

Harper Howard (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 10 Marietta al 

Harper James, wks Pellegrini & Castleberry, r Green's 
Ferry av, nr Barracks av 

Harper James (c), lab, r 24 Dairy 

Harper James H., elk T. J. Harper, bds 48 Formwalt 

Harper James M (c), waiter Adams House, r 61 Fulton 

Harper Jane (c), wks Cotton Factory, r Alexander, nw cor 

Harper Jesse (c), wks Ga. R. R., r 49 Fulton 

Harper John, lab, bds 33 Pettis 

Harper John B., elk, r 118 N. Collins 

Harper Jordan B., r 48 Formwalt 

Harper Joseph, wks Pellegrini & Castleberry, r Green's 
Ferry av, nr Barracks av 

Harper Joseph C. (c), porter Station House, r 222 W. 

Harper LaFayette, wks A-L. Ry., bds 48 Formwalt 

Harper Mahala (c), laundress, r 151 E. Fair 

Harper Xoah, wks Cotton Factory, bds 11 Thurmond 

Harper Peyton fc), lab, r 33 Reed 

Harper Thomas J., fancy goods, 7 Peachtree, r 48 Formwalt 

Harper William, lab, r 221 Hayne 

Harps Henry (c), wks T. S. Lewis 

HarraLson Henry L. (M. Harralson Bros. & Co.), bds Kim- 
ball House 

Harralson Madi.son (M. Harralson Bros. & Co.), r 278 White- 

BUSINESSMEN Piedmoiit Air- Line 

E If GRT!T!?!nTJ General Real Estate Agent, 21 UanettaStroet. 

Jrf. AU. UJVJ^agWlN, Promptness IMIIy M:ot1x» 

HAR 288 HAR 

Harralson M. Bros. & Co. (M., P. H. and H. L. Harralson 
and H. P. Scales), whol tobacco and cigars, 7 Decatur 

Harralson Philip H. (M. Harralson Bros. & Co.), bds Mark- 
ham House 

Harralson William, foreman A. & W. P. R. R 

Harrigan Thomas, veterinary surgeon, 79 S. Broad 

Harrington Clarence (c), waiter Kimball House 

Harrington Marie A., wid L. C, r ns Irwin, 2d w of Lee 

Harrington William, painter, r 4 Newton 

Harris Alfred (c), wks H. Lewis 

Harris Annie (c), laundress, r 38 Williams 

Harris Asa L., real estate agt, r 75 Plum 

Harris Benjamin (c), lab, r 52 Magazine 

Harris Benjamin wks Cotton Factory 

Harris Bettie Miss, bds 9 Magazine 

Harris Brown (c), lab, r 71 Humphries 

Harris Bruce, wks Bird & Haunson 

Harris Charles (c), lab, r rear 131 E. Baker 

Harris Charles (c), porter Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, r rear 
Ivy, nw cor Wheat 

Harris Charles (c), porter Langston, Crane & Co., r 68 Raw- 

Harris Charles H., with B. F. Avery & Sons, bds 112 De- 

Harris Christopher (c), carpenter, r rear 120 S. Pryor 

Harris Clement R., depcity marshal, bds 325 Peach tree 

Harris Cynthia Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds ns Mills, 
1st w of Williams 

Harris Daniel B., bkkpr Citizens Bank of Georgia, bds 325 
Peach tree 

Harris Edmund (c), wks J. T. Hi sun 

Harris Eliza F., wid H. D., bds 22 Stonewall 

Harris Elizabeth H , wid D. F , r 180 Marietta 

Harris Ella Miss, dressmkr, r 7 Fowler 

Harris Felix (c), wks G. G. Rhodes, r Bradley, nr limits 

Harris Fleming, carpenter, r 42 Bradbury 

Harris Francis M. (c), wks Frank Redd, r rear 210 Decatur 

HARRIS GEORGE B. supt Atlanta Cotton Factory Co., 
Marietta, cor Cain, bds Kimball House 

Harris George W. (Brockett & Harris), bds Kimball House 

Harris Hannah (c), laundress, r ns (Tlenn, 1st w of Cooper 

Harris Henderson (c), wks Union Depot, r 147 W. Fair 

Harris Henry (c), fireman Cotton Factory 

SG! C!&v^Ar^'1•^•1^ Cures Rheninatisin 


IHLJ^XAi ir ^KJ X-EEI3 W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell at. 

HAR 289 HAR 

Harris Henry (c), lab, r rear 37 Wanhington 
Harris Henry (c), lab, r 153 Houston 
Harris Henry (c), wks A-L. Ry, r 18 Thompson 
Harris Henry, wks Cotton Factory, hds 180 Marietta 
Harris Henry, wks Magazine, r Savannah, nr limits 
Harris Henry A., tinner W. & A. R. R., bdsl46S Forsyth 
Harris Henry N., train hand W. & A. R. R., bds 161 Ma- 
Harris Plill (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Harris Hilliard J., carpenter Stevens & Gibbs, r 31 W. 

Harris Hiram D., driver, bds 268 Jones 
Harris Horatio (c)^ carpenter, r 109 Stonewall 
Harris Isaac P.. bkkpr A. C. Ladd, r 49 Hood 
HARRIS JACK N., record elk Ga. Iron Wks., r 67 N. Pryor 
Harris James (c), barber A. Hill 
Harris James (c), porter, r 61 Luckie 

Harris James D., engineer W. & A. R. R., r 268 Marietta 
Harris James 0., State and County tax collector, City 

Hall, r 325 Peachtree 
Harris Jeptha A., tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 129 

W. Baker 
Harris Jeremiah (c), lab, r ns Lowes al, 1st w of Walker 
Harris Jesse (c), lab, r 77 E. Fair 
Harris Joel C , editor Constitution, r ss Gordon, 1st w of 

Peeples, W. E 
Harris John, cabinetmkr H. W. Thomas 
Harris John B., pressman Elsas, May & Co., bds 265 Luckie 
Harris John L. (c), porter Union Depot, r 110 Ellis 
Harris Joseph (c), lab, r 112 Rawson 
Harris Joseph (c), train hand A-L. Ry., r 14 N. Fort 
Harris Joseph M., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ss Ponder, 2d e of 

Harris Josephine (c), laundress, r rear 82 S. Forsyth 
Harris J. Wiley, elk Ry. P. 
Harris Lizzie Miss, domestic A. L. Dorsey 
Harris Lucius (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Harris Maggie A. Miss, teacher Crew Street School, bds 146 

S. Forsyth 
Harris Maria L., wid J. W., r 177 N. Collins 
Harris Martha A., wid T., r 12 Pettis 
Harris Mary A., wid W. C, r 265 Luckie 
Harris Mary R., wid J., bds 150 Whitehall 

THE EDEN ^Hii^ f 11 Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole* 
sale (b Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page KXk 

HAR 290 HAR 

Harris Matilda (c), chambermaid, r 38 Williams 
Harris Matthew (c), porter, r 115 Spring 
Harris Moses (c), wks Gholstin & Zachry, r country- 
Harris Nancy A., wid W. F., r Savannah, nr limits 
Harris Nancy Z. Miss, conk J. M. Goldsmith 
Harris Nathan 0.. physician, bds 325 Peachtree 
Harris Newton (c), barber J. Minor 
Harris Paschal (c), lab, r 147 Markham 
Harris Rebecca Mrs , r 352 Mangum 
Harris Richard (c), carpenter A. \ W. ;Stroup, r 241 Mc- 

Harris Robert B., painter, bds 9 W. Garnett 
Harris Samuel (c), lab, r 69 Fort 
Harris Samuel (c), lab, r 192 E. Harris 
Harris Samuel (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 51 Chattahoochee 
Harris Sarah, wid D. C, r 9 Magazine 
Harris Solomon, painter, r 259 Fraser 
Harris Stapleton L., engineer, r 106 W. Baker 
Harris Thomas (c), lab, r 147 W. Fair 
Harris Thomas J., carpenter, r 2 Dunn's al 
Harris Titus (c). carpenter, r 41 Parsons 
Harris Virginia E , wid William, bds 49 Hood 
Harris Walter (c) lab, r 109 Stonewall 
Harris Walter H., wks Traynham & Ray, bds 37 W. 

Harris Walton P., elk Stewart & Fain, bds 106 W. Baker 
Harris Wesley (c), wks A-L. Ry., r 16 Ga. R. R 
Harris West (c), driver W. S. Wilson & Bro 
Harris William (c), butcher Stewart & McNabb, r rear 

255 Peachtree 
Harris William (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Harris William P., bkkpr J. P. Babb, bds 264 Fraser 
Harris Wylie R., printer Constitution, r 265 Luekie 
Harris W. W., fireman W. & A. R. R 
Harrison Abraham (c). lab, r 102 Fraser 
Harrison Alfred (c), porter, r Randolph, nr limits 
Harrison Chester (c), porter Adair & Bro., r 220 Clarke 
Harrison Clementine J. Miss, bds 42 Jones av 
Harrison Daniel (c), wks A-L Ry, r Decatur, nr limits 
Harrison Edgar G., elk A. D. Fuller, bds 236 W. Peters 
Harrison Frances S., wid George, bds 58 Walton 
Harrison George (c), lab, r Decatur, nr limits 
Harrison George M. (Harrison & Weathers), r rear HOW. 



XM JCji U JX\J X 1\J IN 5 oro lo jmlznvjces. 



DAVIS "YhRJical" sewing- machhste 

J^XA. V a,KJ ^^EX5 W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

HAR 291 HAR 

Harrison George W., treas Jas. P. Harrison & Co., r 58 

Harrison Henry (c), porter "W. J. Ballard, r 146 W. Fair 
Harrison James (c), waiter Mrs. M. M. Stokes, r 61 E. Fair 
Harrison James B , wks W. Withers, bds 323 E. Fair 
Harrison James E., elk Fuller ik Todd, bds 236 W. Peters 
Harrison James P., sec Jas. P. Harrison & Co., r 134 Mc- 

Harrison Jas. P. & Co., printers, blank book mnfrs and bind- 
ers, 27 and 29 S. Broad 
Harrison John B.. cabinetmkr, r 24 Bush 
Harrison John T., foreman Jas. P. Harrison & Co., bds Wil- 
son House 
Harrison Joshua, bds 42 .Jones av 

Harrison Landrura M, (Harrison & Bro.), r 50 Decatur 
Harrison Lewis (c), wks Pendleton Guano Co , rws Eraser, 

2d s of Jones 
Harrison Marcus P., elk S. D. Haslett, bds 236 W. Peters 
Harrison Martha Miss, seamstress, bds 42 Jones av 
Harrison Osborn (c), lunch room, 4 Ivy 
Harrison Sallie Mad., r 10 Thompson 
Harrison Squire (c), lab, r rear 92 X. Butler . 
Harrison Tillman C., guard chain gang, r 33 Pettis 
Harrison Wall (c), lab, r Decatur, nr limits 
Harrison William (Harrison & Bro.). r 50 Decatur 
Harri.son William H. Rev. (c), r 166 E. Harris 
Harrison Zadok D. (Harrison & Peeples), and elk Supreme 

Court, office State House, r Decatur, Ga 
Harrison & Bro. (L. M. and W. Harrison), coal and wood, 

31 and 165 D^^catur 
HARRISON & PEEPLES (Z. D. Harrison and H. C. 

Peeples), lawyers. State House 
Harrison & Weathers (G. M. Harrison and E. E. Weath- 
ers), grocers, 110 W. Peters 
Hart Edward S., tinner R. W. Hart, bds 22 Humphries 
HART FRED W. Jr. (F. W. Hart & Son), bds 157 N. 

Collins. (See back paster) 
HART F. W. (F. W. Hart & Son), and dealer in doors, 
sash and blinds, builders' materials, paints, oils, etc., 
30 S. Broad, r 157 X. Collins. (See back paster) 
HART F. W. & SOX (F. W. and F. W. Hart, Jr.), plan- 
ing mill, stair builders, dealers in dressed lumber, 
moldings, newels, etc., Fuller, adjoining W. & A. R. R. 
(See back paster) 

E M GREESQN General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

HAR 292 H AS 

Hart Isaac (c), carpenter, r 64 Richmond 

Hart Marshall (c), porter S. W. Day, r S. Forsyth, cor Fair 

Hart Oliver T., driver Hook & Ladder Truck, r 26^ S. 

Hart Russell W., tinner, r 22 Humphries 

Hart William H., with F. W. Hart, bds 157 N. Collins 

Hartman Barbara Mrs., fruits and confectionery, 26 W. 

Hartman Marcus, elk L. Cohen & Co., bds 26 W. Mitchell 

Hartsfield Charles G., tinner J. Warlick & Son, r 46 N. 

Hartsfield Daniel (c), cook Markham House, r 31 Markham 

Hartsfield Moses (c), porter J. W. Jackson, r 22 Jones av 

Harver Thomas, lab, r 13 Ella 

Harvey Arthur H., printer Methodist Advocate, bds 200 

Harvey Dennis (c), lab, r rear 85 Elliott 

Harvey Frank (c), butcher, r 61 Rawson 

Harvey Henry, blacksmith W. & A. R. R 

Harvey Holmes L., teacher, r 200 Crew 

Harvey Hubbard (c), wks C. J. Kicklighter 

Harvey Sarah F. Mrs., teacher, bds 200 Crew 

Harvey Willis (c), carpenter, r 122 Ellis 

Harvill Andrew J., painter, r 189 Davis 

Harvill Durham E., lab, r 89 Jones av 

Harvill Lucinda R., wid W. H , r 10 Pratt 

Harvill Peter (c), driver B. H. Broomhead, rns Thrasher, e 
of Ashley, W. E 

Harwell John H. (Harwell & Bro.), r 10 Simpson 

Harwell John M. (Harwell & Smith), bds 26 N. Forsyth 

Harwell Levi H , elk Atlanta Com. Co., r 29 Mechanic 

Harwell William D. (Harwell & Bro.), bds 13 Williams 

Harwell & Bro. (J. H. and W. D. Harwell), grocers, 324 

HARWELL & SMITH (John M. Harwell and Wm. F. 
Smith), machinery, engines and saw mills, 65 S. Broad 
(See page 77) 

HASKELL WALLACE W., genl ins agf, represents 
INS. CO., of N. Y. ; 29 Whitehall, r 15 E. Mitchell 

Haskell W. W. Mrs., dressmkr M. Rich & Bro., r 15 E. 

EA^kE} M}U pimples and blotches. 


•Hr.J-'^^ V AK./ -^.^7D W. T. WILSON. 14 W. MltcheU St. 

HAS 293 B.A\\ " 

Haskins John R., elk collector Int. Rev., 9i Marietta 
Huslett Samuel D., grocer, 173 W. Peters, r^58 Walker 
Hass Johanna, wid Jacob, bds 184 8. Forsyth 
Hasting" Thomas (cj, watchman A. k W. P. R. R 
Hatch Charles G.,, r se Calhoun, 1st n of For- 
rest av 
Hatch Charles G., train hand W. & A. R. R 
Hatch Frank K. S, watchmkr J. P. Stevens & Co., r 66 

Hatcher Jame? F., fireman W. & A. R R., bds ISOMaiietta 
Hatcher Marcellus B , glazier, bds 139 Pulliam 
Hatcher Margaret E., wid J. E . bds 139 Pulliam 
Hatcher William G , carpenter, r 139 Pulliam 
Hatchett Augustus (c), Ga. Iron Wks, r 189 W. Peters 
Hartfield George W. (c), wks Pellegrini & Castleberry, r 

Chapel, nr Barracks av 
Hatfield Nancy C, wid Samuel, bds ns Pine, 2d w of Cal- 
Hatgeld William F., carpenter, r 39 Bradbury 
Hathway Hettie C, wid H. B., r 72 E. Peters 
Hatten Robert, harnessmkr D. Morgan, r 27 E. Alabama 
Hatton David (c), wks W. k A R. R . r ws Randolph, 2d 

n of Harris 
Hatton George (c), fireman A-L Rv 
Haunson .John T. (Bird & H^unson), r 419 Whitehall 
Haverty James J , elk J. Ryan, r 177 Thompson 
Haverty Michael, barkpr E. Mercer, r 27 Castleberry 
Baverty Thomas, gardener, r 40 Castleberry 
Hawes Ellison W., bkkpr National Publishing Co., bds 42 

Hawes James H. engineer W. A; A. R. E., bds 145 Walton 
Hawps Richard R., engineer W. t% A. R. R., bds 58 W. 

Hawk Alexander (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Hawkins George W., carpenter, r 48 Williams 
Hawkins Henry (c), porter Sanders & Co., r 316 Decatur 
Hawkins Pinckney (c), porter Arcade Saloon, r 311 Decatur 
Hawkins Willis, student, bds 55 Walton 
Hawks Joseph H , wks P. Zinszer, r 18 Railroad 
Hawks William N., fire ins. adjuster, 61 S. Broad, r 259 

Hawlev Chester W. Rev., pastor First Cong. Church, r 
109 Houston 

IvENTRACK 'li Piedmotit Air-Line. 


Telephone ^ ° J^P^^^: 

M anykiud. Black 

66 E. Alabama St.. for COAL cf 
Blacksmith's Coal a soeclaltv. See naea 100 

HAY 294 HAY 

Hayden Anna J. Miss, music teacher, bds 193 S. Pryor 

Hayden Anne J., wid Patrick, r 193 S. Pryor 

Hayden Pauline Miss, r 15 Thurmond 

Hayes A lam (c), sawyer, r rear 67 Magazine 

Hayes George (c), barber, r 155 Fillmore 

Hayes John (c), wks Adair & Bro , r 19 Frascr 

Hayes Mary (c), laundress, r 809 W. Mitchell 

Hayes Nathan (c), porter J. Coyen 

Hayes Ransom (c), lab, r 12 Merritts av 

HAYES, see ah^o HAYS 

Haygood A. Judson, grocer, 64 Decatur, r 83 Loyd 

Haygood Laura A. Miss, prin Girls High School, bds 45 

Haygood Martha A., wid G. B., bds 45 McDonough 
Haygood William A. (Milledge & Haygood), r 45 McDon- 
Hayne Robert M, elk A. & W. P. R. R., bds Edgewood 
Hayne Street School (c), 98 Hayne 
Hayne William E.. elk A. k W. P. R. R., r Edgewood 
Haynes Arthur, elk Chamberlin, Boynton & Co 
Haynes Charles (c), lab, r 197 W. Hunter 
Haynes Charles C, elk 66 Whitehall, bds 18 Ellis 
Haynes Clyde, student, bds 128 Mangum 
Haynes David (c), briekmason, r 145 W. Fair 
Haynes Effie Miss, bds 128 Mangum 
Haynes George (c), wks Ristine & May 
Haynes Hester, wks E. Haiman, bds 445 Marietta 
Haynes Howard (c), briekmason, r 145 W. Fair 
Haynes James, fireman A-L Ry 
Haynes James W., foreman M. Lipes, r 55 May's al 
Haynes John W., bricklayer,, r 14 Emma 
Haynes Joseph, train hand W. & A. R. R 
Haynes Judith A., wid R., r 154 W. Mitchell 
Haynes Mabel Miss, bds 128 Mangum 
Haynes Moses (c), porter Sou. Exp. Co., r 79 Martin 
Haynes Richard 0., asst Station House kpr, r 154 W. 

Haynes Sirah, wid Benjamin F., r 445 Marietta 
Haynes Thomas W.. wks Ga. Iron Wks. bds 445 Marietta 
Haynes William A , watchmkr and engraver, 10 Marietta, 

r 128 Mangum 
Haynes William E., wks W k A. R. R., bds 58 Luekie 
Haynie William L, blindmkr Traynham & Ray, bds 93 

TTETTE.OTIC ^^^^^ ^^*^^ "^^ HELISVE PAIN. 

TXai-flLU SXZE, S5 CEirXS- 


^IHLO^X^ V AK.^ X".c.x:=) W. T. WILSON, 14 W.Mitchell St. 

HAY 295 HEA "~ 

Hays Alexander C, carpenter, r 182 Thompson 

Havs Benjamin (c), bricklayer, r 71 Magazine 

Hays John A., fireman W. & A. R. K., bds W. & A. R. R., 
2d w of Spring 

Hays Richard D., tailor J. G. Jones, r Humphries, nr Bar- 
racks av 

Hays William T., carpenter, r 132 Thompson 

HAYS see also HAYES 

Haywood Samuel (c), waiter Markham House 

Haywood Stephen (c), driver, r 166 Ellis 

Hazlitt John, wks Oakland Cemetery, r rear 73 N. Butler 

Hazlitt William, train hand C. R. R., bds rear 73 X. Butler 

Head Floyd (c), porter Sou Exp. Co 

Head George (c), wks M. Calhoun 

Head Henry (c), lab, r Wheat, nr limits 

Head Henry (cj, porter J. T. Johnson, r 152 S. Forsyth 

Head John (c), peddler, r 76 S. Forsyth 

Head Larkin (c), w^aiter Dr. E. L. Connally, r 170 Mark- 

Head Mark (c), porter V. P. Sisson, r 170 Markham 

Head Marshall (c), butler, r 125 Ellis 

Head Patrick (c), janitor Friendship Bap. Ch., r 144 Mark- 

Head Robert (c), barber 12 W. Mitchell, r 7 George 

Head Sherman (c), wks M. Calhoun i 

Head Simon (c), wks W. S. Withers, r rear Rolling Mill 

Head Thomas (c), wks W. E Hoyle, r 39 Trenholm 

Healey Charles A., student, bds 77 Ivy 

Healey Thomas G , pres Atlanta Gas Lt. Co., r 77 Ivy 

Healey William T., builder, bds 77 Ivy 

Heals Aaron, restaurant, 97 Whitehall 

Heard Thomas, student, bds 69 N. Collins 

Hearn Jane Miss, seamstress, bcs 55 Tatnall 

Heain Narcissa Miss, seamstress, bds 55 Tatnall 

Hearn Priscilla P., wid Thomas, r 55 Tatnall 

Heath Adam (c), lab, r rear McAffee, se cor Pine 

Heath David H. elk, r 100 Ellis 

Heath Eliza A. Miss, teacher Crew St. School, r 50 Mc- 

Heath Isabella C. Mrs., dres.=mkr, 100 Ellis 

Heath Mary J., wid Marcus L., bds 50 McDonough 

Heath O. B. Mrs., boarding, 50 N. Broad 

Heaven George, wks Stewart c^ Fain 

pl^^K^fwE m Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

M. AU. WAWUUWVll) Promptness My Motto. 

~ HEC 296 HEN " 

, . p 

Hecht Simon, cigars and tobacco, 50 Marietta 

HEERY DANIEL 0. C. physician, 131 Marietta and 20 

Decatur, r 299 Marietta 
Heery Daniel T., elk, bds 299 Marietta 
Heery Harry T., elk Lynch & Lea, bds 299 Marietta 
Heflin W. f ., timekpr and tel opr A-R. Ry., bds 116 S. 

HEIDT JOHN W. REV., pastor Trinity M. E. Ch., r 100 

Heip;ht J. M., trav agt, bds Wilson House 
Hein Albert G., with Crane, Boylston & Co , bds 72 Marietta 
Heinz Charles, (Heinz & Berkele and J. S. Watson & Co.), 

r 213 Whitehall 
Heinz Charles Jr , gunsmith Heinz & Berkele, bds 213 

HEINZ & BERKELE (C. Heins and John Berkele), guns, 

]>istols, etc , 15 Whitehall 
HEINZ see also HINES and HYNDS 
Helling John P., engineer W. & A. R. R 
Helm Edward (c), driver W. B. Cox 
Helmer Charles G., bkkpr J. J. Barnes, r 68 Crew 
Helmuth Charles, baker F. M. Jack & Co 
Helms Calvin, wks W. S. Bell & Bro., bds 66 Ga. R. R 
Hemphill Robert A., asst bus manager Constitution, r 479 

Peachtree « 
Hemphill William A , bus manager Constitution, r 388 

Hemphill , fireman Ga. R. R., bds 123 Decatur 

Henderson Alexander (c), wks Cook & Stewart, r Baugh, 

ne cor Peeples, "W. E 
Henderson Anna (c), lunch room, 87 Decatur 
Henderson Asa (c), lab, r ss Jones al, w of W. & A. R. R 
Henderson Buchanan (c), driver, r 244 Richardson 
Henderson Green (c), lab, r Ella, nr limits 
Henderson Lewis (c), lab, r Peters, cor Gordon, W. E 
Henderson Isaac (c), lab, r Peters, cor Gordon, W. E 
Henderson Isaac (c), peddler, 131 N. Calhoun 
Henderson John H., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 64 Fraser 
HENDERSON JOHN T., State Commissioner of Agricul- 
ture, 5 & 6 State House, r 217 S. Pryor 
Henderson Lewis (c), porter J. J. McCoy, r 117 E. Harris 
Henderson Mary S., wid C W., bds 91 Marietta 
Henderson Sidney (c), wks Sou. Exp. Co., r rear 132 Wash- 

Brewer's Lung"Restorer .oCa^im-^f^Silg.^ 


THEJ^^^ V XKJ r'EEX) W. T. WILSON. WW. Mltcbell St. 

HEN 297 ■ HEN 

Henderson Thomas J., carpenter, r Howell, nr limits 
Henderson Walter C. proof reader Constitution, r 86 Terry- 
Henderson Washington (c), lab, r ws W. & A. R. R., n of 

May son Ferry rd, Bell wood 
Henderson William (c), porter M. Adler 
Henderson William (c), wks Atlanta Hospital 
Henderson William B., elk in Dept of Agriculture, bds 217 

S. Pryor 
Henderson William 0., wl<s A. M. Bergstrom 
Hendon W. P., elk W. & W. Mnfg Co 
Hendree Jane, wid John, r 62 Tatnall 
Hendricks Augustus L., wks C. R. R., r 159 Thompson 
Hendricks Benjamin (c), lab, r rear 67 Magazine 
Hendricks Elizabeth Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 7^ 

Hendricks Emily, wid Berry, r 7^ Newton 
Hendricks Henry (c), gardener, r rear 109 McDonough 
Hendricks Herschel V., fireman W. & A, R. R , r 126 W. 

Hendricks James, lab, bds 7^ Newton 
Hendricks Philip (c\ lab, r 220 Elliott 
Hendrix Emma Miss, wks M. Wiseberg, bds 10 Venable 
Hendrix James, carpenter, r 275 Crumley 
Hendrix John C, lawyer, r 46 E. Simpsun 
Hendrix L. Glenn, wks Winship & Bro., bds 10 Venable 
Hendrix Martha Miss, wks M. Wiseberg, r 10 Venable 
Hendrix Oliver, blacksmith W. & A. R. R., bds 10 Venable 
Hendrix Samuel B., elk I. S. Mitchell, bds 77 Elliott 
Hendry Thomas C, elk, r 61 McDaniel 
Henman John R, blacksmith E. Haiman, r 23 Bush 
Hennessy Joseph Rev., asst pastor Church of Immaculate 

Conception, r 67 E. Hunter 
Hennies Carl, adjuster Craige & Co., r Blackball Dist 
Henochsberg Bertrand, bkkpr Wellhouse & Son, bds 48 

Henochsberg Theresa, wid Moses, bds 48 Thompson 
Henry Jacob (c), carpenter Lieberman & Kaufmann 
Henry John (c), hall boy Kimball House 
Henry Lee (c), carpenter Lieberman & Kaufmann 
Henry Madison (c), carpenter, r rear 25 Jones 
Henry Moses (c), shoemkr H. Noble, r 180 W. Peters 
Henry Richard (c) janitor Home Ins. C, of N. Y., r 243 


Peerless, Yet?Route, Piedmont Air-Line 



56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL- 

HEN 298 HET 

Henry Theophilus L., butcher, bds 110 Peachtree 

Henry Thomas wks W. & A. R. R 

Henry William, wks Ga. R. R , bds 71 Rail Road 

Hensler William L., prof of music, 19 S. Broad 

Henson Augustus, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Henson Charles, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Henson Green T., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 11 Corput 

Henson LaFayette, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds ns Hunnicutt, 
2d e of Plum 

Henson Solomon C , bkkpr, r 289 E. Hunter 

Hentschel Gottleib, saloon 61 Alabama, and grocer 249 

Hephell Richard (c), grocer, rear 100 Chapel 

Herbert Sidney, correspondent, bds Markham House 

Herd Isaac (c), waiter R. G. Thompson 

Herley John Mrs., boarding, 42 E. Mitchell 

Herndon Benjamin J., engineer W. & A. R. R., r 123 Mag- 

Herndon Edward A., fireman W. & A. R. R.,bds 158 Davis 

Herndon Joseph, carpenter, r 85 Mangum 

Herndon William G., 16 Decatur, bds Kimball House 

Herod Mary Mrs., seamstress, bds 64 Yonge 

Heron Sarah J., wid W. M., bds 90 Ivy 

Herrick Jefferson, manager W. U. Tel. Co., r Edgewood 

Herrin Clinton P., elk G. B. Stewart, r 64 Stonewall 

Herrin Edward D., mer, r 92 W. Fair 

Herring Carl, lab, r 32 Trenholm 

Herrington Allan (c) packer McBride & Co., r ws Eraser, 
3d s of Crumley 

Herrington James A. (c,) wks McBride & Co., r ws Fraser, 
3d s of Crumley 

Herrington John (c), wks McBride & Co., r ws Fraser, Sds 
of Crumley 

Herron Nora, wid William, bds 18 Emma 

Herter Louis, bricklayer, r 90 S. Pryor 

Herter William, wks D. Morgan, bds 90 S. Pryor 

Hertz Bessie Miss, boarding, 89 E. Mitchell 

Hess A. Louis, with Regenstein &:-Kutz, bds Kimball 

Hester Jane (c), laundress, r 93 E. Fair 

Hesterly Mary A., wid John, r es S. Pryor, 1st s of Crumley 

Hetzel Henrietta W., wid William, r 152 Alexander 

Hetzel Henry, jeweler J. P. Stevens & Co., bds 152 Alex- 


^JrJl^/l^ljr' JLV^ And Never Fails to Cure. 


I Hti*-^XA. V J^KJ S^EEID -yy^ T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

HET 299 HIG~ 

Hetzell Lisette Miss, hair goods, 39^- Peachtree, bds 152 

Hetzel William F., machinist Ga. Iron Wks, bds 152 Alex- 
Heugle Charles (c), lab, r es Walnut, 2d s of W. Foundry 
Hewin Samuel W., elk A. G. Rhodes, bds 142 Decatur 
Hewitt Eugene W., bkkpr Traynham k Bray, bds 58 

Heyward Walter I, lawyer, 7^ Whitehall, r s end Peeples, 

W. E 
Heywood Alice, wid Silas, bds 15 Mechanic 
Hibberts Charles B., carpenter, bds 72 Davis 
Hickey Arthur, with J. Keely, r 84 S. Pryor 
Hicks Benjamin (c), lab, r rear 85 Elliott 
Hicks David (c), lab, r 86 Mays al 
Hicks Florence Mrs , seamstress, r 187^ Marietta 
Hicks Hiram M, elk H. Linch, bds 108 Decatur 
Hicks Mary A., wid Robert W., r 273 E. Fair 
Hicks Philip (c), cook National Hotel, r rear 24 W. Garnett 
Hicks Richard (c), driver, r 274 Rawson 
Hicks Thomas (c), carpenter, r 16 May's al 
Hicks Thomas (c), wks J. G. Thrower, r 92 Fort 
Hicks William A., ctrpenter Ristiue <fe May 
Higdon Elijah L , elk W. Mickleberry, bds 9 W. Garnett 
Higdon Thomas A. Rev., r 9 W. Garnett 
Higginbotham William H. (c), carpenter Traynham 

& Ray, r 98 N. Calhoun 
Higgins James W., fireman Ga R. R., r58 S. Bell 
Higgins Martha, wid William, r 58 S. Bell 
Higgins Thomas G., tax collector, r 20 Hayne 
HIGH JOSEPH M., dry goods and notions, 48 Whitehall 
Hightower Daniel N., boarding, 46 Ivy 
Hightower Dorcas (c), laundress, r 46 VV. & A R. R 
Hightower Harry H., elk Hightower & Hallman, r 40 

Hightower Hilliard (c), wks Cotton Factory 
Hightower James D.. with E. Bates & Co., r 73 Ellis 
Hightower Kinchin (c), soupmkr, r 175 Ellis 
Hightower Lavinia (c), cook, r 136 Smith 
Hightower Lewis (c), driver H. H. Gordon, r 164 Fort 
Hightower Thomas J.. (Hightower & Hallman), r Smyrna, 

Hightower Thomas J Jr., elk Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, bds 

118 P'>achtrf^o 

■■coAcTEf 'ia Pxedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESQN General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

M. «*. WAWMUWV^^, Promptness M!:^ TVTotf^o. 

300 HIL 

HIGHTOWER & HALLMAN, (T. J. Hi^htower and J. C. 

Hallman), whol grocer-, 40 and 42 Peachtree, and 20 

and 22 N. Broad 
Hilburn Frank A., coroner Fulton Co, 17 Whitehall, r 44 

Hilburn Mary J , wid J"hn, bds 197 Mangum 
Hildebrand John F., policeman, r 47 S. Pr.yor 
Hilman Joseph (c), porter E H. Olcott 
Hilman Patrick, elk, bds S3 Decatur 
Hill Albert (c), barber National Hotel, r 38 Hayden 
Hill Anderson (c), waiter F. A Kirby, r rear 31 N. Pryor 
Hill Andrew fc), barber Kimball House, r 103 Walker 
Hill Ashbrook (c), lab, r 36 Fort 
Hill Augustus (c), lab, r 102 Decatur 

Hill Benjamin (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 57 Chattahoochee 
Hill Benjamin H. Bon , (B. H. Hill & Son), and U. S. Sen- 
ator, r 182 Peachtree 
Hill Benjamin H. Jr. (B. H. Hill & Son), and solicitor genl 

Superior Court, r ws Pfachtree, n of junc W. Peachtree 
Hill Berry (c), carpentor, r 49 Joiner 

Hill Bird (c), driver W. H. Patterson r rear 422 Peachtree 
HILL B. H. & SON, (B. H. and B. H. Hill Jr.), lawyers, 

40 Marietta 
Hill Charles D , lawyer, r 59 E. Harris 
Hill Charles W. (c), (Holcomb & Hill), r 155 E. Fair 
Hill Cyrus (c), waiter National Hotel 
Hill David (c), wks Cook & Stewart 
Hill D. Pike (D. P. Hill & Son), r 147 Marietta 
Hill D. P. & Son (D. P. and R.P. Hill), lawyers, 2| Marietta 
Hill Edward (c). lab, r 57 Fairlie 
Hill Edward (c), lab, r ws Randolph, 1st n of Harris 
Hill Edward (c), waiter Markham House, r 125 Wheat 
Hill Eliza (c), cook County Jail, r 2H6 E. Fair 
Hill Elliot (c), driver Longley A Robinson, r 83 Bradley 
Hill Frank (c), lab, r 82 Hoge 
Hill Frank (c), p )rter T. M Clarke & Co., r rear 162 N. 

Hill Freeman (c), shoemkr, 99 Houston 
Hill George (c), driver, r ss Currier, 4th e of Calhoun 
Hill George H. (n), whitewasher, r 45 Bobbins 
Hill George W. (c), butler J. M. Hill, r 157 Ivy 
Hill Gilbert (c), hostler, r rear 301 Peachtree 
Hill Harper (c), barber, r 7 Georg<^ 
Hill Harriett (c'), laundress, r 66 W Peters 

1^ JliUri,V> JL ll^ i]ST s TO lO 3MINXJTBS 


•HtJ-^XA V A KJ F EEX? W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St 

HIL 301 HIL 

Hill Henry (c), butler J. W. Churchill, r rear 45 Plum 

Hill Henry, carpent-r, bds l(j'2 E. Simpson 

Hill Henry (c), janitor Crew Street School, r 155 E, Fair 

Hill Isaa? (c), driver W. O. Jones 

Hill Isaac (c), lab, r ns Harris, 3d w of Butler 

Hill Isaac (c), wl'S Ga. Iron Wks 

Hill James (c), carpenter, r 1 Grady 

Hill James, elk, bds 135 W. Baker 

Hill James A., trav agt, bds 236 W. Peters 

Hill John (c), painter, r 33 James 

Hill John A., carpenter M. Lipes, bds 23 Wheat 

Hill John M. (John M. Hill & Co.), r 157 Ivy 

HILL JOHN M. & CO. (John M. Hill and Samuel Prio- 

leau), whol liquors and cigars, 16 Decatur 
Hill John R., bailiff, r 30 Eraser 
Hill Johnson (c), barber A. Fields, r 185 Marietta 
Hill Jordan (c), drayman, r 175 Fort 
Hill Joseph M., carpenter M. Lipes, r 159 Elliott 
Hill Judson (c), blacksmith J. Mann, r 3 Dunn's al 
Hill J. E. Miss, elk J. R. Arbola, r 22 Collins 
Hill Keren, wid D. L., r 65 W. Mitchell 
Hill Lizzie, wid T., r 135 W. Baker 

Hill Lodowick J., pres Gate City National Bank, r 67 Wash- 
Hill Lodowick M., vice pres Gate City National Bank, r 

Washington, Ga 
Hill Lucinda, wid Thomas, r 23 Wheat 
Hill Mack (c), barber A. Hill, r 246 W. Feachtree 
Hill Mary A. Mrs., seamstress, r 151 Elliott 
Hill Miles (c^, butler, r rear 322 Peachtree 
Hill Missouri (c), laundress, r 15 Church 
Hill Monroe (c), driver Mrs. E. E. Nunnallv 
Hill M. J., boltmkr Ga. Iron Wks, bds 85 Plum 
Hill Nancy A. Mrs , cook M K. Murphy, r 6 Pulliam 
Hill Osborne C, tonnage elk W. & A. R. R., bds 147 Ma- 
Hill Richard (c), well digger, r 117 Spring 
Hill Robert P. (D. P. Hill & Son\ bds 147 Marietta 
Hill Snllie (c), laundress, r 245 Marietta 
Hill Scott (f), driver, r rear 157 Decatur 
Hill Squire (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 51 Chattahoochee 
Hill Thomas (c), butcher, r 235 Crew 
Hill Thomas (c), waiter, r rear 174 Peachtree 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


Hi Ui HlHlflnaU) 36 East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

HIL 302" HIN 

Hill Turner (c), wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 52 Davis 

Hill T. M , engineer A. & W. P. R. R 

Hill Wtllborn (c), lab, r 18 E. Hunter 

Hill William (c), blacksmith, r 372 Crumley 

Hill William (c), lab, r 222 W. Peters 

Hill William (c), mason, r 139 E. Hunter 

Hill William H., carpenter M. Lipes 

Hill William H., elk Smythe & Perkerson, bds 85| White- 

Hill William R. (Cox, Hill & Thompson), r 153 Peachtree 

Hill Woodson (c), carpenter, r 28 Chapel 

Hilley Richard, wks F. G. Hancock, bds 57 Elliott 

Hillev Robert S., agt Tye's Stock Yard, 59 W. Cain, r 57 

Hilley Robert S., elk J. T. Wright, bds Calhoun, ne cor 

Hilliard Joseph (c), porter, r rear 41 W. Peters 

Hills Edward S., elk Ry P. 0.. r 52 W. Harris 

HILLS E. R. LIEUT., adjutant 5th Art., r McPherson 

T^ j^ T* T* 1 r* li ^ 

Hills Lucius P., elk Ry P. 0., bds 52 W. Harris 

Hillyer Fannie Miss, teacher Fair Street School, r Decatur^ 

HILLYER GEORGE, judge Superior Court, chambers 10 

W. Alabama, r 31 Crew 
HILLYER HENRY, lawyer, 21^ E. Alabama, r 117 Mc- 

Hillyer Junius, 21 E. Alabama, r Decatur, Ga 
Hillyer Kate Miss, assistant Atlanta Female Inst , r Deca- 
tur, Ga 
Hillyer Lula C. Miss, teacher Crew Street School, r Deca- 
tur, Ga 
Hilton Andrew J., shoemkr W. H. Hilton, bds 86 Cox 
Hilton Augustus, packer M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., r 258 

E. Fair 
Hilton Dawson B , tinner Stewart & Fain, bds 86 Cox 
Hilton John H., carpenter, r 121 Chapel 
Hilton Winhnm A., shoemkr, 185 Marietta, r 86 Cox 
Hinchlifife William, overset-r Cotton Factory, r 17 Bartow 
Hines Abram (c), lab, r 186 E. Harris 

Hines Edward H. (c), wks Cook & Stewart, r 151 Markham 
Hines George W., weaver Cotton Factory, r ws Cain, 1st s 
of Marietta 

BREWER'S im RESTORER 'Mfii^li'^'i^^E!' 


• HLJ-^XAi V O.!^ X'EEID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell 8U 

" HIN 3013 HIR ~ 

Hines William, farmer, r ss Hightower, 1st e of Hum- 
HTNES, see also HEINZ and HINDS 
Hinkle Ella, wid G. W., r G7 Hilliard 
Hinraan George, furniture mnfr, 331 Decatur 
Hinman George Jr., wks G. Hinman, bds 3 Fort 
HINMAN JOHN W., upholsterer, mattress and awning 
mnfr 318 & ;i20 Decatur, r 311 Decatur. (See Uphol- 
Hinton Alfred (c), well digger, r 72 Hilliard 
Hinton Charles (c), barber J. Minor, r Ivy, ne cor Decatur 
Hinton Clara Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 127 Marietta 
Hinton Ellen N. F. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 129 Ma- 
Hinton George W., planter, r 127 Marietta 
Hinton Hampton (c), sawyer, r 42 Mechanic 
Hinton, Horace (c), lab, r 8 Jennings al 
Hinton James A., wks Oakland Cemetery, r 290 E. Hunter 
Hinton Jeremiah (c), lab, r 83 Merritt's av 
Hinton W. Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 127 Ma- 
Hinton Reese (c), lab, r 72 Hilliard 
Hinton Terrell (c), drayman, r 10 Merritt's av 
Hinton Walker (c), lab, r 180 Decatur 
Hinton Walter R., wks W. & W.Mnfg Co., r 108 W. Peters 
Hinton William H. (c), janitor Ry Mail Service office 
HIRSCH BROS. (Henry, Morris and Joseph Hirsch), 

clothing, 42 & 44 Whitehall 
Hirsch Henry, (Hirsch Bros, and M. & J. Hirsch), r 198 

S. Forsyth 
Hirsch Isaac (S. Hirsch & Bro.), bds 54 N. Pryor 
Hirsch Joseph (Hirsch Bros, and M. & J. Hirsch), r202 S. 

HirPch Morris (M. & J. Hirsch), r 194 S. Forsyth 
Hirsch M. & J. (Morris, Joseph and Henry Hirsch), whol 

clothing, 8 S. Pryor 
Hirsch Simon (S. Hirsch & Bro), bds 54 N. Pryor 
Hirsch S & Bro., (S. and I. Hirsch), dry goods 46 Decatur 
Hirschfeld Albert, elk., bds 55 Luckie 
Hirschfeld Emma E., wid H., r 55 Luckie 
Hirshfeld James W., tailor Hirsch Bros., r 135 Thompson 
Hirshberg Isaac A., with J. Hirshberg, bds 292 Luckie 
Hirshberg Jacob, rags, 64 S. Broad, r 292 Luckie 

EusraEssMEN! Piedmont Air-Line 

B If GREESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

*t» Mhm MAWArf^MVA^i Promptness MIy RlottOi 

HIT 304 HOL " 

Hitch Radford T. (Andrews, Hitch & Co.), r 35 S. Broad 

Hitchins Frank C, dry goods, bds 111 Marietta 

Hitson Erasmus J., elk W. M. Middlebrooks, r ws Wells, 

3d w of Holland 
Hixon Thomas J , elk A. C. Ladd, r 11^ S Broad 
Hoard John, cattle dealer, bds 57 Elliott 
Hoblin Jame-", brickmason, r 12 Kelly 
Hocknell William D , planer W. & A. R. R., r 211 Luckie 
Hodge Amanda (c), laundress, r 26 Biggers 
Hodge Henry (c), drayman, r 275 Jones 
Hodge Jesse P., ins agt., r 81 Cox 

Hodges Alice Mrs , dressrakr, bds Williams, ne cor Parker 
Hodges Mary, wid., bds 58 Hood 
Hodgson Price (c), porter T. W. Chandler, r Hunnicutt, 

cor Venable 
Hodgson Valentine M., physician 202 Marietta, r 14 Mills 
Hodgson William R., lawyer, bds 14 Mills 
Hoehn William, wks B. Adair, r Green's Ferry av, nr Ash- 
ley, W. E 
Hoffman Abraham W., elk, r ns Mayson's Ferry rd. Bell- 
Hoffman Henry, butcher H. Karwisch, bds 88 Decatur 
Hoffman John J., barber and cigars, 51 Whitehall 
Hogan Daniel A., storekpr A & W. P. R. R., bds 57 Eraser 
Hogan James, lab, bds 218 Elliott 

Hogan Joseph W., machinist A. & W. P. R. R , r 57 Fraser 
Hogan Mary Miss, wks Daniel & Marsh, bds 25 May's al 
Hogan Milton T., carpenter Murphy & Croom, r 178 E. 

Hogan Susan, wid James, r 25 May's al 
Hogan William drayman J. S. Morris & Son, bds 25 May's al 
HOGE EDWARD F., lawyer, 23 Whitehall, bds 91 Marietta 
Hoge Mary A., wid Thomas, bds 170 Hayne 
Hoge Thomas H., machinist Winship & Bro., r 170 Hayne 
Hoke Charles F., with Kennesaw Mills Co., r37 W. Powers 
Holbrook Augustus L. (A. L. & T. A. Holbrook), r 295 N. 

Holbrook A. L. & T. A. (Augustus L and Thomas A. Hol- 
brook) grocers and produce com mers, 79 Peachtree 
Holbrook Benjamin (c), baker, r 201 Wheat 
Holbrook Jesse C, with J. Ryan, r 44 Larkin 
Holbrook John, trunkmkr, bds 57 Hayne 
Holbrook John M., elk H. P. Kennedy, r 71 E. Peters 

SS SY>Ar^^'fir^ Cures Rhe-amatism 


•HLJ-^^A. If ^KJ I^EEXJ W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

HOL . 305 HOL 

Holbrook R W. Mrs., wks Cotton Factory 

Holbrook Thomas A. (A. L. & T. A. Holbrook), bds 293 

Holbrook W. A., overseer, r 17 Bartow 
Holcomb Asa L. (Fuller & Holcomb). bds 43 E. Peters 
Holcomb Benajah D., foreman Methodist Advocate, r 43 E. 

Holcomb Bennett G., wood dealer, r 54 Gartrell 
Holcomb C, engineer W. & A. R. R • 
Holcomb Emma G. Mrs., dressmkr, 65 S.' Forsyth 
Holcomb Frank (c), carpenter, r 33 Fort 
Holcomb Lorena Miss, nurse A. S. King, r 184 N. Collins 
Holcomb Peter (c), carpenter, r 20 Scofield 
Holcomb Philo, chf opr W. U. Tel. Co., r 110 N. Collins 
Holcomb Thomas H. (c), (Holcomb & Plill), 278 Decatur 
Holcomb & Hill (T. H. Holcomb and C. W. Hill), grocers, 

278 Decatur 
Holcomb John R., elk T. R. Whitley, r 85 E. Hunter 
Holcombe Ramoth, wid H. C, r 85 E. Hunter 
Holcombe Reuben P., farmer, r 149 North av 
Holcombe William H., City Marshal, office City Hall, r 6S 

N. Forsyth 
Holden Agnes M. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 202| Ma- 
Holden Daniel, wks Cotton Factory, bds 46 Jones av 
Holden Thomas J., wks Cotton Factor, r 202^ Marietta 
Hold<r^n Thomas J. Jr., wks Cotton Factory, bds 202^ Ma- 
Holder Joseph, engineer, r 51 Ellis 
Holyes Herman, bkkpr, r 32 W. Mitchell 
Holyes L. Mrs., restaurant, 32 W. Mitchell 
Holland Augustus (c), lab. r 279 Jones 
HOLLAND ED., sec and treas Georgia Iron Wks, r 107 

HOLLAND ED3I0ND W. (Jack & Holland), and pres Ga. 

Iron Wks, r New Holland Springs 
Holland Elbert, bricklayer, r 55 Hightower 
Holland Frank (Holland & Son), bds 72 Marietta 
Holland Frank (c), whitewasher, r 151 Davis 
Holland Granville (c), lab, r 279 Jones 
Holland James (c), wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Holland James P. (c), porter R. Dohme, r 116 W. Harris 
Holland John H., elk D. H. Dougherty 


J. C. Kimball, 

66 E.Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole* 
sale <& Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

HOL 306 HOL 

Holland Leonidas G., sexton Oakland Cemetery, r 233 De- 
Holland Matthew B., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 84 W. 

Holland Matthew N., brickmason, r 204 E Hunter 
Holland M. F , tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Holland Robert, bricklayer Lynch & Lea 
Holland Sidney G. (Holland & Son), r 83 Marietta 
Holland Sidney J., barkpr, r 210 E. Hunter 
Holland Sidney J.', dental student, bds 83 Marietta 
Holland Thomas (c), driver, r 74 W. Foundry 
Holland William, wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Holland William (c), drayman, r 294 W. Mitchell 
Holland William H., brickmason, r 14 Martiji 
Holland William S., elk .T. Ryan, bds 204 E. Hunter 
Holland William Y., with Cox, Hill & Thompson, bds 

Kimball House 
Holland & Son (S. G. and Frank Holland), dentists, 24 

Holleman Charles L., elk Markham House 
Holleman Joseph T., lawyer, room 5 Brown Block, 38 E. 

Hollenbeck Henrietta, wid W. E., r 69 Luckie 
Holley Charles W., shoemkr, 102 W. Mitchell, r 150 Crew 
Holley Mary A. Miss, wks J. Selig, bds 19 Terry 
HoUiday George, wks Cook & Stewart, bds 351 Mangum 
HoUiday George H., (G. H. Holliday & Co ), r 56 Forrest av 
HOLLIDAY G. H. & CO. (G. H. and J. S. Holliday), dry 

goods, groceries, etc., 101 Whitehall 
Holliday James R., elk P. H. Meehan, bds 5 PuUiam 
Holliday John S., (G. H. Holliday & Co ), r 66 Forrest av 
Holliday John S. Jr. elk, bds 83 Marietta 
Holliday Mary A., wid P. K., r 5 PuUiam 
Holliday Robert A., dentist and dental depot 34 White- 
hall, r 66 Forrest av 
Holliday Wallace (c), porter Gramling, Spalding & Co., r 

rear 204 Beachiree 
Hollingsworth Benjamin (c), wks F. E Block, r rear 30 

Hollingsworth Eliza, wid J. F., r 23 Ivy 
Hollingsworth Estelle A., wid Daniel, bds 22 W. Fair 
Hollingsworth George (c), carpenter, r rear es Calhoun, 
1st n of Forrest av 

JM J2i U XLV^ A. jL\J tn 5 oro lo si:i]vui?x:s. 

tUfDAVIS T^gicAL" SEWING- machhste 

lht.M^^^ V ^hJ ^EE33 W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St 

HOL 307 HOL 

Hollingsworth George (c), gardener, r Currier, nw cor 

Hollingsworth George (c), wks Ristine k Mt.y, r 205 Irwia 
Hollingsworth James F., carpenter, r 531 Marietta 
Hollint'sworth John, wks Kimbro & Huzza, r 28 Hood 
Hollingsworth Joseph A., brickmason, r Howell, nr limits 
Hollingsworth Matilda Miss, dressmkr, 71 N. Pryor 
Hollingsworth Malinda E., wid J. F., r 23 Ivy 
Hollingsworth Moses, conductor Ga. R. R., bds 123 Decatur 
Hollingsworth Rebecca (c), laundress, r rear 38 Johnson 
Hollingsworth Richard (c), woodworker, 74 W. Peters 
Hollingsworth Ruth Miss, cashier Singer Mnfg Co., bds 

23 Ivy 
Hollins Granville, lab, r 14 S Moore 
HoUins Joseph (c), train hand A-L. Rv, r 13 S. Moore 
Hollis David B., with P. J. Kenny, r 305 K. Fair 
Hollis Harriet J , wid John, r 53 E. Mitchell 
Hollis James (c), waiter Wilson House 
Hollis James B , elk Campb^l & Cook, bds Wilson House 
Hollis Rudolphus W., barkpr P. J. Kenny, bds Kimball 

Hollister Roswell G., driver Sou Exp. Co., bds 132 Wash- 
»Holloway David F., painter, 23 E. Hunter, r 2G6 Eraser 
Holloway Russel (c), lab, r 42 Mechanic 
Hollstin George, grocer, 226 Foster 
Holman John, wks Cotton H'actory. r 129 Marietta 
Holman Joseph H., r 129 Marietta 

Holman Joseph R., wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Marietta 
Holman Martha Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Marietta 
Holman Nancy Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Marietta 
Holman Sarah J. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Marietta 
Holmes Alvin M., printer Constitution, bds 27 Cone 
Holmes Charles (c), wks P. Lynch 
Holmes Charles N., with 0. L. BraumuUer & Co., bds 171 

Holmes Fannie A. Miss, teacher, r 14 Hilliard 
Holmes George (c), carpenter, r 25 Martin 
Holmes Green W. (c), painter, r rear 17 N. Calhoun 
Holmes Guilford (c), lab, r rear 17 N. Calhoun 
Holmes Henry (c), wks A. U. Tel. Co., r 24 Randolph 
Holmes Homer (c), driver Hamilton & Hudson 
Holmes John (c), shoemkr, 68 E. Alabama, r Fort, nr 

m HEALTH, %Sf^«T^«f »^^i? nEDMDNT AIR-IINE. 

E M GR.EE30N General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

HOL 308 HOP 

Holmes John D., printer, r 25 Larkin 

Holmes Llev/ellyn S., train hand W. & A. R. R., r 60 Form- 
Holmes Louisa, wid E., bds 591 Marietta 
Holmes Maggie Miss, teacher, r 14 Hilliard 
Holmes Mary Mrs., seamstress , r 119^ Whitehall 
Holmes Marv A , wid J. N.. bds 171 McDonough 
HOLMES NICK, shoemkr 83 S. Broad, r 3i Garnett. (See 

page 90). 
Holmes Samuel (c), lab, r 168 N. Fair 
Holmes L. B. Rev. (c), r 72 S. Forsyth 
Holmes Thomas, student, bds 70 Ivy 
Holmes Turner (c), driver, r Foster, nr limits 
Holmes William (c), cook, r 31 Richmond 
Holmes William E. (c), student assistant Atlanta Baptist 

Seminary, r 17 Church 
Holston Amos (c), wks Austell & Rice 
Holt Hampton (c), drayman, r Crowell, nr limits 
Holt Iverson F., brakeman W. & A. R. R., r 143 Luckie 
Holt Jack, wks R.J. Maynard, r 73^ Whitehall 
Holt Robert E., with J Silvey & Co., bds 39 N. Pryor 
Holt V. B., engineer A-L. Ry 
Holt William (c), carpenter r 20 Holland 
Holton CDrnelius J., wksGa. Iron Wks, r 131^ Marietta 
Holton Josephine Mrs , wks Cotton Factory, r 131|^ Marietta 
Holtzclaw Cooper, student, bds 38 N. Forsyth 
Holtzclaw Henry J., carpenter, r 105 Stonewall 
Holtzclaw Ida Miss, elk W. H. Brotherton 
Honea William R., sewing machine agt., r 286 Luckie 
Honecker Christian, grocer 137 Marietta 
HoneyJHenry, peddler, r 7 Means 

Hood Edward (c), wks Atlanta Brewery, r 70 E. Harris 
Hood Major (c), hostler G. W. Leonard, r rear 222 E. 

Hook Addison C. (Hook & Smith), bds 107 Peachtree 
Hook John C , grocer, 296 Peachtree, r 233 Ivy 
Hook and Ladder No. 1. 28 Broad 
Hook & Smith (A C. Hook and F. F. Smith), dry goods, 

hats and shoes. 65 and 67 Peachtree 
Hooks Mary (c), cook, r 68 Hayden 
Hooks A. C, r 35 S Broad 

HOOKS THOMAS J., lawyer, 6^ Whitehall, r 107 N. Col- 

S^ C^\ C^\'Ol'E*^f^Tf^a^Tr^^ b^^cures skin diseases, 


' HtJ^-*'*. V J.KJ ■^- B.^P yff^ j^ WILSO N. 14 W. MltcheU St. 

HOP 309 HQR 

Hooley Abraham J., printer H. H. Dickson, bds 48 Church 
Hooper Charles (c), porter, r rear 45 E. Cain 
Hooper Eld ward M. M., with A. B. Clark 
Hooper John W., agt, bds 115 W. Simpson 
Hooper Robert (c), shoemkrM. Brown, r 7 S. Broad 
Hoover Burrell (c), wks Lynch & Lea, r 91 W. Foundry 
Hoover Henry L., dairy, r 28 Connally 
HooyerJohn H., harnessmkr D. Morgan, r 55 S. Forsyth 
Hope George M. (E. A. Robertson & Co.), r 176 Ivy 
Hope Jacob L., elk C. K. Buzbee, bds 367 Peachtree 
Hopgood Samuel (c), wks F. G. Hancock, r 207 Martin 
Hopkins Charles T., law student Hopkins & Glenn, r Edge- 
Hopkins Doc (c), driver Merchant & Mosley 
Hopkins Dora (c), laundress, r 207 W. Hunter 
Hopkins John L. (Hopkins & Glenn), r Edgewood 
Hopkins Marcus, with J. Ryan, r 69 Whitehall 
HOPKINS & GLENX (J. L. Hopkins and John T. Glenn), 

lawyers, 1-i Marietta 
Hoppie George C, elk, bds 51 Houston 
Horine Melville F., asst physician Atlanta Health Insti- 
tute, r 178 W. Peters 
Horn Isaac N., bds 149 Ivy 

Hornady Annie Miss, teacher Marietta St. School, r 172 Ivy 
Hornady Gustavus A., trav agt, r Richardson, ne cor of 

Hornady Henry C. Rev., pastor Third Baptist Church, r 

172 Ivy 
Hornady Nina Miss, teacher, bds 172 Ivy 
Hornady Paul H., elk Chamberlin, Boynton & Co 
Hornsby Charles D., lab, r 8 Green's Ferry av 
Hornsby James P., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r Williams, sw cor 

Hornsby William G., watchman, r W. Peachtree, cor 

Horsey David, elk Travnham & Ray, bds 167 Jones 
Horsey Harry S. (T. M. Horsey & Co.), bds 77 N. Collins 
Horsey J. Walker, asst bkkpr, A. C. & B. F. Wyly & Co., 

bds 77 N. Collins 
Horsey Thomas A. (T. M. Horsey & Co.), r 77 N. Collins 
Horsey Thomas M. (T. M. Horsey & Co.), r 77 N. Collins 
Horsey T. M. & Co., (T. M., T. A., and H. S. Horsey), hats,. 
15 N. Pryor 

IvEN TRACK vll Picdmont Air-Line. 


Telephone ^ ° J^P^,^^ 

JL anykmd. Blacl 

66 E. Alabama St.. for COAL of 
Blacksmith's Coal a speclaltv. See oaee 100 

HOR 310 HOW 

Horton Austin, wks E. Hairaan, bds 439 Marietta 

Horton Carrie E., wid G. W., bds 156 Mangum 

Horton David (c), wiper W. & A. R. R 

Horton George W., shipping elk Dickey Bros 

Horton Howard H. (c), lunch house, 11 Ivy 

Horton James, wks F. E. Block 

Horton James E., farmer, r es Marietta, nr limits 

Horton J. A., wks E. Haiman 

Horton Mark (c), marble cutter D. N. Judson, r 23 Solomon 

Horton Martha E. Miss, r 13 Connally 

Horton Robert P., farmer, r es Marietta, nr limits 

Horton William (c), driver J. R. Wylie 

Horton William C., justice of peace, res Marietta, nr limits 

Hose George (c), wks Ballard's Restaurant 

Hoskins Robert (c), porter T. G. Echols 

Hotchkiss Richard N., grocer, r 310 Washington 

HOTEL WEINMEISTER, C. J. Weinmeister, propr; 10 

N. Forsyth 
Hough Joseph, barber, r 317 E. Fair 
Hough Thomas J., with Kendrick, Carter & Eckford, bds 

Forsyth, se cor Peters 
Houghton Rebecca, wid William, r 90 Fraser 
House Jennie (c), laundress, r 145 Cain 
House Lovely A., wid Thomas, bds 83 Loyd 
Houston Anna L., wid O., r 70 Loyd 
Houston Columbus M., cabinetmkr, r 37 W. Garnett 
Houston Saleta A. Mrs., boarding, 99 Terry 
Houston Thomas (c), barber A. Hill 
HOUSTON THOMAS F., physician, 14| Whitehall, r 16 

HOUSTON WASHINGTON J., genl pass, and ticket agt 

A. & C. A-L. Ry, r Decatur, Ga 
Houston William (c), waiter, r 85 Houston 
Howard Abbie Mad., r ns Line, bet Pryor and Ivy 
Howard Alexander (c), blacksmith N. C. Spence, r 261 

Howard Alvin J., train hand A-L. Ry, bds 112 Decatur 
Howard Andrew (c), bellman Kimball House, r 31 Mc- 

Howard Azariah G. (Howard, Wood & Co.), r 132 S. Pryor 
Howard Benjamin G., with Maddox, Rucker & Co., bds 112 

Howard Charles A.,shirtmnfr, 14 Whitehall,bds 83 Marietta 



[ihtJ^M^ y J-KJ lE-EED W,T. WILSON, 14 W.MltcheU St. 

HOW 311 HOW 

Howard Charles H. (Geo. J. Howard A:Bro.), r Augusta, Ga 
Howard David T. (c), mess Green Line, r 177 Blackmon 
Howard Edmund (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r es Vine, 3d s of 

W. Foundry- 
Howard ^phraim (c), porter Kimball House, r ss Houston, 

2d e of Fort 
Howard Frances A. Mrs., r 201 IMangum 
Howard Frank (c), elk R. Stevenson, r 31 McDonough 
Howard Frank (c), wks W. & A. R. R 

Howard George, wks Cook & Stewart, bds 97 Thurmond 
Howard Georee J. (Geo. J. Howard & Bro.), r 18 Houston 
HOWARD GEO. J. & BRO. (George J. and Charles H. 
Howard), whol and ret druggists, 36 and 38 E. Wall. 
(See page 82) 
Howard George P., elk G. W. Adair, bds 112 Decatur 
Howard Harlan (c), lab, r 51 Chattahoochee 
Howard Henry (c), lab, r es Vine. 3d s of W. Foundry- 
Howard Hezekiah (c), blacksmith, r 1 Strong 
Howard Jackson (c), porter Brooks & Co 
Howard James, wks Cotton Factory, bds 352 Mangum 
Howard John (c), blacksmith P. Eskridge, r 176 Eraser 
Howard John, elk Green Line, bds 104 CJrew 
Howard Joseph (c), blacksmith 0. Davis, r 108 Peachtree 
Howard Joshua (c), fruits, r 266 Decatur 
Howard Julia (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 51 Chattahoochee 
Howard Lillie Mad., r 12 S. Collins 
Howard Marie (c), laundress, r rear 102 Eraser 
Howard Martha (c), laundress, r ns Baker, 4th e of Hayden 
Howard Martha E. Miss, wks Evins & Robinson, bds 201 

Howurd Mary Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r 125 Marietta 
Howard Neil R., elk Mayer & Son, bds 72 Marietta 
Howard Ray ford (c), blacksmith, r Marietta, nr limits 
Howard Richard (c), lab, r 8 Fowler 

Howard Robert (c), blacksmith W. H. Roche, r 142 E. Cain 
Howard Robert (c), driver I. Bird 
Howard Robert (c), lab, r Hilliard, nr limits 
Howard Rufus A., bkkpr G. VV. Adair, r 112 Decatur 
Howard Samuel E., wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 201 Mangum 
Howard Temperance C. wid G. G., bds 112 Decatur 
Howard Thomas C, minute dk Executive Dept., r Kirk- 
wood, Ga 
Howard Thomas P., drayman, r 15 Larkin 

pm?K"TfME m Piedmont Air-Line 

E M (jRE'ESnN General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

**■ Alh, WAWAdAdMWl^, Promptness Ikty MIotto. 

HOW 312 HOY 

Howard William (c), wksGa. li-on Wks, r es Vine, 8d s of 

Howard William F., wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 201 Man- 

Howard Wi'liam H, elk P. 

HOW *RD, WOOD k CO. (A. G. Howard, T. M.Wood and 
W. A. Powell), whol cigars and tobacco, 33 E. Alabama 

Howe Elbridge K., manager Am. Union Tel Co., r 79 

Howell Alexander (c), blacksmith, r 83 Hilliard 

Howell Camp (c), lab, r 130 X. Butler 

Howell Cicero (c), broomkr, r rear 99 Wheat 

Howell Clark Jr.. elk, r 62 Ellis 

Howell Daniel H., (^ Westmoreland & Howell), r 25 N. 

Howell Edward, elk, bds 36 W. Mitchell 

Howell Evan P., pres Constitution Pub Co , r Gordon, ne 
cor Pee pies, W. E 

Howell George A. (Mynatt & Howell), r ns Salter, 1st n of 
W. Ppters, W. E 

Howell Henry, wks Cotton Factory, r 97 Luckie 

Howell H. L., engineer Atlanta Com. Co., bds 150 Whitehall 

Howell Julius R. (c), machinist, 75 E. Alabama, r 61^ 

Howell Lee (c), waiter, r 186 N. Butler 

Howell Martha Mrs , wks Cotton Faetor}^ r 125 Marietta 

Howell Mary Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r 97 Luckie 

Howell Nelson (c), cotton sampler, r21 Crumley 

Howell William (c). shoemkr Nick Holmes, r 21 Crumley 

Howell William H., elk Dept of Agriculture, r 421 
Peach tree 

Howes ^lary E., wid , r \vs Lee, s of Chapel, W. E 

Howes Paul M., 47 E. Alabama, r Lee, s of Chapel, W. E 

Hoyle Amanda, wid G. W., bds 421 Peachtree 

Hoyle Frank J., elk Citizens Bank of Ga., r 421 Peachtree 

Hoyle John (c), lab, r rear 289 Peathtree 

Hoyle William E., coal and wood, Garnett, ne cor White- 
hall, r 228 S. Pryor 

Hoyt Benjamin F. (c), carriage finisher N. C. Spence, r 74 

Hoyt Darius B., machinist W. & A. R. R., r McAfee, secor 

Hoyt Samuel B., lawyer, 68 E. Hunter 

Brewer's Lung Restorer 


and C;OJN»«J3XJr'TION 


THEJ-'^^ V XKJ X^EED W. T. WILSON. UW.MitciieUSt. 

HOY 313 HUD 

Hovt Willicam R., bkkpr W. A. Russell, bds 68 E. Hunter 

HUBBARD BKOS., Alfred Prescott, manager ; publishers, 
Pryi'r, se cor Alabama 

Hubbard John T., with W. L. Hubbard & Son, r 26 N. 

Hubbard Robert (c), porter T. J. Buchanan, r 159 Fill- 

Hubbard William L (W. L. Hubbard & Son), r 26 N. Cal- 

Hubbard William L Jr. (W. L. Hubbard & Son), r 26 N. 

HUBBARB W. L. & SON (W. L. and W. L. Hubbard 

Jr.), grocers, 24 Peachtree 
Hubert Ferdinand, baker G. W. Jack, bds Hotel Wein- 

Hubers John, brewer Atlanta Brewery, bds 95 E. Baker 
Hubner Charles W., associate editor Christian Index, r 12 

Hudson Allan, elk J. F. Morris, bds 1 W. Garnett 
Hudson Benjamin J., bds 89 Jones av 
Hudson Braxton B.. student, bds 15| S. Broad 
Hudson Charles M., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r ss Clarke, 

1st w of Crew 
Hudson Elizabeth, wid Joshua, bds 89 Jones av 
Hudson Elizabeth (c), laundress, r 15 Gate City 
Hudson Franklin, carpenter, r Howell, nr limits 
Hudson George B., wks E Haiman. bds 89 Jones av 
Hudson George M., bkkpr Hamilton & Hudson, bds 15^ S. 

Hudson Henr}', wks E Haiman, r45 Victoria 
Hudson James B., molder Porter & Meakin, r Mills, ne cor 

Hudson Jasper (c), lab, r 71 Humphries 
Hudson John (c), helper A. & W. P. R. R., r 249 Jones 
Hudson John wks Cotton Factory, r 133 Marietta 
Hudson Letitia C , wid William, bds 28 Mechanic 
Hudson Lillie (c), laundress, r Crowell, nr limits 
Hudson Mary A., wid J., r 133 Marietta 
Hudson Priscilla Y., wid C. C, bds 111 McDonough 
Hudson Bobert (c), waiter Kimball House 
Hudson Sarah (c), laundress, r 12 W. & A. R. R 
Hudson Sophronia Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r 133 Ma- 

Peerless, Yet?Bolte, Piedmont Air-Line 

Jr TTTMP ATT ^^ ^' ^^^^^^^ ^^•' ^gem for KIMBALL BROS. CEL 
■ Wi JiiilYjiDAljJa<r EBRATED BOSTON CARRIAGES, See page 100. 

HUD 314 HUG 

Hudson Susan A. Mrs., confectioner, 114 Marietta 
Hudson Thomas J., engineer W. & A. R. R , bds 28 Me- 
Hudson Weslev, r ns Henry, 3d w of Mangum 
Hudson William C, with P. & G. T. Todd & Co., r Cdnyers, 

Hudson William H., wks E. Haiman, bds 9 W. Garnett 
Hudson William I., yard conductor W. & A. R. R., bds 178 

Hudson William J. (Hamilton & Hudson), and bkkpr 

Adair & Bro.. r 397 Whitehall 
Hudson Willis (c), butler W. D. Grant, r 311 W. Peachtree 
Huff Alexander, wks V\^. M. Arnold, bds 127 S. Forsyth 
Huff Eliza (c), laundress, r 5 Taylor 
Huff Horace E , molder J. Davis, bds 52 Thurmond 
Huff Jacob E., carpenter, r 52 Thurmond 
Huff James C, grocer, 91 Whitehall, r 181 Whitehall 
Huff John L., grocer, 214 W. Peters 
Huff John W., grocer, ns Gordon, 5th e of Lee, W. E 
Huff Lewis (c), (Snider & Huff), r 130 ^Y. Foundry 
Huff Thomas J., elk, bds 132 S. Forsyth 
Huff Walter E., helper E. Haiman, bds 52 Thurmond 
HUFF WILLI 4M A., (Huff & Brown), r Markham House 
HUFF & BROWN, (W. A. Huff and Phil. F. Brown), 

proprs Markham House, Loyd, opp Wall. (See front 

cover and page 76) 
Huffaker Lee, student, bds 91 N. Calhoun 
Hugeley Dock (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 1 Magazine 
Hugeley Moses (c), wks E. Van Winkle & Co., r rear 51 

Huggins John (c), waiter W. Pettis, r rear 213 W. Mitchell 
Huggins Mollie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Huggins Sarah, wid John, r Savannah, nr limits 
Hughes Charles, carpenter, r 34 Gilmer 
Hughes Francis G. Rev., pastor Pajme's Chapel, r 282 

Hughes Henry (c), harnessmkr D. Morgan, r 139 E. Hunter 
Hughes Horace (c), wks L. H. Hall & Co., r 139 E. Hunter 
Hughes .James, wks A-L. Ry, r Mills, nr limits 
Hughes John (c), driver Morrison, Bain & Co 
Hughes .John W. (Goldsmith & Hughes), bds 31 N. Pryor 
Hughes Peter A., carpenter W. S. Withers, r 48 Church 
Hughes Peter D., carpenter L. H. Hall & Co., bds Gate City 



• Q>e ^M^EkK^kE k\^ And Never Fails to Cure. 


THE.J--'.£a. V ^KJ' E^EEI3 W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

hug" 315 HUM 

Hughes Samuel, tinner Hunni^utt & Bellingrath, bds 218 

Hughes Samuel, wks E. llaiman 
Hughes Thomas II., carpenter Traynham & Ray, bds 48 

Hughes William, elk, bds 282 Luckie 
Hughes William (c), lab, r 89 0onnally 
Hughts William, machinist E. Van Winkle & Co., r 276 

Hughev Henry H., bkkprM. Franklin, r 141 S. Forsyth 
Hughey Lucy C, wid T. A., bds 359 N. Collins 
Hughey Thomas, gardener, r Fort, ne cor North av 
Hughey Washington i^c), brickmason, r 24 Scofield 
Hugus William, with F. G. Hancock, bds 70 N. Pryor 
Hulbert Abijah, carpenter, r 98 Davis 
HULBERT WILLIAM W., agt Sou Exp Co., r 132 

Hulguson Mary A. E., wid Henry, r 354 Mangum 
Hulguson Phineas P., elk W. S. Wilson & Bro., r 354 Man- 
Hull John (c), waiter Markham House 
Hull W^iley (c), lab, r 36 George 
Hull William (c), brickmason, r 110 Walker 
Hulsey Cornelius (c), hostler St. Ry 
Hulsey Eli J., farmer, r 107 N. Collins 
Hulsey Isabella (c), laundress, r Billiard, nr limits 
HulseV William H (Hulsey & McAfee), r Edgewood 
HULSEY A: McAFEE (W. H. Hulsey and J. M. McAfee), 

lawyers, 21^ Marietta 
Humphries Isaac (c), drayman, r ss Baugh, 1st w of Lee 
Humphries James W., elk J. J. Marbut, bds 176 Decatur 
Humphries Jeflferson A., printer Norwood & Brown, r 26 

E. Mitchell 
Humphries John, elk J. J. Marbut, bds 176 Decatur 
Humphries John H. (e), porter R. J. Wilson, r 141 Luckie 
Humphries John W, conductor A-L. Ry, bds 165 E Hunter 
Humphries Joseph (c), drayman, r Crumley, sw cor Smith 
Humphries Ledford, grocer, 176 Decatur 
Humphries Richard E., lab, r 80 Alexander 
Humphries Smith (c), lab, r ns Wells, 2d w of Holland 
Humphries Solomon (c), engineer Watkins &.Co., r 286 

Humphries William D., printer, r 20 E. Mitchell 

■■cSf 'ia Piedmont Air-Lia© 

E II GREESQN General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

HUM ~ 316 HUN 

Humphries Willis (c), driver T- G. Healey, r rear 77 Ivy 
Hunerkopf Louis P., carpenter, bds 156 N. Collins 
Hunerkopf Rosanna, wid F , r 156 N. Collins 
Hunnewell Emma, wid Theodore B., r 51 Luckie 
Hunnicutt Calvin (c), lab, r 41 Chattahoochee 
Hunnicutt Calvin W. (Hunnicutt & Bellingrath), r 306 

W. Peach tree 
Hunnicutt Eli T., with Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 235 

S. Forsyth 
Hunnicutt Georsre W., engineer A-L Ry, r 10 N. Bell 
MATIC CURK, and with J. Silvey & Co., 5 Decatur, r 

56 N. Calhoun. (See page 94) 
Hunnicutt Luther L., asst bkkpr Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, 

r 306 W. Peachtree 
Hunnicutt Moses (c), Ga. Iron Wks, r 10 Marietta al 
Hunnicutt Sampson (c), lab, r 41 Chattahoochee 
Hunnicutt Young, student, bds 70 Ivy 

A. Bellingrath), stoves, tinware, mantLs, grates, house 

furnishing, plumbing and gas fitting and concrete pipe 

works, 36 and 38 Peachtree, cor Walton 
Hunt Augustus N., agt, r Cox, nr limits 
Hunt Ben W., with Z. E. Taylor 
Hunt Charles S., elk J. M. Alexander & Co., bds 15 E. 

Hunt Dock (c), wks Traynham & Ray 
Hunt Fannie (c), laundress, r 60 Ripley al 
Hunt Henry (c), fireman A-L Ry 
Hunt Henry J, Col., Brvt Maj-Gen.,comdgDept of the[South, 

r Newport Barracks, Ky 
Hunt Needham, watchman Cemetery, r 261 E. Hunter 
Hunt Needham T.. wks Traynham & Ray, bds 261 E. Hun- 

Hunt Newton W., elk A. 0. M. Gay & Co., bds 281 Peach- 

Hunt Robert Z. F., lab, r 372 E. Fair 

Hunt Rnfus B , elk, r 212 Marietta 

Hunt William F. (Ackerman & Hunt), r 150 E. Hunter 

Hunt William H. Rev , rl81 McDonough 

Hunt , lawyer, r 43^ Whitehall 

Hunter Cynthia Mrs , wks Cotton Factory, bds 130 Luekie 
Hunter Ellen (c), laundress, r 46 Brick 

■\ri?TTRr>'^''ir^ r^euiejvejs 3srEXJK,A.i_iaiA. 


IHtJ-^iliA. W AK«» E^EEI^ W. T. WILSON. 14 W.Mltcbell St. 

HUN 31;^ J HUT 

Hunter Henry II., (c), shoemkr A. Freeman, r 9 Glenn 

Hunter Jacob (c), drayman, r rear 300 Whitehall 

Hunter Jeremiah (c), sawyer, r 211 Mangum 

Hunter Job, wks E. Haiman 

Hunter John T., painter, r Pine, n\v cor Venable 

Hunter Parmelia (c), wks Cotton Factory, r Alexander, nw 

cor Orme 
Hunter Peter (c), butler T. D. Meador, r 169 E. Harris 
Hunter Robert (c), lab, r 211 Mangum 
Hunter Sophia (c), laundress, r 270 Mangum 
Hunter Thomas (c), porter McCravy & Bro 
Hunter Thomas, wks E. Haiman 
Hunter William (c), lab, r 60 E. McDani^l 
Hunter William G., farmer, r ns Marietta, nr limits 
Hunter William H. (c), carpenter, r 300 McDonough 
Huntoon William F. (C. F. Fairbanks & Co.),r 156 Hayne 
Hurd Hardy (c), wks Lynch k Lea 
Hurd Marshall (c), waiter A. Leyden 
Hurd Oliver (c), wks W. S Withers, r rear 340 Hayne 
Hurd Rosa (c), laundress, r 281 Mangum 
HURD, see also HEARD 

Hurley J. H., painter Tripod & Pine, bds 59 Jones av 
Huiley Sarah A., wid Henry, bds 27 Cone 
Hurst Charles A., elk Hirsch & Bro., bds 115| Decatur 
Hurst Green (c), blacksmith W. K. Booth, r 58 Hayne 
Hurst James, elk Ramee& Anspach, r Decatur, Ga 
Hurst Jesse L , elk, bds 50 Walker 
Hurst William J., elk, bds 50 Walker 

Hurst , elk, bds 8i W. Mitchell 

Hurt Charles D Jr., elk Joel Hurt, bds 16 N. Spring 
Hurt Hpnrv f H. H. Smith & Co.), r 36 W. Alabama 
HURT JOEL, real estate and ins. agt, 44 Marietta, r 16 

N Sprir\g 
Hurt John T. (c), porter Mrs. O. M Reed, r 267 W. Mit- 
Hurt Martha A., wid James W., r 292 Jones 
Hurt Mary E. Miss, artist M. M. Gardner, bds 292 Jones 
Hurt Thomas (c), porter, r 207 W. Mitchell 
Hurt William K., farmer, r 150 Davis 
Huss Jacob C, druggist and grocer, ws Peachtree, 1st n of 

E. Fifth 
Hutcheson Leander B , shoemkr, r 50 Bartow 
Hutcheson Turner S., wks Oakland Cemetery, r 10 S. 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


• I VI linYl0HHB| ga East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

" HUT 318 HYN 

Hutcheson Zachariah T., engineer, bds 10 S. Butler 

Hutchins Charles (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 24 Corput 

Hutchins Clara (c), restaurant, 109 Decatur, r 17 N. Collins 

Hutchins Eliza, wid Frank, r 22 Davis 

Hutchins Isaac (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 54 Chattahoochee 

Hutchins Jennie Miss, boarding, 65 Cone 

Hutchins Larkin (c), wks B. Summers 

Hutchins Lee, shoemkr M. Gains. (Refused Information.) 

Hutchins Lucinda Mrs , wks Cotton Factory 

Hutchins Maggie, wid R. B., r 7 Hayne 

Hutchins Mary E. Miss, bds 37 Mechanic 

Hutchins Peter (c), drayman, r 278 Foster 

Hutchins Peter (c), lab, r 24 Chattahoochee 

Hutchins W. Dougherty (c), barber, 11 Marietta, r 157 

Hutchinson Christopher (c), lab, r 41 Gate City 

Hutchinson Howard (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Hutchinson John D , engineer A-L. Ry, r 16 Plilliard 

Hutchinson Malcolm (c), shoemkr, r rear 133 W. Foundry 

Hutchinson Samuel W., r 145 Ga. R. R 

Hutchinson Sophia Mrs., r 81 Hill 

Hutchinson Washington L., elk L. H. Clarke, bds 52 

HUTCHISON H. G. (Hutchison & Bro.), and physician, 
14 Whitehall 

Hutchison Jesse (c). lab, r rear 122 Whitehall 

HUTCHISON JULIAN A. (Hutchison & Bro ), r 120 S. 

Hutchison William T., adjuster W. & W. Mnfg Co., r 110 
W Harris 

HUTCHISON & BRO. (J. A. and H. G. Hutchison), drug- 
gists, 14 Whitehall (See back of title) 

Jenkins Robert E. L., elk W. L. Buzbee, bds 33 Plum 

Huzza Robert H. (Kimbro & Huzza), r 22 Formwalt 

Huzza T. Harry, student, bds 22 Formwalt 

Hyde Isaiah T., fireman W. & A. R.R 

Hydrick Jane, wid M., r 135^ Marietta 

Hyer L. Zachariah, engineer W. & A. R.. R., bds 16 Mechanic 

Hyer William L., engineer W. & A. R. R 

Hyman Matilda (c), laundress, r 10 Jones 

Hymes Isaac, clothing, 7 Whitehall, r 25 W. Garnett 

Hynds George H., bkkpr S. M. Inman & Co. r 24 Richardson 

Hynds William M., cotton buyer, bds 24 Richardson 



THEJ-'XX V X kJ FEEP W. T.WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell at. 

ggi^^'IKE 319 ISO 

IKERD HENRY M., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 65 Davis 
Her Martha, wks Cotton Factory 
Ingalls Charles C, elk Ruby Restaurant, r June Peachtree 

and Broad 
Ingraham Mary (c), laundress, r Gate City, nr limits 
Ingraham Samuel (c), wks National Hotel 
Inman Colly H. (c), barkpr G. Hentschel, r 89 Fraser 
Inman Hugh T. (H. T. Inman & Co.), r Peachtree, sw cor 

^Y. Harris 
Inman T. & Co. (Hugh T. Inman, James W. Harle and J. 

W. K. Jenkins), fertilizer dealers, 41 S. Broad 
Inman Samuel M. (S. M. Inman & Co.), r 117 S. Forsyth 
Inman Shadrack W., office 39 S. Broad, r 80 Thomson 
INMAN S. M. & CO. (S. M. & W. P. Inman, AV. C. Sanders 

and S. K. Dick,) cotton buyers, 39 S. Broad 
Inman Walker P. (S. M. Inman & Co.), r 55 W. Mitchell 
Irby Coleman, wks Lynch & Lea, r 61 Rock 
Irby Daniel J., foreman Lynch & Lea, r 334 Mangum 
Irby Edward (c), lab, r 22 Corput 
Irby Fernando S., elk 66 Whitehall, r 75 Formwalt 
Irby Joseph R., carpenter Lynch & Lea, r 65 Rock 
Irish Theodore D., dep collector Int. Rev., r 69 Luckie 
Irving George (c), porter, r 85 W. Hunter 
Irving Rooster (c), cook, r 1 Holland 
Irving Charles M. Rev., with Christian Index, bds 134 Mc- 

Irwin Elizabeth, wid J., r 32 Kelly 
Irwin Thomas (c), wks W. J. Ballard, r 22 Clarke 
Irwin Young M., grocer, 461 

Isaac Augustus (c), wks Cotton Compress, r 68 King 
Isaac Henry (c), shoemkr, 6 E Mitchell, r 68 King 
Isaac William (c), driver, r 68 King 

Isaac William (c), porter E. M. Chapman, r rear 118 White- 
Iseman Jacob, bricklayer, r 34 Hayden 
Isenrich Israel, printer, bds 77 Decatur 
Isenrich Joseph M., printer Christian Index, bds Atlanta 

Isham George (c), porter, r rear 131 E. Baker 
Isham John, prin Crew Street School, r 35 Crew 
Isham Samuel (c), wks A-L. Ry., r 6 N. Fort 
Isley Gaston D , elk, bds 202J Marietta 
Isom William M., with Ramspeck & Green 

iusiHEssMB^ Piedmont Air-Line 

E M G'T^.EESQN General Heal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

ISR 320 JAC 

Israel Aaron, r 205 S. Forsyth 

Ives Layton M., with Frierson & Leake 

Ives R. A , 2d Lieut 5th Art., r McPherson Barracks 

Ivey John T., messenger A. & P. TeL Co , bds Wilson 

Ivey John W., machmis^ Traynham & Ray, r 130 Fraser 

Ivy Robert (c), wks P. H Snook, r 20 Fraser 

Ivey William T., engineer Traynham & Ray, r country 

Ivie Harry, wks Magazine, bds 9 Werner av 

Ivie Isaac (c), carpenter, r 73 Fort 

Ivie Mary L., wid William R., r 81 Hill 

Ivie Robert E., artist, bds 81 Hill 

Ivie Theodore H., photographer, 40^ Whitehall, r 81 Hill 

Ivie William, wks Ristine & May, r Savannah, nr limits 

Ivie William B., driver, bds 42 King 

Ivy Amanda (c), laundress, r 425 Marietta 

Ivy A ngie M , wid William, r 84 Nelson 

Ivy Billings S., molder W. & A. R. R., r 9 Mills 

Ivj'' Charles, trimmer W. L. Jarvis 

Ivy Charles H , elk J. J. Tolbert & Co., bds 24 Wheat 

Ivy James M., bricklayer, bds ns Mayson Ferry rd. Bell- 

Ivy Michael J., bds 67 N. Pryor 

Ivy Richard H., watchman, r ns Maj'son Ferry rd, Bell- 

IvyRobert (c), packer P. H. Snook 

Ivy Robert, wks E. Budden & Son r 148 Peachtree 

Ivy Street School, Ivy, se cor Harris 

Ivy William, wks E. R. Budden & SiAi, bds 148 Decatur 

JACK FRANCIS M. (F. M. Jack & Co.), r 43 Peachtree 
Jack F. M. & Co (F. M. Jack and J. P. Chisolm), con- 
fectioners and bakers, 43 Peachtree 

Jack George W., crackers and candy mnfr, C. R. R., rear 
283 Whitehall, r 283 Whitehall 

Jack Henry (c), lab, r 58 C R. R 

Jack William A., skating rink, 15 E. Hunter, r 283 White- 

Jack William F. (Jack & Holland), r 36 Whitehall 

Jack & Holland (W. F. Jack and E. W. Holland), whol 
candy and cracker mnfrs, 36 Whitehall 

Jacks Henry (c), wks Pellegreni & Castleberry, r58W. 
Peters ^ 

Set etv^A^<i<PJ^ Cures Rheumatism 


I Ht J-'^XA If ^hJ I^EISD ^ J, WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

JAC 321 JAC 

Jackson Alfred (c), bricklayer, r Crowell, nr limits 

Jackson Alfred (c), driver Rice & Mitchell 

Jackson Alfred (c), porter J. M. Few 

Jackson Alice (c), laundress, r Humphries, nr Barracks av 

Jackson Allan M , tailor, 275 Crumley 

Jackson Anderson (c), lab, r '68 Ga. R. R 

Jackson Andrew (c), lab, r rear 118 W. & A. R. R 

Jackson Andrew (c), lab, r rear 84 Nelson 

Jackson Ann C, wid R. S., bds 167 Jones 

Jackson Ann Miss, wks G. F. Hancock, bds W. & A. R. R., 

nr Cain 
Jackson Arthur (c), lab, r 124 E. Cain 
Jackson Augustus (c), driver A. Murphy, r 229 Jones 
Jackson Beverly W., engineer Ga. R. R., bds 266 Whitehall 
Jackson Burrell, carpenter, r 19 Stonewall 
Jackson Catherine (c), laundress, r Walton, nw cor Cain 
Jackson Charles, elk L. H Clarke, bds 116 W. Peters 
Jackson Charles, lab, r 111 Willow 
Jackson Charles W., wks B. F. Avery & Sons, r 158 

Jackson Charles (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 22 Green's 

Ferry av 
Jackson Charles (c), wks Phillips & Crew, r 13 High 
Jackson Daniel (c)^ wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ws Fraser, 1st s 

of Anderson 
Jackson Edward (c), wks St. Ry 
Jackson Emanuel (c), driver r Crowell, nr limits 
Jackson Emma (c), laundress, r 20 Hull 
Jackson Emma H. Mrs , dressrakr, 48 Church 
Jackson Ephraim (c), lab, r 30 Kelly 
Jackson Ephraim Rev. (c), r rear 152 Jackson 
Jackson Giles (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 95 W. Foundry 
Jackson Gordon (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 14 Wallace 
Jackson Greer R. (c), painter D. F. Holloway, r 222 W. 

Jackson Henry (c), driver Dr. J. J. Knott, r 116 Ellis 
Jackson Henry (c), wks Cotton l^'actory 
Jackson Henry (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 27 Howell 
Jackson Henry, wks J. H. Johnson, r rear 150 Peachtree 
Jackson Henry (Jackson & Lumpkin), and reporter Su- 
preme Court, r 111 E. Mitchell 
Jackson Henry H., supt Atlanta Telephone Exchange, r 

48 Church 

THE EDSN %SiiT™ TEE Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

66 E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale <& Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page 100. 

JAC 322 JAC 

Jack Howard (c), drayman, r 179 Martin 
Jackson Howell C., r 264 Peachtree 

Jackson James Hon., judge Supreme Court, r 45 Forrest av 
Jackson James, lab, r Rankin, nr limits 
Jackson James (c), wks C. R. R 
Jackson James (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Jackson James, wks J. Stevens, r 15 Larkin 
Jackson James E., r 34 E, Foundry 

Jackson James L., with A. McD. Wilson & Co., bds Mark- 
ham House 
Jackson Jesse W., intelligence office, 3^ Marietta, r 22 

Jones av 
Jackson John', cabinetmkr, bds 115| Decatur 
Jackson John (c), lab, r 22 Green's Ferry av 
Jackson John (c), wks H. Ransford, r 35 Crumley 
Jackson John B., mail carrier, bds 53 Chapel 
Jackson Jonas (c), carpenter Lynch & Lea, r 14 Wallace 
Jackson Joseph (c), driver Fuller & Oglesby, r rear 230 

Jackson Joseph (c), grocer, 182 Wheat 
Jackson Major, waiter D. W. Allen 
Jackson Martha (c), laundress, r 16 Eraser 
Jackson Martha J., wid H. W., r 15 Venable 
Jackson Mary, wid Oliver, bds 275 Crumley 
Jackson Mary (c), seamstress, r 9 Ella 
Jackson Minerva (c), laundress, r 3 Dunn's al 
Jackson Mortimer (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 42 Emma 
Jackson Moses (c), w' alter Kimball House, r 38 Ga. R. R 
Jackson Moses (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Jackson Musgrove (c), wks C. R. R. r 30 Vine 
Jackson Prince (c), carpenter, r 89| Whitehall 
Jackson Randolph (c), wks Atlanta Com. Co., r rear 91^1^. 

Jackson Richard (c), hackman, r ss Cain, 1st w of Church 
Jackson Richard (c), wks Lynch & Lea 
Jackson Richard (c), wks W. E. Hoyle, r 49 Humphries 
Jackson Richard H. Maj., Brev. Brig. Genl comdg post, r 

McPherson Barracks 
Jackson Robert (c), driver W. M. Mickleberry 
Jackson Robert, lab, r 257 W. Peters 
Jackson Robert (c), porter D. Smith, r 84 Hoge 
Jackson Robert (c), wks A-L. Ry, r 83 Hilliard 
Jackson Robert P., elk Ry. P. O., r 53 Chapel 


IHtJ-^J-^ W ^hmf ^--clEX) W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

JAC 323 JAM " 

Jackson Robert S., elk Harrison Bros., r 280 Marietta 

Jackson Samantha, wid Elliott, r 257 W. Peters 

Jackson Sarah, (c), laundress, r 28 Clifford 

Jackson Sarah J., wid T. C, r 152 S. Pryor 

Jackson Solomon (c), driver Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 1 

Jackson Solomon, lab, r Pine, nr Blackmon 
Jackson Stephen (c), wks Morgan, Smith & Co 
Jackson Thomas (c), carpenter, r 62 Rawson 
Jackson Thomas (c), sampler PI. P. Kennedy, r 245 Marietta 
Jackson Thomas M., carpenter A. W. Stroup, r 104 Jones 
Jackson Thomas W., lab, r 88 Walker 
Jeckson Warren (c), wks W. & A. R. R 
Jackson William, brickmason, r 149 W. Baker 
Jackson William, detective, r 159 W. Hunter 
Jackson William (c), hostler A. Howard, r 151 Thompson 
Jackson William (c), lab, r 175 E. Baker 
Jackson William H , trav agt F. E. Block 
JACKSOX A: LOIPKIN (Henry Jackson and J. H.Lump- 
kin), lawyers, 40 Marietta 
Jacob Allan T., r es Williams, 2d s of Pine 
Jacob Henry (c), carpenter, r 6 Horton 
Jacob John (c), cook Adams House 
Jacox Gilbert B , builder, bds 65 James 
Jahncke Charles, baker G. W. Jack, r 51 W. Hunter 
Jailer Peter, lab, r ws Peters, 1st s of Salter, W. E 
James Albert (c), porter B. Avery & Sons, r 103 Tatnall 
James Ambrose Tc), backman, r 103 Tatnall 
James Charles H , elk, bds, 219 E. Hunter 
James Charles W., elk J. Keely, bds 15 E. Mitchell 
James EflQe M. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 852 Mangum 
James Emanuel (c), hackman, r 31 Davis 
James George (c), hackman, r 31 Davis 
James George J. Rev., r 219 E. Hunter 
James John (c). stonecutter, r 107 Magazine 
JAMES JOHN H., banker, 20 Whitehall, r 114 Peachtree 
James Julius A., wks Cotton Factory, bds 352 Mangum 
James J. E., with Howard, Wood & Co., bds Wilson House 
James Larry P., elk J. Ryan, bds 39i Whitehall 
James Michael, elk, bds 1G5 S. Prior 
James Mickey, elk J. Ryan, bds 39^ Whitehall 
James Nancy, wid D., bds 352 Mangum 
James Nazareth (e), drayman, r 103 Tatnall 

105 HEALTH, %F^^«t^«?a^#^' PIEDMOSI AIWINE, 

E M GB.EESQN ^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Seat, 21 Marietta street. 

Ma iShw SriAbUirfWWilf Promptness Miy MIottoi 

JAM 324 JEN 

James Randy (c), wks J. F. Redd, r 72 S. Forsyth 

James Robert L , with J. R. Sims & Co., bds 219 E. Hunter 

James Taylor, barkpr J. Dennis, r W. & A. R. R., r nwcor 

Mayson Ferry, Bellwood 
James Vernon (c), hackman, r 180 "W. Hunter 
James Wesley (c), hackman, r 103 Tatnall 
James William, student, bds 116 S. Forsyth 
James William (c), porter P. Breitenbucher 
James AVilliam G-., avs Cotton Factory, bds 352 Mangum 
Jamieson John C. Rev., r Savannah, nr limits 
Jamison Charles N., carpenter, bds 55 N. Butler 
Jamison Mary A., wid B. A., r 55 N. Butler 
Jarratt Charles, (c) fireman A L. Ry, r 14 Scofield 
Jarratt John, rockmason, r 58 N. Collins 
Jarrell Charles W., machinist W. & A. R. R. r 56 N. Butler 
Jarrell Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Jarrell Willis, saloon, 15 Marietta, r 45 E. Simpson 
Jarrold Robert, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Jarvis John S., collector Singer Mnfg Co , bds 32 Church 
Jarvis William N., engineer F. W. Hart & Son, bds 50 E. 

Jarvis William L., carriage mnfr, 44 Line, r 50 E. Baker 
Jassraon Virginia, wid Frederick, r 140 Nelson 
Jeddine E]dward (c), lab, r 41 Parsons 

Jeffries Richard S., lawyer, 25 Whitehall, r 282 Peachtree 
Jefferson Edward (c), lab, r rear 172 Ivy 
Jefferson John P., 2d lieut 5th art., r McPherson Barracks 
Jefferson Richmond (c), porter, r 103 Rhodes 
Jefiford William H., wks Atlanta Com Co., r59 W.Peters 
Jeffrey Abraham (c), waiter Mrs. M. A. Watts 
Jenkins Allan (c), drayman, r 190 Fraser 
Jenkins Allan (c), wks Ga. R. R., r 316 S. Pryor 
Jenkins Alfred S., drayman, r Wheat, nr limits 
Jenkins Alice (c), laundress, r 100 Hayne 
Jenkins Andrew, roller Ga. Iron Wks, r 20 Emma 
Jenkins Berry (c), wks Elsas, May &, Co., r 65 Humphries 
Jenkins Charles, wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 80 W. 

Jenkins Cornelius (c), blacksmith, 270 W. Peters, r 65 

Jenkins Edward, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Jenkins Eli, puddler Ga. Iron Wks, r South, nr limit.'? 
Jenkins Elizabeth A., wid J. J., r 83 Willow 

S'"\ ^*\ C'\'0)lB^^r^\Tr'E^\Trr^\ J8@"CURES SKIN DISEASES, 

?1!?DAVTS "^l^SJlPi!-" SEWING- MAnTTjNB 

'ntJ-^A^ V AK.y -E.^I3 W. T.AVI LSON. 14 W. MltcheU Bt. 

JEN 325 ~ JER ~ 

Jenkins Ephraim, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 586 Marietta 

Jenkin.> George E , wks Ga. Iron ^Vks, r 59 Chattahoochee 

Jenkins George W., shoemkr M. Gaines, bds 8;^ Willow 

Jenkins Henry, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Jenkins James M. bkkpr W. L. Stanton & Co., bds 38 Larkin 

Jenkins James W. K. (E T. Inman iCo.), r 34 W.Harris 

Jenkins Jane (c), nurse, r 32 Williams 

Jenkins .Joab J., shoemkr, r 83 Willow 

Jenkins John (c), drayman, r 12 Fain's al 

Jenkins John D., lab, bds 83 Willow 

Jenkins John F., painter D. F. Hollowa}', r 373 Calhoun 

Jenkins Joseph (c), wks A-L. Ry., r 16 N. Fort 

Jenkins Joseph, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 586 Marietta 

Jenkins J. Baxter, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 56 Plum 

Jenkins Knox W. (H. T. Inman iS: Co ), r 3i W. Harris 

Jenkins ^lartha, wid J. J., r 19 Bush 

Jen'- ins Mary (c), laundress, r rear 46 N. Broad 

Jenkins Robert E. L., elk W. T. Buzbee, bds 33 Plum 

Jenkins Robert H., carpenter, r 33 Plum 

Jenkins Simeon T., publi.sher, r 167 Jones 

Jenkins Stephen (c), waiter, r 141 C. R. R 

Jenkins Taylor (c), driver Cox, Hill & Thompson, r 10 N. 

Jenkins W^illiam (c), lab, r 316 S. Pryor 
Jennings Albert (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 118 Gray. 
Jennings Alfred (c), sawyer, r 54 Chattahoochee 
Jennings Dock (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 134 Gray 
Jennings Elbert (c), drayman H. W. Thomas, r 192 Mark- 
Jennings Fleming (c), carpenter, r 159 Markham 
Jennings John wks E. Huiman, bds 12 Nekton 
Jennings Lucinda Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 12 Newton 
Jennings Richard (c), wks H. C. Sawtell, r 53 Hilliard 
Jennings Simon (c), lab, r rear 186 Markham 
Jenovar Susan D. Mrs , grocer, r 89 Kelly 
Jentzen John H., saloon, 135 Whitehall, r 201 W. Peters 
Jepson Hannah, wid Thomas, bd.r c30 Hayne 
Jepson James L., wks Porter & Meakin, bds 52 Martin 
Jepson Sarah A., wid L., bds 52 Martin 
Jernigan Alonzo C, wks A-L. Ry .shop, r 22 Foster 
Jernigan Paul B., truck repair(.-r A-L. By 
Jernigan William H, carpenter Longley & Robinson, r 44 

IvEN^HACK 'ii Piedmont Air-Line. 


Telephone '^,^^^h 

66 E. Alabama St., for COAL of 
^ Blackgmlth'3 C oal a specialty. See Dase 100 


Jervey Edward T., with T. M. Clarke & Co., r McDonough, 
nr RichardKon 

JERVEY HENRY, physician, 74 Whitehall, r 226 Peach- 

Jester James W., wks A. L. Ry., r 198 Fillmore 

Jeter Augustus, wks Pellegrimi & Castleberry, r 53 

Jeter Columbus (c), wks P. Lynch 

Jeter Miles (c), lab, r ns Wells, 1st w of Holland 

Jeter William L., with Crane, Boylston & Co., bds 210 S. 

Jeter Wyatt J. (c), wks B F. Veal, r 308 Irwin 

Jetson James, machinist, bds 12 Martin 

Jett Allison W., saloon, 3 Peachtrf^e, r 47^ Peachtree 

Jett John B , barkpr A. W. Jett, r 26 Rock 

Jett John L., shoemkr, 193 Marietta, bds 138 W. Baker 

Jillard Chapman, wks J. W. Hinman, bds 359 Decatur 

Jobson John B., jeweler Er Lawshe, r 146 W. Mitchell 

Johns Arthur L., planer, r 398 Marietta 

Johns Charles (c), porter, r 44 Grubb 

Johns David, carpenter, bds 99 N. Calhoun 

Johns Farre M., fireman Ga. R. R., r 264 Jones 

Johns George W., watchman A. & W. P. R. R., r 15 Connally 

Johns Henry (c), waiter, r 44 Grubb 

Johns Marshall P., wks A. & W. P. R. R., bds 15 Connally 

Johns Sabina (c), laundress, r 44 Grubb 

Johns Sanford T., carpenter, r ns E. Fifth, 2d w of Peach- 

Johns Sanford T., Jr., painter, bds ns E. Fifth, 2d w of 

Johns Thomas, wks Cook k Stewart 

Johns v., fireman A. & W. P. R, R 

Johns William R., watchman H, Crankshaw & Co., r 7^ 
W. Mitchell 

Johnson Aaron (c). porter Air Line House, r 49| S. Pryor 

Johnson Abram (c) lab, r 4 Terry 

Johnson Adam, elk 66 Whitehall, bds 39^ Whitehall 

Johnson Allen (c), fireman A-L. Ry 

Johnson Allen, physician, 179 Marietta (up stairs), bds 
54 W. Foundry 

Johnson Andrew (c), driver, r rear 166 W. Hunter 

Johnson Andrew J., carpenter, A-L. Ry,, r 28 Howell 

Johnson Ann M., wid R., r 81 Hill 




JntJ^.A^ W AKi^ ^-^Eia W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MitcheU St. 

JOH 327 JOH 

Johnson Anna (c), laundress, r Crowell, nr limits 

Johnson Anthony (c), wks P. Lynch 

Johnson Archibald C. (Boyd 6z Johnson), r 37 W. Baker 

Johnson Belle, wid Lewis X., r 15 Corput 

Johnson Benjamin (c), drayman, r 137 Markham 

Johnson Benjamin (c), lab, r rear 52 Foster 

Johnson Benjamin (c), lab, r 19 Hull 

Johnson Benjamin (c), lab, r 20 Thurmond 

Johnson Benjamin (c), lab, r 27 May's al 

Johnson Benjamin (c), with Pemberton, Pullam & Co., bds 

31 N. Pryor 
Johnson Benjamin F. (Johnson & Son), r 1-41 W. Mitchell 
Johnson Berry (c), watchman, r rear 140 E, Cain 
Johnson Boswell (c), carpenter, r 14 Terry 
Johnson Catherine, wid Isaac, bds 11 S. Collins 
Johnson Chandler C, machinist Porter & Meakin, bds 29 

Ga. R. R 
Johnson Charles (c), cotton sampler, r 36 E. Hnnter 
Johnson Charles, student, bds 71 Ga. R. R 
Johnson Charles J. (c), barber, Pryor, sw cor Wall, r 125 

Johnson Charles 0., elk Ry P. , r 81 McDaniel 
Johnson Charles S., (Cleaton & Johnson), bds 177 Alex- 
Johnson Cicero (c), plumber, r 273 X. Calhoun 
Johnson Cornelius P. (Campbell & Johnson), bds Air-Line 

Johnson Crawford W., r 177 Alexander 
Johnson Daniel (c), porter Pullman Sou Car Co., r 14 

Johnson David, elk J. M. Alexander, bds 8^ W. Mitchell 
Johnson Dennis, (D. Johnson & Bro.), r 255 E. Fair 
Johnson Doctor J , wks E. Haiman, r 51 Jackson 
Johnson D. & Bro., (D. and J. Johnson), grocers, 253 E. Fair 
Johnson Edward, butcher W. R. Hill, r rear 160 S. Pryor 
Johnson Edward (c), drayman, r ss Lowes al, 4th w of 

Johnson Elam, grocer and com mer, 22 X. Broad, r 119 Ivy 
Johnson Elizabeth (c), chambermaid Adams House 
Johnson Elizabeth (c), laundress, r 33 Henry 
Johnson Elizabeth, wid W. H., r 163 E. Cain 
Johnson Elizabeth Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r 439^ 


9'JI?K"TfME via Piedmont Air-Line 

E M (rR'E'PlSnTJ Seneral Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

*d. Ml. V/4VaA^gWiN, Promptness MIy M:otto. 

JQH 328 JO H 

Johnson Ella (c), laundress, r 9 Thurmond 

Johnson Ellen P , wid Bennett S., r 152 W. Baker 

Johnson Elvira (c), laundress, r 50 Brick 

Johnson Eu^enia, wid H. T., r ns Gordon, 1st e of Peters, 

W. E 
Johnson Frank (c), pi,inter P. W. Geary, r 22 Scofield 
Johnson Frank (c), waiter National Hotel 
Johnson Frank (c), wks H Brown 
Johnson Frauk C. Rev., bds 196 Jones 

Johnson Fran'i M., m 'chinist Lynch & Lea, bds 161 Ma- 
Johnson Frank N., carpenter, bds 218 Elliott 
Johnson Frederick lab, r 20 Hilliard 
Johnson Gaines ((-), lab, r 19 Hull 

Johnson George, candyrnkr Jack & Holland, r 12 George 
Johnson Georg--, museum, r 78 S. Broad 
Johnson George, iirint^r Constitution, r 122 "Whitehall 
Johnson George (cj, wks Cotton Factory, r 175 Fort 
Johnson George A. (Johnson & Lane), r 228 W. Fais 
John'^on George A. Jr , elk M. P. Kiser & Son, bds 228 W. 

Johnson George E. (J. V. Johnson & Bro.), r 260 Luckie 
Johnson George W , shoemkr, r Facfory, nr limits 
Johnson (jcorgia A. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 129 Mari- 
Johnson Green (c), blacksmith J. M. Smith, r 159 Rich- 
Johnson Green (c', driver, r ss Lowe's al, 4th w of Walker 
Johnson Green (c), driver J. A. Clarke & Co., r 20 Thur- 
Johnson Guilford (c), lab, r 19 Pettis 
Johnson Harriet, wid Frank, r 127 S. Loyd 
Johnson Harrison (c) bricklayer Lynch & Lea, r 11 Hulsey 
Johnson Harvey (c), drayman, r 73 Bradley 
Johnson Henry (c), bricklayer Lynch & Lea, r Bradley, 

nr limits 
Johnson Henry (c), (""river A-L Ry 
Johnson Henr}^ lab, r 259 Marietta 
Johnson Henry (c), porter J. Lynch, r 12 Chapel 
Johnson Henry (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 20 Hilliard 
Johnr^on Henry F. (Johnson & Son), bds 141 W. Mitchell 
Johnson Henr}' S. (Chamberlin, Boynton & Co.), r 211 S. 
Pry or 

Brewer's Lung Restorer „^.«imf«SSgS{fx. 


THEX^XX V Xk^ I^EEX> w, T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

JOH 329 - JQI-I 

Johnson Hickson, butcher, 335 Decatur, r Savannah, nr 

Johnson Howard, lab, r 73 Bradley ' 

Johnson Israel (e), blacksmith W. K. Booth, r 74 W. Peters 
JOHNSON JACK W. (Mann & Johnson), r 35 Wheat 
Johnson Jacob M., painter, r ns Alexander, 2d w of Wil- 
Johnson Jacob V. (J. V. Johnson & Bro.), r Venable, cor 

Mann's al 
Johnson Jake, Cotton Exchange Saloon, 11 W. Alabama, 

r 261 Luckie 
Jolinson James (D. Johnson & Bro.). r 62 Crew 
Johnson James (c), hostler, r 48 N. Broad 
Johnson James (c), plasterer, r 6 S. Terry- 
Johnson James, machinist Winship & Bro., bds 413 White- 
Johnson James, plasterer, r 95 Connally 
Johnson James (c), porter J. Kelly 
Johnson James (c), wks B. H. Smith 
Johnson James, wks Cotton Factory 
Johnson James (c), wks E. Haiman, r 25 Henry 
Johnson James (c), w^ks Loyd (t Bro 
Johnson James, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 15 Corput 
Johnson James B., conductor, r 64 Hayden 
Johnson James H , elk D. S. Gregory, r 66 Forrest av 
Johnson James L., harnessmkr, 22 W. Alabama, r 26 W. 

Johnson James P. (c), sawyer, r rear 30Fraser 
Johnson Jeremiah E , contractor, r 71 Chamberlin 
Johnson Jesse (c), wks A-L. Ry., r 59 Fulton 
Johnson John (c), drayman, r 85 Hoge 
Johnson John (c), lab, r 20 Corput 

Johnson John C, wks A. & W. P. R. R., bds 48 S. Butler 
Johnson Jolm F., elk McBride& Co., bds National Hotel 
JOHNSON JOHN M., physician, 48 Marietta, r 72 Marietta 
Johnson John R., r 125 Marietta 

Johnson John T., physician, 30^ Marietta, r 152 S. Forsyth 
Johnson Jordan (c), porter, r 89 Loyd 
Johnson Joseph (c), driver M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., r 26 

Johnson Joseph A., machinist J. M. Nace, r 257 Luckie 
JOHNSON JOSEPH H., agricultural works, Marietta, nw 
cor Mills, bds 72 Marietta 

Peerless, Yetr^R^oute, Piedmont Air-Line 

Jr TTTMT^ ATT ^^ ^' '*^^'^'*™* ^^•' -A^gent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL. 
■ Wi IVtiiyiD AJjL'' EBRATED boston carriages, see page lOO. 

JOH 330 JOH 

Johnson Joseph N., car adjuster A-L. Ry 

Johnson Josiah M. (Johnson & Orr), r 73 Stonewall 

Johnson Judge (c), cook Jake's Restaurant, r Broad, ne cor 

JOHNSON J. V. & BRO. (J. V. andG. E.Johnson), proprs 

Jake's Restaurant, 8 E. Alabama 
Johnson Lopez, elk. bds 37 W. Baker 
Johnson Lelia Mrs., dressmkr, Q5^ Peachtree 
Johnson Lucinda (c), laundress, r rear 149 Luckie 
Johrson L. H., conductor A-L. Ry 

Johnson Malachi (c), driver W. O. Jones, r 121 Peachtree 
Johnson Margaret (c), seamstress, r rear 106 Elliott 
Johnson Marion M., carpenter Cook & Stewart, r 344 Hayne 
Johnson Mark (c), wks Paul Jones, r ws Fulton, 4th w of 

Johnson Mark W. (Mark W. Johnson & Co.), rKirkwood, Ga 
JOHNSON MARK W. & CO. (Mark W. Johnson and L. 

O. Niles), seeds, agricultural implements, fertilizers 

and machiner}'-, 27 Mar-etta 
Johnson Martha A., wid S. D., bds 248 Washington 
Johnson Mary (c), laundress, r 25 Holland 
Johnson Mary A., wid J. M., bds 250 E. Fair 
Johnson Mary J. Miss, teacher Fair Street School, bds 68 

Johnson Mary J. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 130 Luckie 
Johnson Mathew (c), porter Paul Jones 
Johnson Mattie T. Mrs , r 152 W. Baker 
Johnson Mildred (c), seamstress, r 20 Thurmond 
Johnson Monroe (c), wks Gas Wks, r ss Hunnicutt, 2d w of 

Johnson Orion, candymkr G. W. Jack, bds 144 Decatur 
Johnson Oscar, elk J. Benson, r27 Chapel 
Johnson Paul (c), porter, r ss Jones al, w of W. & A. R. R 
Johnson Paul D., elk Kendrick, Carter & Eckford, bds 177 

Johnson Penelope, wid L., r 58 Jackson 
Johnson Perry, plasterer, r 129 Marietta 
Johnson Philip (c), sexton Third Pres. Ch., r rear Elliott cor 

Johnson Pinkey E., (c), laundress, r rear 197 W. Hunter 
Johnson Preston (c), brickmason, r 1 Scofield 
Johnson Reuben (c), driver, r 18 Wells 
Johnson Richard (c), cook, r 11 S. Calhoun 


^Ir JCrf;L/'lJl' M\^ And Never Fails to Cur». 


THt J^XOi V MKJ rSED -^^ X. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St, 

"JQeT 331 JQH 

Johnson Richard J., carpenter, r 413 Whitehall 

Johnson Robert (c), lab, r 102 Decatur 

Johnson Robert (c), porter, r 299 W. Mitchell 

Johnsun Robert, saloon, 45 S. Broad 

Johnson Russell C. (McBride k Co.), bds 248 Washington 

Johnson Samuel (c), porter Campbell & Cook, r 85 Hoge 

Johnson Samuel (c), porter Mrs. E. Bell, r rear 67 N. 

Johnson Samuel (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 61 Chattahoo- 
Johnson Samuel A., boarding. 2G Gilmer 
Johnson Sanford (c), drayman, r 3 Jennings al 
Johnson Sarah (c), cook, r rear 149 Luckie 
Johnson Sarah F., vvid Samuel, r 116 W. Hunter 
Johnson Sidney (c), porter Dr. D. H. Howell 
Johnson Si las -(c), hostler, r 3 Newton 
Johnson Solomon (c), blacksmith, ws Peachtree, 1st 8 of 

E. Sixth, r Tight Squeeze 
Johnson Stephen (c), wks Morgan, Smith & Co., r 68 

Johnson Susan A., wid J T., bds 81 McDaniel 
Johnson S K., supt Ga. R. R., r Augusta, Ga 
Johnson Thomas (c), carpenter, r rear 54 E. Simpson 
Johnson Thomas (c), lab, r rear 273 Whitehall 
Johns-on Thomas (c), porter J F. Morris, r 164 W. Fair 
Johnson Thomas A., bds National Hotel 
Johnson Thomas J., trai' hand A-L. Ry., r 203 E. Hunter 
Johnson Thomas J (c),\vks H. Crankshaw & Co., r 7 Lawshe 
Johnson Tiberias, carpenter, bds 86 Wheat 
Johnson Wade (c), helper A-L. Ry , r 55 Fulton 
Johnson Walter L., elk Jake's Restaurant, bds 260 Luckie 
Johnson Washington (c), carpenter, r 224 Foster 
Johnson Wesley (c), butler R. Peters, r rear 424 Peachtree 
Johnson William elk, bds 413 Whitehall 
Johnson WUliam, meat market, bds 85^ Whitehall 
Johnson William, tinner J Warlick & Son 
Johnson William (c), shoemkr A. J. Pate, r S. Forsyth 
Johnson William wks G. W. Jack 
Johnson William A., grocer, r 104 Windsor 
Johnson William B., (Johnson k Son), bds 228 W. Fair 
Johnson William D., with J M. Alexander & Co., r 63 

Johnson ATilliam D. (c), student, r 197 W. Hunter 

^^1'°^,^ 7ia Piedmont Air-Lia© 

E M GE.EESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

JOH 332 JOL ' 

Johnson William E., butcher, r 199 S. Forsvth 

John?on William H.; elk J Rv.-m, bd> 96| Whi'ehall 

Johnson William J., elk, bds 28 Howel! 

Johnson William J., lab. r rear 84 Butler 

Johnson William M. (J. R. Sims k Co.). r 413 Whitehall 

Johnson William M., elk T. M. Clarke & Co, bds 72 Ma- 

John.«on William N , conductor W. & A. K. R., bds 128 W. 

Johrson William R., trainband W. & A R. R., bds rear 

133 W. Foundry 
Johnson Willis (c), carpenter, r ws Fort, 1st n of Harris 
Johnson Zachary T. (Dunn, Alexander & Co), r413 White- 
Johnson & Lane (G A. Johnson and W. B. Lane), fruit 

dealers. 35 Whitehall 
Johnson iV Orr (J M. John.<5on and W. B. Orr), butchers, 

36 W. Mitchell 
Johnson & Son (B. F. and tL F. Johnson), grocers, 140 

JohnstoD Benjamin W., barkpr B. A. MuUins. (Informa- 
tion refnsed) 
Johnston Harriet, wid Frank, r 127 S Loyd 
Johnston G. J. Mrs , bill posting, 7 W. Wall 
Johnston James M. (John.ston, Camp & Co.), r 117 W. Fair 
Johnston Joseph E. (J. E. Johnston it Co.), r Richmond, Va 
Johnston J. E. & Co. (J. E. Johnston nnd Livingston Mims), 

managers Home Ins. Co of N. Y., 1 and 3 Marietta 
Johnston Malcolm, freight agt A-L. Ry, r Peeples, nw cor 

Amos, W. E 
Johnston Mark, elk State School Com'r, r Peeples, sw cor 

Amos, W. E 
Johiston Samuel J., printer J. P. Harrison & Co , r 32 E. 

Johnston Srephen R., carrier P. 0., r 32 N. Forsyth 
Johnston Susie E. Miss teacher, bds Peeples, sw cor Amos, 

W. E. 
Johnston, Camp & Co. (J. M. Johnston, M. P. Camp and J. 

S. Lowe), grocers and wagon yard. 170 W. Peters 
Joiner John C , policeman, r 221 Rawson 
JOINER, .see also JOYNER 

Jolley Jo.seph H (R. JoUey & Son), r Decatur, nr limits 
Jolley Moses W., grocer, 182 Decatur 

ill JL< «J 1\\> Ju 1 \>' iiq- 5 TO lO 2i^II>TXJTHJS 

?liyD A VTS "t^P-l^i'-" SEWING- MACHINE 

IHtJ-''*-*' V ^KJ ^'ESID W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

JOL " 333 JON 

JoUey Robert (R. Jolley il"; Son), r Decatur, iir limits 
Jolley R. & Son, (R. and J H. Jolley), saloon, Detiatur, nr 

Jones Abram (o), porter J. Kelly 

Jones Adam (c). waiter A. Leyden, r rear 118 Peachtree 
JONES ALEX. R., lawyer, 8'S. I3road, bds 72 Marietta 
Jones Alfred (c), carpenter, r 101 Fulton 
Jones Alfred (c), driver W. O. Jones 
Jones Allen A., Rev., (c), pastor Zion Pres. Church, r 262 

W. Hunter 
Jones Angeline (c), laundress, r 147 Davis 
Jones Andrew J., bds 132 Spring 

Jones Anna E., seamstress Mrs. J. Duffy, bds 281 E. Hunter 
Jones Anthonv (c), wks Ferguson & Blount 
JONES ARMENIUS B., manager Walden & Stowe, bds 73 

Form wait 
Jones Asbury (c), carver Kimball House, r 95 Houston 
Jones Augustus (c), Lib, r es Martin, 2d w of Glenn 
Jones Augustus R,, student, bds 256 E. Hunter 
Jones Benjamin (c), fireman A-L. Ry 
Jones Benjamin, raolder Winship & Bro., bds 121 Rhodes 
Jones Benjamin F., restaurant, 22^ Decatur, r 110 Hayne 
Jones Bernard (c), drayman, r es Martin, 2d w of Glenn 
Jones Calvin D,, truv agt, r 259 N. Collins 
Jones Calvin S , student Dr Ridlev, bds Air Line House 
JONES CH^N DR., physician, 201 S. Pryor 
Jones Charles (c), drayman Dickey Bros., r Ponce deLeon 

Jones Charles (c), porter S. M Inman & Co , r 191 Mark- 
Jones Charles, wks Cotton Factory, ! ds ws Cain, 1st s of 

Jones Chari.-s B., bkkpr T. J. Lowe & Bro., bds National 

Jones Charles S. (Watkins, Jones & Co.), r 12^ W. Mitchell 
Jones Clifton, elk A. & W. P. R R., bds Kimball House 
Jones Cobb (c), driver A-L Ry 
Jones Cordelia A., wid John M., r 15 E Harris 
Jones Daniel C, r 201 S. Prvor 
Jones Darwin G. (A. C. & B. F. Wyly & Co.) bds 132 

Jones Dunwondy, trav agt, bds 104 McDonough 
Jones Edgar (c), barber Kimball House, r 2 Ga. R. R 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 



VI Wl UllYliflilBl ge Kast Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

JON "~334 JON 

Jones Edward (c), waiter Ballard's Restaurant 

Jones Edward wks James Noble, Jr., r 115 Ga. R. R 

Jones Edward L , banker, 12 E. Wall, r 168 S. Pryor 

Jones Edward S., elk McBride & Co., bds 31 N. Pryor 

Jones Elijah (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 71 McDaniel 

Jones Eliza B., wid Alonzo, bds 80 McDonough 

Jones Elizabeth, wid John, r Gordon, ne cor Ashley, W. E 

Jones Elizabeth, wid Russell, r 26 N. Johnson 

Jones Ella (c), laundress, r 65 Ga. R. R 

Jones Elmira Miss, bds 20 Henry 

Jones Emanuel, harnessmkr D. Morgan, r 75 Whitehall 

Jones Emiline (c), laundress, r 56 C. R. R. 

Jones Emma Miss, dressmkr, r 26 E. Alabama 

Jones Flora (c), cook, r ss Wells, 2d w of Holland 

Jones Frank, bds 19 Orme 

Jones Frank (c), driver Rice & Mitchell, r Foster, nr limitB 

Jones Frank (c), wks Fuller & Holcomb 

Jones Frank (c), wks T. S. Lewis 

Jones Frank R., bkkpr J. R. Sims & Co., bds 72 Marietta 

Jones Freeman (c), driver A. B. Clark 

Jones Freeman W., boarding, 20 Henry 

Jones George (c), lab, r Ellis, sw cor Butler 

Jones George, printer Constitution 

Jones George I , (Langston, Crane & Co.), r Griffin, Ga 

Jones George M., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 30 Rock 

Jones George P., elk Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 61 

S. Forsyth 
Jone-! George P., driver City R. Ry., r 53 Humphries 
Jones George W., elk A. & C. A-L. Ry., bds 135 S. Pryor 
Jones Hannah (c), laundress, r rear 92 Luckie 
Jones Henry (c), hostler, r 101 W. Foundry 
Jones Henry (c), lab, r Whitehall, nr limits 
Johes Henry wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s of 

Jones Henry (c), wks J. C. Kimball, r 12 Fain's al 
Jones Henry H., bkkpr McBride & Co., r 13 N. Pryor 
Jones Hiram T. Mrs., r 190 N. Calhoun 
Jones Isaac (c), engineer J. F. Burke & Co., r Summer Hill 
Jones Jackson (c), drayman, r 127 Wheat 
Jones James (c), cook J, H. Mecaslin, r rear 218 Rawson 
Jones James lab, r es Fowler, 2d s of Parker 
Jones James (c), wks A. & W. P. R. R., r 25 Scofield 
Jones James (c), wks M. P Kiser, r rear 378 S. Pryor 



iWtJ-^J-^ V XKJ FEED -^^ X. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell BU 

JON 335 JON 

Jones James L. (e), wks Latimer & Rogers, r 289 Jones 

Jones James R., elk Mrs. E. A. Tillman, bds 49| S. Pryor 

Jones Jane (c), laundress, r 170 Markham 

Jones Jeremiah (c), wks T. S. Reynolds 

Jones Jeremiah R. Rev. (c), pastor Macedonia Bap. Ch., r 

32 Victoria 
Jones Jesse (c), lab, r 166 Fillmore 

Jones Jesse, molder W. S. Withers, r ws Cain, 1st s of Ma- 
Jones John, r 82 Cox 

Jones John (c), wks G. W. Jack, r 224 Foster 
Jones John, wks Lynch & Lea, r 51 Fulton 
Jones John Rev. D.D., r 104 McDonough 
Jones John Jr., distillers and mnfrs, room 1, 20 E.Alabama, 

r 27 Brotherton 
Jones John B. (c), restaurant, 152 Dpcatur 
Jones John C, lawyer, 18 Whitehall, bds 104 McDonough 
Jones John F., elk Sec. of State, r 359 Whitehall 
Jones John G.. tailor, 1 E. Alabama, r 33 W. Baker 
J0NE8 JOHN H., supt Atlanta Cash Clothing Store, bds 

72 Marietta 
Jones John M., grocer, 288 Marietta, bds 348 Marietta 
Jones John T., carpenter, r 65 Martin 
Jones Joseph, wks W. S. Withers, bds 47 W. Foundry 
Jones Joseph H., elk Mer. Bank, bds 104 McDonough 
Jones Joshua (c), truckman W. & A. R. R., r 93 Connally 
Jones Joshua C, with Merchant <fe Mosley, r W. Peters, nr 

Jones J. M., wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Jones Lawrence L., with Paul Jones, bds Kimball House 
Jones Leonidas R., trav agt H. L. Smith & Son, bds 15 E. 

Jones Lewis (c), drayman, r Gl Fulton 
Jones Lewis C. Rev. (c), pastor Mount Olive Union Bap. 

Ch., r 30 Simpson 
Jones Littleton C, local agt W. & A. R. R., r 85 Marietta 
Jones Louisa (c), laundress, r Pine, sw cor V^enable 
Jones L. Cary, wid Paul, Sr., bds 35 Wheat 
Jones Maggie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st 

s of Marietta 
Jones Margaret A., wid Thomas, r 76 McDonough 
Jones Maria (c), cook, r 165 Marietta 
Jones Martha (c), cook, r 61 Ga. R. R 

businessme£ Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESON CfeneralHealEstate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

M. AU. V^AwJ ^*^MVi1; Promptness JMCy ]»Jotto> 

JON 336 JON 

Jones Mary (c), laundress, r 100 Spring 

Jones Mary Mrs , r 20 Bush 

Jones Mary, wid Z. R., r 74 Man gum 

Jones Mary A., wid W., r rear 273 Luckie 

Jones Mary P., wid W. R., bds 45 Powers 

Jones M ittie B. Miss, teacher Fair Street School 

Jones Moses (c), carpenter, r 281 Fra-er 

Jones Nancy Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s 
of Marietta 

Jones Nicholas J. (c), grocer, 75 W. Peters, r 63 Formwalt 

Jones Otis, shoemkr W. J. Malone, bds 39^ Whitehall 

Jones Paul (c), blacksmith, 51 W. Peters 

JONES PAUL, whol liquors, 22 E. Alabama, bds Kimball 

Jones Pompey (c), cook R. G. Thompson 

Jones Ransom (Reefee & Jones), r 86 Wheat 

Jones Rebecca L. wid 0. H., r 51 E. Hunter 

Jones Reps M. (R. M. Jones & Co.), bds 33 Luckie 

Jones Reuben (c), lab, r rear 331 Peachtree 

Jones Richard (c), drayman Clayton & Webb, r 372 De- 

Jones Richard (c), lab, r rear 187 Peachtree 

Jones Richard (c), shoemkr, r 116 Ellis 

Jones Richmond (c), porter Cohen & Selig 

Jones Robert (c), wks Atlanta Ice Co. 

Jones R .bert, wks W. & A. R. R , r 52 Ga. R. R 

Jones Robert H , elk H. H. Parker, r 69 W Peters 

Jones Robert L., with W. M. Mickelberry, bds 51 E. Hunter 

Jones Rufus F., wks W. L. Funley, bds 69 Gartrell 

Jones Russell, wks E. Haiman, bus 26 Johnson 

Jones Russell H. (c), shoemkr, 10 E. Wall, r Fort, sw cor 

Jones R. M. & C (R. M. Jones), mdse brokers, 56 E, Alabama 

Jones Samuel (c), wks F. W. Hart, r 45 Victoria 

Jones Daniel H., carpenter, r 69 W. Peters 

Jones Sanders P., bkkpr Paul Jones, bds Kimball House 

Jones Sarah Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s 
of Marietta 

Jones Sarah C , wid John, r 281 E. Hunter 

Jones Sarah C, wid Wylie P., r 295 W. Peachtree 

Jones Simeon (c), waiter Wilson House 

Jones Simon (c), porter Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., r 

SG! Ctv^A^A^Af^ Cares Rheumatism 
■ ^9b ^9^C7W4i<li<kW A^AND BUILDS CP THE SYSTEtA 


itttJ^J.^ -V J-hJ FE^P W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

JQX 337 JQR 

Jones Stephen (c), driver, r 220 Fort 

Jones Susan (c), laundress, r 90 Jones 

Jones Susan C, wid William, bds ns Marietta, nr limits 

Jones Su^an E. B., wid Dr. G. W., bds 9 Wheat 

Jones Tabitha A. (c), seamstress, r Orme, se cor Pine 

Jones Thomas, wks E. Haiman, bds 26 Johnson 

Jones Thomas M., r Dairy, se cor Lovejoy 

Jones Wallace IL. bds 132 S. Forsyth 

Jones Walter, bds 359 N. Collins 

Jones Walter F., millrifiht W. Brenner, r country 

Jones \\'arner P., with Paul Jones, bds Kimball House 

Jones Warren !c ', lab, r ss Gordon, 3d w of Lawton, W. E 

Jones Washington (c), fireman E Haiman, r C. R. R., opp 

Jones Washii^ton W., student, bds 69 N. Collins 
Jones Watt, carpenter, bds 19 D'Alvipjny 
Jones Wiley (c), wks E. Haiman, r 51 Victoria 
Jones William, baker G. W. Jack, bds Jake's Restaurant 
Jones William (c), driver A. C. & B. F. Wyly & Co., r 89^ 

Jones William (c), driver Eoynton Bros., r 274 Rawson 
Jones William (c), porter R. Dohme 
Jones William (c), wks Bird <fe Haunson, r Hilliard, nr 

Jones William A., elk G. H. HoUiday & Co., r 96 Grew 
Jones William H., broker, 40 S. Broad 
Jones William L., detective, r 54 S. Bell 
Jones William M., adv ag:t A. C. Morton & Co 
JONES WILLIAM 0. AGT. livery, feed and sale stables, 

51 Loyd, r 51 E. Hunter. (See page 84.) 
Jones \\ illiam R , bkkpr J. G. King, r Kirkwood, Ga 
Jones William T , fireman W. & A. R R., bds 16 Mechanic 
Jones, William T , wks J. H. Johnson, r 26 Johnson 
Jones Willis A. Jr. (c), drayman, r 15 Reed 
Jones Wilson (c), carp^-nter, r ns College, 1st E. of Foster 
Jones Zachary (c), cook, r 67 S. Forsj'th 
Joplin Milton (c), umbrellamkr, r 72 S. Forsyth 
Jordan Alexander, mnfr, r 20 E. Alabama 
Jordan Andrew J., lab, r 298 Marietta 
Jordan Burwell L., farmer, r 115 Ivy 
Jordan Charles, driver, r ss Magazine, w of Davis 
Jordan Charles A., student, bds 18 Wanen pi 
Jordan Charles W., machinist Elsas, May & Co., r 34 Smith 

THE m ^E^ um^i Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

66 E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whol*' 
Bale A Retail. Special ratea to dealers. Bee page 100k 

JOR 338 JUS 

Jordan C. Harvey, bkkpr Kimball House 
Jordan Clementine Miss, wks Cotton Factory- 
Jordan Felix (c), wks J. D. Turner, r rear 102 Rhodes 
Jordan George W. (c), waiter Wilson House 
Jordan James T., tobacco, bds 16 E. Peters 
Jordan John (c), lab, r rear 51 W. Hunter 
Jordan John (c), lab, r rear 33 Richardson 
Jordan John M., elk, r 19 Williams 
Jordan Lee B., elk W. H. Brothert.jn, bds 72 Marietta 
Jordan Mary Miss, with Singer Mnfg Co., bds 108 Marietta 
Jordan Mary A., wid William, bds 34 Smith 
Jordan Nancy, wid Crawford, r 100 Chapel 
Jordan Noah (c), fireman A-L. Ry 
Jordan Perino, elk, bds 24 Cedar 
Jordan Sarah A., wid J. B., r 257 E. Hunter 
Jordan Tandy, wks Cotton Factory 
Jordan Thomas W., carpenter, r 11 Spring 
Jordan Warren, elk, r 35 S. Broad 
Jordan William (c), blacksmith W. L. Jarvis 
Jordan William, lab, r 229 Martin 
Jordan William H., elk H. F. Emery, r 24 Cedar 
Jordan Willis (c), wks Porter & Meakin, r 190 Hunter 
Joseph Philip ic), painter W. K. Booth, 35 E. Foundry 
Josey Robert (c), porter D. H. Dougherty, r Fort, sw cor 

Josey William T (c), driver, r Fort, sw cor Cain 
Jourdan Bridget Miss, seamst^ss J Ryan, r 166 C. R. R 
Joy Andrew J., carriagemkr W. L. Jarvis, r ss Glenn, 2d e 

of Moore 
Joyce Nancy (c), cook, r 8 Mangum 
Joyner Hansel, butcher L. Folsom, r208 Luckie 
Joyner Richard A., asst bkkpr E. S. Gay, r 15 N. Pryor 
Joyner Walthall R., dep City Marshal, bds 27 Luckie 
JOYNER, see also JOINER 
Judah David J., printer, r 81J S. Broad 
Judson David N., marble works, Loyd, cor Alabama, r 139 

S. Prvor 
Judson John C , printer B. F. Bennett, r 206 Crew 
Judson John M., elk W. M. Scott, bds 20o Crew 
Judson William N., physician, 6| W. Mitchell 
Justice John, painter A-L. Ry, r 121 Ga. R. R 

"lVn?TT"D /^T'Tr^ RELIEVES hba.i>ach:b 


• Ht A-rxA, Jt a.KJ ^-EEX) -^ J, WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

KAD 339 KEI 

TZADEL RICHARD, cooper, r 80 Magazine 
-^ Kalaher Bartholomew, tailor J. Lynch, bds 111 Ma- 
Kalt Carl, tailor C. G. Grosse, bds 39^ Whitehall 
Kamper Charles J., patternrakr Porter & Meakin, bds 

Kennesaw House 
Kane Bridget Mrs , r 162 W. Mitchell 
Kane Michael, wks Longley & Robinson, bds 40 Decatur 
Kane Michael J., elk .J. Ryan, r 161 W. Mitchell 
KANE, see also CAIN 

Karr John A., grocer, 256 Marietta, r 33 Hull 
Karr John N., blacksmith, ws Peachtree, 3d n of E. Fifth 
KARR, see also CARR 

Karwisch Bernard, elk H. Karwisch, bds 88 Decatur 
Karwisch Henry, grocer, baker and saloon, 88 Decatur 
Kaufmann David (Lieberman & Kaufman), r 39 Formwalt 
Kay Margaret, wid William, bds 85 Loyd 
Kean William (c). wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Keane Jane, wid R. T., bds 138 N Collins 
Kearney Patrick, watchman, r 8 Pulliam 
Kearsey Elliott J., trimmer, bds 18 Church 
Kearsey William, carpenter, r 48 Gartrell 
Kearsey William F., carpenter, bds 48 Gartrell 
Keel William H., conductor A. & W. P. R. R 
Keely Abram P., with J. Keely, bds 159 S. Pryor 
Keely Americus Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 188 Marietta 
KEELY JOH>^, millinery, dry goods, shoes, mens' cloth- 
ing and ladies' underwear, 58, 62 and 64 Whitehall, r 
159 S. Pryor 
Keenan Elizabeth, wid GrijSin, r 51 Humphries 
Keener Harriet, wid Lawson, r 71 Wheat 
Keese Edward E , trav agt Clayton & Webb, bds National 

Keiley Patrick, wks W. & A, R. R , r 149 Mangum 
Keith Charles J., teller J. H. James, bds Wilson House 
Keith Eugene D. (c), porter Atlanta Nat. Bank, r 68 W. 

Keith Jasper L., propr Wilson House, Alabama, sw cor 

Keith Jefferson (c), driver, r 156 W. Foundry 
Keith Kinch (c), lab, r rear 28 W. Foundry ' 
Keith Patsy (c), laundress, r 62 Howell 
Keith William (c), driver Austell, Robinson & Mangum, r 
_68_\V. Harris 

EM fi-R-ET^flN ^®^®'"*^ ^'®^^ Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Street. 
■ iSkn y£v£<£iMWiN) Promptness IMCy MiottOi. 

KEL 340 KEL 

Kellam Eldridge P , bkkpr J. Warlicu & Son, r 153 Nelson 
Kellam John F., collector Ga Banking & Trust Co., bdsSl 

Hay den 
Kellam Mary F., wid David S , r 31 Hayden 
Keileher John il., baggage master Ga. R. R., bds 123 De- 
Keller David, elk E Haiman, r Walton, se cor Fairlie 
Keller Frank (c), porter Daniel & Marsh, r 155 Markham 
Keller Isaac, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Keller Richard (c), teacher, r 18 Jennings al 
Kelleit Emma, wid William J., r 299 E. Fair 
Kelley Burge.-s G., real estate agt, r 89 S. Pr3^or 
Kelley George R., machinist Winship & Bro., bds 148 Ma- 

Kelley Richard F., driver St Ry, r 66 Ga. R. R 

Kellogg Edward L., printer Christian Index, bds 134 Mc- 

Kelly Amanda, wid Reuben, bds 11 Spring 
Kelly America Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Kelly Benjamin, silversmith, r Boulevard, sw cor Adams 
Kelly Charles (c), drayman, r 173 Markham 
Kelly Floyd, hostler A-L Rv., r 129 Ga. R. R 
Kelly Frank (c), lab, r 173 Markham 
Kelly Frank W., with C. M. Berry, r Decatur, Ga 
Kelly Isaac, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ws Tumlin, nr limits 
Kelly Isham (c), lab, r 294 Wheat 
Kelly James (c), porter J. Smith, r 60Rawson 
Kelly James, yard conductor A-L. Ry., bds 12 Gartrell 
Kelly John, sal )on, Wall, nw cor Pryor, bds Kimball House 
Kelly John, watchmkr, 22 Peachtree 
Kelly John D., with Z. E.Taylor, bds 46 E. Hunter 
Kelly Leander, driver, bds Orme, se cor Mills 
Kelly Martha, wid Leander, r Orme, se cor Mills 
Kelly Michael, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 29 Victoria 
Kelly Pinckney (c), truckman W. & A. R. R 
Kelly Robert (c), lab, r Fort, nw cor Foster 
Kelly Robert (c), wks Winship & Bro., r ]96Fraser 
Kelly Robert G. sawmkr Winship & Bro., r 152 W. Baker 
Kelly Rose Miss, bds 56 E Peters 
Kelly Simon P., wks Ga. Iron Wks., r 620 Marietta 
Kelly Wade H. (c), lab, r rear 89 £. Mitchell 
Kelly William, driver, r Orme, se cor Mills 
Kelly William S., bkkpr W. S. Saul, r 199 Mitchell 

i es e^Ti3)l^ir^\Tni^^r^ fi®"CURES skin diseases. 

)m ^* fei^£k\UlL£' JIV^ PIMPLES AND BLOTCHES. 


Tht J-' aX. V Ak^ ~ ^.^Z3 -^^ T. WILSON. U W. Mitchell St. 

KEL 341 KEN 

Kelsey Eh-anor A., wid W. S., r Lee, sw cor Irwin, W. E 

Kelsey Fannio, wid Joel, r 248 X. Collins 

Kelson Richard (c), lab, r 33 Fort 

Keltner Harriett Mrs., peamstress, r 271 Jones 

Keltner Thomas J., elk M M. Gardener, bds 271 Jones 

KeltnerThomas W., elk Atlanta Com Co.. r 224 Hayne 

Keltner Washington, sho'-mkr. 3 W. Hunter 

Kelty Lena Miss, wks J. F. Burke & Co., bds 149 W. Baker 

Kelty Sarah, wid James, r 149 W Baker 

Kemp Charles (c), lab, r 29 Cornelia 

Kemp Henry (c), lab. r 29 Cornelia 

Kemp James (c). wks "\V. E. Hoyle. r 12 Formwalt 

Kemp William (c). lab, r 80 Houston 

Kempner M. Mrs,, boarding, 96^ Whitehall 

Kenady Ann, wid James, bd? 24" W. Foundry 

K-^ndall h^dward (c), fireman A-L Ry 

Kendall Sheridan (c), lab, r 73 Guliatt 

Kendriek Alexander (c), painter, r 19 Reed 

Kendrick Allison N., ci^ J. A. Rumsey, r 162 W. Foundry 

Kendriek Edward S., (Kendrick. Carter & Eckford;, r 21 

W. Fair 
Kendrick Amoreen, wks J. S. Morris k Son, r 165 W. 

Kendrick' Augustus (c). butlpr. r 36 Chambers 

J. W. Carter, and C G. Eokford^, carpets, oil cloths, 

etc., 50 Whitehall 
Kendrick Henry (c), wks Ga. Iron Wk?,, r Third, ne cor 

Kendrick John F., carpenter, r 289 Jones 
Kendrick J. D. Mrs., Vjoarding, 84 Ivy 
Kendrick L. A Miss, r 162 W. Foundry 
Kendrick Mary Miss, elk W. H. Brotherlon, bds 162 W. 

Kendrick Samuel, carpenter, IxJs 289 Jones 
Kendrick Winston (c), farmer, r Third, ne cor State 
Kennebrew Frank (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 55 Victoria 
Kennebrew Newton (c), wks Ga. Iron \Yks, r 55 Victoria 
Kennebrew Simon (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 55 Victoria 
Kennedy Ella F. Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, v 129 ^uarietta 
Kennedy Georsr'' W.. carpenter, r 167 Decatur 
KENNEDY HENRY P., coUon buyer, 54 S. Broad, bds 

Markham House 

IvENTRACK '^1 PiedmoHt Air-Line. 


TclCnhonC ^' ^' ^^^^^^^' ^^ ^- Alabama St.. for COAL of 

1 any kind. Blacksmith's Coal a scecialtv. Seeoaeeioa 

~ KEN 342 KEN ' 

Kennedy Hugh, gardener, r 119 Davis 
Kennedy James F., machinist Winship & Bro 
Kennedy James M , elk Sou. Exp. Co 
Kennedy James W., dentist, r 257 Washington 
Kennedy John, shoemkr, 5 E. Foundry, bds 32 W. Foundry 
Kennedy John C, r 129 Marietta 

Kennedy John G., engineer W. & A. R. R., r 32 W. Foun- 
Kennedy John R. R , brioklayer, bds 256 Decatur 
Kennedy Joseph, elk, bds 13 Pulliara 
Kennedy Martin, with Miss M. Kennedy, r 13 PuUiam 
Kennedy Mary Mad., r 12 S. Collins 
KENNEDY MARY MISS, millinery and fancy goods, 49 

Whitehall, r 13 Pulliam 
Kennedy Ralph W., elk, bds 257 Washington 
Kennedy Robert L., machinist, bds 10 Bailey 
Kennedy Simon, elk, r 13 Pulliam 
Kennedy Simon, pedler, r Savannab, nr limits 
Kennedy Thomas H., bkkpr Hightower & Hallman, r 16 

Kennedy Walter, elk A-L. Ry, bds 257 Washington 
Kennedy William A., shoemkr, r 256 Decatur 
Kennedy William A. W , lab, bds 256 Decatur 
Kenner William H. (Kenner andTibbs), r 141 Mangum 
Kenner & Tibbs (W. H. Kenner and W. H. Tibbs), com 

mers, 31 W. Mitchell 
Kennesaw House. 13^ S. Broad 
KENNESAW MILLS CO., R. H. Richards, pres; J. H. 

Ketner, agt; 26 E. Alabama 
Kenney Francis M. (Dunn, Alexander & Co.), r 10 Walker 
Kennon Aldus X., printer Constitution, r 223 N. Calhoun 
Kennon Mac (c), carpenter, r 2 Ga. R. R 
Kenny Elizabeth Miss, boarding, 165 S. Pryor 
KENNY PATRICK J., propr Kimball House Billiard 

Room and Bar, and saloon, 7 E. Alabama, r 15 Pulliam. 

(See page 92) 
Kenny Raphael, watchman U. S. Court House, r Vine, ne 

cor ^Magazine 
Kennj'- Theresa A*., wid Michael E. r 159 Hayne 
Kent Columbus D , carpenter, bds 213 W. Harris 
Kent Daniel A., wks F E. Block, r Ga R. R., nr limits 
Kent Lavinia, wid Josiab, r 398 Marietta 
Kent Rachel E , wid J. M., r 7 Fowler 


?!iyDAVIS "t^njjil-" SEWING- MACHINE 

IHLJ-^XA V a.K^ E-^EID W. T. "WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

KEN 343 KIE 

Kent William R., watchman Traynham <fc Ray, r 89 Kelly 
Kenyon Jesse P., carpenter W. iV A. R. R., bds 210 Hayne 
Kenyon William, foreman car dept W. & A. R. R., r 210 

Keon J. J., machinist helper A-L. Ry 
Kensel George A., capt. 5th Art., r 5lcPherson Barracks 
Kernan T., fireman W. & R. R. R 
Kernodle Columbus C, asst baggage master Union Depot, 

r 174 Crew 
Kernodle George M., car greaser W. & A. R. R 
Kerr George B., (Kerr & Fisher), r Boston, Mass 
Kerr James S , carpenter A. Crankshaw & Co., r 222 W. 

Kerr & Fisher, (G. B. Kerr and A. M. Fisher), notions, 56 

Kershaw George, wks W. & A. R. R., bds 97 E. Hunter 
Kershaw John, machinist W. & A. R. R., r 97 E. Hunter 
Kershaw John Jr., wks J. H. Johnson, bds 97 E. Hunter 
Kershaw Miriam K , wid James, r Wheat, nr limitd 
Kershaw William, cabinet mkr, bds 97 E. Hunter 
Kershaw William C, machinist, r 105 E. Hunter 
Kerstan August F. F., physician, 108 Rawson 
Kerwood Joseph, galvanizer Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Ketchum Julia P. Mrs., teacher, bds 416 Whitehall 
Ketchum Sarah E., wid C. R., r 416 Whitehall 
Ketner John H., agt Kennesaw Mills Co., r 203 McDonough 
Key Daniel (c;, lab, r 142 S. Forsyth 
Key Daniel M., elk, bds 79 Loyd 
K'hilo Kodesh G'emilas Chesed, r 45 Garnett 
KICKLIGHTER CHARLES J., butcher, 104 Whitehall, 

r ss Baugh, w of Lee, W. E 
Kicklighter Frederick T., elk Moore, Marsh k Co., r 23 

Kicklighter Mary A., wid Frederick, r 126 W. Fair 
Kicklighter Spencer C, with Moore, Marsh & Co., r W. 

Peachtree, nw cor Pine 
Kidd Sarah, wid George, bds 185 S. Loyd 
Kidd William, r 3i Whitehall 
Kiddoo Amanda C. Mrs., teacher Hayne Street School, r 

155 Hayne 
Kidwell Robert P., engineer A-L. Ry, r 233 Decatur 
Kierbow Joseph H , harnessmkr D. Morgan, r 273 W. Pe- 

pllcK'^TrM I' 'ii Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESDN General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

M. «M. W*WMMWV41| Promptness My Afotto^ 

KIK 344 ^N 

Kiker James E., fireman W. i' A. R. K., bds 16 Mechanic 
Kilburn W. L., printer Constitution, bds 8^ W. Mitchell 
Kilby Frank W'., assn b'<kprD H. Dougherty, bds 67 Harris 
Kilby Pnyton P., elk Stewart & Fain, r 67 E. Harris 
Kilby Thornas E., elk bds 67 E Harris 
Kilby Williatu J., tailor, 5A^ Whitehall, r l6Connally 
Kile William C, saloon 45 S. Broad, r 59 S Broad 
Kiley John, miller Butler & Carroll, r 247 E. Fair 
Killian Abrah;ira. tinner Wood tt Son, bds 97 Thompson 
Killian Fannie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 352 Mangum 
Kilpatrick Williani A , gai dener,r ws Marietta rd, bey limits 
Kimball ChnrlesC. (c) wks H. Shields 
Kimball Charles H., fruitt-, z2 W. Mitchell 
Kimball Charles H. Jr , wks Jack & Holland, bds 22 W. 

Kimball Edward (o). wks A-L. Ry., r 21 Gullatt 
Kimball Fanny A , wid Francis A., r 15 E. Harris 
Kimball Fannie M. Mrs., dressmkr, r 19Grfen's Ferrv av 
KIMBALL HANNIBAL I., pres Atlanta Cotton Factory 

Co.. 48 ManrttH. r KimDall nw cor Peachtree 
KDIBALL HOUSE, Scoville & Terry, proprs; Pryor, nw 

cor Wall 
Kiml>all John, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

KIMBALL JOHN C, coal, wood, lime and cement, agt Kim- 
ball Bros, carriages, 56 E. Alabama, r 212 Ivy. (See 

top lines, page 100 and telephone) 
Kimbill J. Walter, shipping elk Atlanta Cotton Factory, 

bds National Hotel 
Kimball (rporge H., st n^ cutter Bobbins & Bro., r Ga. R. R 
Kitnb ell Robert, wks Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Kimbrell William M., elk Mrs. S. 'Kosenfeld, hdi 15 N. 

Kimbro Frank ic), lab, r 40 Br.-idbury 
Kimbro John, l-t Marietta, r 24 X. Collin^* 
Kimbro Vliraudii, wid William, r 24 X. Collins 
Kinibrn Rilev P. S. (Ki'nbrott Huzza), r 9 Houston 
KDIBRO «!c HUZZA (R. P. S. Kimbro aud R. H. Huzza). 

trunk uinirs, 11 X. Pryi'V 
KimbroU'i'i William T. barkpr, r 47 X. Collins 
Kinciniiion Smiuel F.. b acksmith, r85Plnm 
Kiiicaniion W^illiam L., wo d dealer, r Mill, nr limits 
Kinderland Gary (c), porter ]\rarKham House 
Kindle V Frederics, grocer, 208 Ivy 

Breweri Lung Restorer ..i^S^fiS^SlS 


IHtJ-^X^ V O-KJ I^EED w. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell at, 

KIN 345 kin" 

King Adam (c), wks Ga Ice Co. r 152 Thompson 

King Albert S., elk r 184 N. Collins 

King Alexander C, lawyer, 25 Whitehall, bds 127 Ivy 

King Barrington J., bkkpr Clarke, Thompson tt Co., r 79 

King Beniah S., farmer, r 7 Chapel 
King Berry D. (c), barber M. H. Bentley 
King Charles (c), carpenter, r 276 Wheat 
King Charles, finisher, bds 39 N. Foisyth 
King Charles C , elk T. M Clarke & Co , bds 60 Luckie 
King Charles P., nurse, r 22 Clifford 
King ('harles S., carp' nter, r 193 Mangum 
King Clifford A., trav agt, r 60 Luckie 

King Daniel (c), carpenter, r ns Adams, 4th e of Jackson 
King Daniel (c), drayman, r 117 Chapel 
King Duncan (c), barber, r 277 Mangum 
King Edward P., elk Ry R. O.. bds 49 E. Cain 
King Emanuel (c), shoemkr, r es Larkin, 3d s of Walker 
King Fannie, wid A L., bds 157 Calhoun 
King Fannie, wid John, r 6 Green's Ferry av 
KING FRED., physician and druggist, 60 Decatur, r 48 

King Henry (c), painter, r 225 Foster 
King Henry, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds rear Ga. Iron Wks 
King Hiiliard (c), porter Clayton & Webb, r 74 Hilliard 
King Jeremiah (c), lab, r 13U Formwalt 
King Jesse (c), waiter R. G. Thompson 
King John (c) drayman Kenner & Tibbs, r 183 E. Baker 
King John H., engineer Ga. Iron Wks, r rear Ga. Iron 

King Joseph D. (c), barber M. H. Bentley, r 277 Mangum 
King Joseph L , bkkpr I. S. Boyd, r 157 Calhoun 
King J. Gadsden, ins agt, 61 S. Broad, r 127 Ivy 
King Mary (c), laundress, r 22 Victoria 
King Oliver H , elk C. W. Motes, bds 60 Luckie 
King Preston (c), waiter, r 22 Clifford 
King Robert K., with G. J. Howard & Bro., bds 157 Hous- 
King Rufus M. (c), wks Cotton Compress, r 23 Crumley 
King Sarah L., wid Jesse, r 184 N. Collins 
King Tally (c), truckman A. & W. P. R. R., r 20 Wells 
King Thomas, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds rear Ga. Iron Wks 
King Thomas S., elk Ry P. O., r Smith, se cor Richardson 

Peerless, Yet^Route, Piedmont Air-Line 


KIN 346 KIS 

King William (c), driver J. Ryan, r 58 Ha5a"ie 

King William, physician, r 31 W. Harris 

King William (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 7 State 

KinS William, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r rear ws Williams, 1st 

n of Cox 
King William (c), wks Ristine & May, r Vine, nr Maga- 
King William A., hostler H. A. Agricola, r 388 Marietta 
King William C, elk Comptroller Genl, bds 31 W. Harris 
King William G , bkkpr Clayton & Webb, r Lawton. 2d s 

of Gordon, W. E 
King Willis A., policeman, bds 7 Chapel 
Kingsbery Charles S. (Edwin Bates & Co.), r 98 Ellis 
Kingsbery Edwin, with Moore, Marsh & Co., r 100 Jackson 
Kingsbery Joseph (Moore, Marsh & Co.), r 301 Peachtree 
Kinyon Anderson (c), porter E. A. Robertson & Co., r 45 

Forrest av 
Kinyon Jesse P., car inspector W. & A. R. R , bds 210 

Kinyon William, car builder W. & A. R. R , r 210 Hayne 
Kinyon William, Jr., wks W. & A. R. R , bds 210 Hayne 
Kirbee Gilbert, fruits, 21 Marietta, bds 60 Markham 
Kirbee Sarah, wid Willis W., r 60 Markham 
Kirby Ferdinand (c), wks F. M. Jack & Co 
Kirby Francis A , lawyer, r 31 N. Pryor 
Kirby Henry (c), wks A-L. Ry, r 55 Foster 
Kirk Millssa Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Kirkham A. A , elk Lathrop & Fain, bds 120 S. Forsyth 
Kirkham J. C, engineer A-L. Ry 

Kirkland Isaac (c), wks Porter & Meakin, r 13 N. Bell 
Kirkley Martha Mrs , wks Cotton Factory, r ws Cain, 1st 8 

of Marietta 
Kirkpatrick Hulda A., wid W. N., bds 143 Jones 
Kirkpatrick John C. (T. M. Clarke & Co.), r 54 W. Baker 
Kirkpatrick John C, with E. M Berry, bds 31 N. Pryor 
Kirkpatrick Wallace M., with T. M. Clarke & Co., bds 54 

W. Baker 
Kirksey George W., engineer Ga. Iron Wks, bds 48 S. Butler 
Kirksey George W., engineer Ga. R. R., r ns Ma3''Son Ferry 

rd, Bellwood 
Kirksey Green (c), wks P. Lynch 

Kirksey William, wks A. & W. P. R. R.,bds 48 S. Butler 
Kiser Edward A., student, bds 61 Wheat 



'« >^« OJr JuWilJi' L}U/ And Nevar Fails to Cure. 


'nbJ^XA. V g-S.^ I^EEX? W. T. WILSON. 14 W . Mitchell St. 

KIS 347 ^NI 

Kiser John B (M. P. Riser & Son), bds 378 S. Pryor 
Kiser John F. (M. C. & J. F, Kiser & Co. ), bds Kimball 

Kiser Marion C (M. C. & J. F. Kif-er & Co ^, r 61 Wheat 
Riser Meriwether yJM. P. Kiser A: Son), r H78 S- Pryor 
KISER M. C. & J. F. & CO. (M. C and J. F. Kiser, W. 
S. Everett and W. K. Rao;an), whol dry goods, shoes, 
hats and notions, 14 and 16 S. Pryor 
Riser M. P. & Son (M P. and J. B. Kiser), dry goods, no- 
tions, etc., 77 Whitehall 

Kiser , watchman Cook & Stewart 

Kitchens Abraham (c), waiter, r 76 S. Forsyth 

Kitchens Thomas H. wks E. Haiman, r Fowler, se cor 

Kitchens William, wks J. W. Hinman, bds 359 Decatur 
Ritchen W. W., fireman A-L. Ky 
Klaitz William, elk, r 19 Formwalt 

Klasset Andrew, engineer Cotton Compress, r 30 Walker 
Rlasset Andrew, grocer, 98 Nelson, r 100 Nelson 
Rlasset Charles, upholsterer, r 24 Bailey 
Rlasset John T., elk A. Rlasset, bds 100 Nelson 
Rlasset William F., gunsmith Heinz & Berkele, r 109 

Rleinert George J., bottler City Brewery, r 32 W. Bro- 
th erton 
Rlenck Edward T., Gate City Dairy, 70 Peachtree 
Rline Daniel, trav agt, r 48 Thompson 
Rline John, fireman W. & A. R. R 

Klingelsmith Joseph M., mdse broker, 28 E. Wall, r Edge- 
Klink Maggie Mad., r 19 S Collins 

Rnapp Reginald H., with McNaught & Co , r s end Wash- 
Rneeland Thomas, saloon, 5 Decatur, bds RimbaU House 
Rnight Charles H., wks Cotton Factory, bds 140 Marietta 
Rnight Clara C. Mrs , teacher Fair Street School, r 50 S. 

Rnight James, puddler Ga. Iron Wks, bds 620 Marietta 
Rnight James, wks Cotton Factory, bds 154 Luckie 
Rnight Jane Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 154 Luckie 
Rnight Jesse (c), lautcher, r wsCrew, 1st n of Glenn 
Rnight John L , collector Gas Lighr. Co., r 76 Terry 
Knight Joseph N., blacksmith, r 224 Decatur 

■■ccS' 'ii Piedmont Air-tiae 

E M GREESON General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

**■ iiT*. MAWA^AdMVA^; Promptness My Motto. 

KNI ~ 348 KRE 

Knight Julia T., wid E. A., bds 292 Peachtree 
Knight Maggie Miss, wks Cotton Factor}^ bds 146 Marietta 
Knight Mary (c), laundress, r 60 Thurmond 
Knight Walter R , elk, bds 50 S. Bell 
Knoop H., cotton buyer, bds Kimball House 
Knott Benjamin, fireman A. .t W. P. R. R., bds 84 Butler 
Knott Charles M., elk W. D. Mitchell, bds 300 W. Peters 
Knott James, 5 Decatur, bds 42 Rock 
Knott James J., physician, 8 W. Wall, r 128 N. Collins 
Knott James M., wks A. & W. P. R. R , r 3lU Mang-im 
Knott John W., engineer A. & W. P. R R., r 82 Butler 
Knott WilliajQ L , r 26 Wheat 

Knowles Clarence K., ins adjuster, 41 S. Broad, bds Kim- 
ball House 
Knowles F. Marion, conductor Pullman Sou Car Co., bds 

Kimball House 
Knowles George W , shoemkr M. Gaines, r 60 Peachtree 
Knox Charles (c), bf^ker F M. Jack & Co , r 77 E. Fair 
Knox James C, with Langston. Crane & Co , r 15 N. Pryor 
Knox John S., fertilizers, 11 E. Alabama, bds Kimball 

Knox INIary, wid James, r 154 N. Collins 
Knox Nicey (c), cook Wilson House, r 77 E. Fair 
Koch Frederick (Koch & Bro.), r ns Harris, 2d e of Ran- 
Koch William (Koch & Bro.), bds ns Harris, 2d e of Ran- 
Koch & Bro (Fred and William Koch), butchers, 34 Ma- 
Kochert Alfred, engineer McPherson Barracks, r Barracks 
Koerber Mary A., wid John, r 377 Whitehall 
KONTZ ANTON L., agt Pullman Sou. Car Co.. Union De- 
pot, bds 76 Marietta 
Kontz Christian, mer, bds 76 Marietta 
Kontz Ernest C , elk, bds 76 Marietta 
Kontz Lena, wid Henr}', r 161 W. Mitchell 
Kramer William F., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r Decatur, 

nr Boulevard 
Kreis Jacob, butcher, 113 Whitehall, r Lawton, 2d s of 

Baugh, W. E 
Kreis Jacob, dye works, 7 W. Peters 

Kreis Mary, wid Jacob, r 33 Baugh, 1st w of Peeples, W. E 
Kreis Michael, butcher, r 112 Rawson 

1^J]jUI\\> j^ 1^ IN- 5 TO lO LtflNXJTEJS 


'HL-l^AA. V J.KJ FjEEX? ^ ^^ T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St 

KRE 349 LAD 

Kreis Philip, tailor, 119 Whiteliall 

Kreisle Alexander (Steinhe.inor & Kreisle), r 257 White- 
Kresmer Joseph, hurnessmkr D. Morjjan, r 126 ,S. Forsyth 
Kries Augustus W., bill poster, r 127 Whitehall 
Krog Frederick, engineer A-L. Ry, r 342 Decatur 
Krouse Harry, renting agt Frierson & Leake, r58 E. Harris 
KRUGER EDWARD H., music teacher and organist 
Second Baptist Ch. and Jewish Synagogue, r 23 Wil- 
Krutch Charles C, re-toucher C. W. Motes, bds 58 Luckie 
Kuegleler Pauline Miss, grocer, 142 Elliott 
Kuhn Anthony J., r 41 Mechanic 
Kuhns Julius H. (J H. & W. T. Kuhns), r Edgewood 
KUHNS J. H. & W. T. (Julius H. and Wm. T. Kuhns), 

photographers, 33^ Whitetiall. (See page 90) 
Kuhns William T.. (J. H. & W. T. Kuhns), r 51 Peachtree 
Kuhrt Henry C. (Beermann <t Kuhrt), and pres Atlanta 

City Brewing Co., r 209 Whitehall 
Kuthman Robert, wks C Brown, bds 88 Luckie 
Kutz Gabriel S (Regenstein it Kutz), r New York 
Kutz Henrietta, wid S., bds 234 Whitehall 
Kutz Max, with Regenstein & Kutz, r 12 Formwalt 
Kutzschan Rudolph, stonecutter, r 54 E. Harris 
Kyle Columbus, barkpr, bds 12 Barracks av 
Xyle Cynthia, wid John, r 82 N. Calhoun 
Kyle Hester, wid Wil'iam, r 12 Barracks av 
Kyle James (c), wks J. L. McGaughey, r W. E 
Kyle Napoleon B., elk, bds 12 Barracks av 
Kyle Norman (c), fireman A-L. Ry 
Kyle Thrasher, elk, bds 12 Barracks av 
KYLE see olso KILE 

LA BOITEAUX ROBERT R., jeweler, r 35 S. Broad 
Lackey James M. (Waters & Lackey), r 159 Walton 
Lackey Mary, wid Thomas, r 441 Marietta 
Lacy Edwartl Rev., pastor Union Church, r 238 W. Hunter 
Lacy William L., jeweler, bds 23 N. Spiing 
Lacy William R., barkpr J. L. Griffin, r 58 W. Peters 
LADD ALONZO C, agt, lime mnfr and dealer in lime, ce- 
ment, pi ster, etc., 9 S Broad, r 280 Peachtree 
Ladd Daniel B., manager H. H. Gordon, r 92 Wheat 
Ladies' Benevolent Home. 81 E. Alabama _^ 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


• I Ml llliriailHH) ge East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

LAF 350 LAM 

LaFontaine Edward, painter W. & A. R. R., bds 143 Wal- 
LaFontaine James M., upholsterer W. & A. R. R., bds 249 

LaFontaine John A., machinist W. & A. R. R , r 20^Spencer 
LAGOMARSINO JOHN, candy mnfr, and fruits and con- 

factionery, 4 Whitehall, r 46 Thompson. (See page 88) 
LaHatte Elizabeth J., wid C. H., r 24 Formwalt 
LaHatte Julius H., meat and fish, 73| Peachtree, bds 24 

LaHatte Macon T., foreman Perkins, & Dunlop, bds 24 

Laignez Peter, elk J. Keely, bds 377 Whitehall 
Laird A. J., dep marshal, bds Hotel Weinmeister 
Laird C. S., conductor Ga. R. R 
Laird John A., elk W. Laird, r 132 W. Peters 
La'rd Richard W., carpenter, r 339 Mangum 
Laird William, grocer, 197 Whitehall, r 203 Rawson 
Laird William, saloon, r 13 Chapel 
Lake Abraham, elk Hook & Smith, b^s 55 E. Mitchell 
Lake Frank E , elk Winter & Brown, bds 55 E. Mitchell 
Lamar Albert R., lawyer, r 72 Wheat 
Laniar Adolphus (c), wks W. E. Hoyle, r rear 180 McDon- 

Lamar Charles A., with J. C. Whitner & Son, r 115 Ivy 
Lamar Eugene (Guerin & Lamar), r 188 Decatur 
Lamar George (c), carpenter, r 62 Chapel 
Lamar Henry J. (Lamar, Rankin & Lamar), r Macon, Ga 
Lamar Henry J. Jr. (Lamar, Rankin & Lamar), r Macon, 

Lamar Isaiah (c), porter M. B. Byrum, r rear 182 McDon- 

Lamar James (c), carpenter, r 81 Walker 
Lamar James L. (c), grocer, 234 Eraser, r 17 Rawson 
Lamar John (c), hostler B. J. Wilson, r ns Baugh, 1st e of 

Pee pies, W. E 
lAMAR, RANKIN & LAMAR (J. W. Rankin, H. J. and 

H. J. Lamar, Jr.), drugs, medicines, seeds, paints, ols, 

etc., 20 and 22 Decatur. (See bottom lines and page 88) 
Lamar Samuel (c), lab, r rear 180 McDonough 
Lamar Samuel (c), shoemkr C. Blakley, r rear 85 Nelson 
Lamar Shadrach (c), lab, r 1 Dunn's al 
Lamar Tracy G., elk Continental Ins. Co. of N. Y., bds 115 


I Ht-M^-^'^ W ^KJ E'EEIS ^_ T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell 8*. 

LAM 351 LAN~ 

Lamar William ^c), wks W. Laird, r 140 Rawson 
Ijamar Wiseman (c), carpenter, r 17 Rawson 
Lamb Charlotte (c), laundress, r 108 Luckie 
Lamb Milton W , carpenter, bds 39 W. Foundry 
LAMBERT ALPHOXSE, propr Central Nursery, E. Fair, 

nr Cemetery. (See page 85) 
Lambert Ann C, wid William, r 100 Chapel 
Lambert Catherine Mrs., grocer, 336 Decatur 
Lambert Joseph, gardener, r 150 Simpson 
Lambert Joseph, Jr., gardener, bds ss W. Simpson, nr limits 
Lambert Nathan (c), lab, r ns W. Hunter, bey limits 
Lambert Victor, wks Central Nursery, r E. Fair, nr Ceme- 
Lampkin Maria (c), wks Cotton Factory 
Lampkin Martha (c), wks Cotton Factory 
Lampkin Richard (c), fireman A-L. Ry 
Lampkin Robert (c), baker H. Karwisch, r rear 55 Luckie 
Lancey S. Herbert, with Savannah News, r 184 Gilmer 
Land Candis, wid J., r 58 Martin 
LandM. W., wks E. Haiman 
Land William J., analytical chemist, 25^ Peachtree, bds 

National Hotel 
Landauer Sigmund, elk E. Haiman, bds Walton, se cor 

Landers Carrie Miss, nurse L. E. Hamilton, r 86 Gilmer 
Landers Letitia, wid T., r 82 Terry 
Landers Louis, lab, r 82 Terry 

Landers Louisa, wid Bernard, r Humphries, nr Barracks av 
Landers Lucy J. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds Humph- 
ries, nr Barracks av 
Landers Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds Humphries, 

nr Barracks av 
Landers William F., lab, r 283 E. Fair 
Landis Solomon, patternmkr, 31^ S. Broad, r country 
Landrum Henry (c), driver Simons & Drummond, r rear 

45 W. Cain 
Landrum John N. (Hall & Landrum), r 41 Church 
Landrum Simon H., grocer, 54 Peachtree, r ss Church, 2d 

w of Spring 
Landrum Sylvanus P., elk S, H. Landrum, r 140 W.Baker 
Landrum Thomas, ws Cotton Factory, bds 180 Marietta 
Landrum W^alter (c), grocer, Tatnall, cor Markham 
Lane Edward (c), wks L. H. Hall, r rear 258 Washington 

BUSINESS me£ Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GPEE2QN ^^JieralReal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

LAX 3g2 LAN 

Lane Howard, grocer, Marietta, bey limits 

Lane H. M , elk Brock Bros 

Lane Joseph J., clli H. Karvvisch, r 20 James 

Lane Luther B., elk H. Lane, r Marietta, bey limits 

Lane Mary, wid William, r 1U2 Rhodes 

Lane Moses (c), porter H. V. Harrow 

Lane W B , elk, bds 228 \V. Fair 

Lang James T. (Morgan & Lang), bds 22| W. Mitchell 

Lang Jeptha A , carpenter Cook c*c Stewart, r Wheat, nr 

Lang Sophia Mrs., peamstress, r 283 N. Calhoun 
Langforcl John H., with Eiseman Bros., bds Wilson House 
Langford J. W., wIsE. Haiman, bds Wilson House 
Langford Sarah (c), cook, r 114 Walker 
Langford William G., r 252 Luckie 
Langley John B , constable, 16 Whitehall, r 136 Crew 
LANGSTON, CRANE & CO.(T. L. Langston, B. E. Crane, 
G. VV. Williams, Jr., G. I. Jones, S. F. Woodson), whol 
grocers, cotton factors and fertilizer dealers, 46 and 48 
E. Alabama. (See page 78) 
Langston David B., with Langston, Crane ct Co , r 46t^ E. 

Langston Edward, elk, bds 61 S Forsyth 
Langston Elijah W., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 29 Merritts av 
Langston Jeptha N., cattle trader, r 341 Peachtree 
Langston Thomas L. (Langston, Crane & Co.), r 195 Peach- 
Langston William J., engineer, r 27 Hull 
Langston William J. Jr., < Ik, bds 27 Hull 
Lanham Addie J. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 153 Walton 
Lanham James W., wks Cotton Factory, r 153 Walton 
Lanham Martha F. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 153 

Lanham William H., wks Cotton Factory, bds 153 Walton 
Lanier Almedia, wid W. P., r 97 Thompson 
Lanier Benjamin F., trainband W. & A. R. R , r 12 S. 

Lanier Jamts H., driver St. Ry, r 93 W. Peters 
Lanier Louis R., machinist Win^hip & Bro., r 414 E. Fair 
Lanier Simon (c), lab, r rear 27 W. Garnett 
Lanier Taliulah Miss, searastre?s, bds 282 Fort 
Lanier William, printer H. H. Dickson, bds 39 N. Forsyth 
Lanihan Mary Miss, domestic Markham House 

S. S. Specific 

Cures Rheumatism 



iHtJ^.*.^ Ji ^KJ ^^^Z2 W. T. WHjiJON. 14 W. Mllche U St. 

LAN 353 LAT 

Laaneau Basil M.. elk Ry. P. 0., 173 Crew 

Lannf*au Lula J. Miss, teacher Crew Street School, r 52 

McDon ugh 
Lansdale Jes-se. carpt^nter, r Savannah, ur limits 
Lansdell William A., bkkpr G. J. ifoward k Bro., r 144 

Lapping Elizabe'h G., wid Andrew, bds 90 Washington 
LaPrad Gomar (c , porter Mrs M. Dojde. r rear 15^ S. Broad 
Larabee Charles F., carpenter, bds 31 Ha\-den 
Larabee Edgar E , elk., bds 31 Havden 
Lard Eli B , conductor A. & W. P' R. R.. bds 185 Fillmore 
Lard Margaret A , wid T. J., r 185 Fillmore 
Lard Thomas C, wks Ga. R. R , r 7 Connally 
Lard Winfield E , wks Ferguson k Blount, r 15 X. Bell 
Larendon Walter S.. civil engineer, bds 170 E Hunter 
Larry C. Feltjn, student, bds 115^ Decatur 
Larsson Marie Mile., fashionable dressmkr, 39f Peachtree 
LaSalle Stephen B., baggrage master A-L. Ry 
Lasseter Andrew J , elk I. Bird, r 134 W. Baker 
Lasseter Belsora, wid Thomas W., r 60 Castleberry 
Lasspt^r Lucius (c), wks Elsa?;, May it Co.. r Decatur, nr 

Lasseter Shadrach (c). wks A L Ry. r Decatur, nr limits 
Lasseter Shadrach Jr {c), wks A-L Ry, r Decatur, nr 

Lassiler Georgia A., wid G. G.. bds 28 X.Calhoun 
Lessiter William (c), mason, r 232 Jones 
Latham Adam, shoerakr. 32 E. Alabama, r 126 Ellis 
Latham Adam (c), shoemkr, r rear 135 E. Cain 
Latham Elizabeth, wid George, r rear 46 Larkin 
Latham James drayman, r 46 Larkin 
Latham Jesse J., wo^d, es Whitehall, 2d n of Garnett, r 75 

Latham Joseph (c), porter D. S Gregory, r 40 W. Fair 
Litham Sophronia B., wid A. B.. r 889 Whitehall 
Lathrop Edward S. (Lathrop eV' Fain), r Deeaiur. Ga 
Lathrof) cV Fain (E. S. Lathrop and W. L Fain), carpets. 

oil cloths, etc , 46 Marietta 
Latimer Albert (c) drayman Broons ct Co , r 73 Richmond 
Latimer Alfred (cj. camlymkr F. E. Block, r 18 Frascr 
Latimer Charles, r Smith, nw cor Richardson 
Latimer Charles T., bds Smith, nw cor Richardson 
Latimer Elijah (c). (Latimer it Rogersj, r 114 Magazine 

n m "Ie^^JV"" ^li Piedmont Belt 

Jr TritVlT>'>n ^ ^' ■'^**'*™* St.,COAL, UME and CEMENT, Whol». 
• ^' **l**AwCfclJij sale & Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page 10(k 

LAT 354 LAW 

Latimer Lewis (c), lab, r ws Randolph, 4th n of Harris 
Latimer Nelson (c), wks Ga. R. R, r ws Randolph, 4th n 

of Harris 
Latimer & Rogers (c), (E. L. Latimer and John Rogers), 

blacksmiths, 142 Walton 
Latta Haywood (c), fireman A-L. Ry 
Lattimore Albert (c), driver J. R. Sims & Co 
Xattimore Elijah (c), blacksmith, r 114 Magazine 
Lattimore Nelson (c), painter, r 67 Richmond 
Lauderdale John V., asst surgeon U. S. A., r McPherson 

Law Alston M,, with J. Silvey & Co., bds 39 N. Pryor 
Law Atlanta L., wid R. S., r es Martin, 1st n of Love 
Law David S., bds 54 E. Simpson 
Law Frederick B., trav agt, bds 23 Ellis 
Law John (c), wks G. W. Hays, r 71 Ivy 
Lawhon Robert E., ship elk Kennesaw Mills Co., r 26 E. 

Lawless Edith, wid G. W., r ws Marietta, bey limits 
Lawless Frank, wks J. Noble, r rear 265 Marietta 
Lawless George W. Jr., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds ss Marietta, 

bey limits 
Lawless Henry, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds Marietta, bey limits 
Lawless John (c), lab, r 13 Ella 
Lawless William, with Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, bds 180 

S- Pryor 
Lawn Elias (c), lab, r rear 66 Chamberlain 
Lawrence Howell (c), lab, r 19 Hull 
Lawrence John DeT., elk Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, bds 87 

N. Calhoun 
Lawrence Joseph, elk, bds 15| S. Broad 
Lawrence Samuel, lawyer, r 87 N. Calhoun 
Lawrence Thomas, mer, r 7^ W. Mitchell 
Lawrence Willis (c), porter T. Lawrence, r 7^ W. Mitchell 
Lawshe Eliza, wid Lewis, r 77 Grenn's Ferry av 
LAWSHE ER, watches, clocks, optical goods and jewelry, 

47 Whitehall, r 150 Peach tree. (See front cover) 
Lawshe George P., wks T. S. Lewis, r 77 Green's Ferry av 
Lawshe John Z., student, bds ISOPeachtree 
Lawshe Robert E., elk P. G. Young, bds 77 Green's Ferry av 
Lawshe William P., with Er Lawshe, bds 150 Peachtree 
Lawson Albert (c), student, r 128 Elliott 
Lawson Cuthbert, canvasser Singer Mnfg. Co 


intJ^J.^ V a.K^ u^EEIS W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St 

LAW 355 LEE 

Lawson Jasper B., r 85 Alexander 

Lawson John (c), porter J. D. Mansfield, r rear 153 Mangum 
Lawson Joseph T. (Saul & Lawson), r 16 Markham 
Lawton James L., lawyer, 50v Decatur, bds 143 N. Calhoun 
Lawton James S. Dr., inspector of fertilizers, 29 S. Broad, 

bds 134 McDonough 
Lay David (c), grocer, 285 Fort, r 162 Howell 
Lay Joseph (c'l, lab, r 8 Green's Ferry av 
Lay Stephen D., (c), driver W. C Rockwell 
Lea William W. (Lynch & Lea), r 122 Simpson 
Leach Elijah G., carpenter, r 365 Decatur 
Leach James A , lab, bd^ 365 Decatur 
Leach Thomas W., wks Ga. Iron Wks., r rear ws Williams, 

1st 11 of Cox 
Leach William P., elk D. H. Dougherty, r 12 Orme 
Leak Harrison F. (Frierson & Leak), r 254 Whitehall 
Leak James H., brakeman W. & A. R. R., r 25 Cone 
Leak Laak T., pressman, r 14 Jennings al 
Leak John (c), carpenter, r 20 Pettis 
Leak John C.. student, bds 69 N. Collins 
Leak Mary Mrs., r 132 Rhodes 

Leak Thomas F., pressman B. F. Bennett, r 144 Whitehall 
Leamont John, carpenter, r 49 Powers 
Leary Augustus (c), porter W. E. Lively, r 257 Fraser 
Leary Claiborne M. (c), lab, r ws Fraser, 4th s of Crumley 
Leas Julius E., conductor Pullman Palace Car Co., bds 434 

E. Fair 
Lease John (c), drayman, r 11 Robbins 
Lechleidner Katharine, wid Louis, bds Hotel Weinmeister 
Ledbetter Emma Miss, seamstress, r 35 Trenholm 
Ledbetter Thomas, brickmason, r 93 W. Peters 
Lee Alfred (c), blacksmith, r 48 Parsons 
Lee Allan (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 41 Fulton 
Lee Andrew (c), carpenter, r 167 E. Baker 
Lee Anna (c), seamstress, r 17 EUa 

Lee Burrell (c), carpenter, r ws McDaniel, ne cor Crumley 
Lee Charles A., newsdealer, bds 149 S. Forsvth 
Lee Charles D., painter W. & A. R. R., bds' 79 W. Cain 
Lee Charles J., supt Ristine & May, bds 13 Williams 
Lee Columbus C, machinist E Haiman, bds 180 Marietta 
Lee Cynthia, wid Drewry, r 144 Fillmore 
Lee Cynthia (c), laundress, r 26 Fairlie 
Lee David J., carpenter, r 43 Rock 

Mu JSkt WAVii^MMViif Proim^tness Miy "Motto. 

LEE 356 L EN 

Lee Elizabeth B , wid J. F., bds 45 Rock 

Lee Elizabeth E., wid John, r es Pryor, 1st s of Crumley 

Lee Ella Miss, elk, bds 45 Rock 

Lee Frank D , elk J. C Kimball, r 144 Whitehall 

Lee George (c), restaurant, 130 Marietta 

Lee George W. (c), lab, r 2G7 Martin 

Lee James F., wks Liebermann & Kaufman, bds es S. Pryor, 

1st s of Crumley 
Lee Jesse M., grain broker, 6 Loyd, bds Kimball House 
Lee John F., blacksmith W. & A. R. R , r 94 McDonough 
Lee John W . carpenter A. W. Strauss, r 75 Rock 
Lee Joseph B., carpenter, bds 45 Rock 
Lee Louis A., elk H. Mozley, l ds 8^ W. Mitchell 
Lee Lucius (c), hackma-', r 110 Crew • 

Lee Mack (c), bootblack Kimball House, r 103 Walker 
Lee L N., painter St. R}' 
Lee Milo, blacki^mith, 117 W. Peters 
Lee Minnie Miss, cook I May, r 143 S. Pryor 
Lee Missouri, wid M D., r 154 N. Collins 
Lee Nannie C., widG. W., r 150 Decatur 
Lee Robert (c), barber A Hill 
Lee Robert (c), cook National Hotel 
Lee Robert (c), porter Paul Jones 
Lee R., molder Ga. Iron Wks 

Lee Sarah E., tailoress John O'Donnelly, bds 149 S.Forsyth 
Lee Seaborn (c), plasterer, r rear 110 Pine 
Lee Thomas, slater, r 30 Foster 
Lee Warren (c), (Nolly & Lee), r Garnett, nw cor Irwin, 

W. E 
Lee Washington (c), butler A. E. Buck, r 280 Fort 
Leech G. W., wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Legg John B. Z , with J. D. & T. F. Smith, r 233 W. Fair 
Leggin Margaret (c), seamstress, r ss Cain, 2d sw of Church 
Legue William, barber J. C. Thurman, r 202^ Marietta 
Leiglc William, wks W. U. Tel Co., bds 133 E. Hunter 
Lemke Charles M., foreman D. Morgan, r 161 W. Foundry 
Lemkc Frtdt-rick, harnessmkr D. Morgan, r 160 Hayne 
Lemmon Matthew L , painter, r 21 N. Bell 
Lemons Burton (c), wks Winship & Bro., r 13 Terry 
Bemons L., paint^^r St Ry 
Len^a Peter, cl < J. Keely, r 64 Whitehall 
Lenfestey A. S., grocer and broom mnfr, 48 Decalur, r Edge- 

wood, Ga 




• Hl.J-'A^ V AKi^ ^^.^7=> W. T. WILSON. 14 W. MltcheU 8W 

LEO 357 LEW 

LEO GUST AYE E., architect, 35^ E. Alabama. (See p 85) 
Leonard George (c), driver Moore, Marsh & Co., r 117 

LEONARD GEORGE W., agt The Singer Mnfg Co,, 42 

Marietta, r 222 E. Harris 
LEONARD HENRY C, asst cashier Citizens' Bank of Ga., 

r 46 Houston 
Leonard Lemuel (c), porter W. R. Phillips & Co., r 64 E. 

Leonard Robert (c), driver G. T. Eubanks, r ss Lowe's al, 

4th w of Walker 
LeRoy Lee (c), porter C. Brown 
Leslie Claxton (c), lab, r 61 Hightower 
Leslie Frank, printer H. H. Dickson, bds 51 Ivy 
Leslie Humphrey (c), lab, r 61 Hightower 
Leslie Tolbert (c), carpenter, r 28 Dairy 
Leslie Warren (c), lab, r 61 Hightower 
Lester Charles (c), drayman, r Elm, nr limits 
Lester Charles (c), lab, r Parsons, nr limits 
Lester German M., machinist, r 182 Fair 
Lester Isaac B., elk F. E. Block, bds 98 Davis 
Lester James S., coal dealer, r 48 Bartow 
Lester J. Frank, with Phillips & Crew, bds Ballard's Res- 
Lester Narcissa H., wid J. M., r 26 Castleberry 
Lester Sarah A., wid Harrison, bds 22 Foster 
Lester Shadrach (c), driver A-L. Ry 
Lester Shadrach Jr. (c), driver A-L. Ry 
Lester Sylvester, printer E. I^. Winham, r 140 W. Fair 
Lester Thomas A., elk Ry P. 0., bds Q>^ Marietta 
Lester William H., engineer W. &l A. R. R 
Lester William H. Jr., fireman W. & A. R. R., bds W. & 

A. R. R., 2d w of Spring 
LeSueur Joseph A., contractor, 59 Marietta, r 79 N. Butler 
Lavere John (c), wks 0. A. Smith 

Lever John C, wks Cotton Factory, bds 202^ Marietta 
Leverett Madison, gardener, r 48 Plumphries 
Levison Sarah, wid G. R., r 51 E. Harris 
Lewis Alexander (c), driver A-L. Rv, r 73 Hilliard 
Lewis Bethena, wid James, bds 53 E. Mitchell 
Lewis Charles B., wks Longley & Robinson, r 262 Decatur 
Lewis Colonel (c), wks Stmr No. 3, r 108 Luckie 
Lewis Curtis, r 158 Peachtree 

IvENTRACK vli Piedmout Air-Line^ 


Telephone ^' ^' ^^^^A^^' ^^ ^- -A-Iabama St.. for COAL of 

\r^ any kind. Blacksmith's Coal a snecialtv. SeenaEoloa 

LEW 358 Lie 

Lewis Edmund (c), wks W. H. Howell, r rear 421 Peach- 
Lewis Elbert, elk, bds 149 Jackson 
Lewis Ephraira (c), sawyer, r 87 Hayne 
Lewis Frederick, baker, bds 77 Decatur 
Lewis George (c), coachman, r rear 322 Peachtree 
Lewis George (c), cook, r 137 Markham 
Lewis George (c), wks B. F. Jones, r 22^ Decatur 
Lewis George (c), wks 0. A. Smith, r Means, nr limits 
Lewis George (c), wks Winship & Bro 
Lewis George T., elk Pvy P. 0., bds 79 Loyd 
Lewis George W., fireman W. & A. R. R., r 389 Marietta 
Lewis Harriet (c), laundress, r Hilliard, nr limits 
Lewis Henry (c), lab, r rear 62 Ellis 
Lewis Henry, propr Atlanta Flouring Mills, 35 and 37 

Thompson, r 810 Whitehall 
Lewis Isham (c), porter Gate City Nat. Bank, r 81 Hoge 
Lewis James (c), wks 0. A. Smith 
Lewis John (c), porter, r 103 Rhodes 

Lewns John W., machinist, r ns Alexander, 1st e of Mari- 
Lewis Mary, wid John, r 317 E. Fair 

Lewis Norman (c), porter L. D. Adams, r rear 106 North av 
Lewis Oliver (c), barber, r rear 84 Nelson 
Lewis Peter (c), lab, r 73 Bradley 

Lewis Pickens R., carpenter W. & A. R. R., bds 95 Walton 
Lewis Samuel (c),lab, r ss Baugh, 2d w of Lee, W. E 
Lewis Samuel (c), porter T. S. Powell, r rear 89 S. Pryor 
Lewis Thomas (c), lab, r 181 Ellis 
LEWIS THOMAS S., whol cracker mnfr and confectioner, 

54 to 62 E. Alabama, r 27 Cooper. (See page 87) 
Lewis William (c), barber 172 W. Peters, r 22 Bradbury 
Lewis William (c), porter Nat. Surg. Inst 
Lewis William J., trav agt, bds Adams House 
Lewis Willis (c), lab, r Peachtree, nw cor Fifth 
Leyden Austin, broker, 12 E. Wall, r 124 Peachtree 
Leyden Claude L., student, bds 118 Peachtree 
Lej'den William H., bkkpr J. C. Kimball, bds 124 Peach- 
Lichtenstadt Maurice L., physician, (homeo), 1 Whitehall, 

r 175 E. Hunter 
Lichtenstadt Melvin L., elk A. & W. P. R. R., r 175 E. 

TCT'S'TT'B ^T'TC* never FAILS TO relieve PAIM. 


[ItitM^^A. '¥ a.KJ ^u-e:I3 W, T. WILSON, U W. Mitchell St 

LID 359 lIt " 

Liddell Daniel W., dairyman, r Pearl, nr limits 
Liddell John B., physician, 202 Marietta, 70 Ivy 
Lieberraan Leon (Lieberman & Kaufman), r 51 W. Gar- 

Lieberman Marie A., wid Emanuel, r 57 E. Peters 
Lieberman & Kaufman (L. Lieberman and D. Kaufman), 

trunk mnfrs, 92 Whitehall 
Liebman Isaac, trav agt, r o Castleberry 
Lightheart Richard, elk J. M. Jones, r 2S8 Marietta 
Ligon Fannie F., wid Henry, r 223 N. Calhoun 
Ligon William W., with Crane, Boylston & Co., bds 13 E. 

Linard Georgia Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Linch Giles C, elk H. Linch, r 312 Decatur 
Linch Hezekiah, junk and butcher, 128 and 130 Marietta, 

r 108 Decatur 
LINCH see also LYNCH 

Lindenberg William, watchmkr and jeweler, 185 W. Peters 
Lindley Alfred (c), lab, r ss Little, 1st e of Martin 
Lindlev Augusfus H., with Pemberton, Pullam & Co., bds 

135 W. Mitchell 
Lindley Moses (c), mason, r 15 S. Butler 
Lindsey Edmund (c), lab, r ns W. Hunter, bey limits 
Lindsey Jacob (c), lab, r ns W. Hunter, bey limits 
Lindsey Susan, wid J. T., bds 77 N. Collins 
Lines Warner, cabinetmkr J. H. Gavan 
Lingenfeltzer William, bds 278 N. Calhoun 
Link James A., dentist. 63 Whitehall, r 171: Crew 
Lipes Moses, contractor and builder, 51 Peachtree, r 14 N. 

Lipes Thomas D., carpenter M. Lipes, bds 95 Walton 
Lippmann Annie Miss, wks Ristine & May, bds 44 Maga- 
Lippmann Barbara, wid Andrew, r 44 Magazine 
Lippmann George H., finisher Ristine & May, bds 44 Mag- 
Lippmann Matilda Miss, wks Elsas,May Co., &bds 44 Mag- 
Lippmann Victoria Miss, wks Ristine & May, bds 44 Mag- 
Lipscomb John (c), driver D. N. Speer, r rear 227 Rawson 
Lironi Henry H. C. B., tailor L. H. Clarke, r 39^ Whitehall 
Little Caroline J. G., wid Benjamin, bds ss Lowe, 1st e of 

'fjJ^K^T^ME via Piedmont Air-Line 

E M CtREESON General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

M« M*m MAWMMWV^If Promptness My Mottot 

LIT 360 LOG 

Little Clarence L., with Crane, Boylston & Co., bds 72 Ma- 
Little Edgar G., grocer, r 111 Green's Ferry av 
Little Enoch (c), lab, r 116 Ellis 

Little George Dr , State Geologist, r 260 W. Peachtree 
Little Howard (c), shoemkr J. J. Wright, r 17 W. Collins 
Little John (c), wks J. G. Thrower, r terminus of Rock 
Little Joseph (c), wks R. H. Knapp, r ws McDonough, 1st 

n of Little 
Little Thomas, bds 161 Marietta 
Little Susan E. Mrs., r 161 Marietta 
Little William W., elk J. Ryan, bds 74 E. Hunter 
Littlejohn Doctor (c), wks J. K. McGaughey, 97 Whitehall 
Littlejohn Frederick (c), lab, r 93 Rock 
Littlejohn William (c), hostler, r 93 Rock 
Litton Charles P., printer J. P, Harrison & Co., bds 116 S. 

Lively Jane (c), laundress, r 141 Magazine 
Lively John W., mail clerk Constitution, bds 316 White- 
Lively Joseph B., printer Constitution, r 62 Hood 
Lively Lemuel B., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., r 59 Hood 
Lively W^illiam E., grocer, 222 Fraser, r ws Crew, s of 

Lively William M. Rev., r 59 Hood 
Livingston Jackson (c), brickmason, r 165 Fort 
Lloyd John (c), lab, r 88 Merritt's av 
Lochrane Elgin, bds 342 Peachtree 
Lochrane Osborne A., lawyer, r 342 Peachtree 
Lochre}'- James, dye works, 45 E. Hunter, r 47 E. Hunter 
Locke Arthur H , with S. M, Inman & Co , r PuUiam, ne 

cor Jones 
Locke Sarah H , wid E. H.. bds Pulliam, ne cor Jones 
Lockett Henry (c), lab, r 146 Ga. R. R 
Lockett Joseph (c). wks J. S. Morris & Son 
Lockett Taylor B (c), waiter D. W. Allen 
Lockett West (c), lab, r51 Joiner 

Lockhart Arthur, painter W. & A. R. R., r 35 Magazine 
Lockhart Columbus (c), helper Ga. Iron Wks, r ns Harris, 

3d e of Calhoun 
Lockhart Joseph (c), sawyer, r 208 Mangum 
Lockhart Richard H., grocer, r 51 W. Cain 
Lockhart Robert M., elk, bds 51 W. Cain 


theDAVIS "MS^^" sewing machine 

IHbA^AAi H J.KJ FEED W. T. WILSON. 14 W . Mitchell St 

LOG 361 LO>r ' 

Lockhart Taylor (c), porter, r rear 55 Luckie 

Lockman D. C. conductor A -L. Ry, r Charlotte, N. C 

Lockwell Lent, wkf Cook & St-wart 

Loeffler Augustus C, blacksmith E. Haiman, bds 23 Bush 

Loew Leopold, watches, clocks, etc., 60 Whitehall, r 13 W. 

Loftin Dennis (c), lab, r 14 Chapel 
Loftin Robert (c), drayman, r 25 Rock 
Loftin Stephen (c), bricklayer Lynch & Lea 
Loftin William (c), wks J. Perdue 

Loftis Artemisia, wid J. P., r ns Mayson Ferry rd, Bell- 
Loftis James A., saloon, ws Marietta, nr Ferry 
Loftis John L., messenger, bds ns Mason Ferry rd, Bell- 
Loftis William P^ elk J. A. Loftis, bds ns Mayson Ferry 

rd, Bell wood 
Lofton William H., dep elk U. S Dist. Court, r 46 Ellis 
Logan Anderson R , with T. M. Clarke & Co., bds 170 E. 

Logan Anna (c), laundress, r 142 Crowell 
Logan Delia B. Mrs., teacher Girls' High School, r 170 E. 

Logan Frank (c), driver 0. A. Smith, r rear 151 Thompson 
Logan Frank K. (Logan & Co.), bds 51 Houston 
Logan George W., farmer, r Grant, nr Glenn 
Logan Isham (c), carpenter, r 1 Jennings al 
Logan James L., wild land dealer, 36i E. Alabama, r 51 

Logan James L. Jr., with T. M.Clarke & Co , bds 51 Houston 
Logan Jobn H., physician, r 425 Whitehall 
LOGAN JOSEPH P., physician, 49 Washington 
Logan Samuel (c), waiter Kimball House, r 50 Hilliard 
Logan William W., jeweler, bds 425 W^hitehall 

Logan & Co. (F. R. Logan & ), grain and flour, 36| E. 

Logue George M , driver City R. R., bds Decatur, nr limits 
Loisseau Leon, watchman Markham House, r Opera House 
Lollis George, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Lonas Charles (c), porter W. & W. Mnfg Co 
Long Andrew, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Long Berry, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 27 Corput 
Long George, harnessmkr J. L. Johnson, r E. Harris, cor 

Peerless, Yetr^Rjfute, Piedmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL- 

LON 362 LOV 

Long Griggs (c), lab, r ns Wells, 2d w of Holland 

Long Hiram, elk, bds rear 354 W. Peachtree 

Long James A., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 23 Ellis 

Long John A., machinist W. & A, R. R., r 169 Luckie 

Long Joseph A., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 614 Marietta 

Long John P., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 614 Marietta 

Long Mary B., widow Hiram, r rear 354 W. Peachtree 

Long Nancy, wid L., bds 10 Spring 

Long P. J., blacksmith Ga. Iron Wks 

Long Robert (c), waiter A. H. Moore, r rear 67 W. Harris 

Long Samuel, shoemkr, bds 223 E. Fair 

Long Sarah, wid J. A., bds 23 Ellis 

Long Sarah, wid John, r Calhoun, ne cor Pine 

Long Theodocia T. Mrs., grocer, 169 Luckie 

Long "Bimothy (c), drayman Chess, Carley & Co., r 108 

Long William A., elk D. H. Dougherty, r 23 Ellis 
Long William J., elk C. M, Morris, r ns Decatur, nr 

Longan E. W. Mrs., teacher Summer Hill School, r 227 S. 

Longhee David B., fireman A-L. Ry., r 123 McDaniel 
Longley Benjamin F. (Longley & Robinson), r 97 N. Cal- 
Longley & Robinson (B. F. Longley and Isaac Robinson), 

planing mill, Butler, se cor Gilmer 
Loomis Carrie H. Miss, teacher Atlanta University 
Looney Frank M., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 125 W. Baker 
Looney Mattie Mrs., cook L. P. Grant, r rear Grant, nr 

Lord George (c), gardener, r rear 117 S. Pryor 
Lorentz & Rittler (Bernhard A. Lorentz, Geo. I. Bechtel.and 

Wm. H. Rittler), of Baltimore, guano mnfrs, 40 S. Broad 
Lot Jeremiah (c), lab, r rear 84 Nelson 
Lother Elizabeth, wid John, r 37 N. Calhoun 
Lother Margaret, wid William, r 247 E. Fair 
Lother William P., stonemason, r 36 N. Calhoun 
Love Bunnie Miss, teacher Walker Street School, bds 38 N. 

Love David G., machinist, r 157 Decatur 
Love Doctor (c), baker r 75 Tatnall 
Love Jordan (c), bricklayer, r 125 N. Collins 
Love Jordan (c), porter C. Fay 


And Never Fails to Cure. 


IHtJ-'Xa. V O-KJ E^EBX) w. T. WILSON, M W. MitcheU St. 

LOV 363 LOW 

Love Joseph L., with Wheeler & Wilson Mnfg Co., hds 38 

N. Forsyth 
Love Marshall L., carrier Constitution, bds 38 N. Forsyth 
Love Thomas D., student, bds 3S N. Forsyth 
Love "William, machinist, bds 157 Decatur 
LOVE WILLIAM ABRA3I, physician women and chil- 
dren's diseases, 38 and 40 N. Forsyth 
Love William A. Jr., fireman A. & W. P. R. R., bds 38 N. 

Lovejoy Edward B., liquors, 56 Peachtree, bds 33 N. Forsyth 
Lovejoy Emory W. (Lovejoy &, Pitchford), bds 86 Ivy 
Lovejoy John H., trav agt Cox, Hill & Thompson, r 86 Ivy 
Lovejov John H. Jr., elk J. E. Johnston k Co.. r 86 Ivv 
Lovejoy & Pitchford (E. W. Lovejoy and D. E. Pitchford), 

books and stationery, 13 Peachtree 
Lovelace Harrison (c), porter J. J. Richards, r rear 207 

Lovelace Philip, elk M. Rich i: Bro 
Loveless Catherine E. B.. wid J. B., r 62^ S. Pryor 
Loveless Elizabeth, wid James R., r 2 Newton 
Loveless Joseph W., fireman W. & A. R. R., bds 2 Newton 
Loveless William, watchman, bds 2 Newton 
Lovett George (c), barber, r rear 56 Gilmer 
Lovett Warren P., liquors, bds 72 Marietta 
Lovette John, route agt Sou. Exp. Co., r 86 Mangum 
Lovette Thomas F., elk Sou. Exp. Co.. bds 86 Mangum 
Loving Abraham, painter L. H. Hall tfc Co., bds 111 Ma- 
Low George (c), broommkr Stewart & Fain 
Low James H. Jr., elk T. M. Clarke & Co., bds 183 Mc- 
Low John (c), wks D. W. Allen 

Lowe George W.. grocer, 33 W. Mitchell, r 125 Nelson 
Lowe Isabella, wid M . bds 82 Simpson 
Lowe James M., elk T. J. Lowe & Bro., bds 35 W. Mitchell 
Lowe John D. (T. J. Lowe & Bro.;, r 174 W. Foundry 
Lowe Lincoln (c), porter Southern Hotel, r rear 541 De- 
Lowe Thomas J. (T. J. Lowe k Bro. >, r country 
Lowe T. J. & Bro. (T. J. and J. S. Lowe), whol grocers, 35 

W. Mitchell 
Lowe William, produce, 31 W. Mitchell 
Lowe William B., capitalist, r 186 W. Peters 

"•coAcTs' via Pxedmont Air-Liae 

E Hf fjPE'ESQN ^s-2r*lSsal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

Ma Mka WAwUJ^WWJi^) Promptness Miy IVIotto. 

LOW 364 LUM 

Lowndes George S., tobacco broker, 33| Whitehall, bds 148 

Lowry George P., with Beck, Gregg & Co., r 72 Wheat 

Xiowr}^ James C , shoemkr, r 107 Decatur 

Lowry John G., elk Markham House 

LOWRY ROBERT J. (W. M. k E. J. Lowry), bds Mark- 
ham House 

Lowry William M. (W". M. &R. J. Lowry), r Peachtree, ne 
cor B3,KGr 

lOWRY ^\. M. & R. J. (Wm. M. and Robert J. Lowry), 
bankers, 69 E. Alabama 

Loyd Benjamin S. (Lovd & Bro.), r llOh Marietta 

Loyd Calvin L. (Loyd & Bro.), r 110^ M'arietta 

Lo3'd James W., 14 Marietta, r Luckie, ne cor Forsyth 

Loyd John H., 14 Marietta, r 26 Luckie 

Loyd Lizzie (c), laundress, r 18 Sugar al 

Loyd P., trav agt, bds Collier House 

Loyd Street M E. Church (c), Loyd, nw cor Hunter 

Loyd & Bro. (C. L. and B. S. Loyd), candy mnfrs, 83 White- 

Loyless William A , elk Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, bds 180 
S. Pryor 

Lucas Charles, conductor, r 118 Decatur 

Luckie Charles (c), student, r ws Hilliard, 2d n of Harris 

Lucas Charlotte, (c), cook, r 39 Chapel 

Luckie Eugeniu? S., farmer, r 155 North av 

Luckie Frank (c), gardener, r es Reed, 1st s of Glenn 

Luckie Henry (c), carpenter, r ws Hilliard, 3d n of Harris 

Luckie John (c), wks M. Calhoun 

Luckie John (c), wks Mrs. M. A. Woodson, r 8 Gate City 

Luckie Parmelia F., wid Alexander, bds 155 North av 

Luckie William D , teller Mer. Bank, r 179 E. Fair 

Luddy Mary Mrs , cook Mrs. M. A. Hammond, r rear 226 

Lumpkin Abraham (c), porter Hotel Weinmeister 

Lumpkin Berry (c), shoemkr 80 N. Forsyth, r 73 Terry 

Lumpkin Eldred S., elk Musb, Swift & Dallas, r Eraser, cor 

Lumpkin Jacob (c), porter F. W. Mangum, r ws Hilliard, 
2d s of Hightower 

Lumpkin Jeremiah (c). fireman A-L. Ry 

Lumpkin Joseph T., agricultural editor Constitution, bds 
72 Marietta 

i^ JCj %J MX\J jL.Mi\j iisr 5 TO lO X^INXTTESS 


'Hb-J^AAi ¥ J.KJ X'EED -^ r. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St, 

LUM 365 LYN " 

Lumpkin Levi (c), lab, r rear 214 Decatur 

Lumpkin Peddraza (Lumpkin & Sahli), r Houston, sw cor 

Lumpkin Randall (c). wks J. C. Kimball, r 65 Wheat 
Lumpkin Thomas, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 11 Beckwith 
Lumphin William (c), porter, r 34 Holland 
Lumpkin William S., physician, Little, se cor Fraser 
Lumpkin Willoughby W., bds 33 N. Forsyth 
Lumpkin & Sahli, (P. Lumpkin and G. Sable), grocers, 40 

N. Butler 
Lunsdon Alfred (c), waiter, Kimball House 
Luster Alexander Rev. (c), r 42 Terry 
Lyle Jacob (c), wks W. L. Fenley, r 75 Pryor 
Lyle John (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Lyman Thomas (c), lab, r ns Jones al, w of W. & A. R. R 
Lyman Hugh, elk I. S. Mitchell, bds E. Hunter 
Lyman Maria wid James, r 50 E. Hunter 
Lynch Charles F., printer H. H. Dick.son, r 6 W. Brotherton 
Lynch Charles G , wks E Haiman, bds 81 Forrest av 
Lynch Bridget, wid Patrick, r 66 N. Col'.ins 
Lynch Ella, wid Ow^en, r 111 E. Hunter 
Lynch Eugene T., wks W. & A R R., bds 111 E. Hunter 
Lynch Hugh, stonecutter, r ns Pine, nw cor Calhoun 
Lynch James, mer, r 12 Gilmer 
Lynch James Jr., elk 66 Whitehall, r 12 Gilmer 
Lynch James C, machinist W. & A. R. R., bds 111 E. 

Lynch James E., foreman P. Lynch, r 93 Jones av 
Jynch James F., elk Lynch & Thornton, bds 58 N. Butler 
LYNCH JERRY, merchant tailor, 8 Whitehall, bds Kim- 
ball House. (See back cover.) 
Lynch John, wks Ga. R. R., bds 111 Marietta 
Lynch John J., grocer, 44 Decatur, bds 12 Gilmer 
Lynch John T., cutter J. Lynch, bds Kimball House 
Lynch John T., policeman, bds 81 Forrest av 
Lynch Joseph, blacksmith A. T. Finney 
Lynch Martha, wid James G., bds 6 W. Brotherton 
Lynch Mary (c), laundress, r 120 Hayne 
Lynch Mary A., wid W. Patrick, bds 153 Mangum 
Lynch Michael (Lynch & Thornton), r 58 X. Butler 
Lynch Patrick (Lynch & Lea), and stone dealer and brick 

mnfr, terminus of Rock, r 71 VV". Simpson 
Lynch Patrick H , cutter J. Lynch, bds National Hotel 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


Hi Ni HltTt«IIBB| 56 East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

LYN 366 McA 

LYNCH PETER, liquors, groceries and harness, 95 White- 
hall and 7 W. Mitchell, r 56 E. Peters 

Lynch Robert (c), bricklayer, r rear Dairy, 2d w of Peach- 

Lynch Thomas, stonecutter, r 81 Forrest av 

Lynch & Lea (Pat Lynch and W, W. Lea), contractors, 12 

LYNCH & THORNTON (Michael Lynch and E. H. Thorn- 
ton), booksellers and stationers, 5 Whitehall, Centen- 
nial Bldg 

LYNCH see also LINCH 

Lynes Timothy D., broker, r 73 Garnett 

Lynn Eliza (c), grocer, Jennings al, se cor Rawson 

Lynn Frank (c), wks T. Schumann, r 63 Hayne 

Lyon Agnes (c), laundress, r 187 N. Calhoun 

Lyon B. Mrs., milliner, 66 Whitehall, r 189 Whitehall 

Lyon James F., broker, 40 S. Broad 

Lyon John A., carpenter Winship & Bro 

Lyon John J., policeman, r 39^ Peachtree 

Lyon Lindsay (c), wks W. S. Wilson & Bro., r 71 GuUatt 

Lyon Thomas H., student, bds 61 Marietta 

Lyon Washington (c), porter Kimball House, r 220 Jones 

Lyon William M , contractor, r 31 Magazine 

Lyons Addie D. Mrs., bds 27 Gilmer 

Lyons Ella Miss, with Miss M. C. Patch, bds 209 E. Fair 

Lyons George (c), porter A. J. Mashburn, r rear 198 Peach- 

Lyons Julia F. Miss, with Miss M. C. Patch, bds 209 E. 

Lyons Mary, wid J., r 209 E. Fair 

Lyons Nora M. Miss, with Miss M. C. Patch, bds 209 E. 

Lyons Walter (c), waiter Markham House, r 15 Fraser 

Lytton William, student, bds 116 S. Forsyth 

llf cAFEE BENJAMIN F., trav agt, his Alexander, sw 

■^'■*- cor Fowler 

McAfee Charlotte (c), laundress, r 25 Green's Ferry av 

McAfee Henry (c), r 243 Wheat 

McAfee James M., with J. Silvey & Co., r Alexander, sw 

cor Fowler 
McAfee Jerome M. (Hulsey & McAfee), r Lawton, 1st s of 

Gordon, W. E 



IHtJ^AA W ^KJ X'EED W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MltcheU St. 

McA 367 McC 

McAfee Jesse (c), lab, r 81 Green's Ferry av 
McAfee J. M., elk, bds Lawton, 1st s of Gordon, W. E 
McAfee Thomas W., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r Hayden, se cor 

McAfee William W., contractor and builder, 27 Whitehall, 

r 152 S. Pryor 
McAlister Charles C, with Jack & Holland, r Conyers, Ga 
McAlister William E., adjuster Singer Mnfg Co., r 185 

McAllister Archibald, stone cutter, bds 214 E. Hunter 
McAllister James I., wks Longley & Robinson, r 182 Luckie 
McAllister John M., auditor Railroad Clearing House, Union 

Depot, r 40 Gartrell 
McAllister Laura Miss, seamstress J. W. Goldsmith, 36 W. 

McArdle C. E., cornicemkr Stewart & Fain 
McArthur John, bkkpr, bds 89 S. Pryor 
McArthur Thomas W., elk, r 146 S. Pryor 
McBean Alexander, student, bds 39 X. Pryor 
McBride Andrew J. (McBride & Co.), r 248 Washington 
McBride Jane Mrs., housekpr Wm. Erskine, r 126 Mc- 

McBride Samuel L. (McBride & Co.), r 56 Cooper 
McBRIDE & CO. (A. J. and S. L. McBride and R. C. John- 
son), whol crockery and glassware, 11 and 13 N. Pryor, 

and show case mnfrs, 43 Foster 
McBurney Manderson, bkkpr W. & W. Mnfg Co., r 69i 

McCall James B., wks Cook & Stewart 
McCALLABROS. (W. E. and C. W. McCalla), boots, shoes 

and furnishing goods, 8 Whitehall 
McCalla Clarence W. (McCalla Bros.), bds 17 Wheat 
McCalla Frank H., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 17 WHieat 
McCalla M. Fletcher, elk II. P. Kenned}^ bds 17 Wheat 
McCalla Walter E. (McCalla Bros.), bds 17 Wheat 
McCallig Patrick, pedler, r 60 Gilmer 
McCallum William B., 1st lieut. 5th Art., r McPherson 

McCandless Edward S., cashier Gate City National Bank, 

r 383 Peachtree 
McCandless Fannie D. Miss, teacher, bds 383 Peachtree 
McCandless Sidney C. (B. Woodward & Co.), r 383 Peachtree 
McCandless Thomas P., pass agt A. & N. 0. Short Line, 

Union Depot, r 20 E. Alabama 

busineIsmeit! Piedmont. Air-Line 

E M GRT!l!!?!0'Nr General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

Ad, AYA, WT^^ aagWJN, Promptness JMly M:otto> 

McC ~~368 McO 

McCann Charles (c), painter, r Howell, nr limits 

McCann John (c), lab, r 186 E. Harris 

McCants Joseph (c), porter Winter & Brown, r 246 Wheat 

McCarter Jacob (c), cook Markham House 

McCarter James, elk M. T. Goodman, bds 67 S. Broad 

McCarter John, wks Winship & Bro 

McCarter William, wks W. S. Withers, bds 65 Foundry 

McCarthy Lula, wid M., r ns Harris, 1st e of Randolph 

McCarthy Madison, lab, bds ns Harris, 1st e of Randolph 

McCarthy Oliver (c), drayman, r 89| Whitehall 

McCartney James, foreman F. E. Block 

McCarty George W , with Adair & Bro., bds 91 Crew 

McCarty Honora Mrs., grocer, 40 W, Foundry 

McCart}"- James D., witli Adair & Bro., r 91 Crew 

McCarthy James H., physician, bds 56 N. Butler 

McCarthy Samuel (c), driver W. S. Wilson 

McCarthy Thomas, poster Mrs. G. J. Johnston 

McCarver Wilson, (c), roofer, r 188 Harris 

McCauley William, wks Cotton Factory, bds 112 Luckie 

McCay Henry K. (McCay & Abbott), bds Markham House 

McCay Thomas L., machinist W. & A. R. R , r436 Rhodes 

McCAY & ABBOTT, (Henry K. McCay and Benjamin F. 

Abbott), lawyers, 7^ Whitehall 
McCAY see also McCOY 

McClain John («), wks J. H. Mathews, r 134 Ellis 
McClain William H., grocer 133 N. Calhoun 
McCLAIN see also McLEAN 
McClairin John (c), drayman, r 157 W. Peters 
McClellan Cyrus J., stewart Markham House 
McClellan Ella Miss, nurse, r Chapel, nr Barracks av 
McClellan James, lab, r 213 W. Harris 
McClellan Sarah E., wid William, r 82 Simpson 
McClellan Walter J., trav agt, r 259 S. Forsyth 
McClelland John M., with Jack & Holland 
McClendon Jessie L., carpenter Traynham & Ray, r 194 

McClendon John J., bds 164 S. Pryor 
McCloddy Samuel (c), driver, r es al, n of Emma, w of 

Lambert, Bellwood 
McColgan, Charles, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds Pine, se cor 

McColgan Eugene, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
McColgan Mary Mrs., boarding, 116 S. Forsyth 

SS ST^Ar^lf^r^ Cnres Rheumatism 


' HLJ^ AA If J.N^ FEED yf^ T_ WILSON. 14 W. Mlt cheU St. 

McC 369 McC 

McColgaii William E., bds 116 S. Forsyth " 

McCollough Abraham (c), lunch room, 109 W. Peters, r 54 

C. 11. R 
McCollough Lotta (c), seamstress, r 30 Bradburry 
McCoUum Kosa L. Mrs., boarding, r 25 Yonge 
McCombs Annie Miss, domestic Kimball House 
McCombs Calvin (c), lab, r E. Hunter, e of Fort 
McCombs Columbus (c),basketmkr, r 32 Biggers 
McCombs William (c), drayman, r 4 George 
McConathy James H., with B. F. Avery & Son, bds Mark- 
ham House 
McConathy Robert (c), wks P. & G. T. Todd & Co., r 61 Hoge 
McConnell Belle Miss, teacher Marietta St. School, bds 

47 W. Cain 
McConntll Howard J., carpenter W. & A. R. R, r 79 W. 

McConnell Tobias (c) lab, r Cooper, nw cor Richardson 
McConnell William, millwright, r 47 W. Cain 
McCool James A., conductor A-L. Ry, r East Point 
McCorcle Frank, trainband A. L. Ry 
McCord John C , wks Cotton Factory, bds 19 Orme 
McCord Robert G., elk J. C. & I. Daniel, bds 324 Houston 
McCorkle Matthew B., painter Curtis & Weitzel, r 33 

McCormack Annie Miss, wks F. M. Jack, bds 259 Marietta 
McCormack James, wks National Hotel, bds 70A Whitehall 
McCown Charles, wks L. H. Hall & Co., r 11 Newton 
McCowa Ebenezer P., painter W. & A. R. R., r 39 W. Foun- 
McCown George R , painter A-L. Ry, r 53 S. Broad 
McCown Henry, foreman E. Van Winkle & Co 
McCown Joseph H , machinist, r 64 Thurmond 
McCown Robert W., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 263 Peach- 
McCoy Aaron (c), porfer W. J. Ballard, r 74 Gilmer 
McCoy Aaron (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r Peters, 1st n of 

Gordon, W. E 
McCoy Belle Mrs., wks Cotton Factory 
McCoy John, wks Cotton Factory 
McCoy Joseph W., wks Lynch & Lea, r 95 Rock 
McCoy Nancy, wid, r 22 Simpson 

McCoy Robert (c), porter Brockett & Harris, r 447 E. Fair 
McCoy Samuel (c), blacksmith Winship & Bro., r rear 57 

THE EDEN «|e«|##™ til Piedmont Belt 

JC TTlwT^fln ^ ^' -^^^"^ ®*-« *'°**-» '■'"*^ *""• CEMENT, Whol*. 
■ ^* ****BU«»l*j salodc Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page VXk 

McC 370 McD 

McCoy Simeon (c), wks H. A. Agricola 
McCoy William (c), lab, r 201 Fillmore 
McCoy William Jr. (c), lab 191 Fillmore 
McCoy William H., with Pemberton,Pulliam &Co., bds 33 
N, Forsyth 

McCoy , woodwkr Cook & Stewart, r 9 Newton 

McCOY see also McC AY and McKOY 
McCrary Charles J., engineer W. & A. R. R., r 41 W. Simp- 
McCrary James, lamplighter, bds 15 Bailey 
McCrary John, lamplighter, bds 15 Bailey 
McCrary John W., policeman, r 15 Bailey 
McCrary Mastin P., engineer W, & A. R. R., r 7 Rock 
McCrary William H., mer, r 31 E. Peachtree 
McCrary William P., elk, bds 15 Bailey 
McCravy George B. (McCray & Bro.), r 14 Strong 
McCravy Isaiah B. (McCravy & Bro), r 85^ Whitehall 
McCravy & Bro. (G. B. and I. B. McCravy), grocers, 116 

McCray Alexander (c), shoemkr, r es Reed, 1st s of Glenn 
McCray George (c), cook, r 46 McDonough 
McCray Lewis (c), porter, 14 Marietta, r 216 Clarke 
McCray Stephen (c) porter, 14 Marietta, r 216 Clarke 
McCree Alexander (c), wks H. W. Thomas, 
McCrone Mack (c), lab, r ss Gilbert, 2d w of Butler 
McCrosky John (c), waiter Mrs. R. E. Chisolm, r 168 S. 

McCrystal Robert H., with P. J. Kenny, r Alabama, ne cor 

McCullough Charles R., elk A-L. Ry., bds 118 Whitehall 
McCuUough Edward (c), restaurant, r rear 51 C. R. R 
McCullough George (c), wks E. Mercer, r McDaniel, nr Bar- 
racks av 
McCullough George W., carpenter, r 241 W. Fair 
McCullough Patrick, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 415 Marietta 
McCune George M., wks E. Haiman, r 133 Marietta 
McCurry Samuel J., bds 69 N. Collins 
McDade Benjamin F., r 72 N. Calhoun 
McDade Rebecca, wid Franklin, bds 29 Windsor 
McDade Windsor C, engineer A. & W. P. R. R., r 215 E 

McDaniel Edward (c), bricklayer, r 96 Jones 
McDaniel George, baggage master A-L. Ry 

XM JCi U JXxJ JL JL\J IN a rro i^jiia^ij'r 


IHtJ-^XA, V J.KJ r-EEOD W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell at. 

McD 371 McE 

McDaniel John, elk, bds 8^ W. Mitchell 

McDaniel Michael (c), bricklayer, r 24 Ira 

McDaniel Morrow, wks A. & W. P. R R., bds 345 Decatur 

McDaniel S Thomas, carpenter, r 188 Marietta 

McDaniel William P., 15 Marietta, bds 120 S. Forsyth 

McDaniel Wilson (c), gardener, r 138 Smith 

McDavitt Edward, grocer, 186 Elliott 

McDermott Amanda Miss, bds 77 Decatur 

McDermott Samuel A., trav agt, r 63 Crew 

McDevitt Charles, painter J. M. Smith, bds 118 Whitehall 

McDonald Colin, elk Markham House, r 26 S. Butler 

McDonald Cyrus W., elk F. C. Mangum, bds 106^ Whitehall 

McDonald Hugh A. (Dunn, Alexander & Co.), bds 150 S. 

McDonald James, watchman, bds 22 Simpson 
McDonald James P. (A. McD. Wilson & Co.), r 107 Peach- 
McDonald James T., wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 257 

E. Hunter 
McDonald Lorenzo D., engineer W.tfe A. R. R.,r 121 Marietta 
McDonald Murdock C, elk, r 26 S. Butler 
McDonald M. W., yardmaster A-L. Ry 
McDonald Oscar V., carpenter H. Crankshaw & Co., r 333 

E. Fair 
McDonald St. Clair A., engineer W^ & A. R. R., r 14 

McDonald Sarah, wid Anthony, r Humphries, nr Bar- 
racks av 
McDonald William, barkpr, bds 106^ Whitehall 
McDonald W. 0., trainband A-L. Ry 
McDonnell Louisa M., wid A. B., r 50 E. Cain 
McDougall James A , puddler Ga. Iron Wks, bds Ferry, 

cor W. & A. R. R 
McDowell Evans ^^c), wks Ferguson & Blount 
McDowell Seaborn (c), shoemkr, r Green's Ferry av, nr 

Barracks av 
MeDuffy Amelia Miss, bds 77 W. Foundry 
McDufify Mary F., wid Daniel A., r 77 W. Foundry 
McDuff}^ Neal M., plasterer, r ns Henry, 1st w of Mangum 
McDougall J. A., wks Ga. Iron Wks 
McDyer Reuben M., elk R. A. Starnes, r 198 Decatur 
McEachern David L., conductor W. & A. R. R., r 77 W. 

m mill ^^^^i^^^l^F riHMOHi air-line, 

E M GREESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

McE 372 McG 

McElreath Samuel A. (Hamrick & McElreath), bds 12^ W. 

McElreath William M., elk J. A. Watson, bds 20J W. 

McElroy Frank, wks E. Van Winkle & Co., r Chapel, nr 

Barracks av 
McElroy Washington (c), lab, r Garnett, nw cor Irwin 
McElveen George W., broker, bds Peach tree, nw cor 

McElveen Joseph B., elk Mountcastle, Coleman & Co., bds 

Peachtree, nw cor Third 
McElveen Robert D., grocer, r Peachtree, nw cor Third 
McEutee Emanuel (c), waiter Markham House, r rear 20 

McEvoy Allen (c), tinner, r 214 Eraser 
McEwen M. P., elk Green Line office, bds Hotel Wein- 

McEwen William F , policeman, r 74 Walker 
McFail Victoria E., wid James E., r 58 Eraser 
McFail William E., bkkpr Merchant & Mosley, r bS Eraser 
McFarland John (c), blacksmith John Robinson 
McFarland Thomas, butcher, 201 Marietta, and 54 W. 

McFaul James W., physician, 202 Marietta, bds 419 

McFerran William, agt, bds 79 S. Pryor 
McGarr Alexander (c), wks J. P. Harrison & Co., r 20 

McGarr Joseph (c), lab, r 20 Williams 
McGaughey Bradford C, elk Smythe & Perkerson, bds 195 

McGaughey Caroline A., wid Samuel, r 195 Hayne 
McGaughey Frank S., elk Mountcastle, Coleman & Co., 

bds 195 Hayne 
McGaughey George (c), lab, r 3 Grady 
McGaughey George B., (Mountcastle, Coleman & Co.), r ss 

Thurmond, Ist w of Vine 
McGaughey John L., butcher, 133 Whitehall, r 54 Davis 
McGee Frank B., grocer, r 63 Walker 

McGee Benjamin F., grocer, bds ns Gordon, Ist w of Peeples 
McGee Harry (c), lab, r 26 Rawson 
McGee James L., gardener, r 230 W. Peters 
McGee John, barkpr Arcade Saloon, r 31 Washington 

8"^^ 'i^\ ^^W^^TfE^^T/^^ Bi@"CURES SKIN DISEASES. 
)m ^« ^KEA^KM} JL\^ pimples and BLOTCHESw 


' Ht.*^ A^ W AK^ g"E.^P -yy^ j ^ WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

McG 373 "^ McG 

McGee John .Jr., clii Telephone Exchange, bds 31 Wash- 
McGee John (c), wks Kimball House 
McGeever Hugh (McGeever <fe Brennan), r 40 Decatur 
McGeever k Brennan (H. McGeever and D. Brennan), 

boarding and saloon, 40 Decatur 
McGehee Samuel L , elk, bds 402 Decatur 
McGhee Daniel (c), lab, r 182 E. Harris 
McGhee John C., wks W. & A. R. R 
McGhee John W., librarian Catholic Library Assn, r E. 

Mitchell, cor Loyd 
McGill Thomas, genl frt and pass agt M. & B, R. R., r 154 

Raw son 
McGilvray Angus, cai'penter, r 12 Gartrell 
McCiimsey Charles R., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 150 Whitehall 
McGinnis Georgp, butcher A. Waits, r 363 W. Peters 
McGinnis Jane M., wid William, r 162 E. Simpson 
McGinty John M.. conductor W. & A. R. R., r ss Gordon, 

2d e of Ashley, W. E 
McGoffin Robert C, trim merL.H Hall & Co., r 37 Stonewall 
McGloin Annie, nurse C A. Collier 
McGrath F, J , elk R. G. Thompson, r 19 Whitehall 
McGrath Michael, trav agt, bis 13 Houston 
McGriff Charles F., wks Atlanta Com. Co., bds 10 Emma 
McGriff James W., wks Atlanta Com. Co., bds 10 Emma 
McGriff John W., wks Atlanta Com. Co., r 10 Emma 
McGRIFF WILL M. (McGriff & Sheridan), bds Markham 

McORIFF & SHERIDAN (Will M. McGriff and Chas. O. 

Sheridan), ornamental and fresco painters, 1| Marietta 

(See back cover and back of title) 
McGuffy John (c), lab, r 289 N. Collins 
McGuire Cornelius, carpenter, bds 97 Loyd 
McGuire Daniel, elk J. Keely, bds 40 Decatur 
McGuire George L., elk, bds 126 Washington 
McGuire Joseph, elk J. Keely, bds 77 Garnett 
McGuire Kitty Miss, music teacher, bds 81 Rock 
McGuire Luther M., with Boynton Bros., bds 83 N. ForsytL 
McGuire Susan B., wid Thomas, bds 126 Washington 
McGUIRE THOMAS J., mdse broker, 26 E. Alabama, r 

126 Washington 
McGuire William G., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds Wilson 


IvENTRACK 'ia Piedmont Air-Line. 


VpJpnhnnP ^' °' EIMBALL, 56 E. Alabama St.. for COAL cf 
X. VI.VJJnUlt.ty anykiud. Blacksmtth'sCoalasDecialtv. Saepagaioa 

M cG 374 McK 

McGuire Hugh, elk J. J. Richards, bds 205 McDonough 

McGuirk John M., grocer, 196 Decatur 

McHaas J. W., brakemau, bds 16 Mechanic 

McHan Angeline, wid Thomas G.. bds 165 E. Hunter 

McHan Charles H,, grocer, 272 E. Fair, r 166 E. Hunter 

McHenry Charles (c), grocer, 254 Marietta, r es Venable, 

2d s of Hunnicutt 
McHenry George (c), lab, r es Venable, 2d s of Hunnicutt 
McHenry Henry (c), wks Winship & Bro., r rear 219 Ma- 
McHenry Jackson (c), lab, r 222 Fort 
McHenry (c), lab, r Hunnicutt, se cor Venable 
McHenry James (c), lab, r es Venablp, 2d s of Hunnicutt 
McHenry Randall (c), wks C. McHenry, r es Venable, 2d 

s of Hunnicutt 
McHenry William (c), carpenter, r 144 Wheat 
McHhenny Edward D., conductor W. & A. R. R , r Wil- 
mington, N. C 
Mclntyre Frank, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Mclntyre John N , elk H. Linch, r 142 Luckie. (Infor- 
mation refused) 
Mclntyre Kit (c), lab, r 17 E. Foundry 
Mclntyre Maud Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 17 Bartow 
Mclntyre Pickens C, butcher, 106 Decatur 
Mclntyre Silas, with T. S. Lewis, bds Markham House 
Mclver Austin (e), driver J. Silvey & Co , r 61 Johnson 
McKean Kate Miss, domestic Kimball House 
McKee Hugh, elk S. M. Inman & Co., bds Spring, cor 

McKee ver Oscar (c) drayman, r 89 Johnson 
McKeldin Hugh M. (Atkins, McKeldin & Co.), r Athens, 

McKeldin James R., elk Atkins, McKeldin & Co., r 13 E. 

McKennon William, tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
McKenny George, lab, r 231 W. Peters 
McKenzie Alexander B., sign painter, 75 E. Alabama, r57 

McKenzie George M., bkkpr Ramspeek & Green, bds 108 

McKenzie William R., printer W. T. Christopher & Bro., 

r 54 N. Pryor 
McKeon Rosina J., wid Thomas, bds 133 Mangum 

■KTIT TTT5 r^"T*T^ never fails to relieve pain. 

(Art JSd \J fiiV^ (rfb AV^ T^x^Za sxzz:. zs c^^r-x-s. 


ItitJ-^M^ It ^hJ nFEED W. T. WILSON, U W. Mitchell SU 

McK 375 McL " 

McKinley Ann E., wid E. D., r 42 Forrest av • 

McKinley Jacob (c), carpenter W. & A. R. R., r Mills, nw 

cor Fowler 
McKinley Joseph E., with E. Bates & Co., bds 30 Forrest av 
McKinley Nathaniel, artist, bds 30 Forrest av 
McKinley Salonel Miss, teacher Girls' High School, r 40 

Forrest av 
McKinney Benjamin (c), barber, r 153 Houston 
McKinney John (c), lab, r 78 Humphries 
McKinney John W., wks Cotton Factory, r 11 Mechanic 
McKinney Mack (c), barber D. Hutchins. r 153 Houston 
McKinney Sarah, wks Cotton Factory 
McKinnon Ellen Mrs., wks F. E. Block, r 69 Hayden 
McKinnon Thomas M., saloon, Decatur, nr Boulevard 
McKinnon William, tinner, bds 69 Ilayden 
McKinzie Fannie Miss, tailoressJ. Lynch, bds 341 Mangum 
McKinzie Maggie Miss, wks J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 341 

McKinzie Sarah Mrs., r 341 Mangum 
McKoy John J., grocer, 48 Peachtree, r 57 Houston 
McKoy Noah (c), (McKoy & Crawford), r 178 Decatur 
McKoy & Crawford (c), (Noah McKoy and Bird Crawford), 

restaurant, 178 Decatur 
McLain Anna Mrs., laundress, r Windsor, nr limits 
McLary John L., fireman W. & A. R. R., r 18 McDonough 
McLaughlin Nathan ,(c), lab, r 19 Eraser 
McLean Joel J., tailor, 56 McDonough 
McLean William M., millwright, r 226 W. Fair 
McLeland Joseph, lab, r rear 96 Gullutt 
McLendon Charles L., elk Moore, Marsh & Co., r 117 

McLendon Edgar H., elk J. R. Simmons, bds 117 Wash- 
McLendon Edward (c), waiter R, G. Thompson, r es Raw- 
son's al, 1st n of Jones 
McLendon James M., brick and wood yard. Bell cor 

Pratt, r 94 Fort 
McLendon Mattie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 129 Luckie 
McLendon Matilda (c), laundress, r rear ws Williams, 2d n 

of Cox 
McLendon Missouri M., wid Robert P., r 129 Luckie 
McLendon Nicholas A., livery stable, r 117 Washington 
McLendon Robert B., carriage trimmer, bds 312 W. Harris 

"pmSIT^rME 'ii Piedmont Air-Line 

E M Cr'R'R'irfsnN General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

id. AYA. UJVaagWiN, Fromptnees My ]M:otto> 

' McL 376 McN 

%IcLendon Thomas, conH actor C. R. R., r East Point 
McLendon Virginia R. Miss, seamstress, bds 120 Luckie 
McLendon Wilson (c), driver A. Murphy, r rear ws Wil- 
liams, 4d w of Cox 
McLeod James (c), driver Winter & Brown 
MoLin James G., dep sheriff, r 15 E. Cain 
McMahon James J., barkpr M. E. Maher, bds 77 Decatur 
McMahon Parick H. Rev., pastor Sts. Peter and Paul 

Catholic Church, r 331 Marietta 
McMahon Philip, elk D. H. Dougherty 
McMauaman Edward F., carpenter, r 150 Marietta 
McManaman Emma J. Mis., grocer, 150 Marietta 
McManus John, r 137 Luckie 
McMasters Marcus, mer, r 518 Whitehall 
McMichael Jennie (c), laundress, r 64 W. & A. R. R 
McMichael John, lab, r 41 Biggers 
McMichael Peter (c), porter State House, r 1 Houston 
McMillan Harrv C , elk McMiHan & Snow, bds 83 Marietta 
McMillan John C. (McMillan & Snow), r 83 Marietta 
McMillan Nettie Miss, dressmkr, bds 143 Walton 
McMillan Robert W., elk M. Ryan, bds 8^ W. Mitchell 
McMillan William, wood dealer, 283 W. Peters 
McMillan & Snow (J. C. McMillan and H. Y. Snow), gro- 
cers, 25 Marietta 
McMuUan James H., with B. F. Avery & Sons, bds Mark- 
ham House 
McMullin Lewis S., carpenter Lynch & Lea, r ws Fowler, 

2d s of Parker 
McMurray Peter (c), porter Hightower & Hallman, r 136 

N. Butler 
McMurrav William, lab, r 367 Decatur 
McNabb David A. (Stewart & McNabb), r 370 W. Peachtree 
McNabb Robert E., engineer W. & A. R. R 
McNair Arthur (c), butler J. L. Brown, r rear 140 Wash. 


McNair Felix (c), driver Kennesaw Mills Co., r 16 Reid 
McNamara Patrick J. (Sanders & Co.), r 58 N. Butler 
McNaught John, with McNaught & Scrutchin, bds 39^ 

McNaught William (McNaught <fe Scrutchin), r ws Wash- 
ington, p of Glenn 
McNAIJGHT WM. & CO. (William McNaught and Thom- 
as Scruthin), proprs Sugar Creek Paper Mills, office 
86 Whitehall 

Brewer's Lung Restorer „e.«l!?rSSISSM5f., 


IHt-J-rXAi V AKJ I^EE23 W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell SU 

McN 377 MAB 

McNAUGHT & SCRUTCHIN, (William McNaught and 

Thomas Scrutchinj, hardware, carriage materials, etc., 

86 Whitehall 
McNeal John (c), cook W. A. Moore, r rear 20 Cone 
McNeal John, lab, r 42 Yonge 
McNeal Mack (c). driver F. M. Eddleman 
McNeal Thomas J., bds 42 Yonge 
McNeal Walter S , painter, r 42 Yonge 
McNeely John W , wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 39 Plum 
McNeely Robert 0., carpenter, r 39 Plum 
McNeice William, wks J. F. Thurman, r Decatur, nr limits 
McNew Thomas J., machinist W. & A. R. R., rl99 W.Baker 
McPeters Lizzie Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
McPhee Duncan C, travagt, bds Markham House 
McPherson Barracks, Chapel, opp. Barracks av, (at inter- 

tersection of West End horse cars; 
McPherson Fannie Mrs., wks Cotton Factory 
McPherson John W., bkkpr E Johnson, bds 119 Ivy 
McPherson Joseph, wks Winship & Bro., r 63 W. Foundry 
McPherson Nathan, watchman, bds 63 W. Foundry 
McPherson Rufus M., with W. McPherson, r Decatur, Ga 
McPher.son Wallace, railroad agt, 54 E. Alabama, bds 103 

E. Mitchell 
McQuaid Patrick, elk 65 Whitehall, bds 39^ Whitehall 
McQuaiter Robert (c), barber Kimball House 
McQueen William, (c), expressman, r 158 Davis 
McRae George (c), driver J. F. Cummings, r rear 64 Cooper 
McRAE see also MacRAE 
McVey Nancy Miss, r rear 64 Mangum 
Mc Waters Alexander H., carpenter A. & W. P. R. R., r 122 

E. Hunter 
McWaters John F., engineer A. & W. P. R, R., bds 187 E. 

McWhorter Sarah T., wid W. H., bds 201 Ivy 
McWhorter William H., U. S Ganger, r 54 Spring 
McWilliams Emma (c), laundress, r Anderson, ne cor Reed 
McWilliams William G., student, bds 39 N. Prvor 
McWilliams W., printer J. 0. Perkins, bds 43^ 'Whitehall 

MABIN JOHN (Mabin & Warlick) r 15 Martin 
Mabra Miles J., liquor dealer, 91 Ga. R. R., r 83 Ga. 
R. R (Information refu.sed.) 
Mabry John (c), lab, r 185 Wheat 

Peerless, Yet!^ Route, Piedmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL. 

MAC 378 MAD 

Macbeth Charles (c), train hand A-L. Ry 
Macauley George Rev., r 170 Marietta 
Macauley George Jr., elk J. A. Stark, bds 170 Marietta 
MacConnell Charles C, Capt. 5th Art., r McPherson Bar- 
MacDiarmid Angus, bkkpr Morrison, Bain & Co., r 10 S. 

MacDonald Anna Mrs., milliner, bds 15^ S. Broad 
Macedonia Baptist Church (c), 387 Mangum 
Mack Hudson, wks J. Perdue 
Mack Lucy (c), laundress, r 65 Hayne 
Mackefield Hamilton (c), lab, r 109 Magazine 
Mackey Claude, feeder J, P. Harrison & C9 
Macke}'^ George W. (c), water, r 19 Henry 
Macke}' Jennie Miss, laundress, r 5 Green's Ferry av 
Mackey John (c), carpenter, r 81 Gullett 
Mackey Thomas (c), lab, r rear 55 N. Butler 
Mackey AVilliam (c), lab, r 19 Henry 
Mackin Ann^e Miss, housekpr Markham House 
MacRAE WILLIAM, general manager W. & A. R. R., r 31 

MacRAE, see also McRAE 
Macy Francis A., painter, r 354 W. Peachtree 
Macy William R., painter, bds 354 W. Peachtree 
Madden Mary Mrs., music teacher, 161 Whitehall 
Haddock Joseph J., carpenter, 324 Marietta 
Maddock Kate, wid William, r 237 E. Hunter 
Maddox Alexander (c), driver L. H. Hall & Co., r 200 

Maddox Angelina, wid G. W., r es Butler, 2d n of Wheat 
Maddox Armisted (c), porter, Markham House 
Maddox Charles K., sec pres W. & A. R. R.,r 148 Fillmore 
Maddox Duncan (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Maddox Early (c), feeder St. Ry, r ws Eraser, 2d s of Jones 
Maddox Elijah N., watchman Cotton Factory, r 105Luckie 
Maddox Elizabeth M , wid Posey, r 140 Fillmore 
Maddox Ella F , wid T. R., bds 24 Ellis 
Maddox Essex (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 47 Chattahoochee 
Maddox John H. (c), helper Curtis & Weitzel, r 46 E. 

Maddox John H., wks J. H. Johnson, r 439 Marietta 
Maddox John L., livery stable, bds Adams House 
Maddox Joseph (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 44 Henry 

^ft 0« 0)JrJa,\U'lJr' IV^ And Never Fails to Cutb. 

?l!^rDAVTS "M-lf^^" SEWiNO machine 

IHtJ-'^A. V J.K-» E^EEID W. T. W1L80N, 14 "W. Mitchell St. 

MAD . 379 MAK 

Maddox Joseph B., wks W. & A. R. R , bds 339 i\[angum 

Maddox Joseph E., coupler W. & A. R. R. r 48 Henry 

Maddox J. D , machinist W. & A. R. R 

Ma Idox Lovie A., wid George, bds 319 S. Pryor 

Maddox Lucy, wid William, r 63 Thurmond 

Maddox Prince (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Maddox Robert (c), waiter Wilson House, r rear 112Liickie 

Maddox Robert F. ( Maddox, Rucker & Co.), r 125 Peachtree 

MADDOXj RUCKER & CO. (R. F. Maddox, J. W. Rucker 

and W. L. Peel), bankers, cotton factors and ferdlizer 

dealers, 36 W. Alabama 
Maddox William (c), lab, r 47 Chattahoochee 
Maddox William C, elk W. S. Gramling, r country 
MADDOX, s:-e also xMATTOX 
Maffitt Carrie A., wid F. A., r 33 W. Harris 
Magbee Milton A., tinner Stewart & Fain, bds 84 Nelsoh 
Magbee Milton J. (G. W, Lowe & Co.), r 84 Nelson 
Msiye J. T., car repairer A-L. Ry 
Magill Fillmore (c), wks Ferguson & Blount 
Magill Samuel (cj, wks Ferguson & Blount 
Magnus Joseph H., with Mayer, Son & Co , bds 146 N. Cal- 
Magnus Percy C, elk Daniel & Marsh, bds 124 Peachtree 
Magnus Rebecca A., wid Saul, r 146 N. Calhoun 
Mahaffey Laura, wid John W., bds 17 W. Garnett 
MahafFey Robert L., elk .John Silvey & Co., bds 39 N. Pryor 
Mahan Michael H., conductor A-L. Ry., r 13 N. Moore 
Maher John C (Nally & Maher), r 4 E. Wall 
Maher Michael E., liquors, 11 W. Mitchell, and saloon 52 

Peachtree, r 168 Mangum 
Mahoney Florence C, wid T. C, bds 18 N. Calhoun 
Mahoney Jeremiah P., elk A, C. & B. F. Wyly & Co., bds, 

120 Decatnr 
Mahoney John, wks Ga. Iron Wkss, bds 415 Marietta 
Mahoney John F., shipping clerk A. C. & B. F. Wyly & Co. 

bds 120 Decatur 
Mahoney Michael, grocer, 124 Decatur, r 120 Decatur 
Mahoney Sarah (c), nurse, r 7 Green's Ferry av 
Maier Armin, jeweL.'r J. P. Stephens & Co., r 176 Davis 
Maier Mary A. Mrs. grocer, 176 Davis 
Major Molly Miss, music teacher, bds 159 Hayne 
Makemson Andrew J., spectacles and jewelry, fruits, etc., 

49 S Broad 

■•coSf 'ia Piedmont© 

E M GREESQN ^i^^ralReal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

MAK ~ 380 MAN 

Makemson Eoaeline, wid William, bds 150 Davis 

Makemson Lewis, painter, bds 150 Davis 

Malcolm James (c), butcher K C. Mclatyre, r 203 Mangum 

Mallard William J., lawyer, 51^ Peachtree, r 142 Calhoun 

Malloy Annie E. Miss, bds 62 Walton 

Malone Ano;elica (c),laundres3, r rear 100 Elliott 

Malone A. E., bkkpr Austell & Mangum, bds 100 Walton 

Malone Charles F., with M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., bds 

Adams House 
Malone Felix (c), carpenter, r 10 Jennings al 
Malone Francis N , bkkpr Auslell, Robinson & Mangum 
Malone Frank J., wks Ga. R. R., bds 9 Werner's av 
Malone Tola (c), laundress, r es Valentine, 3d s of Cain 
Malore Jefferson (c), blacksmith W. L. Jarvis, r 28 Chapel 
Malone Julia Miss, seamstress, bds 56 Rock 
Malone Louisa (c), cook, r rear 163 Peachtree 
Malone Martha, wid Riley, bds 56 Rock 
Malone Miles A., with W. & W. Mnf,' Co., r 78 Whitehall 
Malone Thomas J., r 75 E. Hunter 
Malone Thomas R., elk, bds 75 E. Hunter 
Malone William (c), carpenter, r 16 Sugar al 
Malone William (c), lab, r rear 49 Hood 
Malone William, train hand A. & W. P. R. R., bds Bal- 
lard's Restaurant 
Malone William J , shoemkr, 1 Peachtree, bds National 

Malony Ellen Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Maloney Robert M., trav agt, 12 Whitehall 
Mansum Alexander (c), lab, r 280 N. Calhoun 
Mansiim Calvin W., train hand W. & A. R. R., r 30 S. 

MANGUM CARSON L. (Austell, Robinson & Mangum, bds 

202 Marietta 
Mangum Fulton C, saloon, 23 W. Mitchell, r 211 W. Paters 
Mangum Jackson (c) shoemkr, 65 Decatur, r ws Fort, 2d s 

of Foster 
Mangum Millard C, elk 7 Whitehall, bds 193 Ivy 
Mangum Moses (c), coachman R. "Winship, r rear 20 N. 

Mangum R. Worth elk Austell, Robinson & Mangum, bds 

118 Whitehall 
Manly Anthony (c), porter Executive Dept., r rear 134 


mL^UrVlA JL 1^ IN s TO lO l^INXJTBS 

theDAVIS '"§SS^^" sewino machine 

\»tJ^^A. If ^KJ FEBX) -^ T.JVVILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 


Manly Daniel (c), lab, r 12 Biggers 
Manly John C, carpenter A-L. Ry., r 207 K. Hunter 
Manly Martin, watchman W. & A. R. R., r 22 Gartrell 
Manly Ricliard (c), lab, r rear Church, sw cor Spring 
Manly Squire (c), driver Rice & Mitchell, r rear Church, 

sw cor Spring 
Manly William P., policeman, bds 22 Gartrell 
Mann Andrew, carpenter Lynch & Lea, bds 54 W. Foundry 
Mann Edward, candymkr, bds 54 W. Foundry 
Mann Elizabeth, wid W. J., r 94 S. Pryor 
Mann James, blacksmith, 55 S. Broad and 62 S. Pryor, r 

Venable, ne cor Mann's al 
Mann James E., elk 66 Whitehall, r 350 Whitehall 
MANN ROBERT D. (Mann & Johnson), bds Kimball 

Mann Samuel, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 12 South 
Mann Sophronia, wid A. V., r 52 E. Mitchell 
Mann Willis (c), driver W. D Grant, r rear 320 Peachtree 
MANN & JOHNSON (R. D. Mann and Jack W. Johnson), 

R. R. and S. S. ticket office, 4 Kimball House (See 

page 4) 
MANNING ALONZO A., lawyer, 8^ Marietta 
Manning Clinton C, cabinetmkr L. H. Hall & Co 
Manning Jethro W., County School Commissioner, City 

Hall, bds W. Peachtree, nw cor Cox 
Manning William B., woodworker J. M. Smith, bds 26 


Manning , shoemkr, bds 143 Walton 

Mansfield Edward, wks D. Tye, r 268 Decatur 
Mansfield Edward D., carpenter, bds 153 Mangum 
Mansfield Ellen, bds 153 Mangum 
Mansfield Francis M., carpenter Lynch & Lea, bds 153 

Mansfield James D., carpenter, r 153 Mangum 
Mansfield John T., plasterer, bds 153 Mangum 
Mansfield Kate Miss, bds 153 Mangum 
Mansfield Mary Mrs., nurse W. J. Garrett, r 166 Wash- 
Mansfield William, stewart National Hotel 
Mapp Daniel (c), porter Markham House, r 55 Thurmond 
Mapp Henry (c), lab, r 139 Luckie 
Mapp Joseph (c), lab, r 29 Hilliard 
Mapp Levi (c), truckman, r Cain, ne cor Valentine 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


Ml Hi IIIIIIIlilBa) se East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

MAP 382 MAR 

Mapp Sidney (c), lab, r 19 Hull 

Mapp Whit (c), driver, r 165 Luckie 

Marable Griffin (c), wks Lynch & Lea 

Marable James (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Marable Samuel (c), drayman, r 76 S- Forsyth 

Marable William (c), wks A. & W. P. R. R , r 87 Martin 

Marble Benjamin (c), fireman Cotton Factory 

Marbut Job J., grocer, 66 Decatur 

Marbut Samuel P., elk, r 5 Werner av 

Marcroft Albert, carpenter, bds 95 Walton 

Marcom Isaiah N., elk Morris & Bro 

Marcus Max, tailor, 17 Peachtree, r 48 W. Fair 

Marey Ellen (c), laundress, r 12 Chapel 

Margolius Raphael, junk dealer, r 171 S. Forsyth 

Marietta M. E. Church, 95 Marietta 

Marietta St. School, 271 Marietta 

Marion Josephine Miss, r 156 Whitehall 

Marion Sylvester, grocer, 282 Marietta, r 284 Marietta 

Marion Sylvester, Jr , elk S. Marion, bds 284 Marietta 

Markel Asbury W., druggist, 424 Marietta, r 166 Luckie 

Markham Georgia, (c), cook, r 235 McDonough 

MARKHAM HOUSE, HufF & Brown, proprs ; Loyd, opp 

Wall. (See front cover and page 76) 
Markham Isaiah M., elk Morris & Bro., bds 39^ Whitehall 
Markham Malcolm M., elk Morris k Bro , bds 39^ White- 
Markham St. Pres. Church (c), Markham, ne cor Maple 
Markham William, capitalist, bds Markham House 
Marks Osceola H., elk McBride & Co., bds Kimball House 
Markwalter Michael, painter, bds 12 Warren pi 
Marlow Rebecca, wid Ransom, r 88 Walker 
Marsh Edwin W. (Moore, Marsh &Co.), r 125 Washington 
Marsh Edwin W. Jr. (Daniel & Marsh), r 125 Washington 
Marsh Richard A., machinist E. Van Winkle & Co., bds 

218 Elliott 
Marsh Lewis K., machinist E. Van Winkle & Co., r 51 W. 

Marsh Spencer S., student, bds 125 Washington 
Marshall Harriet (c), cook, r 31 Scofield 
Marshall Henry (c), boilermkr W. & A. R. R, r 15 S. Butler 
Marshall John G., printer Constitution 
Marshall Moses (c), cook Mrs. E. Bell, r rear 67 N. Pryor 
Marston Frank, carpenter M. Lipes, bds 162 E. Simpson 

RRC^U/C^D'C 1 ]\W RE^WIRFP is the best cough mei> 

Dtill<U Eili IS Lll\ll iilJiMUlltlill ICINE IN TEE WORLD. 


THEJ-'-*^ V XKJ I^EEXS W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MltcheU Bt 

MAR 383 MAR 

Marston James D., carpenter M. Lipes, r 150 E. Simpson 

Martin Allie W , with Winter & Brown, bds 152 Whitehall 

Martin Annie Mrs., seamstress, bds 28 Hayden 

Martin Archibald (c), lab, r 18 Cedar 

Martin A. J., fireman W. & A. R. R 

Martin Benjamin, lab, bdtss Mayson Ferry rd, Bell wood 

Martin Benjamin W. elk Ry P. 

Martin Caroline V. Mrs., grocer, 186 Marietta 

Martin Charles (c), lab, r 18 Cedar 

Martin Charles, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds rear wks Ga. Iron 

Martin Cynthia, wid Augustus, r 180 Luckie 
Martin Daniel ^c), carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 190 Fillmore 
Martin Daniel (c), driver, r rear 26 X. Moore 
Martin David K. (Martin & Hardison), r 48 Houston 
Martin Elam (c), carpenter, W. L. Jarvis 
Martin Eli (c), blacksmith, r 157 Markham 
Martin Eli Jr. v^c), lab, r 157 Markham 
Martin Eugene M. (c), (E. M. Martin & Co.), r 284 Foster 
Martin E. M. & Co." (c), (E. M. Martin and C. C. Cater), 

grorers, 157 Wheat 
MARTIX E. WELLBORN, lawyer, 7^ Whitehall, r 81 

Martin Florida C. Mrs, music teacher, bds 78 Washington 
Marthi Gabriel (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Martin Ganaway, plasterer, r ss Mayson Ferry rd, Bell- 
Martin George (c), lab, r 18 Cedar 
Mnrtin George R., elk, bds 95 Crew 
Martin George W., printer, bds 70 Pulliam 
Martin George W. Rev. (c), r 236 Crew- 
Martin Henry, tinner H. Franklin, r 74 N. Pryor 
Martin Henry B., painter, r 301 E. Hunter 
Martin Horace, trimmer AV. L. Jarvis, bds 150 Whitehall 
Martin Hoyle (c), lab, r 323 W. Mitchell 
Martin James, lab, r 64 Hood 
Martin James B., policeman, r 252 Luckie 
Martin James S., trav agt, bds 78 Washington 
Martin Jane Miss, bdsss Mayson's Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Martin John fireman W. & A. R. R., bds W. & A. R. R., 2d 

w of Spring: 
MARTIN JOHN, whol k ret fruits and confectionery, 4 
Marietta, r 90 Peach tree 

frfsfS^li^™ Piedmont Air-Line 


E If GREESON SeiieralEeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

**. *tt, MAXArfA^M^Al, Promptness My Motto. 

MAR 384 MAR 

Martin John A., farmer, r 86 E. Cain 

Martin John B,, elk D. Appleton & Co., agency, bds 19 

Martin John E., printer A. M. Bergstrom, r 99 Crew 
Martin John G., tinner, r 95 Crew 
Martin John H., editor, r 19 Williams 
Martin John W., wks Stewart & Fain, bds 186 Marietta 
Martin Joseph H. Rev., pastor First Presbyterian Ch, r 

Cone, sw cor Luckie 
Martin Joseph P., painter, r 23 Luckie 
Martin J. R., capitalist, bds Wilson House 
Martin Lewis (c), lab, r 157 Markham 
Martin Lila Miss, elk Regenstein & Kutz, bds 76 Ivy 
Martin Louisiana E., wid George, r 293 W. Peachtree 
Martin Major, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r rear Ga. Iron Wks 
Martin Martha A. Miss, music teacher, 74 N. Pryor 
Martin Mary, wid Allen T., bds 99 Crew 
Martin Mary C, wid John, r 308 E. Hunter 
Martin Melvin C, druggist, 212 Decatur, r 210 Decatur 
Martin Morgan, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds rear Ga. Iron Wks 
Martin Nelson D. (c), wks H. Coles 

Martin Robert L., wks Lieberman & Kaufman, bds 99 Crew 
Martin Samuel, elk H. T. Inman & Co., bds 34 Cone 
Martin Samuel (c), porter A. C. & B. F. Wyly & Co., 

r 284 Foster 
Martin Sarah M. Mrs., music teacher, bds 70 Pulliam 
Martin Thomas A., engineer, r 99 Crew 
Martin Thomas R., saloon, 602 Marietta, r ws Franklin, nr 

Martin Walker, wks A. & W. P. R R., bds 48 E. Hunter 
Martin Walter (c), wks W. S. Wilson & Bro., r 44 Rich- 
Martin Whitney (c), wks Ga. R R., r 120 Hayne 
Martin William (c), lab, r 175 Markham 
Martin William A., elk Daniel & Harsh, r 106 W. Baker 
Martin William B., wks Longley & Robinson, bds 95 Crew 
Martin William D., wks Wiuship & Bro., bds ss Mayson 

Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Martin Zaehariah, conductor A. & W. P. R. R., r Luckie, 

nw cor Bartow 
Martin & Hardison (D. N. M artin and T. S. Hardison), 

lawyers, 21^ Marietta 
Martinleer Mattie F., wid G. W., bds 119 Ivy 

S et ST^Ar^^4^'1r^ Cures Rhenmatism 
■ >^" i^Jb^%?WA*iW ««-AND BUILDS tPTHE SYSTEM 


IHt-^^^A. H A.KJ FEED W. T. WILSON. 14 W. MltcheU St 

MAR 385 MAT 

Marvin Benjamin (c), wkp Cotton Factory, r 10 State 
Marvin George W., physician, 360 Whitehall 
Mashburn Elisha, carpenter, r 34 Church 
Mashburn John H., grocer, 300 Peachtree, r 83 Willow 
Mashburn Melville M., carpenter Stevens <fe Gibbs, r 465 

Mason Allen (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r Howell, nr limits 
Mason Charles B., patternmkr E. Van Winkle & Co., r 207 

Mason Char:otte Mrs., boarding, §3 Decatur 
Mason Daniel (c), whitewasher, r 396 Mangum 
Mason David (c), porter, r rear 61 Marietta 
Mason John (Mason k Weaver), r 29 W. Foundry 
Mason John, Jr., painter Cook & Stewart, bds 29 W. Foun- 
Mason Patrick A., wks W. & A. R. R., bds 83 Decatur 
Mason William (c), blacksmith J. Mann, r 181 Wheat 
Mason William C., printer Constitution, bds 8^ W. Mit- 
Mason & Weaver (J. Mason and J. K. Weaver), saloon, 206 

IV I 1 T* 1 P T f 1 

MASON, see alf-o MAYSON 


W. S. Thomson, pres; W. F. Parkhurst, sec; W. D. 

Luckie, treas ; room 1, 30^ E. Wall 
Massa Enrico A., fruits and confectionery, 19 Peachtree, r 

24 Peachtree 
Massa Fred, candymkr J. Martin 
Masselling William A , grocer, r 69 Chapel 
Maesengale Ann, wid P. F., r 36 S. Butler 
Maseey Kate B. Miss, teacher Fair Street School, bds 38 N. 

Massey Mattie Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., r 25 Trenholm 
Massey Nathan, farmer, r 57 Bell 

Massey Orrin H. (c), blacksmith J. Mann, r 24 Magazine 
Mas.sey Penina, wid James, r 25 Trenholm- 
Massey Rebecca (c), teacher Atlanta University 
Massey Sarah E. Mrs., r Forsyth, nw cor Grubb 
Matchell Alexander (c), porter E. T. Klench, r 90 Ellis 
Mathews Edward H., with Crane, Boylston & Co., bds ns 

Gordon, w of Lee, W. E 
Mathews John H., lumber dealer and contractor, Hunter, 

se cor Thompson, r country 

THTEdI ^Ia^I^II Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 £. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whole- 
sale & BetAll. Special rates to dealers. See page IfXk 

MAT 386 MAY 

Mathis Amos (c), lab, r 116 Ellis 

Mathis James (c), shoemkr G. H. Merrifield, r Summer Hill 
Mathis James H., elk J. D. Frazier, r 79^ Whitehall 
Mathis Joshua (c), lab, r 126 Houston 

Matthews Aquilla B., trav agt, r ns Gordon, w of Lee, W. E 
Matthews Augustus (c), wks Ga. Irom Wks, r 49 Victoria 
Matthews Charles (c), lab, r 160 E. Simpson 
Matthews Daniel (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks., r 49 Victoria 
Matthews George (c), drayman, r rear 104 W. Harris 
Matthews George (c), drayman, r rear 5 W. Garnett 
Matthews Harper (c), wks A. Domini, r 11 George 
Matthews Harriet H., wid Benjamin, r 62 Walker 
Matthews Henry (c), sexton First Methodist Church, r 309 

N. Collins 
Matthews James (c), carpenter, r 280 N. Calhoun 
Matthews Kate (c), laundress, r 5 Erwin 
Matthews Luck (c), carpenter Traynham & Ray, r 11 

Matthews Miles (c), stone cutter, r 114 Walker 
Matthews Miles (c), wks 0. A. Smith, r22 Bradbury 
Matthews Stokes (c), wks A. E. Massey, r 11 George 
Matthews William (c), driver Morrison, Bain & Co., r 

S. Butler, nr Hunter 
Mattison Alexander, elk Ry P 0., r 169 W. Foundry 
Mattox Frank W., elk 66 Whitehall, bds Kimball House 
Mattox Henry C, elk, bds 105 Luckie 
Mattox Lewis (c), r 164 W. Fair 
Mattox Vander (c), porter E. T. Allen, r 192 Eraser 
Mattox William H., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 105 Luckie 

Maude James L., with T. M. Clarke & Co., r 99 S. Forsyth 
Maxwell Alexander A., elk J. Keely, bds 72 Marietta 
Maxwell Allan (c), plasterer, r rear 210 E. Cain 
Maxwell Allan T., printer H. H. Dickson, r 79 Bradley 
Maxwell Edward, wks J. R. Maxwell, bds 79 Bradley 
Maxwell James R., saddles, harness, etc., 51 S. Broad, r 79 

Maxwell James R. Jr., wks J. R. Maxwell, r 19 Tatnall 
Maxwell Jerome M., printer Constitution, bds 79 Bradley 
Maxwell J. D., trav agt, bds Wilson House 
Maxwell Sarah (c), laundress, r rear 87 McDonough 
Mawberry A., wks E. Haiman 
May Erwin F., (Ristine & May), r 91 Nelson 

?ll^DAVIS "t^EL^4'-" SEWiNo machine 

' Ht A-^XA. ¥ a,KJ ^'EEI3 ^. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

MAY 387 MEA 

May Isaac (Elsas, May & Co.), r 143 S. Pryor 
Mayer David (Mayer, Son & Co.), r 151 Whitehall 
Mayer Solomon C. (Mayer, Son & Co), bds 151 Whitehall 
Mayer, Son & Co. (David and S. C. Mayer), liquors, 52 

Mayes Henry (c), lab, r 283 W. Calhoun 
Mayes John P., conductor W. & A. R. R., r 234 Elliott 
Mayes William II., elk G. AY. Bobo, r rear 114 Marietta 
May field Rufus, enciineer A-L. Ry 
MAYNARD ROBERT J., book binder and blank book 

mnfr, 24| S. Broad, r 8 Markham. (See adv index) 
Mayo Elizabeth Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 172 Luckie 
Mayo Fannie A. Miss, bkkpr Fred Bell & Co , r 46 Form- 
Mayo Sarah Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 172 Luckie 
Mayor's office, 35 S. Broad 

Mayrent Kate, wid William H., r 344 Peachtree 
Mays Albert (c), helper A. & W. P. R. R., r 229 Clarke 
Mays Columbus (c), wks F. W. Hart 
Mays Frank 0., with Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, r 190 S. 

Mays Maria J., wid David, r 46 Formwalt 
Mayson J. W., supt Alms House, r country 
MAYSON THOMAS C, grocer, 3 Marietta, r 43 Walker 
MAYSON see also MASON 
Mead Edward (c), porter S. M. Inman & Co 
Mead Eugene N., trav agt, r 201 Jones 
Mead Henry (c), lab, r 21 Gullatt 
Mead Henry (c), wks E. K. Ragsdale, r Doraville, Ga 
Mead John C , brakeman W. & A, E. R 
Mead John H , acct, 12 Marietta, r 78^ Whitehall 
Mead Oliver H., r 116 W. Peters 
Mead Sarah, wid J. H., bds 33 Ivy 
Meador Charles D. (Hammock and Meador, and Dent, 

Meador & Co.), bds Kimball House 
Meador Fr^nk, bkkpr, bds 36 Harris 
Meador James J., with Fuller & Oglesby, r 210 S. Pryor 
Meador J. Frank, asst bkkpr J. W. Goldsmith & Co., bds 

Peachtree, ne cor Baker 
Meador Thomas D. C?. L. Swift & Co.), r Peachtree, ne cor 

Meador Thomas P. (J. W. Goldsmith & Co.), r Peachtree, 

cor Baker 

m mm, ^^^/i^^f /#i* mum aih-linl 

E M G'RE'E SON ^®°®'*^^®*^^^^*^®^Seiit, 21 Marietta street 

MEA 388 MEN 

Meador Whitney (c), wks J. M. Nace, r 31 Ezzard 
Meadows Harper (c), wks J. Domini 
Meadows Low (c), farmer, r 53 Chattahoochee 
Meadows Richard (c), wks M. Lipes 
Meakii! Joshua W. (Porter & Mt^akin), r 48 McDonough 
Mealey Henry (c), head waiter Kimball House, r 42 Ivy 
Means High School, T. A. Means propr, 76 N. Forsyth st 
Means Samuel (c), drayman W. L. Bridwell, r 55 Horton 
Means Thomas A., propr Means High School, r 76 N. For- 
Means William (c), butler J. W. Beckwith 
Means William A , student, r 109 W. Peters 
Meath Michael, wks Stewart & Fain, bds 40 Decatur 
MecaslinJohn H., sec & treas Atlanta Gas Lt. Co., r 218 

Mechanic Fire Co. No. 2, 4 Washino;ton 
Medcalf John A. (Medcalf & Garren), r 77 Ga. R. R 
Medcalf & Garran (J. A. Medcalf and J. L. Garren), gro- 
cers, 75 N. Collins 
Medlin Thomas P., carpenter E. Van Winkle & Co , r 27 

Medlock Cicero (c), sawyer, r rear 32 Church 
Meehan Patrick H., grocer, 257 Peachtree, bds ss Currier, 

1st e of Collins 
Megee Benjamiu F. (W. L. Stanton & Co.), r 63 Walker 
Mehafiey Charles C, stone cutter, r 95 E. Hunter 
MehafFey Polly A , wid John, r 95 E. Hunter 
Mehaffey R L , with J. Silvey & Co., bds 39 N. Pryor 
Mehafiey Wilson L., carpenter, r 414 E. Fair 
Meigs Henry V., mnfr, bds Kimball House 
Meigs William H., printer, r 93 Nelson 
Meister Pett-r A. B., saloon, r Lawton, 1st sof Baugh, W. E 
Mell Anthony (c), drayman, r 59 Hilliard 
Mell Armistead (c), wks Winship & Bro., r 155 Markham 
Mell Jame. R., elk T. C. Mayson, bds 43 Walker 
Mell John L., elk Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 9 Stonewall 
Mell Matilda (c), laundress, r 164 N. Calhoun 
Mell Robert J., elk T. C. Mayson, bds 43 Walker 
Melton Aaron P. Rev. (c), r 194 Richardson 
Melton Benjamin F. K., elk Hook & Smith, r 65 Whitehall 
Meneely George R. (G. R. Meneely & Co.), r Troy, N. Y 
Meneely George K. & Co. (G. R Meneely and T. W. Get- 
man), brass founders, W. & A. R. R , bet Foundry and 

ft ^ft &)Jr £k\Ul£' IIU PIMPLES msl m^omEm 

^KfDAVIS '%W^^" sewing- machine 

IHtJ^A*. W J.K^ z":s.^X3 W. T. WILSON. 14 W. M ltcheU Bi. 

MEN 389 MEY ' 

Menefee L. (c), wks E, Van Winkle & Co 
Menken Fritz, policeman, r 119 Ga. R. R 
Menken Williiim F., tailor J. Lynch, r 121 Rhodes 
Menko Jacob, bkkpr L. Cohen & Co., bds 16 W. Garnett 
Menko Joseph (M. Menko & Bro.), r 16 W. Garnett 
Menko Joseph, Jr., with J. Menko & Co.. bds 62 W. Peters 
Menko Julius (Julius Menko & Co), r 62 W. Peters 
MENKO JULIUS &C0. (Julius Menko and — ), whol liquors 

and cigars, 20 Peachtree 
Menko Martin (M. Menko & Bro.), r 62 W. Peters 
Menko M. & Bro. (Martin and Joseph Menko), clothing, 21 

MERCER ED, reading room and saloon 20 and 22 Marietta, 

r 164 Hayne 
Mercer Henry F., elk, bds 164 Hayne 
Mercer James L., farmer, r 278 Fraser . 
Mercer John T., elk E. Mercer, bds 164 Hayne 
Mercer Mary A., Mrs., principal Hayne Street School, r 71 

Merchant Floyd S., machinist Traynham &Ray, bdsSlIvy 
Merchant John R. (Merchant & Mosley), r 66 Jackson, cor 

MERCHANT & MOSLEY (J. R. Merchant and S. L. Mos- 
ley), whol grocers, 27 E. Alabama 

pres; J. H. Porter, cashier ; 12 and 14 E. Alabama 
Merchison James M., student, bds 70 Ivy 
Merrifield George H., shoemkr, 4 W. Wall, r 63 S. Broad 
Merrill Sanders (c), lab, r 25 Green's Ferry av 
Merrin A., capitalist, bds Kimball House 
Merritt James B. (Merrit & Summers), r 4 Randolph 
Merritt Monroe (c), carpenter, r 229 Clarke 
Merritt William (c), carpenter, r Brick, nr limits 
Merritt Wiley, wks J. M. Nace, r country 
Merritt & Summers (J. B. Merritt and F. J. Summers), gro- 
cers, 564 Decatur 
Meriwether Selina (c), laundress,. r rear 117 Rhodes 
Metcalf Anderson (c), wks A-L. Ry, r Cornelia, nr limits 
Metcalf Charles A., elk G. S. Prior, bds 272 Peachtree 
Metcalf Talica C, wid J. W., r 272 W. Peachtree 
Methodist Advocate, E. Q. Fuller, editor; 110 Whitehall 
Meyer Charles, elk PI. Shields, r 50 Decatur 
Meyer Charles, wks W. & A. R. R., r 185 Elliott 

EVENTRACK vll Piedmont Air-Line. 


Telephone i^'S^^i 

56 E. Alabama St.. for COAL of 
Elacksmith's Coal a soeclaltv. See oaea IM 

MEY 390 MIL 

Meyer Henry L., carpenter Lynch & Lea, bds 39 W. Foun- 

Meyer Henry T., tel opr A-L. Ry., bds 95 N. Calhoun 

Meyer Samuel, with Maddox, Rucker & Co., r 28 E. Cain 

Mever William H., coffinmkr, bds 185 Elliott 

MEYER see also MAYER and MYERS 

Michael Louisa A., wid Russell, bds 63 W. Foundry 

Michie John W., elk, r 64 E. Fair 

Mickleberry William H. C, with Simons & Drummond, 
r 46 E.Cain 

MICKLEBERRY WILLIAM M., produce and com, 23 E. 
Alabama, r 18 Gilmer 

Middlebrooks Anderson (c), lab, r 201 Clarke 

Middlebrooks John (c), lab, r rear 41 Peters 

Middlebrooks William M., grocer, 405 W. Peters, r 417 W. 

Middleton John (c), wks 0. A. Smith 

Middleton John A., coppersmith Porter & Meakin, r 52 

Middleton Lizzie Miss, elk Telephone Exchange 

Middleton William G., engineer Atlanta Water Wks, r 210 

Mihalovitch Henry, law student Mynatt & Howell, r 169 
S. Forsyth 

Mihalovitch Louis, liquors, etc., 26 Decatur, r 169 S. For- 

Milam John A., barkpr G. B. Stewart, r Mitchell, ne cor 

Milam Robert J., naedical student, bds 149 Luckie 

Milam Solomon M., elk Shropshire & Johnson, bds 49 

Miles Henry H., trav agt, r 110 W. Harris 

Miles J. R., car cleaner A-L. Ry 

Miles McDuffie D., student, bds 39 N. Pryor 

Miles William A., wks A-L. Ry, r Savannah, nr limits 

MILLEDGE JOHN (Milledge & Haygood), and city re- 
corder, 69 E. Alabama, r 126 E. Peters 

Milledge & Haygood TJohn Milledge and W. A. Haygood), 
lawyers, 69 E. Alabama 

Millen William H , elk bds 63 Houston 

Miller Archibald C, agt, bds 38 W. Peters 

Miller Bror N., carriagemkr, r 15 N. Collins 

Miller Caroline (c), laundress, r 210 W. Hunter 

«•*"!?• TTT5 ^T'T^ never fails to relieve pain. 


[IHLJ^X,^ V J.K^ lE'^ElD W. T.WILSON, 14 W.MitcheUBU 

MIL 391 MIL 

Miller Ca?sar (c), lab, r 200 Fort 

Miller Charles, elk, r 44 S. Pryor 

Miller Daniel S., harnessmkr D. Morgan, r 20 E. Peters 

Miller Frank, agt, bds 38 W. Peters 

Miller Frank (c), lab, r Austin's al, bet Holland and Hum- 

Miller Frank H., carpenter, bds 18 Warren pi 

Miller George, fireman W. & A. R. R., r 47 W. Foundry 

Miller George (c). wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 138 Gray 

MILLER GEORGE L., manager B. F. Avery & Sons, bds 
Markham House. (See front cover and page 75) 

Miller Henry (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 138 Gray 

Miller Henr}' F., tailor, r 134 Thompson 

Miller Plenry G., elk B. F. Veal, r Howell, nr limits 

Miller Homer V. M., physician, r 43 W^alton 

Miller Jacob R., wks J. H. Johnson, r 28 Cedar 

Miller James, foreman W. L. Jarvis 

Miller James T., elk Ry P. 0., r 49 N. Calhoun 

Miller John, carpenter, r 38 W. Peters 

Miller John A., broker, bds 67 Marietta 

Miller John G., route agt^ Ry M. S., bds 141 McDonough 

Miller John M., carrier Lynch & Thornton, r 102 Whitehall 

Miller Laura, wid 0., bds 103 McDonough 

Miller Myra, wid W., bds 60 Ivy 

Miller Nancy, wid S., bds ss Mayson Ferry rd, Bellwood 

MILLER OLIVER F., chief elk Markham House, r 79 

Miller Ralph E., printer W. T. Christopher & Bro., bds 33 

Miller Ransom (c), lab, r Markham, nr limits 

Miller Robert, carpenter, bds 38 W. Peters 

Miller Scott (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks , 

Miller Stephen L. (c), barber H. White, r 14 Peachtree 

Miller Thomas (c), Avks Ga. Iron Wks 

Miller Thomas C, elk Atlanta Cash Clothing Store, bds 39| 

Miller William, agt H. Rust & Co., Greensboro, N. C, bds 
38 W. Peters 

Miller William (c), carpenter, r 133 Wheat 

Miller William (c), lab, r 10 Holland 

Miller Wright (c), blacksmith, Marietta, bey limits 

Miller Zachary (c), driver W. L. Hubbard & Son 


pm^K^Trw I* via Piedmont Air-Line 

E M CjREESON 'i^eneral Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

Mb 4Ma UAvMMMWil) Promptness Mly TOiotto. 

MIL 392 MIT 

Millican Sarah Miss, boarding, 39 N. Forsyth 

Milligan Lula, wid Joseph, r 13 Hayne 

Mills Adam (c), porter Morrison, Bain & Co., rl4 Randolph 

Mills B. B. Mrs , housekpr Kimball House 

Mills Charles (c), Avks W. S. Withers, r 148 Martin 

Mills Courteney, wid Enoch, r 321 Marietta 

Mills P^lizabeth Miss, bds 61 Marietta 

MILLS FRANK, distributing elk P. 0., r 344 Marietta 

Mills James M., engineer W. & A. R. R., bds 17 Elliott 

Mills John, trav agt. r 13 N. Butler 

Mills Millie Mrs., private school, r 286 W. Peach tree 

Mills Solomon C. (c), driver, r 148 Martin 

Mills Susan Miss, vvks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s of 

Mills Thomas (c), shoemkr, 13.i Marietta, r rear 260 Peach- 

Mills Thomas E, elk P , bds 344 Marietta 

Mills William F., asst dis elk P. O , bds 344 Marietta 

Milner Ann, wid J. B., r 10 Rhodes 

Milner Arnold, elk. bds 138 Whitehall 

Milner Ralph J., printer W. T. Christopher & Bro., r 32 N. 

Milner William J., elk J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 10 Rhodes. 
Milton JetTerson L., (Gantt & Milton), r 261 McDonough 
Mims Charles B., trav agt, r 148 Ivy 
Mims Cynthia, wid Williamson, bds 46 Ivy 
Mims Franklin P., conductor A. & W. P. R. R., r 26 N. 

Mims John S , fireman W. & A. R. R., r 128 W. Peters 
Mims Joseph (c), drayman W. A. Fuller, r 26 George 
Mims Livingston (J E. Johnston & Co.), r 433 Peachtree 
Mims Robert (c),»lab, r 6 S. Collins 
Mims Samuel (c), lab, r 122 Houston 
Mims %Stafford (c), lab, r 63 Hayne 

Mims William, supervisor A. & W. P. R. R., r 31 N. Forsyth 
Mims William H.. fireman W. & A. R. R 
Minor Jackson (c), barber, 70i Decatur, r 5 Ivy 
Minor Philip (c), painter Cook &_Stewart, r 264 Mangum 
Mission of the Redeemer Episcopal Church, Walton, nw 

cor Fair 
Mitchell Addison (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 6 Grady 
Mitchell Alexander W., cotton buyer, 16 E. Hunter, bds 

138 Whitehall 

Brewer's Lung Restorer 

and <j\j^ ssUM-^i: J.<:>N 


MIT 393 MIT 

Mitchell Annie Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Mitchell Benjamin, wks T. S. Lewis 
Mitchell Camilla D., wid W. H., bds 45 Forrest av 
Mitchell Caroline, wid William, bds 359 Whitehall 
Mitchell Charles, painter, bds 87 Mav's al 
Mitchell Charles B., with A. W. Mitchell, bds 138 White- 
Mitchell Chloe E., wid Eugene L., r 52 W. Harris 
Mitchell Doc (c), barber H. White, r 80 Houston 
Mitchell Doc (c), fireman Kimball House 
Mitchell Edward fc), train hand A. & W. P. R. R 
Mitcliell Edward {c), Markbam House 
Mitchell Edward (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 174 Eraser 
Mitchell Eugene W , elk W. D. Mitchell, bds 3U0 W. Peters 
Mitchell Fannie (c), laundress, r 46 X. Broad 
Mitchell Foster (c), porter E. C. Allen, r rear 210 E. Cain 
Mitchell Frederick (c), waiter National Hotel 
Mitchell George (c), teacher, r rear 428 Peachtree 
Mitchell George P., elk J, J. Falvey & Co., r 475 Marietta 
Mitchell Grace (c), cook, r 17 E. Harris 
Mitchell Henry A., cotton buyer A. W. Mitchell, bds 138 

Mitchell Henr}' C, prin Marietta Street School, r 235 Ivy 
Mitchell Henry S., painter, bds 155 W. Hunter 
Mitchell Isaac G. Rev., r BOW. Garnett 
Mitchell Isaac S., grocer, 142 Whitehall, r 33 Smith 
Mitchell James (c), waiter Hotel Weinmeister 
Mitchell James M. 0., printer C W. Motes, r 235 Wheat 
Mitchell James W., elk M. Ryan, bds 20i W. Mitchell 
Mitchell Jane (c), laundress, r 19 Scofield 
Mitchell John (c), lab, r 7^ W. Mitchell 
Mitchell John (c), waiter A. W. Mitchell, r rear 138 White- 
Mitchell Jordan (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks., r State, nw cor 

Mitchell Joseph (c), coupler A-L. Ry 
Mitchell Joseph (c), porter, r 93 Loyd 
Mitchell Josephine (c), laundress, r Decatur, nr limits 
Mitchell Loyd (c), pressman Dodson & Scott, r Decatur, ne 

cor Ivy 
Mitchell Mack (c), harnessmkr S. H.Davis, r49 Bouvelard 
Mitchell Margaret, wid William, r ns Harris, 1st e of Ran- 

Peerless, Yeti^Route, Piedmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL. 

MIT 394 MOB 

Mitchell Martha E., wid William H., r 155 W. Hunter 
Mitchell Matilda (c), laundress, r 23 Porter al 
Mitchell Matthew (c), carpenter Ga. Iron Wks, r 50 "Wells 
Mitchell Missouri (c), laundress, r rear 67 Magazine 
Mitchell Nannie Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 154 Luckie 
Mitchell Oliver E., cotton buyer A. W. Mitchell, bds 138 

Mitchell Philip (c), wks Atlanta Ice Co., r Markham, nr 

Mitchell Rachel (c), r 4 Hilliard 
Mitchell Richard (c), waiter, r rear 209 E. Cain 
Mitchell Robert (c), r 68 C. R. R 
Mitchell Robert (c), wks L. H. Hall & Co., r 86 Cain 
Mitchell Russell C. (Rice & Mitchell), r 202 Ivy 
Mitchell Shadrach S. (c), grocer, 140 E. Cain 
Mitchell Theronica Mrs., wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 154 

Mitchell Thomas (c), barber K. Watts, r 223 Richardson 
Mitchell Thomas (c), driver Boynton Bros , r 13 Ira 
Mitchell Thomas G., (c), porter Southern Hotel, r 4 

Mitchell W^esley D., genl store, 298 and 300 W. Peters 
Mitchell William, carpenter, 12 Chapel 
Mitchell William (c), driver C. H. Swift, r 47 Loyd 
Mitchell William (c), grocer, 92 Houston 
Mitchell William (c), plasterer J. G. Thrower, r 50 AVells 
Mitchell William A , r 201 S. Forsyth 
Mitchell William D., engineer C. R. R., r 28 Elliott 
Mitchell William E., jeweler, bds 155 W. Hunter 
MITCHELL WILLIAM E. law student, bds 28 Elliott 
Mitchell William P., with S. M. Inman & Co., bds 138 

Mitchell Willis (c), whitewasher, r rear 42 Cooper 
Mitchell Wyatt E., wks E. Haiman, r 30 Dairy 
Mize John S., foreman Ristine & May, bds 9 Orme 
Mobley Abraham (c), wks J. S. Morris & Son, r rear 133 

W. Baker 
Mobley Ann (c), laundress, r 106 Gray 
Mobley Ephraim D. L., rent elk G. W. Adair, r Smyrna, 

Cobb Co, Ga 
Mobley John F. (Taylor & Mobley), bds Kimball House 
Mobley Rebecca W., wid Henry, r 44 Powers 
Mobley William H., elk, bds 44 Powers 


!>Jr Jarf/IUJllT' 1\^ And Never Fails to Cure. 



IHtJ-^XO. V ASJ E^DSEID W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

MOF 395 moo" 

Moffett Charles J., with Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, r 58 N. 

Moffett iSallie Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Moja Angelo, elk T. Bolochi, r 112 Whitehall 
Moian Oliver (c), shoemkr R. H. Jones 
Molder Isaac (c), trainhand A-L. Ry 
Molsedale James, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 95 Pine 
Monaghan Edward C, elk, bds Southern Hotel 
Monaghan John B., detective, r 244 E. Fair 
Moncrief David E., elk Duck & Co , bds 75 Formwalt 
Moncrief Stephen P., tinner, bds 75 Formwalt 
Mongar Sarah E. Mrs., dressmkr, r 9 Roach 
Monk James G., elk J. Stephens & Co , bds 41 E. Alabama 
Monroe Crawford (c), teamster, r 110 Pine 
Monroe Theodore H., porter B. F. Avery & Sons, r 39 Henry 
Monteith P]lizabeth M. Mrs., boarding, 48 Gilmer 
Monteith Robert A., elk M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., r 44 

Montgomery Andrew (c), wks G. R. Meneely & Co., r 181 

N. Butler 
Montgomery Charles D., with Crane, Boylston & Co., r 50 

Montgomery Ernest, wks Cotton Factory 
Montgomery George (c), porter Air Line House, r 49^ S. 

Montgomery Ransom (c), lab, r rear 82 S. Forsyth 
Moody Andrew (c), lab, r 77 Richardson 
Moody Berry train hand W. & A. R. R., bds 16 Mechanic 
Moody Hayden, elk, bds 138 McDonough 
Moody Matilda, wid Joel L., r 60 Johnson 
Moody William, trav agt J. F. Burke & Co., bds 67 N. Pryor 
Mookiar William B. (J. D. Bibb & Co.), bds 62 W. Peters 
Moomaugh Robert H., trav agt, r 62 E. Cain 
Moon Charles A. (c), waiter, r 25 Clifford 
Moon George, elk, bds 39 N. Forsyth 
MOON JOHN L. (Greeson & Moon), bds National Hotel 
Moon Robert T., bkkpr G. W. Price, bds 39 N. Pryor 
Moon Zadok B., barkpr, rll5 Nelson 

Moor William H., elk A. 0. M. Gay & Co., bds 39 N. Pryor 
Moore Alexander (c), lab, r ns Mayson Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Moore Alfred (c), lab, r ws Williams, 2d n of Cox 
Moore Alfred H., gold miner, r ss Harris, 1st e of Hayden 
Moore Amanda J., wid W. F., r 91 Crew 

■■coAcrs' ni Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESQN General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

*<■ *.&, WAWirfJdWWA^, Promptness JMCy M:otto. 

MOO 396 MOO 

Moore Amos (c), blacksmith A. & W. P. R. R., r 80 Mc- 

Moore Anthony (c), wks Bugler & Carroll, r rear 270 

Moore Arthur B., with Morrison, Bain & Co.^ r 52 Forrest av 
Moore Augusta Mrs., bds 183 N. Collins 
MOORE BENJAMIN F. PROF., pres Moore's Southern 
Business University, 38 & 40 S. Broad, bds Markham 
House. (See back cover and page S6) 
Moore Bishop (c), drayman, r 277 Rankin 
Moore Clara E., wid James A., r 103 Windsor 
Moore Clarence E , lawyer with Hoke Smith, r 183 N. Col- 
Moore Edward (c), driver Lynch & Lea, r 19 Mays al 
Moore Edwin C, prin Fair Street School, r 52 Forrest av 
Moore Eliza E , wid William, ]■ 20 Walker 
Moore Ella W. Miss, teacher Atlanta Universitv 
Moore Felix (c). blacksmith 0. Bowden, r 23 Hull 
Moore Giles (c), restaurant, Mariett>i, bey limits 
Moore Hannah (c), laundress, r 165 Marietta 
Moore Harvey (c), candymkr F. E. Block I 

Moore Henry (c), hackman A. Turner, r 49 High 
Moore Henry (c), lab, r Wheat, nw cor Valentine 
Moore Henry, painter, bds 35 Eraser 

Moore James T., elk Westmoreland & Griffin, bds 188| De- 
Moore Jeremiah (c), blacksmith, r ws Williams, 2d n of 

Moore John (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 21 Chattahoochee 
Moore John J., porter Gate City Hotel, r 40 Decatur 
Moore John T., canvasser Singer Mnfg Co., r 26 E. Ala- 
Moore John W., elk, bds 183 N. Collins 
MOORE, MARSH <& CO. (W. A. Moore, E. W. Marsh, R. 
L. Barry, J. A. Barry, J. A, Smith, Joseph Kingsbery, 
W. W. Draper and W. T. Ashford), whol dry goods, 
notions, boots, shoes and hats, Pryor, cor Decatur and 
Moore Martin (c), janitor P. 0. Insp. office, r 52 Decatur 
Moore Matilda Miss, milliner, bds ns Henry, 3d w of Man- 
Moore Mary E. (c), seamstress, r 6Q S. Forsyth 
Moore Michael A., currier and finisher, r Pine, nw cor 

IVl^TTR.O^^If^ K.BlLiIElVH!S lTElXJR,.A.Il.a 1 A 



'Ht-J^AA If ^hJ FEEX) y f T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

MOO 397 MOR 

Moore Michael A. Jr., elk C. M. Berry, bds Pine nw cor 

Moore Nancy wid Anderson, r 12 Yonge 
Moore Pea (c), shoemkr Nick Holmes, r 113 Markham 
Moore Robert A., wks Stocker A: Castleberry, bds97Larkin 
Moore R. D., wks W. & A. R. R 
Moore Samuel (c), driver A G. Rhodes, r country 
Moore Silas T., saloon, 218 Decatur, r 188 Decatur 
Moore, Sims & Co. (Thomas Moore, F. A. and W. I. Sims), 

millers and grain, 135 Marietta 
Moore Thomas, carpenter, r ss Glynn, e of Kelly 
Moore Thomas (Moore, Sims & Co.), r Bolton, Ga 
Moore Tillman (c), sawyer, r 27 Mosley 
Moore Victor A., with Morrison, Bain & Co., r 52 Forrest av 
Moore William (c), porter F. S. Simmons & Co. 
Moore William (c), wks Nat. Surg. Inst., r rear 133 N. 

Moore William A. (Moore, Marsh & Co.), r 20 Cone 
Moore William C, painter J. A. Paris, r 35 Praser 
Moore William D., wks U. S. Court, r 166 S. Forsyth 
Moorp William N., bds 78 Nelson 
Moore William P., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ss South, 3d n of 

Moore W., canvasser Singer Mnfg 

Moore , machinist W. & A. R. R., bds 49 Luckie 

Moorefield James H., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., r 81 W. 


Moore, pres ; 38 and 40 S. Broad. (See back cover and 

page 86) 
Moran Eliza F., wid William H., r 11 Orme 
Moran Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Moran Owen H., woodworker L. H. Hall & Co., r 11 Orme 
Moran Paschal J., foreman Constitution, r 11 Walker 
Morel M. Miss, teacher Atlanta Female Institute, bds 173 

Morel Louisa S., wid B. M., r 181 S. Loyd 
Morel William L., furnituremkr, r 90 Rhodes 
Morelnaid George (c), drayman T. J. Lowe & Bro., r ws 

Martin, 2d n of Richardson 
Moreland Moses (c), butcher W. B. Woods, r rear 428 Peach- 
Moreland Randall (c), wks A. 0. Smith, r 18 Mangum 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


Hi «I Ukmmikumi qq East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

MOR 398 MOR 

Moreley Stephen C, carpenter W. & A. R. R., r ss Rhodes, 

w of Davis 
Moreton Elizabeth Mrs., r 85 S. Pryor 
Morgan Aaron (c), lab, r Crowell, nr limits 
Morgan Alexander (c), lab, r Crowell, nr limits 
Morgan Alice Miss, wks Evins & Robinson, bds 25 Cone 
Morgan Allan P., elk J. D. Frazier, r 241 W. Peters 
Morgan Charles H. (c), grocer, 159 Wheat, r 42 Howell 
Morgan David, saddles and harness, 80 Whitehall, r 184 

S. Pryor 
Morgan David W., elk J. M. High, bds 8i W. Mitchell 
Morgan Elsie (c), cook, r 149 Crowell 
Morgan Emma, wid Samuel, bds 77 Crew 
MORGAN JAMES L., elk National Hotel 
Morgan James W., wks Cotton Factory, r 123 Marietta 
Morgan Jane Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 158 Luckie 
Morgan Joseph H., ins agt, 37 Marietta, r 40 Spring 
Morgan Mary, wid William, bds ws Cain, 1st s of Mariett a 
Morgan Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 158 Luckie 
Morgan Mary A. Mrs., boarding, 20^ W. Mitchell 
Morgan Peter (c), wks A. & W. P. R. R., r 75 N. Moore I 
Mogan Robert J., elk Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, r 23 N. 

Morgan Royal J. (c), barber Markham House 
Morgan Samuel (Morgan, Smith & Co.), r Rome, Ga 
Morgan Samuel (c), wks E. Haiman,r 173| Marietta 
Morgan Sarah Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 158 Luckie 
Morgan Sarah J., wid William, r 158 Luckie 
MORGAN, SMITH & CO. (S. Morgan, S. F., N. F. and C. 

W. Smith), cotton buyers, 99 S. Broad 
Morgan Sylvanus L. (Morgan & Lang), r 29| W. Mitchell 
Morgan Thomas H., draughtsman Parkins & Bruce, bds 56 

Morgan Washington (c), carpenter, r Brick, nr limits 
Morgan Wilbur J., bkkpr Atlanta Com. Co., bds 14 Walker 
Morgali William (c), packer Jack & Holland 
Morgan William H., trav agt, bds 23 N. Collins 
Morgan & Lang (S. L. Morgan and J. T. Lang), grocers, 315 

W. Mitchell 
Moring Christopher S., painter W. & A. R. R., r 107 Rhodes 
Moring William P., painter W. & A. R. R., r 127 Magazine 
Morrel William, finisher Ristine & May, r Rhodes, nr EUott 
Morrill William C, treas W. & A. R. R., r 249 Ivy 



•HtJ-^^A V ^KJ E'EEID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell qt 

MOR 899 MOR 

Morris Benjamin (c), lab, r 80 Fraser 

Morris Calvin (c), driver J. G. Oglesby, r rear ss Richard- 
son, 2d w of S. Pryor 
Morris Charles E. elk W. B. Dalston, bds 72 Marietta 
Morris Charles M., grocer and saloon, 115 Decatur, r country 
Morris Cicero H., cotton buyer H. P. Kennedy, r 161 Ma- 
Morris Columbus S., elk Hall & Landrum, r 139 Old Wheat 
Morris David P. (Morris & Bo.), r 203 Luckie 
Morris Edward J., elk W. C. Morris & Co., bds 22^ N. Broad 
Morris Edward M., elk, r 66 Walker 
Morris Elisha S. (Morris & Bro.), r country 
Morris Hardy (c), lab, r rear 39 Pulliam 
Morris Henry, machinist, bds 218 Elliott 
Morris Henry (c), waiter H. C. Thurman 
Morris Jacob, janitor Court House, bds 27 Cone 
Morris Jacob (c), porter Adams House, r rear 39 Pulliam 
Morris James T., wks A-L. Ry., bds 133 E. Hunter 
Morris James S., engineer W. & A. R. R 
Morris Jane, wid C. C, bds 1 W. Garnett 
Morris John, elk J. Keely, bds 89 E. Fair 
Morris John (c^i, wks Atlanta Brewery, r 312 Fort 
Morris John F., car inspector W. & A. R. R., r ns Carter, 

w of Davis 
Morris John T., genl store, 88 and 90 W. Peters, r 1 W. 

Morris John H., engineer W. & A. R. R., bds 201 Luckie 
Morris Joseph S. (J. S. Morris & Son), r 201 Luckie 
Morris J. Louis, elk Mayer, Son & Co., bds 22 N. Broad 
MORRIS J. S. & SON (J. S. and L. S. Morris), grocers and 

coal dealers, 196 Marietta 
Morris Leroy G., woodworker W, & A. R. R., r 71 S. Butler 
Morris Lewis S. (J. S. Morris & Son), r 201 Luckie 
Morris Mack C, elk M. P. Riser & Son, bds 20^ W. Mitchell 
Morris Martha Mrs., boarding, r 161 Marietta 
Morris Mary, wid Joseph, bds se al s of May son Ferry rd, 

w of W. & A. R. R.. Bell wood 
Morris Mary (c), laundress, r 1 Magazine 
Morris Mittie Mrs., millinery, 39i Peachtree 
Morris Sarah Mrs., bds 126 S. Forsvth 
Morris Spencer (c), drayman, r Hilliard, nr limits 
Morris Thomas (c), lab" r 18 E. Hunter 
Morris Thomas A., engineer, bds 214 E. Hunter 

busSe1me£ Piedmont Air-Line 

E M SREESQN ^®^erallleal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

MOR 400 MPS 

Morris Virgil D., blacksmith W. & A. R. R., bds 110 Rhodes 
Morris William C. (W. C. Morris & Co.), r 22^ N. Broad 
Morris William 0., coupler W. & A. R. R., r ws al s of May- 
son Ferry rd, w of W. & A. R. R., Belhvood 
Morris W. C. & Co. (W. C. Morris), hats, boots, shoes and 

clothing, 21 Marietta 
Morris & Bro. (D. P. and E. S. Morris), whol grocers 46 

Peachtree and 29 N. Broad 
Morrison Alexander L., molder Porter & Meakin, r 224 

Morrison Angus (Morrison, Bain &Co.), rill Washington 
MORRISON, BAIN & CO. (J. M. Morrison, D. M. Bain and 

Angus Morrison), hardware, 10 and 12 S. Pryor 
Morrison Charles (c), porter Phillii^s & Crew 
Morrison Farquhar B., upholsterer, bds 224 Elliott 
Morrison John (Morrison, Bain & Co.), r 55 Crew 
Morrison John C., asst yard master C. R. R., r 37 Rock 
Morrison Loughlin A., molder, r 224 Elliott 
Morrison Thomas, elk F. J. Ansley & Co., bds 20* W. 

Morrison Thomas F., elk J. C. Smith, bds 60 McDonough 
Morrow Frank (c). carpenter, r Martin, sw cor Glenn 
Morrow James W.^ elk Ga. R. R., r 381 S. Pryor 
Morrow Thomas (c), lab, r 215 Martin 
Morton Albert C. (A. C. Morton &. Co.), r 25 Marietta 
Morton A. C. & Co. (A. C. Morton and ), genl agents, 

25 Marietta 
Morton Daniel, wks A-L. Ry., r 7 Ella 
Morton Henry (c), wks A-L Ry., r Foster, nr limits 
Morton Henry (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Morton Lawyer (c), wks A-L. Ry., r Factory, nr limits 
Moseley Doctor (c), lab, r 182 Chapel 

Moseley Elijah (c), bricklayer, r ss Cox, 2d w of Williams 
Moseley Jolin fireman A. & W. P. R. R 
Moseley Richard J., bds 85^ Whitehall 
Moseley William (c), driver, r 74 W. Foundry 
Moser George C, architect, bds 241 Whitehall 
Moser James H., artist, 27* Whitehall, r 241 Whitehall 
MOSER JOHN, architect, "63 Whitehall, r 241 Whitehall 
Moses Albert, elk J. F. Cummings & Co., bds 26 N. Forsyth 
Moses Alice Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Moses James F., wks Cotton Factor}', bds 146 Marietta 
Moses Raphael J., lawyer, 40 Marietta, bds 26 N. Forsyth 

Set Ci^^A0>^H'fn^ Cures Rhenmatism 


I Ht J^XA If ^KJ E^EEXJ ^ J, WILSON, 14 W. MltcheU St 

MPS 401 MOY 

Moses Wilson (c), plasterer, r 187 E. Cain 
Mosley Andrew (c), whitewasher, r 309 Fraser 
Mosley Beulah (c), laundress, r 26 C. R. R 
Mosley John (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Mosley John, wks J. H. Johnson 

Mosley Emanuel L. (Merchant & Mosley), bds Wilson 

Mosley , elk W. H. Brotherton, bds Collier House 

Moss Alonzo W., elk Wilson House 
Moss Amanda J., wid G. W., bds 55 N. Calhoun 
Moss Andrew J., policeman, r 233 E. Hunter 
Moss A. Twiggs, oil agt, bds Kimball House 
Moss Burrell, (c), fireman Kimball House 
Moss Henry (c), carpenter, r 174 N. Calhoun 
Moss Henry (c), porter J. Sharp & Co., r 14 May's al 
Moss Isaac (c), lab, r 14 May's al 
Moss Newton A., elk J. F. Morris, bds 1 W. Garrett 
Moss Primus (c), porter J. S. Oliver & Co., r 28 W. Ala- 
MOTES COLUMBUS W. (C. W. Motes & Co.), and photo- 
grapher, 32 Whitehall, r 377 S. Pryor 
MOTES C. W. & CO. (C. W. and W. F. Motes), saddles 

and harness, 96 Whitehall 
Motes William F. (C. W. Motes & Co.), r 196 Whitehall 
Motrey John (c), watchman, r ws Fraser, 2d s of Anderson 
Motte Catharine, wid William, r 59 Luckie 
Motte John T., wks Winship & Bro., r 59 Luckie 
Motts Anthony (c), lab, r 135 E. Baker 
Motts Nelson (c), physician, r 214 Fraser 
Moulton Henry, weaver Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Mount Olive Union Bap. Ch., 119 Spring 
Mount Pleasant Bap. Ch., 63 Fort 
Mount William C, machinist A-L. Ry, r Cornelia, nr 

Mount Zion Baptist Church (c), ss Baber, e of Calhoun 
Mountcastle William C. (Mountcastle, Coleman & Co.), bds 

13 E. Alabama 
Mountcastle, Coleman & Co. (W. E. Mountcastle, W. E. 
Coleman and G. B. McGaughey), whol grocers and com 
mers, 15 S. Broad and 18 Forsyth 
Mowbray Alexander, carpenter, bds 54 W. Foundra 
Moyer Emma Miss, bkkpr, bds 134 W. Baker 
Moyer Isaac (c), grocer, 149 W. Peters 

m im %EuTi^ f Si Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

56 E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT. "Whole- 
Bale & Retail. Bpeolal rates to dealers. Bee page 10(K 

MOY 402 MUR 

Mo5'er Mattie Miss, seamstress, bds 134 W. Baker 
Moyer William H., painter, r 139 Thompson 
Movers John M., miner, r 75 Alexander 
MOYERS WILLIAM T., lawyer, 36^ E. Alabama 
Mozley Hiram, druggist, 98 Whitehall, r 111 E. Hunter 
Mull John (c), wks Markham House 

MULLAN JOSEPH J., marble worker and dealer in mon- 
uments, tombs, etc., 14 S. Broad, r 42 E. Mitchell. (See 

page 93) 
Mulleley Thomas, wks Longley & Robinson, r ws Decatur, 

1st w of A-L. Ry 
Mullennix Augustus, engineer Ferguson & Blount 
Mullennix Benjaman F., wks Ferguson & Blount 
Mullennix Benjamin F., shoemkr, r 192 N. Fort 
Mullennix Doash, wks Ferguson & Blount 
Mullennix George A., engineer A. Murphy, r 101 Peachtree 
MuUer Emanuelus, tailor C. G. Grosse, bds 74 E. Hunter 
Muller William carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 46 Hulsey 
MULLER, see also MILLER 

Mulligan George B., wks J. H. Johnson, bds 42 E. Mitchell 
Mulligan William B., engineer A-L. Ry., bds 42 E. Mitchell 
Muller Burton A., saloon, 12 S. Broad, r Ellis, nr limits 

(Information refused.) 
MuUins Henretta Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 

1st s of Marietta 
MuUins Jack lab, bds ws Cain, 1st of Marietta 
MuUins James, wks Ferguson & Blount 
MuUins Robert E., elk C. Treadwell, r 7 N. Bell 
MuUins Thomas R., blacksmith Porter & Meakin, r 7 N. 

Munday Joseph R. Rev., pastor Bellwood Baptist Church, 

r 33 E. Foundry 
Munday Mary C. Mrs., boarding, 39 N. Pryor 
Munds Henry (c), carpenter, r 51 Fulton 
Munford Albert (c), plasterer, r 22 Solomon 
Munger Martin L., tuner Smith Am. Organ Co., bds 11 E. 

Munroe William E. (J. F. Burke & Co.), r 67 N. Pryor 
Munson Alfred, engineer C R. R, r 81 EUiott 
Munson Rebecca Miss, bds 81 EUiott 
Murdock James R., cotton buyer, bds 87 S. Broad 
Murphy John W., capitalist, 57 Marietta, r 83 N. Pryor 
Murphy Robert A., warrant clerk Executive Dept., bds 

83 N. Pryor 

TiTTj^TTT> /^T'TPI kei^ieves iTE^r>A.cH:B 


' Ht.l^XA, V AKJ FEEP ^ T WILSON. 14 W . Mitchell St. 

MUR 403 MUR 

Murphy Anthony, lumber dealer, 75 S. Forsyth, r ws Lee, 

nr limits, W. E 
Murphy Dennis, tin smith J. Warlick & Co., bds 86 "Wheat 
Murphy Dennis watchman W. & A. R. R., r rear 28Hayden 
Murphy Edward, elk P. Lynch, r 95 Jones 
Mnrphy Edward C, detective, r 54 E. Simpson 
Murphy Elizabeth Mrs., bakery, 274 Marietta 
Murphy Elizabeth wid C. F., r 23 Castleberry 
Murphy Isaiah (c), wks Morgan, Smith & Co., r 28 Dairy 
Murphy Jacob (c), waiter National Hotel 
Murphy James, fireman W. & A. R. R., bds W. & A. R. R., 

2d w of Spring 
Murphy James, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 459 Marietta 
Murphy James A., bricklayer, bds 58 W. Peters 
Murphy James W., shoemkr, r 58 W. Peters 
Murphy John, tailor J. Lynch 
Murphy John B., dentist, bds 8 Hood 
Murphy John E., student, bds 54 Formwalt 
Murphy Joseph E., elk D. H. Dougherty, r 6S N. Spring 
Murphj-- Katie Miss, elk J. Keely, r 232 Fraser 
Murphy Lizzie Miss, elk J. Keely, r 232 Fraser 
Murphy Mary, wid Daniel, r 232 Fraser 
Murphy Michael, bolt cutter W. & A. R. R., bds 36 W. 

Murphy Michael C. (Murphy & Croom), r 79 Loyd 
Murphy Michael K., conductor C. R. R., r 6 Pulliam 
Murphy Mollie Miss, elk J. Keely, r 95 Jones 
Murphy Robert, elk J. Ryan, bds 39* Whitehall 
Murphy Thomas (c), wks Traynham &Ray,bdsl54G. R.R 
Murphy Tim C, pass agt Cin. Sou. Ry, 13 S. Pryor, r 54 

Murphy William, farmer, r 23 Castleberry 
Murphy Willis (c), carpenter, r Decatur, nr Boulevard 
Murphy Winifred, wid D., r 232 Fraser 
Murphy & Croom (M. C. Murphy and D. J. Croom), car- 
penters, 25 E. Hunter 
Murray Calvin (c), porter Ga.'Iron Wks, r 248 W. Peach- 
Murray Edward L., elk McBride & Co., r 144 Ivy 
Murray Eunice D. Mrs , boarding, 1G8 Marietta 
Murray Hugh M., elk Morgan, Smith & Co., bds 20 Nelson 
Murray Jacob (c), lab, r rear 47 Martin 
Murray John (c), waiter, r ws Butler, 1st n of Houston 

m HEALTH, ^^^#i^^f i^J» ?IEDMOHI AIS-LINL 


General Eeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Street 

I*roxn.T>tiiees Mly ]\XottOi 

MUR 404 NAC 

Murray Johnson (c), lab, r 220 Clarke 

Murray Lovick P., grocer, 131 E. Hunter 

Murray Madge Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds202| Marietta 

Murray Milton R., lab, r Humphries, nr limits 

Murray Moses (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 61 Chattahoochee 

Murray Napoleon (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ws al, n of 

Emma, w of Lambert, Bellwood 
Murray Pleasant M. (c), lab, r 31 James 
Murray Price E., opr W. U. Tel. Co., r 20 Nelson 
Murray Robert, r 14 Marietta 
Murray Robert (c), porter, r 74 Decatur 
Murray Sarah Miss, music teacher, r 144 Ivy 
Murray Thomas ^c), wks Watkins & Co., r 220 Clarke 
Murray T. H. (c), train hand A-L. Ry 
Murrell Madge Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 130 Luckie 
Murrell Watts ^c), lab, r 256 W. Mitchell 
Murrow Mary Mrs., dressmkr, r 61^ E. Alabama 
Murton Warren (c), wks Ga. R. R., r ws Randolph, 3d n of 

Muse Anna J. Miss, teacher Fair Street School 
Muse Charter C, elk Stewart & Fain, bds 127 S. Pryor 
Muse Elliott H., with W. W. White, r 127 S. Pryor 
Muse George (Muse, Swift & Dallas), bds 127 S. Pryor 
Muse Lewellyn H., bkkpr Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, bds 

127 S. Pryor 
Muse, Swift & Dallas, (George Muse, J. N. Swift, Jr., and 

G. J. Dallas), clothing, 38 Whitehall 
Musten Edward, elk, bds Air-Line House 
Myers D. D., wks W. & A. R. R 
Myers Ellen T., wid D., bds 241 E. Hunter 
Myers John H., carpenter W. & A. R.R., bds 131 Magazine 
Myers Joseph, mess Sou. Exp. Co 
Myers Martin (,c), porter Merchant & Mosley, r rear 40 

Myers Mary, wid Edward, r 159 W. Hunter 
Myers Wihiam R., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 181 Magazine 
MYERS see also MAYER and MEYER 
Mynatt Pryor L. (Mynatt & Howell), r 103 E. Mitchell 
MYNATT & HOWELL (P. L. Mynatt and G. A. Howell), 

lawyers, 12 E. Alabama 
Myers Walter (c), boot artist H. White 


ACE ANNA R. MRS., mattressmkr, 66 Whitehall, r 287 



S\ c^\ c^\^^)^5*^^vTr'E^Tr/^^ s@"cures skin diseases. 
}^ ^m ^JtMkhkS} ilU PIMPLES 4Na BLOTCHES. 


iHtJ^Ji'^ ^ 'M.KJ ^E.^P W. T. W ILSON. 14 W. MltcheUSt. 

NAC 405 NEA 

Nace John M., planing mill, 283 Decatur, r 287 Decatur 

Nace William W., machinist wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 287 

Nails Amanda, wid Burrell, r Peters, 1st n of Gordon, 
W. E 

NALL JOEL S., supt money order dept and asst postmas- 
ter, r 380 S. Pryor 

Nally Martin (Nally & Maher), r 197 S. Forsyth 

Nally Richard, elk J. J. Falvey & Co., r 89 Ellis 

Nally tfe Maher (M. Nally and J. C. Maher), saloon, 4 E. 

Nance C. Robert, fireman W. & A. R. R., bds 16 Mechanic 

Nance Dock, fireman W. & A. R. R., bds W. & A. R. R., 2d 
w of Spring 

Nance Elizabeth, wid H. W., r 149 Ivy 

Nance John, engineer W. & A. R. R., r 25 Magazine 

Nance John S., fireman W. & A. R. R., r 135 Walker 

Nance Richard (c), drayman, r 100 Walker 

Napier Andrew (c), porter A. A. Shields & Co., r 110 Peach- 

Napier George F. (c), barber F. Whitfield, r 24 Decatur 

Narramore Charles F., wks Cotton Factory, r 97 Luckie 

Nash Albert (c), barber D. Hutchins, r 89 Loyd 

Nash Alphonso (c), barber, 94 W. Peters 

Nash Clark (c), lab, r 307 N. Calhoun 

NASH FRANK W., bkkpr Estey Organ Co., r 26 W. Ala- 

Nash Joseph Van Holt, agt Educational Dept D. Appleton 
& Co of N. Y.; 44 Marietta, r 161 Ivy 

Nathan Jesse (c). porter F. G. Hancock 

NATIONAL HOTEL, E. T. White, propr; 6, 8 and 10 
Peachtree. (See page 95) 

National Publishing Co., 0. S. Smith, genl manager; 24 S. 

D., surgeon in charge ; Dr. K. H. Boland. sec and treas; 
32 E. Alabama 

Neal Adam, elk J. Keely, bds National Hotel 

Neal Charles (c), lab, r rear 95 Walton 

Neal Henry (c), porter J. F. Burke & Co., r 132 Ellis 

Neal Herman C, coffinmkr L. H. Hall & Co., r 25 N. Bell 

Neal Ira W., wks H. Linch, r 135| Marietta 

Neal John, capitalist, r 109 S. Pryor 

IvENTRACK Vli PiedmoHt Air-Line. 


TelsnhonS ^' °" ^I^^^^^' ^^ ^- Alabama St.. for COAL of 

Y tf o any kind. Blacksmith's C oal a SDCclaltv. See nasa 100 

NEA 406 NEL 

Neal John, elk J. Keely, bds 159 S. Pryor 

Neal John Jr., r 78 N. Collins 

Neal Lizzie (c), laundress, r rear 28 Hayden 

Neal McCormick, elk John Keely, bds 118 Whitehall 

Neal Pope M. (e), barber J. J. Hoffman, r 2 Marietta 

Neal Reuben (e), barber, r 287 W. Mitchell 

Neal Thomas (c), lab, r Deeatur, nr limits 

Neale Thomas R., varieties, 139 Marietta 

Nealon Stephen M., dep collector Int. Rev., bds Markham 

Nealy Jesse W., carpenter W. & A. R. R , r 19 W. Simpson 
Nealy William B., carpenter, r 86 Simpson 
Neeland Johanna, wid Martin, r 82 Terry 
Neeld Robert E., printer Norwood & Brown, bds 15J S 

Neeld William P., printer Norwood & Brown, bds 15| S. 

Neelus Anthony (c), fireman A-L Ry 
Neely Charles (c) waiter W. J.Ballard, r 110 Ellis 
Neely George W., plumber Hunnieutt & Bellingrath, bds 

Southern Hotel 
Neese Martha Miss, wks Cotton Factory, r 268 Marietta 
NefFC. Gordon (W. C. Neflf& Co.), bds Kimball House 
Nefif William Clifford (W^ C. Neff & Co.), bds Kimball 

Neff Wm. Clifford & Co. (Wm. Clifford and C. Gordon Nefif), 

proprs Atlanta Soap Wks, 8 E. Wall 
Neisler Samuel J., engineer A-L. Ry 
Nelms Alfred (e), helper Curtis & Weitzel 
Nelms Eugene A., elk J. A. Karr, bds 33 Hull 
Nelms John A., student, bds 135 Walker 
NELMS JOHN W., principal keeper State Penitentiary, 

r 135 Walker 
Nelms Layton (c), wks J. H. Johnson, r 29 Ezzard 
Nelms Charles, elk Lynch & Lea, bds 39 W. Foundry 
Nelms Elbert (c), porter Sou. Exp. Co., r 13 S. Calhoun 
Nelson Elizabeth A. Mrs., tailoress, bds 11 W. Peters 
Nelson General (c), porter F. W. Potts, r 161 E. Cain 
Nelson Horatio, prof MOORE'S BUSINESS UNIVER- 
SITY, r 66 Windsor 
Nelson Thomas H., engineer A-L. Ry, r 183 Fillmore 
Nelson William (c), trainband A-L. Ry 
Nelson William (e), waiter, r 159 E. Cain 



[THE J^XX V J,KJ E'EEU ^r T. WILSON, 14 W. MltcheU BU 

NES 407 NEW 

Nesbitt Armstead (c), gardener, r 172 Ellis 

Nesbitt Jane (c) laundress, r 140 Ellis 

Nesbitt Mary (c), laundress, r 17 E. Harris 

Nesbitt Primus (c), driver J. R. Simmons, r 50 W. Fair 

Nesbitt Ricbard (c), hostler R. M. Anderson & Co., r 47 S. 

Nesbitt Robert (c), lab, r 155 Luckie 

Nesbitt William A. elk M. P. Kiser & Son, bds 43 E. Ala- 


Whitehall, (See page 8) 

New George (c), drayman, r 163 W. Fair 

New Hope Church (c), Mangum, sw cor Maple 

New W. B , fireman A-L. Ry 

Newdecker John, lab, r 12 Roach 

Newelt Louis, elk M. Rich & Bro., bds 174 S. Forsyth 

Newman Anna, wic^L., r 153 W. I'air 

Newman Bertha Miss, domestic H. Bak, r 168 S. Forsyth 

Newman Charles L., bill elk A-L. Ry, bds 101 N. Collins 

NEWMAN JAMES S., editor and publisher Southern En- 
terprise, r 149 Jackson 

Newman William G., builder, r 36 Fillmore 

Newman William T., city attorney and lawyer, 35 S, Broad, 
r 140 Ivy 

Newman William T., engineer A. & C. A-L. Ry, r 101 N. 

Newsom Giles (c), lab, r rear 18 Warren rd 

Newsom Moses H-. wks Ga. R. R., r 335 Decatur 

Newsom Rebecca Miss, seamstress, bds 18 Thurmond 

Newton Charles S , wid J. Bradfield, r 51 McDonough 

Newton Clayton (c), lab, r 26 Bradbury 

Newton Edward P., bds 58 N. Forsyth 

Newton E. M., painter L. H. Hall & Co., r 109 Walton 

Newton Frank P., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., r 112 

Newton Henry, carpenter, r 207 Luckie 

Newton Henry E., carpenter L. H. Hall & Co., r 98 N. El- 

Newton Howell, carpenter, bds 68 Rock 

Newton Leah (c), laundress,(c), r 116 W. Hunter 

Newton Lucinda, wid John, r 196 Luckie 

Newton Nancy Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 196 Luckie 

qu°?k"t*me riiPiedmont Air-Line 

IT M GREESON '*«n«alKeal Estate Agent, 21 UarietUStroot 

Ma riMia MffcWMMWW^lf Promptness My SAiottoi 

NEW 408 NOB 

Newton Susan, Mrs,, wks Cotton Factory, bds 12 Newton 
Newton Victoria Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 196 Luckie 
Newton William T., carpenter L. H. Hall & Co., r 41 Thur- 
Newton Zippora Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 196 Luckie 
Nicholas Anna Miss, boarding, 87 S. Broad 
Nicholas Thomas W., carpenter, r 210 Crew 
Nicholas Wake, engineer W. & A. R. R 
Nichols Allan J., butcher H. Shields, r 92 Mangum 
Nichols Andrew J., lab, r 195 Mangum 
Nichols Hannah (c), laundress, r 27 Howell 
Nichols Joseph, butcher J. Stewart, r 336 W. Peters 
Nichols Madison (c), wks Lynch & Lea 
Nichols Matthew (c), carpenter, r 55 Howell 
Nichols William, engineer W. & A. R. R., bds 16 Mechanic 
Nichols William (c), lab, r 52 Foster 
Nicholson John L., machinery, 63 Whitehall 
Nickless John H., overset^r Cotton Fa^ory, bds 17 Bartow 
Nickhss Mary M. Mrs., clksupt office Cotton Factory, bds 

17 Bartow 
Nicolson George A , bkkpr Maddox, Rucker & Co , r 100 N. 

Nicolson William P., physician, 14 Whitehall, bds Kimball 

Niles Laurens 0.(Mark W.Johnson & Co.), bds 83 Marietta 
Niles S Dexter, trav agt, bds 13 N. Collins 
Nisbet John E., with D. H., Dougherty, r 70 Ivy 
C^ix John W., carpenter, bds 21 Johnson 
Nix Jonas (c), waiter, r 120 Fort 
Nix Millie, wid Jesse, r 9 Orme 
Nix Rufus M., elk Joel Hurt, r 21 Johnson 
Nix Thomas, driver Carlton Bros.,' r 9 Orme 
Nix William T., drayman, r9 Williams 
Nixon James Rev., bds 85 McDaniel 
Nixon Joseph (c), wks P. Lynch 

Nixon Thomas, wks Oakland Cemetery, bds 58 N. Butler 
Noble C, fireman W. & A. R. R 
Noble Hammond (c), shoemkr, 119 W. Peters 
NOBLE JAMES JR., boiler mkr and sheet iron worker, 

136 E. Hunter, r 75 N. Pryor 
Noble Mack (c), waiter Adams House 
Nobles Martha Mrs , wks Cotton Factory, r 172 Luckie 
Nobles William, wks Cotton Factory, r 172 Luckie 

Brewer's Lung Restorer 


and CiJJStotJMJk^mON 



Noisette Louis, master machinist Cotton Factory 
Nolan Antoine A. (Nolan & Doty), r 15 W. Garnett 
Nolan Oscar H., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 69 W. Peters 
Nolan & Doty (A. A. Nolan and W. Doty), boots, shoes 

and hats, 67 Whitehall 
Nolan Tucker (c), barber, r 21 Porter al 
Nolen W. George, elk Hallman & Candler, bds 59 Pr^'-or 
Nolly Andrew (c), barber F. Whitfield, r 48 Johnson 
Nolly Benjamin (c), wks Nolly & Lee, r ns Gordon, 4th e 

of Lee, W. E 
Nolly John (c), (Nolly & Lee), r ns Gordon, 4th e of Lee, 

Nolly Warren (c), hostler St. Ry, r rear 52 Church 
Nolly & Lee (J. Nolly and W. Lee), blacksmiths, ns Gordon, 

4th e of Lee, W. E 
Norcross Jonathen, mer, r ss Lee, s of Chapel, W. E 
Norcross Virgil C. Rev., pastor Fifth Bap. Ch., r ws Lee, s 

of Chapel, W. E 
Norman Abner, lab, r 78 Humphries 
Norman John W., driver City Ry, r339 Decatur 
Norman Sarah, wid W. H., bds 42 Bradbury 
Norman William L., carpenter A-L. Ry 
Norman William R., bds 143 Walton 
Norrell Benjamin C, elk T. Schumann, r 110 Peachtree 
Norrell Charles, carpenter Lynch & Loa, r 403 Mangum 
Norrell Mary L., wid S. M., r 110 Peachtree 
Norris Frances J., (c), teacher Storr's School, r 60 Ivy 
Norris Homer V. M , (c), carpenter, r 60 Ivy 
Norris John C, elk, r 170 E. Harris 
Norris John S , with J. Silvey & Co., bds Wilson House 
Norris Robert H., with John Silvey & Co., r 92 N. Calhoun 
North Albert (c), lab, r 8 S. Collins 
North Joshua (c), candymkr J. Lagormarsino 
Northcutt Alfred, elk, r 432 Marietta 
Northcutt Thomas, wks E. Haiman, bds 432 Marietta 
Northen Charles S., bkkpr H. L. Smith & Son, bds 62 

Northen Edward A., elk, bds 62 Luckie 
Northen Henry G., mer, r 62 Luckie 
Noathen Henry G. Jr., with Logan & Co., bds 62 Luckie 
NORTHEN WILLIAM P., mnfg jeweler and engraver, 

47 Whitehall, (up-stairs), r 62 Luckie 
Northington C. N., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 39^ 


Peerless, Yeti^Route, Piedmont Air-Line 

■ '^^ •^AlViDAJji^r EBRATED BOSTON CARRIAGES, See page 100. 

NOR 410 O'CO 

kee, W. Woods White, state agt; 24 Peachtree. (See 
page opp 64) 
Norwood Harold L., printer H. H. Dickson, bds 46 Ivy 
Norwood James (c), painter, r Decatur, nr limits 
Norwood John (c), wks A-L. Ry., r 2 Horton 
Morwood John H. (Norwood k Brown), bds Kimball House 
Norwood Mary, wid L. C, bds 42 Bradbury 
Norwood Samuel (c), wks A-L. Ry., r 2 Horton 
Norwood & Brown (J. H. Norwood and E. P. Brown), pub- 
lishers union, 24 S. Broad 
Nuckles Burrell (c), drayman, r 130 N. Butler 
Nunan Thomas, pass agt M. & C. R. R., 13 S. Pryor, r 66 

Nunn Hawkins H., elk A-L. Ry., bds 13 N. Moore 
Nunn John (c), lab, r 277 N. Calhoun 
Nunn Levi, carpenter, r 69Hayden 
Nunn Nelson (c), porter J. S. Todd, r rear 74 Marietta 
Nunn William J., carpenter, r 18 Strong 
Nunnally Allie 0., wid A. D., r 46 E. Cain 
Nunnally Charles (c), mattressmkr J. H. Gavan, r 173 

Nunnally Emma E., wid A. F., r 30 Richardson 
Nunnally Henry (c), wks C. R. R., r ws Lowe's al, Ists of 

Nunnally James H., elk 66 Whitehall, bds Kimball House 
Nutting James R., elk W, H. Snowden. r 58 Walton 
Nutting Willard H., teller Atlanta Nat. Bank, r 58 Walton 

O'BRIEN FRANK H., physician, 77 S. Pryor, bds 79 S. 
O'Brien F. H., mer, bds Adams House 
O'Brien James E., grocer, 71 Peachtree, bds National Hotel 
O'Brien James M. Rev., pastor Church of Immaculate 

Conception, r 67 E. Hunter 
O'Brien Mary Miss, domestic R. F. Maddox 
O'Brien Matlie (c), seamstress, r 35 E. Foundry 
O'Connell James B., elk J. Rvan, bds 111 Marietta 
O'Connor Charles, elk A McD. AVilson & Co., bds 61 Ma- 
O'Connor Daniel A., saloon, Markham House, r 25 N. Col- 
O'Connor Elizabeth P., b oarding,v61 Marietta 


)ME-i\^ME} k.\^ And Never Fails to Cura. 



I HtJ-^J.A. V ^KJ E'EED yf J, WILSON, 14 W. MllcheU St. 

O'CO 411 O'SH " 

O'Connor Kate Mrs., milliner, 57 Whitehall, r 164 E. Hun- 
O'Connor Mattie, wid Frank, r 25 Stonewall 
O'Connor Patrick A., elk A. B. Clark, bds 61 Marietta 
O'Daniel Marcus H., student, bds 09 N. Collins 
O'Donnell}' John, elk Phillips & Crew, bds 55 Larkin 
O'Donnelly John, tailor, 21^ E. Alabama, r 55 Larkin 
O'Donnelly Robert E., with J. Keely, bds 55 Larkin 
O'Donohoe Patrick, elk J. Ryan, bds 98 Decatur 
O'Hagan Bernard, elk J. Keely, r 112 S. Pryor 
O'Keefe Lawrence E., manager Walton, Whann & Co., r 

183 Ivy 
O'Keefe Mary, wid Eugene, r 183 Ivy 
O'Keefe Sallie F., wid D. C, r 99 Washington 
O'Keefe Thomas, with Regenstein & Kutz, bds 241 E. Hun- 
O'Mara Lilly Miss, milliner, bds 42 E. Mitchell 
O'Neal Hiram (c), gardener, r ss Currier, 3d e of Calhoun 
O'Neal John, butcher, 84 N. Forsyth, r country 
O'Neal Mary, wid Belton, r 90 Fraser 
O'Neal Walter (c), lab, r 81 E. Fair 
O'Neal Willis (c), driver, r 81 E. Fair 
O'Neill Mary A. Mrs. ,boarding, 98 Decatur 
O'Neill Nora, wid N., bds 69 E. Fair 
O'Quin Martha D., wid J. L, r 237 E. Hunter 
OQuin Walter W., elk, bds, 221 E. Fair 
O'Quin William, elk A. F. Pickert, r 237 E. Hunter 
O'Reilly Patrick, elk J. Keely, bds Kennesaw House 
O'Ryiin Timothy, elk J. Ryan, bds 98 Decatur 
O'Shaugbnessy Edward, varieties, Marietta, ne cor Hun- 

O'Shields Alfred, watchman, bds 47 E. Foundry 
O'Shields Bridget, wid Robert, r 350 Mangum 
O'Shields Catherine, wid Robert, bds 351 Mangum 
O'Shields Frank M., puddler Ga. Iron Wks, bds 422 Marietta 
O'Shields Franklin, wks W. S. Withers, bds 351 Mangum 
O'Shields Harvey, butcher, r 313 Marietta 
O'Shields Henrv, puddler Ga. Iron Wks, bds 422 Marietta 
O'Shields John'B., candymkr F. E. Block 
O'Shields Laura Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 350 

O'Shields Lucinda C. Mrs., boarding, r 218 Elliott 
O'Shields Ora Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 350 Mangum 

'■coi'cTs' «i Pxedmont Air-Line 

JE< 11 SREESON ^^«^»l B«a^ Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Stre«4. 

O'SH 412 QLI 

O'Shields Simpson, elk, r 422 iiarietta 
O'SuUivan Edward J., tailor, r 228 W. Mitchell 

OAKES GEORGE M., wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 
1st s of Marietta 
Oakes Henrietta Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Oakes Henry N., wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st sof 

Oakes Jefferson D., wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s 

of Marietta 
Oakes Nathaniel, wks Cotton Factory 
Oakes William, tailor, r ws Cain, 1st s of Marietta 
Oakland Cemetery, eastern terminus E. Hunter 
Oatman Stephen B., trav a^t, r 92 S. Butler 
Oby Burrell (c) mattressmkr, r 51 Joiner 
Ocburn W. L., turner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath 
Odd Fellows Hall, Whitehall, se cor Alabama 
Odell John W., elk W. Wilmoth, r 258 Marietta 
Odora Albert (c), driver I. S. Mitchell 
Odom Daniel A , fireman A. & W. P. R, R., r 127 Eraser 
Odom George (e), lab, r 48 Beckwith 
Odom James W., engineer Union Depot, r 91 E. Hunter 
Odom Odell, shoemkr, r rear 192 Marietta 
Odom Sarah E. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds rear 192 

Odom Thomas D., wks Cotton Factory, bds rear 192 Ma- 
Odom Wesley (e), wks E. Haiman 
Ogden Elizabeth, wid George, r 160 N. Collins 
Ogden William, wks Porter & Meikin, bds 161 Marietta 
Oglesby John (c), carpenter, r 41 Kelly 
Oglesb'y Junius G. (Fuller & Oglesby), r ss Richardson, 2d 

w of Pryor 
Oglesby Marcellus L., steward Kimball House 
Oglethorpe Park, W. & A. R. R., bey limits 
Ogletree Bathsheba, wid Samuel, r 47 Tatnall 
Cgletree Benjamin F., collector, bds 150 S. Pryor 
Ogletree George T., grocer, r 150 S. Pryor 
Ogletree Samuel H., bkkpr Longley & Robinson, r Kirk- 

Oleott Edward H., auctioneer, 16 W. Mitchell, r 132 W. 

Oldfield Lucy S., wid J. M., r 288 Eraser 
Olive Branch, S. F. Salter, propr, 53 S. Broad 


I HLJ-^X Ai If AKJ FEBP ^ ^ rp. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St 

OLI 413 ORR 

Oliver Abrara (c), shoemkr G-. Ellington, r country 

Oliver Charles J., painter, r 69 Larkin 

Oliver Henry (c), sexton Central Presbyterian Church, r 

rear 57 Washington 
Oliver John S. (J. S Oliver k Co.), r 16.5 Ivy 
Oliver Joshua, elk J. S. Oliver & Co., bds 165 Ivy 
Oliver J. S. & Co. (J. S. Oliver and W. Hamilton), com 

mers, 3G W. Alabama 
Oliver J. W., conductor A-L. Ry, bds Markham House 
Oliver Lewis H., weigher J. S. Oliver & Co., bds 16-5 Ivy 
Oliver Marion (c), carpenter, r rear 62 Wheat 
Oliver Mary S. Mrs , photosraph colorer, r 27 Luckie 
Oliver Nathan Tc), wks W. I. He^'ward, r s end Peeples 
Oliver Robert (c), lab, r 91 Larkin 
Oliver Robert (c), lab, r W. Fair, nr limits 
Oliver Robert (c), wks S. W. Woodard, r 257 Foster 
Oliver Thoma? A., elk J. S. Oliver & Co., r 272 Peachtree 
OLMSTED JOHN C, physician, 7^ Whitehall, r 49 E. 

Olson Erick F.. wks Ga. R. R , r Ga. R. R., nr limits 
Olson John, painter Tripod & Pine, r Decatur, Ga 
Ombury Georgia Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Oosteloh George, teacher, r 11 Whitehall 
Ordinary Fulton County, office City Hall 
Orme Annie, wid Richard, bds 31 Grubb 
Orme Aquilla J., genl frt and pass agt W. & A. R. R , r 89 

S. Pryor 
Orme Archibald, bkkpr Atlanta Xat. Bank, r 83 Marietta 
ORME FRANCIS H., homeopathic physician, 18 X. Broad, 

r 28 Luckie 
Orme Joseph, bkkpr W. M. & R. J. Lowry, bds Kimball 

Orme Richard, carrier, bds 31 Grubb 
Orme William A , conductor, bds 50 X. Broad 
Orme William P., sec and treas A. & W. P. R. R., r 67 Ivy 
ORMOND JAMES, propr Atlanta Paper Mills, 43 S. Broad, 

r s end Washington 
Ormond Joseph R., bkkpr Beck, Gregg & Co., r 200 Jones 
Ormond Robert M , elk Lamar, Rankin & Lamar, r Wash- 
ington, nr limits 
Ormsby John, elk, bds 15i S. Broad 
ORR EDGAR H.,' lawyer;" 7| Whitehall, bds 54 Tatnall 
Orr Frances (c), laundress, r 212 W. Hunter 

THE Pg^i^i^R Piedmont Air-Line 


II Vl illlTtilitaid; qq East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

ORR 514 OWE 

ORR GUSTATUS J. HON., State School Commissioner, 

office State House, r 54 Tatnall 
Orr Gustavus J. Jr., trav agt, bds54 Tatnall 
Orr Reed (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Orr Robert C, elk D. B. Plumb & Co , bds Adams House 
Orr Samuel A., machinist W. & A. R. R., r 74 Mangum 
Orr William, (c), lab, r 46 N. Broad 
Orr William B. (Johnston & Orr), and machinist W. & A. 

R. R., r 28 Markham 
Ortagus Gregory, wks W. S. Withers, r 70 Whitehall 
Osborn Jefferson B., elk A. L. & T. A. Holbrook, bds 31 N. 

Osborne G. Thomas, lawyer and stenographer, 7^ White- 
Osborne William A., live stock dealer, 7^ Whitehall 
Osborne Archibald 0., tel opr C. R. R., r 404 Whitehall 
Osborne Charlotte, wid John, r 20 Elliott 
Osborne Derry B., bkkpr H. P. Kennedy, bds 259 White- 
Gsborne James L., machinist, r 66 Chapel 
Osborne Lizzie (c), seamstress, r James, 2d e of Whitehall 
Otis Patrick, blacksmith, bds 85 Plum 
Otto Lee, machinist J. Davis, bds 42 Alexander 
Otto Rebecca, wid Christian, r rear 88 Chapel 
Overby Thomas J., student, bds 70 Ivy 
Overby William (c), sawyer, r 51 Fairlie 
Overton Moses (c), sawyer, r Decatur, nr limits 
Overton Sarah, wid John, r212 C. R. R 
Overton William (c), porter L. J. Gartrell, r Decatur, nr 

Owen Emeline, wid Powell, r 54 Fraser 
Owen Fannie R., wid Robert, bds 175 Hayne 
Owen George B., wks Bird & Haunson, bds 54 Fraser 
Owen Washington G., physician, 14 Whitehall, r 76 Mc- 

Owens Albert (c), porter Sou. Exp. Co 
Owens Anne M. Mrs., music teacher, 152 S. Pryor 
Owens Benjamin F., carpenter, r avs Lee, nr limits. W. E 
Owens Calvin, brickmason, r ws Lowe's al, 4th s of Larkin 
Owens Charles J., trainband C. R. R., bds 57 Elliott 
Owens Elizabeth R,, wid R. R., bds 33 Fulton 
Owens Horace B., policeman, r 8 Newton 
Owens Jefferson (c), lab, r rear 43 W. Hunter 


?ffi"n A VTS "t^SU^"-" SEWING- MACHHSTE 

THEJ-'-*^ V XkJ E-EEIS W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MltoheU 31. 

OWE 415 PaF 

Owens John D., elk M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co , r 33 Fulton 
Owens John W., bolt cutter W. & A. R. R., bds 143 Walton 
Owens Ptitrick H., special constable, 16 Whitehall, r Smith, 

cor Richardson 
Owens Stephen C. (Spinks & Owens), r rear 21 Larkin 
Owens William J., machinist E. Van Winkle, bds 39 W. 

Owens Willis, train hand W. k A. R. R., bds 16 Mechanic 
Owensby Benjamin J., fireman A. & W. P. R. R., r 15 N. 

Owens Louisiana Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 20 Thur- 
Owensby Lucretia, wid Thomas H., r 20 Thurmond 
Owensby Martha U. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 20 Thur- 
Owensby Sarah L. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 26 Thur- 
Owensby William, lab, r Walker, nr Barracks av 
Owings Archibald Y., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 465 Marietta 
Owings Elizabeth R., wid R. R., bds 33 Fulton 
Owings John D., with M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., r 33 Fulton 
Owings JohnR., wks Ga. Iron Wke, r 269 Luckie 
Owings Malinda, wid A. Y., r 269 Luckie 
Owings William A., heater Ga. Iron Wks, r 1 State 
Owsle}' Henry M., bkkpr Akers & Bro 
Ozburn James R., printer, bds 116 S. Forsyth 
Ozburn James R. D., cotton buyer, 116 S. Forsyth 
Ozburn William L., train hand AV. & A. R. R 

PACE ASBURY (c), lab, r rear 6Q Forrest av 
Pace Hezekiah (c), carpenter, r 140 Wheat 
Pace Joseph (c), wks J. B. Jett, r 51 Brick 
Pacetti Bartolo J., barkpr J. Kneeland. bds 32 Luckie 
Pacetti Dennis S., barkpr J. W. Rollo, r 32 Luckie 
Pack Mary, wid John, r 154 Luckie 
Pack Thomas A., elk Hook & Smith, r 83 Ellis 
Paden John M , elk J. M. Marbut, r 91 N. Calhoun 
Page Lewis (c), driver, r rear 133 E. Cain 
Page Sarah (c), laundress, r 116 Walker 
Page William, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 415 Marietta 
Page William H., tinner J. Warlick k Son, bds 112 Gilmer 
Page William R., butcher, r 210 Clarke 
Paine Alexander (e), drayman, r ws Peeples, 1st sof Baugh, 

BusSSfsMEN^ Piedmont Air-Line 

E M SE.EESOTT General Seal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

PAI 416 PAR 

Paine Edward T. Jr., with Sunday Gazette, r 20 E.Alabama 

Paine George E., elk J. M. Hill & Co., r 20 E. Alabama 

Paine Horace (c), carpenter, r 177 Clarke 

Paine Thomas B., trag agt Brock Bros., r 20 E. Alabama 

PAINE, see also PAYNE 

Pair John, wks E. Haiman 

Palm Simon (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 194 Eraser 

Palmer Charles (c), driver J. W. Alexander, r ss Glenn, Ist 

w of Cooper 
Palmer Frederick B., elk Taylor & Mobley, r 301 W. 

Palmer James (c), lab, r 185 C. R. R 
Palmer James (c), porter S. M. Inman & Co 
Palmer John (c), porter S. M. Inman & Co., r 89| Whitehall 
Palmer John M., foreman Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 60 

Palmer Lucius R., city editor Post-Appeal, bds National 

Palmer Ralph (c), bellman Kimball House 
Palmer Robert L , elk W. A. Brown, bds 144 Marietta 
Pannell William A., butcher, 95 W. Peters 
Pappi I. B., barkprT Koeeland. bds Hotel Weinmeister 
Parham Henry (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 16 Strong 
Paris Charles (c), blacksmith, 19 S. Bell 
Paris John A., painter, 100 Whitehall, r 35 Eraser 
Parish John, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ns Mai'ietta, nr limits 
Park Alonzo T., physician, 84 Church 
Park Albert, molder Ga Iron Wks 
Park Amaziah F., molder Ga. Iron Wks, bds Pine, ne cor 

Park Fleming (c), wks J. F. Burke & Co 
Park James R., grocer, bds Pine, ne cor Luckie 
Park John W., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds Pine, ne cor Luckie 
Park William T., eclectic physician, 12 Decatur, r 231 Ivy 
Parker Alfred (c), truckman, r 166 Ellis 
Parker Amos (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 128 Elliott 
Parker Burreli (c), waiter Markham House 
Parker Catherine J , wid William C, bds 39 W. Garnett 
Parker Edward C, butcher, bds 272 W. Mitchell 
Parker Henry, butcher J. Parker, bds 272 W. Mitchell 
PARKER HILAND H., undertakers' supplies and coffins, 

26 E. Alabama, r 76 E. Hunter. (See page 91) 
Parker James butcher, 127 W. Mitchell, r 272 W. Mitchell 

SS ST^Ar'4'fir^ Cures Rbenmatism 


'Ht.*-^-l.A W J.K,y FEED W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mlt cheU St 

PAR 417 PAR ~~ 

Parker Jesse, blacksmith A-L. Ry., r 'Mills, nr limits 
Parker John (c), porter M. C. & J. F. Riser & Co., r 65 

Parker John F., butcher, bds 272 W. Mitchell 
Parker John F., engineer Cotton Factory, r 22 W. (fe A. R. R 
Parker John W., carpenter, r 46 Rawson 
Parker Madison G., bkkprRice & Mitchell, bds 37 Luckie 
Parker Maria (c), laundress, r rear 51 Pulliam 
Parker Sallie, wid George, r 93 Tatnall 
Parker Samuel (c), blacksmith E. Haiman, r 102 Decatur 
Parker Washington L., blacksmith A-L. Ry.,r41 N. Moore 
Parker William, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Parker William H., wks E. Haiman, bds 54 W, Foundry 
Parketon George W., carpenter, r 163 E. Cain 
Parkhurst William F., sec Masonic Mutual Aid Ass'n, 

room 1, 30-^ E. Wall, r Richardson, se cor Form wait 
Parkins William H. (Parkins & Bruce), r 56 Houston 
PARKINS & BRUCE (W. H. Parkins and A. C. Bruce), 
architects, Healey Bldg, 1^ Marietta. (See page 92) 
Parks Burrell (c), sexton Trinity Church, r 18 Jenning'sal 
Parks Columbus (c), lab, r 100 Whitehall 
Parks Cornelius (c), wks W. Brenner, r 36 Decatur 
Parks Dilmus C, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 41 Jones av 
Parks Emma (c), laundress, r 284 Jones 
Parks Frank P., elk, bds 150 Whitehall 
Parks George (c), lab, r 274 Decatur 
Parks George (c), wks Jack & Holland, r ws Martin, 2d s 

of Lowe 
Parks Green (c), carpenter, r es Larkin, 3d s of Walker 
Parks James R. (Williams & Parks), bds Luckie, cor Pine 
Parks John (c), lab, r 64 C. R. R 
Parks John R., wks F. E. Block, r 28 Walker 
Parks John S., with Nat. Copying Co., bds 124 Peachtree 
Parks Jonas (c), wks H. Lewis, r Cain, ne cor Valentine 
Parks Peyton D. (c), shoemkr A. J. Delbridge, r W. Mitch- 
ell, cor Hayne 
Parks Richard (c), plasterer, r 283 McDonough 
Parks Robert (c), lab, r 100 Whitehall 
Parks Sophia (c), laundress, r 115 Magazine 
Parks Thomas (c), driver J. S. Bigby, r rear 250 Rawson 
Parks William (c), wks Atlanta Brewry, r 284 N. Calhoun 
Parmenter Jesse S , engineer W. & A. R. R., r 73 Elliott 
Parmley Norma Mrs., boarding, 25 W. Hunter 

THE EDEN »L"i*T™ ^^Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Eimball, 

66 E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, 'Whole- 
sale & Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page KXk 

PAR 418 PAT 

Parr Jasper M., shoemkr W. E. Gathright, r 3 Yonge 

Parrish James R., policeman, r 47 S. Pryor 

Parrish John 0., printer J. H. & W. T. Kuhns, r Reynolds- 

Parrott Charles C. (Bigby & Parrott), and elk U. S. Atty 
office, r 250 Rawson 

Parrott George W., treas Atlanta Com. Co., 41 S. Broad, r 
78 Nelson 

Parrott Robert (c), train hand A-L. Ry 

Parson Albert, tinner Stewart & Fain 

Parsons Charles (c), carpenter, r 173 Markham 

Parsons Charles, engineer A. & W. P. R. R., r 10 Gartrell 

Parsons Richard, elk E. K. Ragsdale, r 125 Jackson 

Parsons William (c), train hand A-L. Ry 

Partlow James W., driver Sou Exp Co., bds 262 W. Peters 

Partridg William, watchman W. & A. R. R,, r 360 E. Fair 

Paste Martha (c), laundress, r 5 Scofield 

PATAPSCO GUANO CO., R. B. Buck, manager; 36 W. 

Patch Mary Mrs., wid Nathaniel, r 82 Decatur 

Patch Mary C. Miss, dressmkr, 66^ Whitehall, r 82 Decatur 

Pate Absalom J., shoemkr, 62 S. Pryor, r 34 Gilmer 

Pate Green (c), blacksmith W. L. .Jarvis 

Pate Jesse, shoamkr, bds 34 Gilmer 

Pate John E , elk G. A. Ramspeck & Co., bds 55 Walton 

Pate Joseph (c), porter A. W. Jett 

Pate William A., elk Jack & Holland 

Pate Willis (c), bootblack J. J. Hoffman, r rear 48 W. Peters 

Patman James (c), porter Mountcastle, Coleman & Co., r 
268 Mangum 

Patrick Albert (c), lab, r 65 King 

Patrick Oliver (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Patterson Daniel G., farmer, r Amos, ne cor Peeples, W. E 

Patterson Daniel P. (D. W. Brinson & Co.), r 125 White- 

Patterson Edward R., elk J. J. Falvey & Co., r 70 Alex- 

Patterson George C, student, bds Amos, ne cor Peeples 
W. E 

Patterson James, carpenter, r 70 Alexander 

PATTERSON JAMES B., elk Ga. Iron Wks, r 70 Alex- 

Patterson James L., wks H. Crankshaw & Co., r 81 Stone- 



thfDAVIS "I^SW sewino machine 

' HtiA-^XA. V A.KJ X'EBX) -^^ J, WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St 

PAT 419 PAY 

Patterson Mary (c), seamstress, 92 S. Pryor 

Patterson Samuel (c), shoemkr H. Isaacs 

Patterson Sanford S., stonecutter W. Gray, r 81 Stonewall 

Patterson William B. (c), barber D. Hutchins, r rear 14 

Warren pi 
PATTERSON WILLIAM H., cashier Citizens' Bank of 

Ga., r 422 Peachtree 
Patterson William J., marble cutter W. Gray, bds 81 Stone- 
Pattillo Mary E. Miss, wka F. E. Block, bds 186 Luckie 
Pattillo S irauel H., tailor, r 186 Luckie 
Pattillo Tallulah Miss, wks F. E. Block, bds 186 Luckie 
Pattillo William F. (W. P. & W. F. Pattillo), r Decatur,Ga 
Pattillo William P. ( W. P. & W. F. Patillo), r 167 E. Fair 
Pattillo Wyatt (c), yardman Kimball House 
PATTILLO W. P. & W. F. (Wm. P. and W. F. Pattillo). 

genl ins agts, 1 S. Pryor 
Patton C. L., book agt, bds Kimball House 
Jatton John N., elk, r 68 James 
Patton Julius M., cashier Ga. Banking & Trust Co., r 116 

Patton William (c), lab, r 137 Chapel 
Paul Benjamin, elk, bds 53 W. Simpson 
Paul Don E., wks E. Haiman, bds 53 W. Simpson 
Paul Donald S., plumber Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 11 

Paul Frank, wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 53 W. 

Paul George, baker, r 199 Mangum 
Paul Golby S., carpenter, r 200 Luckie 
Paul Josephine, wid William, r 188 Marietta 
Paul Luther M., wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 53 W. 

Paul Robert K., carpenter, r 53 W. Simpson 
Paul Robert K., engineer, r 75 Spring 
Paul William, gas fitter Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 75 

Pause Th. Robert, with R. Dohme, r 11^ S. Broad 
Payne Alban S., physician, bds Markham House 
Payne Alfred A., car greaser W. k A. R. R., r 129 Magazine 
Payne Columbus C, elk J. Keely, bds 87 S. Broad 
Payne Columbus M., county treas, office City Hall, r 22 N. 


m HEALTH, y^^^^^'^Wi^Jmum aiwinl 

E M SREE20N SeaeralSealZstat© Agent, 21 Marietta street 

Ma Mfci WAwidMMWil) Promptness MIy M:otto» 

PAY 420 PEA 

Payne David (c), butler J. W. Loyd, r 35 Terry 

Payne Derry (c), lab, r rear 278 Whitehall 

Payne Dora Miss, wks Cotton Factory 

Payne Edwin (Payne k Butler), r 389 Marietta 

Payne James (c), butcher, r 41 W. Harris 

Payne Lena (c), laundress, r ss Jones al. w of W. & A. R. R 

Payne Lucy M , wid Edwin T., r 383 Marietta 

Payne Martha Miss, wks Cotton Factory 

Payne Napoleon, packer Hallman & Candler 

Payne Nathaniel, carpenter, r 87 May's al 

Payne Robert (c), drayman, r 121 Luckie 

Payne's Chapel M. E. Church. Hunnicutt, nw cor Luckie 

Payne Warren D.. machinist Winship & Bro., r 276 W. 

Payne & Baker (E. T. Payne and J. J. Baker), grocers, 395 

PAYNE, see also PAYKE 

Pea James (c), porter Taylor & Mobley, r 113 Markham 
Peacock Frederick S. (Williams & Peacock), bds Hotel 

Peacock George, wks Ferguson Sc Blount, bds 135^ Marietta 
Peacock James T., elk, r 10 W. Garnett 
Peacock John W , molder, r 40 W. Harris 
Peacock Lee H., elk J. W. Cotton, r 10 W. Garnett 
Peacock Peter (c), cook J. Minor r 12 Decatur 
Peacock William, molder Winship k Bro 
Peacock William A., elk Daniel k Marsh, bds 79 S. Prvor 
Peak William, elk, bds 8-5^ Whitehall 
Peake William W., elk Ry P. 0., r 129 S. Loyd 
Pearce Caroline Miss, boarding, 184 Elliott 
Pearce Charles, mess W. U. Tel. Co., bds 116 S- Forsyth 
Pearce John W., bkkpr J. E. Johnston & Co., r Decatur, Ga 
Pearson Annie Mrs , housekpr, r 28 E. Alabama 
Pearce Emma Mrs., r 116 S. Forsyth 
Pearson Green (c), "wks Ferguson & Blount 
Pearson Henry M., farmer, r 126 North av 
Pearson John (c), wks P. Lynch, r rear 89 Terry 
Pearson Matilda (c), cook, r 162 Windsor 
Pearson Robert S., lab, r 203 W. Peters 
Pearson Sarah N., wid James S., r 203 W. Peters 
Pease Joseph O., elk 0. L. Pense, bds 145 Decatur 
Pease Moore (c), shoemkr, r 113 Markham 
Pease Oliver L., saloon, 107 Decatur, r 145 Decatur 

C^ eMaTt^irvTrl^^Trrv «®"cures skin diseases, 

• ^tt ^^EkX^KM} A\^ PIMPLES AND BLOXCHfia 


'HtJ^^-^ W AKi^ FB:^P W.T.WILSO N. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

PEA 421 PEM 

Pease AVilliam C, barkpr O. L. Pease, bds 145 Decatur 
Peck Arthur J., elk J. C. Peck, bds 83 Ivy 
Peck Charles, lawyer, bds 9 Houston 
Peck Edward, physician, bds 9 Houston 
Peck Frank H , student, r 49 N, Calhoun 
Peck George S., lumber dealer, bds 83 Ivy 
Peck John B , with McNaught & Scrutchin, r 198 White- 
Peck John C, paints, oils and glass, 13 S. Broad, r 83 Ivy 
Peck John E. (c), harnessmkr, r 139 McDaniel 
Peck S. Harry, bkkr J. Lynch, bds 255 Peachtree 
Peck William F., with M. C. & J. F. Riser & Co.), r 66 Ellis 
Peck William Henry, author, r 255 Peachtree 
Peck Willis, contractor, r 142 Peachtree 
Peek Barton (c), driver G. ^Y. Lowe, r rear 125 Melson 
Peek Gilbert (c), lab, r ns Mayson's Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Peek Green \^c), lab, r ws al n of Emma, w of Lambert, 

Peek Solomon W. (Bomar & Peek), r 34 E. Mitchell 
Peek William C, elk Cohen & Selig, bds Wilson House 
Peel David G., restaurant 10 S. Broad, r 25 Irwin 
Peel William L. (Maddox, Rucker & Co.), r 349 Peachtree 
Peeler Mary Mii=s, wks Cotton Factory 
PEEPLES BROS. (H. C. and C. B. Peeples), sewing ma- 
chines, 25 W^hitehall 
Peeples Charles B. (Peeples Bros.), r Valdosta, Ga 
Peeples Eliza J. Mrs., boarding, 11 E. Cain 
Peeples Henry C. (Harrison & Peeples), bds 11 E. Cain 
Peeples Henry C, (Peeples Bros.) r E. Harris, ne cor Hil- 

Peeples Thomas J., elk F. E. Block, bds 11 E. Cain 
Peers John L., produce com, 5 E. Alabama, r 194 E. Harris 
Peers John S., elk, r 39 W. Peters 

Pellegrini Pellegrino (Pellegrini & Castleberry), r 1 Hol- 
Pellegrini & Castleberry (P. Pellegrini and Z. Castleberry), 

terra cotta works, 178 Chapel 
Pelot Thomas J. D., wks Constitution, bds 70 Ivy 
Pelot William J., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 61 S. 

Pelton Joseph H., wks W. I. Heyward, r s end Peeples, W. E 
Pemberton Charles N., elk Pemberton, Pullam & Co., bds 
261 Peachtree 

IvEN TRACK vli Piedmottt Air-Line^ 


VpIpfihnnP ^' °* KIMBALL, 56 E. Alabama St.. for COAL of 
J.fy&LJJIt>UI€V anyj^iad. Blacksmlth'a Coal a Bpeclalty. SeepagelOQ 

PEM 422 ~ PER 

Pemberton John S. (Pemberton, Pullam & Co.), r 261 Peach- 
PEMBERTON, PULLAM & CO. (J. S. Pemberton, Thos. 

Pullam, and J. M. Winstead), druggists, 40 & 42 E. Wall 
Pendleton Edmund M., director Pendleton Guano Co., r 

316 Whitehall 
Pendleton Guano Co., E. M. Pendleton, director; W. M. 

Pendleton, bus manager ; office 63 Broad, factory, Ga. 

R. R., nr limits 
Pendleton Henry (c), wks P. Lynch, r 92 Simpson 
Pendleton Henry C, com agt, r Ashley, nw cor Amos, W. E 
Pendleton Isabella, wid William, r 159 Hayne 
Pendleton John T., lawyer, 27^ Whitehall, r 169 Hayne 
Pendleton Kate Miss, teacher Walker Street School, bds 

159 Hayne 
Pendleton William M., bus manager Pendleton Guano Co., 

r 316 Whitehall 
Pendley Elizabeth C, wid Thomas, r 141 North av 
Penland Thomas, med student, bds 40 Decatur 
Penn Thomas J., watchman, r 38 Ivy 
Pennick Clifton R., undertaker, 47 Loyd, r 171 E. Simpson 
Pennington J., wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Penny Hampton H., stable manager St. Ry., r 47 Martin 
Peppers James (c), lab, r McDaniel, nr Barracks av 
Perdue Francis P., trav agt, bds 64 Hayden 
Perdue John (c), wood and coal dealer, 41 Henry, r 42 Henry 
Perdue John A. (Romar, Perdue & Egleston), r39 W.Baker 
Perdue Laura E , wid John D., r 41 Stonewall 
Perkerson Adam (c), car cleaner A-L. Rv 
PERKERSON ANGUS M., sheriff Fulton County, office 

City Hall, r 23 W. Baker 
Perkerson Daniel (Smythe & Perkerson), r 84 Nelson 
Perkerson James D., trav agt G. W. Hall & Sons., r 23 W. 

Perkins Allan, wks Cotton Factory, bds 125 Marietta 
Perkins Annie C, wid B. W., r 12o Marietta 
Perkins Ella Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 125 Marietta 
Perkins Jabez W., phoiographer and artist, 179 Marietta, 

(up-stairs), r 142 Magazine 
Perkins John (c), blacksmith P. Eskridge, r Randolph, nw 

cor Irwin 
Perkins John 0. (Perkins & Dunloj)) and physician, 46 
Whitehall, r 43J Whitehall 



l^HtA-rX^ W J.K^ E'^EIJ W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MitcheU Bfc 

PER 423 PET 

Perkins Joseph L,, bds 43^ Whitehall 

Perkins Mary V. Mrs., boarding, 43^ Whitehall 

Perkins Nathan W. (c), barber Kimball House, r 137 E. 

Perkins Nelson W., elk S. F. Perkins, bds 43^ Whitehall 
PERKINS S. F., dealer in engines, boilers, saw mills, cot- 
ton gins, presses, etc., 34 W, Mitchell, bds 43^ White- 
Perkins William R., elk J. W. Perkins, bds 142 Magazine 
Perkins & Dunlop (J. 0. Perkins and Hugh C. Dunlop), 
job printers and proprs Southern Templar, 46 White- 
Perrine William H., carpenter A-L. Ry 
Perrington Frank (c), wks J. S. McLendon, r country 
Perry Baxter J., carpenter Cook & Stewart, bds 84 Simpson 
Perry Charles (c), wks G. W. Jack 
Perry Isham, rockmason, r Hilliard, nr limits 
Perry James M., elk Sou. Exp Co., bds 41 E. Mitchell 
Perry Joseph (c), whitewasher, r 225 McDonough 
Perry Orrin (c), baker Jack & Holland, r 227 W. Hunter 
Perry Philip (c), wks W. I. Heyward, r s end Peeples 
Perry Samuel (c), driver J. F. Burke & Co., r rear 87 W. 

Perry William C, carpenter Cook <fe Stewart, r 84 Simpson 
Perryman Frank M., elk Moore, Marsh & Co., bds 9 Houston 
Perryman Hattie Mrs., wks Spinks & Owens, bds Mills, ne 

cor Fowler 
Persons Edward T. (c), barber K. Watts, r 246 W. Peach- 
Peters Alexander (c), carpenter Cook & Stewart, r 250 Rich- 
Peters Edward C, supt Atlanta St. Ry, bds Kimball House 
Peters Frederick, stone cutter W. Brenner 
Peters John (c), lab, r ss Jones al, w of W. & A. R. R 
Peters Preston (c), lab, r 51 Richmond 
Peters Richard, pres Atlanta St Ry Co., r 424 Peachtree 
Peters Thomas J., ins agt., r 103 N. Collins 

Peters , watchman Cook & Stewart 

Peterson Albon C, carpenter H. M. Beutell, r 133 Spring 
Petrovitch August, elk Theo. Schumann, r 63 Whitehall 
Pettis William H. H., veterinary surgeon, r 72 Martin 
Pettis Margaret J., wid J. J , r Lee, nw cor Amos, W. E 
Pettis William, saloon, 9 Decatur, r 147 W. Hunter 

"JJ^TfTTw'iiPiedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESON fi^^eralSeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

Ma M*m M*VMMWVA1| I>romptiiess Miy IMCottoi 

PET 424 PHI 

Pettus Edwin W., tel opr., A-L. R., bds Lee, sw cor Amos, 

W. E 
Pettus John, engineer A-L. Ry 

Petty Edward (c), wks Lynch & Lea, r 272 Mitchell 
Petty John P., trav agt, bds Kimball House 
Petty Matthew (c), lab, r 117 Chapel 
Peyton Emory (c), lab, r 173 Davis 
Peyton Rowena Miss, pedler, r 144 S. Loyd 
Pey^.on Sarah (c), laundress, r 17 Trenholm 
Peyton William R., fireman C. R. R., r ws Lee nr limits, W.E 
Pharr Benjamin Y., watchmkr, 202 Marietta, r 72 Rock 
PHELAX' SIDNEY H., manager Gate City Produce and 

Cotton Exchange, 40 S Broad, bds Kimball House 
Phelps Anderson (c), driver Sparks & Tolbert 
Phelps Ansel B.. bkkpr J. H James, r 47 Church 
Phelps Augustus B., farmer, bds 47 Church 
Phelps Solomon (c), waiter National Hotel 
Phelps William, printer H. H. Dickson, r Broad, nw cor 

Phenie Fannie Miss, laundress, r 60 Humphries 
Phew Sarah C , wid Henry, r 28 Hayden 
Phibbs Thoma-, with J Ryan, r 31 Formwalt 
Philard Joseph, carpenter, r 142 Decatur 
Phillip.s Angus (c), wks J. Phillips, r 52 Howell 
Phillips Anthony (c), driver J. P. Logan, r rear 49 Wash- 
Phillips Casper, r 180 E. Hunter 
Phillips Clem A , elk 12 Marietta, bds Wilson House 
Phillips Columbus, machinist A-L. Rv, bds 180 E. Hunter 
Phillips Elizabeth, wid William, r 133 Marietta 
Phillips Frederick, confectioner, 124 Whitehall 
Phillips GeorgH H., watchman W. & A. R. R, r 13 N. Moore 
Phillips Georgia M. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 133 Ma- 
Phillips Harvey (c), cook Atlanta University, r 28 Vine 
Phillins Harvey T. (Phillips & Crew), r 308 Peachtree 
Phillijas Henry (c), lab, r 133 E. Cain 
Phillips James (c), driver W. Calder, r 69 Spring 
Phillips James (c), grocer, 52 Howell 
Phillips James, Jr. (c), wks J Phillips, r 52 Howell 
Phillips John (c), wks J. Milleds;e, r rear 120 E. Peters 
Phillips John W , bds 402 Decatur 

Phillips Ma.y S Mrs. (\V. R. Phillips & Co.), r 41 N. 

Brewer's Lung Restorer ..craEsjaoNCBirg^ 


THE J-f XX V Xk^ FEED ^, rp. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

PHI 425 PPT 

Phillips Parthenia (c), laundress, r 97 W. Foundry 
Phillips Rufus W., drayman, r Factory, nr limits 
Phillips Thomas J., fireman W. & A. R. R., bds 124 Rhodes 
Phillips William wks Cotton Factory, bds 133 Marietta 
Phillips William A., carpenter A-L. Ry, r country 
Phillips William R. (W. R. Phillips & Co.), r 41 N. Forsyth 
Phillips William R. Jr., elk, r 35 S. Broad 
Phillips W. R. & Co. (W. R. and Mrs. M. S. Phillips), gro- 
cers. 83 Peach tree 
PHILLIPS & CREW (H. T. Phillips and B. B. Crew), 
booksellers, stationers, pianos, organs, etc., 8 and 10 
Phinizy Lucy (c), laundress, r rear 113 Fraser 
Phinizy Stephen (c), porter A. C. & B. F. Wyly & Co., r 

10 N. Fort 
Phinizy Thomas C. (c), waiter W. B. Wynne, r rear 201 

Pickett H. Coleman, with Maddox, Rucke & Co., bds 107 

Peach tree 
Pickert Augustus F'., silver plated ware, 5 Whitehall, r 45 

Pickert A. F. Mrs., millinery, 45 Whitehall 
Picolle Charles, wks Cotton Factory, r 125 Marietta 
Pierce Alexander E., tinner J. Warlick & Son, r 185 El- 
Pisrce Charles, mess W. U. Tel. Co 

Pierce Frederick, painter Cook & Stewart, r 162 E. Hunter 
Pierce George F., ruler J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 61 Marietta 
Pierce John L., mer, r 194 E. Harris 
Pierce John R., wks Cotton Factory, bds 317 Mangum 
Pierce John S., ins agt, r 118 Peachtree 
Pierce Martin, wks Cotton Factory 
Pierce M. E. Chapel, 316 Rawson 
Pierce Robert (c), drayman, r 178 E. Harris 
Pilgrim Green A., carpenter, r 268 Jones 
Pilgrim Isaac B., printer Constitution, r 268 Jones 
Fillings Fred S., cigarmkr, r 38 E. Alabama 
Pillsbury John J. (Pillsbury & Day), r 40 S. Bell 
Pillsbury & Day (John J. Pillsbury andD. H.Day), butch- 
ers, 10 W. Hunter 
Pinckney Charles, physician, 25 Peachtree, r 94 Walton 
Pinckney Cotesworth, elk P. & G. T. Dodd & Co., bds 94 

Peerless, Yeti^Route, Piedmont Air-Line 


56 B. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL- 

PIN 426 PIT 

Pinckney John M,, tailor, 49 Peachtree, r 189 N. Butler 
Pine Edward J. (Tripod & Pine), r Jacksonville, Fla 
Pines Charles S., plasterer, r Cooper, sw cor Crumley 
Pinion Sandford V., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 104 N. Elliott 
Pinion William, driver, r Cooper, nr limits 
Pinkussohn Jerry S. (Benjamin Bros & Co.), r Charleston, 

S. C. 
Pinson Albinus J., physician, bds 101 Nelson 
Pinson C. A. Mrs., boarding, 15 E. Mitchell 
Pinson Eli (c), wks E. L. Winham, r 83 Peters 
Pinson Henry J., carpenter, r 54 Kelly 
Pinson John L. (Pinson & Dozier), r 15 E. Mitchell 
PINSON & DOZIER (J. L. Pinson and J.-S. Dozier), drug- 
gists, 102 Whitehall 
Pirkle L. G., U. S. dep. marshal, bds 54 Castleberry 
Pirkle William J. (Pirkle & Bell), bds 5 Mills 
Pirkle Si Bell (W. J. Pirkle and W. M. Bell), plows and 

planters' goods, 167 Marietta 
Pitchford Charles, elk Lovejoy & Pitchford, bds 29 Wil- 
Pitchford Daniel, tax collector, r 29 Williams 
Pitchford Daniel C. (Lovejoy & Pitchford), bds 29 Williams 
Pittman William H., foreman V. P. Sisson, r 114 W. Mitch- 
Pittman Alexander H., carpenter, r 12 Yonge 
Pittman Andrew, chair repairer, r 85 Stonewall 
Pittman Asenath, wid Daniel, r 9 Mills 
Pittman Daniel, bds 109 S. Pryor 
Pittman Frank H., elk, J. F. Faith, bds 1 Gartrell 
Pittman George (c), porter Benjamin Bros. & Co., r rear 26 

Pittman George (c), wks Lynch & Lea, r rear 158 Thomp- 
Pittman George (c\ wksP. Lynch, r 165 Marietta 
Pittman James (c), wks P. Lynch 
Pittman P. W., policeman, bds 7^ W. Mitchell 
Pittman Richard, checker W. & A. R. R., r 82 Wheat 
Pittman Samuel (c), blacksmith, r 107 Ellis 
Pittman Seaborne (c), engineer Lynch & Lea, r 29 E. Ellis 
Pittman Seymour, wks P. Lynch, r 91 Rock 
Pittman William, wks Cotton Factory, bds 180 Marietta 
Pitts Charles, lab, r Decatur, nr limits 
Pitts Columbus A., farmer, r 481 Peachtree 



And Never Fails to Cure. 


iWtJL^MJL V A.KJ E^EEXJ -y^r. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

PI1B 427 POL 

Pitts Charles (c), waiter Mark ham House 

Pitts George W. (c), barber J. J. Hoffman, r 2 Marietta 

Pitts James C, carpenter, r 861 N, Collins 

Pitts Lewis (c), wks Lynch & Lea 

Pitts Luke (c), wks J. F. Burke & Co., r 18 Pine 

Pitts Munford (c), waiter Ballard's Restaurant, r 115 Clarke 

Pitts Reginald (c), wks A. & W. P. R. R., r 16 Biggers 

Pitts "William J., asst bkkpr Winship & Bro., r 481 

Peach tree 
Pitts Taylor (c), cook, r 180 Clarke 
Pixley Pierce (c), driver G. J. Howard & Bro., r rear 18 

Plane William T., watchman W . & A. R. R., bds Wilson 

Piatt George F., r 61 W. Mitchell 
Pleasant George (c), lab, r rear 18 Thompson 
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, es Reed, s of Crumley 
Pleasant Henry (c), plasterer, r rear 219 Marietta 
Pledger Susan W., wid \V. P., r 162 Rawson 
Plumb Daniel B., (D. B. Plumb & Co.), r 296 Whitehall 
PLUMB D. B. & CO. (D. B. Plumb and Lamar, Rankin 
& Lamar), druggists, 26 Whitehall. (See front fly B) 
Plumb Harry H,, with D. B. Plumb & Co., bds 296 White- 
Plumb Thomas H., elk J. Sharp & Co., bds 296 Whitehall 
Plummer Elijah T., jeweler & watchmker, 17 Whitehall, r 

12 W. Peters 
Plummer Philip, carpenter A. W. Stroup 
Plummer William T., carpenter, r 62 Marietta 
Plunkett Sanders, carpenter, bds 19 D'Alvigny 
Poe Mary B., wid C. W., bds 118 Peachtree 
Pogue Homer J., trunkmkr Lieberman & Kaufmann, bds 

35 Church 
Poindexter Elijah, elk H. V. Barrow, bds 158 Ivy 
Poindexter MoUie Miss, with Mrs. B. Lyon, r 189 White- 
Pointer Ellen (c), laundress, r 266 Mangum 
Pointer Lewis G., elk J. J. & S. P. Richards, bds 114 Wash- 
Polak Jacques R. ins adjuster, bds 97 E. Mitchell 
Poleia Joseph (c), lab, r Markham, nr limits 
Poleia Lewis (c), r Markham, nr limits 
Police Headquarters, 47 S. Pryor 

■•cSf 'ii Piedmont Air-Liae 

E M riT?.T!T!?inW General Seal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

*d, m. VJ^A^aUWAN, Promptness Miy ]^Cotto> 

POL 428 POP 

Polio Notting (c), waiter R. G. Thompson 

Polk Benjamin (c), lab, r 291 N. Calhoun 

Polk James K., collector Singer Mnfg Co., bds W. & A. K. 

R., nr Spring 
Polk Lewis (c), tinner Stewart & Fain, bds rear 278 White- 
Polk Thomas (c), barber H. White 
Pollain William (c), cook D. W. Allen 
Pollard Henry (c), lab, r 12 Merritt's av 
Pollard Sylvester (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
PolLird Thomas J., acct Tax Collector, r 27 E. Hunter 
Pollock Joseph W., machinist, r 303 E. Hunter 
Ponder Charles B., with Crane, Boylston & Co., r 288 White- 
Ponder Emma (c), laundress, r rear 117 Spring 
Ponder James M. (A. C. & B. F. Wyly & Co.), r 288 White- 
Ponder Monroe, (c), wks J. C. Kimball, r ws McDonough, 

1st n of Little 
Ponder Moses (c), brickmolder, r al rear 84 Forrest av 
Ponder Prince (c), wks J. Mann, r 75 Gullatt 
Ponder Thomas (c), wks W. P. Lovett, r 75 Gullatt 
Ponder Thomas H., wks W. & A. R. R , bds 288 Whitehall 
Poole Benjamin J., carpenter, r 269 W. Peters 
Poole Crandall L , turnkey Fulton County Jail 
Poole F. C, painter Tripod & Pine 

Poole George (c), wks Cook & Stewart, r 38 W. Foundry 
Poole George W., carpenter, r ws Lowe's al, 2d s of Larkin 
Poole James (c) truckman W. & A. R.R., r Elm, nr limits 
Poole William, carriage painter, r rear 142 Davis 
Poor Willard F., with Cotton Factory, r 35 S. Broad 
Pope Charles (c), porter W. D, Mitchell 
Pope Christopher, machinist W. & A. R. R., bds 49 Luckie 
Pope Clark (c), hostler Dr. J. F. Alexander, r 96 E. Cain 
Pope David W., elk R. W. Tidwell, r 46 Tatnall 
Pope Frank N., dry goods, 171 W. Peters, bds 54 Castleberry 
Pope George (c), wks U. S. Court House & P. , r 243 Fort 
Pope Henry (c), wks P. 0., r 243 Cain 
Pope Henrv (c), wks W. E. Hoyle, r 96 Jones 
POPE HENRY C, hats, caps, etc , 2 Whitehall, r 131 S. 

Pope James (c), lab, r rear 173 Peachtree 
Pope John T., elk Bell & Dean, r 356 Marietta 

1^ X-<< ^ i%V> M. l\j iiqr s TO lo m:inxjtbs 


'HLJ^AA If a.KJ FEED -^ y J, -WILSON. 14 W. MltcheU 8t. 

POP 429 POU " 

Pope John AY., engineer, r 19 N. Moore 

Pope Lewis (c), tinner Stewart & Fain 

Pope Robert C, with H. C. Pope, r 131 S. Pryor 

Pope Sarah, wid James, bds Baker, se cor Hilliard 

Pope Thomas (c), barber, r 23 Stonewall 

Pope Thomas T., bailiff Superior Court, r country 

Porcher Edward P., elk, bds 127 Ivy 

Porter Benjamin H., elk Gramling, Spalding & Co , bds 31 

N. Pryor 
Porter Eliza A. Miss, dressmkr, r 135| Marietta 
Porter Emma (c), laundress, r 29 Biggers 
Porter George (c), butler J. E. Brown, r rear 133 "Washington 
Porter James H., (Porter & Meakin), and cashier Mer Bank 

of Atlanta, r 9 Wheat 
Porter James S., policem^in, r 268 E. Hunter 
Porter Major (c), lab, r 101 Fulton 
Porter M. Jennie Mrs , authoress, r 50 "Williams 
Porter Walter B , trav agt Daniel & Marsh, bds 31 N. Pryor 
Porter "William (c), lab, r ss Jones al, w of "W. & A. R. R 
PORTER A: MEAKIN (J. H. Porter and J. W. Meakin), 

founders and machinists, 93 Ga. R. R 
Portion Bartholomew (c), lab, r rear 100 Elliott 
Portion Frank (c), blacksmith, r rear 100 Elliott 
Poss Albert C, wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Poss Emanuel L., puddler Ga. Iron Wks, r 483 Marietta 
Poss Jacob, elk, r 360 E. Fair 

Poss William L., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 65 Chattahoochee 
Poss William S., policeman, r 360 E. Fair 
POST- APPEAL, D. E. Caldwell, editor and propr; 82 S. 

Post John (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Post Levi W., civil engineer, r 313 N. Collins 
Post OflSce, Marietta, nw cor Forsyth 
Post Spencer (c), shoemkr, r 43 Elm 
Postell John, civil engineer W. & A. R. R. r 31 Gilmer 
■Postell Stephen W., with Phonograph, r 35 S. Broad 
Postell William, tinner Hunnicu't & Bellingrath 
Potter Weyman H. Rev., bds Wilson House 
Potts Ann E., wid A., r 154 S. Loyd 
Potts Charles A., elk, r 100 S. Broad 

Potts Frank M., whol liquors, 19 E. Alabama, r 115 Walton 
Potts Henrv, with F. M. Potts, bds 115 Walton 
Pouncey Sam. E., elk M. Menko& Bra, bds20| W.Mitchell 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


Ml Vl IIIHllfliaH) 36 East Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

POW 430 POW 

Powell Benjamin (c), lab, r 102 Decatur 
Powell Charles, auctioneer, bds 19 Terry- 
Powell Charles W., mer, r 9 W. Garnett 
Powell Delila, wid J. P., r 592 Marietta 
Powell Edward (c), carpenter, r 21 Fraser 
Powell Eliza Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 80 W. Baker 
Powell Fielding T., eclectic physician, 54^ Peachtree, r 

281 Peachtree 
Powell George W. L. (J. J. Powell & Bre.), r 67 N. Spring 
Powell Isabella, wid A. F., r 12 Martin 
Powell Jackson A., bds 27 W. Garnett 
Powell Jacob (c), lab, r 78 May's al 
Powell James, stainer Ristine & May, bds 218 Elliott 
Powell James (c), wks Nolly & Lee, r 210 Mangum 
Powell Jeremiah (c), physician, rrear 177 Davis 
Powell Jeremiah, wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 27 W. 

Powell John C, elk J, J. Powell & Bro., r country 
Powell John D., with J. J. Williams & Co., bds 50 E. Cain 
Powell John F., driver St. Ry.. 42 E. Fair 
Powell John J. (J. J. Powell & Bro), r 281 Peachtree 
Powell Johnson (c), porter Bell & Dean, r 78 May's al 
Powell J. J. & Bro. (J. J. and G. W. L. Powell), grocers, 2a 

Powell Lewis, lab, r 67 James 

Powell Lewis (c), wks C. W. Wells, r 76 S. Forsyth 
Powell L. Ann, wid John, bds 158 Thompson 
Powell Malinda, (c), laundress, r 81 E. Fair 
Powell Oscar C, train hand A. & W. P. R. R., bds 12 

Powell Robert, wks J. C. Huss, bds ss Peachtree, 1st e of 

Powell Samuel (c), lab, r rear 85 Elliott 
Powell Sanford M., carpenter M, Lipes, r ws Marietta, nr 

POWELL THOMAS S., physician, 89 S. Pryor 
Powell Thurza Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 80 W. 

Powell William (c), barber, 196 Marietta 
Powell William, wks Traynham & Ray, bds 6 W. Broth- 

Powell W. Alfred (Howard, Wood & Co.), r 30 Luckie 
Powell W. Marion, student, bds 146 N. Calhoun 


THEJ-^XX V XKJ ^'EED W. T.WILSON, 14 W.MitoheU St. 

POW 431 PRI 

Powell W. H., wks Ga. Iron Wks 

Powers Andrew J., messenger Citizens' Bank of Georgia, r 

Collins, cor Gilmer 
Powers Charles B. (W. A. Shannon & Co.), r 28 E. Alabama 
Powers Edward, lab, r 34 Gilmer 
Powers Harrison, carpenter, bds 34 Gilmer 
Powers Henr}'' R. (Powers & Egleston), r 12 Houston 
Powers Lizzie Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Powers Minnie, wid A. H., r 14 Thurmond 
Powers William (W. Powers & Son), r 36 Ivy 
Powers William E. (W. Powers & Son), r 47^ Peachtree 
Powers W. & Son (W.and W. E. Powers and^W. E. Watts), 

carriages, buggies and wagons, 34 Peachtree 
Powers & Egleston (H. R. Powers and T. R. Egleston), 

brokers, 20 Peachtree 
Prater Henry (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 28 Rhodes 
Prather Emily Miss, music teacher, bds 23 Hayden 
Prather Eva Miss, teacher, bds 23 Hayden 
Prather Jane Y., wid P. H., bds 79 Pulliam 
Prather John S. Jr., asst bus manager Jas. P. Harrison & 

Co., r 23 Hayden 
Prather Susan V. Mrs., teacher Marietta St. School, r 23 

Pratt George H., auctioneer, r 36 W. Mitchell 
Pratt Henry Z., lab, r Factory, ur limits 
Pratt James, tinner, bds 7 Means 

Pratt Jennie Miss, dressmkr Mrs. M. Rawls, bds 78^^ White- 
Pratt Joseph, lab, r Factory, nr limits 
Pratt Nathaniel A., physician, r 155 S. Pryor 
Pratt Nathaniel P., lawyer, 48 Marietta, bds 155 S. Pryor 
Pratt William, lab, r Factory, nr limits 
Pratte Bernard A., lawyer, r 49 E. Cain 
Prell Abram B., with M. Menko & Co., r 188 Whitehall 
Prescott Alfred, manager Hubbard & Bros.. r51 Gilmer 
Prescott William R., elk E. S. Gay, bds 51 Gilmer 
Presnell George W., wks Longley & Robinson, r 12 Liberty 
Price Charles, wks E. Haiman, bds 345 Marietta 
Price Earle, elk McCalla Bros., bds 17 Wheat 
Price Georee E., with G. W. Price, bds 40 Ellis 
PRICE GEORGE W., boots, shoes and leather, 24 Marietta, 

r 57 Wheat 
Price James (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

iusnSfsra Piedmont Air-Line 

'E M GREESON ^^JieralReal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

*Mu Att» M A^»A^Ai<M V Al ; Promptn ess Miy Miotto* 

~~ PRI ~432 PUC " 

Price Mary E. (c), laundress, r 160 E. Simpson 
Price Nathan (c), carpenter, r9 Biggers 
Price Oscar, tailor Hirsch Bros., r 55 N. Calhoun 
Pridgeon Ward T., carpenter Cook & Stewart, r 317 Man- 
Prim Isaiah J., grocer, 110 McDonough, r 140 Rawson 
Prince Charles (c), carpenter, r 75 Hilliard 
Prince Charles (c), porter Mayer, Son & Co., r Cain, se cor 

Prince James T., elk M. C. & J. F. Riser & Co., bds 5 

Prince John (c), wks H. Crankshaw & Co 
Prince Joseph (c), chairmkr, r 75 Hilliard 
Prince Mary M., wid Daniel, bds 42 W. Fair 
Prince Thomas (c), lab, r 75 Hilliard 
Prioleau Samuel, (John M. Hill & Co.), r 35 Houston 
Prioleau William F., bkkpr E. S. Gray, r35 Houston 
Prior Garland S., grocer, 51 Peachtree, r 268 W. Peachtree 
Prisock Michael J., r Savannah, n of Fair 
Pritchard Nancy Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds W. & A. 

R. R., nr Cain 
Pritchard Sallie Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r W. & A. R. 

R., nr Cain 
Pritchett James E., elk W. D. Mitchell, bds 300 W.Peters 
Pritchett Thomas J., mer, r 60 Cone 
Proctor George, wks E. Haiman, bds 19 Bush 
Proffit James L., finisher Ristine & May, bds 13 William 
Prothro Gustavus A., grocer, 90 McDonough, r 196 Jones 
Provence Martha J. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 80 

Provence Mary A., wid Hiram, r 80 Alexander 
Pruden William B. (c), porter Dept of Agriculture, r 

Pruett Benson R., shoemkr, r 508 Decatur 
Pruett Lucinda Mrs., seamstress, r al rear 118 E. Baker 
Pruett William L., elk Eraser & Smith, bds 7^ W. Mitchell 
Pryor Avarilla A , wid B. B , bds 227 Rawson 
Pryor Sarah (c), laundress, r 256 Mangum 
Puckett Clarke, feeder Norwood & Brown, bds 188^ Decatur 
Puckett J. T., wks Cook & Stewart 
Puckett Milton (c), lab, r 280 N. Calhoun 
Puckett Rebecca A. Mrs., boarding, 50 S Forsyth 
Puckett Tallulah Miss, wks Cotton F-ectory, bds 70 Simpson 

SS Sr^Ar^'l'fJr^ Cures Rhenmatism 


THtJ^X^ V J.K-/ r-EEX) W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

PUG 433 QUA 

Pugh Ellen, wid Alexander, r 177 Marietta 

Pugh John W., pedler, r 177 Marietta 

Pugh John W. Jr., driver, bds 177 Marietta 

Pugh Lizzie (c), laundress, r 61 Ga, R. R 

Pugh Maggie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 177 Marietta 

Pullen Columbus (c), wks C. R. R , r 237 Clarke 

PuUen Henry (c), waiter, r rear 41 W. Mitchell 

Pullen Nancy, (c).laundress,r es Valentine, 1st s of Houston 

Pullen Sarah E , wid C. D., bds 131 S. Pryor 

Pullen Sarah E., wid John, r 79 Pryor 

Pullen Sawney (c), pedler, r 217 VV. Mitchell 

Pullen William (c), porter W. J. Roberts & Co 

PULLMAN SOUTHERN CAR CO., A. L. Kontz, agt; Union 

Pullum Burgess (c), driver W. M. Mickelberry, r 100 E. 

Pullum Thomas (Pemberton, Pullum & Co.), r 97 E. Mit- 
Purcell Philip, with J. Ryan, bds 77 E. Garnett 
Purdy William R., elk W. S. Gramling, bds 50 N. Broad 
Puritby Alfred (c), farmer, r Wells, ne cor Holland 
Purley John, bds National Hotel 
Purse Isaiah, bkkpr, r 222 S. Pryor 
Pursley James (c), bricklayer, r 298 Magazine 
Pursley James S. (Pursley & Brice), r 155 Whitehall 
Pursley & Brice (J. S. Pursley and R. W. Brice), patent 

right dealers, 21 Marietia 
Purtell Edward C, tailor, r 39^ Whitehall 
Partell Hattie Miss, domestic J. H. James 
Purtell Henry A., conductor Pullman Sou. Car Co., r 33 W. 

Purtell House, 39^ Whitehall. (Information refused) 
Pyron Charles E., wks A. & W. P. R. R., bds 1 E. Fair 
Pyron James M., engineer W. & A. R.R., bds W. & A. R. R., 

2d w of Spring 
Pyron Lizzie (c), wks Cotton Factory, r 5 Hayden 
Pyron Sarah J., boarding, W. & A. R. R., 2d w of Spring 
Pyron William Y., mer, r 1 E. Fair 

QUARLES FRANK REV., (c), pastor Friendship Bap- 
tist Church, r 16 Hayne 
Quarles John, elk 66 Whitehall, bds 49 W. Peters 
Quarles P. W. J., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 49 W. Peters 

m EDEN ^lli^^r thI Piedmont Belt 

J. C. Kimball, 

66 E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whol** 
sale & Retail. Special rates to dealers. See page lOd 

QUA 434 RAI 

Quarterman Thomas E. (c), carpenter, r 105 E. Cain 
Queen David (c), wks P. Lynch 

Queen David M., fireman W. & A. R. R., r 9 Magazine 
Queen Frank M., auctioneer, r Howell, nr limits 
Queen J. M., sawyer L. H. Hall & Co., r 43 Harris 
Queen Robert M., elk T. J. Autry, bds 112 W. Peters 
Quillian Clayton C, physician, 212 Marietta, bds 38 Alex- 
Quillian George T., elk Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 92 

Quillian John F., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 92 Luckie 
Quinker Armand B., with W. L. Shelton, r 35 N. Pryor 
Quinlan Thomas, elk, bds 77 Decatur 
Quitman F. Henry, engineer, r 111 N. Collins 

RAAB JOHN, elk, r 181 W. Hunter 
Raab Katharine, wid George J., bds 181 W. Hunter 
Raber George, barkpr Ed Mercer, r 15 Foundry 
Rachel Frank (c), driver T. C. Mayson, r 320 W. Mitchell 
Radford Francis P., wks Cotton Factory, bds 108 Marietta 
Radford J. R., bkkpr Hallman & Candler 
Radford York (c), wks J. H. Johnson 
Rafter Charles, grocer, 158 E. Harris 
Ragan Willis E. (M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co.), bds Kimball 

Ragland David (c), wks J. Perdue, r 14 Mays al 
Ragland F. A., grocer, 114 Whitehall 
Ragland Henry (c), wks J. Perdue, r 160 W. Foundry 
Ragley George (c), lab, r 122 Davis 
Ragsdale David (c), lab, r Gray, se cor Johnson 
Ragsdale Elijah K., grocer and butcher, S. Pryor, se cor E. 

Mitchell, r Crew, sw cor Fulton 
Ragsdale Isaac M,, elk E. K. Ragsdale, bds Wilson House 
Ragsdale Marshal R., grocer, 195 W. Peters, r Stone Moun- 
Ragsdale Robert (c), lab, r Decatur, nr limits 
Ragsdale Silas (c), w^riter Markham House 

GEORGIA, 12 E. Alabama (up stairs) 
Eaine Joseph S., ins agt, 1| Marietta, bds Kimball House 
Raines Robert T., elk, bJs Richardson, nw cor Formwalt 
Raines Thomas L., physician, 57 Marietta, r Richardson, 
nw cor Formwalt 


'ntJ-^XX. V .^KJ E^iEEU W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MitcheU St 

RAI 435 RAN 

Raines William (c), barber A. Hill 

Rainey , train hand W. & A. R. R., bds 14 Simpson 

Rainwater Andrew J., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 31 N. 

Rakelew Martha Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Rakestraw Andrew (c), carpenter 3Iurphy & Groom, r 9 

Rakestraw Herbert (c), driver, r 108 Luckie 
Rakestraw James H., (c), wks Rice & Mitchell, r Wheat, 

nr limits 
Ramee Philip A. (Ramee & Anspach), bds 83 Marietta 
RA3IEE & ANSPACH (P. A. Ramee and F. Anspach), 

Japanese goods and grocers, 70 Whitehall 
Ramsey John C, wks C. W. Wells, r 76 S. Forsyth 
Ramsey Porter E. (c), waiter J. G. McLin, r rear 15 E. 

Ramsey Samuel, (c), wks Atlanta Com. Co., r rear 135 

Ramsey Thomas B. elk, Ry. P. 
Ramspeck Charles, (c), lab, r rear 180 W. Mitchell 
Ramspeck Charles M., book binder, r Decatur, Ga 
Ramspeck George A. (G. A. Ramspeck & Co., and Ram- 
speck & Green), r Decatur, Ga 
Ramspeck G. A. & Co. (G. A. and T. R. Ramspeck), grocers 

25^ Peachtree 
Ramspeck Theodore R. (G. A. Ramspeck & Co.), r Decatur, 

Ramspeck & Green (G. A. Ramspeck and J. M. Green) fer- 
tilizers, 16 S. Broad 
Rand Thomas E., carpenter, bds 112 Gilmer 
RandalUAlexander B., with J. C. Kimball, bds 49 E. Cain 
Randall Dallas (c), plumber, r rear 105 Walker 
Randall Gertrude A. E. Mrs., dressmkr, r 135|- Marietta 
Randall Hattie T., wid Edward, r 106 Peachtree 
Randall James (c), lab, r 13 Ivy 
Randall James H., mess Sou. Exp. Co 
Randall Jesse (c), lab, r 121 E. Cain 
Randall James (c), drayman, r 228 Crew 
Randall John, painter Tripod & Pine, bds 58 Horton 
Randall Mary H., wid H. D., bds 18 Wheat 
Randall Moses (c), baker Markham House, r 127 Wheat 
Randall Peter (c), drayman, r ns Baugh, 1st w of Ashley, 
W. E 

m HEALTH, ^^^^/i^^fi^l* PIEDMONT AIR-IINB. 

E M G'I?.EESQN SeneralReal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street 

*d» Mha V4 4w£i£lMWIil f Promptness IMy IMCottOi 

RAN 436 RAW 

Randall William (c), driver Ristine & May, r 23 Hull 

Randolph Akers (c), lab, r Peters, 1st n of Gordon, W. E 

Randolph George (c), lab, r 42 Mechanic 

Randolph Mary, wid Edward, r 69 Yongo 

Rankin Amos (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 124 Gray 

Rankin Charles, elk, bds 42 E. Mitchell 

Rankin Jesse W. (Lamar, Rankin & Lamar), r 161 Mc- 

Ransford Henry, grocer, 167 Whitehall, r 80 Mangum 
Ransom Abraham (c), driver J. C. Ransom, r rear 6 War- 
ren pi 
Ransom John C, bkkpr Langston, Crane & Co., r 6 War- 
ren pi 
Ransom John J., conductor A-L. Ry, r 2 Spencer 
Ransom Jordan D., elk J. J. Lynch, r 14 Martin 
Ranssler John (c), driver Mayer, Son & Co., r 19 Eraser 
Eapp John E., policeman, r 45 W. Simpson. (luformation 

Eapp Joseph W., elk Constitution, bds 45 W. Simpson 
Rasbury Edgar L. elk, bds 131 Fort 
Rasbury Mary B., wid M. W., r 131 Fort 
Rash William (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 47 Bush 
Rasmers William, manager Lorontz & Bittler, 40 S. Broad, 

r 20 E. Alabama 
Ratteree Henry, butcher, r 363 W. Peters 
Ratteree Rebecca, wid Thomas, r 88 Walker 
Ratteree Robert, wks Bettis & Croft, r 363 Walker 
Rattler Clyde, spinner wks Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Rauschenberg Augustus, patternmkr W^inship & Bro., r 

142 Davis 
Rauschenberg A. Sidney, elk Theo. Schumann, r 63 White- 
hall • 
Rauschenberg Christian A., elk D. Tye, r 139 Whitehall 
Rauschenberg Emil, painter, r 88 Chapel 
Rauschenberg Emil J., tinner, bds 88 Chapel 
Rauschenberg Frederick A., engineer Ga. Ice Co., bds 70 

Rauschenberg John A., engineer Ga. Ice Co., r 70 Nelson 
Rauschenberg Paul G., tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, 

bds 88 Chapel 
Rawlings Charles (c), porter Smith Am Organ Co 
Rawlings William, puddler, Ga. Iron Wks, bds 20 Emma 
Rawlins Anderson, engineer F. E. Block, r 85 Thurmond 


SC^\ ^\T3)'C^\r^Tr'E^\Trr^ fi@"CURES SKIN DISEASES, 
• ^* ^Jr ^lUJLi' Jl\^ pimples and blotches. 


IHtJ-'^*. V J-ls^ j^E:.^r> W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitc hell St. 

RAW 437 RAY 

Rawlins Thomas G., coal dealer, 98 S. Butler, r AG Mc- 

Rawls Margaret Mrs , dressmkr, 78i Whitehall 
Rawson Edward E. (L. H. Hall & Co.), and pres Atlanta 

Water Wks., r 283 S. Tryor 
Rawson Florida I., wid W. A., bds 240 Rawson 
Rawson James C, elk C. Goethings & Co., bds 50 Peachtree 
Rawson Sarah, wid Eugene, bds 127 Jones av 
Rawson Sidney J., student, bds 283 S Pryor 
Rawson William C., student, bds 283 S. Pryor 
Ray Adolph, wks T. S Lewis, r 34 Brick 
Ray Alfred J., meat market, r 298 Marietta 
Ray Arabella, wid Joseph, bds rear 273 Whitehall 
Ray Charles C, carpenter Cook & Stewart, bds 81 W. 

Ray Claude, conductor W. & A. R. R., r 136 W. Baker 
Ray Columbus J., wks Stevens & Gibbs, r rear 273 White- 
Ray Crowell C, tinner Stewart & Fain, r 260 E. Hunter 
Ray Cynthia C, wid T. H., r 9 Bush 
Ray Demps J. (Traynham & Ray), r 111 Houston 
Ray Edward, tioner Stewart & Fain 

Ray George, carpenter Cook & Stewart, bds 81 W. Simpson 
Ray Henry (c), gardei er, r 189 Richmond 
Ray Henry (c), waiter Kimball House, r ns Baugh, 1st w 

of Ashley, W. E 
Ray Jackson, butcher, bds 127 Jones av 
Ray James P., tinner Stewart & Fain, r 12 N. Moore 
Ray John C, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r Ponder, se cor Third 
Ray Julia (c), laundress, r 39 Hightower 
Ray Martha A., wid William, r Venable, se cor Mills 
Ray Mary Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r 124 Luckie 
Ray Powell (c), waiter G. B. Adair, r rear 71 Washington 
Ray Samuel C, train hand A-L. Ry 
Ray Sanford S., carpenter Cook & Stewart, bds 81 W.. 

Ray Susan, wid R. P., bds Ponder, se cor Third 
Ray William, (c), carpenter, r 27 Crumley 
Ray William N. (Singleton & Ray), r 324 Decatur 
Ray Willis (c), lab, r 39 Hightower 

Rayfield Lyttleton S., physician and surgeon, 26 E. Ala- 
bama, r 126 Washington 
Rayford John (c), lab, r 136 Houston 

IvIntrack «i Piedmont Air-Line. 


Telephone ';^;^^, 

56 E. Alabama St.. for CO A L of 
Blacksmith's Coal a soeclaltv. See oasa lOA 

EAY 438 RED 

Raymond Mary (c), laundress, r 5 Robbins 

Raymond Wesley (c), porter D. P. Ellis 

Raymond William R., prof Atlanta Baptist Seminary, r 
75 Washington 

Raysor James T., elk W. H. Brotherton, bds 16 E. Peters 

Raysor John M., elk J. T. Hagan, r 16 E. Peters 

Raysor Mary A., wid John M., bds 16 E. Peters 

Read Charles J., engineer Stewart & Bro 

Read William F., engineer Longley & Robinson, r 23 N. 

READ, see also REED and REID 

REDD J. FRANK, livery and sale stables, 24 W. Alabama, 
r 22 Luckie 

Redding Elijah (c),lab, r 232 W. Hunter 

Redding Haddon P., farmer, r 107 Peachtree 

Redding Henry (c), lab, r 21 Crumley 

Redding Homer (c), carpenter, r 68 W. Harris 

Redding Joseph (c), lab, r Decatur, nr limits 

Redding J. H., student, bds 69 N. Collins 

Redding Louisa (c), laundress, r ws S. Terry, 1st s of Crumley 

Redding Miles (c), porter Franklin & Wilkins, r Markham 

REDDING ROBERT J., asst State comr of agriculture, 

r 51 Walker 
Redding Virginia (c), laundress, r 68 W. Harris 
Redding Wesley C. (c), porter Mer. Bank, r 8| Marietta 
Redding Wiley (c), sawyer, r 214 Mangum 
Redding William H., elk W. Powers & Son, bds 107 Peach- 
Redmond John (c), wks J. S. McLendon, r 124 E. Cain 
Redmond William B., P. O, inspector, r 35 Jones 
Redus Robert K.. manager Dickey Bros., bds 150 Whitehall 
Redwine Cicero (c), barber W. Powell, r 196 Marietta 
Red wine Columbus L., physician, bds 58 Walton 
Redwine Elizabeth A., wid W. C, r 57 Irwin 
Redwine Flavins W., with Morrison, Bain & Co., bds Air- 
Line House 
REDWINE JOHN B., lawyer, rooms 2 and 3, 14i Whitehall, 

r 57 Irwin 
Redwine Lewis, bkkpr Gate City Nat. Bank, r 50 Walton 
Redwine Lewis P., wood dealer, r 30 Pratt 
Redwine Lyman A., mer, bds 72 Crew 
Redwine Mary (c), laundress, r 24 Martin 
Reed Andrew (c), hostler W. F. Westmoreland, r rear 57 


?1!YDAVTS "t^BI!?;!-" sewing- machittb 

[IHtJ-rX^ V a.KJ ^^EX5 W. T. WILSON, U W. MitcheU SU 

REE 439 REE 

Reed Austin (c), lab, r 103 Eraser 
Reed Charles, carpenter, bds 19 D'Alvigny 
Reed George (c), bricklayer, r Cooper, nw cor Richardson 
Reed George (c), wks D. W. Allen, r Summer Hill 
Reed Harriet (c), laundress, r 67 Magazine 
Reed Homer, conductor A. & W. P. R. R., r 145 Ga. R. R 
Reed Howard (c), janitor Marietta Street School, r 160 Ma- 
Reed James (c), lab, r 250 W. Fair 
Reed Joseph (c), driver, r rear 125 Peachtree 
Reed Joseph (c), lab, r rear 143 Walton 
Reed Joseph (c), porter Hightower & Hallman, r 55 Hol- 
Reed J. C, elk Phillips & Crew 
Reed Martha T., wid William, bds 320 Peachtree 
Reed Matthew (c), sawyer, r 37 Rawson 
Reed Samuel (c), drayman, r 106 Tatnall 
Reed Samuel (c) hostler St. Ry, r 72 S. Forsyth 
Reee Stephen (c), wks A-L. Ry, r 6 N. Fort 
Reed Thomas, blacksmith Winship & Bro., r 246 Marietta 
Reed Wallace B., associate editor Post-Appeal, r 43^ White- 
Reed William (c), cook Wilson House 
Reed William (c), hackman, r 106 Tatnall 
REED, see also READ and REID 
Reeder O^car M., harnessmkr C. W. Motes & Co 
Reeder William L., harnessmkr C. W. Motes & Co., r 21 

Reese Allan (c), lab, r Decatur, nr limits 
Reese Amanda M., wid J. C, bds 100 N. Collins 
Reese Fannie A., wid John, r 43 Parker 
Reese Henry 0., elk B. F. Veal, bds 508 Decatur 
Reese Jacob (c), lab, r 206 E. Fair 
Reese John T. (Reese & Jones), r 363 Houston 
Reese J. Erskine, elk Brock Bros., r Stone Mountain, Ga 
Reese Robert (c), drayman F. E. Block, r Bradley, nr limits 
Reese Scipio (c), lab, r 10 Randolph 
Reese & Jones (J. T. Reese and R. Jones), grocers, 115 

Reeves A. Detroit, mer, brls 22 Jones av 
Reeves Flora A-, wid Melvin P., bds 328 E, Fair 
Reeves Frank G., carpenter, r 19 Henrv 
Reeves Fulton Z. S., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 40 South 

pmcK^fMEmPiedmont Air-Line 

E M GREESON ^^eneralSeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Ctrwt* 

RE¥ 440 REI 

Reeves George, wks Ristine & May, bds 13 WilliamB 

Reeves Henry (c), cook Kimball House 

Reeves Henry (c), wks W. k A. R. R., r 154 Elliott 

Reeves Moses (c), wks L. C. Wells, r rear 390 Whitehall 

Reeves Nancy H., wid R. H., bds 314 Rawson 

Reeves Orrin (c), shoemkr J. Golden 

Reeves Richmond (c), porter Stewart & McNabb, r rear 370 

W. Peachtree 
Reeves William (c), lab, r 117 Rhodes 
Reeves William F., printer Dodson & Scott, r 814 Raweon 
Regan John, elk J. Keely, bds 84 S. Pryor 
Regan Peter, elk J. Keely, bds 84 S Pryor 
Regan William, elk J. Keely, bds 84 S. Pryor 
Regenstein Gabriel, with Regenstein & Kutz, r 186 S. Pryor 
Regenstein Julius (Resfenstein & Kutz), r 234 Whitehall 
REGENSTEIN & KUTZ (Julius Regenstein and G. S. 

Kutz), whol millinerv, fancy goods and notions, 32 

and 34 E. Wall, and retail 74, 76 and 78 Whitehall 
Register Henry, wks J. W. Hall, bds 286 W. Peters 
Register Osborne J., fruits and vegetables, 115 Whitehall, 

r 149 S. Forsyth 
Register Samuel W., elk 0. J. Register, bds 149 S. Forsyth 
Register Thomas P., -carpenter, bds 317 Mangum 
Rehm V., turner Lynch & Lea, bds Hotel AVeinmeister 
Reid Charles W., student, bds 146 N. Calhoun 
Reid David A., machinist Ga. Iron Wks, bds 108 Marietta 
Reid E. D , trav agt, bds Kimball House 
Reid Martha T., wid William, r 320 Peachtree 
Reid Milton, elk A-L. Ry., bds 98 Decatur 
Reid Ophelia M. Mrs., boarding, 72 Marietta 
Reid Philip P., carpenter A-L. Ry., r 187 E. Hunter 
Reid Pearson (c), wks Morgan, Smith & Co 
Raid William A., lawyer, bds Kimball House 
Reid Zachariah T., policemm, r 104 Jones 
REID see also READ and REED 
Reiman Frank, elk Ry P. 0., r 84 Gilmer 
Reiman George, barkpr, bds 12 Mechanic 
Reinhardt Albert, lab, r 174 McDonough 
REINHARDT AUGUSTUS M., lawyer, 7^ Whitehall, bds 

11 E. Cain 
Reinhardt Christian, watchman W. & A. R. R., r 114 W. 

Reinhardt Edgar W., painter A-L. Ry., bds 114 W. Harris 

BrTwer's Lung Restorer J^l^M^WWSZ 


THtX-rXA V ^KJ ^'EEJD -^^ j,^ WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

KEN^ 441 RHO 

Renard Joseph F., engineer W. «Sz; A. R. R 

Render Cater (c), driver Morris <t Bro 
Reneau Elizabeth, wid Russell, r 94 Nelson 
Reneau Lewis, paymaster A. & C. A-L. By., r 267 W. Peach- 
Reneau Mahala, wid Jesse, r 267 W. Peachtree 
Reneau Olimus, conductor C. R. K., r 94 Nelson 
Renfroe Ida Miss, dressmkr, r 258 N. Calhoun 
Renfroe John W., bds 264 Peachtree 
Renshaw John (cj, driver, r 19 Eraser 
Revere James (c), lab, r 45 Gate City 
Reynolds Alfred (c), porter D. A O'Connor, r 9 Jones 
Reynolds Charles B., student G. T. Frv, bds 169 W. Mitchell 
Reynolds Charles W., painter W. & A". li. R , bds 81 Rock 
Reynolds Edward, elk, bds 169 W. Mitchell 
Revnolds Fletcher P., r Kimball, se cor W. Peachtree 
Reynolds Gertrude Miss, bds 165 W. Mitchell 
Reynolds Henry (c), plasterer, r 116 W. Harris 
Reynolds Henry, wks McPherson Barracks, r Gordon, sw 

cor Garnett, W. E 
Reynolds Jackson J., farmer, r 245 Boulevard 
Reynolds James R., farmer, r ss Thrasher, e of Ashley.W. E 
Reynolds John G , office 6 E. Wall, bds Kimball House 
Reynolds John J., with Pembertjn, Pullam & Co., bds 107 

Reynolds John T., elk R. J. Griffin, bds 255 Boulevard 
Reynolds Joshua C , printer, r 317 S. Pryor 
Reynolds Mattie Miss, bds 169 W. Mitchell . 
Reynolds M. C, student, bds 150 Whitehall 
Reynolds Nathan (c), drayman J. J. Marbut, r bey limits 
Reynolds Solomon (c), porter E. Mercer 
REYNOLDS THOMAS S., printer and stereotyper, 24 S. 

Broad, r 169 W. Mitchell 
Reynolds William, wks F. S. Golden, r ss Ponder, 2d e of 

Reynolds William, foreman paint shop W. & A. R. R., r 81 

Rex Charles, butcher Guerin & Lamar 
RHEA JOHN, notary public and ex-officio justice of the 

peace, SJ^ Peachtree, r 234 Ivy 
Rhein V., turner Lynch k Lea 
Rhodes Amos G., furniture dealer, 132 Decatur 
Rhodes Cannon (c), lab, rHilliard, nr limits 

Peerless, Yet^Rolte, Piedmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL- 
STOM CARRIAGES, See page 100. 

RHO 442 BIG 

Rhodes Henry (c), porter J. W. Rollo, r 7 W. Peters 
Rhodes James D., with G. J. Howard & Bro., bds 31 N. 

Rhodes Joseph W., carpenter, r 20 Richmond 
Rhoes Margaret (c), waiter F. M, Jack & Co., r 42 E. 

Rhodes Robert (c), drayman, r 293 Rawson 
Rhodes Wallace W., mail elk P. 0., bds 31 N. Forsyth 
RHODES, see also RODES 
Riach William A., supt pass car service W. & A. R. R., r 

219 S. Pryor 
Rice Austin G., r 229 Marietta 
Rice Ella Mrs., wks Cotton Factory 
Rice Franklin P. (Rice & Mitchell), r 198 Peachtree 
Rice George M., wks Elsas, May & Co., bds ns Mayson Ferry 

rd, Biillwood 
Rice John H., bkkpr J. M. Smith, bds 4 Rhodes 
Rice Ophelia H. Mad., r 22 Thompson 
Rice Parker M., cotton weigher Austell & Rice, bds 119 

Rice Singleton (c), wks Stewart & Fain 
Rice William, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ns Mayson Ferry rd, 

Rice William H., grocer, r 254 N. Calhoun 
Rice William L., pass car inspector W. & A. R. R., r 4 

Rice William W. (J. J. Tolbert & Co.), r 19 Washington 
Rice Zachariah A (Austell & Rice), r 119 Walton 
RICE & MITCHELL (F. P. Rice and R. C. Mitchell), 

lumber manfrs and dealers, 39 Grubb 
Rich Annis Mrs., dressmkr, bds 62| S Pryor 
Rich Daniel, with M. Rich & Bro., r 174 S. Forsyth 
Rich Emanuel (M. Rich & Bro.), r 42 E. Peters 
Rich Herman, elk W. Rich, r 145 S. Forsyth 
Rich Joseph, with W. Rich, r 292 Luckie 
Rich Morris (M. Rich & Bro.), r 57 Garnett 
RICH M. & BRO. (M. and E. Rich), dry goods, notions 

and dressmaking, 65 Whitehall, cor Hunter 
Rich Samuel, elk M. Rich Sc Bro., bds Collier House 
Rich William (Rich & Titlebaum), whol and ret liquors, 

31 S. Broad, r Nashville, Tenn 
Rich & Titlebaum (Wm. Rich and Wm. Titlebaum) State 

Line Distillery, office 31 S. Broad 

^ e^\T3nE*rvTii^Trr^ is entirely vegetable, 

And Never Fails to Cure. 



• Ht J-'XA. V ^KJ E'EED ^^ T_ WILSON. 14 W. Mltchall St. 

BIG 443 RIC 

Richards Ellen G., wid H. H., r 175 McDonough 

Richards E. Lamar, elk M. Rich & Bro 

Richards Jabez J. (J. J. & S. P. Richards), and grocer, 198 

McDonough, r 205 McDonough 
Richards John, plumber Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, bds 55 

W. Hunter 
RICHARDS J. J. & S. P. (Jabez J. and Samuel P. Rich- 
ards), booksellers, stationers and music dealers, 37 
Richards Robert H., pres Kennesaw Mills Co., 26 E. Ala- 
bama, bds Kimball House 
Richards Samuel P. (J. J. & S. P. Richards), r 114 Wash- 
Richards W. Arthur, with J. J. & S. P. Richards, bds 114 

Richards William G., supt Atlanta Water Wks, r 209 Crew 
Richardson Alonzo W., bkkpr Selig Bros. & Co., bds 111 

Richardson Charles, janitor, r 74 Decatur 
Richardson Charles T. (c), porter A-L. Ry, r 8^ Marietta 
Richardson Dock (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Richardson Edward R., trav agt, bds 93 Pulliam 
Richardson Eliza (c), laundress, r 32 Williams 
Richardson Francis M., trav agt, r 27 Hood 
Richardson Frank H., editor Constitution, bds 27 Hood 
Richardson John (c), driver, r 10 Valentine 
Richardson John (c), porter J. E. O'Brien, r Jackson, cor 

Richardson John G., pluinber Hunnicutt <fe Bellingrath 
Richardson John S., wks J. S. McLendon, r Fort, nw cor 

Richardson John W., conductor W. & A. R. R , r 52 Rock 
Richardson Leaver (H. Crankshaw & Co.), r 111 Nelson 
Richardson Leaver, Jr., elk J. Ryan, bds 111 Nelson 
Richardson Margaret, wid James, r 375 N. Calhoun 
Richardson Mary, wid William, r 591 Marietta 
Richardson Mary Mrs., dressmkr, 267 Jones 
Richardson Peter (c), lab, r rear 32 Church 
Richardson Richard (c), saw3'er, r 17 Eraser 
Richardson Riley (e), carpenter, r rear 32 Church 
Richardson Robert (c), shoemkr, r 19 Trenholm 
Richardson Robert P., painter, 277 Decatur, r Jones, swcor 

'■coach's' via Piedmont Air-Lina 

E M Crl?.EESON ^s^eralRealEstate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

RIC 444 ^RIP 

Richardson Samuel (c), fireman A-L. Ry 
Richardson Samuel, painter Tripod & Pine, r 89 Kelly- 
Richardson Samuel W., dry goods, Gordon, ne cor Lee, 

W. E 
Richardson Sidney (c), drayman, r 296 Foster 
Richardson Warren (c), wks Pellegrini & Cdstlebery, r W. 

Peters, nr Barracks av 
Richardson William (c), carpenter, r ws Hilliard, 4th n of 

Richardson William (c), driver H. T. Inman, r rear Peach- 
tree, sw cor Harris 
Richardson William (c), lab. r 304 McDonough 
Richardson William H., fireman W. & A. R. R., r 42 Rock 
Richardson William M., puddler Ga. Iron Wks, r 601 Ma- 
Richardson William W., elk Bank of State of Ga , bds 27 

Richburg Alexander (c), lab, r 108 Rhodes 
Rich burg William (c), student, bds 108 Rhodes 
Richmond Jefferson L., trav agt, r59 Walker 
Richter Anna Mrs., saloon, 8 and 10 E. Hunter 
Rickard Jane,wid George, r 19 Barracks av 
Ridge Frank T., pressman H. H. Dickson, r 22 Crew 
Ridley Oscar (c), lab, r rear 33 W. Cain 
Ridley Robert (c), driver W. J. Garrett, r rear 166 Wash- 
Ridley Robert B., physician, 25| Peachtree, r 182 Peachtree 
Riggs William E., dentist, r 7 Orange 
Riggins Joseph (c), lab, r rear 146 S. Forsyth 
Riggins Salomon (c), lab, r rear 146 S. Forsyth 
Riiey Arvison (c), wks Hunnicutt & Beilingrath, r ws 

Chestnut, s of W. Foundry 
Riley Charles (c), carpenter, r Pine, nr Blackmon 
Riley Edward S., with Fuller & Oglesby, r 63 Forrest av 
Rilev Nannie Miss, domestic W. W. Boyd 
Riley Patrick, elk, bds 15^ S. Broad 
Riley Patrick (c), wks Hunnicutt & Beilingrath 
Riley William, blacksmith J. M. Smith, bds rear 133 W. 

Riley William H. (c), lab, r 20 Grant 
Rioi-dan John, cotton buyer, r 308 Decatur 
Riplev Thomas R., crockery, glass and queensware, 89 
Whitehall and 96 S. Broad, r 408 Whitehall 

illJliLJIX\> .». It-^* XJ>T 5 TO lO IwaillSJ-CJTHIS 


IHtJ-rxX V a.KJ E-EED W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

RIS 445 ROB " 

Risley (Teorge, lab, r 63 Thurmond 

Rist'ne John S (Ristine & May), r Loudon, Tenn 

RISTINE & MAY (J. S. Ristine and E. F May), bedstead 

and chair mnfrs, 29 W. Alabama. (See page 87) 
Ritchie William, patternmkr, bds 95 Walton 
Rivers Abner (c), driver H. V. M. Miller, r rear 43 Waltoa 
Rivers Alfred (c), mason, r rear 9 Jennings al 
Rivers Ebenezer (c), waiter Southern Hotel, r rear 54^ De- 
Rivers John (^c), lab, r al rear 8i Forrest av 
Rivers Joseph (c), porter Station House, r 224 W. Foundry 
Rivers Joseph S. (c), blacksmith 183 Marietta, r 214 W. 

Rivers Robert (c), well digger, r rear 286 W. Peters 
Rivers Turner (c), porter W. M. & R J. Lowry, r rear 107 

Rivers Washington (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r rear 22 

Jones av 
Rivers Zachriah (c), porter W. D. Mitchell, r rear 300 W. 

Rives George F., finisher Ris*^^ine & May, bds 13 William 
Rixey James (c), lab, r 300 W. Mitchell 
Roach Edward W., physician, 149 Whitehall 
Roach Elisha J., physician, 149 Whitehall 
Roach Thomas, wks E. Haiman 
Roach W^illiam T , wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ss Ponder, e of 

Robbins Algernon S. (Robbins k Bro.), r 10 Moore 
Robbins George W., policeman, bds 8 Newton 
Robbins James M., elk V. Dunning, bds 446 Whitehall 
Robbins John W. (Robbins & Bro ), r 8 S. Moore 
Robbins Mary A., wid J. W., r 8 Newton 
Robbins Rufus J., stone cutter, bds 10 Kelly 
Robbins William J., machinist, bds Le^', sw cor Irwin 
ROBBINS & BRO. (A. S and J. AV. Robbins), stone and 

granite works, 50 Loyd (See back of title) 
Roberson Maggie Miss, flower artist, bds 112 Luckie 
Roberson Sophronia Miss, dressmkr. bds 112 Luckie 
Robert Francis W., lawver, 3^ Marietta, r 143 Calhoun 
Robert Frank P., elk, bds 143 Calhoun 
ROBERT JOSEPH T. REV. L.L.D., pres Atlanta Bap- 
tist Seminary, r 75 Washington 
Robe'ts Charles, lab, r 7 Green's Ferry av 

THE Pggi^i^R Piedmont Air-Line 


ffl Wl lll»iailHM| gfj East Alabama Street, See page lOO. 

ROB 446 ROB 

Roberts David (c), wks T. S. McLendon, r 79 N. Calhoun- 
Roberts Edward G., with W. J. Roberts & Co., r 55 Ellis 
Roberts Ezekiel M., City Tax Assessor, r 25 Powers 
Roberts George, mess W. U. Tel. Co 
Roberts George (c), wks Lynch & Lea 
Roberts Green B., driver Sou. Exp. Co., r 216 Whitf^halL 
Roberts Henry (c), driver P. H Snook 
Roberts H. B., student, bds 91 N. Calhoun 
Roberts H. C, fireman A-L. Ry 
Roberts Isaac, engineer A. L. Ry 
Roberts James (c), plasterer J. G. Thrower 
Roberts James W., boarding, r 159 N. Collins 
Roberts John B., elk M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., bds 61 W. 

Roberts John W., machinist Por^e^ & Meakin, bds 25 Cone 
Roberts Martha J., wid G. W., bds 211 E. Fair 
Roberts Milton (c), wks E. Haiman, r 28S Foster 
Roberts M. E. (W. J. Roberts & Co.), r 55 Ellis 
Roberts Oliver (c), restaurant, 24 Marietta 
Roberts Washington (c), driver, r Walnut, sw cor W. 

Roberts Whitman (c), wks J. Hirshberg, r rear 40 Castle- 
Roberts William J. (W. J. Roberts & Co.), r 63 Houston 
Roberts William S., car repairer A-L. Ry 
Roberts W. J. & Co. (W. J. and M. E. Roberts and J. 0. 

Steger), grocers, 49 Peachtree 
Robertson Benjamin W , machinist, r 69 Yonge 
Robertson Edward T., cotton buyer, bds Kimball House 
Robertson Elisha A. (E. A. Robertson & Co.), r 49 W. 

Robertson E. A. & Co. (E. A. Robertson and G. M. Hope), 

grocers, 100 Peachtree 
Robertson Henry (c), carpenter, r ws Butler, 1st n of 

Robertson James, carpenter, bds 345 Marietta 
Robertson Joseph (c), driver B. H. Hill, Jr., r rear 20 E. 

Robertson Scott (c), wks H. Wolfe 
Robertson Ulof 0., propr Atlanta Health Institute, r 178 

W. Peters 
Robrrt-^on U. 0. Mrs., physician, r 178 W. Peters 
ROBERTSON W. F., trav agt Davis Sewing Machines, r 

Kingston, Ga 


IHLJ^*^ W a.K-* E'EEX) W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MltcheU St. 

ROB 447 ROB 

Robinson Arthur, elk 66 Whitehall 

Robinson Arthur (c), driver W. S. Bell & Co., r 5 Jen- 
nings al 
Robinson Arthur (c), wks H. C. Erminger, r Thompson, 

nr Peters 
Robinson Augustus (c), lab, r rear 103 Forrest av 
Robinson Augustus M. (Austell, Robinson & Mangum), r 

Social Circle, Ga 
Robinson Benjamin (c), lab, r 89^ Whitehall 
Robinson Benjamin (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r rear 141 C. 

R. R 
Robinson Caroline (c), laundress, r Formwalt, 1st n of Rich- 
Robinson Charles B., wks F. E. Block, bds 210 Clarke 
Robinson Charles E., tax collector Atlanta, 32 Whitehall, 

bds 268 Peachtree 
Robinson Christopher (c), bricklayer, r 42 E. Harris 
Robinson David (c), lab, r rear 79 N. Calhoun 
Robinson Edward (c), lab, r 20 Glynn 
Robinson Edward (c), waiter Kimball House 
Robinson Elbert (c), wks W. S. Withers, r 152 Fraser 
Robinson Eliza Miss, seamstress r 205 Fraser 
Robinson Elizabeth I. Mrs., boarding, 21 Orme 
Robinson Eugene M., elk J. Robinson, bds 89 Thompson 
Robinson George (c), driver, r 29 Maple 
Robinson George (c), waiter Markham House, r 155 E. Fair 
Robinscm George (c), wks Cotton Compress, r 54 Walker 
Robinson George W. (c), porter E. Cahn, r 60 E. Cain 
Robinson Goliah (c), wks J. Thompson, r rear 238 S. Pryor 
Robinson Harvey (c), lab, r rear 28 W. Foundry 
Robinson Henry, engraver, bds 27 W. Brotherton 
Robinson Henry (c), lab, r Cooper, nw cor Richardson 
Robinson Henry (c), porter J. K. Sims & Co 
Robinson Henry (c), sawyer, r es al, n of Emma,w of Lam- 
bert, Bellwood 
Robinson Henry M., elk Ry P. 0., r 76 Ivy 
Robinson Hugh, with Jack & Holland 
Robinson Isaac contractor, r 48 Gilmer 
Robinson James, agt, bds 54 W. Foundry 
Robinson James, real estate, 11 E. Alabama, r 89 Thomp- 
Robinson James A., elk Jack & Holland, bds 108 S. Forsyth 
Robinson James D., supt Constitution, r 129 W. Baker 

BusSiEssMEa Piedmont Air-Line 

E M SREESOTT General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

*<■ Mhm M*WA i<idMWAl| Promptness MIy MIottot 

ROB 448 ROB 

Robinson James H., with J. Robinson, bds 89 Thompson 
Robinson James L., carpenter, bds 82 S. Forsyth 
Robinson James R. (c), lab, r 305 Fraser 
Robinson Jasper (c), wks Dr. J. Stainback Wilson 
Robinson Jetferson, engineer C. R. R., bds 214 E. Hunter 
Robinson Joel F., elk Longley & Robinson, bds 66 N. 

Robinson John (c), blacksmith, 79 W. Peters, r 19 Walnut 
Robinson John (c), lab, r 103 W. Foundry 
Robinson John (c), elk C. Paris, r 19 S. Bell 
Robinson John J. Rev. D. D , bds 61 W. Mitchell 
Robinson John M., with Regenstein & Kutz, r 67 N. Pryor 
Robinson Joseph L., grocer, 114 Fraser 
Robinson Julia A., wid E. C, bds 125 S. Loyd 
Robinson Margaret (c), laundress, r rear 113 Rhodes 
Robinson Mary J., wid John, r 45 Bradbury 
Robinson Monroe (c), bricklayer, r 23 Jenkins 
Robinson Morgan (c), lab, r Howell, nr limits 
Robinson Moses (c), wks Porter & Meakin, r 7 Glynn 
Robinson Moses Y., grocer, 145 Houston 
Robinson Nicholas (c), driver, r rear 150 Peachtree 
Robinson Robert (c), wks Atlanta Com Co., r 8 Meeting 
Robinson Robert J., engineer A. & W. P. R. R 
Robinson Robert L., fireman A. & W. P. R. R., bds 75 Ivy 
Robinson R. Henry, jeweler W. P. Northen, bds 27 

Robinson Samuel (c), drayman W. S. Bell & Bro., r 5 Jen- 
nings al 
Robinson Sherman (c), lab, r es al n of Emma, w of Lam- 
bert, Bellwood 
Robinson Taylor (c), carpenter, r 199 W. Hunter 
Robinson Tenant M. Rev. (c), pastor Antioch Bap. Church, 

r 154 Gray 
Robinson Thomas (c), porter Duck & Co., r rear 193 S. 

Robinson Thomas J., wks Pullman Sou. Car Co., r rear 186 

Robinson Walter (c), lab, r 101 Thompson 
Robinson Washington (c), drayman, r rear 201 S. Pryor 
Robinson William, fireman A-L. Ry 
Robinson William (c), lab, r rear 114 Walker 
Robins m William (c), lab, r rear 103 Forrest av 
Robinson William wks E. Haiman, r 42 Bradbury 

SO Givi^A^^'fi /^ Cnres Rheninatisin 


IHtJ-^XA. V a.K-> :feeI3 W. T. WILSON, H W. MltcbeU bu 

ROB 449 ROG 

Robinson William F , engineer AL. Ry., bds 214 E. Hunter 

Robinson William G., photographer's stock, 46 Whitehall, 
bds 12^ W. Mitchell 

Robinson William G., Jr. (Evans & Robinson), r 180 N. 

Robison John T., student, bds 18 Warren pi 

Robison William F. Rev., pastor Sixth Meth. Church, r 331 

Robson Courtland J., elk E. T. Klencke, r 70 Peachtree 

Robson J Henry, elk Green Line, r Kirkwood, Ga 

ROBSON RO. CORNELIUS, genl agt Green Line, 8 S. 
Broad, bds 72 Marietta 

Roche William H., blacksmith, rear 50 S. Pryor, r 68 N. 

Rockmoor Thomas C, elk A-L. Ry., bds Adams House 

Rockwell William C, grocer, 5 Marietta, r 125 S. Loyd 

Roddy Thomas P., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 31 N. Pryor 

Rodes Charles C, bkkpr Atlanta Gas Co., r 58 Loyd 

Eodes Charles C. Jr., oik Clarke, Thompson & Co., bds 58 

Eodes William M., elk Ga. R. R., bds 58 Loyd 

EODES, see also RHODES 

RODOERS ROBERT L., lawyer, 35 S. Broad, r 99 Wheat 


Eoe Anthony E., tailor, 25 Whitehall, r 17 Hayne 

Eoe Edward, elk, bds 17 Hayne 

Eoemer Paul, 1st Lieut. 5th Art., r McPherson Barracks 

Eoesel Gottlieb E., baker H. A. Agricola 

Eogan E'len Miss, boarding, r 55 S. Forsyth 

Eogan George, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 48 Emma 

Rogan Michael, r 69 Rock 

Rogers Alexander C, elk L. H. Hall & Co., bds 28 Foundry 

Rogers Benjamin, carpenter, r 219 Hayne 

Rogers Charles, elk Austell & Mangum, bds 61 Marietta 

Rogers Charles H., student, bds 219 Hayne 

Eogers Clinton (c), hostler Mrs. N. Dean, r rear 348 Ma- 

Eogers Cora (c), cook, r rear 395 Marietta 

Rogers Cynthia, wid George, r 54 W. Foundry 

Rogers Ebenezer N. (c). lab, r 84 Forrest av 

Eogers Emily C, wid J. C, bds es Calhoun, 1st n of For- 
rest av 

Eogers George W., train hand W. & A. E E 


J. C. Kimball, 

66 E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT, Whol*- 
saleA Retail. Bpeolal rates to dealers. See page 100^ 

ROG 450 ROM 

Rogers George W., wks Ferguson & Blount, bds 59 Luckie 

Rogers Hattie L., wid W. W. r 199 S. Forsyth 

Rogers James D., elk A. S. Lenfestey, bds 80^ Whitehall 

Rogers James L. Rev., r 52 McDonough 

Rogers Jeanie Miss, wks Evins & Robinson, bds 23 Corput 

Rogers Jennie M., wid J. C, r 315 W. Peachtree 

Rogers John, r 125 McDaniel 

Rogers John (c), (Latimer & Rogers), r rear 113 Peachtree 

Rogers John C., City Assessor, r 135 Thompson 

Rogers John H., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 59 Luckie 

Rogers John T., elk Atkins, McKeldin & Co., r 62 Wheat 

Rogers Joseph (c), wks Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r ws 

Williams, 1st n of Cox 
Rogers Julia Miss, wks Evins & Robinson, bds 23 Corput 
Rogers Mary Mrs., dressmkr, bds 23 Corput 
Rogers Mary A., wid John H., r 59 Luckie 
EOGERS RICHARD C, cashier Markham House 
Rogers Russell (c), barber K. Watts, r 289 Fort 
Rogers William B., carpenter, bds 219 Hayne 
Rokenbaugh Ida R., wid J. H., r 92 Rawson 
Roland Warren (c), wks J. S. Bettis, r 117 Whitehall 
Rollins Alonzo P., watchman W. & A. R. R., r W. & A. R. 

R., nr Spring 
Rollins Annie Mrs., restaurant, 150 Decatur 
Rollins Charles (c), wks Smith Am. Organ Co., r rear 312 

Rollins John, puddler Ga. Iron Wks, r 599 Marietta 
Rollins William, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
RoUison Fannie Miss, wks L. H. Clarke, bds Gordon, sw 

cor Garnett, W. E 
Rollo John W., saloon, 9 E. Alabama, r Peeples, nof Amos, 

W. E 
Roman Peter W., molder W. S. Withers, Irwin cor Ran- 
ROM ARE, PERDUE & EGLESTON (Paul Rom are, J. A. 
Perdue and T. Egleston), genl ins agts; represent IM- 
TION, of Phila.; STAR, of N. Y.; LONDON ASSU- 
AMERICA, of Phila.; HARTFORD INS. CO.. of Conn.; 
of Hartford ; 41 S- Broad. (See page 91) 




•*^-*"*' ^ -A-*^ ^'EED W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

ROM 451 ROW 

ROMARE PAUL (Romare, Perdue & Egleston), and cashier 

Atlanta Nat. Bank, r 117 S. Pryor 
Roney Mary J., wid Alfred, bds 121 Rhodes 
Roney Nicholas, watchman A. Murphy, r 44 E. Baker 
Rooks Charles, wks Cotton Factory, r 172 Luckie 
Rooks James P., carpenter, bds 508 Decatur 
Rooney Felix, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r es al n of Emma, w of 

Lambert, Bellwood 
Root James (c), wks 0. A. Smith 
Tioot Sidney, 11 E. Alabama, r 47 Crew 
Roper James P. T., varnisher L. H. Hall & Co., r 100 North 

Rose Clarence, mason, bds Decatur, nr Boulevard 
Rose Harvey G., elk Ry P. 

Rose Sarah F., wid S. C., r Decatur, nr Boulevard 
Rose J. William, painter, r 32^ S. Broad 
Rose Rufus M., with Cox, Hiir& Thompson, r 32 Church 
Roselle Hammond, baker, r 42 Wells 
Rosenbaum Charles Henry, elk J. Ryan, r 315 S. Pryor 
Rosenbaum Julia Miss, elk Regenstein & Kutz, bds 315 S. 

Rosenberger David, elk A. & S. Rosenfeld, r 20 Formwalt 
Rosenfeld Abraham (A. & S. Rosenfeld), r 203 Whitehall 
ROSENFELD A. & S. (Abraham andSigmund Rosenfeld), 

clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 24 Whitehall 
Rosenfeld Louis, elk Mrs. S. Rosenfeld, r 157 Mangum 
Rosenfeld Sigmund (A. & S. Rosenfeld), bds 203 White- 
Rosenfeld Sophia Mrs., dry goods, 48 Decatur, r 157 Man- 
Ross Dock (c), driver, r 21 N. Calhoun 
Ross Henrietta (c), laundress, r 11 N. Bell 
Ro.?s Henry (c), lab, r 10 Grant 
Ross Zachariah (c), train hand A-L. Ry 
Eosser Charles, barkpr Sanders & Co., bds 188^ Decatur 
Eosser Egbert V., real estate agt, r 311 Whitehall 
Rosser W. A., med student, bds 18 Warren pi 
Roth John, baker H. Karwisch, bds 88 DecaturJ 
Rounds Frank S.. watchmaker F. J. Stilson, r 43 W. Cain 
Rounds Lonnie B., wks Cotton Factory, bds 132 Spring 
Rounds Maria, wid Henry, r 43 W. Cain 
Eoutten Adelaide E., wid Edward, r 51 Bush 
Rowan Jobn (c), porter C. Barrett, r rear 140 Mangum 


E M G-T^EESON General Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street, 

*dm 4Kfci V^AwMirfMWiif Promptness Miy MiottOi 

ROW 452 RUS 

Kowe Daniel M., bkkpr Boynton Bros., r 25 N. Spring 

Rowe Flora, wks Cotton Factory 

Rowland Julius, student, bds 147 S. Pryor 

Rowland J. H.. conductor A-L. Ey 

ROY GUSTAYUS U., physician, 9 Peachtree, r 18 Ellis 

Roy J. M., wks A. & W. P. R. R 

Eucker Abraham (c), gardener, r 165 Windsor 

Rucker Abram (c), lab, r Crowell, ne cor Glenn 

Rucker Amos (c), porter P. O 

Rucker Edward D. (c), painter, r 74 Decatur 

Rucker George G., bkkpr Joel Hurt, bds 89 N. Forsyth 

Eucker Isaac (c), wks Maddox & Rucker, r rear 41 Windsor 

Rucker Jett W. (Maddox, Rucker & Co.), bds Kimball 

RUCKER RICHARD Z., mdse broker, 36^ E. Alabama, r 

215 N. Collins 
Rucker William (c), wks Elsas, May & Co., r 151 W. Peters 
Ruddell Hiram, stair builder, r 21| Marietta 
Rudolph Nicholas, butcher, 100 W. Mitchell 
Ruff John (c), wks Ga. Iron M^ks, r 120 Gray 
Ruff William C, painter E. Van Winkle & Co., r 106 

Ruffian June, painter, r Pine, nr Blackmon 
Ruggles Charles R., painter W. L. Jarvis, r 69 W. Foundry 
Ruggies Mourning J., wid William 0. G., r 69 W. Foundry 
Rumsey Ada Miss, wksF. G. Hancock, bds 9 Jones av 
Rumsey Ida Miss, wks F. G. Hancock, bds 9 Jones av 
Eumsey James A., mer, r 9 Jones av 
Eusch Leopold A., machinist Ga. R. R., r 53 Ga. R. R 
Rush Asbury J,, carpenter, r 175 Crumley 
Rush James A., with J. M. Hill & Co., bds 175 Crumley 
Rushin John W., elk J. Warlick & Son, bds 52 E. Mit- 
Rushin A. Jack, elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 211 Peachtree 
Rushton Robert E., bkkpr Winship & Bro., r 85 Luckie 
Rushton William, master mechanic A. <fe. W. .P. R. R., r 

151 McDonough 
Rusk John (c), drayman, r 120 Hayne 
Russell Aaron W. (c), lab, r 283 W. Mitchell 
Russell Arthur (c), lab, r rear es Bell, 3d n of Pratt 
Russell Charles, lab, r rear 84 Nelson 

Russell Clarence, fireman W. & A. R. R., bds W. & A. R. R., 
2d w of Spring 

S'"^'\ en 0\Sl^iKTri^^Trr^ «^°CURES SKIN DISEASES, 
h &• ^Jr £^\U1£' k\fi PIMPLES ANP. BLOTCHES. 


intJ-'XAi V AK-y E^E.^r> W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

RUS 453 RYL 

Russell Elizabeth, wid J. R., r es Marietta, nr limits 
Russell George W., wks B. Harper, bds 77 Terry 
Russell Jabez (c), student, r 197 W. Hunter 
Russell James (c), lab, r 36 Parsons 
Russell James G., elk, bds 15U Whitehall 
Russell James G., policeman, r 146 Crew 
Russell John B., physician, 212 Marietta, bds 111 Marietta 
Russell John W., trav agtM. Barwald & Co., bds 150 White- 
Russell Martin V. (c), student, r 197 W. Hunter 
Russell Rebecca (c), laundress, r es Vine, 4th s of W. 

Russell William (c), carpenter, r 283 W. Mitchell 
Russell William A., whol cigars and tobacco, 2 Peachtree, 

bds 68 E. Hunter 
Rutland William T., car inspector C. R. R., r 50 Walker 
Rutledge George L., wks Ga. R. R., r 32 Kelley 
Rutledge James A., engineer W. S. Wilson & Bro., r 48 S 

Rutledge Jasper (c), wks J. C. Kimball, r 58 Rawson 
Rutledge Joseph I., elk, r 49 Fulton 
Rutledge William (c), driver I. W, Avery, r 58 Rawson 
Ryan David, porter S W. Day, r rear 51 Ivy 
Ryan Frances Mrs., fancy goods, 138 Davis 
Ryan Frank G., with W. and W. Mnfg Co., r 69^ Whitehall 
Ryan Frank T., mer, r 143 Jones 
Ryan James (c), hackman, r 72 E. Baker 
Ryan John, dry goods, 61 Whitehall, r 180 Whitehall 
Ryan John F., elk J. Ryan, bds 180 Whitehall 
Ryan Mary Miss, with Mrs. A. F. Pickert, bds 48^ White- 
Ryan Matt, dry goods, 93 Whitehall, bds Kimball House 
Ryan Patrick, wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds 446 Marietta 
Ryan Rose, wid Patrick, r 43^ Whitehall 
Ryan Stephen A., with J. Ryan, r 180 Whitehall 
Ryan Thomas C, with Gra,mling, Spalding & Co., bds Wil- 
son House 
Ryan Timothy, elk J. Ryan, bds 180 Whitehall 
Ryckeley George J., elk H. Wolfe, bds 71 W. Harris 
Ryfield America Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, r 154 Luckie 
Ryles Herbert (c), wks J. Rjdes, r 13 Tennels 
Rjles Jefferson (c), drayman, r 13 Tennels 

IvENTRACK vll PiedmoHt Air-Line* 


Telenhone ^' ^' ^I^^^^^- ^^ ^- -A-labama St.. for COAL of 

-T^ any kind. Blacksmith's C oal a soeclaltv. See oaee 100 

ST. A 454 SAL 

ST. AM AND JOSEPH G., bkkpr Moore, Marsh & Co., 
bds 69 Luckie 

St. George William S., agt P. R. R. R., 10 Alabama, bds 
Markham House 

St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 66 Walton 

St. Paul's African M. E. Church, 46 Humphries 

St. Paul's Methodist Church, 247 E. Hunter 

Sts. Peter and Paul's Parochial School, Marietta, cor Alex- 

Sts. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, Marietta, cor 

St. Philips Episcopal Church, 10 Washington 

SADLER ADAM C, carpenter Cook & Stewart, r 135| 

Sadler Mitchell (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 

SAFFORD HARDY, manager Craige & Co., 43 Whitehall, 
r Blackball Dist 

Safr)rd James, wks J. C. Kimball 

Safford John (c), sawyer, r ss al, w of Hayne, sof W. Foun- 

SafFord John, Jr. (c), lab, r ss al, w of Hayne, s of W. Foun- 

Safford King (c), sawyer, r ss al, w of Hayne, s of W. Foun- 

SAGE 'IRA Y., chief engineer A. & C. A-L. Ry, r 26 Ellis 

Sage Miranda R., wid R. Y., r Amos, se cor Lee, W. E 

Sage R. A. carpenter W. & A. R. R 

Sage Wilbur H., agt Webster wagons, 33 Marietta, bds 
Kimball House 

Sahli Gottlieb G. (Lumpkin & Sahli), r 40 F.Butler 

Saint James, watchman A. & W. P. R. R 

Sallas N. E. Miss, teacher Marietta St. School, bds 83 Ma- 

Salmons Charles (c), wks J. Wallis, r 91 Larkin 

Salmons' Christopher (c), sawj^er, r 9 Trenholm 

Salmons Thomas (c), lab, r 91 Larkin 

Saloshin Gustave, mer, r 33 N. Pryor 

Saloshin Gustave Jr. (G. & S. Saloshin), r 34 Luckie 

Saloshin G. & S. (Gustave and Simon Saloshin), pawn 
brokers, 12 Peachtree 

Saloshin Henry, printer Constitution, bds 33 N. Pryor 

Saloshin Louis, printer Constitu^^^ion, bds 33 N. Prj'or 



l»HtJ-^X^ W a.K^ nr^EIS W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell bu 

SAL 455 SAN 

Saloshia Simon (G. & S. Saloshin) bds 34 Luckie 

Salter Daniel (c), porter B. II. Broomhead & Co.,, r 106 

Salter Fannie F. Mrs., r 25 Bailey 
Salter Methvin T., elk S. F. Salter, r 25 Bailey 
SALTER SEABORN F., Reform Dispensary, 53 S. Broad, 

r 4.30 Peachtree 
Sames Mattison (c), driver, r 17 Thurmond 
Sample John T., machinist, bds GG Chapel 
Sampson Augustus (c), lab, r rear 106 Noth av 
Sampson Jeremiah (c), wks A-L. Ry, r rear 40 S. Butler 
Sams Caroline P., teacher Ivy Street School, r 425 Peach- 
Sams Hansford D. D., elk Green Line office, r Decatur, Ga 
Sams J. Augustus, with W. McPherson, r Decatur, Ga 
Sanders Ancel (c) drayman, r 402 Manyum 
Sanders Armistead (c), carpenter, r McDaniel, se cor C. R.R 
Sanders Burrell G., with S. M. Inman & Co., bds Ballard's 

Sanders Charles (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 18 W. & A. R. R 
Sanders Clara, wid E. R , r 13 W. Peters 
Sanders David (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Sanders Elizabeth (c), laundress, r ns Eraser, 1st n of Little 
Sanders Garrison, charge Mineral Springs, r C. R. R., bet 

W. Hunter and Rhodes 
Sanders Henry (c), sawyer, r 73 Humphries 
Sanders Henry D., elk A. & S. Rosenfeld, bds 136 W. Peters 
Sanders Isaiah (c), lab, r 6 McDaniel 
Sanders James R. (Sanders & Co.)' r 239 Decatur 
Sanders Montgomery (c), waiter Kimball House, r rear 20 

N. Spring 
Sanders Osgood A., with M. C. & J. F. Kiser & Co., bds 

Kimball House 
Sanders Perrj", elk, bds 19 Orme 

Sanders William C. (S. M. Inman & Co.), r 85 Nelson 
Sanders William P., wks C. W. Brunner & Co., r 97 Walton 
Sanders & Co. (J. R. Sanders and P. J. McNamara), saloon, 

56 Decatur 
Sands Mary E. Miss, teacher Atlanta University 
Sanford Isaiah (c), porter Davis Sewing Machine r 160 

Sanford John (c), wks Ristine & May. r 72 Wheat 
Sanger Joseph, fireman W. <k, A. R. R 

pm^K^rrME 'ii Piedmont Air-Line 

£ M GREESON General EealSstat© Agent, 21 Marietta street 

Mb Mfea M*WMMWW41y Promptness Miy MIottoi 

SAN 456 SCA 

Santley Mary L. Miss, matron Atlanta University 

Sapp Witel, wks Cotton Factory 

Sasseen Aaron (c), shoemkr, r rear 340 Hayne 

Sasseen Dora, wid D. A., r 384 Marietta 

Sasseen George W., runner National Hotel, bds National 

Sasseen Mahala (c),laundress, r rear 340 Hayne 

Sasseen Riciiard (c), lab, r rear 340 Hayne 

Satterwhite Joseph (c), drayman Bomar & Peek 

Satterwhite Peter (c), driver Sciple & Sons, r 142 Mark- 

Satzky Anton, cutter Hirsch Bros., r 243 Washington 

Saul George, butcher, bds 236 \V. Peters 

Saul Samuel L., trav agt W. S. Saul, r 16 Markhara 

Saul William S. (Saul and Lawson), and whol com mer, 21 
S. Broad, r 62 Nels m 

Saul & Lawson (W. S. Saul and J. T. Lawson), whol tobac- 
co, 21 S Broad 

Saulsbury Thomas J., policeman, r 14 Pratt 

Savage .John, conductor A-L. Ry 

SAWTELL HENRY C, pork packer, 52 S. Broad, and live 
stock dealer, central stock yard, 96 W. Mitchell. (See 
r>ao-«^ 93) 

SAWTELL I. Y., real estate agt, 50 Marietta (See page 

Sawtell John B., with H C. Sawtell, r Formwalt, nr limits 

Sawtell Leonidas P., elk I. Y. Sawtell 

Sawtell Thomas R., elk H. C. Sawtell, r 330 Mangum 

Sawyer Benjamin F , elk J Keely, r Elliott, cor Nelson 

Sawyer Benjamin T., lawyer, r 43 Nelson 

Sawyer J. Estcourt, 1st Lieut. 5th Art, r McPherson Bar- 

Saye Cassie A., wid Ephralm, r 49 W. Simpson 

Sa'ye James, machinist A. & W. P. R. R 

Saye Ja-^per M., wks Porter & Meakin. bds 49 W. Simpson 

Saye John, molder E. Van Winkle & Co 

Saye Mattie Miss, wks W. Jack, bds 49 W. Simpson 

Saye Richard A , carpenter, r 34 Mechanic 

Saye William L., molder G R. Meneely & Co., r 13 Willianis 

Saye W. Newton, carpenter Lynch & Lea, bds 34 Mechanic 

Say'or Samuel, dairyman, 80 Hoge 

Scales Henry P. (>L Haralson Bros. & Co.), bds Markham 

Brewer's Lung Restorer .i"l!E™«fSg^ 


THE J-'XX V S.WJ I^EBB w_ T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St 

SCA 457 S CH 

Scandrick Wesley (c), janitor, 23 Whitehall, r High, nr 
Barracks av 

Scarborough Henry H. (Crymes & Scarborough), r 344 De- 

Scarborough Ira J., elk W. S. Wilson & Bro., r 195 W. 

Scarborough John W., collector, r 162 W. Hunter 

Scarratt John B , trav agt, r 22 N. Collins 

Schaad Elizabeth Miss, nurse Rev. W. E. Boggs, r 57 Wash- 

Schaefer Robert, teacher MOORE'S BUSINESS UNIVER- 
SITY, r 66 Windsor 

Schaffer Charles, sausagemkr D. Tye, bds 139 Whitehall 

Schaffer Frederick L., bds 207 McDonough 

Schane Jacob, elk John Keely, r 17 W. Garnett 

Schane Zachariah, elk, bds 17 W. Garnett 

Scheetz Edward S , patternmkr Porter & Meakin, bds Pur- 
tell House 

Scheetz Frank L , patternmkr Porter & Meakin, bds 
National Hotel 

Schell John T. (c), shoemkr Nick Holmes, r 5 Green's 
Ferry av 

Schell Robert (c), porter H. L. Smith & Son, r 39 Parsons 

Schell William, mess W. U. Tel. Co 

Schelpert Louis, barber, 5 Peachtree, r 44 Jones av 

Schelpert Louis C , foreman Selig Bros. & Co 

Schenck Alwin, wks Winship «fc Bro., bds 159 E. Hunter 

Schenck Emil E., machinist Winship & Bro., r 159 E. 

Schenck Frank, elk L. H. Clarke, bds 77 W. Garnett 

Schenck Frederick H., foreman Winship & Bro , r 177 

Schenck John T., machinist, r 34 Ellis 

Scherer Charles E , plumber, bds 61 S. Forsyth 

Schiff Frederick, elk M. and J. Hirsch, r 16 W. Garnett 

Schikan Jacob J., with P. & G. T. Dodd & Co., bds 128 W. 

Schikan John, carpenter, r 138 W. Mitchell 

Schikan Peter J., with P. & G. T. Dodd & Co., r 128 W 

Schilling Henry, bill poster, r 90 S. Broad 

Schindler Max (Jacobus & Co.), r 24 W. Garnett 

Schimmeier Lizzie Miss, cook P. Breitenbucher, r 155 S. 

Peerless, Yetr^Rjfute, Piedmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL. 

SCH 458 SCO 

Schlev Philip T., physician (homeo), 63 Whitehall, r 304 

Schmeltzer Fritz, elk Koch & Bro., bds ns Harris, 2d e of 

Schmidt Albert, painter W. L Jarvis, bds Hotel Wein- 


Schmidt Frank, baker, r 62 Fraser 

Schmidt John, train hand A-L. Ry 

Schmidt Robert, agt C R. R., W. Mitchell, ne cor C. R. R., 

r 71 W. Mitchell 
Schnatz Charles, plasterer, r 76 N. Collins 
Schneider John, wks D. Tye, bds 139 Whitehall 
Schoeder John W., carpenter J. A. LeSueur, bds 70 N. Butler 
Schrimper William, baker H. A. Agricola 
Schroeder Christian, brewer, r Atlanta City Brewery 
Schroeder Mina Mrs., fruits, 131 Whitehall 
Schubart Mary Miss, china and glassware, 108 Peachtree 
Schubart Wenzel, elk L. L. Guthman, r 108 Peachtree 
Schultz August J., elk 66 Whitehall, bds W. E 
Schultz Dietrich, canvasser Singer Mnfg Co., r ws Ashley, 

3d w of Thrasher. W. E 
Schultz Julius, wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Schultze August E., music teacher, 8 S. Broad 
Schumann Peter J., elk T. Schumann, r 63 Whitehall 
SCHUMANN THEODORE, druggist and photographic 

stock depot, 63 Whitehall, r 181 S. Pryor 
Schwartz Morris, bds 122 W. Peters 
Schwartz William M., confectioner, 99 Whitehall, r 122 W.. 

Schwisher Samuel (c), farmer, r 270 E. Harris 
Sciple Charles C. (Sciple & Sons), bds 34 Calhoun 
Sciple George W. (Sciple & Sons), r 84 Calhoun 
Sciple George W. Jr. (Sciple & Sons), bds 34 Calhoun 
SCIPLE & SONS (G. W., G. W. Jr., and C. E. Sciple), 

coal, lime, cements, plaster, shingles, laths and lum- 
ber, 8 Loyd 
Scofield Anderson (c), dairyman, r 63 Richmond 
Scogin William E., elk J. Keely, bds 8 W. Mitchell 
Scott Alexander, bds 15| S. Broad 
Scott Andrew (c), wks E. P. Howell, r Gordon, ne cor 

Peeples, W. E 
Scott Bennett (c), wks E. P. Howell, r Gordon, ne cor 

Peeples. W. E 


And Never Fails to Cure. 


IHtJ-^XA. V Ak/ r'EBID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

SCO 459 SCR 

Scott Bloomfield, carpenter, r 12 Warren pi 

Scott Charles Rev. (c), r UQ E. Fair 

Scott Eliza (c), laundress, r 281 W. Mitchell 

Scott Frederick M., bkkpr Phillips & Crew, r 102 Jackson 

Scott (leorge B. (G. W. Scott & Co.), r Decatur, Ga 

Scott George AV. (G. W. Scott & Co.), r Decatur, Ga 

Scott Green (c), drayman, r ws Lowe's al, 1st s of Larkin 

Scott G. W. & Co. (G. W. and G. B. Scott), fertilizer, 18 and 

25 S. Forsyth 
Scott Henry (c), hackman, r 7 Beckwith 
Scott Henry F., physician, 45J Peachtree, r 15 Powers 
Scott Henry M., with Eddleman & Bowie, r 15 Powers 
Scott Jackson (c), lab, r ws Butler, 1st n of Houston 
Scott James (c), porter Mark W. Johnson & Co., r 19 

Scott John (c), lab, r 33 Fort 
Scott John (c), lab, r 133 Marietta 
Scott John (c), wlis Porter k Meakin, r Ivy, nr limits 
Scott John M. (c), wks Chess, Carley & Co., r ss Means, nr 

Scott John W^, elk Ry P. 

Scott Julius A., bkkpr Singer Mnfg Co., r DeKalb Co 
Scott Kate (c), restaurant, r 33 Marietta 
Scott Lot, butcher J. O'Neal, r 289 W. Peachtree 
Scott Reuben (c), driver \V. S. Wilson & Bro., r 135 Ma- 

Scott Robert J., elk J. M. High, bds 8^ W. Mitchell 
Scott Tate (c), driver Harrison & Bro., r 290 E. Fair 
Scott Wesley (c), lab, r 37 Solomon 
Scott William H. (Dodson & Scott), r 46 E. Harris 
Scott Wil iam., bkkpr J. F. Burke & Co., r 14 Warren pt 
SCOTT WILLIAM M., gents' furnishing and supervisory 

agt Wanamaker & Brown, 12 Whitehall, r 35 Jones 
Scoville Dabney H., elk Kimball House 
Scoville Levi W. (Scoville & Terry), r Kimball House 
SCOA^ILLE & TERRY (L. W. Scoville and R. S. Terry),. 

proprs Kimball House, Pryor, nw cor Wall 
Screven Thomas E., farmer, r 64 McDonough 
Scribner's Chas. Sons, R. W.Wright, manager; publish- 
ers, 69 E. Alabama 
Scroggins W. E , elk J. Keely, bds National Hotel 
Scruggs William L , IT. S. Consul to China, r 48 Windsor 
Scrumpert William, baker, bds 42 E. Mitchell 

■■^Sf 'ii Piedmont Air-Lia© 

Mb Mk, W iiVMArfW W Jil ) Promptness M:y MIottOi 

SCR 460 SEL 

Scrutchin Joseph G., elk and draughtsman City Engineer, 

bds 110 iVlangum 
Scrutchin Thomas (Wm. McNaught & Co. and McNaught 

and Scrutchin), r 110 Manuum 
Scruton Adnie D., vvks Cotton Factory, bds 130 Luckie 
Scudday Alva C, cabinetmkr, bds 135 Decatur 
Scudder Samuel S., watchman C. R. R., r 20 Mechanic 
Seaborn Jane (c), laundress, r 102 E. Cain 
Seals Abram (c), wks J. 0. Harris, r rear 325 Peachtree 
Seals James M , carpenter, bds 62 E. Baker 
Seals John H. (J. H. & W. B. Seals), and editor, r 24| S. 

SEALS J. H. & W. B. (J. H & W. B. Seals), proprs Sunny 

South. 2U S. Bro^d. (See adv index) 
SEALS NATHANIEL T., with Estey Organ Co., r SJ W. 

Seals William B. (J. H. & W. B Seals), r 10 W. Alabama 
Searcy John (c), lab, r 48 W. Fair 
Searcy Walter, student, bds 55 Walton 
Searles Charles (c), lab, r 36 Solomon 
Searles Washington (c), janitor Storr's School, r rear 104 

Sears Albert (c), wks J. Warlick & Son, r 133 E Baker 
Sears Elizabeth W. Mrs , grocer, 150 W. Hunter 
Sear.s James, watchman, r 258 Fra«er 
Sears Jefferson, wks Ga. R. R., r 42 N. Bell 
Sears Noah J., engineer Ga. R. R., bds 150 W. Hunter 
Sears Thomas J., conductor Ga. R. R 
Seastrom James (c), hostler St. Ry 
Seay Jefferson (c) drayman McMillan & Snow, r 215 N. 

Seay Richard (c), wks J. Warlick & Son 
Seay Robert R., druggist, r 72 Wheat 
8EC0ND BAPTIST CHURCH, Rev. A.T. Spalding, D.D., 

pastor; Washington, nw cor Mitchell 
Seery Mary, wid William, r 169 Marietta 
Seitz David, wks Cook & Stewart 

Selby Julian P , elk Simons & Druramond, bds 83 Marietta 
Seldner Isaac, elk I. Hymes. bds 192 Whitehall 
Seldner Louis, registry elk P. 0., r 192 Whitehall 
Self James, lab, r Currier, ne cor Calhoun 
Selig Bros. & Co., (Jonas. Jacob and Sigmund Selig), sun 

bonnet ranfrs, 17 N. Pryor 

ill J!iUri,l> ^ It^ IN- 5 TO lO li^CINXJTEJS 


THt J^XXi V J.KJ FEED ^^ T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

"SElT 461 SHA 

Selig Emil (Cohen & Selig) bds 182 S. Forsyth 
Selig Jacob (Selig Bros. & Co.), bds 182 Forsvth 
Selig Jonas (Selig Bros. & Co ), bds 182 S. Forsvth 
Selig Sigmiind (Selig Bros. & Co.), r 182 S. Forsyth 
Selkirk James M., genl railroad agt for Ga. and S. C, bds 

31 Crew 
Selkirk James M. Jr.. with F. G. Hancock, bds 31 Fair 
Sells Holmes, with Stocker & Castleberry, bds Kimball 

Seltzer Henry, china, glass and queensware, 16 N. Broad 
Semmes Raphael T., with Beck, Gregg & Co., bds 41 E. 

Sentell ICliza, wid Joseph, r 145 Nelson 
Sentell George W., carpenter, r 342 Hayne 
Sentell Mary Miss, dressmkr, bds 145 NeLson 
Sergeant Charles E., S. E. pass agt L. & N. R. R., 13 S. Pry- 

or, r 29 Luckie 
Settle Hal, elk Hutchison & Bro., bds 13 E. Alabama 
Seventh Baptist Church, ss Mayson's Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Sewell Charles B., student, r 155 Nelson 
Sewell Hannah (c), laundress, r 159 Fort 
Sewell Jacob T., conductor C. R. R., r 191 W. Peters 
Sewell James W., on, 215 W. Peters 
Sewell Newton, student, bds 115i Decatur 
Sext Jacob confectioner, 112 Whitehall 
Sexton Green (c), drayman, r es Reed, 2d s of Glenn 
Seymour Ark (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Seymour A. F , elk, bds National Hotel 
Seymour George W., barkpr Alhambra saloon, bds Hotel 

Seymour Jer>me C, asst bkkpr Mer. Bank, r 26 E. Alabama 
Seymour William A., carpenter A. W. Stroup, bds 70 N. 

Shackelford Ada Miss, teacher music and painting, bds 15 

W. Baker 
Shaclselfoid Amanda C, wid G. W., r S5 N. Collins 
Shackelford Charles B., elk, bds 85 N. Collins 
Shackelford Charles P., carpenter Longley & Robinson, r 

48 Gilmer 
Shackelford Francis R , r 126 N. Collins 
Shackelford Melissa, wid S. J., r 37 W. Cain 
Shadden James H , with S. M. Inman & Co., r 23 Scott 
Shadden Thomas, elk H. T. Inman & Co., bds 23 Scott 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


Ml Ul HIlYliAaHi ge Hast Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

SHA 462 SHA 

Shafer Richard, wks W. & A. R. R., bds 121 Rhodes 

Shails Thomas, barkpr W. Jarrell, r 15^ B.oad 

Shannon William A. (W. A. Shannnon & Co.), r ws Pee- 

ples, s of Gordon, W. E 
Shannon W. A. & Co. (W. A. Shannon and C. B. Powers), 

grocers, 94 Whitehall 
Sharman Clem B., mar, bds 33 N. Forsyth 
Sharp Anna Mrs., elk, 66 W^hitehall 
Sharp Arabella Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds ss Ripley al, 

2d e of Hayden 
Sharp Barrington S., elk Moore, Marsh & Co., bds 90 S. 

Sharp Beatrice P. Miss, teacher, bds 141 Nelson 
Sharp Cordelia Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds ss Ripley al, 

2d e of Hayden 
Sharp Ella Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds ss Ripley al, 2d e 

of Hayden 
Sharp George (c), porter J. P. Stevens & Co., r 46 Ivy 
Sharp James (J. Sharp & Co.), bds 143 Walton 

Sharp J. k Co. (J. Sharp and ), druggists, 202 Marietta 

Sharp Macon C, elk B. F. Avery & Sons, bds 101 Nelson 
Sharp Mary Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, qds ss Ripley al, 2d 

e of Hayden 
Sharp Mary E., wid William, r 90 S. Butler 
Sharp Mattie C, wid A. B , r 101 Nelson 
Sharp Solomon (c), grocer, 225 W. Peters 
Sharp Thomas, elk 66 Whitehall 
Sharp Thomas P., wks Cotton Factory, r ss Ripley al, 2d e 

of Hayden 
Shaver Aaron (c), wks C. R. R., r C. R. R., nr Alabama 
SHAYER D.iA'ID REV. D.D., professor Atlanta Baptist 

Seminary, r 101 Nelson 
Shaver Mary, wid David, r 32 Horton 
Shaw Delia Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 25 Cone 
Shaw Floyd (c), wks Cotton Factory, r 45 Victoria 
Shaw George, printer, r 33 Houston 
Shaw Isaac, elk, bds 25 Cone 
Shaw James B., elk Sou. Exp. Co 
Shaw James T. (Guess & Sbaw), bds 330 Decatur 
Shaw Jeflferson L., wks Elsas, May & Co , bds 218 Y7. Peters 
Shaw Nancy Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 25 Cone 
Shaw Robert (c). wks I. Westmoreland, r 129 S. Reid 
Shaw Robert J., elk J, Keely, r 11 Jones 



THEJ-'xaL V Xk^ E'EBia ^, x. WILSON, H W. MltoheU St. 

SHA 463 SHE 

Shaw Samuel H , printer Constitution, r 33 Houston 
Shearson Mary, wid George, r 51 Chapel 
Sheats Anderson (c), driver Hamilton & Hudson 
Sheats Thomas R., watchman Winship & Bro., r 48 W. 

Sheats W. H., cotton bu3'er H. P. Kennedy, r country 
Shearer William, springmkr, r 135 Decatur 
Sheehan Cornelius, mer, r 205 S. Pryor 
Sheehan Isaac (c), driver W. S Saul 

Sheehan Merrill A., foreman Sunny South, r 113 Houston 
Sheehan Owen, wks A-L. Ry, r 148 Marietta 
Sheek M. C. Mrs. (Sheek & Co.), r 15 W. Baker 
Sheek Wiley, with Sheek & Co., r 15 W. Baker 
SHEEK & CO. (Mrs. M. C. Sheek and — ), hides, wax and 

fruits, 16 S. Forsyth 
Sheely Jesse (c), lab, r ss Baugh, 1st e of Lee, AV. E 
Sheely Maria (c), laundress, r ss Baugh, 1st e of Lee, W. E 
Shefiler John, carriage trimmer Curtis & Weitzel, r 11-^ S. 

Shelden Charles A. Jr., bkkpr D. Morgan, bds 124 Peach- 
Shells Harrison (c), wks A-L. Ry, bds 36 Marietta 
Shells John (c), shoemkr, r 5 Green's Ferry av 
.Shelton John, painter Stewart & Fain, bds 204 Hayne 
Shelton John C. (c), carrier P 0.,r 26 Humphries 
Shelton Nancy E., wid John, bds 204 Hayne 
Shelton William H., blacksmith E. Van Winkle & Co., r 

34 Rock 
SHELTON WILLIAM L. (Shelton & Gregory), and Com- 
mercial Parlor; Ticket OflBce, cigars and tobacco, 28 E. 
Wa'l, r Edgewood 
Shelton & Gregory (W. L. Shelton and J. R. Gregory), 

washing machines, 28 E. Wall 
Shelverton George W., with J. Silvey & Co., r 350 N. Cal- 
Shepherd William, tinner, r 94 Ellis 
Shepherd W. H., capitalist, bds Wilson House 
Sheppard Alonzo (c), lab, r 34 Vine 
Sheppard Isaac (c), lab, r 81 Larkin 
Sheppard James, wks W. & A. R. R., r 95 Thurmond 
Sheppard John (c), wks H. Buchholz, r 69 Ivy 
Sheppard Joseph (c), lab, r 57 Richmond 
Sheppard Laura (c), laundress, r rear 100 Elliott 

fusiNEfsMEN! Piedmont Air-Line 

E M GB.EESOTJ CJeneralSealEsUt© Agent, 21 Marietta street 

SHE 464 SHI 

Sheppard Martha A., wid A. L., bds 42 Forrest av 
Sheppard Owen (c), lab, r 81 Larkin 
Sheppard Simon (c). wood sawyer, r 34 Vine 
Sheppard Thomas J., machine agt, r 11 Markham 
Sheppard William, coupler W. & A. R. R., bds 88 X. El- 
Sheppard William, (c), lab, r 81 S. Forsvth 
SHERIDAN CHARLES 0. (McGraflf & Sheridan), bds 

Markham House (See back cover) 
Sheridan Mary G., wid G., r 229 Marietta 
Sheridan Robert S., engineer A-L. Ry., r 299 E. Fair 
Sheridan William N.. engineer, r ss Marietta, nr limits 
Sheriff Phoenix C. (c), shoemkr, r 77 McDaniel 
Sherlock Patrick, painter L H. Hali & Co , r 39 W. Foun- 
Sherman James (c), lab, r 189 N. Butler 
Sherwood Lewis C, barber, bds 41 Jones av 
Shevelin Patrick, stone cuiter Robbins & Bro., r bds 250 

E. Fair 
Shields Adolphus A. (A. A. Shields & Co.), r 11 Castleberry 
Shields Anna Miss, tailoress, r 48 S. Butler 

Shields A. A. & Co. (A. a. Shields and ), butchers, 110 

Shields Hattie E Miss, tailoress, r 48 S. Butler 
Shields Henry, butcher, 50 Decatur, r 25 N. Calhoun 
Shields James B., with D. Appleton & Co., agency, bds 

Ivy, ne cor Cain 
Shields Jesse (c), driver G. R. Boaz, r 8 E. Rawson 
Shields Joseph M., butcher, r 72 Pulliam 
Shields Lawrence (c), porter L Cohen & Co 
Shields Lena A. Miss, tailoress, r 48 S. Butler 
Shields Lucy E., wid Abraham, r 177 Thompson 
Shields Patrick, barkpr, bds 15| S Broad 
Shields Robert, painter W. & A, R. R , r 26 Hayden 
Shields Romulius (c), lab, r rear 51 W. Hunter 
Shields Thomas, barkpr, bds 15^ S. Broad 
Shifferer Max, barkpr Mrs. Richter, bds 8 E. Hunter 
Shiloh A. M E Church, Thurmond, ne cor Hayne 
Shipp Joseph B., city manager Singer Mnfg Co., r 31 Mer- 

ritt's av 
Shirley Thomas S., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., bds Ken- 

nesaw House 
Shivers Ann E., wid Thomas J., r 166 Luckie 

SS Sr^ftr*4f'lr* Cures Rheumatism 

?H?T> A VT8 "t^SJSiL" SEWING- machine 

THtJ^x;^ y J.KJ ^-EEX) w. t. WILSON. U W. MltcheU St. 

SHI 465 SHU 

Shivers Thomas J., engineer W. & A. R. R 

Shoats , wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds rear Ga. Iron Wks 

Shocklev James, wks Cotton Factory 

SHOLES & CO. (Albert E. Sholes and Charles F. Weath- 
erbe), publishers ATLANTA CITY DIRFXTORY and 
directories of AUGUSTA, COLUMBUS, M\CON and 
ETC.; 32 S. Broad. (See adv index) 
SHOLES ALBERT E. (Sholes & Co.), r Augusta, Ga. 
Shores Mary Miss, seamstress, r s end Whitehall 
Short James (c), carpenter, r 188 Clarke 
Short Titus (c), gardener, r 271 \V. Peachtree 
Shorter James (c), wks P. Carroll, r rear 83 N. Calhoun 
Shorter Nelson (c), car|cleaner A-L. Ry 
Show Delia Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Show Nancy Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Shropshire Andrew J. (Shropshire & Johnson), r 49 Wind- 
Shropshire Edward F., elk J. M. High, r 74 N. Spring 
Shropshire William R., whol cigars, 49 E. Alabama, r 8 

Shropshire & Johnson (A. J. Shropshire and W. A. John- 
son), grocers, 10 W. Mitchell 
Shuff J. F., stock dealer, bds Kimball House 
Shuford John (c), wks Gu Iron Wks, r 77 Chattahoochee 
Shuford William (c), wks Ga. Jron Wks, r 77 Chattahoo- 

Shulhafer Aaron E , with M. Rich & Bro., bds 52 W. Gar- 

Shumate Berriman D., watchman A-L. Ry 
Shumate Charles F., train hand W. & A. R. R., r 77 E. 

Shumate David A., asst mail elk P. 0., bds National Hotel 
Shumate Remembrance C, bricklayer, r 138 Ga. Rs R 
Shumate William L. (Conley & Shumate), bds National 

Shurbutt Abraham T., wks Cook & Stewart, r 97 Thur- 
Shurbutt Thomas, wks J. S. Morris & Son, r 97 demons 
Shurbutt William K., train hand W. & A. R. R 
Shuttles Bros (J. T. and L. Shuttles), novelties, 8^ Marietta 
Shuttles James T. (Shuttles Bros.), r 58 E. Simpson 

THE EBEN °||fu\f« f iiPiedmontBeit 

JM Va-MlkAll ^ E. Alabama St., COAL, LIME and CEMENT. Whol*- 
■ ^* iAiniwwllj gale&RetaU. Special rates to dealers. Bee page KXX 

SHU 466 SIM 

Shuttles Lorenzo (Shuttles Bros.), bds 58 E. Simpson 

Shuttles Theodore, with Shuttles Bros , r 58 E. Simpson 

Shuttles Wylie S., with Shuttles Bros., r 58 E. Simpson 

Sigman Daniel (cj, lab, r rear 135 Thompson 

Sigman Martha J. Mrs, boarding, 70 Ivy 

Sigmund Daniel (c), wks J. S. Morris & Son, r Willingham 

Silberman Harry, elk, bds 55 W. Brotherton 
Sills Bright (c),^lab, r 271 E. Hunter 
Silvers Sarah E. Mrs., dressmkr, bds 87 S. Broad 
Silvey John (J. Silvey & Co.), r 102 Marietta 
SILTEY JOHN & CO. (John Silvey and Daniel 0. Dough- 
erty), whol dry goods, notions and hats, 4 and 6 De- 
Simmons Butler (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 396 Mangum 
Simmons Charles (c), driver W. J. Ballard, r Ballard's 

Simmons Charles E. wks J. W. Haiman, bds 311 Decatur 
Simmons C. Jerome (Speairs & Simmons), bds 54 W. 

Simmons Daniel (c), porter W. J. Ballard, r 6 Chapel 
Simmons Henry (c), wks W. & A. R. R., r 132 Elliott 
Simmons Henry H., barber C. Goettings & Co., r 50 Peach- 
Simmons Isham (c), gardener, r 214 Elliott 
Simmons James (c), wks Ga. R, R., r 1 Parsons 
Simmons Jennie Mrs., dressmkr, r 68 E. Alabama 
Simmons John R., mer, r 40 S. Broad 
SIMMONS JOSEPH R., whol grocer and com mer, 15 S. 

Forsyth, bds 72 Marietta 
Simmons Elizabeth (c), laundress, r 35 Ransom 
Simmons Frank S. (F. S. Simmons & Co.), bds 132 S. For- 

SIMMONS F. S. & CO. (F. S. Simmons and ), gro- 
cers, 106 Whitehall 
Simmons Harris (c), wks W.& A. R. R., r 334 Hayne 
Simmons Henry (c). wks Ga R. R , r 29 Howell 
Simmons J. Curt, bkkpr W. R. Phillips & Go, bds 39 S. 

Simmons Moses T., r 163 Walton 

Simmons Nelson (c), driver A. C. Ladd, r 61 Humphries 
Simmons Oliver (c), laundress, r rear 53 Fairlie 
Simmons Squire (c), blacksmith A. T. Finney, r35 Crum- 


4M JUi U JRiVJ J. JLxj nv 5 TO lo miinuites. 


•HtJ-'-i.A. If ^KJ ^EEX> W. T. WILSON. 14 W. MltcheU St. 

SIM 467 SIM 

Simmons Walter L , printer H. H. Dickson, bds 51 Ivy 

Simmons Wellington, wks E. Haiman, bds 28 W. Harris 

Simmons William, bkkpr, bds 39 N. Forsyth 

Simmons William S , r 28 W. Harris 

Simmons William T. B., elk, bds 246 Marietta 

Simmons William (c), lab, r rear 143 North av 

Simmons Ziba, gardener, r rear ss Baugh, 3d w of Lee, 

W. E 
Simms Araminta J., wid Robert, r59 Walker 
Simms Augustus (c), driver Wellhouse & Son, r ss Hous- 
ton, 3d e of Valentine 
Simms Harrison (c), carpenter, r 128 E. Harris 
Simms Henry (c), plasterer, r 226 McDonough 
Simms Isham (c), porter A-L. Ry., r ss Johnson, 1st e of 

Man gum 
Simms Jane E. Mrs., boarding, r 32 N. Forsyth 
Simms Joel D., mer, r50 Peachtree 
Simms Philip B., conductor A-L. Ry., r 35 Walker 
Simms Robert (c), cook R. G. Thompson 
Simms Robert J., elk M. Franklin, r 50 Peachtree 
Simon Caroline, wid Henry, bds 386 Whitehall 
Simon Charles C., saloon, 58 Decatur, r 44 S. Pryor 
Simon Charles H., with Regenstein & Kutz, bds 96| White- 
Simons Abraham (c), wks N. C Spence, r 12 Mays al 
Simons Alexander (c), (Brown & Simons), r 14 N. Collins 
Simons Charles, elk, bds 188 S. Forsyth 
Simons Frank (c), lab, r 147 Crew 
Simons Gabriel (c), wks N. C. Spence 
Simons Green (c), blacksmith, r 18 Simpson 
Simons Jefferson (c), wks Latimer & Rogers, r 18 W. Simp- 
Simons John F. (Simons & Drummond), r 54 Waltun 
Simons Lucius (c). helper Ga. Iron Wks 
Simons Newton (c), lab, r 133 North av 
Simons Thomas (c), lab, r rear 24 W. Baker 
SBIONS & DRUMMOND (J. F. Simons and G. C. Drum- 
mond), whol com mers, 19 S. Broad 
Simonton James S. (c), driver R. S Jeffries, r 278 Fort 
Simonton John T., elk G. H. Holliday & Co., bds 8J W. 

Simpson Alexander (c), blacksmith W. L. Jarvis, r 219 

m HEALTH, ^^I^^^^^l^^ ?IEDMO!tI AIMINL 

EM G'R.EE^QN CteneralRealEstate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

SIM 468 SIN 

Simpson Andrew D., student, bds 55 Walton 
Simpson Archer (c), lab, r rear 280 W. Peters 
Simpson Augustus (c), carpenter, r Glenn, se cor Wash- 
Simpson Carolus A., physician, 63 Whitehall, bds 290 

Simpson Clarrissa (c), laundress, r 105 PuUiam 
Simpson Francis M., saloon. Broad, sw cor Hunter, r 154 

W. Fair 
Simpson Harry, elk W. M. Scott, r Decatur, Ga 
Simpson John, wks E. Haiman 
Simpson Lydia, wid Eobert, r 223 N. Calhoun 
Simpson Nancy, wid E., r 154 W. Fair 
Simpson Oliver 0., student, r 76 Yonge 
Simpson Ossian F., bkkpr F. E. Block, bds 290 Washington 
Simpson Richard (c), wks Cotton Factory, r 5 Hayden 
Simpson William H., harnessmkr C. W. Motes & Co., bds 

78 Richardson 
Simpson Willie Miss, with Mrs. M. Morris, bds 39^ Peach- 
Sims Alexander (c), wks W. E. Hoyle, r51 Joiner 
Sims Anthony (c), wks J. S. McLendon, r 160 Houston 
Sims Columbus (c), driver, r rear 24 N. Moore 
Sims Elizabeth Mrs., dressmkr, 24 King 
Sims Frank A. (Moore, Sims & Co.), r 135 Marietta 
Sims Frank J., elk Hook & Smith 
Sims George (c), wks J. S. McLendon, r 169 Houston 
Sims George W^, with J. R. Sims & Co., bds 268 Peachtree 
Sims Isham (c), cook, r rear 90 Raw son 
Sims John (c), porter Daniel & Marsh 
Sims John W., bkkpr H. H. Dickson, r 56 N. Collins 
Sims Joseph (c), wks J. P. Harrison & Co., r 95 Markham 
Sims Judie (c), cook, r 116 Markham 
Sims Mary (c), laundress, r 68 Hayden 
Sims Milton L., painter A-L. Ry, r 24 King 
Sims Rebecca A., wid Richard H., r 268 Peachtree 
Sims Taliaferro (c), porter Taylor & Mobley 
Sims Williaiii I. (Moore, Sims & Co.), r 135 Marietta 
Singer John R., cabinetmkr J. M. Smith, bds Hotel Wein- 

ard, agent; 42 Marietta 
Singleton Franklin P., elk C. J. Kicklighter, bds 91 E. 

S~'T~^^ e^Tff^^r^TlPTrr^\ «^"CURES SKIN DISEASES, 
)• &• &lr &IUJL^' 1\^ pimples and blotches. 


IHtJ-'-'"^ V J-K.^ *a-.z:r> W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

SIN 469 "" SMA ~" 

Singleton James (o), brickluypr Lynch & Len, r 22 Terry 
Singleton James, clU W. M. Mickelberry, r ;]24 Decatur 
Singleton James M (Singleton cfe Hay), r 324 Uecatur 
Singleton Joseph F., supt Pendleton Guano VVks, bds De- 
catur, nr limits 
Singleton & l^ay (J. M. Singleton and W. N. Kay), grocers, 

234 Decatur 
Sinzeinee Beulah Miss, wks J. F. Burke & Co 
Sisson Vardy P., job printer, 26 S. Broad, r 90 Davis 
Sixth Baptist Church, ns W. Hunter, bet Hayne and Davis 
Sixth M E. Church, ns Merritts av, 2d e of Peachtree 
Skates Grace, (c), cook, r 1 Robbins 

Skelton William L., printer Constitution, bds 8^ W. Mit- 
Skinner A. D., opr Am. Union Tel, Co., bds 55 S. Forsyth 
Skinner Jefferson, feeder Con.'^titution 
Skinner Ome Miss, domestic Mrs. 0. B. Heath 
Slack Lewis (c), lab, r ss Ellis, 3d e of Calhoun 
Slack Morgan (c), fireman Cotton Factory- 
Slack Reese (c) lab, r rear E. Harris 
Slack Thomas (c), wks J. Warlick & Son 
Slappy John W., trav agt, bds 51 Gilmer 
Slaton Jack, elk Green Line, bds 169 Jones 
Slaton Margaret (c), laundress, r 30 Gate City 
SLATON WILLIAM F., supt Atlanta Public Schools, 47 

Washington, r 169 Jones 
Slaughter John T., grocer, 143 W. Peters 
Slaughter Jo.seph wks Plow Factory, r 129 Marietta 
Sledge Alexander J., carpenter r 260 Elliott 
Sledge Francis Miss, spinner Cotton Factory, bds 2G0 El- 
Sledge James H., elk Daniel & Marsh, bdsMarkham House 
Siedge John, farmer, bds 260 Elliott 
Sledge Mary L., wid R. P., r 67 W. Foundry 
Sledge Susan Miss, weaver Cotton Factory, bds 260 Elliott 
Sieger James 0., mer, bds 39 N. Pryor 
Sloan Edward (c), train hand A-L. Ry 
Sloan Green (c), wks Sou. Exp. Co., r rear 67 E. Mitchell 
Slodick Margaret A. Mrs., bds 11 Mechanic 
Sloman James F., painter, r 175 W. Fair 
Sm^-11 Charity M. Mrs., seamstress, r 12 Werner's av 
SMALL SAM W., official stenographer Sup. Court, Atlanta 
Circuit, 6 E. Alabama, r IS Form wait 

IvEN TRACK ''i Piedmotit Air-Line^ 


Telfnhone ^' ^' KI^^ALL, 56 E. AUbama St.. for COAL of 
X. K'll^JJItiUltK> anyj^tmi^ Blacksmith's Coal a specialty. Seepagaioa 

SMA 470 SMI 

-Smart Charles Rev. (c), r 129 McDaniel 

Smillie Ellen Miss, teacher Crew St. School, bds 71 Crew 

Smillie Frank C, collector Atlanta Water Wks, bds 71 Crew 

Smillie James, with Morrison, Bain & Co., r 76 N. Collins 

Smillie Robert T., trav agt, r 71 Crew 

Smillie Thomas, with Beck, Gregg & Co., bds 76 N. Collins 

Smith Adolphua A., elk T. Burke, r 9 S. Calhoun 

Smith Aesley (c), lab, r 68 Butler 

Smith Albert H., driver St. Ry, bds 75 Luckie 

Smith Alexander (c), lab, r 71 Gullatt 

Smith Alexander W. (N. L. Smith & Son), bds 239 S. 

■Smith Allan (c), cook J. W. Murphy, r rear 83 N. Pryor 
Smith Alonso (c), student, r 81 Tatnall 
Smith Amanda E , wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s 

of Marietta 
Smith Amanda M. Miss, wks D. Campbell, bds 149 Luckie 
well, managers; 27 Whitehall 
Smith Amos (c), porter Markham House, r 97 Fraser 
Smith Amos (c), shoemkr, r 20 Gate City 
Smith Andrew E., elk W. D. Smith, bds 13 N. Moore 
Smith Anthony (c), carpenter, r 80 Gilmer 
Smith Augustus (c), porter A. B. & N. Culberson, r 61 E. 

Smith Augustus (c), porter Wilson House 
Smith. A. H. Mrs., teacher. Fair Street School 
Smith Bailey (c), wks Cotton Compress, r 49 Gate City 
Smith Benjamin (c), driver J. W. Cox, r Summer Hill 
Smith Benjamin H., feed and sale stables, 15 N. Broad, r 

51 McDonough 
Smith Bennett, engineer W. & A. R. R 
Smith Bettie Mrs., weaver Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Smith Bryant T., grocer, 201 W. Peters 
■ Smith Boyce, mdse broker, 27 Whitehall, r 46 Cooper 
Smith Burgess, with D. Appleton & Co., agency; r ws Lee, 

s of Chapel, W. E 
Smith Catharine, wid A., r 54 Martin 
Smith Charles (c), lab, r 202 Fraser 
Smith Charles (c), lab, r 36 Fort 
Smith Charles, painter, r 118 Decatur 
Smith Charles (c), wks Ga. R. R., r 201 Clarke 
Smith Charles B., hostler W. & A. R. R., r 4 Spring 


.tHeDAVIS "^2SS-" sewing- machine 

[ItitJ^M^ ^ A,K^ ^'EEID W. T. WILSON, 14 W. MitcheU St, 

SMI 471 SMI ' 

Smith Charles D., with Jack & Holland, r 104 Marietta 

Smith Charles H. (c), lab, r 9G E. Harris 

Smith Charles H., with H. L. Smith & Son, r 47 Powers 

Smith Charles J., carpenter, r 19 Barracks av 

Smith Charles K., elk W. R. Phillips & Co., bds 39 N. For- 

Smith Charles S., manager National Publishing Co., bds 

72 Mirietta 
SMITH CHARLES W., lawyer, 27^ Whitehall, bds 72 

Smith Charles W. (Morgan, Smith & Co.), bds 31 N. Pryor 
Smith Columbus (c), wks W. E. Hoyle, r 304 E. Hunter 
Smith Coover (c), drayman, r 142 W. Peters 
Smith Cornelia E., wid B. M., r 35 W. Baker 
Smith Daniel (c), lab, r ws Walnut, 2d s of W. Foundry 
Smith David, dentist and dental depot, 66 Whitehall, r 173 

Smith David R., carpenter A. W. Stroup, r 209 Luckie 
Smith Dora Miss, binder J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 42 Mag- 
Smith Edward (c), wks A, T. Finney, r 25 Robbins 
Smith Edward (c), wks W. & A. R. R , r 32 Rawson 
Smith Edward A., wks C. R. R., r 60 Stonewall 
Smith Edward S., elk McBride & Co., bds Wilson House 
Smith Elizabeth (c), laundress, r 6 Wells 
Smith Elizabeth, wid D. H. C, r 55 S. Broad 
Smith Elizabeth, wid M., r 250 E. Fair 
Smith Feeder (c), farmer, r 53 Fairlie 
Smith Foster E., elk W. & A. R. R., bds 35 W. Baker 
Smith Francis 0., elk E. C. Allen, r 283 W. Peachtree 
Smith Francis P., grocer, 128 W. Mitchell, r 134 W. Mit- 
chell - 
Smith Frank, foreman T. S. Lewis, r 62 Eraser 
Smith Frank, wks Porter & Meakin, r 7 Ella 
Smith Frank A., carpenter, r 19 Elliott 
Smith Frank C, with Moore, Marsh & Co., bds 69 Luckie 
Smith Frank R., elk G. Hinman, bds 236 Houston 
Smith Frank AV., teacher Atlanta University 
Smith Fulton M., agt, bds 272 Mangum 
Smith Gabriel (c), shoemkr, r 121 Luckie 
Smith Gabriella G. Mrs., dressmkr, r 90J McDonough 
Smith George (c), driver, r rear 273 Luckie 
Smith George (c), waiter E. Holland, r rear 107 Marietta 

"J^ck" frJfl'iiPiedmont Air-Line 

E M fT'R'R'P!!^m\^ tJeneral Real Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

SMI 472 S MI 

Smith George B., grocer, 41 Chapel 
Smith Green (c), lab, r 181 S. Forsyth 
Smith Guy, els W. & A. R. R., bds 35 W. Baker 
Smith HamptoQ (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 9 State 
Smith Harrison, trav agt, r 130 Eraser 
Smith Harvey A., carmkr St. Ry, r 75 Luckie 
Smith Hendrick A., elk J. J. Falvey & Co., r 269 Luckie 
Smith Henry (c), carpenter, r rear 140. E. Cain 
Smith Henry (c), fireman A-L. Ry, r 1 Liberty 
Smith Henry (c), lab, r 101 Forrest av 
Smith Henry, trav agt L. H. Hall & Co., bds 39 N. Forsyth 
Smith Henry (c), wks P. Lynch, r 154 Gray 
Smith Henry A , carpenter Cottoa Factory 
Smith Henry C, machinist Traynham & Ray, r 245 De- 
Smith Henry H. (H. H. Smith & Co.), r Rome, Ga 
Smith He. ry J., elk P. & G. Dodd & Co., bds 46 Cooper 
Smith Henry J., fruits, 95 S. Broad, r 100 S. Broad 
Smith Henry L (H. L Smith & Son), r 239 S. Forsyth 
Smith Henry W , carpenter, r 26 Pratt 
Smith Hester (c), laundress, r 8 Mangum 
Smith Hiram W., gardener, r 131 Jones av 
SMITH HOKE, lawyer, room 10, 6^ Whitehall, r 142 

Peach tree 
Smith Horace D. (H. T. Cox & Co.), r 179 Ivy 
Smith Howlett (c), butler Mrs. M. Doyle, r rear 15^ S^ 

Smith Hugh (c), wks Ga. Iron Wks 
Smith Hugh S., shipping elk F. E. Block, r 132 Spring 
SMITH H. H. & CO. (H. H. Smith and Henry Hurt), 

cotton brokers, 36 W. Alabama 
SMITH H. L. & SON (H. L. and A. W. Smith), whol 

grocers, 65 E. Alabama 
Smith Ida J. Miss, wks Elsas, May & Co., bds 19 Corput 
Smith Irwin (c), porter Beck, Gregg & Co., r 4 Horton 
Smith Isaac (c), lab, r 39 Kelley 

Smith Isaac (c), wks G. R. Meneely & Co., r 22 Mays al 
Smith Isaac H., wks J. M. Bradley, r 223 E. Hunter 
Smith Isaac R., carpenter Winship & Bro., r ns Mayson 

Ferry rd, Bellwood 
Smith Jacob (c), cook Air-Line House, r 49^ S. Pryor 
Smith Jacob, machinist, r 54 Martin 
Smith Jack, carpenter Ga. Iron Wks 

Brewer's Lung Restorer ..?l!?J?oi£?l?Ji» 


•HtJ^XA V a-KJ E^EED W. T. WILSON. 14 W.MlicheU St. 

SMI 473 Sm 

Smith Jackson, machinist, bds 7 Newton 

Smith James, car greaser St. Ry 

Smitli James (c), lab, r 2 Grant 

Smith James, machinist, r 88 Elliott 

Smith James B., elk Moore, Marsh & Co , r 60 N. Spring 

Smith James B., grocer, 22(5 Decatur, bds 188^ Decatur 

Smith James C, butcher, Hill, bey limits 

Smith James C, butcher, 58 McDonough 

Smith James M. Hon., chairman R. R. Com. of Ga., 12 E, 

Alabama, r Col'imbus, Ga 
Smith James M., watchman W. «fe A. R. R., r 54 Thurmond 
Smith James M., wks Ga. Iron Wks, r 19 Corput 
Smith James M., wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s 

of Marietta 
Smith James P., machinist Longley & Robinson, bds 23 

N. Bell 
Smith James T., conductor A-L. Ry, r 290 E. Hunter 
Smith James (c), cook, r 165 Marietta 
Smith Jasper N., bailiff, 51J Peachtree, r country 
Smith Jay W., elk McBride & Co., bds Markham House 
Smith Jennie Mrs., seamstress, r 145 Alexander 
Smith Jennie (c), laundress, r rear 105 Walker 
Smith Jesse A., watchman Sou. Exp. Co., r 151 Fillmore 
Smith John, bds 54 N. Pryor 
Smith John (c), train hand A-L. Ry, r 5 Hayden 
Smith John (c), lab, r rear 152 Jackson 
Smith John A. (Moore, Marsh & Co.), r 55 W. Harris 
Smith John A., farmer, bds 234 W. Mitchell 
Smith John A., train hand A-L. Ry., r 19 Bell 
Smith John B., wks Cotton Factory, bds 352 Mangum 
Smith John B., wks Longley & Robinson, r 16 N. Bell 
Smith John C, painter Winship & Bro., r51 S. Broad 
Smith John C, (c), waiter T. F. Wynne, r Cain, nr Collins 
Smith John D. (J. D. & T. F. Smith), r 28 Tatnall 
Smith John F., bds 55 W. Harris 
Smith John L. Mrs., variety storey 138 Marietta 
SMITH JOHN M., carriage mnfr and dealer, 48 and 85 

S. Broad, (see page 85) 
Smith John M., wks A-L. Ry., r Savannah, nr limits 
Smith John P., physician, 75 Whitehall 
Smith John S., conductor W. & A. R. R 
Sojith John T., wks B. A. Broomhead & Co. (Information 

Smith John T. A., carriagemkr J. M. Smith, bds 75 Luckie 

Peerless, y^t Route, JPi^dmont Air-Line 


56 E. Alabama St., Agent for KIMBALL BROS. CEL 

SMI 474 SMI 

Smith John W., contractor, r 45 Gray 

Smith John X., painter, bds 250 E. Fair 

Smith Jones S., agt Butler & Carroll, r ' 1 E. Peters 

SMITH JOSEPH, grocer, 70 McDonough, r 68 McDonough 

Smith Joseph (c), lab, r 132 Ellis 

Smith Joseph, wks Cotton Factory, bds ws Cain, 1st s of 

Smith Joseph (c), wks E. Kingsbury, r rear 100 Jackson 
Smith Joseph (t , with Moore, Marsh & Co , r 55 W. Harris 
Smith Joseph H., elk W. & A. R. R., r 45 Alexander 
Smith Joseph H., lawyer, 87^ Whitehall, r 26 N. Forsyth 
Smith Julia B., wid Noah, r 283 W. Peachtree 
Smith Julia Mrs., wks Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Smith J. Dickson, with Lamar, Rankin & Lamar 
SMITH J. D. & T. F. (John D. and Theodore F. Smith), 
(See page 4) 
Smith J. Henley, fertilizers, 40 Whitehall, r ws Lee, s of 

Chapel, W. E 
Smith J. Stovall, elk Pinson & Dozier, bds 15 E. Mitchell 
Smith Katie (c), laundress, r 235 Hightower 
Smith Leonora P., wid J. B., bds 59 Forrest av 
Smith Levi F., carpenter W. & A. R. R 
Smith Levi J. (Fraser & Smith), r country 
Smith Lewis (c), drayman, r 100 Walker 
Smith Lewis (c), lab, r Cooper, nw cor Richardson 
Smith Lewis, painter, r 58 N. Collins 
Smith Lottie Miss, cook Mrs. J. E. Simms 
Smith Louisa, wid William, r 7 Magazine 
Smith Lucius C, elk C. R. R., r 79 Chapel 
Smith L. D., student, bds Hotel Weinmeister 
Smith Marcellus W„ elk P. J. Kenny, r 48 W. Peters 
Smith Martha O , wid T. P., r 76 N. Calhoun 
Smith Martha E , wid Edward C , r 292 E. Fair 
Smith Martha H., wid Thomas M., r 260 W. Mitchell 
Smith Mary, wid J., r 350 Elliott 
Smith Mary A., wid T., r es Fraser, 2d s of Anderson 
Smith Mary E. Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 20 Henry 
Smith Mattie Miss, with W. & W. Mnfg Co., bds 177 Alex- 
Smith Melissa N. wid John, bds 180 Marietta 
Smith Melvina (c), laundress, r20l W. Hunter 
Smith Merritt (c), lab, r Butler, 1st n of Houston 


And Never Fails to Cure. 


'Ht^'*-^-* " *' w J-*^ FEED -^ J WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell St. 

SMI 475 SMf 






th Milton (c), drayman, r 133 Luckie 
th Mumford (c), wks E. Ilaiman, r rear 110 Magazine 
th Nancy Miss, wks Elsas, Muy & Co., bds 19 Corput 
th Nancy A. Miss, cook D. 0. Dougherty 
th Napoleon, ruolder Porter & Meakin, bds 7 Newton 
th Newton P., elk Wood & Son, bds 2(5 Castleberry 
th Nicholas T., wksGa. Iron Wks, r2 State 
th Noah F. (Morgan, Smith & Co.), bds 25 W. Hunter 
th Nora Miss, tailoress J. Weber, bds 42 Magazine 
th N. Keff Eev., pastor Third Fres. Ch, r 185 Luckie 
th Oscar L., elk J. L. Pinson, bds 15 E. Mitchell 
th Owen (c), porter State House, r 101 E. Cain 
th Ozias A., felt, cement and gravel roofing, and as- 
phalt paving, 15 N. Forsyth, r 380 Whitehall 
th Peter, helper W^. & A. R. R., r 186 Marietta 
th Peter (c), lab, r Hilliard, nr limits 
Ih Pinckney, bds 70 Ivy 

th Pinckney H., machinist E. Haiman, r 124 Davis 
th Pompey, gardener J. Lambert 
th Rebecca B., wid W. V., r IHO North av 
th Richard T., machinist, r 301 E. Fair 
th Robert H., wks Cotton Factory, bds 180 Marietta 
th Rowena E., wid J. P., bds 146 Crew 
th R. Windsor, mess Sou. Exp. Co., r 339 Whitehall 
th Salina J., wid G. J., r 34 Windsor 
th Samuel (c), blacksmith, r ws Hilliard, 1st s of Baker 
th Samuel S., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 59' 

th Sanford R., carpenter Cotton Factory, r 28 W. Foun- 

th Sarah, wid Lewis, r 15 Trenholm 
th Sarah (c), laundress, r 133 Luckie 
th Sarah E. Mrs., electrician, 100 Whitehall 
th Shelby (c), lab, r 173 Markham 
th Simeon F., with Winter & Brown 
th Simon, carpenter Winship & Bro., r 42 Magazine 
th Spencer F. (Morgan, Smith & Co.), bds 16 W. Mit- 

th Susan, wid Winston, bds 48 W. Peters 
th Susan Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 250 Elliott 
th Svlvester (c), wks Ga. Iton Wks, r 9 State 
th Theodore F. (J. D. & T. F. Smith), bds 28 Tatnall 
th Thomas F. (Hook & Smith), r Decatur, Ga 

■■cSs' via Piedmont Air-Lia© 

E M GREESOKf CreneralHeal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta street. 

Ma Aiha WaWmUWWJiN) Promptness Miy Miotto. 

S.VII 476 SM^Y 

Smith Thomas J., trav agt, bds 157 Ivy 

Smith Thomas L , farmer, r es Fraser, 2d s of Anderson 

Smith Venetia D. Mrs., boarding, 15 E. Peters 

Smith Walker S , carpenter, r 345 Decatur 

Smith Wfilter, elk, bds 42 Magazine 

Smith Walton H., farmer, r 43 Cooper 

Smith Wiley B., stock dealer, r 6G Lurkin 

Sn:^ith William (c), driver M. C. Martin, r rear 210 Decatur 

Smith William, farmer, r Green's Ferrv av, nr Ashley, 

W. E 
Smith William (c), lab, r 44 Markham 
Smith William (c), lab, r rear 10 Pratt 
Smith William (c), shoemkr A. J. Delbridge, r 182 Ellis 
Smi-h William, student, bds 69 Chapel 
Smith William (c). waiter Adams House 
Smith William B,, U, S. Commissioner, 21i Marietta, r 100 

Smith William Chan; elk Edwin Bates & Co., bds 55 tlar- 

Smith William L., grocer. 236 Deca'ur, r 11 N. Moore 
Smith William F. (Harwell & Smith), bds 8^ W. Mitchell 
Smith William F. (c), lab, r 19 Pettis 
Smith. William F , machinist, bds 87 S, Broad 
Smith William H. (c), grocer and blacksmith, r 277 W. 

Smitli William F., teacher, r 156 S Pryor 
Smith William L., rubb r L. H. Hall & Co., r 214 Decatur 
Sn:iith William L., lab, bds ss Fraser, 2d s of Anderson 
Smith William M., wks Porter & Meakins, r ws Cain, 1st s 

of ^Marietta 
Smith William N., wks Cotton Factory, bds 79 Spring 
Smith William P., machinist Ga. Iron Wks, r 7 Newton 
Smith William R., foreman Lynch & Lea 
Smith Willis (c), carpenter W^ & A. R. R., r 81 Tatnall 
Smith Willis (c) lab, r 207 Mangum 
Smith Wylie (c), cook Ballard's Restaurant 
Smith W., asst registry elk P. 0., r 181 E, LIunter 
Smith Zachariah H , carpenter AL Rv, r 153 E. Hunter 
SMITH, see also ^^CHMIDT and SMYTH 
Smothers Henry (c), lab, r rear 127 Whf-at 
Smyth George IE., physicinn, r 23 N. Collins 
Smyth William H., U. S. Comr, U. S. Court House, r 207 

Peach tree 

iKJLL<UI\^^l^ i]sr 5 TO lo m:inutbs 

tUfDAVIS "^IW SEWiisro machine 

'ntJ^X J, If -A- KJ f :e:ex? ^y -p. WILSON. 14 \V. Mitchell St. 

SMY 477~ SOL " 

Smytlu- Augustus (Smythe t\: Perlierson), r es Lee, nr 
1 i ni i ts 

SMYTHE & PERKERSOX (A. Smythe and D. Perkerson), 
procers, 13 \V. Mitchell 


Sneed .Alonzo C, mer, r 104 E. Peters 

Sneed Alonzo C. Jr., elk W. J. White, r 104 E. Peters 

Sneed Emmett H., elk, bds 104 E. Peters 

Sneed Gilbert H., elk Kimball House 

Sneed James (c), lab, r rear 153 Luckie 

Sneed Jesse (c), carpenter, r'61 Luckie 

Sneed Lovick \V., elk J. F. Morris, bds 104 E. Peters 

Sneed Sarah, wid Dudley, bds 29 Houston 

Snelling J. Frank, painter W. «fc A. R. R 

Snellings George E., elk W. S. Wilson & Bro., r 854 Man- 

Snellings William F., wks W. S. Wilson & Bro., r country 

Snider Andrew J. (c), (Snider & Huff), r 104 WUker 

Snider Thaddeus, shooting gallery, 7^ S. Broad, bds 233 

Snider William A., carpenter, bds 223 Jones 

Snider it Huff ^A. J. Snider and L. Huff), shoemkrs, 12 
^ W. Hunt-T 

Snipes Andrew J., carpenter, r 33 Ptttis 

Snipe? Charlps, molder W. S. Withers, bds 33 E. Pettis 

SNOOK PEYTOX H., furniture, 7 and 9 Marietta, r 165 
X. Collins 

Snow Henry Y. (McMiilen & Snow), r 3B6 Peachtree 

Snow John S , engineer Ga. R. R., bds 181 W. Hunter 

Snow Kindne?s Mrs., laundress, r 56 Plum 

Snowden William G., elk W. H. SuDwd^n, bds 124 3. Pryor 

Snowden William H., cotton buyer, 23 E. Alabama, bds 124 
S. Pryor 

Snyder Dani'-l D., Contractor; r 52 Jackson 

Solomon Amo.3 (c), grocer, 20 Biggers, r Houston, nr A-L. 


Solomon Arnold (c), barber J. Minor r Calhoun, ne cor Ellis 
Solomon Charles, with Hirsch Bros., r 90 W. Peters 
Solomon Lr-opold F., with Wellhouse cc Son, bds 19 W. 

S0L03I0XS0N SOLOMON L., watchmkr, j-weler and op- 
tician, 35 Whitehall, r 312 Rawion (See cover and 
page 19) 

THE POPULAR Piedmont Air-Line 


Hi Wi UlniUHaa) qq Hast Alabama Street. See page lOO. 

SON .. 478 SPE 

Sondheimer Louis, mer, bds 96| Whitehall 

Sonneborn Samuel, trav agt, r 122 W. Peters 

South Charles R., with Whitner & Clarke, r Mills, ue cor 

South Frank, saloon, 456 Marietta, r Luckie, ne cor Mills 
Southard Mary Mrs., seamstress, bds 165 Eraser 
Southerland Angeline Miss, wks Cotton Eactory 
Southerland A. J., elk J. Keely, bds Air Line House 
Southerland Kate Miss, wks Cotton Eactory 
Southern Advance and Georgia Republican, 27 E. Hunter 
Southern Blade, Ered Bell, editor; 31 Marietta 
SOUTHERN EXPRESS CO., W. H Clayton, supt ; W. 

W. Hulbert, agt ; 30 and 32 E. Wall 
Southern Hotel, Miss Annie Gannon, propr; 54^ Decatur 
Southern Medical College, R. C. Word, M.D., dean ; es Por- 
ter al, n of Line 
Southern Medical Record, R. C Word, editor ; 38i S. Broad 

D., propr; 67 Whitehall 
Spahr Otto, music teacher, r 20 W. Garnett 
Spain Samuel A , plumber Stewart & Eain, bds 84 Jones av 
SPALDING ALBERT T. RET. D.D., pastor Second Bap- 
tist Church, r 207 McDonough 
Spalding Eugene C, elk W. & A. R. R., bds 207 McDon- 
Spalding Robert D. (Gramling, Spalding & Co.), r 204 

Spalding Volney, see Southern Advance and Georgia Re- 
publican, r 138 McDonough 
Spalding William T., with D. H. Dougherty, bds 207 Mc- 
Spann Alice Miss, bds 58 Cone 
Spann George C, lawyer, 3^ Whitehall 
Spann Paul (c), lab. r es Orme, 3d n of Cox 
Sparks George R., fireman W. & A. R. R, r 175 Clarke 
Sparks Ludlow E., carpenter W. & A. R. R , r 276 Rawson 
Sparks Samuel P., with Boynton Bros , bds 72 Marietta 
Sparks Susan P., wid John, r 175 Clarke 
Sparks William C. (Sparks & Tolbert), r 53 E. Cain 
Sparks & Tolbert (W. C. Sparks and W. C. Tolbert), butch- 
ers, 3 Decatur 
Spears William J. (Spears & Simmons), r 35 W. Simpson 
SPEARS & SDOIONS (W. J. Spears and C. J. Simmons), 
lawyers, 179 Marietta (up stairs) 

BREWER'S LUNG RESTORER '^ ™''''' '°"™ "'°- 


^K^DAVIS "t^2£4*-" SEWING- machine 

I HL J-^XAi W ^KJ X'EEX) ^^ T. WILSON, 14 W. Mitchell 8t 

SPE 479 SPI 

Spear Elizabeth, wid Charles H., r 136 W. Peters 
Spear George W., confectioner, r 136 W. Peters 
Speer Alexander M., judge Supreme Court, bds 113 Peach- 
Speer Alexander M. Jr., elk 66 Whitehall, bds 113 Peach- 
Speer Ann B. Mrs., dressmkr, 29 Stonewall 
Speer Daniel N., State Treasurer, office State House, r 227 

Speer John (c), wks Langston & Crane, r 160 Fillmore 
Speer William J., elk State Treasurer, r 44 Cooper 
Speir George W., policeman, r 61 S- Broad 
Speir Jack P., bbkpr Eddleman & Bowie, r 15 N. Collins 
Speir Pope C, student, bds 25 Yonge 
Spence John B., printer, bds 43 W. Foundry 
Spence Nathaniel C, carriage mnfr, 45 and 47 Decatur, r 

354 Whitehall 
Spence Roxia C. Miss, wks Evins & Robinson, bds 43 W. 

Spence William, carpenter G. W. Adair, r 43 W. Foundry 
Spencer Allan J., elk, bds 17 E. Hunter 
Spencer Alpheus S , policeman, r 19 Markham 
Spencer Charles T., blacksmith L. Bennett, bds 116 Decatur 
Spencer James (c), lab, r 30 Bradbury 
Spencer Jefferson (c), lab, r 275 Jones 
Spencrir LeMerle, ins agt, r 19 Markham 
Spencer Macon B., bkkpr A. B Clark, r 68 N. Pryor 
Spencer Samuel B., lawyer, 25 Whitehall, r ss E. Fair, 1st 

e of Pulliam 
Spencer William A., bkkpr F. W. Hart, bds ss E. Fair, 1st 

e of Pulliam 
Sperlin Frances. Mrs , r 94 Rhodes 
Sperlin Levi J., molder, bds 94 Rhodes 
Sperlin Martha, wid Aaron, bds 94 Rhodes 
Spillman Joshua, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r ss Pine, 2d e of 

Spinks Alfred J., painter, r 142 Decatur 
Spinks Andrew, drayman, bds 2 Dunn's al 
Spinks Andrew J., watchman A-L. Ry 
Spinks Henry D., engineer Ga. R. R., r 124 Eraser 
Spinks Hiram T., carpenter W. & A. R. R., r 238 Hayne 
Spinks James M., elk Hamrick & McElreath, r 90 Thomp- 

BuliHEfsME^ Piedmont Air-Line 


General Heal Estate Agent, 21 Marietta Street. 

I*roiiiT>tness IMLsr IVIottOi 


Spinks John (e), driver, r 2 Ga: R. R 

Spinks Lewis D., car repairer A-L. Ry, r 30 Howell 

Spinks Martha C, wid Lewis, r 96 Terry 

Spinks Nancy, wdd Garrett, r 242 Hayne 

Spinks William R. (Spinks & Owens), r 242 Hayne 

Spinks & Owens (W. R. Spinks and S. C. Owens), dealers 

in paper, paper bags, junk, etc., 90 S. Broad 
Spiro Joseph, elk E. Haiman, r Walton, se cor Fairlie 
Spivev Fannie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds Cox, nw cor 

Spivey Jordan, wks Ga. Iron Wks, r Cox, nw cor Williams 
Spivey Katie Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds Cox, nw cor 

Spive}^ Moses (c), blacksmith J. Robinson, r 21 Walnut 
Spivey William B., wksGa. Iron Wks, r 27 Corput 
Sprague Phineas, with C. Scribner's Sons, bds Wilson 

Spratling Fletcher J., bkkpr Constitution, bds Markham 

Spratling Redding A., elk T. S. Lewis, bds 58 Walton 
Spriggs Joseph, elk G. W. Hall, bds 162 Luckie 
Springfield Baptist Church (c), es Fort, n of Taylor 
Sprotts Daniel (c), drayman, r 241 Wheat 
Spurgeon Julius (c), janitor Means High School, r rear 76 

N. Forsyth 
Spyers George P. A., butcher. 170 Whitehall 
Squires James, engineer W. & A. R. R 
Stabler Frances, trav agt, b Is Kimball House 
Stabler George, barkp^- J. Domini, r 19 Whitehall 
Stafford John (n), bricklayer, r 98 E Coin 
STAFFORD THOMAS (c). saloon, 15 Ivy, r 153 Wheat 
Staley James H., wks A-L. Rv., rf)! Ga. K. R 
Stallings Alsey, Avid S. W., r83 Rawson 
Stallings David W., watchman A. & W. P. R. R., r 83 Raw- 
Stallings James W., candymkr H. C. Erminger, r 14 Ven- 

Stamps Arthur (c), drayman, r 184 Markham 
Stamps Dock (c), lab, r ws Lowe's al, 1st s of Larkin 
Stamps Robert (c), carpenter, r 16 Brick 
Standard George C, molder Porter & Meakin, r 283 E. Fair 
Standish Josephine, wks Cotton Factory, r rear 192 Ma- 

SG! eiMA/-k^<r>i^ Cures Rheumatism 


\HtJ^J.^ y J.KJ ^EEI3 W. T. WILSON. 14 W. Mitchell St. 

ST A 481 STE 

Stanford, John R., elk W. S. Bell, bds 132 S. Forsyth 

Stanford Joseph G Q , teacher, r 6 Bailey 

Stanford Martha E. Mrs., grocer, 114 E. Cain 

Stanley Green Rev., r 12 State 

Stanley Henry, yard conductor A-L. Ry 

Stanley llenrv S., elk G. H. HoUiday & Co., r ns Hunter, 
2d w of Forsyth 

Stanley James (e), driver Stoeker & Castleberry, r 1 8 Chapel 

Stanley James (c), porter A. R. Wellborn 

Stanley John M., Avks A-L. Ry., r Ga. R. R., nr limits 

Stanley Mary, wid J., r G. R. R., nr limits 

Stanley Spencer (c), lab, r 137 Chapel 

Stanton William L. (W. L. Stanton & Co.), r ns Gordon, 
w of Peoples, \V. E 

Stanton W. L. & Co. (W. L. Stanton and B. F. Megee), 
grocers, 87 S. Broad 

Stap'er Richard F., 14 Marietta, r 37 Mechanic 

Stapleton Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 153 Walton 

Stapp John G., car inspector A-L. Ry 

Stapp William C, blacksmith J. A. Davis, r 608 Marietta 

Stark James H., grocer, 208 Marietta, r 213 Marietta 

Starke Alexander W., printer J. P. Harrison & Co., bds 58 

Starke Georgia H. Mrs , with Christian Index, r 58 Walton 

Starke James (c), janitor Y. M. L. A 

Starks Sarah Mrs., laundress, r ws Crowell, 1st n of Glenn 

Starnes James W., policeman, r 27 Larkin 

Starnes Mahala, wid Joseph, r 189 Chapel 

Starnes Robert A., saloon, 23 Marietta 

Starnes AVilliam A., capt police, r 22 Larkin 

Starr Courtland, collector W. & W. Mnfg Co., bds 35 N. 

State Fair Grounds, W. & A. R. R., bey limits 

State House, Marietta, sw cor Forsyth 

Statham T. B., with D. Appleton & Co., agency, r Deca- 
tur, Ga 

Steadman Charles, plumber J. Warlick & Son 

Steamer Mechanic No. 2, 4 Washington 

Steed Anna (c), laundress, r 112 Walker 

Steed Thomas W., carpenter E. Van Winkle & Co., r 99 

Steele Aaron B., agt Appling County Lumber Co., 44 Ma- 
rietta, r 359 Whitf^hall 

m EDES %#!#?.« fgl Piedmont Belt 

Jr TTl mT^9 11 ^ ^' '^*^^"^ ^^' ^^l- 1-'^^ *"'' CEMENT, Whol*> 
■ v* Ji*iniD3»ilf galeARetaU. Special rates to dealers. See page lOOW 

STE 482 STE 

Steele Carrie (c), stewardess Union Depot, r 112 Wheat 

Steele Jacob (c), fireman A-L. Ry 

Steele John R. (c), barber, 6 Marietta 

Steele J. Rad J., engineer W. & A. R. R., bds W. & A. R. R., 

2d w of Spring 
Steele Mary A., wid J. H., r 29 N. Calhoun 
Steele Robert (c), barber, r ss Wheat, 3d w of Fort 
Steele Samuel (c), wks Cotton Factory, r 37 Victoria " 
Steele William, bkkpr G. W. Scott & Co., r 260 Peachtree 
Steerman Jefferson C, elk Fuller & Oglesby, r 193 W, 

Stegall Catherine Miss, domestic J. Hanlon 
Stegall Henry, candymkr F. E. Block 

Stegall John, linner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 13 Newton 
Stegall Robert, plumber Hunnicutt it Bellingrath 
Stegall Warren, wks L. H. Hall & Co., bds 13 Newton 
Steger James 0. (W. J. Roberts & Co.), bds 39 N. Pryor 
Steine George, butcher H. Karwisch, r 202 C. R. R 
Steinhauer John F., tinner Hunnicutt & Bellingrath, r 75 

Steinheimer David, with J. Steinheimer & Co., r 193 S. 

Steinheimer Emanuel (L. Cohen & Co.), r 52 Thompson 
Steinheimer Isaac (Steinheimer & Kreisle), r 267 VVhite- 

Steinheimer Jacob (J. Steinheimer & Co.), r 191 Whitehall 
Steinheimer J. & Co. (J. Steinheimer), cigars and tobacco, 

52 Whitehall 
STEINHEIMER & KRIESLE (I. Steinheimer and A. 

Kreisle), clothing, gents' furnishing, boots, shoes and 

hats, 30 Whitehall 
Stephens Alexander (c), mason, r 220 Eraser 
Stephens James M., chief opr W. U. Tel. Co., bds National 

Stephens John (J. Stephens & Co.), r 126 Jackson 
Stephens Joseph (c), driver, r 19 W. Hunter 
Stephens Joseph W., stock dealer, 54 S. Pryor 
Stephens J. & Co. (J. Stephens and P. F. Clarke), whol gro- 
cers, 41 and 43 E. Alabama 
Stephens Samuel (c), lab, r 157 Fort 
Stephens Shadrach (c), painter, r 102 Decatur 
Stephenson Robert (c), billiards, 27 Decatur, r 10 Ivy 
Sterchi Alice E. Miss, teacher, 271 Rawson 


JN 5 TO lO MillSUTES. 

?I!^DAVIS "t^BpcAL" SEWING machhste 

int-^^J.^ ^ ^K^ F.C.BI3 W.T.WILSON . 14 W. Mltch-jU St. 

STE 483 STE 

Sterchi .Julius H., bkkprW. M. & R. J. Lbwry, r 76 Crew 
Sterchi Parmenion C, wks Porter & Meakin. bds 76 Crew 
Sterling Augustus (c), wks J. A. Karr, r 3:H Hull 
Sterling Emma (c), seamstress, r 12 Plum 
Sterling Frank, elk 66 Whitehall, bds 49 W. Peters 
Sterling Walter (c), helper W. & A. R. R., r Walton, nw 

cor Cain 
Sterling Whitfield L., physician, 181 Marietta, r 106 Luckie 
Stevens Caleb W., driver, r 165 W. Foundry 
Stevens Charles W., carpenter, r 88 Green's Ferry av 
Stevens George T., carpenter M. Lipes, bds 33 Ivy 
Stevens Henry J., mer, r 185 W. Peters 
Stevens James (c), driver G. S. Prior, r 45 Parker 
Stevens John (c), carpenter, r 154 Clarke 
Stevens John M. (Stevens & Gibbs), r 23 Joiner 
Stevens John P. (J. P. Stevens & Co.), r 4 Wheat 
STEVENS J. P. & CO. (J. P. Stevens and ), watch 

and jewelry mnfrs, 34 Whitehall 
Stevens Louis 0., with J. P. Stevens & Co., bds 89 E. 

Stevens Mattie (c), laundress, r 29 Chapel 
Stevens Raphael (c), farmer, r45 Parker 
Stevens Robert (c), painter, r rear 131 E. Baker 
Stevens William (c), butler G. Winship, r rear 482 Peach- 
Stevens William J., carpenter M. Lipes, r 185 W. Peters 
Stevens William P., dairyman, r 64 Humphries 
Stevens W. Sid, opr Am. Union Tel. Co., bds 11 E. Cain 
Stevens & Gibbs (John M. Stevens and William W. Gibbs), 

planing mill, 185 S. Forsyth 
Stevenson Elizabeth Miss, teacher Storr's School, bds 104 

Stevenson Mary A., wid William H., bds 64 Fairlie 
Stevenson William H., elk, r 140 Nelson 
Stewart Alexander, carpenter, r 19 D'Alvigny 
Stewart Alfred J., printer E. L. Winham, bds 85 Mangum 
Stewart Andrew J., carpenter E. Van Winkle & Co., bds 5 

Stewart Andrew P. (Cook, Fain & Stewarts, and Stewart 

& Fain), r W. Peachtree, nw cor Cox 
Stewart Ann E., widl., r 150 Gullatt 

Stewart Charles D., train hand A-L. Ry., bds 19 New Wheat 
Stewart Cornelia S. Mrs., seamstress, r 7 Bailey 


EM STiElllSON General Real Estate Agent, 

21 Marietta Street.. 
lyty MIottOi 

STE 484 STE 

Stewart David 0., elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 211 Peachtree 
Stewart Dorotha Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 75 W. 

Stewart Eraroa R , wid William, r 75 W. Foundry 
Stewart Em.iiet, elk D. H. Dougherty, bds 210 Peachtree 
Stewart Enoch, carpenter, bds 19 D'Alvigny 
Stewart Ezekiel J., painter Tripod & Pine, r 58 Hortoa 
Stewart Frederick S. (Cook, Faai & Stewart), and (Cook & 

Stewart), r Gordon, se cor Ashley, W. E 
Stewart Frederick S. Jr., drayman, r 66 E. Baker 
Stewart George, brickmkr, r 9 Hayne 
Stewart George, carpenter, bds 19 D'Alvigny 
Stewart George, engineer, bds 19 Orme 
Stewart George W. (Stewart & Bro.), r country 
Stewart George W., barkpr G. B. Stewart, r 139 W. Fair 
Stewart Grisham B., saloon, 98 S. Broad and 165 W. Peters, 

r 163 W.Peters 
Stewart James (c), train hand A-L. Ry., r Cain, se cor 

Stewart James M. (Stewart & McNabb), r 50 Powers 
Stewart James R. (Stewart & Bro.), r 206 W. Peters 
Stewart John H., with Howard, Wood & Co., bds 100 

Stewart John J., butcher, W. Peters, nr June Walker 
Stewart John O., with Crane, Boylston & Co., bds 72 Ma- 
Stewart John T., carpenter, bds 19 D'Alvigny 
Stewart John T., carpenter A-L. Ry, r 34 Gartrell 
Stewart John H., contractor, r 34 Rhod-s 
Stewart Kate, wid Henry, r 312 E Hunter 
Stewart LaFayette, painter, bds 84 Rhodes 
Stewart Lizzie Miss, wks Cotton Factory 
Stewart Mary Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 75 W. Foun- 
Stewart Mary A., wid Andrew M., r 148 Luekie 
Stewart Robert R. (Stewart & Bra), r 204 W. Peters 
Stewart Samuel, carpenter, bds 19 D'Alvigny 
Stewart Samuel G., wks Stewart & Bro 
Stewart Sarah Miss, wks Cotton Factory, bds 75 W. Foun- 
Stewart Thomas, carpenter, r 14 Brick 
Stewart Thomas A., wks Ga. Iron Wks, bds Marietta, ne 
cor Hunnicutt 

S~'^ O^ ^\T^Wir%Tl^T(f^ 8@-CURES SKIN DISEASES, 
)m W)« ^Ir £kV^l£' It^ PIMPLES AND BLOTCHES. 


I Ht J^Xi V J.1^ E^^.i-ID ^^ T^ WILSON. 14 W. MltcheU St. 

STE 485 STO 

Stewart William, carpenter, bds 19 D'Alvigny 

Stewart William A., elk S. M. Inman & Co., bds Gordon, 
se cor Ashley, W. E 

Stewart William F., elk Sparks & Tolbert, bds Southern 

Stewart William F., elk, r 30 Gartrell 

Stewart William M. (Stewart & Bro.), r 320 Marietta 

Stewart "William T., engineer, r Marietta, ne cor Hunnicutt 

Stewart WiUiam W. (e), student, r Mitchell, nr limits 

Stewart & Bro. (G. W.Stewart and W. M. Stewart), mill- 
ers, 320 Marietta 

Stewart c^' Bro. (J. R. & R. R. Stewart), grocers and wagon 
yard, 204 W. Peters 

Stewart & Fain (A. F. Stewart and J. N. Fain), stoves, 
tinware, house furnishing goods, etc., 69 Whitehall 

Stewart & McXabb (J. M. Stewart and D. A. McXabb), 
butchers, 86 Peach tree 

Stidell Xarcissa, wid T., r 23 Chapel 

Steiglitz Frederick, baker, 168 Whitehall 

Stigall Patsy, wid Hence, bds 57 Lambert 

Stigall Tandy, trainband C. E. R., r 57 Lambert 

Stiles Henry (c), lab, r 20 Bradbury 

Stillwell Victoria (e). laundress, r 245 Crew 

Stiison Fred .J., watches, clocks and jewelry, 53 Whitehall, 
r 62 Walton 

Stiison James R., book agt, bds 150 Whitehall 

Stine John Jr., with Paul Jones, bds Kimball House 

Stinson Henry (e), wks W. E Hoyle, r 51 Pulliam 

Stinson Richard (c), wks N. W. Thomas, r 188 Markham 

Stockdell C. H., agt, bds 67 Marietta 

Stockdell Henrv C, special agt Ins.